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NEW LIFE part 2

All through out the flight Jen fingered Tina bring her to the brink then stop causing Tina to moan and groan so loud that everyone knew and was watching. Beth was a flight attended and this was her 2nd flight, the poor girl could not do anything right between the moaning making her so wet and the fact the it was a woman doing it to another woman Beth was trembling from head to toe her cunt on fire. After 1hour and 45 min. Tina grab Jen's hand and rode her fingers till the orgasm had her screaming. As the line started to form to exit the plan Tina bent over to get her stuff and Beth saw a... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands - Part IV

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part IV
Another reality-based fiction by Dizzy D

I want to thank all of you for your patience as I dealt with two losses in my f****y. It has been a trying time, but I am back to writing. Part IV was originally going to be the final chapters of 'A Mother's Helping Hands', but it seems the story has become a novel, and I am in talks with a producer about making it into a video series, so I hope you enjoy it. Part V, The Finale will be posted soon. In the mean time, since it has been so long, I might suggest you revisit Parts I, II and III... the links a... Continue»
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My First Affair

Although this is called my "first" affair, to date this has been my only affair but I can't say that I won't have another in the future....

Years ago I managed an outdoor sporting goods store in a well known mountain resort town. Being a resort town there was always a constant flow of employees coming and going as this is the nature of life in these places. My second year running this store there was a new applicant, her name is Sara. Sara is five years my junior, has long chestnut brown hair, piercing blue almond shaped eyes and a beautiful athletic body. She was exactly what I was loo... Continue»
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A New Life

Tina Jones a married mom of two at 34 still looked 24. She liked to look sexy but was not a seasoned lover. At the age of 14 she had a crush on Tommy and wanting to be around him talked herself into a job with his parents at there offices. He of course left for college and never came back, but she did and now 20 years later was the VP of Accounting.

Tina pulls into the parking lot at work her boss comes to her Tina Honey I'm so sorry but it has been sold and the new owners fired everyone! This was crushing news to her. After 20 years and the fact that hubby was home injured it w... Continue»
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The Grey Nomad

The Grey Nomad

I met Sylvia and George through a mutual friend - The Kat - in her far northern Australian city as they were travelling around Australia. As a retired couple , they were doing what thousands of other retired couples do. They buy a 4WD and caravan or a large camper van ( Winnebago) and set off for a protracted period of time driving around this vast country. We refer to them as Grey Nomads.
I’d known for a long time there was strong undercurrent of senior sexual activity within this group, often only discovered after they got on the road and met similar couples in the campi... Continue»
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Halloween Surprise

It was Halloween weekend and me and my wife decided to go out dressed up as doctor and nurses.
Saturday came round and she had dressed in a little tight nurse’s outfit from Ann summers, with a little pair of fishnet hold ups and big killer heels. I just wore a pair of hospital scrub trousers and a lab coat that I wrote "PUSSY DOCTOR" across the back of. "Mmmm you can take care of my pussy anytime doctor" she said. I didn't need to say anything to her, because she could see my cock growing under the thin material of the loose fitting hospital trousers, I bet I can have you walking around in... Continue»
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Hot for Teacher - True Story (what really happened

Author's Note: This is the true story of what happened between me and a teacher of mine when I was 18. I plan to follow this story up with a story about what I wished happened instead, a fantasy version.

She was the biggest woman I'd ever seen. In stature and in character. 6'3" on a good day without heels, and completely in control of any situation. A bossy bitch, but just nice enough that you felt compelled to argue and to fight back. A drop-dead gorgeous redhead with skin pale as milk and a pair of mouth watering E-cups beneath a blouse that was just a little too tight. That wa... Continue»
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She is in her mid 30`s, married woman, mother of a c***d. Her husband has a job that keeps him at least 7-8 months per year away from home, abroad, so she doesn`t really get any. Plus, even when her husband is home, she is not very interested in having some with him, since she doesn`t feel attracted to him anymore. The only sexual stuff she lets him do to her is lick her in her pussy and give her a little bit of oral pleasure, and she sucks his cock too, rarely (maybe once in an year), and never lets him cum in her presence, when the load is about to come sending him to the bathroom to finish ... Continue»
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There's A First Time For Everything

I was in my second year of college when it happened and while most had to put up with annoying roommates who left their dirty laundry on the floor and almost always had a sock on the door I got lucky with my roommate. A beautiful brown skinned girl named Margaret who instantly went from stranger to best friend. She was had the most beautiful deep brown eyes i'd ever seen and long black hair that stopped just about the small of her back. She was perfect. Now, I wouldn't necessarily say that I am a lesbian but I know for a fact that the line that is my sexuality isn't straight either.

