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My latest Salem glory hole visit

It had been a few months since my last visit to my favorite place. As a matter of fact it was in November that I last went to an ABS.

I was on my way home from Mac and decided to take a detour to Salem. I got to the ABS right around 4 in the afternoon and was hoping that I could catch the “just got off work crowd.”
I went in a found my favorite booth and fed a few singles into the machine. As I was scanning through the channels someone came in next door. I saw him look through the hole then he left. I was still standing while I scanned the channels and had not had time to do anything el... Continue»
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My Sex toys were my Uncle and b*****r

As humans, our sex lives were once limited by our physiology, egg and sperm production. Now we extend our emotional sex even further, with sex toys, medication, and our imaginations.

The later of course takes our sex lives into our dotage, my own personal preference, adopted years back, was for men in their fifth and sixth generation, allowing my young flesh to be observed, touched, and then ultimately fucked.

I gladly received their dead semen into the womb of my young body, taping into a grateful tongue, coaxing an astonished cock back to life, and feeling the appreciation of the creak... Continue»
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It's Sunday Morning with My s****r

A Sunday Morning

With our parents spending weekends at the new vacation home (which they also deemed their retirement property) my s****r and I pretty much had the house to ourselves. It also afforded me the freedom to turn my Saturday night dates into more-memorable events, with me driving home with the sunrise on Sunday.
Arriving home, I locked the front door behind me and walked into the living room. It was early enough that my s****r Sandy wasn't yet awake. I was practically floating across the room – a very sexually active night with my girlfriend Lisa coupled with very litt... Continue»
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with my aunty 1

This is Rakesh from Chittoor
As i am great fan of Indian Sex stories i felt like i must contribute my story also
I would like to share my story pleas forgive me is the story is long because if it try to make it short I am sure it will loses the eroticism
I am 28 working in Hyderabad from the past 3 year and the story what I would like to narrate and share with you guys is 4 years back
Right after my inter second year my father asked me to help him with his sugar cane work because he can afford for my further education to which my mother and her b*****r (my uncle) did not agree and whil... Continue»
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Sucking cock in the woods

So its the first weekend in March, and I am going out in the car to a local cruising site in the woods, to see if anyone is about. The weather is dry, but cold, so I dress in grey trackie bottoms, and a fleecy top to keep warm, but no underpants, and make my way to the spot in Thetford Forest.

I arrive and park the car, and wait for someone to come along. After a while, a few cars start to cruise up and down the road, passing the spot where I am parked, but no one is stopping just yet, so I sit in the car and start to play with my cock after putting my cock ring on.

Time goes by and afte... Continue»
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Auntie Amanda Receives a Gift

It was 3:15PM. Amanda was driving home from work. She had been
staying with her older s****r Beth for the last few months while
looking for an apartment. Beth was divorced, living alone except
for her teenage son Doug. She was always gone very early to her
job and never got back before 6:30. With Amanda's shorter hours,
she was the one to make Doug his cereal and see him off to
school. And they often ran into each other in the afternoons if
each were around the house.

As she drove home to Beth's house, Amanda silently noted the
events of the last several days to herself. It ... Continue»
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fucking my friend at work

It was back in 2004, I was working at Meijer’s in the restaurant part. (Meijer’s is like a super Wal-Mart)
There was this girl named Jenny, she worked in the bakery. She was about 5’ 5” tall, her breast was small maybe A cup. We became friends. She worked 3rd shift, and I worked 2nd so I got to see her before I was done with my shift. There were times I had to go to the Bakery to use there sprayer to clean some vents off and use there dishwasher.

I’m such a horny as pervert by nature, so I always had thoughts about people in my head. When I go home, I either masturbate or fuck the wife w... Continue»
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milf next door

This is just a little story I thought I would tell about one of my sexual experiences when I was 18yrs old not very good at righting these stories but I will tell it anyway.
It was one new years party in my parents house some of the neighbours that lived around the area would come but this year Lisa that lived 2 doors down was there . Lisa must have been about 45/46 not much of a pretty face but what a body she had huge big tits great legs and a fine ass many a night I would wank my big cock thinking about fucking her .
She was very good friends with my mother and sometimes would have parti... Continue»
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Nadine will Sperma

Was für eine stressige Woche! Doch endlich war Freitag. Nicht nur das ich auf der Arbeit jeden Tag Überstunden machen musste, zu allem überfluss war auch noch meine jüngere Stiefschwester Nadine zu Besuch. Unsere Eltern mussten ja auch ausgerechnet diese zwei Wochen in Urlaub fahren und da Nadine gerade für ihr Abitur paukte wollte sie die Zeit lieber sinnvoll nutzen. Naja sinnvoll sei mal dahingestellt. Es waren zwar grad Ferien und sie war den ganzen Tag zuhause, aber am Haushalt wollte sie sich nicht beteiligen. Blieb das also auch noch an mir hängen. Und Abends gings dann mit ihren Mädels ... Continue»
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My Sexual Perversion and how it started.

Being a female at a private live in institution for nine months of the year can and does make you aware of your insecurities and sexuality, especially during your puberty. You find something that interests you and you become addicted to it and mark it as a dark secret in the back of your mind.

I had such a secret borne out of fact and experience, something that encouraged me time and time again to revisit until it engulfed me and became my master, and my body rewarded me with orgasms so powerful I would lay there twitching myself to sl**p, powerless to anyone or anything around me.

