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love and dare

It was a cold rainy day and Cindy did not feel like going out. She called her friend Susan over and decided to play a game called love and dare. Cindy and Susan are both in there late 30's and both still looking for a husband. So Susan went over to Cindy's apartment for an evening of what she thought would be popcorn and television watching.
Cindy and Susan are both African America. Susan knocked on Cindy's door and Cindy answered the door. Susan enters the apartment. I'm tired of watching television and going to clubs that's all we ev... Continue»
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Take My Breath Away

I was old enough to be her ghetto mama. There were at least 13, maybe 15 years separating our births, but the attraction between us was strong. Her skin was the color of the deepest ebony; she was BLACK and her skin was hot and soft to the touch. To say she was sexy was an understatement. She wasn’t sexy because she happened to be beautiful. Her beauty was part of the package but it certainly wasn’t the only ingredient in her intoxicating blend of charms. She oooooooozed sticky, sweet sensuality and feminine mystique. That, combined with an odd elixir of pheromones, created a persona ... Continue»
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Saturday in New Orleans

I was on my second day in New Orleans. I spent what was left of the day with my gf Sandy shopping and seeing the sites. Sandy had already arranged for us to attend a party that night. The party was at a house in the city but I have no idea where we were. When we got there it was in full swing. As we mingled I was already seeing women with their tops off and blowjobs in corners. One couple was fucking against the wall in a hallway. The guys pants around his ankles. We made our way to the back of the house were there was a swimming pool and a lot more people. All the women in the pool were topl... Continue»
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Preachers Wife Chapter 8 and My Wife

Pam, the MILF preachers wife had been doing as told since I last had her fuck young Katrina with me (see previous stories).

Pam knew I planned to have her fuck my wife, but had no idea I planned to have her fuck her d _ _ _ _ e r as well. I was planning a special 24th birthday present for Pam's lovely girl.

However, this is about Pam fucking me and my wife.

She met me as usual on Sunday before church and I used her, only this time as she told me about fucking her hubby with the strap on, I turned her around and pulled her form her car in a secluded spot, raised her dress and fucked he... Continue»
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A while back I had a great dream, one I was fortunate enough to remember and quickly wrote down (in short) when I woke up. Dreams usually are mix of images that flash by and aren't a really coherent movie so I poured the dream in a story and added a pinch of my own fantasy.

In the dream I'm married to Nienke, a 25 year old girl I know, she's hot, long curly dark hair, slender figure, small but fine titties and a gorgeous butt. And then there's Faye Reagan, an American pornstar that was in the Netherlands for an... Continue»
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Through a Crack in the Lounge Door Part 2

The story so far.

Andy’s s****r Pat has just brought her University friend Sarah to a body shaking orgasm. Unknown to both of them Andy was watching through a crack in the lounge door and has just ejaculated hands free into his pants.

Andy with shaking legs went back into the front room and sat down in front of the computer.

A few minutes later Pat came in and asked if he wanted a coffee. Andy suspected she wanted to really know if he was still at the computer. As she went out Andy glanced and saw that she was showing over two inches of her white slip despite the fact she had recently... Continue»
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The week I lost my Virginity 4 times

Impossible, I hear you say, outrageous but yes I did in a female sense, I did have four lovers, one of which was pseudo, the other three, well I was penetrated and seeded, but because of circumstances, I got to choose the man who got the honer of hanging my scalp on his bedpost.

Most women couldn't give a rats ass who stuck them first, or anything to do with bedposts, as most of us lose it on sandy beaches or up dark allays having our soft skin bruised against brick walls.
Must of us are d***k, and some of us have a Tom, followed by a Harry, instead of a Mr Darcy on a lonely moor, romantic... Continue»
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First Night in New Orleans

I finished my work business around 4 PM. My gfriend was picking me up at my hotel to go to dinner then we were heading to a couples house that we know and that we get together with when there. The couple are in their mid thirties.

Bob is about 6'-2" tall and Tara is about 4'-11". Both are very skinny.They are also swingers but I do get with them whenever I'm in town.

We got to the house around 7:30 PM. Tara greeted us at the door in a long strapless sun dress. Bob came into the room wearing tight spandex shorts and a tank top. This is not special things they wear for swinging but their ... Continue»
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Death Has To Wait

She lays there, on her back. Her vision blurred, her body aching. She tries to move, her limps too heavy, she can't. Her head throbs with pain, shooting through her skull, blurring her vision more and more with each beat of her heart.

bl**d slowly fills her mouth. She can't avoid the taste, the taste of her own bl**d coating her tongue. She swallows, it's hard but she has to, to keep breathing. Her thick bl**d coats her throat, leaving a thick residue.

Clashes she hears, metal slamming together. Each clash thunders in her ears, deafeningly loud. She turns her eyes left towards the sound,... Continue»
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Fitting Room Surprise

I had no idea that I could be so easily seduced. All it had taken was a few glances, a couple of touches, and here I was, in less than five minutes, spreading for a total stranger – why, I didn’t even know her name!

In truth, I was simply gagging for it, and perhaps it showed somehow, radiating subliminal signals to anyone attuned enough to pick them up. I was sixteen and a half, a lesbian without a lover or any prospect of one (in fact, with no sex life at all), and I would have gone with any woman who made a pass at me – I just wish some of them had known that!

