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The Piano Lesson

Amy was home on summer break from college, house sitting for her parents while they were away for the summer on vacation themselves. She was glad to house sit, because it gave her the opportunity to re-connect with some old friends and people she hadn't seen in a while.

She also heard that the woman that gave her piano lessons when she was younger had moved back into her old house. Amy hadn't seen Ms. Harrison since she had taken lesson from her some 10 or twelve years ago. Amy remembered how she loved to go to her lesson, and see how pretty Ms. Harrison was.

She was tall, with shoulde... Continue»
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Let's Do It Your Way, Frank

At twenty-five years of age, Frank Rizzitti was a bit
over 6 foot tall, swarthy of skin and color due in a
large part to his Italian heritage. Always clean-
shaven, Frank was nice enough looking in his
appearance, somewhat resembling his favorite singer,
Tony Bennett. The same hooked sort of nose, dark
hair and blue eyes, even a small cleft in his chin.
What made Frank so popular with most women were
not his looks however, it had more to do with the size
and girth of his cock. A full ten inches long and thick
when erect, most women (and some men) would get
weak in the knee... Continue»
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Surprise on the Farm

We visited great-aunt Loretta and great-uncle Charlie's
farm 3 or 4 times a year for as long as I could
remember. Most of the time it was pretty boring since
there weren't any other k**s my age anywhere near the
farm. It was up to me most of the time to entertain

I was 15 when the farm was sold, but shortly before
that during one of our visits, my aunt and uncles two
granddaughters arrived with their parents. Amazingly
they had never come to visit while we were there

Claire was 16, very pretty with long dark hair, well
developed breasts and very preco... Continue»
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Kristen, Sally and Me

She was an attractive woman, and a lot of fun to talk to. I had no idea she would say, "That sounds like a great idea!" when I suggested she join my wife and I for an evening. And the lack of resistance when asked Kristen about it didn't really make me feel too badly.

Here we were together in the hotel suite after an evening of dining and dancing. Sally liked Tuborg Gold Tequila and Kristen liked Manhattans. I was all set for both. We sat and had a few drinks, when Sally asked Kristen to join her in a joint. She never had before, but was willing to try. I had just quit smoking a ... Continue»
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When I relocated on the west coast two years ago, I was virtually penniless.

I had moved to get as far away from my ex-boyfriend as possible. Our relationship had soured, and when I attempted to break up with him, he had grown obsessive and, in a word, scary. He stalked me, called me night and day on the telephone, and showed up at my workplace so frequently that I had been fired. I got a restraining order against him, though that had not slowed him down much. I changed my phone number, but he somehow had got hold of it. I simply couldn't get away from him.

One day at the spa, while ... Continue»
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Bonnie Spends the Night

My wife and I had an experience that we will both remember for the rest of our lives. It involved our neighbor from across the street.

Bonnie, a single divorced mother of two, is 24 years old. She is about 5' 4" with a 34B-26-36 shape. She has a bit of a belly still left over from having her last k**, and she could stand to lose some weight around her meaty butt. Bonnie's greatest asset is her face, eyes and hair. Bonnie has dark brown eyes that seemed to sparkle, and a smile that would melt ice. She has shoulder length black hair that she had done in a perm.

When I look at Bonnie, ... Continue»
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Nicolette - 2

Chapter One

I did accept Mrs. Boroughs’s offer to stay with her and her husband, at least until I’m able to get a place of my own. The more I think about it, she is only trying to help me out. The first night there, everything was pretty normal. I was introduced formally to her husband, Mark. He certainly looked different with his clothes on, but I couldn’t help but think about seeing his big hard cock the other night. After a late dinner, I went up to my room and started unpacking my things. I wanted to make it feel like a home. Rachel had told me not to report to work until the next M... Continue»
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Backyard Fun

After returning from our European honeymoon, we were still sexually charged from our first swinging experience. We wanted to continue our momentum but daily life slowed us down. We both work full time jobs so that was the biggest obstacle in our way. The other thing is that we are pretty well connected and well known in our community. While I could fuck half the men in Europe out in the open and no one back home would know, it’s not the same doing that in Austin. Getting caught by a nosy neighbor just once and all our friends and f****y would know. And while we like being promiscuous, i... Continue»
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My BFF and I (Fantasy)

It's a late night my boyfriend, bestfriend, and I were watching a movie Megan and I on one couch talking about the movie and giving each other back massages and Tristian on the other playing on his phone. Megan had her back to me laying between my legs. It must of felt good because I could feel her running her hand up and down my leg. I didn't know if she was trying to start anything so I took a chance. We were under a blanket so Tristian couldn't see what I was about to do. I massage one of my hands down her back and around to the front of her pajama shorts. They were loose shorts so I had n... Continue»
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The Business Trip Pt 2....Back Home

Once the meetings were nearly complete Mary found she had to spend a couple of more days to tie up some loose ends. Mary knew she didn't want her passionate little affair with Stacy to end so she asked Stacy if she would stay with her a couple of more days, or until she had finished completely.

Stacy didn't have to be asked twice as the two worked on the following days presentation, but not before a little sexy play. Mary wasn't sure where her new found passion for pussy was going to take her, but for now all she cared about was getting her face back between Stacy's legs.