Anyway... Continue»
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My Wonderful Lesbian Lover

Mindi's lover tells her to try a man, just to make sure.
I was still a virgin at age 20. Most of my friends had gotten involved with sex...but my two closest friends were like me. One good friend already had a baby. Other girls had serious boyfriends. A few played with other girls. I had been asked to try girl-girl activities
but had declined. I was saving myself for some yet unknown destiny.
I wasn't envious of my sexually active friends. I masturbated myself to orgasm almost every night. It was comforting and it was enough.
Boys liked me but I refused to do sexual things with them. Cons... Continue»
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My first threesome with two young girls

It was back in 98’ and I was around 25, worked my ass of and had about 1 month before I had to move from a small town to a bigger company near the capital. I’ve lived in that small town for almost 3 years and still knew nobody, I didn’t like to go out so my social life was limited. It was late November and my roommate had left for weekend. The company I worked for had some small apartments for “out of town people” like me. It was small and basic but cheap, but living next door to the company also meant lot of people coming and going and basically watching every move we make.
It was a Saturda... Continue»
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How It's Done

Victorious: How It's Done

Rain pitter-pattered flatly onto the grey and green nylon of the square tent. Inside, the tent was rather spacious with a high enough upper limit to allow a person to stand up. Really it was fitted for four people but it belonged to two; Beck and Jade. Mixed clothes, a soft-side piece of luggage and a makeshift table encircled a thick, king-sized mattress which dominated the plastic floor. Jade was sprawled across the inflated bed horizontally, studying the cards in her hand before throwing one in the center pile.

"Tori, pick up three," she said l... Continue»
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Finding Ex-Wife and Girlfriend on A Porn Site

My ex-wife Kim was a 43 year old nurse with short hair and could be seen as having a somewhat lesbian appearance. Apparently, the wealthy doctor she worked for learned from her female co-workers that Kim was a great cocksucker. In order to keep her job she was blowing him during the lunch hour and after work. Then she began accompanying him to medical “conferences”. Her friend told me on one trip she got d***k and as a favor to the Doc she blew three of his doctor friend’s one right after the other.

Well, I was no saint; I was fucking a single Irish exchange student I met at a bar. Maureen... Continue»
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My name is Terri Muldoon but all my friends and patrons call me “Tits” its just a name that stuck from back in my c***dhood see I developed very young and was a big hit with the little boys they all wanted to see my tits so I showed them to them I didn't think it was a big deal and they got a real big kick out of it I even let a few of them feel them up I liked having my nipples played with it felt good and made me feel funny between my legs! My tits continued to grow rapidly and by the time I hit my teens I had this incredible set they sat on top of my slender frame and my ass had developed... Continue»
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First of all, I must warn you that this is more like a blog post, rather than a story.
I want to share to you all, my fans, haters, perverts, stalkers or just visitors, the thoughts I have about one of my favorite profiles here.
She posted that she is from Russia, but she seems more like Turkish to me. When you look at her avatar pic, you can guess she has a slight smile in the corner of her mouth, but if you look at her whole face, you can see that, in fact, she`s got that “dream on” kind of look.
She posts tons of pics with the hottest women ever. This means she`s got really good taste w... Continue»
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Samantha's Breezy Shorts - The Wrestler

(This fictional story is based in a world where professional wrestling is 100% real and non-scripted, the fights are treated as seriously as say a boxing fight or any other competitive combat sport. I'm not the most knowledgeable on pro-wrestling so apologies to any fans of it if I get any of the technical terms and move names wrong. Enjoy!)


"- and weighing in at 128lbs, she is the World Women's Wrestling Champion... Sammy Bunns!!"
The ring announ... Continue»
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My Lust for Amanda

This is my fantasy about a student nurse I am getting to train. We both work in a large hospital in Oklahoma City.

Amanda's 23, so she's younger than me, too. It turns me on a little more. If we fucked, I'd be her first lesbian experience. The fantasy of it makes me light headed.

She's so shy, and gets really anxious about things. I think she'd start trembling if I even touched her thighs, letting me take control. It makes me wet to think about it.

Amanda would be such a good kisser. Her lips would be so soft and gentle, nervous at first before she really got into it, letting her inne... Continue»
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Julie Bowen, part 2

Sofia Vergara had her fist buried wrist deep inside Julie Bowen’s asshole and was twisting and turning it, making her beautiful blonde costar grunt and moan like a two dollar whore. “How do you like that slut?” she asked. Julie buried her face in the pillow and took the pain and pleasure from her new mistress. It had been almost two weeks since Julie had been set up by Sofia into fucking a stranger in New York and she had been paying the price ever since. Sofia was brutal in her attempts to degrade the blonde mother of three and this time was no different. Julie raised her head and said, ... Continue»
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Birds Of A Feather

Victorious: Birds Of A Feather

[If you're a raven then she's a macaw, all loud noises and bright colours. But everyone likes a parrot better than a crow.]

Something about Tori just ruffles your feathers. If you're a raven then she's a macaw, all loud noises and bright colours. But everyone likes a parrot better than a crow; at least you can teach Tori tricks. If you could only teach her how to play dead. You grin at the thought, watching her lazily as you sit back in class, slumped down in your chair, Beck's arm around you. Sikowitz gesticulates wildly, coconut milk spillin... Continue»
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Dubai, such an intoxicating country, a place of total contradiction; extreme poverty yet hyper wealth, state control yet continuous examples of the state beyond control. Its a series of experiences that can be totally confusing to ones senses, leaving a person wholly disorientated by what one gets exposed to. It's hardly a place that one would expect to encounter an erotic experience that would prove to be possibly the most erotic of moments for a woman as accomplished as Louise. Yet this is the place where it all happened, spontaneous and invigorating to the extreme, both Louise and her husba... Continue»
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