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My first glimpse of lesbian mom

I have never been someone who falls asl**p quickly or effortlessly. My mind tends to run wind in an aimless, puroposeless, free-for-all. Nothing is sought and nothing is resolved. It has always been that way, as far back as I can remember. I am still just in my late teens, so it's not that far back that I must remember - and it was certainly still the case a few short years ago. All of that is simply a roundabout way of telling you why I'd be out of bed at 11:30 on a school night.
I live at home with my older s****r, Sara, and my mom, Janice. It has been just the three of us ... Continue»
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In the coffee shop

I've been chatting online for a couple of days to a beautiful girl, let's call her "Steph". From the first time I chatted with her I knew that she was a gorgeous, sexy girl like me and there was a massive instant attraction for me. Chatting and sharing naughty pics and videos was so horny and I know she loved it too. What made it doubly sexy was that she was married but I was her secret when he was out at work.

One day, we decided to meet up for a coffee. My body was tingling with anticipation all the way to the coffee shop...if her photos were true, I was in for a re... Continue»
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Pussy licking in the lingerie cubicle

Amy shops for some sexy new underwear, and finds a delightful salesgirl that provides full customer satisfaction


Lingerie shop changing room

It was an unseasonably warm spring day as Amy drove towards the shopping Mall. She smiled to herself feeling the sunshine through the sunroof of her BMW coupe. She was so pleased the warm weather was almost back, mainly because she loved to wear pretty clothes, and that was a no-no in the depths of winter. Its also meant she could indulge in one of her favourite pastimes. Going out in public wearing a short shirt and no... Continue»
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birthday present

at the end of a boozed up birthday my partner and her friend headed back to my flat for a cpl more drinks but my partner had too much so ended up falling asl**p on the living room floor so her friend an i carried the party on we where up dancing n just enjoying things as they went along so i went too the toilet and came back too find her friend on the couch with her legs open and black lacey panties on show i knew myself she was teasing me and wanted me too react but my partner lying on the floor put me off incase she had woken up while at it but her friend then lay back and started too rub he... Continue»
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The Babysitter Ch. 02

Carol paced the kitchen nervously, fidgeting with her coffee cup. The last two weeks had been a roller coaster of feelings and emotions. Her initial reaction was to put what happened with Lisa behind her, find another babysitter for the summer and get things back to normal. After all, Lisa was half her age, and a girl at that. Carol had never considered herself bisexual. Sure, in the past she had entertained fantasies of being with another woman, but they had been just that. Fantasies. Every woman, or man for that matter, has fantasies from time to time. However, down deep, she knew it wasn&rs... Continue»
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The Babysitter Ch. 01

Carol walked in the door and was instantly attacked by her two c***dren. "Mommy, Mommy," they both cried out, laughing and jumping up for hugs. Billy and Sonya were seven and eight, respectively, and always excited when Carol walked in the door at night. She had been doing the single mom thing since they could barely walk, and the two of them never failed to make her smile.

She looked apprehensively around the house. Summer vacation had started just this week, and to save money, she had taken the c***dren out of after school day care for the summer and hired a baby sitter. Besides... Continue»
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suppose I should tell you a bit about myself, my name is..., well I won't tell you my real name, but there's this girl I like, and I'm sure she won't mind lending me hers, so think of me as Jane. I've been attracted to women since the first time I saw Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, although I'm sure I was born to be with girls. It's ironic that the title of the movie was almost my reason for convincing myself that I was a lesbian, because to me, being with women was my basic instinct. I was only about fifteen at the time, but simply by comparing myself to ot... Continue»
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Maureen Swallows Granddad Ch. 02

Maureen smiled around her grandfather's cock as she bobbed her head up and down the length of him. She lovingly caressed his balls with her hand as she inhaled him deep into her throat. She purposely made obscene slurping noises as she sucked him harder and harder hoping to coax another load of cum out of him. She felt her grandfather stiffen, and in seconds he was erupting in her mouth. Maureen swallowed every last, tasty drop and gave her granddad one last suck for good luck!

"Oh God Maureen, you know how to make an old man feel young again." He told her as he fell back in... Continue»
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Camping with Stepdaughter 15

I had just got a cup of coffee poured and I heard a moan come from the van. I walked over and peered into the door. My two little lovelies were locked into a warm naked embrace. Their hands exploring each others firm bodies. Lesly’s tight behind was facing me. She was straddling Susan’s leg with hers. Susan’s hands were gently caressing Lesly’s back. It was the most sensuous thing that I had ever seen. Susan slid her hand down Lesly’s back and on to her muscular little ass pulling her pussy tighter to her leg. Lesly responded by grinding her pelvis into Susan. Su... Continue»
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Hayden Panettiere wants Kristen Bell NOW!!