Finally their ... Continue»
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Unplanned 3 some with a huge cock FFM

It had been a beautiful day from the outset and I swung by the
apartment of some friends, wanting to say hello since I was in the area.
When I got there, Kay answered the door, dressed in a small bikini and a big grin. She greeted me by throwing her arms around me and giving me a hearty kiss.
Now Kay is attractive, but not what some would consider attractive. Facially, she's pretty plain, but her smile and sparkling blue eyes tell a lot about the warmth and passion of this young lady. Her figure is nice, with large breasts that wobble invitingly, a reasonable waist with just enough... Continue»
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THE BOAT (A Lesbian Tale)

THE BOAT (A Lesbian tale)
This story takes place a few years following World War II on one of the regular shipping routes between Penang and Singapore in Malaysia. All characters are fictitious.

Once every month Evelyn went shopping in Singapore and took one of her female servants with her. The trip lasted a few days depending on the weather and usually two nights were spent on the large wooden motorboat which also carried a lot of supplies and from 50 to 100 passengers. Evelyn was British and had joined her b*****r, who had been in the army there, to help in maintaining rice fields. Unfor... Continue»
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Totally Unexpected Lucy Part 3

The night continued with both Linda and Lucy trying to see who could embarrass who the most. I decided to start giving Lucy single shots again, although I never told Linda. I didn't want Lucy so out of it that she went to bed early. Plus, she was amazing to look at.I managed a sneaky look down her top every time she reached for her drink or snacks from the table. Her nipples were very erect with all this naughty chat, as were Linda's.Linda explained that after Lucy spat the cum into her mouth, Lucy told her to swallow and she did. I asked her what it tasted of. "Salty, yet sweet, but I remembe... Continue»
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Nicolette - 1

Chapter One

It was the first time I had been to a club like this. It was called The Whipping Post. It’s a BDSM lifestyle club. I’ve been to sex clubs before in France where I’m from, but nothing like this. I had just graduated from the University and was celebrating with my boyfriend. His name is Jake. We met at school and have been exclusive to each other for the past two years. This was something he had been into for a long time. We have done some role playing before, but this was a new step for me.

I had been focusing on my studies for so long, I needed this break. I’ve been in... Continue»
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The Business Trip

Mary had arrived at her hotel room, and checked in after a long tiring flight. She decided to take a shower and freshen up before her over zealous young assistant Stacy caught up with her. Mary heard a knock on her hotel room door as she stepped from the shower.

She knew it might be Stacy her personal assistant with the presentation she was going to give in the morning. Mary wrapped her naked body in a towel, covering as much of herself as she could and went to look out the peephole. She saw it was definitely Stacy and opened the door carefully saying,

"Hi Stacy, I just got out of the s... Continue»
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A gift from my wife

A Wife's Gift

I am very open with my older s****r Savita who is married to businessmen Vikram. They have two k**s and they are studying in school. Vikram is most of the times traveling and Savita often spends some time with my wife Simrun. My s****r loves her Bhabi (b*****r's wife) and so does my wife love her Nanad (husband's s****r) I am Anuj, married to Simrun for two years.

Simrun is hot in bed and we fuck like a****ls. Many nights my s****r has complained when she stays at my house that I and my wife make loud noises at night. I blush at her words"Asal mein Simrun bahut shor ma... Continue»
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From Nowhere She Came by loyalsock

"No worries, it happens," I told her outside the playschool. That was the first time we met. Her son and my daughter had had a fight, just a k**die thing, nothing to worry about.

She invited me for coffee and I accepted readily. We chatted and laughed the whole morning. I noticed a thrill running through me every time we stood close or accidentally brushed past each other, I put it down to the relief and fun of finding a friend in a new area.

Every morning we dropped the k**s off and went to Caroline's for coffee, it was a great friendship. We spent our time helping each other with the m... Continue»
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Choices: That Old Flame

(Having received several nice comments about her original story "Choices" we asked our friend patricia51 if we could post another one here at xhamster. And here it is, a sequel! Once again we did NOT write this story and give credit to our friend's wonderful imagination. Or maybe memory.)

Choices: That Old Flame by patricia51©

(Since some other friends have been writing stories suggested by songs and song lyrics I thought I'd try myself. The song "Old Flame" was written by Donny Lowery and Mac McAnally, recorded by Alabama. From the album "Feels So Right" `1981. One pronoun has been ... Continue»
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Mãe e filha

Sou uma menina de 18 anos, vivo com a minha mãe, que ficou viúva há muitos anos, do meu pai.
Temos vivido sempre na casa que o meu pai deixou e a minha mãe nunca mais quis nenhum homem. Sempre nos apoiamos uma à outra, sempre esteve comigo quando eu precisava foi minha mãe e meu pai minha amiga e agora é minha amante. A minha mãe ensinou-me tudo.
A minha mãe vai acompanha-me em tudo e há uns dias atrás foi comigo ver um concerto de uma banda muito famosa. As minhas amigas aproveitaram e foram comigo, a minha mãe tomava conta de nós éramos 4, e depois do concerto convencemos a minha mãe a ir... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold's Wife and the Neighbor

Milwaukee Cuckold’s Wife and the Neighbor

My wife had been having lots of fun entertaining “friends” since she cuckolded me. She had several regulars and was getting filled regularly. One day she was talking to our next-door neighbor Cindy when Cindy said to her, “Judy, last night I heard you yelling in ecstasy and shortly later I saw some guy leaving and I know your husband is out of town, is there something you want to share?” smiling and grinning when she said it.

Judy got a fearful look on her face and said, “You heard?” Cindy said, “it sure sounded like you were having fun.” Judy s... Continue»
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