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Lesbian twin s_ister Part 1

Lesbian twin s_ister Part 1

I always had a good sex life and never made a big secret about my bi-sexual tendencies, even though my first girl on girl masturbation/ sex experience occurred only a few days before my 19th birthday. After a blazing row I dumped my then boyfriend. I got over him very quickly as he was a bastard anyway and never gave a shit about anything but himself. Nevertheless I took shelter and refuge at my s_ister’s Sara for the week as we had a big party planned for our celebrations. Not only is she my s****r and best friend but in matter of fact we are twins, identical tw... Continue»
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lesbian desires

Written by my mom.
Carrie felt the hand tighten around her neck, so she struggled harder. If she didn’t get free soon she knew what was in store for her. Everyone at work had told her that Jess was a lesbian and that she would hit on her and she scolded them and tried to befriend her, which lasted for about two months worth of being ogled like a piece of meat. She had not talked to her in a while when Jess had called her out of the blue with an apology, a peace offering and a chance to make amends. To Carrie It was only supposed to have been a polite refusal, meet for a drink kind of thing an... Continue»
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Kristy's Journey into Darkness ( A BBC fantas

Into the Dark

Chapter One
My name used to be Kristy. Now everyone calls me whore, slut, or anything else they want to. It all started at a frat party about two months ago. I’m a freshman at a big southern college, I won’t name it, because I don’t want anyone to find out who I am. Anyway, I was at this party and I had a little too much to drink. I’m always getting into trouble when I drink too much. I was there to check out guys and maybe get laid. There were some nice looking guys there and I was talking a few up. I was dressed to get some attention, wearing a tight white blouse that showe... Continue»
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Games That Grown-ups – Part 4

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups – Part 4

The time seemed to have gone so fast it was like a blur; only three weeks ago Joyce had become the lover of her daughter, Dawn. And those few weeks seemed to have been a montage of steamy sex, passionate and intense. Joyce wasn't sure she'd been so satisfied since her honeymoon, and if she was truthful, not even then. Dawn had proved to be a skilled and enthusiastic performer, able to do things with her fingers, tongue and pussy that were only matched by what she could do with a strap-on. Many a night Joyce had found hers... Continue»
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Episode 50: BJ and the Gynaecologist

Jenny dropped Baby Jane off at school on Monday morning after their fabulous weekend of sex, sex and more sex. Jenny had watched her lover Rob repeatedly making her gorgeous black daughter BJ cum with his fingers, lips, tongue and finally cock. BJ had so much sperm inside her; it would be a miracle not to get pregnant. Jenny had given birth to BJ at the age of thirteen and hoped that her daughter could at least finish school before having her own fam1ly.

So first thing on Monday Jenny rings her gynaecologist to make an appointment to get Baby Jane onto the pill.

Jenny and BJ arrive, ner... Continue»
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Sucking on step-mom's huge tits

As a 36 year old who's just had a baby, Debbie was looking in the mirror surveying the damage and while her bum has always been big she couldn't not notice how huge her tits were looking, which was never a bad thing, but it's probably all that milk for the new baby. Putting on her dressing gown she went out onto the landing and first thing she saw is a pair of panties on the floor near the bathroom door, picking them up she gets a smell of pussy, these were Jodi's.. 18 years old, skinny and pretty, just done with high school. Knocking on Jodi's door, Jodi answers 'come in', she's been sulking ... Continue»
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New Bra (continued)

I looked at my watch it was five past twelve my heart was pounding but at the same time disapointment was starting to set in or there was no sign of the wman from the store, had I missread her intensions, I pulled the door to and turned te key in the ignition and as the engine started I reached round and pulled the seat belt over my shoulers and clicked it into position, then as I seected drive I saw her come rushing throgh the doors, gone was the woman all neat and tidy now she looked radiant, her hair ws down and the white blouse gone and replaced with a skimpy tank top npples sowing through... Continue»
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Games That Grown-ups – Part 3

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups – Part 3

"Happy Anniversary," said Joyce.

"Mmmnnn, one week today," said Dawn as she stretched and opened her eyes. She rolled over on the bed so she was half lying on her Mom. One of her hands moved to her Mom's nearest tit to squeeze the sexy mound, the other slid over the MILF's mons, stroking the smooth flesh. The teen's lips went down lightly onto her Mom's, the kiss tender, but sensual, "Happy Anniversary."

Joyce giggled as her daughter's hands slid down, but she also knew Friday was a school day, "Later... when you g... Continue»
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Curse of the gypsy woman - Part four

This is the continuing saga of Melissa, a woman, a preacher's wife, who by the power of a gypsy's curse is redescovering her sexuality. It will be to your benefit to read the previous three chapters if you haven't allready.
It had been a frustrating weekend, and the worst thing by far was church on Sunday and the subsequent meeting of the Committee of Moral Education.

Luckily she'd had the idea to wear a sanitary napkin before going. She'd had enough experience of her own horniness by now to know that her pussy would run wet with juices by the mere thought of sex, and this w... Continue»
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Games That Grown-ups Play - Part 2

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups Play - Part 2

"What are you looking at?" asked Dawn opening her eyes. She had always been able to be instantly alert, like her s*ster, but unlike her Mom who was a gradual waker. The fact Joyce was cradled in Dawn's arms with her eyes open and a small smile on her face said she had been awake for a while - otherwise she'd still be yawning.

