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Kat Takes a Weekend Drive

My wife Kat as most of you know loves to get into the panties of a married woman for the first time, she has different ways of doing this. Here is her last one.

It was Thursday night we were sitting eating supper when Kat tells me that she is going away for the week-end she is taking off tomorrow and driving north, not sure where but she'll be home late Sunday. I try to get more info but none comes.

The next morning Friday she is up and gone before I get up. Like she said heading north she crosses the state line into Michigan and after about an hour she gets off the highway tr... Continue»
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Surprising my wife and daughter...

A little background to start.  First, our ages:
I am Brian and am 37
My daughter Alex is 18
M second wife, Heather, is 26
Susan, my first wife died in a car crash 4 years ago.  Heather was my physical ther****t as I recovered.  Alex has hated Heather not just because she was taking her mom’s place in my life, but when Alex lived at home, having your parental figure being just less than 10 years older than you is rough.  
But 5 months ago, when Alex returned home from college… with grades that did not get her invited back for a second semester, things changed.  I had expected the fig... Continue»
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My younger cousin and her friend Pt 1

Last year my younger cousin called me and asked if she and her friend could come down on vacation for a visit and stay with me, as I live in Florida and they live up north in the cold. I said of course, you're f****y and always welcome to come down and stay with me anytime. They were both 21 and didn't have much money to pay for a hotel, where as i'm in my early 30's and have a nice home for them to stay at.

The first couple of nights they wanted me and a friend of mine to take them out to bars, to drink and party it up. The second night they met a couple of guys and we were all having a ... Continue»
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What Happens on the East Coast, Stays on the East

There is nothing quite as exciting and enticing to a man then to know when his woman is in heat. Thankfully,mine is always in heat. She loves me and my cock,lovesmy hands,loves my mouth, loves my voice in her ear and when I bite her neck. That said,I also know that she loves cock in general,and even though she is shy to admit it,loves pussy, or at least the feeling of being with a woman. She has had FFMs, FFs,and FMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMs(not a typo), and many lovers in her past. For that matter so have I. I used to be jealousof previous lovers and was always jealous that it wasnt me that did it ... Continue»
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college lesbian experience

I was enjoying the college life and having fun with the usual group, as well as the new girl that had just joined our little club. She was introduced the week before by a friend of mine who had a class with her. Her name was Rebecca. She was definitely my type: shorter than me, chubby but with a set of tits you wouldn’t believe. Not a day went by that her tits weren’t a big part of lunch conversation, and she wasn’t shy about them either, always wearing low cut shirts.
It didn’t take long before everyone noticed discrepancies in her stories. One minute she was a virgin, the next she was a l... Continue»
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Part 2, Exploring with another couple: first attem

So third time is a charm… right?. Met yet another couple for drinks, and this time she was great and he was great. We had a nice time and we knew we were just meeting for a drink this time. We all agree that we must get together soon and explore much more!

My wife and I were both pretty nervous, but also very turned on by the idea of seeing them again, sexually. We decided that we would invite them over to our place for dinner, and perhaps that would make us more at ease in our own surroundings. They happily agreed and a time and date were set. That Saturday evening of our “dinner” my wi... Continue»
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After “coaxing” me into my first bisexual experience with a guy, Lacey finally kept her promise gave me my reward. She arranged a FFM threesome with her friend and co-worker Tiffany. Tiffany and I already knew each other and I was aware of their history. Tiffany and I spoke before meeting and arranged our own little surprise for Lacey. We met at Tiffany’s house. I arrived first with my bag of goodies. As we got ready, Tiffany kept asking me how Lacey got me to agree to let a man have his way with me. She never could’ve imagined me as being submissive let alone agreeing to have guy imposed on m... Continue»
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Foreign Exchange, Part 2 of 3

Here is the next note about Andi, our 18 year old foreign exchange
student, that I sent to my online friend. If you haven't read the
first part to this story, I would advise you to go back and do so
first...ENJOY! ;)


It's unbelievable, but I finally fucked Andi!! I'll try to give you
some specifics...I was kind of out of it during the whole thing. The
sensations and pleasure were so much and so unbelievable. I think
because it felt kind of other worldly. ;)

The week leading up to was very tense between Andi and I. We both knew
my parents were going to be going ou... Continue»
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Jenny comes home, spanks Alexandra (#7)

Jennifer is my nice naughty dear dod - I educate her at home in erotic theory and practise
Alexandra is my new pupil, a tiny tits blond beauty - slim, smart and slender Swedish sweetie
At her wet warm welcome party in that teasing redhot raunchy sexy sauna Jenny made Alex come
Jennifer looks forward as much as me to teach her new fabulous friend some proper discipline!

Jennifer hopes to help in the erotic education of her fresh friend at our private place

Jennifer wakes up first after our integration party at New Year's Eve, behind my back in our bed
Jennifer reaches around me ... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot At the Mansion - Part 3

After a dinner of grilled chicken and vegetables, the two ladies and I sat on the back porch around the pool and gardens.  We had opened a third bottle of wine and the Saranya finally confessed that she and Cheri had met at a gym over a year before.  Cheri’s husband was a big shot executive with a software development firm and travelled the world now for weeks at a time.  Sometimes Cheri went with him, but at others, she stayed behind.  Since making friends with Saranya she had begun staying home more often.
Saranya asked in her dusky, Indian accent if I wanted to shoot some photos of the ... Continue»
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My Friend And I Take My Sister's Lesbian Virg

It was a Friday around 1:45, and not having class the last hour of the day, and being eighteen I signed out and made my way home. Only living a few blocks away, I walked to and from school every nice day. It's one of the ways I stay in shape, and I love it when guys stare at my nice ass and my 32B breasts. Add that to my shoulder length blonde hair and tan skin, and I was what guys considered a knockout. It took me about twenty minutes to get home, and to my surprise the front door was already unlocked.

