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dawn etc..4

Flying solo, how does it feel?” Tracy Strauss stood in front of Elle Bishop and flicked a speck of imaginary dust from the younger guard’s leather halter-top.

It didn’t feel like she expected if Elle was being honest. She had expected a fanfare of trumpets, a big speech, possibly some cake and champagne, but all that had happened was that Lilah Morgan has accosted her as she’d come in and told her she was patrolling on her own. That was it, her first solo patrol, recognition that she trusted and capable and it was marked by the Governess briefly popping her head round her office door and cl... Continue»
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Teacher and her lesbian schoolgirls. Part 4

Finally, I have written the next part to this story. Hopefully, part 5 will follow a lot quicker!!!

That afternoon I found it hard to concentrate on my teaching, especially as the last lesson of the day would have my two new young lovers sitting at the front of the classroom.

Sure enough, just as the lesson began, the two of them walked into the classroom and sat down immediately in front of me, and just as immediately, opened their legs showing me that under their short uniform skirts they were wearing nothing whatsoever, and I could clearly see their trimmed pussies, displayed for me o... Continue»
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Малка и глупава

Бях малка и глупава, когато в единайсти клас леля Поли – колежка на майка ми – реши да ми разясни как точно “стоели нещата между момчетата и момичетата”, и що е то онова толкова сложно и желано за всички възрастни нещо, наречено “секс”. Мама беше учителка по български и литература, а леля Поли пък беше математичка и всяка седмица ходех у тях, за да решавам задачи, понеже хич ме нямаше с уравненията.

През един прекрасен, съботен следобед пак бях у леля Поли за поредния урок. Днес обаче някак си усещах, че нещо не е наред, че нещо ще се случи – сякаш витаеше във въздуха, натежал от хубавия, т... Continue»
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s****r Victoria's Secret

"You can go right in, A.D. Moore is waiting for you." The secretary
smiled briefly and went back to her typing.

I suddenly wished I'd used the bathroom before coming up to the eighth
floor. It wasn't every day that an agent trainee had a personal meeting
with an Assistant Director of the FBI. I opened the door slowly,
peering into the spacious office, and then deciding that was a bit too
meek, I stepped inside properly.

"Close the door, Wells, and have a seat." The man was older, in his
sixties, and wore horn rimmed glasses. He was behind his big desk,
reading a file of some sor... Continue»
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Unexpected threesome on Mexican holiday (True stor

(Are you the girl we met? Get in touch!)

My wife and I were spending 2 weeks in Mexico. We've been to swingers clubs several times and my wife is definitely fond of a ladies company.

We were spending our days around the pool watching all the girls in bikinis, and getting horny. By mid-afternoon it was too much and we'd sneak off back to our room to fool around and screw. Then in the evenings we'd watch the hotel entertainment. Eyeing up the same girls wearing their tight dresses and short skirts.

Today started like any day. But ended with a threesome.

We spent the day aroun... Continue»
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My bbw sexy wife bi curiousness

Well I am Michelle's husband Rob my wife is so bi curiousness she start pouring juices from her sweet pussy.well I work out of town alot for my job and I gave my wife all rights to cheat only if its a woman. Her pictures are in my profile if you like to see all her sexiness. Ok now with the story her and her friend work out together every morning.my wife would go to Jen house to workout.well they always work out in Jen master bedroom .they got through with there work out and Jen says I got to jump in the shower so make yourself at home.well the master bathroom was wide open with the bedroom.wh... Continue»
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Spring Break With Mommy

Stacy's tits were bouncing violently. Her father's cock was smashing her pussy as he rushed to finish and cum. It was early morning, still dark out, just before sunrise. Stacy hadn't had time to even wipe the sl**p from her eyes before her dad had spit on his cock and slid it into her waiting snatch. He had walked in, kissed her awake, then led her by the hand and leaned her over her bathroom sink and began pounding her harder and harder. It was the last pussy he was going to get for the next two weeks. He had brutally fucked his wife Sarah the night before while Stacy was at a friends ... Continue»
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Cordelia Chase moaned as she slowly closed her mouth, took a long suck and then swallowed. You could avoid eating the vile prison food and barter half decent meals if you had the right connections, but you couldn't get good low cal milkshake or any other type of meal like that for all the bitch ass in Gehanna.

"That's it? Nothing on the new prisoners?" Lilah pushed.

"We tried. They're new, we'll have something soon." Harmony said quickly.

"You better." Lilah said coldly. Snitches were good on paper, but only if they could deliver a steady stream of useful information. Cordelia and Har... Continue»
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It just sort of happened.

On a cold morning as i woke up, i did not want to get out of my warm bed but i had no choice i had to use the bathroom & to shower. As i was getting wet with the warm water in the shower, my daughter, Andrea called out, "i have to use the potty so i am coming in mom, i won't flush since your showering." Before i got a word out i heard the seat being sat on & my daughter started to pee. I called out, "just be sure you remember NOT to flush, " I didn't finish when i heard her flushing the toilet & i tried turning t he nozzle of the shower in the opposite direction from where i was moving to ... Continue»
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Boyfriend (Or: 'Switching Teams')

iCarly: Boyfriend (Or: 'Switching Teams')

Sam's POV:

I have been with boys and girls. I think I do prefer girls to boys... they know what other girls like, where they want it, and how much they want it. Whilst dating, girls have a little more sensitivity than guys do. There's only one girl I'd like to try, seeing as I've tried out the other ones at Ridgeway High... that's my best friend.

