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Natasha smiled softly, "Would you hate me if I said no?"

Maria returned the smile and wrapped her arms around Natasha from behind, "I could never hate you Nat."

Natasha smiled, "Well, isn't that cheesy."

Ignoring the dig Maria pushed, "Seriously though, are you still ok with this? Because we can still cancel-"

"God no! I want this." Natasha said firmly, spinning around in Maria's arms and looking her girlfriend in the eye as she continued, "I've wanted this for so long, and now I finally feel comfortable asking for it. Please, don't deny me now."

There was a long p... Continue»
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Natasha 2

"And then some." Helen softly chimed in.

"Yeah, pound that whore ass!" Laura added, "Wow Wanda, you're really good at that."

"Fuck yeah she is!" Darcy grinned, before calling out, "Hey Witchy, how about after this you treat my fat ass to some of that?"

"Darcy, focus!" Jane exclaimed in a warning tone.

"What? I meant after we've all had a piece of Natasha's bitch ass." Darcy promised, "Fuck, there's no way I'm missing out on a chance to butt fuck The Black Widow. You hear me slut? All of us here are just lining up for a piece of your slutty little ass, and when we're done with your ... Continue»
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Natasha 3

Now she had been reprogrammed by her beloved Maria, with a little help from Pepper and Jane, Natasha was only too happy to make it up to Laura by giving up her ass whenever Mrs Barton wanted it, the two sneaking away for a little backdoor pleasure, among other things, whenever Natasha came to visit or Laura showed up at Avenger's Tower.

The majority of the time it was Natasha anally riding Laura just like this, and while they both preferred it when either Maria or Clint were pounding Natasha's pussy and ideally while the other watched or fucked the redhead's mouth, this was quite a treat, o... Continue»
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Ashley Researches a Role

Ashley Tisdale sat on her couch and mulled over her career. Her singing was getting her nowhere fast and the last acting job she’d had was on a TV show on the CW which was cancelled after only two seasons. She thought if you can’t make it on the CW then she knew she was going to have problems making it anywhere. She decided it was time to step out of her comfort zone and take her acting career in a whole new direction. She needed to get away from the goody goody Disney persona that followed on every audition she went on. She had grown to hate the Sharpey character and knew that the only w... Continue»
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A Very Special Night

***Author’s Note: I actually met Sasha Grey at a book signing in New York for her book “The Juliette Society”. She is beautiful and intelligent and I really do have a major league crush on her. If I ever get the opportunity to live out this fantasy, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute. Enjoy!***

I had been working my little butt off ever since I graduated from nursing school and needed to get away for the long Labor Day weekend. I was lucky enough to win the holiday lottery at the hospital and made plans to go up to NYC for the weekend to relax, do some shopping and catch a show. The wea... Continue»
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Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash

Note: The following takes place in the Equestria Girls world. Any comments would be appreciated as this is the first things I've ever written. Enjoy.

Fluttershy had been handing out leaflets for the a****l shelter by the statue as she did every Tuesday. As with every other Tuesday, the best was that people just ignored her and worst people would blatantly laugh at her and say horrible things about what she did with the a****ls. Today was too much, she sank down with her back against the statue, hugging her knees and cried.
All her friends had left her and she felt completely alone in th... Continue»
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The Walking Dead: Maggie's Turn

The group was exhausted. They had been walking for almost a week without any relief. They were all just about at the end of their strength when Daryl spotted the cave. He had been ahead of the rest of them on point when he saw it. He ran back and told Rick about it and the two of them went ahead to check it out. The entrance was almost completely covered by overgrown weeds and bushes and Rick congratulated Daryl for finding it. They went inside and discovered it to be huge and also free of any walkers. Rick motioned for the rest of them to come inside. They all sat down and relaxed for... Continue»
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I Didn't Do It: Lindy and Jasmine

“I am sooooooo bored Lindy.” “I know Jas, me too.” The two best friends were sitting in Lindy’s basement with nothing to do for the entire weekend. Lindy’s parents had gone away and had taken her twin b*****r Logan with them. They had no problem leaving their daughter at home since she was well known as being the proverbial good girl and every other parent in town gave her their “Parental Stamp of Approval”, something Lindy hated. Their other two friends, Delia and Garrett were off on a school trip leaving them alone in the big house. They’d done the typical sl**pover stuff Friday night ... Continue»
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Modern f****y: Dirty Little Secrets

Alex Dunphy walked into the house half expecting to find Haley in her usual place vegging out in front of the TV. She was surprised to find the couch empty with no sign of Haley. It’s not that she hated her 19 year old s****r, it was just that she was so disappointed with her. Alex knew her s****r wasn’t the sharpest tack on the wall but she really thought she would make it at the local community college. That proved not to be the case when Haley flunked out after her first semester.

When Alex walked up the stairs to go to the room she shared with Haley, she heard some familiar noises. ... Continue»
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the Night Whispers Index -3

I was awake at least an hour before I dragged myself out of bed. It took a great deal of willpower to do so. My body ached and my mind was thick and cumbersome. I had stared at the ceiling trying to weigh my thoughts, found no anchor to the way my fears and doubts colored everything. I had to have been losing my mind, I was sure. I even called out to Jackie several times, hoping to hear her voice in my head, even if it was only my brain playing tricks on me. There was no response, and I finally gave up.

To say I was unbalanced that Sunday morning would have been an understatement. My sanity... Continue»
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the Night Whispers Index -4

I don't remember returning to bed that night, but I woke on my back, naked with no covers. My daughter's pleasant moans rang in my ears as I tried rouse myself. It took me many minutes and a few idle strokes of my fingers between my legs to f***e my body from the bed and into my robe.

