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Mom's Horse Hunger Part 6


“Where are you two going?” Alice asked as Patti and Betsy bounded down the stairs.

Patti giggled and gave her mother a secret smile. “Out to the barn and see Tiny and Blazer before we leave for the horse show.”

“We won’t be long,” Betsy gushed, her face flushed with excitement. “I just want to see the winner of the show.” She avoided Alice’s gaze, believing Patti’s mother would be able to tell what they had done upstairs.

“There’s plenty of time,” Alice said. She looked at her daughter, then at Betsy. She had heard the moans and knew what would probably happen in the ... Continue»
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Tess Brown a 37yrs business woman is seated at a table of men both partners and clients. She is in our town to represent her company. The look on her face tells it all a look of doom. Over the last two days she had talked herself blue but it wasn't looking good. As she got up to go to the restroom Kat my wife heads that way too. In side Kat says It may not be my business but you look like it's not going to well for you. Tess look that Kat and said it ant! Mine if I help a little? But how or why would you help me? Well honey lets just say women need to stick together now first come h... Continue»
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Fuckbuddy #3: Slutty BBW Mom

Kathy was always one of my best fuckbuddies, because she had tried everything before I showed up, and was willing to do anything again on my command. She was quite a few years older than me and I was out of her league in the looks department, but those are always my favorites, since they will go above and beyond to please an adonis.

We met on the internet and I was at her house in no time. She was a BBW, which I never had a problem with, and about 20 years older than me. It was clear that she felt intimidated by a man of my appearance showing up to fuck her, but I threw caution to the wind ... Continue»
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A night with the Dancer

The wife and k**s travelled to an unnamed resort in Central Florida a few years ago because one of the k**s was performing there with her dance troupe. Typical f****y fun, but after the performance we bumped into one of the dance teachers as we were leaving for the day. We invited her to join us as she was by herself and didn’t want to do rides by herself. I love rides but the wife really doesn’t like them very much.

We were having a great day. It was nice to have the company of a really nice person, that also was pure eye candy. At 24, Kayla was a newly graduated from college, blonde hair... Continue»
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BtVS: With Love And A Hippo

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: With Love And A Hippo

So they're in Cleveland, and have just had the most mind-blowing sex ever, having more or less fucked out each other's brains, and pretty much the only thing Dawn is able to say at that point was, "Guh."

But Faith pulled on a shirt and reached for her underwear and looked at Dawn and asked, "So when do you leave for Europe?"

And suddenly Dawn's world comes crashing back down to the ground. "This afternoon," Dawn said. "You know, I'm sure we could manage some way or other to smuggle you out of the country if you wanted to co... Continue»
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BtVS: Want, Take, Have

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Want, Take, Have

***** missing scene from the episode, "This Year's Girl", Season 5 *****

The blonde awoke with a start. Her skin shimmered with a thin sheath of perspiration from the thick and humid California night air. Restless dreams clouded her brain while Egyptian cotton sheets tangled around her tanned and toned limbs. She narrowed her eyes, staring into the dark corners of her room. The pale moonlight streamed through the glass panes, moonbeams like icy fingers spread across the feather comforter.

"Who's there?" she rasped into the darkn... Continue»
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My Gay Clubs Private Suck Off Contest

It was a somewhat long and widely almost horseshoe shaped semi circle line that contained s*******n different men either bare ass naked or with full frontal open fly cock exposure that special Friday nite last Dec. 24th. Yes it was the finals of our Private Gay Clubs BEST 2004 COCKSUCKER OF THE YEAR CONTEST. Just like each of the 11 preliminary monthly contests held before it, the rules of engagement were quite simple. Kneel, kiss, lick, stroke and suck each new Cock until it WILDLY BEGAN TO EJACULATE!

Like myself, the other finalist was also another Sexy She Bitch Sissy who called ... Continue»
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Satisfying two women was a true test in my stamina, especially when I sometimes saw them both in the course of a single day. Both enjoyed long leisurely fucks and they were seldom quick passionate quikies. Despite the physical exertion I was loving the whole affair. Sure I had no real social life beyond Kate and Sandy and other friends were frequently brushed aside when I was summoned to endevous with one or the other. The moment I heard either voice on the phone it made my cock twitch.
Kate wanted to take me away for a weekend. Just the two of us. She knew where there was a nudist colony w... Continue»
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The Black Dress

Sylvia had bought a really nice black dress to wear for a very fancy party that she had no choice but to attend. Sylvia wanted to try the dress on again, and make sure she had just the right lingerie to go with it. After paying a great deal for the dress Sylvia realized her only black bra looked pretty tacky under the dress, and it felt uncomfortably tight as well.

Rather than take a chance at feeling uncomfortable and self conscious all evening she returned to the mall to buy a bra that fit properly. Sylvia picked out a couple of bras, and took them into the dressing room to try them on. ... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 8

The smell of sausages cooking stoked Joyce's senses into coming to life. She looked around and saw Robbie working at the barbecue, Sylvia lying on a sunbed, dosing, and just coming through the kitchen door was a very embarrassed looking Steve. She didn't know how long she had been asl**p, but she felt better for it. Her mind was slightly clearer but something's were still fuddled. Her dream was still cloudy, but she was sure their were issues to resolve she felt she wasn't well enough to face right at that moment. Like Steve, for instance.

