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Adventures of Nancy- Incenced

Part I

Nancy Lipske was actually quite relieved to be finally going out on a date. The college sophomore was surprised when she was asked to double date with her cheerleading squad mate Misty Johnson and her new boyfriend Jim.

Both girls cheered for the same small town high school and had made the college squad as well. Despite all they seemed to have in common, the girls who had at one time been close c***dhood friends had grown apart in high school. When they came to the same college Nancy figured they would only be acquaintances, never expecting to actually go on a double date togethe... Continue»
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A Game of Dares

I've recently met up with my friend Tara from college and we were talking about the fun times we had and the things we'd get up to and I couldn't help but think that some of you on here might like some details.

Before college I was quite inexperienced. I'd been with a few guys but never properly explored my sexuality. At college I met Tara, who introduced me to her group of friends who were openly sexual. They talked about who, where and how they liked to fuck. They were so open and confident and I found my sexual libido rising. Within the first six months of knowing these people I was try... Continue»
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Fucking with Mum

Fucking with Mum

Mum’s friend had arrived early that morning. Fran was an attractive woman, a little older than Mum, in her mid to late thirties. I hadn’t seen her for a year or so, but had always liked her. They were staying for a couple of nights, Fran and her son, well built, and muscle in all the right places. He had those dreamy blue eyes that made my stomach skip. He had injured himself cycling, and had his leg pinned from the ankle to the top of his thigh. The sort of pins that are on the outside, and look just agony. The pins had been removed this morning.

We only had two bedroom... Continue»
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My friend Jan came over last night to visit. She is a lesbian and I usually like men but she has a great set of tits and is a fantastic pussy licker. She soon sat on the couch with me and began to tongue kiss me and take her top off showing off those huge knockers. I soon had my top off and she was sucking my nipples half way down her throat as I rolled her nips between my two fingers. She put her hand down my pants and was finger fucking my cunt with three fingers and I was cumming fast for her. We both then got naked and as she sucked my tits and fingered me as I fingered her wet cunt. Her h... Continue»
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Best friends slutty sister and mom

This story is about how I managed to find out how much of a slut my best friends mom and s****r is, his s****r name is Lucy and his moms name is Carol, Lucy is 18 still at college, shoulder length long hair, slim, small tits but a cracking ass, her mom Carol had long wavey brown hair, she was a modest size 10 with curves in the right places, an amazing pair of fake tits which I believe were GG cup.

It was my best friends birthday and was throwing a big party over at his moms house, everyone was there, all his friends, his moms friends and s****rs friends , I'd say there was close to 100 peo... Continue»
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A Game Of Truth Or Dare…

(Not originally by me, just liked it enough to re-post. Don’t hate me for that.)

Having just returned from another star-studded event in Beverly Hills, the women of the "Victorious" cast arrived back to Victoria Justice’s quaint two bedroom apartment in downtown Los Angeles. There they stumbled inside and collapsed to the sofa, and helped themselves to more alcohol before Elizabeth “Liz” Gillies suddenly produced a hefty joint.

"Whoa! Where did you get that?" Ariana Grande inquired.

"One of the guys at the party j... Continue»
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a night in pudding

~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B leaning in latching onto one of sara's nipples..licking and sucking it clean
purrs as i latch on to the other sucking her breasts in to my mouth a lil as i tease and flick my tongue across her nipple
~sara~ gasping I grab each of your heads and hold them against me as your both ravage my breasts
~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling I slide my hands over her body
purrs as i suck harder cuping her cute bum in my hands
~sara~ panting hard letting out soft little moans my body arching agaisnt bunny
moans a lil as i feel sara arching a lil
~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B slip... Continue»
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LeAnn's Babies

LeAnn Samson a 28yrs 5'7" fireball of a woman meets the man of her dreams and after only six weeks they get married. Hubby Hank is very well off and they find a big house in the best part of town, LeAnn says now all I want is k**s to fill it up. Hank is a good lover but after two years and fucking almost non-stop no k**s yet. A very upset LeAnn goes and gets checked but learns she is fine. At her wits end she is sitting at a coffee shop in town dropping her spoon and this guy picks it up for her there eyes meet and she thinks WOO he's great but, then a woman comes up and he says this is m... Continue»
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A Birthday Treat

Anal, bisexual

I strolled into the hotel lobby and looked around. John was no where to
be seen.

“Hmmm, now where is he?” I muttered to myself.

It was my forty sixth birthday that day, and I wasn’t feeling too great
about it. I was sure I detected more lines on my face that morning.

To help lift my spirits, my husband had suggested that he take me out
for lunch, so we had arranged to meet in the lobby of the Tiffany Hotel,
before going into their excellent restaurant.

