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My BDSM Extreme Fantasy Day One Part One

Him and I walk into a hotel room. It is on a top floor, no one surrounding us, just me and him. As soon as we walk in the door, I kneel in the corner, waiting for my master's command. He puts the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door knob and closes and locks the door.
My pussy trembles in expectation, my butt squeezes the butt plug that I have in my ass under my panties. He puts the bag with toys and our luggage on the floor next to the closet, then he takes off his leather jacket and his T-shirt.
I sit on my heels, waiting, getting more and more aroused and I moan without realizing. He hears... Continue»
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Fantisy with the EX

Fantasy with the EX

the EX and I are at the adult book store late on a weekend night, she dressed in a dress that zippers down the front, with a low cleavage bra and white stockings and garter belt with no panties, she is ready to play in a video booth with a glory hole. She had me buy her a brown bottle of poppers and we are mingling with a crowd going down a crowded hall way looking for an unoccupied booth. There seems to be something going on at the end of the hallway, several guys are playing with a crossdresser, who is kissing a guy and giving a hand job to another who has his... Continue»
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Fond memories 5

This will be the last chapter of Fond Memories in that Mediterranean port city.

One overcast afternoon I decided to make a return visit to the sex shop as the beach and the Sea were not all that appealing today. On entering I paid my fee and decided to check out what was happening in the theatre upstairs - not much of anything other than a couple of young men exchanging blow jobs in the dimness along the wall on the right. I retreated and descended the stairs to the basement area and turned to the left at the bottom.

This side of the... Continue»
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The Initiation

We had finally done it. Our months of playing at home, and hubby’s quest at finding more and more partners for me had come to a head.

He loved engineering ways to provide situations where I would be seduced by one strange man, then two, and then small groups, where I would be surrounded by hands and tongues groping, probing, eating me and then fucking me. God I’d loved it, but it was time to take the next step. I wanted something he didn’t control, that was truly spontaneous and adventurous.

We had decided to go on line and find a swinger’s club in our area where they were ready and wa... Continue»
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Am I A Bad Aunt - Part 4

Am I a Bad Aunt - Part Four

By billy69boy

(Part Three ended with Aunt Eve and her niece Ariel getting ready to pleasure each other with Ariel's favorite black strap-on.)

Ariel pleaded with me to fuck her first, such was her heightened state of arousal, as she regaled me with the details of her first sexual episode with Malcolm. After she helped me adjust the straps, she handed me the baby oil, and bent over the end of her bed, reaching back to spread her ass as best as she could with one hand. She was silent as I first lubed the thick black dildo, and then I dripped some down her... Continue»
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Diane's Submissive Adventures 1- The Treadmil

Diane’s Submissive Adventures

The Treadmill

Diane tried to focus on her breathing and walked. It was difficult for many reasons, but the most pressing problem at the moment were the high heels. That and the fact that she was blindfolded . . . and her hands were tied behind her back.

Whatever the main problem was, the entire situation made it difficult. The twins were masters at pushing her buttons, but now she was beginning to think they were going too far. They had stripped her down, tied her hands behind her back, and made her wear the high heels before showing her ... Continue»
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Seaman Sam

Hi I’m Sam. Mid 30’s, divorced, six feet tall, short black hair, great legs (if I say so!) and an athletic body, toned through my exercise routines and my sailing. And seven inches of uncut horny cock when engorged!

You see I own a small 4 berth boat and as an income I take people on cruises around the rivers and ports of the south of France. It’s not a big boat, but cosy enough. I go where they want and do what they want. We can stop at ports or beaches, small islands or the mainland. Offshore or on a river.

Mainly the people are of a certain age, shall we say. And the views on the sun ... Continue»
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Perfect Valentine

Linda had planned a great night in so she had said. We had not been on the same schedule for some time and it was a long time since we had time to had any time to enjoy each others bodies. A nice intimate dinner and she hoped with the right mood that it would get a whole lot more intimate as the night progressed.

I had got the call that everthing was ready and when I arrived in the dining room there she was. What a surprise, a new dress, electric blue and very tight fitting showing of her ample breasts and cleavage. Her legs looked long and her ass pert, show off exquitely by a pair of matc... Continue»
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First Pantyhose Threesome.

My girlfriend Louise and I always have great sex, usually involving pantyhose. She likes to wear nude or black according to her mood. Nude or tan means 'no anal tonight' and black means 'I wanna be fucked in the ass'. She loves it when I lick her pussy through the sheer nylon and bite through the thin material to make a hole just big enough for my hard cock to penetrate her. She has very sensitive nipples too, and loves pulling her pantyhose over her luscious big tits and playing with her erect nipples through the thin transparent material. She can even lick her own nipples through the pant... Continue»
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How my wife got so slutty

Before I meet my wife Kristi she was already used to doing wild and crazy stuff with her boyfriend and his friends in High school. When she was 19 she know that her time with him was numbered so she thought she would see how far he would let her go. Mark (her boyfriend) was a Freshman at Indiana University and she would go visit him on the weekends. One time when there fucking she started telling him that she wants to have her first gangbang and asked if he know anyone. He also knew their relationship was close to ending so he said he would talk to his roommates and see what they said. His fri... Continue»
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Once inside mum’s bedroom i watched as sharon was in the act of licking mum’s pussy.
Mum was on her back, facing me. Sharon’s arse and pussy were wide open and exposed to me as i walked forward to claim my prize. It was the filthiest and sexiest thing I'd ever seen!. Her cunt lips spread and her arsehole puckered and struggled to stay closed as she bent forward. I climbed onto the bed behind her upturned arse.
My cock started to grow absolutly rock hard from the sight of the two sexy women infront of me.
Mum looked up at me, moaning loudly from the licking she was getting from sharon.
... Continue»
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The Boss

