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Trip to San Diego - Part 1 -

Trip to San Diego -Part 1 -

'Friday Night'

My name is Amanda, I'm 25, from the San Francisco Bay Area. I recently returned from San Diego, visiting my cousin who's in the Navy and is stationed on a Navy Destroyer based in San Diego. When I returned home, I brought back something I thought I'd never bring home...

One night, my cousin Chris and I were eating pizza at a restaurant in Sea Port Village, a shopping center right on the water of San Diego bay. Across the bay we can see a United States Navy Aircraft carrier the USS Nimitz across the bay, it's 68 on the superstructure was lit u... Continue»
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BtVS - That Crzay Summer


Dawn woke up in the middle of the night panting for breath in a cold sweat. The t-shirt and panties she's wearing plastered to her body. She had the same horrible image that awoke her many nights imprinted into her eyes. The sight of Buffy falling to her death off the tower to close the portal her blo*d had opened slowly cleared from her vision she thought, "It should have been me not Buffy! I'm not even real those stupid monks made me out of a ball of energy, but I'm still here and Buffy is gone..." Dawn began to softly weep as she... Continue»
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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

Victorious - I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

The show was over. Tori the zombie was now makeup free and happy, glowing with the praise of Sophia Michelle, the woman who wrote the play she headlined – in zombie makeup thanks to Cat’s use of Grizzly Glue.

Cat wanted more Freezy Queen ice cream.

And Trina still wondered how she got into all this.

“Trina! That ice cream was great! Let’s get some more!”

Trina shook her head, “Cat, the closest Freezy Queen is in Bakersfield. That’s two hours away.”

“There’s a Freezy Queen in Seal Beach.”

An hour l... Continue»
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A few of my sexual encounters.

First up is my first lesbian experience.

So I decided to do a post on my first "Girl/girl" experience. Well not my first girl, girl experience but full on Sex I guess. I was a lot younger and skinnier when this happened! (before my training days) But it was one of my best memories and even though I love cock. I still love to play with a good pair of tits or dominate a small petite woman.

So before getting into the good stuff, let me just give you a short "how did we get here?"

A good friend of mine and I used to have what we called "d***k Tuesdays." Basically it was our way of making ... Continue»
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My Adventures with Jill - Part 2

After our first encounter last night and after you came so hard that you squirted for the first time in your life, we both fell asl**p, cuddled together, my face laying on your big titts and my hand on your ass. It seemed perfect, first such a hot and naughty fuck and afterwards an initmate and (kind of) innocent night of sl**p to regain our strength.

When i wake up in the morning you are still asl**p, so i kiss you on your forhead, leave a note and go to get some things from home. It takes me about 20 minutes and when i come back you are still asl**p. I try to be as quiet as possible as i ... Continue»
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Making Babies

Mary Thoren is the latest to be fucked by my wife Kat. Mary is 47yrs. office manger and mother of two daughters one 17yrs. dark hair sporty and full of life. The other 22 and married doing her best to have a baby but it's not happing yet and she is very down about it. Mary is married to a very important man in the city but as you might guess Kat just don't care about him. So now after six months Kat will pick Mary up for lunch and kiss and feel her up in front of Mary's workers. Two weeks ago Kat stopped by at the end of the day and Mary was sitting with Joanni a 24yrs. who was having man p... Continue»
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Me as maid and a couple in Greece

This is a story that a guy wrote for me ......

He wrote :

"Last summer my girlfriend and I went on holiday to the beautiful Greek island of Lesbos for two weeks of fun in the sun. I had a met Sasha a few months earlier at a club when I was out dressed as Tania. She was fascinated by my appearance and looks even though she knew that I was a slutty transvestite. Sasha was herself a free-spirited woman who was looking to meet other open-minded people so right from the start we hit if off with each other. We quickly got involved in a relationship and she completely accepted the male and fema... Continue»
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I Love Older Women Chapter 1

It was 10.30 pm on a Monday night and I was sitting in my flat watching TV and having a glass of wine and the phone rang and it was May. I liked May and had known her for all my life. She had married an older man and he was an Accountant and they had 2 daughters one 3 years younger than me and the other 5 year younger than me. My mother as a c***d had grown up living next door to May and they had kept in contact when they both had married and had families. I was treated like a son in May's f****y and if my parents went on holiday I would go and stay with them. May did a lot for me when I was a... Continue»
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A First Time Glory Hole Slut

I had a sexual first a couple weeks ago. A friend, Steve, invited me over to his house for a party. He is a friend I’ve fucked in the past but it was always at my house. It was never at his place. I gave him a “definitely” when he asked me to the party. I had to work that day and got to the party a little later than I would usually get to them.

When I arrived, there were plenty of people there, most were already more than a little d***k. I found Steve in the kitchen and gave him a hug. He gave me a drink and told me to catch up to everyone else.