It had been a successful season for Heroes, and the series had been renewed for the next season, so Kristen Bell couldn’t figure out why she was so depressed. She watched from the far end of the room as the rest of the cast and crew drank and caroused, or split into small, intimate groups, bragging about past conquests and future plans. Kristen pulled her arm around herself more tightly. She excused the action by telling herself that she was cold, which might have been only a slight exaggeration. Not for the first time, she regretted h... Continue»
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My new client lick my cunt

Im a ther****t, I help poeple work through there problems. My new client is a beautiful redhead woman. She has problems finding the right person for her.
Now when i say she is the most sexy woman i see Im not lieing. she is 27 yrs old. and has a great body.
I was our 5th meeting and i could stop thinking of licking her pussy. I know she was going to be in my office soon, and i found myself rubbing my cunt and squeezing my nipples. I had my pussy so wet i was dripping down my legs. she arrived right before i squirting and i had to stop, which just made me go crazy. she came in my office and... Continue»
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Friends visit

Thought I would share what happened last week-end when John came to visit with his partner C. John phoned to say he was coming to London for a 2 day conference bringing C with him she would shop and sight see while he worked and could they come to visit as C wanted to meet us. John had already explained that C was a great lover but very shy outside their bedroom and of course no idea of what we got up to on his visits.
They arrived on the Friday night and C although not a beauty had a lovely cascade of reddy blonde hair and these beautiful tits I figured about a 34ff and an imediate vision of... Continue»
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There's a message on my answering machine and I know it's from her.

I don't know what it was that made me decide to invite her to come with me. I only knew her through the office and we chatted often enough, maybe once a week, but it was always small talk. We weren't really friends.

The company had organised a reward weekend for its top sales agents and I had originally intended on going alone, having just recently split up with my boyfriend, I thought that it might be the best idea. This year, however, the conference was going to be on a cruise ship, for three days t... Continue»
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Bad Day in Jail

Andrea gagged as Vicki pushed her pussy against her face. "Suck me if you want to breathe." Vicki said above her as she mashed her pussy against Andrea's struggling face.

Andrea had been sent to this prison after being sentenced to 5 years for killing her abusive husband. When he had hit her the last time, she had slammed a knife into his chest, right through his heart.

Andrea had married Mark Sinclair when she was 18, now 10 years later she is being smothered by another woman who wants her to suck on her. Not exactly how she pictured her new life. At 5í8î an... Continue»
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She likes women pt2

As her laughter quieted, I kissed her deeply and slowly, a kiss she returned with fervor. Then I reached around her and turned off the water. "Now?" she asked, almost sounding surprised. "Mmmmmm," I answered, kissing her pert nipples, "as soon as I get you dried off. Can't have you catching cold, you know!" I opened the curtains and grabbed a towel and patted her body dry, while she dried her hair in another towel. Then she rubbed the same towel over me while I dried my hair. No word was said as we touched and inspected one another, although it was clear that... Continue»
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She likes women pt2

Two more weeks passed, and although Sue and I had discussed the date with relish on several occasions, no other mention of sex was made. I knew Sue was getting it a couple of times a week from Jay, so I knew she didn't need sex from me, and she didn't ask for it. Meanwhile, I became obsessed with Susan's body. Once, in the first week after the date, I dawdled in the bathroom until Sue went ahead and peed while I was in the room. The brief glimpse of that red-gold triangle as she wiped between her creamy, freckled thighs, so tantalized me that, as soon as she left the bathroom, I... Continue»
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She likes women

First of all, I call myself a slut, not with shame, but with pride. Webster's defines slut as first, a slovenly girl, second as a promiscuous girl, then as a prostitute and a saucy girl, and finally a minx - which sounds to me like a small furry a****l. I don't know where they get off with slovenly, I mean, I have very high standards of personal cleanliness, and although I am not a neat freak or a slob about my personal surroundings, I am certainly reasonably ordered. I am definitely not a prostitute because then I would have to be much less choosy about who I slept with, and that le... Continue»
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Shop Task

sue stopped outside the pet shop and checked the address on the piece of paper her Mistress had given her. It was the right place ok. She pretended to look at something in the shop window while she steadied her nerves, the mixture of fear and excitement she felt made her stomach churn and she licked her dry lips anxiously. She took a quick look over her shoulder at the people passing by in the street, she hardly ever came to this part of town and she was sure she would not bump into anyone she knew. The pet shop lay in a small narrow alley hidden behind a large shopping mall; it was one of a r... Continue»
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There are moments in one's life when time seems to stand still. The air around you prickles with intensity, electric shocks course through your stock still body and you literally feel your breath catch in your throat, unable to release your pant up emotion. That is exactly what happened to me a few days ago, and I can't help but continue to dwell on it. Somehow, it may seem absurd, but I have never felt like that before and I'm not sure if I'll ever get the privilege of experiencing it again.

I was lounging around house, doing nothing in particular, nothing productive, ... Continue»
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diary pt5

When we were both naked, she ground herself against me, keeping my body prone on the ground with her hands pressed against my chest. She kissed and licked a slick path down my chest, torturing my breasts with her sweet mouth. I needed to touch her but she wouldn't let me. She kept my arms firmly on the ground, pushing against my wrists as her hips moved faster. She was close, I could feel it deep inside. Her thrusting became frantic as she lowered her lips to my ear and began to whimper. This is what kept me up at night. This scene, these sounds, these smells kept sending me over the edge... Continue»
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