Lily had been working in the office for about six months when her boss called her in and shut his door. He looked her over and his eyes stared at the busty sexy girl. He loved to watch her ass as she walked down the hall each day. He just wanted to grab it and put his face all over the chunky ass cheeks. Today she had on a business suit with a tight knit top under the jacket. She had great firm full tits. He could only imagine what her pussy was like and how his cock would feel deep inside it. He then said "Lily, please sit as I have something to run by you." She sat and he again stared at tho... Continue»
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Penelopes FUCKing Birthday

Note: This story i have made to a sexy lady on mfc that goes by the username stackednslim which you can also find her on twitter and this is a story i made for her 43rd birthday last month

hope you guys will comment about it

It has been a couple of months in the planning for me and penelope to finally meet up and fuck each others brains out. I'm sitting on a train right now heading to Los Angeles to finally meet up and fuck each others brains out plus i plan on doing some very nasty stuff to her. While I'm on the train i see that its about time for her show on mfc and i lo... Continue»
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Neighborly Love Spell

How would you like to be dating a pretty girl, only to end up in a threesome with your girlfriend and her mother? (F/mf-teens, ped, bi, inc, oral, anal, threesome)


Jason just sat in his room that day fantasizing about what had just happened in the last few days. Jason was a young 13 year old boy. He was growing quite well. His body was becoming stronger and his muscles more noticeable. He had been depressed in the past few weeks. He had just watched his first porno movie and something disturbed him. He saw monster 12 inch cocks on his TV screen and compared them to his dick. His cock... Continue»
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A Visit Back to the Doctor

I'll admit, this story came out to be MUCH longer than I had anticipated, but I just kept getting more and more ideas! I hope it makes you as horny as I was writing it :)

The next 2 weeks went by rather slowly. It hurt to sit down after the first couple days, but once that passed, I could not help but think about the immense pleasure that came from the doctor repeatedly thrusting that camera into my ass. After a while, I couldn't wait to go back and have it done again. I told my girl friend Ashley all about it, and she said it sounded like the doctor had just tricked me and fucked me instea... Continue»
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Another whore from omegle story my friend sent me

Stranger: hey

You: hello asl

Stranger: f 19 cali

You: m 21 ny

You: i am brad

You: how are you

Stranger: i am trinity and im good wbu

You: hello trinity thats a nice name

You: i am good

Stranger: thx ur name is one of my favorite guy names

You: i am 6'0 180 brown hair brown eyes

You: thanks'

You: that is very cool

Stranger: i am 5'11 160 brown hair brown eyes

You: do you have a bf

Stranger: ehh its confusing

You: you sound very sexy

Stranger: heh thx

You: confusing how

Stranger: well um its like we both like each other but we arent
... Continue»
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Seduced by a patient

I work in a hospital as a nursing assistant. I work on a unit that at one end specializes in taking care of patients older 65. The beds are lower to the ground in case someone rolls off they won’t hurt themselves. The beds are also automated so they can rise up and down with a push of a button. I started work like any other day by going into my patient’s rooms a introducing myself. I had 6 patients and they seemed like a good group. One of my patient’s was a lady named Gloria she seemed a little quirky was talking about all kinds of things when I introduced myself to her. She was about 5’3” an... Continue»
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After a night out

As he was driven up to the house he noticed a black Mercedes pulling off and his wife at the door fiddling with keys. The car he was riding in stopped in front of their house. The driver said nothing as he got out, and drove away as soon as the door shut.

He checked his watch…8 a.m.

Walking quickly up the steps he grabbed his wife in a tight embrace. They both had so much to discuss, but were so exhausted. Neither of them had slept at all in over 24 hours, and it had not been an easy evening. She slumped against him as he hugged her, but also jumped a little when he squeezed her tight.... Continue»
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Craigslist Monster

My name is Michelle I am white 42 yrs old 5'2 105 lbs I have 32DD's. Now that we have that out of the way on with the story.

I am always looking on craigslist pretty much just to laugh at all the stuff on there but one night I was really horny and one caught my eye. It read "14 inch monster cock looking for a woman to facefuck and have some hardcore sex. I thought there is no way this guy has that big of a cock but I thought it might be fun to go and if he has a 2 inch cock I can just laugh and leave. Well I email him back and he gives me the details of where he is located I took a showe... Continue»
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A Not So Happy Anniversary,


I held the door for Lynne and then followed her into the club. I
hated places like this. Loud, smoky, crowded, I hate them. But it
was our fifth anniversary and Lynne loves to dance. So once a
year I take her to a club and she gets to dance. Not with me. I
can't dance. Well, I can fake a slow dance. But why bother. I
just don't see the point in dancing.

Lynne wouldn't have any trouble finding dance partners. She was
hot. No, I didn't say that right, she was HOT! Yeah, that's it.
She is 26, 5'4", 110, long blonde hair and long, long legs. She
had the cutest fa... Continue»
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