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What I want right now !

Mmmm what I want right now is:
I turn up at your door wearing a skirt and shirt and my heels, your flat mate isn't here and without you saying a word or questioning it you have me pinned against the door kissing me then when you release my arms you have yours pulling my waist tightly into you, then you lead me into your sofa where you sit down but you ask me just to stand in front of you for a minute and turn around while you just look at me, then when you tell me to sit I straddle across you and start to unbutton your shirt I kiss down your chest as I do so, then I unbutton my shirt so then... Continue»
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my best friend

Ok so i remember when i was a teenager, i was always very horney. I wanted to fuck the brains out of anything. anything. Also im christian so my parents would of killed me if they found out that i was fucking my best friend, Nick. Nick was one of thoes guys with a MILF mom, an ugly biker dad, a slutty s****r, so he loved coming over my house, because he hated them all. I usually said yes, but he was very annoying. He liked things i didnt like and vice versa. So one day, when he was sl**ping over, (btw were both vergins) he told me that his s****r had sex with some nigger who i only saw o... Continue»
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The train

It was a hot day and even the fine sundress and gossamer thin lacy undies weren’t keeping me cool as I rushed to catch my train. I was so pleased to be going to see Lucy, her house was great and in beautiful countryside, seeing my goddaughter and spoiling her would be fun and long chats in to the night with Luce would be just what I needed.

Thankfully the train was empty. A young couple sat snuggled up, they looked like teenagers maybe going on their first weekend together, I mused. An older woman sat knitting, her hands flashing as she sat watching out of the window, not paying any attenti... Continue»
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Jerkin’ game! Cum Slut or Pee Whore? Choose

Game details.

Time Span: One week or to make it harder extend duration as much as you wish

Jerkin’ allowed: as much as you want

Edge Breaker: Yes

Blue Balls Modality: Yes

Cum Games: Sissy lipstick, Loser/Sissy cum eating position, Sissy Anal lube

Cumshots Allowed: twice over time span choosen

Cumshots Type: in your face and your own mouth, make sure to lift those legs over your head

Pee Games: Golden Lipstick and swallowin’. If you do not like pee, substitute it with your own cum.

The Game
Over the t... Continue»
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My slut puts it about for me

After Jane told me she had been groped by one of her bosses she promised me she would definitely have sex with him if the opporunity arose.
The thought of some dirty old bastard fucking her turned me on immensely. Ideally I would be there watching but the chance of that was slim to none.

At this time she was in her late 20's pretty and slim but busty with long blonde hair. She was attractive to males of all ages always making heads turn wherever she went and, a true flirt.
Now I'm not being horrible, but she wasn't really a great fuck! She basically closed her eyes and let you get on with... Continue»
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My Landlady

My Landlady

I had been having a bit of a problem, uncontrollable erections around my landlady!
I am in my thirties and found myself needing to work in London though I live out in the country, so I got a Monday to Friday room let in a nice place with a f****y. I am in the attic so get left to myself and all was fine. I miss my wife through the week and get a bit horny so my eyes wandered a little. At first it was the landlady’s daughter but then it became the landlady.

She is in her early fifties, plumpish, ok looking but the years hang on her a bit. The plumpishness gives her a few cu... Continue»
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Fab Lips ;]

So today was a really good day, but i have to steer a curser so ill get to the nitty gritty ;].
I was texting someone from xham and they foolishly gave up their itinerary to me :P. So i got on a train and went to a park, where i waited for a while. She agreed to meet me if i could find adequate cover for our mischievous deeds. When i saw her my heart raced, she was better than her pictures and had a gorgeous glint in her eye ;].

She came straight in for a kiss and it made me grab her closer for a moment. I fumbled a bit and we chatted for a moment, i kept losing track and staring at her th... Continue»
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Sex With My Cousin Brother

Hi All,

This Rohini, I do not like to post my sizes over here but I am a beautiful young lady about 21 years old…. This story is about how I had sex with my cousin b*****r who is 22 years and had an average figure and is tall enough about 6 foot with a decent penis size and is amazing in seducing any girl on this earth…I would say I had the best experience ever when I had sex with him….

I used to stay with my parents in Coimbatore and my b*****r Manoj who is my father’s b*****r’s son since his parents used to li
... Continue»
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Dairy Of My Sister

My f****y is simple middle class contains 4 members.. Me, my s****r Divya.. Mom, dad.. They both are private employees.. We don’t have any complaints and problems, happy life.. And I’m studying b.Tech.. 21yrs.. My s*s is accountant in bank.. 23yr.. As usual in my house also two bed rooms, one for mom n dad.. Another one for us.. We both r very close to each other.. We share lot of things n personals too.. If i want money.. Asks her.. She would give her bank atm card.. That much of closeness is there between us.. I don’t have any complaints on her.. She has also.. So here is the important t... Continue»
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Dorothy and George

My Uncle George who was my mother’s step b*****r eventually married when he was in his 30s. His wife was called Dorothy and she was a plain jane type but pleasant enough. They bought a house in a village about 6 miles away which happened to be where the football team I had started playing for was based. When we had home matches, Uncle George would sometimes come to watch me play and always invited me back to their home for a meal afterwards.

