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First meeting

We had discussed meeting for some time but it never had come into being, but now was the chance and today was the day. Chris had decided she would meet me, just for coffee, and I was sitting in a café just off the main street wondering if she would turn up. We had chatted for quite some time on a porn site, and had some fun on webcam, she had a body to die for 42 but didn’t look it, curvy in all the right places and a classy look about her. I watched the door intently waiting and hoping, eventually in she walked looking fantastic, he was wearing heels, what I hoped were stockings, knee length... Continue»
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Had to keep up with our standard of living pt2

Even though Linda was raking in some serious cash, we had a little catching up to do. One of our depots had had to let a good few people go and as it was coming into holiday season they were now experiencing staffing issues. There was a memo that went round at work offering a better rate so they could get the cover they needed. I called Linda straight after reading the memo to suggest that I go for it. There was agood incentive to go down that Thusday and stay down ther for the 18 days they needed cover, making a little hay while the sun finally shone our direction ever so slightly. Linda took... Continue»
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Jane's Furry Adventure

Jane was going to the woods. She was going to the woods because she wanted to be fucked by wolves. She was very attracted to canine penises. One time she sucked her friend’s Brown Lab’s dick. He shot his dog semen down her throat, and she loved it! Jane wanted to see what it was like to by fucked by a wild wolf. She got on her bike, and rode to the forest. When she got to the woods, and got off her bike. She leaned it against a tree. Then, she took off all of her clothing, exposing her young and sexy fifteen year old body. She put her clothes in a nice folded pile right next to her bike. Jane ... Continue»
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So young and so cute

It was a year ago and I had been out on the town with friends and had a lot to drink. In all fairness I was hammered and staggering home. After the call to the local kebab house I guided my way through the streets probably dropping more meat than I was eating. I managed to stumble through the door and into the kitchen. In the fridge was a cold Bud and I opened it and had a swig. Even in my head I was saying don't do it but it was so refreshing. I turned on the TV and leant against the worktop watching some crap. I heard the foot steps coming down the stairs and my daughter came around the cor... Continue»
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College Sories 1

Freshman year of college I met Annie. I was walking back to my room from the shower in the dorms. Walking in front of me with a guy who lived across the hall was this blonde with the hottest ass I had ever seen. She was wearing these skin tight shorts, if she had bent over I would have seen it all! They were short and tight. I just had a towel wrapped around my waste and could feel myself getting hard as I stared at that ass!
She turned and caught me looking, she looked right down to my growing cock. I was instantly turned on then. The guy she was with unlocked his door and went into h... Continue»
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hot nurse, hot hospital, hot passion sex

Sometimes just being in the right place can lead to a nice sweet time. See it all started with me working at my job. I was dropping off food for a resident. I did my usual hellos, and checking out the hot nurses. As I walked back, Ashley came towards me, saying something about a dinner request. I watched her walk then trip over a cane that I spotted far too late. Ashley landed weird and soon she was hopping on her left foot. After a check of her right foot, We both figured she sprained her ankle, and needed a doctor. I drove her over to the hospital, I was off the clock and wasn't going to tu... Continue»
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Phone Sex

“I'm sorry... I have to take this....... Business you know....Ok, talk to you soon.... Yes, kisses...Bye.”

I switch over to the other line. “Hi,” I say in a breathless voice, excitement curling through me. “Hi,” a deep male voice responds.

I giggle before I say, “I told my friend that I had to take this call because it was business.” I giggle again.

“Mmmmm.... What kind of business were you thinking about doing?” you ask in a seductive tone.

I bite my lip, as heat pools deep inside of me, at the subtle innuendo. “I don't know.....What did you have in mind?” I settle more comfortab... Continue»
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Had to keep up with our standard of living pt1

With the Celtic Tiger petering out rather quickly and having become used to a certain standard of living, gym membership, going away for a couple of foreign holidays a year the cuts in take home pay and increases in bill really put a strain on things. One income was not going to be enough. Linda had been going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week so one of the options was to cut down on membership of clubs and she had been discusiing it with one of the staff there.That was when one of her instructors overheard and approache Linda in the carpark when she was on the way out. Her name was Ann and she s... Continue»
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Dick On Dick

i recently had my first frottage experience. i had stopped by a friends house and we were talking about work. i needed to pee and got up and went to his bathroom. as i came out through the bedroom i saw a bunch of polaroid pictures on the nightstand. i stopped and glanced at them and the were pictures of his wife nude and semi nude.i was shocked but still couldn't help looking at what i could see. his wife is very attractive even at 62 but some of these were of her in her early years. damn she was hot. I meant to walk away but just as I started to he came in. he saw what I was looking at and s... Continue»
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Being a good bitch a FURRY Story

Being a good bitch

“Hey Bunny. do you like what you see?” Samantha, a hermaphrodite kitsune asks standing in front of the rabbit. A smile curls hir lips as shi strokes hir ten and a half inch cock. Pre-cum making the red flesh glisten.

“Yeah, I'd love to play with a cock that big.” Bunny says licking his lips at the sight of pre-cum dripping from the tip of hir cock.

“Well then, come and get it. on one condition. You're my pet until I'm satisfied.” Samantha says with a smile and milking stroke of hir cock causing a large dollop of pre-cum to pour from it.

