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Watching TV

There was this girl Tina. I found her to be really sexy. She changed her boyfriends quite regularly and had an easy come easy go attitude toward life.
I bumped into her in the street one day and we had the usual sort of chat. I had recently finished with a girlfriend, who happened to be an acquaintance of hers, and the upshot was that I was invited round for supper with her and her latest boyfriend Bob. I did not know him and was told that he ‘would do’ for now. When I arrived at her house I felt a little strange as Tina was dressed up and I was only in jeans etc. Tina explained that Bob w... Continue»
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Watching a Friend

Bored, Amy put on a summer skirt, a light blouse and sandals and left her apartment. She started walking to Renee's house. The evening enveloped her like a silk robe. Light breezes blew and lifted her hem now and again. Amy smiled.
Renee's house was a cute little bungalow with a fenced back yard and a gazebo perfect for sitting outdoors on warm summer nights. Amy hoped that Renee would be home and interested in splitting a bottle of wine, gossiping, and maybe playing some cards.
Twenty minutes later and at the start of sunset, Amy reached Renee’s. Though Renee's car was parked in front of... Continue»
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The Package

(This is a story written by a women whom I have domed. While it is true, I am not necessarily the dominate in the story. If you enjoy it comment or message me.)

The Package

“I’m sending you some goodies.” He said.

I could hear his bright evil eyes and smirk-like grin through his voice. The word “goodies” makes someone think of pink sweets, and chocolate covered somethings, maybe something soft and pretty…. But I knew he was talking about was muuuch more fun.

He was a Dom I used to see; until I moved for work. We kept in touch, talked and exchanged photos ;) But this was ... Continue»
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Natalie Sawyer - Breaking, Entering and Fucking!

Fan fiction that may contain content not suitible for people under the age of 18. Be Warned.

Celeb - Natalie Sawyer (Anal, MF BJ, FINGER, RELUC, SPANK, SQUIRT)

Natalie Sawyer is a 35 year old Sky Sports News presenter and she had just finished her shift on Sky Sports news HQ. She was wearing a red dress... Continue»
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Backstage with Ellie goulding

After a wild time at an Ellie goulding concert, I was even more pumped up after getting an all access pass from a mate of mine and I was so excited and I though I was going to get a boner. Making my way past the security guards and showing them the pass, as they let me go pass, There happened to be someone else who also had a backstage pass, he was getting his photo took and the lot. I literally dashed backstage, meeting her with all her live members. It was such fun, it was too much to explain. I was so happy, not only because I got to meet her but she also gave me a kiss on the cheek, and Go... Continue»
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One of those days

Originally posted @striesonline some time ago. This is a work of fiction and is not meant to reflect the authors own taste and sensibilities.

"Oh bollocks! bugger off!"

Jimmy cursed as the phone disturbed a leisurely perusal of his fathers private porn stash. It continued to ring, demanding an answer so he tucked his erection carefully back into his underpants, swung his legs off the bed and pulled up his jeans. "Fuck it!" Jimmy muttered, leaving a page open showing a voluptuous blonde taking a thick cock in her red lipped mouth. He'd soon get rid of whoever it was and continue where ... Continue»
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Indian Neighbors put on Window show

It is late. Mom used to say, "Nothing good happens after midnight." This story proves Mom was wrong


With the recent upsurge in summer heat, I went for my evening jog later than usual. I started at 11:15 and since it was my six mile day I wound up jogging into our quiet little dead end street about 12:20 a.m. I walked down the sidewalk drenched in sweat, heart pounding and a ton of endorphins flowing through me making me feel like anything was possible.

I stopped at a fire hydrant and put my foot up on part of it to stretch and looked up at the house I was s... Continue»
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Ssbbw ex girlfriends mom - handjob

Ms Trisha was a bigger lady, an SSBBW. I never knew I was attracted or had the fetish I have for them until her.i dated her daughter for 2 years. Samantha was a smaller bbw big boobs42 DDD

I used to always go to their house and swim and hang out. I remember her mom not being ashamed of her body around me. Matter of fact she acted like I wasn't even turned on by her. She NEVER wore a bra and almost went topless every time we went swimming. I would always just stare at her tits and her hugmungous ass!!

After a month of me and Samantha arguing. We started getting distance. One night it was ... Continue»
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I Need to Move

Why I let my friend fuck my new wife I will never understand.

My name is Ryan and I had just married a girl I had dated for over two years. Her name was Barbie and the name fit her perfect. She was small and skinny weighing only 98 pounds when we married. She stood five foot four inches on her best day. She had small pert breasts with the most sensitive nipples I had ever seen on a woman. They also stood out when erect at least 3/8th to ½ an inch. If you pulled them and sucked them right she would have an orgasm from it. For being such a small woman her breasts were still 34C which made he... Continue»
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Episode 53: BJ and Alia

Jenny’s black daughter Baby Jane, known as BJ to all her lovers, looked absolutely stunning in her Prom dress. It was entirely backless, exposing a delicious slice of buttock tops, allowing anyone who dared to slide a finger down within inches of her puckered butt-hole. BJ had designed it herself, and her best girlfriend Ellie made it up. The fabric they chose was white chiffon, slightly opaque in daylight, but becoming see-through under the school disco lights. Ellie and BJ fucked each other senseless whenever she called round for a trial fitting. On the night of the prom BJ carefully trimmed... Continue»
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Caught knicker sniffing

As I have said in my other posts, these writings are all 100% true and I have only changed names and minor details to maintain anonymity!

