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Diane's New Lover

Diane walked through the house passing by the den as she did. A quick glance told her that Glen was absorbed in the football game as usual and would be for at least a couple more hours. They had hardly spoken since their big fight last week which was not that out of the normal anymore. They just didn't make up overnight like they had back in the old days. Now in their 50's the fights could sometimes lead to 2 or 3 weeks of just cordial conversation and no affection at all.
She decided tonight was going to be more of the same and decided she would go ahead and turn in for the night. Steppin... Continue»
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Niece un expected visit

I had just got out the shower when the door bell rang, wrapping a towel around my waist I wasn’t expecting to see our niece standing at the door on opening the door I smiled “Hi V how’s things Yvonne is out come on in it’s bl**dy cold standing here” V smiled and said “well I’m not complaining, bit of eye candy to perk up my day” we burst out laughing, we always flirted and had said given the chance her panties would be around her ankles, and my mouth would be buried in her pussy, “go make a cuppa I’ll be down in a few moments”! V smiled and said as I was going up the stairs “shame was hoping t... Continue»
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A HOW-TO not just for men: Sparkling Orgasm


Please note, that English is not my first language. So the following might be full of misspellings and horrible English ;)


Why not try something new from time to time? That was what I thought before fucking with my first xHamster user last month. She was great! But that is not what I want to share with you today...

-------------------------------------------------------------... Continue»
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Fist time a dogging

Sue and I have been wanting to try dogging for years around our local area of Brighton and Hove
It had started tonight while driving back from the local pub after watching the football, I suggested driving into the park and having a bit of fun just between the two of us.
Before this we’d never even really considered dogging as one it was like a fantasy and especially as we are both well into our 50s and assumed dogging was for young couples, not like us old farts but although a mature couple we still had a very active sex life and most nights would be at it hammer & tong!

We pulled into... Continue»
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My best buddy

[cut]It was the past fall. Early October when I asked my buddy over to the house for some beer. So as always he said sure as I knew he would my wife was working all night on a night shift and his was having a girls night. He is 33 and I'm 31. He is about 6'4 and I'm 6'. He has black hair as I do. He is very fit and I'm just average. I pick him up and 2 hours later we have drank 8-9 beer each. He is on the recliner and I'm on the sofa. Watching you tube like we always do. He brings up a topic about a girl he used to like when he was younger and I know her too. We talk about how we would love to... Continue»
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Naughty guest


I will tell a short story that happened to me not very long time ago.

I have a girl that often calls me for a night of sex at her place when she is alone and horny.One night she called me and decided that i will spend my night with her. Usually she stays with two other girls in a nice 2 bedroom apartment. This time the two girls were away for a couple of days so she proposed me to stay with her the morning.She told me that she will have to leave for a couple of hours in the morning and won't wake me up when she leaves.I was OK with it. More sl**ping for me.

So i wake up when sh... Continue»
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This doesn't make me gay right? Part 1

I was just 18, John was 19. We had been friends for around 3 years. We spent a lot of time hanging around the local parks smoking cigarettes, drinking cheap beer and vodka and jus put generally being the sort of chavs you tended to find in the suburbs of most cities in the early 00's in the UK.

We would spend all of our time trying to pull the local girls. Occasionally it went well and we would be able to encourage all kinds of bad behaviour. We would also spend time stealing porn from one particular girls dad. This was back when the Internet was noisy and only available normally on the mai... Continue»
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Red Handed by a Nanny Cam (Lilia)

December is always busy around here, this story is just that, a story fantasy, nothing more.... I wish my dreams come true. IN TWO PARTS

December around here gets very busy. Always end of the year parties, from the office, to my neighbors and friends. I love going to all of them as a single guy, always something to explored and this time I was the one it got caught red handed.

My friend Lilia is a... , how can I put it, well she is a MILF. She is in her early 40s, tall, thin, great butt and an A cup. Lovely hazel eyes that match her long curly brown hair. Her lips are e... Continue»
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Синът ми...

Здравейте. Аз съм Екатерина на 46 години и искам да ви разкажа за това ,което ми се случва напоследък.
Виждам, че не съм единствената, която споделя подобни неща тук, за това и аз ще споделя с вас. Първо исках да отбележа, че дълго търсих в интернет отговори на някои въпроси, които изникват в главата ми, но не намирам такива подходящи. За това, когато попаднах на този сайт и се зачетох, се почувствах някак си по-свободна, като че камък ми падна от душата. Сигурна съм, че много от вас няма да ме приемат на сериозно, дори ще ме хулят, но аз искам да споделя, а след това и да прочета вашите мне... Continue»
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One time.. in the bushes

My partner once working in this shop, and one of the members of staff there were well cute but a boy (17+) we got to talking and got on well, lets call him Darren,
We'd met up many a time chatted not about anything in particular, (this is a pretty short story)

One night he got off early but my partner had another two hours left so he said ''well, lets go back to yours for a bit and hang out'',
we got to my flat and sat got talking, the atmosphere started to change, I could feel my skin heating up, felt my breath thinning, I went to the kitchen to compose myself, try and figure out wh... Continue»
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Wife's BBC date night plans for 12-18 9:00pm