I had previously enjoyed some sexual activities with George when he lived at home and on our way back to his new house on one occasion after football, ... Continue»
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A daughter's homecumming!

I had been away at college for several weeks, so I was looking forward to getting home and seeing my mum and dad again. It had been my first term away, and really the first time I had been away for any length of time, so I had missed them both, especially my Dad with whom I had always been very close, and with whom I felt I had always had an especially close relationship.

I'd spoken to them both many times on the phone of course, and we had kept in touch by Skype, but I was still almost c***dishly excited about seeing my parents again, particularly my father.

I have to say here that I h... Continue»
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Giving it up for a place to stay

I was relaxing in my apartment watching a movie late one night when the door went, reluctantly I went to it and one of my friends was there with his girlfriend. Now they were both younger than me and he lived at his parents her at hers and she had an argument with her parents. Within an hour it was established that she needed a place to crash for the night, but he wasn't staying with her, instead of letting her stay at his the night he decide to go to the beach with friends in the morning and she couldn't because she had to work. So instead I was left to be the hero and let her crash at mine. ... Continue»
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Step Daughter

I would like to tell you about a story that happened a few months back and I hope it make you horny too, let me fill you in on a bit of back ground as well.
I am married to a wonderful sexy lady called Sally who has 2 daughters Patricia 17 and Karen 16 these are from a previous relationship years ago, we got married and moved to another county, I had a good job and Sally had her own online business selling cosmetics we wasn’t rich but comfortable as they say. We had a real active sex life and always grabbed the opportunity when the girls were out or at college.

This particular day I ... Continue»
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Oh God - That hurt ! Wonderful......

After a long and sometimes depressing search, I've at last found a man who wants to whip me for sexual pleasure, - he masturbates in between the 20's and then fucks me in the mouth when he wants to cum. A dream complete !!

I've been trolling the sites for a couple of years without success, - 99% of the "offers" I get are soon as I say "Yes, Please !!", they scamper away... They're no bl**dy good to anyone.

This guy wasn't too attractive on paper, which just goes to show....he advertiesd 35 but turned out to be a very healthy 19...How does a k** like that get to whipping old... Continue»
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I just fucked my boyfriend for the first time in f

Okay, so the story goes like this:
I've been dating this guy for a while, right? His name's Jared. In the beginning of our relationship, I wanted to fuck him, but I didn't want to come off as a slut. One night we go out to dinner at this Asian Place, and while we're there, we get onto the topic of sex, and eventually virginity. Being cautious, I lied and told him I was a virgin. He then revealed, rather nervously, that he was a virgin too. I had to fight the urge to smile. Later we finish eating, he pays, and we're heading out to his car. On the way back to my place, my favorite song by Katy ... Continue»
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Mum 2

Mum 2

It was to be three weeks before I would find out. In all that time I had a series of early starts and when I didn’t Jenny was on late starts as well so there was never any opportunity.
All that day after my conversation with mum my mind was in turmoil. I knew she liked sex from what Don had told me and the pictures he shown me, and the fact that from time to time I had looked in her bedside cabinet drawer and the vibrator was never in the same place for long. What I hadn’t realized was that she was getting off to the sounds of Jenny and me fucking, something I decided to keep to m... Continue»
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Erica and I lived together at the Novotel Resort in Surabaya for about 9 months during the mid 1990’s.
Erica was a mamasan at a karaoke bar and part owner of a very low rent bordello that catered to local customers special interests.
We have many adventures in sex – here’s one.
I closed the door behind me, getting back to the apartment a bit later from work, than usual.
“Hi honey! You here somewhere?” I called out as I tossed my bag onto the couch.
“It’s been long day, I just want to ... Continue»
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Introduction to all male activities

My Uncle George was the youngest of my mother's step b*****rs and he lived at home for some time after returning from doing his national service. He was always a little bit on the strange side but his great passion was cycle racing and he had a little shed in my grandfather's business yard where he stored his racing bikes and all the bits that went with them. We occasionally would go to see him at the shed and he would show us how to mend punctures, tighten chains, adjust the gears etc.

On one particular occasion, I went to see him about a problem with my bike. He sorted it out for me and ... Continue»
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Morning Sex

What's not to like about about morning sex?

I woke up once, my boy friend (at the time) and I went away for a holiday together. It was just over a week, and I remember the day we had to leave, the woman on the desk saw our door number and told us she'd had a few complaints about our room from people. Apparently, we'd made a bit too much noise...Oops!

We did have a lot of sex, day and night. In fact on the day we first came instead of sorting of things out once we had everything from the car, we just got straight to business. He took a bag out of my hands threw it across the room, pushed... Continue»
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Everyone experiments in sex. I think that's one thing we can all say we've done, because even just trying something for the first time is experimenting. And it's all going to have a different take on people, and it may be different with other people you do an act with. For instance I normally can't stand someone going down on me, but there are two people I absolutely love it from. And I don't know why it is that it's only two people I like it from. The first time I experimented was when I was about 11, and then was just on myself. The first time I did something sexual with another person I was... Continue»
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