A few months back we went over to Fuerteventura for a quick week break in the sun. On the hotel complex there was a naturist area with sauna and steam room, which is not uncommon in the area we stayed. In fact, we have been to the hotel next door and it is very similar.

Now, when we had stayed next door at the other hotel I had enjoyed a few visits to the sauna and had a few little encounters that are memorable, but nothing worth writing about, wher... Continue»
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my s*s n law fantasy

Today, I'm feeling extremely horny. I don't know why, but all day I've had sex on my mind and nothing I do is helping. I've masturbated in bed when I woke up. Again, in the shower. After breakfast, I was watching TV and these two people were flirting and it turned me on so much! I went online, looked for some porn and got off again. It was no use, no matter how often I did, I still felt unsatisfied. The boredom of the day was getting to me, I needed to get out there and do something wild!

I got naked and started looking through my closet for something nice to wear. I chose a wrap-around dre... Continue»
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First time milking my prostate

I don't exactly remember when I first got the urge to pleasure my asshole but I'll never forget how good it felt when I slid my finger up my ass for the first time. I have never been attracted to men in a romantic way but I do love cock and consider myself a bisexual when it comes to sex. But my first love is women and I just don't see myself ever being in love with another man or in a relationship. As I got older I began cumming in my mouth by lying against a wall and putting my legs over my head so I could aim my cock for my mouth. The first time I chickened out and closed my mouth before my... Continue»
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Arya Stark and The Hound Reunited - Part 1

Naked and exposed to the eyes of the forest, Arya bathed herself in the cool lake. Water dripped down her forming breasts. Dirty between the legs, she gently cleansed herself, brushing gently against her clitoris, sending little waves of pleasure up through her body. Then a sound behind her.
"Who's there?!" A startled Ayra drew sword from the rock beside her.
The snapping of twigs cease, replaced with the sound of a wicked snigger.
"Well...You've seen better, haven't you?"
The voice sent shivers down her spine. It was the Hound, alive and apparently in good spirits.
On first qui... Continue»
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The sl**ping Pill (aka the G-Spot)

If you have been one of the few who have read my story "My Greatest Love", well this is "post Stevie". After enduring the heartbreak of not being able to be with my true love, I moved here to NH and met a woman at work I'll call Emily. She was the polar opposite of Stevie: more full figured, less religious, raucous rather then demure, not as bright but funny as hell, and so on. She and I were both coming out of failing relationships, so it was a double rebound situation. The sex was pretty hot, two people reveling in that intense feeling of intertwining bodies; the touching, the longing, the p... Continue»
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Neighbor Lady Tells Me About Her Foot Fetish Story

Being as old as I am now, over 65 is all I will divulge to you, I have discovered a fondness for seducing younger men. Now younger means from 20 to 40 years of age, and since my profession still has me traveling most of the time, I am able to indulge my passion as I always come into contact with quite a few males of assorted ages and backgrounds who are just waiting for a talented lady like myself. What it is I find that turns me on, and most of the young male population that I come into contact with is my use of my 5 or 6inch high-heeled pumps or using my black nylon stockinged feet to massag... Continue»
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Jerking off with Karen

The April before my senior year, just turned 18, and there was a lot of change in my life. One of the biggest is that instead of having a large stand of woods behind my house there was now a small strip and then a development of new houses. This was a really big deal, I spent a lot of time in those woods as a k**, and now it was one more sign that I was not a k** any more.
I would often take walks in the early evening and I still did, just with a new route. One night as I was walking behind one of the houses I noticed lights on in the second floor. The blinds were wide open. I paused and w... Continue»
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Mrs. Smith {Part I}


Out in my backyard, hanging my laundry, I didn't have to turn around and look to know that Sally’s 18 year old son, Ponti, was watching me from his upstairs bedroom window. He always seemed to sense I was out here, rushing to his window peeking out from behind his curtain thinking he was concealed from view.

I purposely dropped some clothes pins, bending over to retrieve them, giving him a perfect view of my ass pressing against my too tight jeans.

I knew it was wrong to tease him, but at 38, it felt nice to be ogled again. I waited till the end to hang up the small pile of... Continue»
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'The end of the summer'

One man read 'nap time.' In a PM he told me that the way the story ended with a kitchen timer going off, reminded readers that this was a story about time. I took people back in time fifteen years. That man said it best. I took readers back to when nothing else mattered but Pokemon. It's time to set the kitchen timer for one more hour. Back to a time when I was just eighteen. The boy I wanted was nineteen. He was raging hormones. I was in a different place. A sad place. I left it all behind me when I went to work. When I got home, there was death everywhere. One thing I learned about watching ... Continue»
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loosing virginity with uncle

His hard cock was sliding in and out of my pussy. He was on top with my legs spread wide to give him full access. We both were full of lust as if we couldn't get enough of each other. I knew I was approaching an orgasm and began moaning. Evidently when he heard my moans, he speeded up and pounded me like a jack hammer. I groaned and yelled as my mind and body were overcome with passion. When my body began to relax a little, I heard him say, "Roll over on top and ride me." I did as requested and started wildly fucking him. I could feel him hunch up to me and knew he was about to fill my puss... Continue»
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