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Little Ladyboy Domme

Little Ladyboy Domme
by yutubeslut

If you read my other stories you know I'm intersexed
and I was a ladyboy prostitute when I was um, 1 very 3young.
I don't condone such activities.
They were sick perverts who used me.
True I got a lot of money and expensive gifts but
that doesn't make it right.
They should all be castrated.

This is a story about one of my clients.

Let's call him Mr. submissive.
My sex club supervisor gave me a sheet of paper with all
of Mr Sub's needs and desires.

How do I begin this? It's almost unbelievable.

An expensive hotel room, laminate
... Continue»
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The Step Mom

Don was fifteen when his dad remarried. The woman was so sexy you would think she just walked out of a centerfold. Don could not take his eyes off her. She was so pretty and had great big tits and a sexy round ass with cheeks you want to grab and squeeze. He loved breakfast because she always cooked in a short silk robe and he could tell she was naked underneath. He always imagined what she would look like with the robe off. After breakfast she would lay by the pool and sun bathe in a tiny bikini that almost did not cover her. He took pictures of her from his window in his bedroom on his phone... Continue»
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My Beach Redhead.

So for those who haven't met me before, I'm D and I'm a pretty lucky guy, I'm blessed down there in the trouser department and I don't mind sharing it with any lucky lady who catches my eye.
Also I have money, I own a chain of Gym's and a very nice house near the beach.
And it was at the beach the other day I wanted to tell you about.
Now firstly this isn't any old beach, this is white golden sand, deep blue ocean kind of a beach and it's a nudist beach, yep that's right just junk out, smiles and sunglasses!
So I was strolling down that fine sand, enjoying the view in the afternoon sun, a... Continue»
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Son loves father_2

I looked at the price tag and objected, "Brit, I can't afford these boots."

"Don't worry about it. If I'm going to dress you, I'm going to pay for it. Actually, I'm putting it on my father's credit card, so he's paying for it. Consider it an early Christmas present from me."

I shrugged and followed Britney to the next store, a lingerie store.

She took me back to the fitting room saying, "Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than her lingerie. Choose your lingerie with the man in mind, it's part of the teasing that leads to the pleasing."

I nodded as she handed me an alluring sheer bla... Continue»
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Son loves father_3

"You're...you're...driving me...insane," I stuttered as excitement dripped from my engorged big clit.

Liberally, Daddy coated his fingers with lube from the bottle I had in my purse. "Alex, I want you to know this is going to hurt. But, once the pain subsides I think you'll found it quite enjoyable."

"A girl was made to be penetrated and I so want to be penetrated by you. Just get me really ready first," I replied. My voice was full of excited but mixed emotions.

Daddy slowly fought his middle finger past my sphincter and wormed it all the way into me as my face twisted into a grimace... Continue»
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Son loves father_1

Dad sat across from me at the table and shoveled oatmeal into his mouth more out of habit than for nourishment. Dark circles under his blue eyes confessed a lack of sl**p. His constant sad expression made him look older than his forty-seven years. It didn't help that his hair had rescinded back to his ears. Worry had thinned his once bulky frame. He had been in a declining emotional state since my mother had left us last spring.

The day after I graduated high school my mother packed her suitcases and left to find herself. She said that she had devoted her life to my father and to raising me... Continue»
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Share a toy

What time do you think you'll be home tonight?" My lovely wife of two years asked as I hefted my laptop to my shoulder and grabbed my keys.

I am an "independent" business owner and as such, my day can be 8 to 10 hours long. "Nothing pressing as far as I know, so no later than 5, but that can change." I replied.

"John is going to have dinner with his father tonight, so the evening is ours." Martha said as she pressed herself against me and wrapped her arms around my waist. John is her 25-year-old son from a previous marriage. He had recently fallen on hard times and had moved in with us u... Continue»
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Dad's Best Friend

I don't remember when it all started but I always had a crush on my dad's friends. Art was the only one that showed me any attention. One day I needed a ride and he said he would take me. I had on a tight t-shirt and I wore no bra and I had a short denim skirt with a thong under it. I saw Art staring at my tits as he drove me across town. I knew I could seduce him and I really wanted to. I told him the wrong way to go and it took us through some country roads never used any more. Just as we drove I saw a secluded spot and asked Art to pull over there for a minute for me. When his car came to a... Continue»
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Teen Louise Pays The Price - Part 2

I dragged Louise off the desk and held her arms behind her back while I grabbed my belt, quickly wrapping it around her and buckling it tightly so she couldn't move her arms. There was no look of defiance in her face now, only fear. I pushed her into the corner of my office, between the wall and the filing cabinet and ordered her to stand there and not move. I switched off the CCTV and left the office, locking the door behind me. The stockroom was just across the corridor so I wouldn't be long. On returning, I could see through the glazed panel to my office that she hadn't moved.

I moved be... Continue»
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Feeldoe Strapon

I don't know how I got such control over my gag-reflex...