"Nothing," blushed Joyce, moving her eyes upwards and away from her daughter's face.

"Liar," said Dawn, grinning. It was obvious that her Mom had been staring at her daughter's sexy featu... Continue»
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New Bra

It was my usual Friday outing into town to do my weekly shop, I started in the supermarket buying my vegatables and meats along with the necessities of life my favourite bottles of wite wine, with my shopping done and packed neatly in a carboard box I walked back to my car where I deposited them in the trunk, then it was back to the mall where I wondered from shop to shop window shopping for nothing in parcular.
I saw the sign for the toilets and walked down the alley way into the ladies, several woman both young and no so young were at the sinks washing their hands after using the toilets, t... Continue»
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Policewoman And Her New Lesbian Lover

Last Friday I was still in my police uniform when Gretchen’s motorcycle roared as she drove into my driveway. My 43 year old new found lesbian lover had arrived and I knew I was in for a long passionate night. I had become bi-sexual after my divorce, I wanted to try women and found out I preferred the tender lovemaking and soft body of a women. I had no problem attracting women, I knew I was still hot for a 34 year old, I had the large body of a full figured Scandinavian women, I am six feet two with long blond hair, and a pair of large 36C breasts. My long legs and physically fit body had ple... Continue»
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Games That Grown-ups Play - Part 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups Play - Part 1

"There's plenty, Dawn, so help yourself," Joyce put down the last of the dishes on the table. She wasn't lying - there was more than enough. She still couldn't get the amounts right and work out that she was no longer cooking for Buffy. For the last fortnight her eldest daughter had been at University - it might only be thirty minutes, but it seemed as far as the Moon at times.

"Thanks, Mom," Dawn hardly seemed to notice her s*ster was gone, or if she did it was because she didn't have to squabble over the remote ... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.4 - Paula's Bi Interlude

Author's Note: In Paula's Turn - Part III of Tenth Anniversary Series, my wife flashed an stranger during a Las Vegas Show. One thing led to another, and, without my knowledge, she ended up spending the night with two men. I was frantic until I finally received a call from Paula. At the end of the call, one of the men told me that Paula would be spending the night with them and I should retain the services of a hooker if I needed sex.

It was nearly noon before I got back to our hotel room at Caesar's Palace. The sex had been intense th... Continue»
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BtVS: A Demon’s Curse

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Demon’s Curse

Buffy came home and collapsed on the bed. "Not a great night for slaying," she said to herself as she lay there in the dark room, feeling so tired she was almost sick and could throw up at any moment.

This wasn’t the first night that had ended this way.

Lately it seemed she was slower to vanquish the demons, and a couple of times she was dangerously close to being one dead Vampire Slayer herself. If it wasn’t for her quick thinking.

'It was strange,' she thought, 'I can leave the house so full of energy, but as soon ... Continue»
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Helena tied up on the bed

Helena tied up on the bed

Helena and me were on a weekend holiday out from the town and of course, out from our dear hubbies…
We were having dinner during our second night at the hotel, when she looked at me with her beautiful sexy eyes and said:
“I want you to tie me up to the bed, come here to the bar, pick a handsome black man willing to fuck and return to our bedroom with him”.
“Sure, baby, why not” I answered really amused…
We came back to our room and she got laid on the bed in a sexy pose.
I tied her wrists loosely but firm to the bed poles, then her ankles to the bottom ends; s... Continue»
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I took teen Patricia in both holes while her mothe

This is a story written by request of a reader. Contains: Lesbian, threesome, teen, domination, submission, b********y, cum covered, cum swallowing, cum gushing, double penetration, stretching, strapon, anal, i****t.
For Patricia.

The area I cover as a social worker is mostly rural, so I get to visit quite a number of small villages with their typical rural problems. One of those visits led me to a small farm, which had allegedly fallen into debt and disorder after the death of the owner. It was a nice spring day, and I was dressed in my usual casual clothes - a pair of ... Continue»
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So who won?

Patricia Lopez's junior year in the local college had been an epic disaster. Her boyfriend dumped her for another woman causing her grades to fall to a point of academic probation. Going home for the summer was off. She had to stay for the summer term to get her grades back up. She hated it at first but came to love how empty the campus was during the summer term. Her student housing complex was almost empty. She soon discovered the buildings exercise room and spa. It was such a relief to work out her stress of the summer term and frustration of her life.
It wasn't long before she had a regu... Continue»
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Horny Soccer Mom

Mary sat in the stands watching her k**s playing soccer. As hard as she tried to concentrate on the soccer game she was having trouble. There was a tingling between her legs that had been nagging her since she had gotten that morning.

With a husband that was gone more than he was home, Mary was not getting the sexual attention she so dearly craved. It was getting to the point that Mary was thinking of alternatives. Masturbation only eased the need temporarily, but she need more than quick fixes.

Her fidgeting was drawing the attention of other people sitting nearby causing them to ask ... Continue»
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Keep an Eye Out

Ok by now must of you know about my wife Kat and her kink of fucking women that 1. have never been with another women and 2. they are all married with k**s. Over the years this has worked out well for me cause not only does Kat tell me everything but most of the time I can also watch and join if I wish. I always keep a metal notebook of names of her women in my head. This is a story of how that and KEEPING A EYE OPEN helped me to take care of a big problem.

Kat and myself were at a local hang-out having a few drinks. It is a sports bar and the bar maids all wear small tops and ver... Continue»
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