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Cockatoo Part 2

I had no idea how long I had spent under water but I could see a bright
light above me and I thought it must be the sun shining through the
water as I clawed myself towards the surface. But, I thought, ‘No, that
can’t be. It was dark when I fell in.’ The light grew brighter and
brighter and I wondered ‘Maybe I’m dead’. I tried to open my eyes but it
was so bright I couldn’t f***e my eyelids open. I heard sounds from a
long way off and it sounded like voices, but they were muffled and I
strained to hear but couldn’t quite make anything out.

I tried to move my arms to cover my eyes... Continue»
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Resort Bar Lesbian Affair

Hi, I’m Kathy, last year my husband Phil and I bought the business of our dreams, a lakefront resort and bar in Southern Wisconsin. My husband used to be a wrestler in college and he still had a body builder’s physique that any women would die for. But frankly, I was becoming bored with him, he just had no class. I had been a bodybuilder also and am still a large, but very muscular woman in her forties. I still love sex with my husband, but often I think back to my college years when I had quite a few lesbian women were drawn to a very physically fit woman like me. If they were sexy, athletic ... Continue»
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amazing threesome

It is a cold and blustery day and it is snowing out. I decide to call my friend Jayne and my friend Mark. They come over and we decide to watch a movie and have drinks. We put the movie in and start to watch it. About an hour later, we are all pretty d***k and feeling good we start talking about things and we decide that we want to all get together and have a threesome. We all take each other clothes off slowly enjoying each others bodies, looking and dreaming of playing together.

Mark decides he will give me a message. I lay face down on the floor. He rubs my hands with warm oil. Starting ... Continue»
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Special Delivery for Sarah

Story 10

Special Delivery for Sarah

I suppose it all started when I left home in my late teens and bought a house; somewhere that I could call my own.

As soon as the estate agent opened in the morning, I went down full of excitement to collect the keys.

It was completely empty apart from carpets and curtains, and the odd small electrical appliance in the kitchen. I had arranged for all the big items to be delivered that day to make the place a home that I could be proud of....it turned out that that was to be one very eventful day I can tell you!

While I was waiting for my firs... Continue»
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Malmoe Maiden II

I followed along with her the 3 or 4 blocks to her home. I followed her up the stairs - again enjoying the view. Once inside her place, she asked if I would really like a massage? I've had many massage ther****t, but none as attractive as her. I asked her fee, and how long that would be for. One hour in her hands might be worth every cent. She set up a portable massage table, asked if I preferred a sheet, or no sheet? I asked if her clients wore a robe, shorts or nothing? Under the sheet, nothing. Without the sheet, loose shorts or nothing. Well since we already have seen what there is to see.... Continue»
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THE e****t

Sue was an e****t to men and women. Her biggest client was Lady Beth. She was rich and beautiful. Sue was also very pretty and sexy. She had big full natural tits and a great round ass. She would go with Lady Beth 2 or 3 times a week. A driver was sent to her and she was taken to the mansion of Lady and Lady would then dress her how she wanted her that night. Most nights it was a very sexy attire. She liked Sue in a very short dress that was open down to the waist barely covering her nice full tits and no underwear ever. Lady was obsessed with Sue's sexy body. She loved the deep plunge in dres... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 1


Nikkie Silk

It’s a cliché, isn’t it? Man comes home early and finds his wife in bed
with someone else. Only slightly less of a cliché in my case, as the
‘someone else’ was my wife’s closest girlfriend - closest in every sense
of the word.

It was a quick divorce; no k**s, only a rented flat, so the only
squabbles were about books and cds. In the end I told her to keep the
lot. I wanted to make it a clean break. I managed to fit all I owned
into the boot of my small car. I was 28 years old, fit, healthy and with
a good but frankly boring job in a software company j... Continue»
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The Making of a Fuck Toy - 5

Chapter Thirteen - Lunch at the Office

It’s been several weeks since the business meeting. Eric had made good on his promise to get Cass some piercings. She had decided to get her nipples and her clit hood done. While it limited rough play for at least a month, it did little to interfere with their D/s relationship. Cass still did her daily rituals. Eric was kept sated and happy with his arraignment. Time seemed to go by rather quickly though. The end of their contractual arraignment was growing near. Neither was sure what would happen then.

During the past month, they had played many... Continue»
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The Tale of Tina

The tale of Tina; ( the cleana )

In my early teens, I used to like to treat myself to all the latest things that a young girl could possibly buy. However; this required cash, a commodity that I never ever seemed to have enough of. So I looked in the local newspaper for a weekend part time job, as my full time one was just not paying enough to keep me in all the trappings that I was accustomed to. The employment situation in my area was dire, all I could find that was remotely suitable, was for a cleaner, up at at the old mansion house.

After the interview it transpired that I was th... Continue»
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Merry Christmas

Christmas day dawned bright for Katie Shaw. Her clock
radio had awakened her to the sound of Christmas carols
and news of snow falling since 2:00 that morning. There
must be at least three inches on the ground. The
prospect of the roads being covered didn't dampen
Katie's spirits as she turned on the shower while she
brushed her teeth.

