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My Changing Life- The Diary VI

It's Friday. The girls have completed their make-over of me and Chris and Terri are coming up the drive. I have butterflies in my stomach. Glenda looks me over one more time. So much happened today getting ready, well all week actually. She put me in a halter dress for tonight that was open all the way down the front, hugging my, as Glenda calls them, "beautiful, bountiful, bodacious boobs," then it gathered at the waist and went into a flowing skirt that ended just above my knees. Glenda looked at me, smiled, and said "That dress has fuck me written all over it." We all laughed.
"I don't tak... Continue»
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Rachel fulfills her wildest dreams

With her three young daughters tucked up in bed Rachel sat watching the TV and, for the first time, she had chance to reflect on what had happened to her that day. She’d cheated on her husband and she knew that today’s huge events for her were going to change her life.
She’d been married for fifteen happy years to Trevor and, despite him being away abroad for long periods, if she was feeling horny while he was away she would masturbate but it didn’t really solve the problem. She had never seriously thought about cheating on him so when he came home she made up for it taking every opportunity... Continue»
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My Changing Life- The Diary V

Bobby left and I stripped the bed, trying to get the house cleaned before the girls got home. It was a really wonderful weekend with Bobby, bu I was kind of glad that he left early. I am missing my girls! I'm sure they will be full of questions, and I have a few for them. So many things going through my mind.

I grabbed a quick shower, well as quick as I can, then dressed. I decided to wear the Capri pants that Glenda picked out for me and a t shirt type top. I brushed my hair back, Thank goodness I still have lots of hair. I checked myself in the mirror. Damn, I look pretty good. My shape h... Continue»
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girl friends

"Hey Carly, how are you doing?" Tasha asked Carly over the phone.

"I'm doing all right. I am pretty bored right now." Bethany responded.

"I had a hard day at work today. I am taking a bath to help me loosen up." Tasha said. Tasha worked at a local pizza joint in Foot City. So did Carly. They had worked there for a year. They also went to school together. They were pretty close friends. "Hey, would you like to bathe with me?" Tasha asked Carly.

After a brief pause, Carly's answer came. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......... That would be weird. But doing weird things makes life interesting. And I ... Continue»
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Black Widow submits to S.H.I.E.L.D

A lone personal assistant walked hurriedly through the entrance hall at Stark Industries, her heels clacking in the silent space. The massive corporation was empty this late into the night and the throng of visitors and staff that normally clogged the reception area were now long gone.

The young redhead climbed the central open stairway, ascending quickly. Once she had reached the highest level she turned left, continuing along a dimly lit corridor. Every office was dark, each door closed. Moving brusquely the girl headed for t... Continue»
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We were doing some work behind the scenes at the store, the lads were doing the unloading as us girls were doing the checking. I looked around me and I’d fucked everyone there at one time or another, Richard, Steve, Cindy, Heather and the driver, Donald. After we’d been working an hour or so Richard announced we could take a break.

I walked outside for some air and I saw Donald eating a sandwich, we had a brief chat and I was asking him what’s in his cab, he offered to show me, as he opened the door he helped me in then got in at the driver’s side, he was showing me everything and then poin... Continue»
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kate tuesday continued

I thought about the walk to the park , my mind full of doubt but I summoned up the courage to go, also the fear of what Kate might do to me , if I didn't go. I couldn't take another beating
I left the room as it was and went down stairs ,
I looked in the mirror , I could see I was quite convincing as a girl , so I walked out onto the street , the sun was hot on my legs and the occasionallya light breeze blowing up my skirt added to the excitement, I reached the road I had to cross to the ally leading to the park
I walk to the crossing , two women was talking, they paid no attention to me... Continue»
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First day at the office

Nervous. Quite nervous. Butterflies in the stomach, first day at work wasn't and will never be easy for anyone. My lucky suit. Don't know if other people believe in those things but I wear it anyway. Grey, mix of cotton and kashmir, my favourite one. Stand straight, look at myself at the lift's mirror straighten my tie, big smile and here we go. I was born for this. Making people feel nice and confident and selling houses. Being an estate agent is not easy. Lots of psychology involved and "reading" the minds of potential buyers. You just tell them what they want to hear in the way they want it... Continue»
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DONNA - Sorting out Horrible Heather

A few weeks after I’d had the threesome involving Mary, Cindy came to me and said “I didn’t think you were like that” “Like what” “You know what you did to Mary” “How do you know about that” “Me and Mary are best friends”, that’s something I didn’t count on. Later on that day Steve came and asked if I’d do some tidying in the store room, obviously I said Yes.

At around 3pm Heather came to me and said “Right you and Cindy go down to the store room and sort it out Ok” she was a right little Hitler, always ordering everyone around it was as if she owned the store. Cindy joined me as we walked ... Continue»
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Teacher seduced by lesbian schoolgirls, part 5

Finally, part 5!!

For those who haven't seen the previous parts, you might like to read these first, to find how Anna was initially seduced by the sexual charms of two of her sexiest pupils.





Here is how Anna continues her sexual journey of discovery...................