The details. You are to retire to the upstairs around 9:00 PM. At which time you will be getting ready for your "date". A well endowed BBC will be coming to take your hot creamy pussy. I fantasize about you taking a thick black cock and getting your pussy cream all over it for me and to tell me how good it feels. While I don't wish for it to occur in real life, the role play thought has got me out of my mind. I love how you take your dildo so deep, all the way in. It's so sexy. Your date requests that you wear:

Your strapless bra
black skirt
Thigh high stockings
Absolutely no pan... Continue»
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sexy ex neighbour part 3

went round to my old sexy neighbours house last week to drop of her Christmas present as I always do leading up to the big day. A bit anxious as I had not seen her for a long while as I know she had an operation. After knocking on her door for what seemed like ages the door was finally opened, hello love, she said, long time no see come on in and have a chat, although I have some company at the moment, one of my old friends has popped in to see me. I went into the lounge and as introduced to a pleasant lady of about sixty who said her name was Cathy . I sat down next to her on the sofa and be... Continue»
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What Katie Did (4) on the Phone with Evie

If you haven’t read any of my previous “stories” in this series, you should try to read them in order, though each can stand by itself.
How I Started Being an Exhibitionist
What Katie Did in the Parking Station
What Katie Did on the Balcony
These are not just “stories”; they are based on things that have happened to me or to people I know. This chapter is not quite as erotic as the previous ones, but this is how it happened. I hope ... Continue»
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Cuckold marriage (part 5)

Below is part 4 of my story which I posted just after Christmas last year.
Here is an update of how my humiliation continued in 2015:

Over the year Sally and Mark have stayed together and I have continued to pay the Mortgage etc to keep them happy. Mark and Sally have often visited my bedsit room to humiliate me and punishing me for being so feeble. Sally ordering me to strip off and then them both laughing at my penis. I would be ordered to stand up with my legs apart so they could take turns kicking and kneeing me in the balls, they could tell I liked it as I would usually get an erectio... Continue»
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Trapped in a Gloryhole

I had been out all day and was very desperate for the bathroom, I was half way home walking because I had lost my ticket to get back, I could really feel my bladder tightening and when I saw a public bathroom in the distance I felt a rush of relief through my body.

I quickly rushed to the bathroom already desperate and getting worse for seeing the place, when I was shocked to see that the women's bathroom was closed for maintenance. I had already prepared my body to go and now was dancing on the spot, so when I looked over at the male bathroom door I couldn't help myself.

I walked sheepi... Continue»
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Caught (him) in panties (her POV)

DISCLAIMER NOTE: So I asked FlamingDice for his permission to do the female POV of his story caught in panties linked here: and well as I'm posting this I'm sure you can guess that he happily agreed to allow me to do so. I just hope I've done it justice and not ruined a perfectly sexy story lol :) (Also if you read both Flaming dice AKA the original and read mine too, it'll clear some things up) Thanks Flaming Dice for being cool about it :) Enjoy!

_________________________________________________________________________________________... Continue»
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Vintage Nylon Lingerie Story #1

I think it's time to submit my story of how I got addicked to the wonderful world of lingerie.

As most stories start out, I was quite young. I was at my neighbor's house as usual. His parents were working and we pretty much had the house to our selves. Now this was the age when my sexual curiosity was starting up. My friend was the same too. He noticed that we would start to get erections when we were sitting there watching TV and some attractive lady was on TV.

I actually remember when a department store commercial came on the TV. It was for the semi-annual lingerie sale. We were glued ... Continue»
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Debbie's adventures.

Debbie Does Me.

As I was in the area I decided I’d call and see Debbie. She’s a good sort and always brings out the best in people.
As I arrived Debbie was about to leave but said you can come along it just might make things more interesting. She said it would be fun and there seemed to be a glint in her eye as she said it. She was wearing a long black coat heels and red lipstick. She looked devilish and bemused by her I said ok to which she replied I hope you don’t shock easily with a definite glint in her eye. I began to wonder where we were going and what was she up to. So I said no yo... Continue»
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Dallas Part 1


While on holiday with some friends about 3 years ago and not having had much female companionship for most of the previous 9 years I met with Dallas who became the catalyst for me finding myself, sexually that is.

Our first encounter was only slight while having a drink in a bar I seen her and thought now that’s one very sexy woman, with curves in all the right places, exactly how I like it. Even though she appeared to be alone, with my lack of confidence I chose to admire from a distance.

A few nights later while walking down the prom I saw her sitting on a bench just stari... Continue»
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The Making of a Fuck Toy

Chapter One – The Perfect Storm

Everyone gets to a point in their life when things go out of control. Whether it was random or planned, wanted or feared, the perfect storm had occurred in Cassandra Mumford’s life. Her parents had moved to a warmer climate. The boyfriend she shared an apartment with for the past year, up and left her. The temp job that she had been working for the past 3 months ended up hiring the other temp and let her go.

Now she’s sitting on the couch in her only clean pair of yoga pants and t-shirt, eating ice cream straight out of the carton. It’s not that she was... Continue»
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