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Kate and Amy in the Shower


That night, Kate and Amy slept in embrace with one another. They awoke the next morning with arms and legs wrapped around one another, two young beautiful girls who love each other as friends. The juices from their wet pussies had permeated the material of their panties and the smell now filled the air of Kate’s small bedroom.

Amy leaned in and kissed Kate on the cheek, while her hand explored over to Kate’s right nipple. She played with it only briefly and it became almost instantly hard. Kate smiled and began to also play with one of A... Continue»
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picnic fun

The picnic
It was a hot and humid day, Lacy awoke to the AC going full and it was only 7 am.
I am laying here, naked and coolness of the air seem tease my skin. I listen to the local news and weather and it was going to be another three Hs, hot humid and hazy. This isnt a day for sitting in the office. A quick call to the Boss and after a call back I am on a three day weekend.
Its late June, and it summer weather so why not summer fun. But with my coffee in my hand I curl up in the big double recliner, I make my body feel the excitement and stir up some sexual heat. Close at hand are my ... Continue»
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my life part 1

hey there ladies and gentleman my name is jessica and this isn't going to be your average 3rd person story, i'm going to be describing everything to you in 1st person including myself of course. my story or life i should say starts out with me a 17 year old girl tall and curvy moving all the way from my house here in Toronto Canada all the way to tokyo japan halfway across the world. i'm not really a very sexual girl sure i've had boyfriends kissed made out but i'm still a virgin. I finally arrived here with my f****y my mom and dad who both go to lots of business related meetings so i hav... Continue»
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71 Avis, punished by hubby for a little lesbian fu

71 Avis, punished by hubby for a little lesbian fun
This story came to me from an American couple. They promise me its 100% true, only the names have been changed to preserve their anominity.
It`s her story and started when she had gone out shopping at a local department store

After wandering around a bit, I thought I saw an old friend of mine pass into another isle. I quickly moved in her direction and came up behind her as she walked down the aisle. I wasn't sure if it was my friend, but I soon found out it was when she turned slightly towards the counter. Moving slowly I inched m... Continue»
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A Dream Come True

Another awards show and another backstage party. The party goers were having a great time, mingling and chatting up each other. The winners were all being congratulated and over in the corner, two A-listers were talking to one another. Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston were making small talk when Jennifer asked Taylor where her friend Selena Gomez was. Taylor told her she was around someplace. Then Taylor looked at Jennifer and said, “You know Jen, I have to tell you something about Selena but you need to promise me you won’t repeat it to anyone.” The older actress was curious and said, ... Continue»
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Harry Potter Ginny Weasley and Cho Chang

The two witches practically pounced on the wizard. Cho’s lips found Harry’s mouth in a hungry kiss as the Rider tore her workout pants from her lower half. Cho wasted no time in guiding the mage’s prick to her slick opening. While Cho was a virgin she did not have a hymen given how much time she spent on a broomstick recently. The Ravenclaw slid her tight snatch down around Harry’s dick with one fast move of her hips.

“Ugh…you’re so bl**dy big, Harry,” Cho gasped.

Suddenly a vial of potions appeared floating in the air above Ginny and Cho. Glowing letters instructed the witches to ... Continue»
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Harry Potter Hermione Granger and Nymphadora Tonks

Harry lay naked on Nymphadora’s bed waiting for a very special present the Hufflepuff had promised him. A partial sense damping charm did not allow the wizard to see, hear, or smell. The mage could of course reach out with his magic but chose not to spoil the surprise. Suddenly Harry felt something warm and soft slide around the tip of his prick.

The sense dampening charm was dispelled and Harry did not quite understand what he was seeing at first. A gorgeous witch crouched over his erect prick held in Tonks’ grasp. The crouching witch had brown hair and looked like a younger version of E... Continue»
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I was so ecstatic when I finally made the cheer team. The captain, Natalie, called me personally to congratulate me and invite me to the first cheer party of the season. Natalie was the only girl on the team I knew, so I was excited to meet some of the other girls.

The party was on a Friday night at Natalie's house. When I showed up, Nat greeted me with a huge hug and showed me around her house since I was the first one there. It was amazing. I'd never visited her house before because her dad was always working at home and hated being interrupted. It was awesome finally seeing it all. There... Continue»
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Fun in the Gym [Story of a Friends Experience]

I saw her again at the gym. The girl with the perfectly toned body that still had plenty to lust over. Of course, she wore those short shorts again. The ones that clung to her body as she worked up a sweat. I could hardly take my eyes off her.

I tried to discreetly follow her around so I could keep watching. I was never sure if she noticed, until today. She was running on the treadmill, after finishing an intense workout. Her sporty top was already soaked, her nipples clearly showing as her perfect breasts bounced through her run.

I couldn't help but gawk. It actually helped keep my mind... Continue»
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It was MONDAY morning and TJ Toms a 34yrs. mother of two was just getting to work unlocking the front door when from behind a woman grab her. TJ yells in shock only to be slapped across the back of her head. Stunned she feels a gun barrel at her ear. OK SHUT THE FUCK YOU BITCH OR I WILL HURT YOU GOT IT? TJ nods her head and they go inside. GO OPEN THE SAFE! TJ walks to her desk there to the mangers desk getting two sets of keys and opens the safe. Pushing TJ inside the woman fills a bag with $100 dollar bills once done she grab TJ behind the head and leads her to a car out back. GET IN... Continue»
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A new relationship

My name is Polly, I'm 23. This story is based on my diaries and memories from when I was 16.

