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Jessica's First Girl

Jessica had invited her friend Amanda to stay the night this weekend since Jessica's parents were out. The two had been friends since c***dhood and were always close. They were both very sexy, freshly 18 girls. Jessica was a little smaller than Amanda. She was 5'4" with an athletic build since she played varsity volleyball. Her legs were very long and stopped at her firm round ass, which she loved to show off. Her blonde hair was long just like her legs, and stopped at the same spot as well. She didn't have very big tits, just 32 B cups, but they were very soft to the touch. Amanda, on the han... Continue»
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my birthday surprise

I had been at work all day for my birthday and was on the way back home when I got a call from my girlfriend saying she had a nice birthday surprise for me.
I just walked in through the door and she met me in the hallway all dressed up like a sexy nurse, take all your clothes off and come with me, she said, she lead me into the bedroom and when I got in there I saw another girl dressed as a nurse too, this is Stacey, she said, and then she told me to sit on the chair that was at the foot of the bed, I sat down and she told me to put my hands behind my back, she tied my hands together with... Continue»
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LISA #2: Les Love-2

LISA LOVE is the love of my life: most dear, pretty, tasty, sexy, sweet and completely dedicated
Lisa Love is a blonde beautiful baby - she looks like my dream of life come true, I am intoxicated

I feel twenty years younger with this best intoxication which ever happened to me in so many years
I feel often like she is already living with me now, as talking every night makes us feel so close

I will also host my best girlfriend from here at my home, finally she is not afraid anymore to meet me
I will be busy teaching those two slender sexy sweet yummy young blonde beauties both only
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Lingerie, Louise, and Kim.

The lingerie ladies show was soon to start. The women's club were certain particularly beautiful women that had trysts during the times their well to do husbands "played poker". The poker game was a front for the men in the swingers club known for thier proclivity to let us just say, well dress up in a manner in which the women were aware and as the women club were of a lesbian encounter group, and the men of a cross dressing, lingerie wearing transvestite group, the whole of all in the exclusive swingers club was that of a open secret The women got together that night to have... Continue»
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daddy's a sissy who wears pantyhose too.

Daddy started to wear mommies pantyhose and high heels after mommy made him into a transvestite for fun and profit. At first, he got caught wearing my pantyhose and masturbating in them with mommy. Then mommy told daddy that since he enjoyed wearing pretty intimate items while together, they would go all out and invite some of the womens club over to have a lingerie show. Mommies friends were sexy lesbians who knew mommie before. Even though they were married to men with responsibility their husband's also were hot looking cross dresser like daddy. The girls got the fashion show to... Continue»
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Lesbian Land's End (Part 4)

Kea didn’t even know that Landra had a b*****r: Terio. He was nine years older than her and worked and lived at the main town, an hour and a half bus ride from Land’s End. Landra’s godparents had just received a phone call informing them that Terio had a car accident and that he was in the hospital. Apparently, his life was not at risk but he needed special attention. Landra and her godparents were talking in the kitchen while Kea waited at the reception counter. After a few minutes, Landra came out with a worried expression in her face: “Kea, I’m afraid I’m going to have to go. We have decide... Continue»
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Julie and Debra: a Bedtime Spanking.

n.b. This story is an extract from my three volume saga "Slaves of the Amethyst". I post the story as it makes a fitting accompaniment to my gallery of bedtime spankings. If anybody becomes interested in the larger narrative behind this little extract and would like to read more of "Slaves of the Amethyst" then please be sure to let me know.


Thursday morning dawned grey and overcast and there had been rain overnight. From the windows of Waterstone House the view was unappealing. The outside was dark and damp and a light drizzle streaked the windowpanes. It didn’t se... Continue»
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LISA #2: Les Love-1

LISA LOVE is the love of my life: most dear, pretty, tasty, sexy, sweet and completely dedicated
Lisa Love is a blonde beautiful baby - she looks like my dream of life come true, I am intoxicated

I feel twenty years younger with this best intoxication which ever happened to me in so many years
I feel often like she is already living with me now, as talking every night makes us feel so close

I will also host my best girlfriend from here at my home, finally she is not afraid anymore to meet me
I will be busy teaching those two slender sexy sweet yummy young blonde beauties both only
... Continue»
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Sarah Watching Me Fuck Her Friend Rebecca (True)

This is a true story about a threesome I had awhile back with Sarah and her friend Rebecca. Hope you all enjoy.

It had been awhile since Sarah and I invited someone else to join us for sex and usually it was a guy because it turned me on more then words can explain watching another guy fuck her brains out. Also Sarah said she wanted to take a break from inviting other guys to join us for awhile so just me and her could spent time together which I agreed with. A m... Continue»
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I fucked my friends mom


let me describe my friends mom to you
5'11, good sized tits, big ass and long legs. Now the other girl in this story. 5'8-9, massive tits, massive ass, pretty much the perfect milf BBW. I've wanted to fuck both of them for a very long time, and now with this writing outlet I can write all of my fantasies down for other people to enjoy!

