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Eric, Shelly and Tim: Foot Fetish Trio

It is late evening; Eric approaches the hotel room door, key in hand, and opens it into a lit room with Shelly passed out on the bed. An empty bottle of wine and a glass are on the night stand; Shelly is half under the covers with her legs sticking out and her shod feet hanging over the edge of the bed.
“Holy fuck!” Eric says under his breath
Eric ducks back out of the room, closing the door gently, and retrieves his cell fone from his pocket. He dials Jim on the phone and says, in hushed tones,
Eric: “Jim you gotta get over here. Shelly’s passed out and her feet are ours for the taking! Ca... Continue»
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Turkey Day Reunion

SO, In the latest of "odd" encounters my life has had, this one I can rank up there with the rest of them. This past holiday of Thanksgiving, I must admit that I was thankful very much! We had a f****y get together whereas most of the extended f****y was sitting at one table for the traditional feast of turkey and what-such. We haven't had a get together like this for years, even longer for me since I moved cross country a couple of decades ago, but moving back this year affords me to get with f****y a whole lot more. But, being in the "always in the gutter" mindset, I was sitting at the... Continue»
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Work Slut - Afternoon Part II

I stood and watched the work slut rubbing my cum all over her pussy thinking any minute she would stop through shyness, but she didn't seem bothered that

A) A practical stranger from work had just filled her arse with cum
B) she was now frigging herself senseless to make herself cum.

Occasionally I would catch her taking a glimpse back in the hotel mirror pinned to the wall in front of her, but in the main her eyes remained closed as she concentrated on cumming.

Whilst I had dumped my load twice in succession, my cock showed no signs of going limp. I gently stroked myself as I watche... Continue»
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Hands Free Anal Orgasm for Guys

I have a technique for male anal masturbation and hands-free orgasm.
Ok. Here goes. On my back with my dildo inserted. Knees together. I fold my cock forward, doubled on top of itself. The tip is sticking towards me like a clit. Most of my cock is hidden between my thighs. Do do this, first point it down to your balls, then fold it up and forward doubled on top of itself, so the tip points up at you. If you’re hard, don’t fold it, just stick it between your thighs. But never touch it, and don’t pay any attention to it. Keep your attention on your ass, your fantasy, and what you feel deep in... Continue»
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back dating

First posted on my old profile 6 months ago .

The last few weeks had kinda got on top of cass , splitting up with her boyfriend , attending a friends wedding in a size 16 skirt , working flat out and comfort eating were her only two pleasures it seemed.
it was after a day of paperwork at work she called into her local pub on the way home . she loved it there , it is a proper pub , in the middle of the countryside , no tv blaring in the background , open fireplace , most nights were the usual locals who all knew each other , farmers from around the area and at the weekends the odd bus load ... Continue»
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Unexpected Bondage

All Anna could think about was the fact that she was supposed to be taking this trip with her husband. She poured over it again and again, but it wouldn't settle in her mind. After all that had happened, here she was, alone, pulling into a bed and breakfast. The break-up was rough, but she was at least starting to get over it.

Pulling into the parking lot, she rolled her car into a stall near the entrance and put it in park. Even after all that she had been through, just looking out at the place made her start to get wet. Hotel sex was always the best. If you were too loud, the neighbors c... Continue»
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The Express Train

The Express Train
After I’d made Anita come, we were just lying there. I hadn’t come myself and was sporting a firm and good sized erection. Anita started gently stroking my cock, pressing my gland between her fingers, sending pulses of pleasure through my crotch.
“Shall I get the express train to shoot out of the tunnel and see it derail all over the landscape?” She teasingly suggested. It was a metaphor we’d used before. She loved masturbating me and watching my cock jerk as the semen shot out. I called her the controller of the line. It was always her call to get the train going.
“It’s ... Continue»
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I am not writing this to brag, but the fact is that I have a massive thick big cock!
It is so big that most women run for the hills when we get close to fucking. More often than not I get a woman really turned on when she feels my cock through my pants, but when we get to my or her place and get naked. Then they get scared or they want me to fuck them slowly and gently, which I also do so I don't tear them apart. But after they cum, they want my cock out of them and never call me back! I have had plenty of one night stands, or one time fucks even with girls I dated for months before sex...

... Continue»
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A wet haircut

The tale set out on here is not fiction but fact. To be honest, apart from the memento that was handed to me, I find it hard to believe that it happened at, but it did. Whether the reader chooses to take it as fact or fiction is up to them of course.
My tale took place in August 2015. I had spent one month in hospital, and apart from the occasional chat with the female staff, for most of the time I didn't even think of women in a sexual way at all, I did get the occasional erection as all men do, but apart from a gentle and surreptitious tug under the sheet, nothing further happened.
While I... Continue»
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Pleasuring Me - A Nylon Poem

Up in the morning and ready to dress,
Must have slept roughly my hair is a mess.

My nightie hangs loosely from shoulder to waist,
But juts out below, well I am in no haste.

A rub on the nylon, my prick feels so great,
Suddenly remembered I must not be late.

Out from the drawer comes a suspender belt,
Followed closely by stockings, which I should have felt.

There in the toe of the black nylon mesh,
Is some of my sperm, 'fraid it ain't fresh.

No matter to me, to the drawer I go back,
And a new pair of stockings with seams, yes they're black.