My father died when I was 7 and Mum remarried when I was 12. I got on very well with Mum's new husband and his daughter Sarah, who was three years older than me. Neither of us had any other siblings.

When I was a little over 16 my Mum got a part time job and one Thursday, as was usual, the house was empty when I got home from school. I got myself a drink and took it to my bedroom. I had my own TV and started to watch a quiz program. It wasn't long though before my hand wandered up my skirt ... Continue»
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A wild night out

A wild night out

Words by PornLovingChick, gifs by RuffianX

I woke up with my fingertips in my mouth, my dreams still in my head, my memories hazily drifting in from the night before.

I closed my eyes again, afraid of losing the moment, while I licked and sucked on my fingers and began to piece together the fragments from the night before

My whole body seemed to be trembling slightly. Although I had slept, I still felt excited, my breathing fast and light. I began to notice the delic... Continue»
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Sue My Cum Loving Wife 3

"Please let me see the other photos you have Sue!!" I begged. " I am so ready to cum, you have me so fucking excited."

"But I have not even touched your cock yet babe." Sue replied licking her sexy lips looking at my cock.

"I want to see the photos of you and the boy Sue"

"That really turns you on, doesn't it?" She said excitedly. " Just promise the nothing will change the way you love me and I will show you the photos of Kate and I with the boys."

"You know nothing will ever change that Sue." I said right before she leaned over and kissed me..

I was watching her cute little as... Continue»
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She Stole My Wife Ch. 03 (Turnabout)

Turnabout is fair play.

Kim came home , still dressed in workout clothes and sweaty from a long session. When she realized Andrea was gone and would be out for sometime, she stepped into my room.

"So, you fucked Karen, didn't you?"

"Yes I did."

"I didn't think you had it in you."

"You were wrong."

"Andy tells me you always had a high sex drive, how did you manage without? A little internet porn? Spend all night in here alone jerking off? Feel like less of a man, losing your woman?"

I didn't respond. She didn't deserve it.

"Enjoy your little peephole?"

So she ... Continue»
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Black Widow rises, while another falls between her

This is a continuation Black Widow submits to S.H.I.E.L.D

Location: The Mercer Hotel, SoHo, New York.

Lat: 38N 53' 33.78" Long: 77S 3' 38.91"

"Nothing's been the same since New York," gasped Natasha Romanoff, shuddering as the firm hand met its target once more.

"Well that's literally the understatement of this century." Maria Hill replied coldly, her calm drawl noticeably clipped, at least while her breathing settled:

"You've proven to be quite an asset."

The brunette continued to circle her target... Continue»
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Kate and Amy


Kate and Amy were best friends growing up. They were two normal girls who did everything together. Kate was the quiet one and Amy the loud one. Kate was reserved and conservative, Amy was outgoing and wild. In high school Amy had the pick of any boy she wanted, she was tall, blonde and beautiful whereas Kate was short, brunette and kind of plain. Kate wore glasses and her f****y was not very well off while Amy had it all. Despite their differences they were inseparable.

Amy went through boyfriend after boyfriend. Kate didn’t have a real boyfriend until her junior... Continue»
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She Stole My Wife Ch. 02 (Rock Bottom)

Jimmy hits rock bottom, but rebounds!

Part 2 The Divorce Party

The week was uneventful, except that Kim was actually nice to me. I don't know if she had softened because I had agreed to the party, as difficult as that would be for me, or because Andrea had talked her into it. They were considerate and quiet about their lovemaking, although that was a ruckus I actually missed. Friday came too quickly. I stopped at my attorney's to sign my papers at lunch. After school I went into the city for a gig at a high class hotel. It was a wedding reception, and I played with a big b... Continue»
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Night Out

‘Not bad at all’ thought Kim looking at herself in the mirror. Looking back at her was a figure dressed in lingerie, red and black basque framing her boobs and a pair of thin satin panties.

‘Better not be cold’ though she thought smiling to herself ‘Don’t want the shivers, this could be interesting.’

Dressing herself in a pair of jeans and top and applying her makeup, she glanced at her watch.

‘He’s late, bet he’s chickened out’ was just out of her mouth as she heard a car pull up outside.

‘Showtime’ Moving downstairs, she went out to the car to meet who was taking her to the club... Continue»
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ma fille Leïla et moi (marocaine) partie 1

Histoire vraie.

Comme vous le savez, j'ai 4 enfants deux garçons et 2 filles.

L'aînée de me mes filles se prénomme Leïla et elle vient d'avoir 18 ans. Elle mesure 1,68m et pèse 54kg. Ma fille Leïla a déjà une belle poitrine en effet elle fait du 95d. Elle a la peau mate, de long cheveux noirs, de grands yeux verts ( merci a mon mari) et chausse du 38.
Elle a de très belles fesses bien rondes,de superbes jambes et une petite chatte magnifique( c'est moi qui épile mes filles). Ma fille Leïla est encore vierge et c'est tant mieux.

Comme vous le savez aussi je pense, nous vivons tous... Continue»
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Sue My Cum Loving Wife 2

My cock was twitching around covered with precum as Sue told me in detail about her first sexual encounter with her best friend Kate. They were still bet friends and Kate was in our circle of friends. I knew Kate and finding out her and my wife were young lovers and still were lovers had my mind and cock racing. Hell, I even knew Kate's mom Mary who at 53 was still a hot, attractive woman.

"Let me give you some visual aids!" Sue laughed going into our closet. She was in there for awhile then came out and gave me a stack of photos and laid down beside me.

The first several photos were of ... Continue»
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