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counselling part 1

i'd been having weekly counselling sessions for a couple of months, delving into my past and present, trying to work myself out a little. every Monday, 330 would come and i'd lay myself bare and reveal another tale of woe and hope to get some closure. my counsellor was a woman in her late fifties, blonde and attractive in a mrs robinson kind of way and she had more than afew sexy mannerisms and ways about her which always led me to think about later that night in bed.
I arrived as usual for my latest session and after the small talk was over with she got down to business. "where would you li... Continue»
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gameday/gamenight in public

i've come up with a nice little game to play we call it gameday or gamenight we have a few different variations of the game the way we first started playing the game was my wife would strip down completely naked and i took some sunglasses and sprayed the black so she couldn't see out of them, then she got onto the car again with nothing on and i drove to a minor league baseball park {when they weren't playing) as this was to have some fun and try not to get caught thinking we would have a wide open parking lot with no one around. I figured we would start slow to get her comfortable wit... Continue»
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The Theater

My girlfriend had just left me without giving a reason. I think she was being polite for I had given her many. Not that I was a bad person or anything it’s just that I was always in a constant state of arousal. Bored I grabbed my jacket and went for a walk.
After an hour of aimlessly strolling through the core of the city I happened across an adult theatre. Not a bookstore but an actual theatre. I decided to enter.

“To the right are the straight films,” said the usher/teller. So I look straight I thought to myself as I enter. I notice the doors ahead but I chickened out and veered to th... Continue»
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Episode 58 - Alia and Uncle mack

Uncle Mack picked up Alia on Friday afternoon, just after she arrived home from school.

“Off for a dirty weekend”? Mum joked.

“You bet” replied Alia, giving her Mum a hug. She picked up her rucksack, stuffed with her favourite clothing – mostly underwear, clasped Mack’s hand and strolled out to his car, parked outside.

Once inside the car they kissed – his fingers tracing circles on her bare thigh, easing her skirt ever higher until he made contact with warm pussy nestling inside her pink panties.

Alia panted: “Stop it – Mum is watching – you’re making me all wet. I need to suck yo... Continue»
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Red-Light, Green-Light

“How do you fancy playing a game, baby?” The look on Beth’s face told me from the get-go that we weren’t talking Scrabble.
Looking into her baby blues, I smiled. “What you have in mind?”
Pulling me into the bedroom, Beth stopped us next to the bed and she rubbed my crotch and gave it a cheeky squeeze. Leaning in close, she whispered into my ear. “Get naked for me, lover.” Never needing to be told twice, my clothes were off in record time and, without any input from me, my cock was already starting to swell in anticipation. Standing there looking at me, Beth nodded her approval. “Wow, he lo... Continue»
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Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......

Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......
........Masturbate, like immediately, right then and there?

I would like to tell you a story that happened to me a while back.

I was working in a grocery store as a produce manager, it was kind of a temporary thing, but it was a decent enough job. Well one day I was going through the produce section, checking inventory and straightening up the stock when I hear my name being called. A woman's voice and I turned around and it was an ex-girlfriend of mine. Her name was Maria, and we broken up on not the best of terms, mostly because sh... Continue»
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grinding on her panties

We watched movies together all the time snuggled together on the bed. It was totally innocent up to this point, after all, her mom would destroy me if she found out.
She would get ready for bed, in her long nightshirt, and I usually had nothing but boxers on. We spooned under the blanket and watched 1 or 2 movies, until she got up and went to bed. This time as she kept snuggling, her nightie rode up pretty high and my dick fell out. I didn't realize at first, but my dick was rubbing right up against her silky little panties. As I got harder, she kept rolling her ass up and down against me. I... Continue»
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my sexy neighbours

It all started one hot summer's day about 4 years ago. I live on the top floor of a high rise building. There is a block of flats directly opposite me. I'd noticed a couple had just moved into the flat a couple of floors lower than me directly opposite. I didn't take much notice of him but noticed she was a bit of a stunner. I smoke but always out of my window because I don't want my flat stinking of cigarettes. I could see them moving their furniture into place as they had no curtains up and every now and then they were coming out onto their balcony for a cigarette as they too were smokers. I... Continue»
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Edinburgh Girl, Frida, out looking for Sex.

Brrrrrrrr, it is cold, standing here at the bus stop for the number six service to Hollyrood and my intended climb of the Salisbury Crags for a spot of voyeurism.

Hi I'm Frida, the new gal, a petite Scots lass born and bred in its capital, Edinburgh.

I look at my watch and shiver again, 22:46, almost emptying time for the pubs and bars, and hopefully, the start of the darker seedier times in this city, the 'Knee Tremblers' and 'Park Bench Rides', yes I am referring to the hour where men and women connect, for their quickies, and girls and men like myself get to watch and sometimes, join... Continue»
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on the farm with my aunt and my dog buddy

I was in the barn with buddy and i done my work for the day and buddy started playing with me then i sat down on the hay and he put his nose up my skirt and sniffed my fanny it felt good so i let him lick me it sent it was like a water fall out of my fanny then he kept licking me and then he climb on top of me and tried to put his willy in me but he could not get the right spot so he got down then i got on the ground he came in from behind me and sniffed my fanny then licked it for a bit then he jumped on my back and tried to mount me again this time he got it straight in my fanny and i moaned... Continue»
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Feeling Randy