Meagan's eyes flicker with passion, as she sees me take her fake dick in my mouth. I feel her muscular thighs quiver with lust and as my hands travel upward to her but. Where I touch her, her muscles shivered. She looks down at me and as I look through her eyes at her burning lust, I bury my nose in the small strip of hair she leaves behind after removing the hairs from her sex. I smell her hairs as they tickle my nostrils. Her arousal finds its way up my nose. I had been south on numerous occasions, I pride myself on my skills in th... Continue»
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Teacher learns a lesson part 3

Right now for part 3 . Diane a 55 year old teacher was being blackmailed by Josh a 15 year old k** read parts 1 2 for the background .Diane ran upstairs her tits bouncing about all over the place .Where you going Josh asked ? For some mouthwash get that disgusting teast out of my mouth Diane said .After a few mins Diane came back down the stairs she had forgot she was stark naked as she came into the living room .Sit here next to me Josh told her as he patted the place next to him on the sofa .

Diane sat down josh put his hand on his teachers leg .Diane was 55 years old long black hair he... Continue»
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HCC Wifey's First Story Part 1

This is a story from the fantasies of HornyCoupleColorado (HCC). The story is completely fictional.
This is the first story that HCC Wifey wrote to HCC Hubby. I wrote this over a year ago when we were first exploring the fantasies of multiple partners. This one has a particularly hot memory for us since I sucked hubby’s cock while he read this aloud to me after I wrote it for him. I was able to make him cum in my mouth almost simultaneously with him cumming in the story.

When your birthday rolled around I told you that I wanted to give you a fantasy. I explained that several of our fantasi... Continue»
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The Dance

She was at the club listening to the music when he came and took her hand and said "Dance with me." She followed him out to the floor and he pulled her in his arms and began to sway with the slow sensual song. He held her tight and she could feel his cock pressed against her stomach and he moved to the beat. Her tits were pressed tight to his chest and he ran his hands over her back in a sexual way. This strange man was casting a spell over her. He then lowered a hand to her ass and pushed her tight to his cock and began to move so she could feel his cock began to get hard. He kissed her neck ... Continue»
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Me and Emma Stone's Ass

I've never considered myself into redheads, not until I happened to meet Emma Stone. I had seen her in a few movies, Superbad and Zombieland, and I thought that she had a certain charm about her that I found endearing but it wasn't until I was at some fancy soiree that I met her and she was stunning to see in person and she was wonderfully nice.

At the party, it was some celebration or something that was being held in a hotel restaurant and a friend of mine was invited to and he new some people and he asked if I wanted to tag alone, I mingled slightly but I mostly just kept to the sideline... Continue»
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The interview

Jan was going for a photo shoot that she found in a newspaper. It was a nude shoot and she was excited. She knew she was sexy with nice big firm tits and an ass men stared at constantly. She loved to be naked and this was a perfect job for her if she could get it. She wore a tight tank top and no bra and a very short skirt with sexy bikini panties. She was right on time and the secretary let her in the private office. The man behind the desk was older but very handsome. She figured he saw many naked women in his job. She really wanted to impress him and get the job. As she walked in he told he... Continue»
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GODESS sarita 12 (godesse';s daughter comming

daughter of goddess has been out of the country for years for study she is now planning for a vracation at home with her mother .. goddess seems happy and she is taking preparation she took a week off from office and now a lot of work to do changing stuffs at home normally its only goddess and me at home no visitor only few frnds of her comes sometimes..

now there straps on the window grill ropes on few parts of celing and some home made dildo attached to various places in the house which goddess uses on me when ever and where ever she likes its been years so she doesn't care about things s... Continue»
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He left her alone at the bar!

So there we were, me and 3 mates out drinking celebrating my buds birthday. The drinks were flowing and the chat was good about an hour after being in this crowded bar my bladder got the better of me and i had to use the bathroom so off i went. The gents is situated right next door to the ladies but its watched over by a steward to avoid any funny business i suppose. anyway i did my business washed my hands and walked out the door and straight into a great looking middle aged woman who smelled wonderful. Our eyes connected for a second and it seemed like a bolt of lighting shot to my stomach w... Continue»
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3some fun

We meet up with another female in a bar for a few drinks, she is wearing a little dress, and you can tell she has no underwear on underneath, I'm wearing a very short skirt, low cut top, and stockings.
After a couple of drinks we all head back to the the hotel room that we have booked, stopping on the way to get more drinks in.
As you pour the drinks me and her settle ourselves back on the bed and start kissing, taking our time as we know you are watching. She starts moving down my body, starting with kissing my neck, my hands on her tits, she is kneeling in between my legs by this point wit... Continue»
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Dad is boss

I have a strange story. My dad had a high sex drive and I could hear he and mom fuck many times every night. He also fucked her every morning before they got up. My room was next to theirs and I could hear it all. I was the oldest of four k**s. I had two s****rs and a b*****r younger than me. We were all home schooled and seldom left our farm. My mom was a sexy looking woman and dad was very handsome. I could see why they fucked all the time. I walked in the kitchen one time when dad had his hand under moms dress and was fingering her pussy as she stood in front of the sink. When I walked in h... Continue»
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The Drop

It was late in the afternoon and I was sitting on a park bench waiting for my contact to arrive. I normally would have never agreed to a 'drop' in a place like this but according to my handlers the contact was scared to death. I am known as a 'messenger', I am the middleman between 'spies', 'moles' and other nefarious, traitorous characters that I have to interact with on a daily basis and the unnamed government agencies that I work for or "the alphabets" as they are known. You know, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc, etc, ad infintium. I work for them all since I am a free lancer and am very good at my job,... Continue»
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