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Logging More Couch Hours:

Snippets from my Friday night… It's not the entire story, just bits and pieces from our second night "watching movies." I feel slightly obligated to cut out the boring parts…

It's Saturday night as I type this and I'm about to head out. Let's see if we make it out of the house this time.
She arrived just after seven and as soon as she stepped through the door, she kissed me hard and pressed my face between her hands to keep in my place. After this warm greeting, I took her coat and headed into the kitchen for a bottle of red wine.

When I returned to my living room, her messenger bag ... Continue»
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A Lovely Couple Geeta and Priya

It was another hot day in Bombay. The past few days had been a bit cooler than the previous nevertheless, it was still hot. Arunima_H (geetha) had just finished doing the laundry but the dirty clothes were already starting to pile up. The baby had to be changed because his diaper had leaked. And Geeta had changed into another sari because of the heat. She now changed into a hot pink sari top. It was actually one of her favourite ones to wear at home. It seemed as t... Continue»
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Revenge Of The Cyber-Queen: Chapter 1:

(Femdom, Sci-Fi, Orgasm-Denial, Teasing, Lesbian, FBB, BDSM, Humiliation, Fetish, tragic love story)

Author's Note: The character of Professor Ava/Queen Ava is heavily-based on porn star, Ava Devine, a very beautiful, voluptuous and talented actress with a fantastic voice and screen presence, so if you want to know exactly what the character looks/sounds like, check out Ms. Devine's work.

Chapter 1: Moans of Despair And Lust.

As Johnny (dark-haired & muscular football jock) and Lucinda (cute petite ponytailed-brunette with a perky personality) were about to walk into the... Continue»
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visit to mexico pt V

Terry woke up this morning and, just as she has done so often these past
few weeks, got up and made her way quietly down the hall to Carmen's room.
After a quiet knock she entered the room where Carmen was already awake and
waiting for her. Terry thought little about her new routine, but instead
was lost again in her lust as she nursed from Carmen's full breasts until
both women were satiated. Afterwards Terry went back to her own room where
she fully intended to relieve herself of the built-up sexual tension, but
Rosa knocked on her door before she had any chance to get started.

"... Continue»
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Mature's and Step-s****r - who could want mor

I awoke the next morning to find Laura gone from our bed. I looked over at the bedside clock and noted it was only 6 am – and realised I’d only had about 3 hours sl**p. After our threesome, and a period of recovery (for me) and champagne drinking, I had fucked Jen one more time before we all fell asl**p. This had been at the request of Laura, who wanted to watch the two of us together, whilst she sat across the room, fingering herself to another orgasm. Jen and I had taken our time, enjoying one another’s bodies with hands and tongues, before Jen climbed on top and slowly fucked me until we bo... Continue»
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Man!That Hurts!

My Name Is Diana Jenkins,I Am 19 Years Old,I Heard On The News Today That 'The Birch' Has Finally Been Banned On The Isle Of Man-And Am I Glad It Finally Has Been!I Am One Of The Last Few Girls To Have Felt Its Sting-I Still Have Nightmares To This Day About It!There Are Still Some Small Scars That It Left That I Can See On My Buttocks And Thighs-Like Tiny Wriggling Little Worms- I Fear That I Will Carry Then With Me Till The Day I Die!The Events That Led To This Life Changing Experience Began The Previous Summer-We Left Chester For A Four-Week Holiday On The Isle Of Man-Yes,Most People In Ma... Continue»
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A Young Girls journey to womanhood (Second Part)

We had kissed in the shower and held each other, but nothing else happened. She was my mistress while we were together, I realised that, and I was her loving and obedient subordinate. I never knew how overwhelmingly powerful that could be. My body just wanted her attention and I was on the edge of sexual arousal all the time.

Alison wanted to “chill out” this morning and we both put on bikinis and went onto the decking besides the pool and the luxurious loungers. The sun was warm, the pool looked so welcoming. I wondered why we had bothered with bikinis, but after ten minutes, I realised. ... Continue»
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Bianca Fucks Miranda (A Futanari Story) Part 1

Days rolled by since I pounded Elizabeth's tight asshole, and my cock craved a hole to fuck. My pussy quivered while my futanari cock stirred in my pants. The more pussy and ass I got, the more I wanted, feeding my sex addiction. I considered calling Sara, my futa friend, but decided against it. She had a big meeting coming up tomorrow and I didn't want to bother her. I decided to call Elizabeth again, but when I did, it went straight to voicemail. She must be at work, I thought.

I tried jerking off, even while fingering my wet snatch, but it just wasn't doing it for me. I needed something... Continue»
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Bound for Hawaii

“So this is how it’s going to be”, I thought to myself.
I looked around at my crew and couldn’t believe my eyes. This is what I get for putting an ad on Craigslist. I should have known better.