“Of course. I'd love to b... Continue»
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Doctor Aunty Made Me Sperm Donor

Hi all this is Raj from Bangalore sharing you my real incident happened in my life. I am average guy with well built body with 7 inch cock that can easily satisfy any women. While coming to my experience this has happened 1 year ago in Bangalore. Before one year I got an interview call of a corporate MNC. I went for the interview and attended and for my luck I got selected from the hr department and started to work. As am new to Bangalore I got a single room apartment from the company itself. But company will be paying my room rent with my salary dedications. So very new to Bangalore then I re... Continue»
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The Dogs That Started It All

I knew about sex since I was about 13 but I only started experimenting when I was about 15, I’m 26 now. When I was 15 I began to “do a little research” I guess you could call it… I watched porn. I saw rather sexy woman get fucked rough and hard by men with huge dicks. I also watched as women played with their sexy little pussies and cum all over the place. Needless to say, I began to masturbate.
But, this story isn’t about all that. That was just a little background information. This story is about my dogs Buddy and Rocky.


When I was still “researching” sex when I was about 16, I... Continue»
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A little fun for the Wife

The night after I played with judy in the office I got home and was relaxing when my wife came in from work. She started undressing to go in to take a shower and I told her what had happened. She looked at me with a little smile on her face and said I thought you told me the office was off limits. I told her it was but when judy asked to see me do it I don't know what came over me but I wanted to let her watch me again. My wife stood there undressing, then looked at me and started to asked if I enjoyed it but stopped when she looked down at my cock and saw I was getting hard again telli... Continue»
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Therapy for Cheri

Therapy, Part 1

It was my medical doctor who suggested that I should speak to a counsellor, or ther****t about my sexual fantasies, and how they had started to overwhelm my life.  At first, I was not particularly interested in talking to anyone about this, but obviously my doctor felt that a counsellor could help me, and that not seeing one could eventually harm me.

I booked an appointment for two weeks ahead, thinking that this would give me some time to get my shit together, and I could call the whole thing off.  It didn't, but I kept the appointment, not knowing what I was getting mys... Continue»
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How My Deviant Life Started Part II

Now, you have to understand that I grew up in an conservative, but open-minded household. There was nothing special about us....working class parents with two teenage k**s just trying to keep head above water type of f****y. We lived in a suburban paradise in the northeast and we just got over one of the biggest natural disasters the east coast had ever had. We had four channels on our black and T.V.s, banana seats on our bikes, and the only pools were the community ones. Life was much simpler.

That being said, jerking off in front of my s****r was so far from the norm! But the thrill ... Continue»
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my friend milly and her whore mother..

I’m Milly from Panjim aap sab janti he ki me collage me hu aur meri maa bahut badi randi he jo roj kisi na kisi tourist se chuudvati hai. mujhe apni maa per saq tha aur maine.. use chudte huve dekha use time per me 18 sal ki thi aur muje bhi thoda sa sex me intrest hone laga tha.
to me roj maa ki chudai dekhti rahti thi fir ek din mene maa se puch liya ki tum roj 4-5 panty ayr bra kyu badalti ho vo shock ho gayi tab mene usko bataya ki me sab janti hu ki tu mere school jane ke bad ghar pe kya karti vo dar gayi aur muje kahne lagi ki tere papa ko mat batana mene kaha ki me nahi bataungi ... Continue»
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Wife orders new dildo

Linda used to have a couple of dildoes but when we had moved house they got misplaced or as she said they really never got used so what were we missing. We hadn't had sex in a while either but one day just after dinner Linda said Honey I have somehting to tell you. i ask her what, with Linda continuing well you know we haven't done it in a while, I thought that l'd pick up a new dildo, maybe we could have alittle fun when it arrives. I was looking out for the post every day. I had't noticed any packages arrive and Linda hadn't mentioned anything for over a week.

After work a couple fo Frida... Continue»
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The Labors of Remy BelleSun: Introduction

The Labors of Remy BelleSun

For Heather95, I hope I do your characters justice (

Remy BellaSun: The protagonist of our story. Remy is a shy, petite trap girl who is sexually inexperienced but years to learn more. Currently attending college as an engineering major. Remy likes video games and role-playing. She also works part time as a sexy maid at a love motel. Remy is about 5’ 2’’, with long black hair, a slim, shaved body. A-cup breasts, a heart-shaped ass, and a 5’’ cock. She usually dresses in a blue/white stripped shirt, jean shorts, and yellow sli... Continue»
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Lesley part 13

The 64 year old Rob Brownlee and the 49 year old Lesley Charleston, walked hand in lovers...through a large wood. This wood...which separates the pub from Robs housing a half hours walk, and is a very popular walk in nice weather. This Friday evening was quite a balmy night, and therefore the path through the wood quite busy. Couples were walking to and from the pub, some just out for a walk, and some walking there dogs. Few would be walking home with drying sperm in there hair, and that sperm not belonging to the man on there arm.

Lesley had just sucked the cock of... Continue»
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I found her online profile

I was just checking my internet browsing history to make sure that Ii hadn't left anything there that shouldn't be there when I had got back to when I was away on business for a couple of days.There were some unusual browsing that I saw so I opened up a couple of the pages to see what they were. All I got was the header pages from a couple of porn sharing sites so I knew that Linda was looking up some stuff. Then I saw that there was a page for email in the history as well. Again it just gave me the opening page, from the history I could see the user name so I treid a couple of passwords of Li... Continue»
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