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The Bartender

My fantasy from the other day … It’s still burning in my mind. So much so that I dreamed about it last night.

I was sitting at the bar on the Gulf Coast watching the rain splash the water waiting for you to show up. Not only was it the end of the tourist season but also bad weather seems to keep people indoors … if you can call sprinkling rain “bad weather.”

I can say that sex was the last thing on my mind when I parked myself at the corner of the bar. I was wearing a wife beater, a bikini, and a long gray skirt – totally ready for the beach and not a hookup even though I knew you would ... Continue»
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Factory Lovin' Fun

Factory Lovin' Fun. ( By Fanny Sleekin...... ha ha )

I very recently started work in a factory on the edge of town, where they make underwear for teenagers mostly. In my department were two girls who were obviously lesbians, I found myself being strangely attracted to them. One was a bit butch called Jenni, but she still looked pretty, and the other was very casual in her appearance, named Emma, slightly more rugged looking, I was to later find out that they were an item.

I got to talk to them a lot over the coming weeks, they were ever so friendly as they showed me the ropes, lit... Continue»
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Hampsted Village Part 4

Chapter 15
Across the street from the pre-founder’s day party behind the huge white pillars of the Winthrop-Miles estate, young Scarlett’s tongue and jaw ached after hours spent discovering the pleasures of another woman with Cass Tucker. She started off the day in a carload of friends bound for a day of shopping downtown, but after she wandered into Cass’s dress shop the outside world faded away. Cass knew she had a keeper the moment she saw the well endowed redhead crossing the street in front of her store. Once Cass got her into her private fitting room she was pleasantly surprised at h... Continue»
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babysitter p.t.2

When my eyes opened the next day I was slightly disorientated, not quite knowing where I was. I quickly realized I was naked, lying on a couch, covered by a light sheet, but not sure how , where or why. Then the events of the previous night came flooding back and I sat up with a slight gasp, the sheets falling away from my ripe, firm breasts, and I hastily pulled the sheet back up again and looked around. The room was deserted, but I could hear movement and the light noise of plates and dishes being moved coming from the adjoining Kitchen, God, was it Francine or Jeremy, I thought in mild pani... Continue»
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A Secret For Some

There I was, heading to my errands for the evening...It was the same ol' night, after night, after night, after night...I was bored of the same ol'. That night I had my music blasting as usual, as I pulled up to my destination and parked. I caught a younger buxom staring at me that night from the corners of my eyes, her stare heavy with the eyes of judgement...ready to drop her strap on me like a gavel, if she had either strap on, or gavel on her...and pass her judgement on me...only in my fantasies..if she could dare say anything to me, as a dickslap with words...to turn my audio down. I woul... Continue»
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Joining my Lesbian Step-D For Fub

Lesbian step is at it with a former teacher and you walk in. Now what?!?! Read the story and you might just find out!


Liz is 8 years younger than I am. I married her mother, when I was 26 and April was 35. April and Liz had assured me everything would be fine for any number of reasons, the first of which was, Liz would be moving to California and living with her father and going to college there within a month of me marrying her mother and secondly, Liz had a girlfriend of her own!

April and Liz were very open about sex and sexuality. I mean, April and her e... Continue»
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babysitter pt.1.

this story is based on actual real-life events that happened to un-named subjects

I can't ever remember receiving pocket money. Both Mom and Dad firmly believed that there should always be an equitable exchange where money was concerned, so from a very early age we had to do small tasks around the house to earn any money that came our way - well, except for the occasional birthday gift of money when we got to those ages where it seemed impossible to find suitable presents.

When my b*****r and I got to our early teens, it was therefore a natural progression to start looking outside fo... Continue»
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Teachers involvement

A story very loosely based on an experience I once had at school, which involved my geography teacher, head mistress, and the assistant deputy head master.

My name is Catherine, I had just entered my teens, and was about to take my geography test, when I went down with the flu, so on returning to school, I had to take the exam on my own in the supply room behind the class.

Now I always had a crush on my geography teacher Mr Harper, as I had a thing for older and more mature men, a sort of father figure you might say, and secretly I'm sure he fancied me, as I often caught him looki... Continue»
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Punishing a naughty husband

I had suspected my hubby had been a naughty boy. We had been swinging for years and had a lot of fun. A lot of filthy dirty fun.
But we had one golden rule, we only played together. But I had seen his most recent visa bill and there was a charge for a hotel in Shawhead,several miles from home,that we hadnt used,and also a charge for Ann Summers. And Mork ( not real name obviously ) hadn't bought me sexy underwear in years.
So he must have had a meet without me. I wasn't at all upset, I mean I had looked at him fuck many women over the years, but he should have asked. Was it Marge I wonderd, ... Continue»
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The Shower Room

I sat on the edge of the pool, the lanes were marked with dark blue
linesand the water sparkled a cerulean blue. The water was clear and cool
and I sank down into the pool at the deeper end, treading water to stay
afloat. My bathing suit hugged me in all the right places, and though I
was not fit and slim, I knew I looked good. The months of doing laps here
at this pool was paying off. I arched my back as I dove beneath the water,
my eyes open and aware. I glided along the floor of the pool and slowly
swam to the surface. I began my back and forth motion of doing laps. First
... Continue»
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Gym Story Interlude

Whilst my little bitch recovers so he can tell you what happened next I thought I could tell you about my first experience with another girl and how it resulted from hot man on man fucking.

