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Keep an Eye Out

Ok by now must of you know about my wife Kat and her kink of fucking women that 1. have never been with another women and 2. they are all married with k**s. Over the years this has worked out well for me cause not only does Kat tell me everything but most of the time I can also watch and join if I wish. I always keep a metal notebook of names of her women in my head. This is a story of how that and KEEPING A EYE OPEN helped me to take care of a big problem.

Kat and myself were at a local hang-out having a few drinks. It is a sports bar and the bar maids all wear small tops and ver... Continue»
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A Secret To Be Kept

Mandy was running late, she had got off the tube and was trying to get out of the station, "shit, fuck the tube" she muttered, should have got a cab she thought for the hundredth time.
She had decided to go home and get herself ready for her girls night out, a few hours of fun with Sarah and Lisa, her best friends from college.
She had dressed in her new little black dress and best undies, who knows she might get some attention tonight because she sure wasn't getting much at home,Tony had turned into a once a month sort of guy and that was if she was lucky, yes she knew he worked long hours ... Continue»
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The Labors of Remy BelleSun: Introduction

The Labors of Remy BelleSun

For Heather95, I hope I do your characters justice (http://xhamster.com/user/heather95)

Remy BellaSun: The protagonist of our story. Remy is a shy, petite trap girl who is sexually inexperienced but years to learn more. Currently attending college as an engineering major. Remy likes video games and role-playing. She also works part time as a sexy maid at a love motel. Remy is about 5’ 2’’, with long black hair, a slim, shaved body. A-cup breasts, a heart-shaped ass, and a 5’’ cock. She usually dresses in a blue/white stripped shirt, jean shorts, and yellow sli... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch. 10- Theater Play pt 2 Gurl-Gu


Having sucked and fucked my way through the first hour or so of my membership at The Grande Theater, I sat resting and enjoyed watching a fiery redhead porn princess get double penetrated and then impossibly huge loads of cum on her face.
My entire crotch was moist and slick with a nasty mix of lube, cum, and saliva and momentarily enjoyed a cool breeze through the theater. My cock was rigid and I knew I was ready for more.
I pulled up my black satin panties and re-zipped my vest, which I didn’t even realize anyone had opened. I partially covered up my black bra and st... Continue»
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Swimming pool

Before I start my story I just want to say a big thank you to everyone both men and other ladies who have given me such fun since joining this site I also want to thank you all for the joy and excitement I got reading your stories, watching your videos and also chating with you, I dont mind admiting my finges have been etremely busy and my panties wetter than ever before, anyway on to my story which by the way is quite true, hope you enjoy,
As a married woman I wanted to please my husband by staying slim which over the years since we married I have managed to do through exercises like yoga, ... Continue»
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Borderlands the sexequal part 3

As Axton shoot off again Roland was getting annoyed and said ' look man athena's one hot piece but theres a time and place for that besides I got a job I want you to handle'. Ya about that i'm on vacation man cant you get one of the others to do it Axton said as he was straightening himself out, you and Athena are the only people close enough to the spot I want you to check out. So whats the job Athena said as she whiped the cum off her face and tits, well word is theres a vault key running around the wasteland in the hands of two pencil pushing corporate guys and I dont want handsome jack get... Continue»
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Because of Becky's Stories

Jenny is a good friend of Becky and had just came back from her house. They had been talking about different things when sex came up and Becky told her about her trip to Indiana. Just listen to the stories had her pussy on fire. The want and fear combine had Jenny on pins and needles so she did the smart thing and came home to clam down. Once home she was standing at the sink stearing out the window at nothing remembering Becky's stories, her nipples hard and begging to be touched trying to poke holes in her summer dress she was grinding her pussy against the counter. Just then her 17yrs d... Continue»
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The woman inside

I've lived for a month in the new flat, an attic with a garret window closed with shutters. Right in front there's a lower building, with a terrace and a garden on top. The owner is a long and dark haired girl, with pronounced cheekbones and light eyes, that I had already noticed almost on the first day. Today I saw her hanging out the clothes to dry, wearing only a pareo that barely covered her body and I could not help observing how cute she was, and tender, with those sweet round soft tits and the hard nipples hardly held in by the light tissue. Then she went back inside, but short afterwa... Continue»
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Pussy Cat

I didn't start out to be a bad girl. I didn't wake up one morning, and
think today I'm gonna be wicked. It just kinda crept up on me. I was
pretty normal, until eighth grade or so. Then I took off. Then things got
fun. I don't mean I was bad like I did crimes and shit, I was bad like...
like I screwed around and stuff. I learned about sex and that stuff. You
get the idea.

I got my cherry popped when I was thirteen. That's about par for the
course, around here. Most of my friends had already done it, by the time I
finally did. I liked the boy that did it, that's why... Continue»
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My Turn

My Turn
I met you at the door when you came home from a long night of work. I was naked as usual and I pressed my naked flesh against you in a big hug. I dragged you to the bedroom and laid you gently on the big bed. I took off your shoes and began caressing your tired feet. I reached up and pulled off your panty hose so I could get to your bare skin. I licked and sucked on each toe while rubbing the bottom of your feet. You were moaning already!! I began kissing and rubbing up your legs, loving every inch of you. When I got to your skirt I stopped. I propped the pillows up against the headbo... Continue»
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Made To Love You

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Made To Love You

Buffy sometimes wondered how difficult it was to alter the very fabric of reality. It couldn't be easy. A lot of magic or something was probably going to be involved. And if you were a monk, you weren't supposed to know about magic anyway. And if, on top of that, you were working under a severe deadline. Well... perhaps it was possible that the whole altering of reality hadn't quite gone off without a hitch.