Kira was still in her bedroom, so I crept down and made coffee. Before I'd finished my cup, she joined me at the table, eyes averted.

"Kira..." I said, trying to remember what I'd planned to say to her the night before. "I'm sorry ... I shouldn't have done that..."

She shrugged, "it happens..."

"Well ... Continue»
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Sarah Collaring Julie

Sarah: *slides her hand under your shirt*

Julie: *Guides your hand up to the middle of her chest then scrunches her shoulders, gently squeezing your hand between her tits*

Sarah: *Gently squeezes at your breast as your soft mounds press around her hand. Slowly pushing her thigh up under yours, making your leg lift up around her hip*

Julie: *Moves over top of you, sliding up onto your lap, quietly purring as she looks down, watching your hand between her tits*

Sarah: *Purring up at you quietly, moving her other hand up under your shirt, both cupping your mounds now, squeezing them s... Continue»
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The New Woman -Part 1

She stood about 5'7" and had long sexy legs. Her feet were wrapped in the most beautiful leather stilettos and all Wanted to do was to suck her toes, tits and cunt.
She approached me while I was pruning the bush just outside my bedroom window. She had asked me if a Mr Walsh lived nearby. I was not sure, as I had just moved in the area a few weeks ago. I did not have any real time to meet my new neighbors. So, I replied, " I'm not sure I just moved here from L.A." She stayed a few seconds and began to look into my eyes and the glare of the sun behind her, made her red locks of hair... Continue»
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Magical Summer -2

There was a wait before Resi and Akira returned, long enough for them to have a discussion, and then the three of us just cuddled for a while, all of us naked but the focus at first was to reestablish familiarity, not arousal. Both Resi and Akira told me they planned a very enjoyable night for me which included an extended back rub by Resi. I almost thought they were suggesting the party was over for the night, but then Akira went to the toy box and pulled out not just cuffs but a padded bar that she illustrated would be placed behind my knees. I nodded eagerly and asked what position they... Continue»
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Magical Summer -1

Free at last! I had a newly minted college diploma and enough cash to manage an unstructured summer backpacking trip through Europe. My goals were to have fun and discover what the world was like before settling into a job. I was 22, lesbian, and ready to explore! My super el-cheapo deadeye flight from California landed in Dusseldorf where I boarded a bus to Berlin for only 11 euros. Eight hours and 500 km later, I finally reached my youth hostel and collapsed.

It was my second night in Berlin that I went to a club that I had heard about, known for its techno dance scene and LGBT clientele.... Continue»
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« She left a message on my answering machine », said Jennifer as she walked into Rachel’s office.
“Ah..good…I actually talked to Jill on the phone this morning and said we would both go…I hope you don’t mind”, answered Rachel with a somewhat dirty smile
“What’s the occasion…or the excuse should I say ?”, asked Jennifer
“A lesbian couple she knows are actually moving in together and they are having a little cosy party and we’re invited”, answered Rachel
“What kind of party ?”, asked Jennifer rolling her eyes
“You know what kind…and you’ll enjoy it ..or should I say ... Continue»
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Millie and Ellie pt 2 of The Flower Girl.

Dainty fingers twirled in the darkness, dancing lightly, slipping along a little nectared slit, then tracing tiny circles around a swollen nub. Nubbin stiffened excitedly with an expressive twitch, responding to the swirling fingers, and a little tremor coursed through the young girl's body, causing her to press harder and to rub with even more intent.

Millie's breath caught when she felt the pulse build and tremble through her body, and she tried to prevent an accompanying sound from escaping her lips. But it came out anyway, a gasp! Next to her in the bed her s****r stirred, peaceful ... Continue»
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Mothers make their sons dreams come true

“About last night,” Sonia began. “We’d had too much to drink. But that’s no excuse.”
“No its not, we’re all responsible for our actions, whether we’ve had a drink or two, or not, you understand that don’t you boys.” Chloe said.
“Yes Mum. We’re sorry, we got carried away, and took advantage,” Jack said
“I’m sorry to,” Harry told them.
“This is our secret, you understand!” Sonia said.
Both boys nodded.
“No really, this is to be kept between ourselves.” Chloe said
“We won’t tell,” Jack said.
“Good,” said Chloe, “because we want to do it again, that is if you wouldn’t mind.”
Mind of cou... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 03

It was Saturday. My favorite day of the week. I was thankful that I didn't have to go to class or work on Saturdays. That meant a lot more free time and a lot more time for fun. And no other day of the week allowed me to spend more time with my amazing girlfriend, Becca.

Becca used to be a cheerleader for Rasington University, but her horniness and refusal to abide by school policies got her kicked off the squad. She refused to return her cheerleader uniform and was subsequently expelled. Fortunately, Becca was hot enough and sexy enough to get virtually any job.

Since Becca didn't have ... Continue»
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"Mrs Summers, sign here please," for a second Willow didn't realise that the hotel receptionist was talking to her. Then it struck her, for the last six hours she hadn't been a Rosenberg, but a Summers. Leaning over she signed the form that had been pushed in front of her.

"Mrs Summers," she repeated it under her breath. Then she looked at her wife and grinned, "Mrs Summers... I'll have to get used to that."

Joyce smiled as she held out her arm for Willow to slip her own through, "Well, as from now, you've got plenty of time to do so."

Willow slid her arm through the crook of Joyce's,... Continue»
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