I was home alone one week, while my fiancé was away at work, I was sitting around on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, wishing I had something real to play with. I had been on my phone looking at porn on XHam, when I came across a few sexy pictures of cocks. I have enjoyed a cock in the past, and was very turned on by the thought of another. As the minutes passed, I was so Horney, and decided to check out what I might find on Craig's list. I punched in the personals, and decided to see if there was anyone near me, who would like to get together for a man to man mutual blow job fest. I... Continue»
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First Time Being Watched

After a night out with friends and work colleagues the wife and I were staying at her friend Gary's house as we live quite a distance from everyone else. We and another couple made our way back where we continued talking and having some more drinks. After about an hour the other couple left and shortly afterwards the wife said she was going to bed. Gary and I wished her goodnight and carried on chatting. Gary was a work colleague of my wife's who I'd met once or twice before and had always come across as a nice guy. After a few more drinks he asked me if I knew that he was bisexual, I said yes... Continue»
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Wake-Up Call

So, my girlfriend Beth works as a nurse and is currently working night shifts 7pm-7am. She gets back to our flat usually 7:30-7:45 and usually goes straight to bed trying not to wake me if it's the weekend. This morning however (Saturday) I woke to find more than my usual early morning wood going on. I could feel my cock getting some attention and woke up to find Beth, wearing nothing but her bra and panties, licking my shaft and kissing my bell-end.
Looking up at me, she smiled the dirtiest smile you ever saw. "Sorry, babe, did I wake you?"
Returning her smile with one of my own, I nodded... Continue»
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30 day cum load

Ive been watching alot of huge cum load videos lately. Watching this cocks so hard and big exploding cum all over it got me so hot.I wanted to do this myself. I wasnt sure how well i would do i masturbate quite often but maybe i could do it with some determination.

I decided to stop jerking off a month ago in an attempt to have the most amazing cum shot ever. Everyday i would watch porn and tease my cock for hours at end . Going out places was incredibly hard as i had to constantly hide my boner at places like the restraunt, beach, grocery stores.

I was getting close to day thirty. Today... Continue»
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I came on my friend's wife

So the story starts with a party at my house. I had several people over for a typical summer bbq. Just a chance to hang with friends and have some drinks. There are several couples there including my wife and myself. All of us are mid-late 20's, and are all in good shape. My one friend's wife, Whitney, is particularly good looking. Blonde, about 5'-5" with b-cups and a flat stomach. Nice long legs that stem from a nice tight ass. The other girlfriends and wives are all attractive but there's something about Whitney that has always drawn my eye.

As the party goes on we begin drinking games... Continue»
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In a derelict industrial area of docks and warehouses, there is a tavern where blue-collar workers gather for lunch or a beer. Most of the men that go there are middle-aged, and some are unemployed. A friend told me that some of the men who frequent the tavern are available for sex as long as you pay them. "This is how it works," my friend said. "Go to the tavern and tell the owner that you want to have a word with him. Tell him that you need some 'milk'. He'll know what you mean."

The following week I went to the tavern with some trepidation. I did what my friend said. The tav... Continue»
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Nudity at English Garden in Munich byRacqel©


Nudity at English Garden in Munich

I was a student visiting Munich, spending the morning at the art museum to get out of the blistering heat. I was wearing my jeans and red blouse with the buttons down the front; not the best attire for the hot weather but all my shorts and t-shirts were being dry cleaned.

The heat just hit me as I stepped outside. Within a few minutes I felt sweaty and uncomfortable again. I looked across the street and saw a park – Munich's "Englische Garten". I crossed the road... Continue»
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My amazing weekend with my lover, my master, my go

We had been waiting a very long time to see each other. The moment we saw each other I almost lost it, I needed him inside me right then and there. clitkommander69 True Story

He flew in from Chicago, Friday at 1:30am. I was quite surprised I wasn't a bit nervous to see him, I was excited and most importantly, HORNY! we send each other pics and Skype a lot but seeing in person would throw me over the edge. I was at LAX waiting for my love, pussy getting wetter and hungrier for his fat cock.

He walked up to to my car window said "Hi", I looked up at him and my pussy... Continue»
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The first woman to make me cum.

When I was around 12 or so I spent the night at my cousins apartment. He had a b*****r and they only had one bed so I slept on the floor. Some time early in the morning I heard a very loud alarm clock. It continued to go off.It was my aunts alarm clock. After the snooze had been hit several times she finally got up. I was unable to sl**p because the alarm.I sort of layed there trying to sl**p. The bedroom I was in was directly across the hall from the bathroom. The bedroom door was open and I noticed she left the bathroom door open and started to undress. I still remember what she looks like o... Continue»
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Wife Gets felt up at Bar

My wife and I went to a local bar and restaurant to have some drinks, and a few appetizers. I asked her to wear something sexy, and she wore a white sleeveless tee shirt, and a miniskirt, but she was wearing panties and bra, a little disappointing. We went to the bar, and had some drinks, and she was getting pretty d***k. She had to go to the bathroom. So she got up and went. In order for her to get to the bathroom, she had to walk through a group of guys who were standing around drinking, and it was close quarters getting through. As she was slipping through, one of the guys squeezed her tits... Continue»
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