So here I was, a demure-... Continue»
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Mary Ellen Jakowski sat in her kitchen with her good friend Dana Carter having their usual morning coffee. The two women had been friends since the Carters moved into the neighborhood five years ago. Their husbands, Richard and Drew, had become buddies as well. They were "backyard" friends, as their privacy fences were connected. In fact, they rarely went to one another's house through the front door. It was a one-block walk around the neighborhood to get to the front door.

The two women normally shared a lively morning conversation but today for some reason, Mary Ellen seemed quiet. She h... Continue»
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Do Women Enjoy Watching Two Men Have Sex as Much a

If your love-life is anything like mine you will know that early on in a relationship you often tell your partner some of the sexy things you have got up to before you met them. Yes? No? Well it’s always been so for me.

Usually, in my experience, we tell each other episodes from our past which get more detailed and probably more embellished, as we each get comfortable with things. Early on I told my first wife about my love of wearing feminine undies. I can’t say it turned her on much but she didn’t object and enjoyed the fact that it helped me stay hard longer. She told me that she had som... Continue»
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Owed to Joy

Owed to Joy

“Mum?” Toni said as she sat at the table looking at the computer screen. “What’s this thing with Mr Daniels?”

“What thing?” Joy Andrews asked moving over beside her daughter and staring down at the screen. Toni pointed to the figures on the screen.

“He owes nearly seven grand!”
“bl**dy Hell!” Joy said. “I didn’t realise it had got that high.”

“Mum! You really are the limit. You’re running a business here! You have to keep on top of things like this. This guy is taking the piss!”

“I know but he’s been having cash flow problems recently and….”

“And noth... Continue»
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The Quickie

The Quickie

I met Lenisha first; at the club, of course. But isn’t that how it always starts?

I was d***k, flailing around the dance floor like a possessed voodoo priestess. It wasn’t until the song ended and the spell was broken that I even noticed her watching me from the bar.

A muscle-bound stud with the body of a prize fighter; her skin was brown and smooth; her dark hair, long and locked. She wore a T-shirt, baggy jeans and a pair of midnight blue Timberland’s, giving her that thug appeal all us stud-loving femmes secretly crave (in the bedroom at least).

She never took h... Continue»
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Ex-girlfriend again

We had broken up some time ago. Just nothing to talk about. Sex was great though but a bit boring. Waking up was painful. I must admit, she had fought me to 'take my time' ;-)
One night I was out on the town and ran into her. She looked great and damn sexy. Short skirt, long booths, accentuating her curvy Italian butt. She was wearing a loose shirt and her boobies where pointing forward, helped by a black push up bra. She never used to dress this sexy. Even now, the buttons where closed all the way up. We agreed for a drink to catch up. We again didn't get further than a few sentences and as... Continue»
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Also Spanked Sarah Schuster


Sarah’s head jerked up as the hand connected with her bare buttocks.

“Please, Mum! Please! Pleeeeeease!”

Smack! Another blow stung her


“This will teach you for being a dirty little slut!”


Ohhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuck!”

Sarah wriggled but her ankles were too firmly tied to the back legs of the dining table chair and her wrists handcuffed to the front legs. Small breasts wobbled slightly at each blow and her belly was a little sore from the chair back.

“You’re a little whore aren’t you?” her mother’s voice was harsh and gutteral.

“Yes!”... Continue»
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Halloween Fantasy with Kellykins

This is who the story was made for. http://xhamster.com/user/kellykins2u

It was Halloween and I was feeling down. I had just broke up with my girl friend and was looking at another night alone. That’s when I got a call from my friend Pat looking to cheer me up. He told me a costume party at the local college and he was taking me. Well faced with a night alone or going to a party with lots of hot girls in what was I to do. We came up with a couple of quick costumes and headed out.

We get to the house that is hosting the party to find it in full swing. As we walk through the door we see... Continue»
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I was in a club with friends. I was at the bar taking a break from dancing when I noticed a young woman starring at me from the other side. I smiled, she winked and I decided to go over to talk to her.

I introduced myself and she just said " Amy." She then said " would you like to join me?"

" Yes I would love to." There was no seat so I squeezed in next to her. Her crossed bare knee was touching my stomach. She had on a little tight black dress and I was wearing a tight blue strapless leather dress.

She is 28 years old. When I told her my age she said " I knew you were older but not... Continue»
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Through a Crack in the Lounge Door Part 1

Morning until just before lunch

Andy was lying on his bed thinking over the events of the day when he hear a familiar sound coming through the walls,


It was the sound of his s****r having a third orgasm of the day.

The day started when Andy walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast. It was Saturday morning around 10.00. Their parents had gone away for a holiday and left the two of them to fend for themselves

Pat, his s****r older by 2 years who was home from University for the Easter break, had just finished her toast.... Continue»
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Lesbian Sex With My Mature Boss

I am posting an another sex story. this time is a Lesbian story , so i hope you will enjoy Reading.

I am in corporate world at a very high position.i am fair,beautiful,self dependent single woman,having a good curvy figure of 38D-28-38.i am a sexy and naughty women but keep my secrets with me.I am a full lesbian and don’t need invitation by male.so males stay away from further from me and girls and women enjoy my story and make yourself wet.i am writing a very hot and sexy my real life lesbian experience that happened between me and my boss on a tour.you can also share your experiences,send... Continue»
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