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Suzanne gives me a BBW suprise.

This is about the surprise that Suzanne gave me to say thanks for her new dildo….

I came home from work and Suzanne met me at the door wearing a white teddy, white stockings and red open toe heels. She said she had a nice surprise for me that we would both enjoy. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. My eyes dropped to the back of the thong teddy and I watched her ass giggle as she walked down the hallway.
When we got to the bed room she stripped off my clothes and laid me on the bed. Suzanne then tied my hands to the corners of the bedposts and put a blind fold on, which comp... Continue»
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Me and Ashley: The Rain Stormy Fucknight

I was working for a 24 hour convenience store in a gas station, as cashier, my shift was the night, from 10pm to 6am.
Usually the night shift is so empty after midnight, because people comes more from 10pm to midnight.
The gas station is in the same block area of where the building i live in is, so is easy for me to go and get back to the work, if i need to catch up anything, just 3 or tops 4 minutes tops walking from my work to home.

Was in early march, the end of summer season, still rain a lot.

During the night, after midnight, my girlfriend Ashley, come in the the small convenience... Continue»
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Friends daughter

About ten years ago I got a call from an old friend who lived out of state. Her 19 year old daughter was going to go to a college that was only a few miles from me. She wanted to know if her daughter could stay with me until she found an apartment and could I help her since I can tell her where the good neighborhoods are. I have known her since she was born so I was glad to help. They drove to my house and stayed over night with me. I hadn't seen the daughter , Amanda, since she was 16 and she was gorgeous and well built then. Now she was even more gorgeous and her breasts were so big and perf... Continue»
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Jane Peppers is 28yrs just got a new job as a check out girl at Rudy's Food Mart. She just moved here from her parents house. Moving out on her own she needed every thing for a home but her money was tight. She window shopped a lot and the shoes at Ginger's shoes were the best she had to have them, but at *0 dollars they would have to wait if she wanted to eat. The shoes were to good though so she bought them. Now hungry at work she stole a meal and drink and Wendy saw her. Wendy is the store bitch 5yrs older and not even half as pretty Wendy thought that Jane was taking all her dream ... Continue»
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Never Wear Underwear

Never Wear Underwear

Anna walked slowly around in her robe, cleaning as she went. Her long brown hair went almost to her waist and her warm brown eyes danced with thoughts of her beautiful Mistress. Mistress Lex was at work and trusted her slave with all the duties. From cleaning and cooking to being naked and ready for her Mistress' soft hands. Walking slowly she dusted and whipped the coffee table. Her thoughts went to the deep blue eyes of her Mistress and the blonde locks that surrounded her face. A sudden warm body snuck up on her and pressed against her tight center.

... Continue»
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Breaking Marie part 4

I rubbed my fingers in and around Stacey's tight little anus before holding them out for our nasty sub Marie who eagerly pressed her nose against them and inhaled loudly before moaning and then sucking on my fingers!
"You fucking nasty old whore" I spat as I pointed at Stacey hairy arse crack and commanded Marie to start tonguing as I slowly slid my hard dick into Stacey's red-hot creamy pussy!
Marie spread Stacey's big arsecheeks wide and sucked and kissed noisily on the browny red pouted bunghole which was surrounded by a dense forest of black hair!
Stacey softly moaned continuously as Ma... Continue»
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Step Daughter Sarah's First Time With A Girl

For those who are unfamiliar to my story I married an amazing girl named Amber and ended up messing around with her daughter Sarah.Amber never found out and to this day still does not know about Sarah and I. A couple months ago Amber and I divorced and I moved in an apartment. Sarah and I still see each other all the time and are kind of a couple now. I have posted some pics of Sarah on my profile. Enjoy guys and gals.

I continued living the high life between ha... Continue»
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My romantic dream...

My romantic dream...

I wake between two beautiful women, one is holding me as I hold the other.

My butch wife and I are woken by our femme housewife waking early to cook us both breakfast and help us prepare for our days. My butch wife and I sit at the breakfast table talking about the day we have planned ahead of us, our femme wife cooks us eggs benedict in the meanwhile.

The sound of the espresso machine completing percolation grabs the femme wife's attention, within a minute a two; my butch wife and I are taking our femme wife's breasts out of her nightgown to add freshly squeezed... Continue»
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The horny Germans

There I was stationed in Munster in Germany for a short time awaiting my one week leave, I had planned to travel north to see some friends and spend some time with them doing what I did best.
As the Friday drew closer I had spent more time on the phone planning who and when I was going to which swingers club with (you see both my friends was bisexual females but lived together to cut down on the expense of rent and so on.)
I was so looking forwards to licking there sweet pussy's as we had had many a good fuck's together but not as a threesome and I believed this week was about to change that... Continue»
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Gym Fantasy..

Since it seems to be so popular, another one of my lesbian fantasies..
Going to the gym on a holiday is always a craps shoot; it will either be packed or totally empty. Luckily today it’s empty. It’s much better that way; no waiting for any of the machines, fighting for space in the change room, hunting for a locker and most of all not having to arrive super early for spin class to secure a bike.