She must have turned over onto her back, because ... Continue»
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This Time Three Is Not A Crowd

My friend, Lilly, is staying with us while she recovers from a bad breakup. She has long blonde hair, smaller breasts than mine, and a much smaller waist. I am not jealous that she might steal you away. You find her shallow and boring, so I am not worried. But she does want you.

At first I told her, no, straight out. I don’t share. But her idea intrigued me. You have been good to me lately, so maybe you deserve to be rewarded. Hmmm. Definitely something to think about.

Later that week, you are lying in bed, stroking your hard cock, waiting for me to come out of the bathroom. “Trevor?” I ... Continue»
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New Bra (conclusion)

By evening time I was to say the least exhausted, my breasts were red, my nipples ached as for my pussy well the lips were swollen and my clit was huge and a redish blue from the sucking Sally had given it, I slid slowly from the bed and looked down at Sally laying there on wet sheets hoping she was asl**p but no smillng up at me, she put her hand out and took hold of mine, no I thought surly I cant take anymore but Sally it seemed didnt know the word cant, I laid back down again and felt her warm breasts push hard against mine er nipples firm and as they toucheda hiver of dewlight went throug... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 7

"Pour some wine Joyce I'm gagging here girl"

As if by autopilot, Joyce opened the screw top bottle of very chilled white wine and poured two glasses.

"Arrrggghh. That's better" said Sylvia as she took a long gulp of the refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. "Been looking forward to that"

Joyce sipped her drink and watched her friend finish off drying her hair.

"So...what have you been up to today....anything exciting. You shipped a nice well hung black stud in while I've been working...eh Joyce babe....hehehehe."

Sylvia lived for sex. It filled her mind incessantly, and she never tired... Continue»
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Sonja at the kama sutra convention

I've had some contact with Sonja again after our adventure (see http://nl.xhamster.com/user/volleballen77/posts/204625.html) and I even had seen her at other nympho-nights but nothing more then that, the contact consisted of short but horny texts but at some point the moments in between got longer and longer. I found it unfortunate but knew that I couldn't get any again at one of the next nympho-nights, I was lucky the first time and sexting didn't go as smooth as it should, but luckily I knew that Sonja would be at the kama sutra convention with Roxy and Robin. I also knew that they ha... Continue»
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BtVS: Need

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Need

Faith quietly shut the door of the hotel room. They were momentarily staying at Angel's while they decided their next move after the destruction of Sunnydale.

She was finishing a pizza and watching some old sitcom when Buffy called her.

"Faith, it's me. Come to my room," with that, Buffy hung up.

Faith was confused, but she headed there anyway.

Now, she caught Buffy's eyes; the blonde sitting on the edge of the bed.

No words needed to be said. Faith had never seen that look before; pleading, and something else... something Faith kn... Continue»
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Fucking My Gf's Best Friend As She Watched (T

Well most of you who are friends with me on here know I have been wanting to fuck my girlfriend Sarah's best friend Jessica for awhile now and last night I finally did. You all wanted a story about it so here you go. Enjoy.

It was no secret to my girlfriend Sarah that I wanted to badly fuck her best friend Jessica because well if you just look at her you will understand why. Jess is a sweetheart but also has a wild side and is unbelievably sexy. Sarah who has watched... Continue»
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Pink Flowers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Pink Flowers

"You're such a pain!"

"You're so bossy!"

The two girls spoke at once, unwilling to let each other be heard. Then all at once they fell silent.

"Do you think… are we s*sters?"

"Yes! I think so! I knew I sensed something between us!" Willow replied to Tara, excitedly, and gave the girl a hug.

The hug was nice, but in a slightly uncomfortable way, somehow. It was very unnerving to have no memory of anything but the last five minutes. They only knew their own names from their driver's licenses!

The two girls crouching by th... Continue»
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Erin and Megan

Tom's cock was rock hard and throbbing as he drove his step daughter across town. She was wearing a little white crop top without a bra and her puffy nipples were protruding out against the thin material. Earlier when they were putting her things in the car, he had seen her small pointed tits and her light brown puffy nipples. Her scoop neckline had fell open as she leaned over putting her bag in the car. Her small white shorts clung revealingly to her tantalizing young body. Showing her camel toe in the front and just the bottom of the firm, tight cheeks of her ass peeked out in the back.

... Continue»
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Games That Grown-ups – Part 5

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups – Part 5

After a hard week there was nothing like relaxing in the hot tub in the back yard, thought Joyce Summers. The warm water frothed and fizzled, the bubbles forming and popping in a continual effervescent surge, each one making a tiny, but important, contribution to the feeling of relaxation flowing through her. The MILF lay back, resting her neck in the headrest in the corner, closing her eyes to the coming dusk and letting the steam envelope her, cleaning her pores and relaxing her aching muscles. After another week runnin... Continue»
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Fuck Buddies

I was making a new start after breaking up with my boyfriend. I didn't mind that I had to work midnight's as I knew that all the newbies started there. Besides, moving into a new duplex was easier with my days. I was setting up my patio furniture when my new neighbor
Emily and her little two year old Emma appeared to ask if I need any help. Emily was wearing a white string bikini that highlighted her golden tan and displayed a perfect body that any girl would envy. Cute little Emma was wearing a matching outfit. I told her that I was almost done and she invited me over for a glass of wine t... Continue»
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