Read... Continue»
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Adult Theater Sexaholic

This is a collage of some of my kinkier visits involving my favorite pass time.

As I walked into the room I noticed there was a hallway that went both ways. There was a wall extending perpendicularly from where I stood that separated the two ends of the room. At the far end each direction was a large screen, the one to my left showing a gangbang flick and the one to my right showing a some what kinkier flick. The hallway to the left was almost blocked with guys standing (some facing one another…gosh I wonder what they were doing) so deciding not to fight the crowd I turned right and headed ... Continue»
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Wife, Sue made a friend

Although normally pretty conservative, my wife Sue occasionally becomes hyper horny, especially when she drinks. The occasional alcoholic drink to her is the one true aphrodisiac, the more she drinks, the hornier she gets. While I enjoy watching guys looking at Sue and encourage her to dress in sexy outfits, she normally dresses attractively, but conservatively, and is satisfied noticing a man's approving sideways glance. But when she gets horny, she becomes a teasing exhibitionist, excited showing herself off and making horny men lust for her. Sue has a very cute, smiling face, blonde hair an... Continue»
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Feel Like A Woman

A First Time For Everything.

I was aware I was interested in different things about sex, & was not put out when I got caught wanking by a girl in the ladies toilets at school and managed to not to tell, if I let her watch me everytime she was around. This lead to me visiting Yvonne's home at weekends & holidays where I stripped off & slowly stroked my cock until shooting into my hand before sharing my jizz with Yvonne. This soon became less exciting & when Yvonne helped me stay hard by removing her top clothes showing me how fabulous her 36B ti... Continue»
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Coming home

It was a typically dreary overcast Friday in London. Brooding grey skies stifling the verve from the shoppers, workers and loafers populating the city centre. I left work early, making my excuses, promises to finish irrelevancies that will be long forgotten by Monday, were enough to secure my release.

I sat on the overcrowded bus, a sea of warm sweaty flesh struggling to breathe beneath a variety of raincoats and winter wear. The air was palpably moist, barely enough oxygen within to feed the lungs of all its disgruntled occupants. The older, posher woman perched next to me fidgeted and fli... Continue»
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A Conversation

A DM conversation between Amateur cross dresser (ACD) and a Horny (H)

[H]- Hi

[ACD] - Hello there. Love your pic posts. ;)

[H] - oh thanks hony
Loved yours
Sexy pics and loved your legs
I'm horny, how abt you

[ACD] - Thanks! I'm always horny. ;)

[H] - can you help me finish

[ACD] -What would you like me to do? ;)

[H] - how would you help anyone finish? any ideas
I can help u finish if you want
wht du u think?
... Continue»
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The Office Party

You should know dear reader, that this is not autobiographical, but oh my it is a fantasy for me. I'm not Lisa but I could be... And yes, when I finished this story I was a half dressed basket case, and had to lay down. I hope you do too.

"I would rather go to a root canal than an office party," Dan told his wife when she finally got up the nerve to ask. "But you go and try not to get yourself fired. And if, I mean when, you drink too much, have somebody sober drive you home".

Lisa pouted. "And when I get home, I suppose you'll want... something...?"

"I just might, if I've been watch... Continue»
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The Camcorder

When I bought my husband a camcorder, I had a feeling I knew what he’d want to do with it. Sure enough, he soon suggested we film ourselves having sex. I dressed up in stockings, a garter belt, and a tight waspie corset and looked a real screen slut sucking his cock on camera. I really enjoyed doing it because it was soo nasty. When Hank was away on business, I’d watch it and use my favorite dildo. I’d be working myself to a dripping wet orgasm as Hank balled me on the TV screen.
Last week Hank was away on business, so I decided to watch our video again. As I looked for the tape, I foun... Continue»
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the Horny Month with Anna and Dave - Part 1 ( the

( before you read this , I just want you to know that you might find some errors in the text , after all ... I'm not a professional )

this is a story about a girl named Anna ... her mother passed away when she was very young , so she never really got the chance to know her ... Anna's Dad work at a huge company that keep him busy all the time ... so out of boredom , she gained interest in Porn through the internet ... at first it was just for fun , but soon after ... porn was the only thing she can think about ... and whenever her Dad isn't home , she would watch tons of sex videos , ... Continue»
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The Ultimate Male G-Spot Bonking Machine for Unlim

So ~~~~ after many years of wondering how it worked, and after investing in several name brand prostate simulators with little success, I decided to build my own prostate stimulating machine.

Soon I will attach a picture of my "p-spot stimulator" which I have entered into a production agreement ~~~~ and hope to have a retail line.

Here are my observations:

#1 ~ do not touch your penis. An erection is not required, or necessary.

#2 ~ use Vaseline as your lubricant ~ you need something that is going to last a long time.

#3 ~ the machine needs to go fast for it to work (a whole l... Continue»
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Transformation experience UK

I'd like to take you back to the late eighties.

I had been dressing off and one for several years by this time but had never had a professional make over.

A business named Transformation had started such a service and they had a place near Euston Station.

I had been in the shop to buy things before but never for a make over.

I decided one Saturday I would pamper myself I take up their offer of a 4 hour make over dressing experience for £50.

After telling the sales girl what I anted I whisked off to the back rooms.

There was a room with 2 leather chairs which were used for the... Continue»
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