Carly Shay. The prettiest girl by far, and of course, she has a boyfriend currently. And why wouldn't she? She's hot. I mean, drop-dead gorgeous.

And I don't say things like th... Continue»
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A Beezus and Ramona Reunion

“Oh God…….Oh SHIT……..OHHHH FUCKING GOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!! Yes, lick me harder……Suck my clit you fucking BIIIITTTTTCCCCCCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Selena squirted her girl cum all over her lovers face and was shaking from her third orgasm. She looked down and smiled as Vanessa Hudgens kissed Selena’s body and finally kissed her lips. The two kissed deeply for several minutes while Selena tasted her own pussy. Vanessa snuggled against her lover and softly caressed Selena’s breasts as Selena came down from one of the most intense orgasms she ever had.

Vanessa reached over and grabbed the remot... Continue»
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Charlie Paterson, Private Investigator

Charlie Patterson ran a private investigation service. His reputation for discretion was well known and many of his clients were Hollywood elite. He saved a lot of actors and actresses from the shame and embarrassment of a public scandal and for that, he was well paid.

Charlie was just getting ready to leave for the day when his secretary came in and said that a man outside needed to speak to him. He asked her to have him come back in the morning but she told him he insisted that Charlie saw him right away. He told his secretary to show him in and sat back down at his desk.

The man e... Continue»
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The older I have got the more I seem to find other females a massive turn on and often fantasise about having some dirty action with them. Since coming on XHamster I have had some online fun with several other female members and love the idea of other females getting off over me.

Anyhow here is a true story that I simply had to post. This is my first real sexual encounter with another female and I really hope that there is more to come.

Over the weekend I attended a house party at one of my best friends, Hubby and I had been flirting and having sneaky gropes here and there for m... Continue»
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dawn etc.2

As she slowly opened her eyes Willow found herself in a strange bed facing another bed with a brunette woman bent over it, her ass hole gaping obscenely.

In moments the daze of just waking up faded and memories flooded back to the redhead, her old awkward self threatening to return full f***e with super long babbling included, but then she forcibly reminded herself if she was going to save her friends, not to mention her own ass, from the brunette bent over the other bed she needed to be firm and in control.

So after taking a soft breath to push down the urge to babble and possibly even ... Continue»
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Cat’s Machine is Trina’s Pain

Victorious: Cat’s Machine is Trina’s Pain

Cat walked around with a big grin on her face, or rather a bigger one than usual. No one knew why, except for Cat. Beck had intervened and helped her get over her Sky Mall addiction, but she managed to find another version of Sky Mall, except this one was for adults. "Sex Mall" was that it was called and it was a sex toy catalogue and she loved it. She consistently bought several things out of there on weekly basis and now owned the top 50 female toys in the list and had even lent some out to Jade. She would spend all day playing with ... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold Goes Shopping

Milwaukee Cuckold Goes Shopping

As I was getting ready to leave the office after my last patient I got a call from Judy. She said can you pick me up so we can do some clothes shopping for the party I have this weekend? I said, “I’m tired but if you need me to I will.” She said, “good, I’ll be waiting.”

I pulled into the driveway and Judy walked out of the front door, I was thinking wow, she is going shopping in that. She had on 4 inch heels which I had never seen her wear, a short skirt, a halter top and a shawl over it. Judy is a little bit bigger but looked absolutely fuckable. Of cour... Continue»
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Natasha 4

Obviously Pepper was going for a slow butt pumping to try and get Natasha's back door and back passage used to the idea of being double fucked, but now her bowels had loosened up Natasha craved the type of rectum wrecking these two women gave her on a regular basis.

Unfortunately her incoherence was a real problem at the moment, but when she became desperate enough Natasha just about moaned, "Mmmmmmmmmm Gooooooooodddddddddddddd fuck me, fuck me harder! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck, my ass, I need it fucked! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I need it pounded hard and deep with two dildos, oooooooooooh please Ma... Continue»
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Natasha 5

Then Natasha started whimpering, her words inaudible at first but quickly becoming louder and clearer, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

After half a dozen more of those Maria barked, "If you really want to thank us, spread your cheeks. Give us all a proper look at our handiwork."

Without hesitation Natasha lifted her sweaty body off of Maria, pressed herself face down next to her, and then reached back to pull apart her ass cheeks. In turn Maria quickly sat up and joined her friends in staring deep into the bowels of Natasha Romanoff via the gaping crater which us... Continue»
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dawn etc.

The thug was coming from Buffy's left, murder written on her face. The thug was fast, but not enough. Buffy used her weight and speed against her, taking the thugs outstretched wrist and pivoting so that the woman flew over the Slayer and landed with a crash on the forest floor.

"That's got to hurt," grinned Buffy as she quickly glanced down at the moaning figure on the floor. She was enjoying this, she was bred for battle. Only her conscience and the causes she fought for made her any better than the creatures of the night she hunted and killed. Unfortunately these weren't demons to be era... Continue»
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Natasha smiled softly, "Would you hate me if I said no?"

Maria returned the smile and wrapped her arms around Natasha from behind, "I could never hate you Nat."

Natasha smiled, "Well, isn't that cheesy."

Ignoring the dig Maria pushed, "Seriously though, are you still ok with this? Because we can still cancel-"

"God no! I want this." Natasha said firmly, spinning around in Maria's arms and looking her girlfriend in the eye as she continued, "I've wanted this for so long, and now I finally feel comfortable asking for it. Please, don't deny me now."

There was a long p... Continue»
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