One weekend I was spending the night at a friends house. I drove over to his house to find that he had to mow the yard before we could do anything. I was sitting in his room on my phone, when his mom walked in.... Continue»
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Rachel Fucking the Experienced Lesbian

Rachel Fucking the Experienced Lesbian

One day, I had to take the train to San Jose for a big meeting for work. Being the big meeting I was relived, when I got back on the train to go back to San Francisco where I live. On the train I sat across of a lady who was clearly not wearing any underwear under her skirt. Even I who never wear underwear had a pair of panties on today since I was wearing a skirt. The lady across of my introduced herself as Julia. I told her, my name was Rachel. On the train ride we started talking I told her that I work for a high-tech company who is a major leader i... Continue»
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unavailable Woman

She is forbidden fruit to me, I want her, I yearn for her fingertips to play along my stomach as she cuddles into me, but she is off limits for some stupid thing called "friendship" trust me we can be friends while she cums in my mouth. My brain fights against my body everytime were alone. I personally don't think it would be as bad as my scenarios play out. she teases me, undressing in front of me, asking me to touch her soft skin. The other big problem is she doesn't know I am a lesbian! that I am a pussy loving finger fucking cum swallowing dyke. We work together so I am reluctant to releas... Continue»
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Heathyr Hoffman ghost hunters lesbian love story

After being chosen as the winner of the SyFy channel reality show "ghost hunters academy" in 2009 and given a permanent role as a co-host on ghost hunters and then later ghost hunters international, Heathyr Hoffman couldn't possibly be happier with her life as a reality television celebrity.

Being on “Ghost Hunters International” was a blast. Heathyr Hoffman couldn’t imagine a better career than globe-trotting while looking for paranormal activity wherever it might occur. This enhanced a life-long love of history as well as her personal fascination with ghosts and other things that go bump ... Continue»
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The Fall of Batgirl

As promised here is a suite :) But the story is in future so the names may change

As I said before the Supergirl is no more she's now Super Evil and with Poison Ivy they love each other but with their sex thristy and their lust mind they want more so they think together how to hunt down the others heroines and they both choose targets Super Evil will take care of Wonder Girl and Poison Ivy chooses the Batgirl. Batgirl alias Barbara Gordon daughter of general Gorgon himself great grand son of Commisionner Gordon from Gotham City. Barbara is 18 years old, she's got auburn hair and hazel eyes... Continue»
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Chapter 1: Mother and daughter sharing the goods..

Angelina as a mother always viewed her house as a secret playhouse where she could be at home. The divorce had very good to her and her and her c***dren Donna and Isaac. She would always admit that they got away with too much in the house. They were both home schooled and Angelina didn't need to work with million of dollars of investments she had in Pornography, sex toys and strip clubs. She didn't like to show her wealth but she was well looked after and had a comfortable existence.

Donna and Angelina had a close relationship and even though there was a sizable age difference between. Do... Continue»
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Lesbian Paradise at Land's End (Part 3)

When Kea arrived to the inn, the sun had already risen completely. The door was still locked, so she used the key. The place was silent and empty of people. “Well, it’s only 6 thirty...”, she thought “...and Sunday”. She realized it was too early to do anything, even breakfast, so she decided to go up to her room. She wanted to change her damp shorts and panties but she wasn’t going to shower; she wished to keep Landra’s spicy scents on her skin. She took off her clothes and looked at her image in the huge closet mirror. “Now my body is hers...” she reminded herself while she smelled Landra’s... Continue»
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MEMORIES #12: Lisa as hot host-1

MEMORIES became an even better read series when I started to tell about my private recent stories
Most of those MEMORIES will be about Lisa Love, of whom I even remember her coming future with me!

'Coming future' in both meanings: firstly she is as hot for me as much she loves me with all her heart
She loves me with body and soul, I love her and being a gentleman and she so hot, she will come often!

'Coming future' also covers all events to happen soon, like this small sexy story of her hosting Gina
She wants soon to live for ever at me - Gina wants to stay for a while, to get her
... Continue»
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There was a lot of talk about the Captain and her orderly at the breakfast table.
Shirley looked like she had spent the night on a clothesline.
“Did you fuck with her ?”, asked Paulette
“With whom ?”, replied Shirley
“With the captain, who else ?”, said persistent Paulette,
“I will not answer any questions except in the presence of my lawyer”, stated Shirley grinning
“Did you play with her ass ?”, asked Joyce
“Ok..Ok…that’s enough. Our glorious leader can do what she wants as long as she doesn’t break curfew”, said Gladys
Everyone remained silent k... Continue»
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Sara's City of Secrets 1: Foothold

Authored by pobox731 Inspired by an xHamster member.

Previous: "Sara's Beach 'bate"
Sara has a voyeuristic encounter on the beach with two unknown girls

"Sara's City of Secrets 1: Foothold"

Sara is an olive-skinned raven-haired beauty of Mediterranean descent. She's recently graduated from high school and is sorting through all the normal urges, desires and hormonal-induced appetites of the age. With her mother's sultry eyes and her father's other classic features, her trim athletic build and encyclopaedic recall, she commands plenty of attention at any gathering. He... Continue»
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True life story: ‘I caught my WIFE in bed wi

WHILE it may be many men’s dream, when Fred discovered his wife of 17 years and mother of his two c***dren in bed with another woman, joining in the ‘fun’ was the furthest thing from his mind, even though his friends still won’t quit teasing him about it.

“I may be different from other men, because I have friends who tell me I was joking because I should have just joined the both of them,” he said.

“But to tell you the truth, when I saw them my heart sank and my desire disappeared.”

He said the situation affected him so much that his bl**d pressure could not be stabilised for a long... Continue»
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