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The professor II

6,710 words. Tell me how hot it makes you!

Timmy Saunders sat in his professor’s office, getting a great hand job from Zooey. Zooey sat next to him in her white dress and she made sure her skirt was hiked up all the way, so he could feast his eyes on her black stocking covered legs. Timmy was 18 and had no idea that asking for extra help was going to lead to the best hand job of his young life. Zooey’s right effortlessly moved up and down his hard 6 inch shaft courtesy of the euciderm lotion she was using on the poor student. “Feel good?” asked Zooey, as she gazed at Timmy with her be... Continue»
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Julie Going Down On Sarah

Julie: *Sits down at your feet then grabs your hips and pulls you forward to the edhe of yout chair, rubbing her hands on your hips and reaching around, lightly scratching your ass with her nails*

Sarah: *squeaks loudly, lifting her legs up and resting her thighs on your shoulders*

Julie: *Turns her head to the side and lightly bites on your inner thigh, lightly sucking on you*

Sarah: *Lets out a little whimper, rubbing her other thigh against your cheek*

Julie: *Nipping and licking she moves her mouth along your inner thigh. Loudly purring she then grips your panties with her teet... Continue»
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Vegas birthday gift

My wife gave me a pleasant surprise last week when she informed me my birthday present was a weekend in Vegas. We’ve both been working hard since college and I was looking forward to blowing off some steam.
I’m 26 and Laura is 23. We met in college; we were both on the tennis team. I’ve been in the accounting field and Laura is in marketing. The two incomes gives us a great lifestyle.
Laura reserved a great suite at one of the big casinos, I was really pleased with the large suite. We checked in right after noon. Laura threw a swim suit at me and told me to get ready for the pool as the ... Continue»
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Room Service

Someone was knocking at our door. Julie, my fiance, and
I were enjoying our first night on the cruise ship
"Horizon", about to set sail from Puerto Rico for other
delightful destinations in the Caribbean.

"I'll get it," said Julie, sighing, as she lifted her
head from my shoulder. Her beautiful brown-blond curls
fell in front of her eyes as her head turned towards the
door. She pushed herself up, and moved across the room.

As I watched her do a cursory check in the mirror to
ensure she was presentable to a stranger, I reflected on
how lucky I was. Here I was, about to go ... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #7: Alex's Confession

Alex enjoys erotic quality time with Ai in their bed for this sexy Sunday naughty night

After anal abuse I amuse Aisha and me in my bed while Alex is in the other bed with virgin Ai
After my eye-wink for goodbye for the night Alex understands she can seduce as she likes my Ai

Aisha is exhausted from coming so hard and long from my dry and thus painful anal penetration
Aisha is in both Morpheus and my arms and does not notice the high pitched squeeks from my Ai

I switch on our internal circuit to watch on large screen how Alex indeed licks along Ai's slit
I switch the so
... Continue»
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Black Strap-on

Bec felt the impressive weight of the black rubber cock as she buckled the straps on either side of her slender hips. The long shaft gleamed in the bright sunlight streaming through the doors that opened onto the broad timber deck. The crisp white sheets reflected the sun’s rays, a warm glow that matched the rising heat she felt within her.

Her full breasts swayed seductively as she reached to clasp the straps, tightening the base of the heavy cock firmly against her twitching clit. She let it fall forward, hanging before her as she squeezed her nipples. She felt the wetness pooling in her ... Continue»
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Lesbian Land's End (Part 8)

Crownsbridge was the main town within a radius of 100 Km, an hour and a half away from Land’s End through a winding road with impressive views. With a population of 50,000, it is a quite prosperous maritime town. Its port has three sections: freight port, fishing port and marina. It also has several hotels, 2 high schools, a 19th century theatre and a shopping mall with a cinema complex. The town is divided in two by a river, where the 5 arch medieval bridge that gives it its name spans from the side that faces one shore of the bay to the other side that spreads along the open ocean coast with... Continue»
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All in black and white

This story is about my freaky, now ex wife.

We had been married about three years and sex had become rather routine. It wasn't bad but even ice cream gets old if you eat it everyday. Every now and then we would fantasize to one another about different scenarios yet would not act on them. Mine was to have a threesome, and hers were mainly just sex in public, or something like that.

One day she came home from work and after dinner she began to bring up the subject of doing something freaky. I asked her what was on her mind. She replied that they had just hired a black girl at her job who ... Continue»
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A CRACK ON THE BEACH PART 3 -- all about the bum c

...for more chapters and the complete story, A CRACK ON THE BEACH IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM AS A KINDLE DOWNLOAD!
The next day as we lounged on the beach and as Shy took a swim nearby, I looked over at Cee.
“I hate saying this, “I began, “but I don’t know if we can carry on getting her d***k like this every night.”
Cee nodded. “I know.”
We watched Shy in the waves.
“But I haven’t finished yet,” Cee suddenly murmured.
My stomach flipped. My God, what was going on in this woman’s brain?
“Maybe we don’t have to get her that d***k,” Cee suggested. “Maybe she’s not as inhibit... Continue»
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Lust - Making

My guy went away for a weekend with a mate and my G/F came to stay over and kept me company ,so some of my hamster friends will know who im writting about LOL and he wishes that he stayed at home hehehehe

It was a warm balmy night,i was standing in my closet,with just a towel wrapped around me,drying my wet body after just taking my evening shower,i stood there wondering what PJ's i was going to wear,when suddenly,i felt two hands grabbing my breast.A warm body embraced me from behind,her warm breath on the skin of my neck.She was teasing me and kissing my neck softly and bitting occasional... Continue»
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Saturday Morning Fever

I dreamed that I awoke in her bed. Warm. Cozy. Close. Our limbs intertwined like familiar lovers.