As I stood there, John was sat in the far corner of the lounge. He was
observing me from behind a pillar. H... Continue»
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MONICA (A lesbian tale)

MONICA (A lesbian tale)
Stopped on the side of the road, Madeleine waited for a few minutes, more like 10 minutes, before she drove into the motel parking lot. She always did that. The motel was advertising a lobster festival for that evening. Madeleine laughed out loud.
“I’m more in for tuna”, she chuckled, surprised at her own vulgarity.
She parked her car in the arrival section, as she always did, and waited again for a few minutes. The space in front of unit 17 was empty. She suddenly felt queasy. Maybe she had the wrong address, the wrong unit. Maybe it was the wrong city or the wrong ... Continue»
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Waste of a good outfit

Its was New Years eve ,My friend invited me to her house for a small party . I decided to get a new outfit for the party since
I just got paid .I was feeling my self I had on these cute zip up knee high boots with leggings and a over sized sweater my hair was even agreeing with my that day it was awesome lol . I got there around 11ish hate showing up early .When i walked up to the door
I could hear the music and then her boyfriend answered the door in his boxers ,I was laughing figured he was trashed witch of course
he was but I didn't know what kind of party I was walking into. I follow... Continue»
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Fun in the sunshine state

Fun in the Sunshine State
My wife(Mary) and me always hear and want to go to Flordia, go to Dayton Beach Bike week beacuse we had heard great time and would be our chance to go to Flordia. So off we went to Dayton Beach to final be in Florida and get to see this bike week. We arrive at our hotel for the week, check in and get luggage to room when Mary say" Let go check this Bad Ass bike week out, see some of the sights." I say "ok"! We start look going through the tent t- shirts for the even... Continue»
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Fun in the sunshine state

Fun in the Sunshine State
My wife(Mary) and me always hear and want to go to Flordia, go to Dayton Beach Bike week beacuse we had heard great time and would be our chance to go to Flordia. So off we went to Dayton Beach to final be in Florida and get to see this bike week. We arrive at our hotel for the week, check in and get luggage to room when Mary say" Let go check this Bad Ass bike week out, see some of the sights." I say "ok"! We start look going through the tent t- shirts for the event... Continue»
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Ever accidentally walked in one someone?

I was just perusing a photo set of a couple young blonde ladies enjoying themselves in a shower.

It reminded of a time about 20 or so years ago.

My b*****r has a cottage about two hours north of Toronto. It is a very large cottage on an island that offers a great deal of privacy.

My b*****r and his wife are clean freaks and because they are clean freaks, my b*****r installed an outside shower by the back door to the cottage. It's used if you are dirty before entering the cottage, you strip down and to wash yourself off. It is very handy when you come from the beach and you have san... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XLIII

Chapter XLIII – Un Ménage-a-Trois in Office (based on Love Romances No. 23 cover, Marvel, July 1952?)

For the last ten years, I have been married with Ruth and I have always been faithful to her. I know you’d might expect that I confess something about cheating my wife. Well, you are partially right. I had a sexual intercourse with someone that isn’t my wife. But what I am going to tell you is not what you were expecting from a story like this.

Even before I got married, I became employee of a very important advertisi... Continue»
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when me and wife went clubbing

in the 90,s me and ann went clubbing every sunday like most we took recreational d**gs ecys which made you love everyone and later we would fuck like rabbits fantasising about certain people in our crowd then we would talk about it during the week until i said did she fancy trying to get someone as they probably thought the same as we were a good looking cple many of them would go for it she agreed and decided on certain ones but would say on the night out she was bi curiouse with some girls and i said liz would be ideal as i knew she made her horny she was about 5ft 5 shoulder lenght black ha... Continue»
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My english teacher was the first one to teach me h

A year before I graduated, we got a new teacher for my english class, who got there straight from university. Her name was Mrs. Cordo. She looked quite non-teacheresque, with nice clothes, decent make-up and a gorgeous haircut. Her light brunette hair fell in gigantic waves around her sweet and somehow regal-looking face. I don't know how it stayed like that all day long.

At the time I was pretty unruly and loud-mouthed in class, but since I was also pretty good at english she let me do my thing. All she ever did was give me those looks, which made me shut up right away. Back then, I didn't... Continue»
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Friends 8

Lisa had struggled with the men all the way as they had undressed her and handcuffed her to the table. Her pale white flesh glistened with sweat as she laid there naked for all to see. Her heart was pounding rapidly wondering what they were going to do with her. Was she going to gang banged by some of these black men like her friends. She lifted her head looking at Jen and Courtney. They did not look like they were being f***ed to perform these lewd acts. They looked more than willing and loving every minute of being fucked by the huge black cocks. Both of them covered with cum. Jen was taking... Continue»
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A mothers discorvery part 5

As we were on our knees in that booth having sucked some stranger off i kissed malin again i tasted the cum on her lips and layed her back as i started going down on her in a frenzy, i could tell she was loving the situation as much as i was as she came all over my face i looked up and saw malin was in pure extasy. We both straightened ourselves up and walked out there appeared to be a small line for the booth that was next to us malin blushed bright red and acted shyly i just smiled at them and we walked out back in my car my mobile goes off again its my husband i let it go to voice mail he s... Continue»
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College Girl


As I lie here on my back in my lonely bed, I think of things that you have written. Certain desires, needs and actions that make you who you are. I see you in my mind, the loving and sexy woman that you are. The heart and soul that lies inside of you and my body aches to know you.
I can feel your soft and sweet lips on mine. The way your silky tongue outlines my lips and the gentle nibble from your teeth. The way your tongue slides deep into my mouth and tastes the hunger I have building for you. The way your tongue surrounds mine and the sweet exchange of your saliva min... Continue»
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