"That's weird, nobody is supposed to be home for at least another hour." I thought to my... Continue»
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Foreign Exchange, Part 1 of 3

Another one of my early stories...please enjoy, and COMMENT...it gets me hot, REALLY!! :P


A brief background: I'm 21, still live at home, and a sexually active
bi-woman. My parents continue to believe I'm their little innocent
angel. If only they knew. Anyway, this year, we've taken on a foreign
student from Australia. She is staying with us while she goes to
school. She's 18 and so hot! She's about 5'2" (2" taller than my
height), with deep green eyes, sandy brown hair and has the most
perfect B sized tits. I'm guessing she's about 107 - 110lbs, ... Continue»
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Petra's 4th sexy secret about Alex #1

Petra tells us all kinds of sweet secrets about Alex in her hot sexy series of dirty disclosures
Petra secretly seduces sweet sexy Alex in her dream, which was very real - in fact in her own bed
Petra knows now the second secret side of Alex: her submissiveness to her girlfriends in real sex
Petra soon discovers her third sexy secret: very slutty foxy fantasies often playing with herself
Petra has a special sexy pervy plan for the occasion to learn the fourth foxy sexy secret of Alex

Petra knows that tasty teenlike awesome Alex has a hot sexy slogan at her private page

Petra r... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot At the Mansion - Part 2

I was staring out the window toward the lush greenery surrounding the pool and the hot tub.  The realization of just how lucky a bastard I really am was running through my mind.  I am fit, strong, decent looking… but I am 51 years old.  How many 51 year old men in the world were ever going to stand a yard away from two twenty somethings, who were as hot as these two, nearly naked and get to take pictures?!?!?  I am lucky!!
The sound of the doors to the Master bath opening, caught my ears and I turned around and almost died.  Saranya was on her hands and knees like Cheri’s pet, perfectly fr... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot At the Mansion - Part 1

This is the first in a set of quick little stories that show the “Hardship” of being a professional photographer on a private shoot.
I hope it helps you to shoot your own…scenes..
I did photo shoots for High School graduations, weddings and anniversaries for about three years before stumbling on the idea of also going to youth athletic events and shooting players on the field and then charging for downloads of the shots I took.  Once I started doing that, I began making some decent money and quit my 9-5 job and bought some better lens and started having fun.
About a year ago, I was ap... Continue»
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Babysitter Takes the Wife Dogging

Not long after the student house party, another phone call from Danielle set a new scenario in motion.
“Hey stud, you up for watching her get gangbanged?” As usual from Dani, no preamble.
“Yeah, where, and when?” As usual from me, no hesitation.
“I’ve asked around, found us a dogging spot. For some reason, Wednesdays are best. Dress her slutty, pick me up about 9.00 and we’ll arrive after it gets dark. Park up and watch her take loads of dirty stranger cock like the cheap little milf whore she is. Bring plenty of rubbers, these guys are gonna want to fuck her again and again. I’d bring a to... Continue»
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Tarzan and Jane: Amazonian Lust

Tarzan and Jane had spent a week in the jungle, after their first meet, using everywhere they saw fit to fuck like a****ls. The jungle never seemed to be at such peace with every living thing within it getting laid. Tarzan took Jane to one of his favorite spots in the jungle. As they walked past the brush of the jungle Jane came face to face with a lagoon, who's beauty exceeded that of the safari an sunset. Throughout the week Jane had fully abandoned her clothes, claiming doing so to further her scientific research, but truly wanted to be fully accessible to whenever the moment struck for her... Continue»
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Feeling A Little Aggressive

Wrote this for a woman friend...it's for the ladies, or men who like to watch... ;)

I woke up early this morning and all I can think about is sex. It's
kind of annoying really, because, instead of going back to sl**p, i'm
imagining shoving you against the wall and sliding my hand inside your
panties. I imagine kissing you roughly, trying to slide my tongue down
your throat as my fingers shove up inside your hot pussy, feeling you
gasp with half hearted protest and then moan when my fingers curl up
inside you. I step back long enough to order you to strip. When your
breasts and ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XIII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XIII

“Lesbo is Classy”, with Karine Doyle (based on a pinup art by Rust), Elvine (based on a Gil Elvgren pinup) and Bebe Jones (based on an Al Buell pinup)

Elvine: http://up.xhamster.com/000/001/671/792_1000.jpg
Karine Doyle: http://up.xhamster.com/000/008/387/463_1000.jpg
Bebe Jones: http://up2.xhamster.com/000/045/882/384_1000.jpg

My name is Karine Doyle and today I am going to tell a story that I lived with two of my bestest friends, Elvine and Bebe Jones. We are friends since Junior High and we got the luck to marry wealthy ... Continue»
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Fun at Sturgis

Fun at Strugis
My wife (Mary) and Me had alway to go to Strugis Bike Rally , so got the money to go and took our friend Dawn with us.We had just arrived and checking at hotel, just got lugage to the room. When Mary say " Let go out see the sights and see what is going right now at Rally". So We'll head out of hotel an start walking down the way, when Mary run into a c***dhood friend. We stop Mary say"How are Joann"? Joann say" I am fine, how are u? Mary say "I am... Continue»
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