I couldn't wait to get home after leaving Kim and Amy to go our separate ways. My mind was in a compl... Continue»
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My Changing Life- The Diary III

The night seemed so surreal. I woke up surrounded by 3 women that I adored who had made me feel such a part of them. I began to cry. Damn these hormones messing with my feelings. I never used to cry about anything. Now, since being on these female hormones, I cry at everything. But, it was a happy cry. LOL. Never thought I would ever say that.

I fell back asl**p until that pain hit me. The milk was in again and I needed to go pump or something. Maybe Chris was back by now and could drain me. I slipped off the bed and walked into the living room, then the guest room. No Chris to be found. S... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 6

Cockatoo Part 6

Alex grabbed my hands, ‘Please, James, it's the only way we could think
of to get you over there as quickly as possible without Jandaeng being
aware. You could be back here in two days and then fly to Bangkok as
Jandaeng expects you to next week. Please?’

Areeya came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. ‘James, I am
so worried about my father. I would be very, very grateful if you could
do this for me.’ Areeya squeezed my shoulders, and my imagination went
into overdrive thinking about what that gratitude would be like.

‘There must be another way, su... Continue»
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She Stole My Wife - Chapter 1 (Betrayed)

She brings another woman home, and leaves him out.

She came to bed late that night. I remember her walking in the room, her body silhouetted against the light from the hall way. I could tell she was wearing her special robe, the red silk one with the royal blue collar and lining that made her body glow like the embers of a fire. She turned to close the door, and her backlit silhouette changed form as it began to bask in the subtle moonlight that spilled in from the large glass door that led from our room to the little deck outside. As she turned into the light, she revealed her bosom... Continue»
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My Changing Life II

Somehow I think one of my stories got deleted. So, here it goes again.

Sandra got home from work on Friday at about noon. We both showered and did our rituals to get "really" clean before heading to Chris and Terri's for the weekend. I was pretty excited, as I hadn't seen Chris in a week. He had been out of town. Some weeks it's hard on me, since my retirement, and Chris is still working. Terri and Dr. Glenda had started me on some hormones or whatever to make me lactate. I did, and still am at this point. It's been about 4 weeks since my milk has come in. Chris loves to nurse on me, as do... Continue»
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Sara's and Jenna's long lasting love

Sara standing in front of the bed no bra when two arms are wrapping around my waist from behind.

"How was your night," Sara whispers into Jenna's ears, nibbling my earlobe.

Jenna turn around and look at Sara, Jenna said "Well it was my first time...you know" Jenna blush. "It was my first time to" Jenna said "it was"." Yep I was my first time it was amazing" Jenna blush.

"Really?" Jenna said she says with smirk, closing the gap between us Sara plants a gentle kiss on my lips. "Yes I need you I want you."

"Me, too." Sara's fingers run through my uncombed hair and my gaze falls on ... Continue»
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Black Widow: Slutty Ass


Natasha smiled softly, "Would you hate me if I said no?"

Maria returned the smile and wrapped her arms around Natasha from behind, "I could never hate you Nat."

Natasha smiled, "Well, isn't that cheesy."

Ignoring the dig Maria pushed, "Seriously though, are you still ok with this? Because we can still cancel-"

"God no! I want this." Natasha said firmly, spinning around in Maria's arms and looking her girlfriend in the eye as she continued, "I've wanted this for so long, and now I finally feel comfortabl... Continue»
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Chronicles of Meridiana -- excerpt #5

Sick of writing cute intros. Here's the next part:

My lust had finally faded to a dull ache, and a little energy had returned. I flipped the butt away, grabbed one of the unopened bottles of soda, the pack of smokes and my stash box and headed back into the unknown, for more of the mind-twisting pleasures these two girls were bringing to me.

They were locked in a sixty-nine on the bed when I came back in, and it looked like they were on the road to a big finish. Each was kind of on her side so no one was on top or bottom, their heads curled into the space between the other's thighs... Continue»
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Meeting my baby, part 1

I am standing on the kerb outside the airport. I made it, after a long flight I finally made it and here I am. My suitcase stands next to me and I wonder if I brought enough clothes. “Bring something to wear for when we go out” she said. And I did, I packed several outfits for that actually, ranging from somewhat slutty to classy. “Oh my god what have I gotten myself into..”, that thought crosses my mind as I look around to find a taxi. It has crossed my mind several times on the way here, but once the plane takes off there is nothing you can do really. I have never met her before, I know here... Continue»
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New history

When I married my husband, he already had a daughter, he had custody, it never became girlfriend, she considered that it was because of me that his father divorced. Now that she is an adult, she has occasionally live in our house.

One day I came home early in the afternoon, entering, no noise in the house, I go to the kitchen and passing in the hallway, I see Marie's room ajar, j hears a noise, the TV was on with a porn movie, a girl was doing love with two black.
I look through the crack in the door, she was lying on her bed, naked, with all those little pointed breasts.
she was spirited... Continue»
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Lez Fun (True Story)

W I F E + B E S T F R I E N D S W I F E

True Story:

This happened with my, at the time, wife, before our divorce years later. Her name was Debbie. We had friends, I’ll call them Tom and Laura, that we did almost everything with. We played cards and drank at least once a week, Took trips together, just hung out a lot.

So, leading up to this incident, at one point we all got naked after a night of playing cards and a lot to drink, and went skinny-dipping in our back yard pool. Nothing happened except for a little playin... Continue»
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