I walk into the class a couple minutes before it’s supposed to start, towel on my shoulder and water bottle in hand. I take a quick look around, a couple older women off in the corner, a middle ... Continue»
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Alice's Daughter and her best friend

I was in the kitchen washing up when someone came to my open back door and said "Boo", it scared the shit out of me as I was in my own little world. There stood Wendy, Alice's daughter, and her best friend Sophie. She still looked rough, and her friend looked just as rough, they were coming up to see her mum but she was out, thought she'd say hello.

I felt trapped and asked her if she wanted a drink. As they came in I sensed that Sophie was shy, she was 17 and a couple of years younger than Wendy. They came in the lounge and we were chatting and having a drink, when Wendy, who was sat oppos... Continue»
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FIELDS OF DESIRE - PART 2 - Shirley vs Gladys

FIELDS OF DESIRE – PART 2 – Shirley vs Gladys
Although she had seen Joyce and Paulette in the field, Shirley had kept quiet about it and had not asked questions although she suspected something was up. Her mind was more on Gladys and Annika. It was pretty obvious the two lesbians had taken advantage of Shirley’s absence to have sex. Shirley had her eye on Annika since day one and, although she was not expecting Annika to be exclusive, she was hurt that the Dutch girl had not slept with her first. Shirley had made a pretty obvious pass the day they met but Annika had brushed her off. Now that ... Continue»
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Teacher Gets Taugh

Becky Johnson is 34yrs and it's her first day at Kammton High School. Becky is a very good looking woman thought she would never say so, 5'7" and only around 112 lbs. her tits not really small but not big either. She wear her dresses about 4" from the knees but her ass is what gets peoples attention. Today being her first she has on a blue skirt with white top and blue jacket her body well hiding but that ass still a tracked attention.

The bell rings and the class sits, as Becky tells the class her name and the things they will be going over though out the year Missy Tens studies ... Continue»
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All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! With that being said…read on!

Many years ago, my first wife and I, along with our two small c***dren, took in a young woman that went to our church and who was struggling financially. Lisa was of Jewish decent, in her early 20's, very pretty, had long dark hair and an athletic build. Her chest was a little on the small side, but I liked that, and her legs were shapely and always gave... Continue»
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My Nurse, My Husband, and Me II

Disclaimer: I am not a writer so please be nice in your criticism, but constructive guidance is welcomed. This is only the 2nd time I have ever written. This story may be true or not true, you decide. But we have received some nice comments and private messages asking for more. Thank you for you comments.

Since it has been several months since we posted the first chapter. Please read part 1 first, http://xhamster.com/user/captntaniel/posts/272152.html

We are blessed as our just continue to get better, who ever thought that getting older was a bad thing didn’t know how to live and ... Continue»
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Brandi's Ex

It’s been about a year since my last boyfriend. I do sl**p around with guys now, but only guys I know on a personal level. Well This sexual experience was with my Ex boyfriend possibly one of the craziest sexual fantasy ever! We went on vacation for to his Father’s Home in Atlanta Georgia. His father was rich off of buy and selling houses. We get there two days before The big day and his Father James and his two older b*****rs Scott and Kevin were already there. Neither of the b*****rs had a wife or girlfriend with them. Only his father’s new wife was there. She was just shining of hotness! Sh... Continue»
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Advertiser Couple For FMF - An Interracial Encount

Advertiser Couple For FMF – An Interracial encounter

The couple’s advertisement in the local contact internet site for a bi lady was not that different from the many others in the same edition. There were, however, a number of points that appealed to me. While younger than I they were in roughly the same age range. They lived on the same geographical side of the city. And they emphasised significant requirements such as health, discretion, respect of limitations, fun, and the fact that they were ordinary everyday people; while they saw age and nationality as unimportant. Mindful of my husb... Continue»
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One of my lesbian fantasies

Erin & I met when we were 12, when we moved to her street. Beyond the usual high school spats that girls tend to have we’ve been best friends for over a decade. We’ve always been very candid in our girl talk and as we were growing up and exploring our sexuality we traded stories of “how to’s” and “what was it like?”. She’s never harboured any lesbian feelings that she has ever shared with me, and I’ve never let on that I’ve had numerous fantasies of having her face buried in my pussy or of caressing her body and hearing her gasp as I hold her nipples between my lips. This is one of those fan... Continue»
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The Porn Movie

Two good girls decide that they needed to treat their boyfriends to a porn movie in the hope that they would be satisfied with that. (FFFF, 1st, voy)


Mandy and Jesse were juniors in college. Both came from fairly well-to-do families, both came from rigid backgrounds, and both were virgins. Both had resisted sexual advances from various guys throughout their college careers, because of their fear that their parents would find out - and the fact that they had no idea what do to satisfy a guy.

Now, they both had fairly steady boyfriends, both of whom obviously wished the girls wou... Continue»
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It was a bold plan, provocative, perhaps even a little dangerous.
What had started as a notion only a week ago had become an
increasingly daring idea. Another day of rumination, and the idea
had become an objective. A fretful night's sl**p allowed her further
consideration, and by the next morning the objective had spurned a
course of action.

Now that Kelly thought about it, she'd spent the better part of the
past seven days planning to get her best friend into bed.

The genesis of the plan had been a phone call from Donna the day
after graduation. Sobbing, sniffling, blubb
... Continue»
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