Free Trip to Hawaii

I am off to sail the South Pacific and need crew to help sail my boat to my first stop in Hawaii. No experience necessary, just a healthy sense of adventure, no fear and willing to learn and work. Please text me at …

All the men that responded were either pretty weird, running from the law, were lazy or afraid of water. I have no clue what’s wrong with men these days.
... Continue»
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Tabbyanne Female domination on a random slut.

so this is one that happened recently. i'm not going to disclose the location or anything, as i don't want to get myself in trouble here. :)

i don't go out much, being that i'm always quite busy and also the fact that the bodybuilding lifestyle doesn't really allow for it too often when it comes to eating and having to take all your meals with you. but alas, different subject. when i go out i did myself up nice and pretty and wore a nice little corset to show off the girls and of course, my beautiful muscles. (you can see a picture attached ;)

now, i'm used to the looks and the comment... Continue»
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A Young Girls journey to womanhood (First Part)

A young girls journey to womanhood

First Part

My name is Daniella. This story is not my story, but one of another. I am part of this story, and I am so pleased to have been privileged to be so. It starts with me smelling coffee as I wake up naked in the white linen sheets of the bed. My body is still glowing, still feeling the residual after effects of many orgasms and yes, I feel the pressure of the butt plug deep in my ass, already starting to give me my next sexual thrills of the day. It is in this warm sensual luxury I open my eyes and see Alison, the giver of all my sexual highs las... Continue»
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Forbidden fruit pt 2 her mother’s daughter

Veronica and Chris had been having sex more and more regular, the risk of getting caught was exciting, Chris had popped around to see Veronica’s husband one evening and he had invited him to stay for tea, Chris duly accepted. As they sat in the living room Veronica said she was going to do the washing up and leave us 2 men to chat, I did offer to help but she said it would be ok, after a few moments I decided to go and offer again and walked into the kitchen “mmmmm nothing like seeing a woman in water” and laughed “will you behave, it’s not possible” as I laughed and got behind her and held he... Continue»
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Her First Time For Cock

Excited, but nervous, I knock on the door of the hotel room. You answer the door in a red silk bathrobe. "Hi. It's nice to finally meet you," I say, and look past you into the room for your significant other. I hear the shower running in the bathroom and figure you may have already had some fun.

"Hello cutie. We hope you are ready for this. Come on in," you say to me.

As I walk past you I take in a deep breadth and can smell some sweet scent you are wearing and can smell your skin faintly below it. I look around and see the bed is already ruffled up a little and almost instantly start ge... Continue»
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She Stole My Wife Ch. 05

Part 5: Kim's Change Of Life, And An End To The Story.

Andrea and Kim argued. Frequently. Kim became very emotional. She got nauseous at cooking odors, especially when Andrea cooked. She wasn't looking her normal self, and Andrea became frustrated that she didn't want to make love nearly as often as before the divorce party. I pissed off Andrea when I announced that I had bought a house down by the water, and would be moving out over the next month. Things weren't turning out as she had planned. My star was rising, Kim's was not. Women were coming to me at a rate that allowed me to b... Continue»
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Katilette/Mommytard Sexual Awakening Chapter 2

Katilette/Colette Erotica Chapter 2

The Next Day : after what Carlie had told Colette is driving doing daily errands but suddenly calls Monica the Shayloss Trainer for an impromptu workout session around noon maybe this will relive the sexual conflict she's been feeling inside since that phone conversation

Colette :Hey Monica I'm driving finishing errands are you busy with a client? I need to blow off some steam…

Monica: No its empty here at the gym come down girl!!

Colette: Great thanks ill see you in a few…

Monica: Colette you okay ? you sound kind of out of it.

Colette: Ye... Continue»
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She Stole My Wife Ch. 04

Jimmy is back, better than ever.

Part 4 Jimmy Breaks Free

I slept well that night, and awoke Monday morning with my mind still in overdrive. I took the day off from school, and spent the day writing, recording, and sending finished material to a friend in the licensing and publishing business. Shortly after lunch, my fax machine rang, and went through the familiar start up sounds. My cell phone rang immediately as well. It was my friend.

The fax printed out a contract and all the needed paperwork to get my work licensed and copyrighted. I had sent 3 finished songs, and s... Continue»
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Alice Whitby was the city’s librarian and archivist. She mainly took care of the small lending library which was attached to City Hall. She had an assistant but she did most of the work. When needed she did some filing in the archives of the city which were in the same building. On Sunday, she was the church organist. Although Alice was very busy, she was not well-known in the small city where everybody knew everybody else. She was in her late 40s and was probably born in Belleville but nobody remembered. She was a spinster and kept to herself. Her curly auburn hair... Continue»
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First Lady pt2

Audrey spoke, "How old are you my baby?"
I stuttered, " 14 just before Christmas," she allowed her tongue to run across her cherry red lips, " How wonderful! You know I'm 56yo?" I shook my head, " Yes really I am more than 40 years your senior, oh my God that sounds ancient!"
" You don't look it," I answered truthfully, feeling her fingers gliding over the front of my knickers, "Oh you are almost as big a flatterer as your friend David!" She laughed loudly, " Come here, kiss me," instinctively I tried to pull away but her hand caught my arm and pulled me to her, our lips came together
... Continue»
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Fiona S.

Fiona S. was a good friend of mine. We would meet up in the pubs and clubs around town and, usually, get bladdered together. She was 11 years younger than me and almost a foot taller. She was definitely a BBW! She also had an unfortunate reputation for being an easy lay, a reputation that was not totally undeserved, even I had had to step around her outside the pub whilst she was giving some guy or other a blow-job or wank.
On this night back in July,1994, I was 33yo, Fiona S. 22yo. We had been to a hen-party for our mate Rachel, and to not put too fine a point on it ...we were well pi
... Continue»
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First Lady pt1

It was a fresh but bright, late September evening when my "boyfriend", Dave, picked me up outside my house, I had told my mum I was going to do some refer work with Dave's daughter for a school project, (an excuse, once again provided by the devious mind of Dave), "I'll have her home by 10," he called to my mum as she waved me off.
We drove for around fifteen minutes before pulling up outside a large detached property. The area was one that I didn't know at all. " Come on sunshine," said Dave, "want you to meet a new friend of mine," his words sent a shiver down my spine as I remembered
... Continue»
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