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Three Horny s*s

Soo, Nila and Maala had been in the United States for some five years but the s****rs still put a lot of stock in their tribal traditions. For example, in the remote region of South East Asia, where the three s****rs came from, the eldest daughter had to marry before the younger daughters could even consider it. Consequently there was a lot of pressure on Soo, who was 24, to get a move on.

For three months she had been going out with Jacob Stillman, a young man she`d met at a party. Never having had great success with women he was completely blown away by the fact that this dusky beauty wou... Continue»
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Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – Part 3


Sometimes, it was like nothing had changed between them. Demi would enter Selena's hotel room, or vice versa, and it was like it used to be. Like it had to be whenever they met up in public. They smiled, more often than not hugged each other tightly, and then became completely lost in conversation. The difference was when they were alone they could slip in the words 'I love you', both knowing without a doubt that they didn't mean as friends. After that they would snuggle, either lying in each other's arms or spooning. Other times they would... Continue»
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BtVS: Girl Least Likely

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Girl Least Likely

Dawn had three classes on the day Faith came to visit her, and Faith followed her to each one. Every time the doors opened and the students streamed out, carrying thick books and ragged messenger bags, lighting up cigarettes, Faith meant to get up and find Dawn in the crowd. Instead she stayed put, leaning up against the wall or sprawled out on a concrete bench, and watched the girl with an outsider's eye.

She still looked like a model, tall and skinny as hell, with narrow hips and perfect hair, but that prissy high schooler's pos... Continue»
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Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – Part 2


"So, what's wrong?"

Blinking a few times Demi Lovato awoke from her thoughts to see her best friend and secret girlfriend Selena Gomez reflected in the mirror that the younger girl was sitting in front of.

"Nothing," Demi said unconvincingly.

"And by nothing, you mean?" Selena questioned as she pulled a stool up so it was behind the one Demi was sitting on, thus allowing her to sit down and gently slide her hands around her girlfriend's stomach.

Demi closed her eyes and relaxed into the gentle embrace. She could still remember when these gent... Continue»
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Mother and daughter's duties 1

After Fiona's tremendous exertions last weekend and seeing that she was still sore I decided to give her the month off from any whore duties but only after she'd assisted in explaining to Alice what would be required of her in the future.

We were sat at the dining table waiting for Alice to bring us breakfast when the mall came; Fiona went to fetch it and dropped a pile in front of me on the table. The one that caught my eye was one I was expecting, it was brown as all the others had been and when I looked the handwriting was certainly Francis's.

"Payday," I said to Fiona waving the e... Continue»
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Erin and Megan 2

Megan's young body was tingling all over as Erin's wet, warm mouth engulfed her excited nipples She watched her cousin eagerly sucking her nipples and looking up at her. Her nipples had never been so big as they were now, even when she played and pulled on them.

Erin kissed and licked her way down Megan's flat smooth stomach, pushing her long legs apart moving between her thighs. She inhaled the sweet aroma of her cousins excited pussy. Looking at the wet pink, puffy lips. " Do you want me to lick your cute little pussy Megan?" Erin moaned. Kissing and licking her soft smooth thighs.

M... Continue»
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My Lesbian Sailor

It was 1984 and I was a Drill Instructor at the U.S. Naval Station, Orlando, Florida. This was long before “don’t ask, don’t tell” came into effect. But despite the regulations the Navy was a haven for lesbian women. I guess we were attracted to the military discipline and order, or the fact that we were always in close proximity to women; some of them very beautiful women. At the time I was a very feminine beautiful twenty-nine year old. Despite my good looks I was a lesbian through and through. I had dozens of short term relationships but never found that “perfect” women. That’s before I met... Continue»
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The Price Of Success Pt 3

Sara kissed Erica goodbye one more time saying,

"Thank you for showing me something I've been missing in my life. Maybe I shouldn't say this but I certainly hope it's not the last time."

Erica paused and gave Sara a wink as she walked out the door. Now ready for anything Sara couldn't wait to meet the client. Sara dressed and went into the office just to do some more background research in preparation for Amber.

She looked at her picture, a beautiful Scandinavian blonde with large, full breasts and from what she could tell a very athletic body. She couldn't help but feel a tingle bet... Continue»
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I Love You, Mistress

I was at work when my phone buzzed. Glancing at the screen, I saw the single letter 'M.' Mistress! I didn't let it ring a second time. From the other end, I heard the smoky, sensual voice say "Come," and I nearly did right there. She hung up, not needing to say anything more. I knew where to go. I left work early, got in my car and drove. It had been nearly three weeks since I last heard from her and I ached to see her again.

Some may think it strange to be so obsessed with this woman who I knew nearly nothing about. I do know that she's rich. And I mean super rich. She doesn't bother with ... Continue»
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Lunch with Kay

Afternoon Lunch with Kay
I was at home doing some chores when the phone rang. I looked at the number and it was my girlfriend Kay. She asked if I was busy and I told her not really. She asked if I wanted to have lunch. I said “sure.” She said she would come over and pick me up. I told her to give me 15 minutes. She said “No problem” and hung up.
No sooner than putting my makeup on, I heard her pull in the driveway. I grabbed my bag and out the door I went. I got into the car and leaned over and kissed her cheek. She smiled and put down her sunglasses and off we went. As we were driving she a... Continue»
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Our First FFM


Sue and I have been partners for three years now and have a very active sex life. Recently, while watching some girl on girl porn, I asked her if she had tried it and she admitted she had, just once, with her best girlfriend in her middle teens. On delving further she disclosed that it was only the once because, although they enjoyed it, they were embarrassed. Pushing her a bit further she admitted she would like to try it again but with me in on the action too!