Out of the packet and up... Continue»
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Elevator Roulette

As we entered our hotel I whispered 'Do you want to play elevator roulette?' into the ear of Joanne my sexy milf lady friend. 'What's that?' she asked.

We were returning from a hot night at a club. Joanne's only clothing was a short red dress that only reached to the top of her thighs was cut low at the front and was fastened only by a zipper that ran down the front from the V of her cleavage to the hem. The toggle on the zipper had been on the move all night. Once, when we were dancing close I moved it all the way down to her waist so as we danced, cheek to cheek, I could feel her hard nip... Continue»
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Dwarf Model on CAM

Having Tried life modeling a few times now i wanted to push myself further.

The feeling i was getting from modelling nude if front of strangers was amazing and wanted to try more daring things.
I had managed several sessions now without getting an erection and wanted somewhere to explore more.
Always being warned about getting arroused when modeling so did my best to avoid at all costs.
Now i wanted to model either more erotically or sexually or even with an erection. not sure what i wanted, i just knew i wanted more excitement.
Not daring to ask the art classes i'd previously modelled ... Continue»
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counselling part 1

i'd been having weekly counselling sessions for a couple of months, delving into my past and present, trying to work myself out a little. every Monday, 330 would come and i'd lay myself bare and reveal another tale of woe and hope to get some closure. my counsellor was a woman in her late fifties, blonde and attractive in a mrs robinson kind of way and she had more than afew sexy mannerisms and ways about her which always led me to think about later that night in bed.
I arrived as usual for my latest session and after the small talk was over with she got down to business. "where would you li... Continue»
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gameday/gamenight in public

i've come up with a nice little game to play we call it gameday or gamenight we have a few different variations of the game the way we first started playing the game was my wife would strip down completely naked and i took some sunglasses and sprayed the black so she couldn't see out of them, then she got onto the car again with nothing on and i drove to a minor league baseball park {when they weren't playing) as this was to have some fun and try not to get caught thinking we would have a wide open parking lot with no one around. I figured we would start slow to get her comfortable wit... Continue»
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Episode 58 - Alia and Uncle mack

Uncle Mack picked up Alia on Friday afternoon, just after she arrived home from school.

“Off for a dirty weekend”? Mum joked.

“You bet” replied Alia, giving her Mum a hug. She picked up her rucksack, stuffed with her favourite clothing – mostly underwear, clasped Mack’s hand and strolled out to his car, parked outside.

Once inside the car they kissed – his fingers tracing circles on her bare thigh, easing her skirt ever higher until he made contact with warm pussy nestling inside her pink panties.

Alia panted: “Stop it – Mum is watching – you’re making me all wet. I need to suck yo... Continue»
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Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......

Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......
........Masturbate, like immediately, right then and there?

I would like to tell you a story that happened to me a while back.

I was working in a grocery store as a produce manager, it was kind of a temporary thing, but it was a decent enough job. Well one day I was going through the produce section, checking inventory and straightening up the stock when I hear my name being called. A woman's voice and I turned around and it was an ex-girlfriend of mine. Her name was Maria, and we broken up on not the best of terms, mostly because sh... Continue»
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grinding on her panties

We watched movies together all the time snuggled together on the bed. It was totally innocent up to this point, after all, her mom would destroy me if she found out.
She would get ready for bed, in her long nightshirt, and I usually had nothing but boxers on. We spooned under the blanket and watched 1 or 2 movies, until she got up and went to bed. This time as she kept snuggling, her nightie rode up pretty high and my dick fell out. I didn't realize at first, but my dick was rubbing right up against her silky little panties. As I got harder, she kept rolling her ass up and down against me. I... Continue»
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my sexy neighbours

It all started one hot summer's day about 4 years ago. I live on the top floor of a high rise building. There is a block of flats directly opposite me. I'd noticed a couple had just moved into the flat a couple of floors lower than me directly opposite. I didn't take much notice of him but noticed she was a bit of a stunner. I smoke but always out of my window because I don't want my flat stinking of cigarettes. I could see them moving their furniture into place as they had no curtains up and every now and then they were coming out onto their balcony for a cigarette as they too were smokers. I... Continue»
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Edinburgh Girl, Frida, out looking for Sex.

Brrrrrrrr, it is cold, standing here at the bus stop for the number six service to Hollyrood and my intended climb of the Salisbury Crags for a spot of voyeurism.

Hi I'm Frida, the new gal, a petite Scots lass born and bred in its capital, Edinburgh.

I look at my watch and shiver again, 22:46, almost emptying time for the pubs and bars, and hopefully, the start of the darker seedier times in this city, the 'Knee Tremblers' and 'Park Bench Rides', yes I am referring to the hour where men and women connect, for their quickies, and girls and men like myself get to watch and sometimes, join... Continue»
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on the farm with my aunt and my dog buddy

I was in the barn with buddy and i done my work for the day and buddy started playing with me then i sat down on the hay and he put his nose up my skirt and sniffed my fanny it felt good so i let him lick me it sent it was like a water fall out of my fanny then he kept licking me and then he climb on top of me and tried to put his willy in me but he could not get the right spot so he got down then i got on the ground he came in from behind me and sniffed my fanny then licked it for a bit then he jumped on my back and tried to mount me again this time he got it straight in my fanny and i moaned... Continue»
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