Stepping from the shower Katie took down the oversized
towel and rubbed it briskly over her skin. She could
feel the electric tingle she created as she rocked the
towel in a dental floss like motion between her legs as
it agitated her clit... Continue»
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Ms. Claws

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the

Who am I k**ding, except for me, there were no
creatures in my house to stir--at least no mammals.

My lover had moved out three weeks ago. I didn't mind
her going so much, but she took the elegant Siamese
Amberdrake with her. We had a long hard custody battle
over the cat, but in the end, I had to admit that Amber
had move in with her, so she got to take him when she

So here I was alone, again, for the holidays. I had my
viewing all picked out for the next day, starting with
Miracle on 34th Street, an... Continue»
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The Making of a Fuck Toy - 4

Chapter Eleven – Claiming Her Ass

The next several weeks went without much incident. Eric spent much time as he could at home teaching protocols and rituals to Cass. But there were still times when she was at home alone for her to practice. It went well for the most part. He gave her encouragement and praise when she accomplished a task well, and punished her when she made mistakes or breaches in the things she’d learned. They both fell into a smooth rhythm. Eric continued to be amazed with his Baby Girl’s enthusiasm and ability to retain as much as she had.

As she grew comfortable ... Continue»
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A Shortie for Susan - Part 2

Andy was in the shower stroking his cock, remembering the amazing fuck with his Math Tutor Bendy Bindi yesterday afternoon. In his imagination he could still feel her hot thighs pressing into his arse and her hands pinning back his ankles as she took him in the Amazon position. Just when he couldn’t imagine it getting any hotter, Susan his step-mum appeared in the shower, standing behind him, pressing her tits into his back and gripping his slippery cock.

“What are we going to do with you, you naughty boy? I bet you’re thinking about fucking that Indian slut Bindi again. Well ... Continue»
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Detention pt 2

Susie Johnson had a sip of her chilled white wine as she
got ready for a night out with a couple of her friends.
She'd finished her makeup and had chosen her sexiest
black underwear with black hold up stockings. She had
decided to wear her favourite little black dress. She
remembered the last time she wore it. She would never
forget the day when she was ravished by her son's
headmaster and the school secretary. She was also f***ed
to fuck her own son which thought sent a shiver down her
spine and a tingle to her pussy.

They'd both agreed to forget it ever happened and to ... Continue»
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My sexy threesome

We all help each other undress . . . flirting, kissing, touching, as we work our way to the shower for some soapy-play. After some intense foreplay with our hands, me rubbing your clit and you stroking my throbbing cock I get on my knees and stick my tongue deep inside you as my GF supports and holds you from falling. You are moaning with pleasure at this point trying to keep your balance and not slip - she has your tits in her hands as is kneading them much to your satisfaction, she is nibbling on your neck as your head is pulled back by her hand wrapped in and pulling your hair.

You've ... Continue»
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Werewolf women of the SS part 2

After the doctor and nurse left Diana Couldn't help but wonder why there were armed guards outside the building they seemed friendly enough but as she was spacing out her heard started to burn and it felt like she was being torn up on the inside, The doctors and guards walked into each room and waited. The head doctor a gorgeous older woman with platinum blonde hair and deep blue eyes walked from room to room and said ''ladies and gentleman this is the beginning watch the subjects if the show signs of agression shoot to kill i repaet shoot to kill do not let them bite you''. It wasnt till 5 ... Continue»
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jona s****r

I was really disappointed. For months I had been anticipating my big s****r coming home from college and jumping into my bed. For months I had been planning how I would fuck her and how surprised she would be when she found out what I could do and how much I had grown.

Almost every day this spring I had been mounting a full grown woman after I cut her lawn, and every single one of them orgasmed and praised my efforts as well as giving me some money, in fact a lot of money. I was ready, ready and eager, eager and really well equipped.

I stood looking at myself in my s****r's full-length m... Continue»
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Bukkake party

The past couple of Mark’s parties have been wild… the beach then out with two chics in the middle of a patch of woods. Not too shabby. I was actually still on cloud nine over the two chics that when my secretary knocked on my door, I hadn’t noticed, that is until she knocked a second time and opened the door.

“What on Earth are you doing in here Dave? Off in LaLa land again? I just got a call from Mark Sanders, says its vital you meet him for a conference this evening. Do you know who that is? I looked his name up in the rolodex and didn’t see it and it’s not on your schedule.”

She... Continue»
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My wife tells everyone that I'm a cuckold

Quick background info for those who haven't read any of my other stories.
I'm submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my then girlfriend now wife, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me.
Now that the background info is out of the way, we can start with the story.
Also keep in mind I try to add as much detail as I can as well as dialogue so my stories tend to have a slow build up so I recommend u pace urself!


First ... Continue»
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Werewolf women of the SS part 1


As you were told Upon arriving here you are the best of the best the perfect Aryan women but this unit is much more than you think we will make you into Über women. As Diana heard the Fürher speech she renewed her resolve on this program standing in line with hundreds of other girls all of them around 20 to their mid 20's all over 6'0 and were quite beautiful all dressed in their black SS uniforms it was quite a sight for anyone especially this girl from a small village in northern Germany. Diana was a sexy 6'2 black haired grey eyed beauty she had a toned and sexy body with lus... Continue»
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