I had been at Uni for about two months and was sharing an apartment with Kate. Well actually it was a small granny flat in the garden of her wealthy parents. Kate was very athletic with dark brown hair and pert little breasts. I was single, but Kate had a long term boyfriend Mike she had been with since she was at school
One Thursday I came home to find Kate in tears. I eventually got out of her th... Continue»
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Called To The Office

I was very nervous as I waited outside the principal's office. It was like
being back in school myself. My name is Laurel Hennessey and I was
thirty-one years old that cold November afternoon. I'd been summoned to school
because my son, Jeff, had gotten into a fight and was going to be suspended,
or possibly expelled.
I sat there wishing, for the ten-thousandth time, that my husband, James,
hadn't gotten himself killed in a stupid accident while driving d***k. I
wished I was younger and prettier and had a husband to help me. I'd looked at
myself in the mirror before leavin
... Continue»
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Lesbian mother in law, (5) taken from behind

Part 5 of a series. The order is at the end of this story.
I had been sl**ping with my partners mother for a few months and I was loving sex with both. Adam had a big cock, and his mam Eve could lick me to orgasm better than any man I had ever slept with. And she also had a good collection of toys when either of us wanted penetration.I had recently found out that Eve had started sl**ping with her ex husband Joe. She said he could give her something I couldn't. I bet that something was between his legs.
Eve and I had been taking part in a local production of a play, and we had become the star... Continue»
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Addicted to My Ex-Wife Ch. 02

Ex-wife, her divorce lawyer and a promise.

"You remember Francine?" my ex-wife Denise asked as she ushered her divorce lawyer past me and into my house. What an unpleasant surprise!

"How could I forget?" I asked in reply. Francine smirked and I grit my teeth.

She was a tall thin brunette that might have been pretty if everything about her didn't scream 'uptight bitch'. She had her hair in a bun of all things and always wore conservative suits. He glasses weren't overly attractive, but added to her businesslike persona.

"We finally settled my divorce from Bob an hour ago," my... Continue»
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Malcolm, and his big cock

Malcolm and the biggie

I was 19, and working for a UK Telecoms giant. A colleague, Michele, had been given a huge promotion, and with it a budget
to fund a leaving do of biblical proportions.

Yes, a very nice big package, but more of that later.

We were assembled in The Malthouse in central Birmingham, by the canals, the pub where Bill Clinton once had a pint, if you're

It was not later than 10 pm, but we'd been there for four or five hours (of free booze) by then, and most of us were hammered.

I was wearing a Chinese style dress, the sort with a mandarin co... Continue»
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The tale of Tina; ( the cleana )

In my early teens, I used to like to treat myself to all the latest things that a young girl could possibly buy. However; this required cash, a commodity that I never ever seemed to have enough of. So I looked in the local newspaper for a weekend part time job, as my full time one was just not paying enough to keep me in all the trappings that I was accustomed to. The employment situation in my area was dire, all I could find that was remotely suitable, was for a cleaner, up at the old mansion house....so I reluctantly applied for it.

After the interview it transpired that I was the one ... Continue»
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Knitting Mania

The woman sat in the overstuffed chair nestled in the corner
between two shelves of books. Her needles clicked! clacked! in the silence
in the deserted library. No one browsed these books. They were collectors
editions with beautiful leather-bound casings embossed with gold foil
titles. The smell of the libary, musty, dusty, and always a bit sensual to
Mollie. The smell of books, the smell of language, the smell of words
became to her the smell of lust. Click! Clack! Click! Clack! her needles
nicked one as the other nicked back. She jokingly said to her f****y and
... Continue»
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Summer's Fantasies

My name is Summer. I am in my early 30's, single with brown curly hair and
curves in all the right places. I am not a rail thin model type, but I
blessed as I am with an ample chest and I still turn heads whenever I show
off some cleavage or wear a bathing suit. I guess I would say I've got a
girl next door look. I'm not glamorous, but I'm still easy on the
eyes. Publicly if you were one of my friends or worked with me you would
think I'm pretty conservative. I drink occasionally, but at work outings I
never get d***k and out of control. I date occasionally and sometimes stay
with a gu... Continue»
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The Event (A treat for Misty) Part II

A continuation from The Event: Part I

Much to my dismay, the jerk who had been clinging onto Misty returned. After Misty's brief but affectionate kiss and our brief flirtations, I had hoped to get better acquainted with this fiery, freckled redhead.

Misty had on a form-fitting tank top which defined her full breasts nicely and which gave just a hint of her nipples. She also wore a knee-length loose skirt that billowed just enough to gently sway as her hips moved when she walked. I imagined it like a slight breeze that caused her skirt to gracefully swish and sway. She also wore just... Continue»
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118. Avril and Jon another visit

My friend Carol called one day and asked if Jon and I were going to visit soon as she had a surprise for us. I told her we could and a couple of days later found us knocking at her door.
Carol greeted me with a nice warm, passionate kiss, and then kissed Jon as well. After a while and some small talk and drinks, Carol went off to make a phone call. About ten minutes later a knock at the door told us her surprise may have arrived. When Carol came back from answering the door, trailing behind her was a black couple. I stared at the woman and her mas... Continue»
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