Sometimes Buffy thought she should be angry about the way those monks had messed with her, but other times, like right now, e... Continue»
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THE NIGHT OUT (set in London, England, circa 1900)
By way of introduction

People today easily accept the fact that some men and women get married to blend in and hide the fact that each is attracted to their own sex. It is common among people who are in the public eye such as politicians, movie stars, singers, etc… One hundred years ago, people probably also got married for the same reasons. I imagined one couple, Helen and Richard, who probably lived their lives without anyone ever knowing.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Continue»
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Becky White a 42yrs. mother of two one boy Hank 21 married and living in a small town about 34 miles away from home. Then Kara she is 19 tall slim a models body with a great ass and a ton of boy on the trail after her. She still lives at home with Becky and Jim her father a tall well mattered man who runs a office.

Becky watches her daughter sometimes and a feeling of want for the attention Kara gets grips her,. Kara on the other hand just acts as if the boys we're around. Like yesterday the two of them went shopping and Kara tried on a swimming suit very small almost there type. W... Continue»
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Lesley part 11

Lesley pushed herself back, into the luxurious leather seat in Robs BMW and closed her eyes. She wasn't tired by any stretch of the imagination, she just wanted to relive the last experience of there visit to the sex shop. Lesley's mind was running amok with all the explosive orgasms she had just had. While walking from the shop to the car both Rob and her were laden with all the bags of new underwear and some clothes that the girls had so kindly given her. Some ot them were really naughty, and would only be for bedroom use, but she didn't mind....she'd had the most wonderful time. What had sl... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold's wife and the neighbor 2

Judy and Cindy knew they were going to have fun with Leslie. As they started on Leslie, Leslie, said, “I have never done anything with a female before.” Cindy and Judy didn’t stop. Pretty soon Leslie was moaning softly as she was enjoying have her tits sucked on and her vary hairy vagina munched on.

Cindy and Judy soon stopped and both put on strap-ons. They moved Leslie and Cindy lay down and had Leslie mount the strap on. Judy waited until Leslie was grinding Cindy a little bit and then entered her well lubed ass. Leslie let out a little shout and squeezed Cindy’s nipples as Judy penetrat... Continue»
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Last chance to stray.

Jon and I were best friends all through our youth. Inseparable.
But times change. After university we made new lives in different cities. We both had long-term girlfriends and busy schedules so didn't talk much or even email.
We'd still see each other at holidays though, when we visited our folks in the old home town.
When we got together it was like we're picking up from a conversation five minutes ago.
He called one day a few months ago to tell me he was getting married and asking if I'd be his best man.
Well sure. I'd be pissed if he asked anyone else. He told me what he wanted to ... Continue»
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Episode 49: Jenny, BJ and Rob

The gorgeous black teenage girl sat up in bed; the crisp white cotton sheets completely failing to hide her tender young pointed breasts: “Hi Rob, I’m BJ.I want to suck that cock as soon as you take it out of my mother”.

Rob bounded across Jenny’s bed, yanking the sheet away, planting a kiss on the top of each thigh. The dog-tags swung forward, bumping against BJ's prominent mound inside her tight white panties. BJ held onto Rob’s head as he licked her to their first tingling orgasm.

I should probably explain how Jenny’s daughter came to be nearly naked in her bed that... Continue»
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The adventures of Holly Whore Part 2 scene 3: The

The week was almost up and Matt’s birthday was drawing ever closer. I had taken Katie’s orders and not showered or changed my pants for the week I felt absolutely disgusting and was trying my best to hide it. I was beginning to think that Katie was winding me up but then the text arrived.
Katie: Meet me at Matt’s tonight 8pm, bring nothing and just walk in don’t knock, kk? xx
Me: Ok x

I went over to Matt’s feeling really nervous though I had no idea why. I approached his front door and hesitated whether to go in before I could make up my mind I had already opened the door. I did not... Continue»
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Dinner with Brooke

Brooke texted me on my way home from work, “I’m making dinner, come down when you get home.” I replied back, “Sure, I’ll stop and get some beer.” “No bother,” she said, “I already grabbed some. Just you is all we need.” This was always nice to hear, and it was always nice to see Brooke. I felt so comfortable with her especially since the many last encounters. But I never think any more than what it is. Just dinner.
When I got home, I went upstairs, dropped my bag and headed down the front stairs to her apartment. Her door was cracked open a bit so I knocked, saying hello and opened the door.... Continue»
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Lesley part 10

Rob and Lesley walked through the precinct, out a side entrance, leading on into the rear end of the multi-storey car park. Over the road from there were a few bars, two restaurants and an Ann Summers shop.

Rob led Lesley by the hand...like lovers....into the shop. There were directional signs up pointing to different areas according to the requirements of the customer.
"Well Lesley....Let's get you some underwear....yours are now not fit for purpose, and if we are going to get you regular cock we need your underwear modernised. Those knickers you had on this morning were awful. I got ... Continue»
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