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Laundry Day

Once again this is a story from my old profile. Enjoy and keep the comments cumming.
Ariel is a perky little 18 year old red head who moved out into an apartment with her best friend Amanda who is a very fit black haired girl. Both of the girls work full time and hardly got to spend time with each other or their boyfriends. Ariel works 3 nights a week at restaurant and 2 nights a week at a grocery store, and Amanda works at a bar.

Early one Sunday morning Amanda knowing she had the day off decided to do some laundry while dressed in nothing but tube socks and a red thong. She poked her hea... Continue»
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The Country Club Life

When I was in grade school my parents bought a business in a small town and we moved there. I was in 8th grade at the time. Mom and Dad both worked long hours to try and make things work. I never saw them much and I spent a lot of time alone at home. We lived in the country and I would go hit golf balls in the grass field next to our property. Life was good but Mom and Dad always came home tired and late. After a few years things started to happen. The business began to take off and their efforts were being rewarded. Pretty soon Mom was able to spend more time at home. Dad bought a ne... Continue»
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Bye Bye Virginity

My name is Melissa and this is my first experience of sex. I am a petite white female with light olive skin tone and small breasts but a nice round butt. I never could forget this day and neither will my friend Stephanie.

Mother yells to me and says "Stephanie is on the phone, pick it up in your room!". "Ok, I got you can hang up now" I told her. "Hello Stephanie what's up girl?" I asked, "nothing much just wonder if you want to come over and hang out for a bit, I am bored and don't have anything to do until much later today" Stephanie told me. "Great, I will be over in a bit I ... Continue»
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Valentine's Day Surprise

I had taken a part time cleaner job on Saturdays just for a little bit of income while I searched for another job in he mean time, and the job itself was pretty easy, I just had to clean up a woman's house for a few hours. Her name was Susan Bates, she must have been about mid 50's and she was quite slim and had a good well tucked body. Medium length brown hair, glasses, and had a good dress sense, which suited her age. Honestly she could have probably done it herself, she lived cleanly and she was an active woman, I guess she just wanted to help out someone with a little bit of income, as wel... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #15: Valentine-2

Valentine finds herself at the eye of a fivesome: three BOOBY beauties plus Professor Peter

A friend of me celebrates her birthday at Valentine's Day, she is to be twenty-three then
Lesbian longing for big BOOBs and secretly submissive, I decide to fulfil her dirty dream
Exactly at that time my friend Camila from Chile is visiting Amsterdam with her mom and s1s
Sexy surprise in my sex studio above my exclusive erotic shop for lovely looking ladies only
Super BOOBs at all three, very firm all natural! Six big breasts to suck such a sexy studio!
All three only know her from s
... Continue»
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Enjoying my babysitter

So here i was in bed having woken up to a beautiful blonde teen in my bed I kissed her good morning and started running my hands over her beautifully soft tight body. Now guess your wondering how I got here my perverted and lovely readers as always this is a true story but enough of that lets begin. The blonde is my babysitter ashtyn shes 19 and very sexy shes a petite thing at 5'7 and has a tight little body with cute little b cup breasts, Ive know her for a few years since i worked with her mother shes a very nice girl kind and care much more so than i was at her age. I needed a babysitter a... Continue»
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Jenny's car

It has been a long hard day as Jenny Simms leaves her office walking to the parking lot a van with the radio blasting loud passes her and side swips her car. Jenny is mad as hell and jumps in her car and follows the van to the college across town. Getting out of the van four cheerleaders when Jenny runs up to them YOU BITCHED HIT MY CAR AND I WANT YOU TO PAY FOR IT!!! The girls look at each other and then grab Jenny pulling her inside the house then to the basement. Once there they strip her and tie her to a bed. After fasten her down they leave her there, about an hour later a girl about 2... Continue»
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The Cruise

Penny and Tempest Hawthorne were very excited. They were going on a
cruise with their parents. It was not their first cruise, so they knew how
much fun it could be. This one was different, though, this one was almost
all the way around the world, and was almost three weeks long. It was
bound to be fun, they both thought.

They had arrived in Florida, and checked into a motel. The next morning
they took a taxi to the boat dock, and were checked onto the boat. They
found their room, and unpacked and stowed away their clothes. Part of the
reason they were so excited was th... Continue»
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Recently,I became friends with my big tit co-worker Francine. She invited me back to her place, a cozy, little studio with all the comforts one needs to relax and enjoy a little self-love.

Francine was about twenty-eight with a firm body that stood about five feet six inches tall; just a few inches taller than me.

Her legs were long and slender and her feet and ankles were just as lovely as the rest of her.

When we arrived at her place, there was her pretty lace underwear lying on the floor.

Looks like she had dropped them clean from a folded laundry pile she had rested on h... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #15: Valentine-1

Valentine finds a lesbian Paradise for her 23rd birthday at Valentine's Day in my sex studio

A friend of me celebrates her birthday at Valentine's Day, soon she shall be twenty-three
Lesbian longing for big BOOBs and secretly submissive, I decide to fulfil her dirty dream
Exactly at that time my friend Camila from Chile will visit Amsterdam with her mom and s*s
Sexy surprise in my sex studio above my exclusive erotic shop for only lovely looking ladies
Super BOOBs at all three very firm all natural! Six big breasts to suck such a sexy Paradise
All three only know her from
... Continue»
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Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 3,Sarah

Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 3,Sarah
I had been enjoing my new found sexual freedom with other men for a while.I had two regualar fuck buddies giving me more sex than I ever had in my life.Sex with my hubby Jack was even better than it had been in years.Probably due to my increased enthusiasm I suppose.Course usually I was imagining that it was someone elses cock inside me.Most times now if I was horny in bed I would tell Jack to rub his cock on my arse.I would lie face down while he did this.When he got too horny and tried to enter me,I would turn over and tell him to rub my hole ... Continue»
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#2 An Evening

I lay down on the bed beside her. "Tell me everything, again."
My wife was rubbing her sore nipples. She stopped, then turned to me.
"I met her, Denys, in my yoga class."
"She joined a bit after me, some weeks or a month. At the beginning we didn't have any contact, until one day we just started talking. I don't remember event what about. We started saying hello every lesson, and one day went out for a coffee after a morning class. It was nice, very nice, and I guess we just clicked. But you know this, I told you at the time I met her, and that she was nice, and I started to meet h... Continue»
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la rosellina

Avevo 18 anni ed ero ancora in calabria la mia terra di origine.All'epoca frequentavo le scuole del mio paese ,un piccolo paesino medioevale ai piedi della Sila.Gli studi andavano abbastanza bene ma a volte in alcune materie un po'ostiche x me avevo bisogno di aiuto e spesso con due care amiche di scuola ci vedevamo x aiutarci a vicenda negli studi. Le mie lacune in materia di lingua italiana a volte parevano insormontabili ed Elisa una cara amica di studi mi aiutava a superarle con non poche difficolta'ed a volte si perdeva addirittura d'animo.Era un pomeriggio freddo in cui la voglia di usci... Continue»
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la mia datrice di lavoro

All'epoca avevo 18 anni,ero alla ricerca di una occupazione anche saltuaria x incrementare un po'la cosidetta paghetta di papa'piuttosto scarna.Avevo terminato la scuola dell'obbligo ed ero molto fiduciosa di trovarmi un lavoro anche fart time di ogni genere senza avere preferenze di settore o altro.Ero temprata nelle faccende domestiche aiutando mia madre spesso ammalata ed essendo figlia unica toccava a me sola aiutarla in casa.Mio padre lavorava 18 ore al giorno e quando tornava a casa solo la sera e dopo una spesso frugale cena esausto andava a riposare.Le nostre condizioni economiche non ... Continue»
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Adventures of Holly Whore Part 2: Scene two: Girl

I stood alone in the bedroom in shock of what Katie just did to me. Over the next few weeks things escalated, Katie moved in and Matt did not talk to me like he use to. This was most probably because whenever Matt was around me Katie would not keep her hands off him, she would be snogging him whilst staring at me and on more than one occasion she would seduce him and I would hear them fucking in the bedroom. Matt seemed more uncomfortable with that than Katie. I did consider leaving my job but decided to stay strong and not give her the satisfaction.

One morning I arrived to find Matt... Continue»
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Unexpected encounter

I had been working as a telephone sex line operator for just over two months,and I was loving it.The money was great,and I could work from home.I knew that all of the men ringing me were at the other end of the line,cock in hand,but I didn't care.I pretended to them that I was in sexy lingerie,or stilleto heals,or whatever they wanted.I would tease out what turned them on,and magically,that's what I was wearing.And I pretended to myself that they were all tall dark and handsome.It made it easier.Sometimes I was really wearing tracksuit bottoms and an old t-shirt really,but I suppose they were ... Continue»
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Episode 44 - Jenny Fucks on the Plane

Hi I'm Jenny Cumslut's journal. Jenny loves to see her name in print, in the sluttiest stories imaginable. I live under Jenny's pillow, and she writes in me most nights describing her filthy thoughts. She just adores sex. Sex with men, sex with women, sex with an1mals. Her cunt is constantly driving her behaviour.

Jenny's latest entry is all about a trip to the Lake District in England to visit the Experimental Breeding Farm, and have sex with Sam, Amy, Lucy, Scarlet and the lovely young colt with the 42 cm cock she saw on Facetime.

Farm Visit
Jenny couldn’t wait to visit the Lak... Continue»
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H and Ruth. The second time.

A few months had past and we still talked about that night. It fuelled lots of sex sessions and I felt I'd missed out. H used to tease me that I shouldn't even think about other women as she was a sex goddess. Near H,s birthday she and Ruth decided to have a spa day and would be home by 8 and expected wine and nibbled i was to be their bitch.
They arrived home quite giddy with shopping bags. I gave them a glass of wine each and they went upstairs to show me what they'd bought. I was told to give them 15 mins and bring up a chair from the dining room. I did as I was told and went into the bedr... Continue»
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vaction with a friend

Finally I get to go, My friend Donna and I are going to her uncles time share in Mexico. It is in a big gated community on the Pacific. It was nothing special but for two 21 year old girls we were on top of the world. Our condo was small, more like a two room hotel, one bed, one bath, small sitting area and a kitchen. It was perfect for us. Within minutes we were in our tiny bikini’s and heading to the pool. Donna is wilder then I am, she is a freckly red head, has huge boobs DD, she is a bit thicker not fat just has bigger thighs and a bit of a stomach. Nothing that would stop her from wearin... Continue»
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Maxine Bell, "Big Max" is her CB handle. 12 years long haul company driver, turned independent owner/operator. She ate diesel smoke. A term given describing people who had f****y roots in truck driving. Her father, Charlie Bell was a legend. He delivered regardless of weather conditions and always on time. The legend died in Hurricane Katrina. Maxine at this time had already been hired as an "over night" driver making short haul "bump and runs". She immediately stepped up to hit the big road.

Maxine is a BBw with a "tear drop" body. Her full mane of fire red hair, green eyes, a quick and... Continue»
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