She's asl**p. So peaceful. Angelic. She even has a hint of a smile on her face.

I look at her clock as I carefully slip out of bed. It's still a little bit early. The alarm should be going off before too terribly long. It's still dark outside.

I creep off quietly to the bathroom to take care of things.

Then I find a washrag and soap. I give myself a quick sponge bath at her sink. I wash my face and ... the fun bits. I put a dab of her toothpaste on my finger and take care ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #3 Carousel Nights #2

iCarly/Victorious: Carousel Nights #2

"So... where do we go from here Jade?"

"I thought we already covered that… You know, back at the restaurant. I remember it because you shot me down…hard-core," Jade set up on the bed and looked down at Freddie.

"Yeah... I'm sorry about that. I don't know what I meant… I feel really excited that we don't have this... 'cloud' over our heads, and I just... I don't know."

"Yeah... I didn't get any of that," Jade smiled a bit, slightly biting her lip. "Look, Freddie, this has been a really weird day overall, and I think I'm gonna head out."

Fredd... Continue»
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After the surveyor came the supervisor

This happened in 1993

The surveyor had made his report so we had to wait for his supervisor to come and redress the situation. We recieved a letter to say SHE was coming on the 22nd. 10;30am came and there was a knock on the door, there stood this mature lady, 17 stone a lot bigger than Donna, short dark hair wearing a brown skirt and jacket.

As she came in she introduced herself as Sheila, she was in charge of making decisions no-one else could. She sat down and Donna made her a drink, then she started to tell us about the problem. Donna was wearing her usual white top and black skirt. ... Continue»
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We crept into Brenda's house after 3am. We had been out on a date: dinner, movie, dancing. After a couple of hours of grinding on the dance floor we were both super horny, but we knew her housemate was definitely home. We figured if we could get in and upstairs without waking her up we should be okay as long as we weren't to loud.
Upstairs was Brenda's part of the house. It had her bedroom and a small sitting room with a big couch. We knew her bed was loud, but figured we could do it on her couch instead.
We made it upstairs, no one the wiser. We started kissing, holding each other close,... Continue»
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Lesbian Act for girls

A incident with a girl next door has ignited the lust and crave in me for a women’s body. I was not a bisexual before, just few incidents when I was 18. I have always been crazy for sex right from my c***dhood when I use to see my parents mate and few times I had seen house maid’s making love with driver.

For my introduction, I am poonam married and settled in Bangalore with a businessman. I am over satisfied with my sexual life, as my hubby sanjay satisfies me 2 or 3 times a week and he is just awesome in bed. I am 32year old and am on leaner side. People generally say I am skinny but hav... Continue»
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Great Threesome

Tricia and I shared a friends with benefits type of relationship. However, since we lived about 2 hours apart we usually met only once or twice a month for a day or weekend at a hotel somewhere about an hour away from each of us to share some orgasmic fun together. Tricia was bi-sexual and her apartment roomate (Angie) was also one of her lover's. Tricia eventually introduced me to Angie and we started enjoying some occasional threesome's.

At the time, Tricia and I were in our late 30's and Angie was 24. Angie was more petite than Tricia, and had kind of a innocent mid-western gir... Continue»
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holloween 2013

Betty Thorn 29yrs mother of two boys one eight and one six both loving the fact that Betty was taking they trick-or-treating this year dressed as a sexy vampire. They went from door to door and the women thought what a slut she looks like the men loved her get up. After about fifteen houses the six year one was tired so they headed back home. Passing our house Kat opens the door calling then over Betty tried to call them back but the two were already at our door getting loads of candy from Kat. when Betty got there her boobs almost hung out and nipples hard Kat handed the candy saying take ... Continue»
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wife and her old friend

I had been out with the lads and came home and was surprised to see liz an ex wife of an old friend who we used to go out with years ago
I said hello noticing liz had put a few pounds on but was still sexy and had great tits she was wearing a black plain dress with low front showing her nice tits it had a long split up the side of the skirt and opened as she sat on the sofa drinking as her and ann talked about the old days liz asked if I enjoyed it back then saying she wished she had went with some of the guys she got offers from as her ex was fucking loads of girls and ann said you did also... Continue»
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The continuation...(the entire story is available as a Kindle Download from Amazon under the title, A CRACK ON THE BEACH (65 pages!) Enjoy.

“Do you want to see more of her?” I asked quietly, my breath out of sync.
She kept looking at my wife, moulding her breasts, almost mashing them. She took her time in replying. She finally nodded, not even glancing my way.
I stood up and took off my shorts, but kept my underpants on. As much as I wanted to be naked, I didn't want to spoil Cee’s experience and whatever fantasy she was indulged in. It was highly erotic and my bare arse and erect cock w... Continue»
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Quiet Time

I'm just getting out of the shower and have wrapped a towel around me when she comes in after afternoon classes. I can tell from her expression that it's been as long a day for her as it has for me already.

She sees me and her face brightens. "Hi sweetie!" she greets me in her usual chipper tone.

We kiss hello. I can't begin to explain how I've been waiting for that.

"Water's still hot if you don't take too long. I'll be waiting for you after." I tell her with a wink.

She puts her things away and disappears into the bathroom.

While she's in there, I put some fresh sheets on ... Continue»
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