Since that I have encouraged her to the extent that we are now actively looking and are both very exited at the pos... Continue»
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Miranda & Jennette - Another Year Older

Miranda Cosgrove & Jennette McCurdy - Another Year Older

Her birthday wasn't really until tomorrow, but the iCarly cast and crew seemed adamant about throwing a special party before Miranda went home for the weekend. Granted it meant free cake for everyone but Dan, who actually shelled out the money for the cake. It was fine with him though. Miranda was their big star and a sweet k*d so no one really was against giving her a pre-birthday party or spending money on her.

There was music, lots of it. Loud and fun, the whole crew dancing about and making fools of themselves jus... Continue»
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Cat Is Carly's Antidote

iCarly/Victorious: Cat Is Carly's Antidote

The Victorious and iCarly gang have just finished singing 'Leave it all to Shine' and are all going back to be what they were doing before their little karaoke section. Andre went back to chasing the panda with Keenen Thompson, Beck, Jade, Spencer and Sikowitz went back to the pool to finish there game. Trina went back to trying to find Lane's k*ds before she got into trouble, Robbie went back to hand with some Northridge girls with Rex, Freddie and Tori went to spin a few tracks together and Sam devoured the snack only two left were... Continue»
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Victorious: Catorade

Jade West sat on her bed, crying. This was her first Valentine's Day in three years she spent alone. She made it clear to everyone that she didn't care about Valentine's Day, but secretly, she liked it. Beck went out of his way to do things he normally wouldn't do for her and to actually show here some form of sentiments. She was stuck at her house while her parents were out on their date.

Meanwhile, Cat and Tori drove up to the West residence with the biggest grins on their faces. Jade had confessed to Cat over a text message that she was actually ups... Continue»
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Going Shopping

My story began in a small community near Louisville, Kentucky. I was a 18-year-old at the
time, a fivefoot five, slender girl with a 34-B top. One day I went to a local shopping mall to purchases a new
I went to a small specialty shop on an early Tuesday morning, because a girlfriend of mine
complained to me, that when she went to that store
the woman that waited on her turned out be the owner, and was feeling her up while she was
measuring her. She also measured her with her bra on and then measured her with her bra off. The
woman told my girlfriend that if she ever needed a... Continue»
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Lingerie Shop

Fresh out of college I moved to Houston Texas in 1990, searching for a different opportunity.
At the time I had a boyfriend and we settled on the west side. It didn't take long for us to see there were many XXX rated bookstores with booths and lots of adult entertainment ,strip clubs, lingerie shops, and some neighborhoods that catered to it specifically.
We ventured out a few times together and felt the sexual energy that Houston provided, much different than the small town I came from. Sometimes we would go out, get buzzed, 420 and wander in the areas enjoying the sexuality of Ho... Continue»
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Tammy Visits

My mom's best friend, without a doubt, was Tammy – not to be confused
with my younger cousin Tammy. Tammy was born a few months earlier than
my mom (she was born in February whereas my mom came along later in June)
and they has known each other since they were little girls. I guess it
was sort of like what I have with my own best friend – Beth, only for a
lot longer.

As I got older, it was interesting for me to learn that Tammy actually
dated my dad long before my mom did. He even had sex with Tammy,
something Tammy told my mom at the time as best friends would. My mom
... Continue»
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A Visit With My Mom

All my life I’d grown up in the most loving household any girl could ask.
My parent’s marriage was always something that I admired and hoped to
model in my own life. My mother was especially important when it came to
teaching me ethics and morals, always with careful consideration of our
religious beliefs. Even when it came to sex, she emphasize that while
sex can be fun and fulfilling, there are also lines that are never to be
crossed. She emphasized the importance of safe sex, being respectful of
other people, and taught me the duties of a proper daughter and wife when
... Continue»
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One of Tess's Friends

Tess fell in love with Kat's 11" strap-on and the pounding that Kat gave her. At work with her friends she hide nothing telling them the blow by blow action when Kat picks her up for lunch. The four of them are all married all over 35 and all mothers of two or more k**s. The stories seem to let them all share in the action even thou it was Tess on her knees ass in the air and 11" long and very thick strap-on spreading her wide open and making her cum so much more then hubby ever did. Over the last two weeks Tess has seen Jody shake and tremble as Tess explains the fucking she just go... Continue»
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Birthday Surprise!

Victorious: Birthday Surprise!

On the day of her eighteenth birthday, Tori Vega awoke to darkness.

She frowned, slowly bubbling to consciousness, raising a hand to swat at the material covering her eyes, only to realise her other hand was jerked up with it. Tori lay still for a moment, mind working. She flexed her wrists, silky material twisting over them. So she was blindfolded. And bound. She knew that much. Maybe this was some kind of birthday prank or s... Continue»
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