With a beer in my hand, he showed me arou... Continue»
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Angela's Adventures by loyalsock

Angela sat on her bed and touched herself. Her fingers flew across her clit with a desperate urgency and her entire body convulsed as she reached her climax. With a sigh and a shudder she stood pulling her robe down over her perfectly toned pale body, and grabbing her habit off of the small inn table and pulled it on over her gorgeous smooth blond hair. She checked in her tiny mirror for hair sticking out and pursed her lips. Then she crossed herself and sent a prayer for forgiveness to God, for vanity and self pleasure. She made these prayers to often, but she firmly believed that He would fo... Continue»
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Racquetball Dyke by loyalsock

From as early as my p*****n years, it was obvious that sports and I did
not get along. I was either too slow or not coordinated enough. Team
after team would either cut me, or only allow me to play the minimum
amount of time that was required. When teams were picked in gym class,
I was almost always chosen last. My uncle observed my frustration, and
took it upon himself to help. He was concern about the long-term effect of
my low self-esteem, so he introduced me to the world of racquetball.
When my Uncle was younger he played on his college team, and had won
several tournaments.... Continue»
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Blizzard Of Ahhhs by loyalsock

Sarah walked into the locker room. She had just finished working out
with the nautilus machines. She noticed no other women were in the
room, which was normal for this time of night. "Well, at least I'll
have the shower to myself, maybe I'll even do what I was planning for
the apartment in here," she thought. She pulled off her white sports
bra and lightly massaged her sweaty nipples. Her hands then slid down
her body until they reached the waistband of her spandex shorts. She
slipped her right hand into the shorts and started rubbing her sparse
pubic mound. She was so wet that all of ... Continue»
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Basketball Sweat by loyalsock

This was the last game of the over-30 women's basketball league. Our team
had done pretty well, and if we won this game we would be in the playoffs.
Our opponents were in the same situation and wanted to win just as badly.
Unlike a lot of out-of-control men's games, the women usually take it
pretty easy, but with the playoffs on the line everybody seemed to be
playing a little harder and rougher than usual.

It was near the end of the game and we were down by one, and I had the ball
and was trying to work my way inside the key. I was being tightly defended
by this girl with short ... Continue»
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Soccer Crush by loyalsock

Great. I was late for class again. O well, I thought as I casually
strolled to the class I was 15 minutes late for. When I finally got
there, I managed to find a seat in the crowded auditorium way in the
back. Perfect. Maybe I'll get a chance to sit next to Teri. Teri was
gorgeous. She had beautiful brown hair with few blonde streaks. She had a
femininely athletic body, toned muscles and all. This was because she was
on the soccer team. Everything about her was beautiful. She was about
5'10 and weighed maybe 135. She was curvy in all the right places. She
had my heart and she didn't ... Continue»
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Trail Run by loyalsock

It was early morning. The sun had just turned a darkened sky to a
pale silvery gray. A heavy fog blanketed the forest-floor while a mist
continued to float down on everything beneath the canopy. I doubted very
much that there was another soul near me, for miles. That was good. That
was exactly the way I wished it to be. Becoming lost in thought, I ran
harder, faster.

The sound of the leaves and sticks crunching under my weight
brought comfort in their familiarity. Keeping my breathing regular, I
detected the subtle scent of ozone in the air. It would rain soon. And yet,
even t... Continue»
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Jane Goes Running by loyalsock

Alyana pulled the tight sports top over her young breasts and smoothed down
the material, slowly running her hands over her soft flesh. She was
preparing herself for her daily run in the park. She was her school's best
runner and loved racing and practising, the feel of the tight clothes over
her skin, the toned flesh of her young body and the sight of the beautiful,
fit bodies of the other girls she ran with.

Alyana was 18 and loved the sight of other girls her age, girls turning
slowly to womanhood, small slowly swelling breasts, slim, curved hips and
long legs, gradually taking ... Continue»
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The Swimmer by loyalsock

Laura hit the pool everyday before school. She knew she was good but
wanted to be better, maybe even join a swim team. Swimming kept her
thin and lightly muscled as her 18 year old body developed towards
womanhood. Laura took pride in her shapely legs, tight ass, abs and
the 32Cs she had grown up top.

Lately another swimmer had caught Laura's eye. Over in the fast lane a
girl just a bit older than Laura powered up and down the pool, length
after length, turning tightly at each end. Laura admired her
technique, and by stealing glances at the girl above and below the
water she tried... Continue»
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Betsy Goes to School

It was my first night at St. Marta's School for women,
and had woken up when my roommate slid in to my bed with

I had arrived with all the other girls, supposedly all
raised in a religious environment, and all having a
mother who had gone here before us. My mom and dad had
never let me date, and the internet was something sent
by the devil to lead me into temptation. I had been a
little shocked at some of the language the other girls
used when the nuns weren't around, but tried to not let
them know.

My roommate, Leila, was from California, and had the
blonde, blu... Continue»
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Amber pt1

Part 1

I rolled my eyes as I stopped in my daughter's door, a
little shocked, but wanting to laugh at the same time. I
leaned against the door frame, watching as she
masturbated with her left hand. Her eyes were closed and
her hand was moving furiously, flat as if trying to
scrub herself, with an expression of frustration on her
face. Of course she chose that exact moment to open her
eyes and saw me standing there.

I sighed as she screamed, "Mom!" Then turned and covered
her face with a pillow. "Amber, it's ok," I said, as I
walked over to stand by her. She didn't even ... Continue»
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Amber pt2

I had laundry and household stuff to do, so no girl sex
with Kathy today. Amber was bright eyed and excited when
she got home, but didn't tell me why until that night
when we were in the den. She hands me a stack of papers
when she sits down, her eyes shining in excitement. Two
tests, a report, and a couple of quizzes, all with A's.
I clapped my hands in excitement, giving her a hug and
telling her how happy I am.

She gives me a big smile and says, "So, do I get a

That gets a laugh from me and I say, "Of course."

When I don't continue she says, "Mom, so what i... Continue»
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