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On The Journey Home

I suppose I couldn't really claim to be the innocent party that night, because subconsciously I knew exactly what I was doing even if I just let things happen.

I was on my way home after being away on business and I'd pulled into one of those late night places that serve lukewarm coffee and burgers that seem to be made of a cross between carpet and cardboard. At the time I wasn't sure why I'd stopped because I only had another thirty or forty miles to go, but I figured later that it was because I just didn't want to face going home.

The reason for that was that I was pretty certain my h... Continue»
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Foreign Exchange, Part 3 of 3

I have had another opportunity to play with Andi, the hot Australian who
is staying with us while she studies in the states. If you haven't
read the first two parts of this story, you might want to check them
out for background information. If you're only interested in the
pleasure, read on. Enjoy! I love feedback!


Craig, friend of mine, needed me to stay at his apartment one weekend
and take care of his dog. Since I still live at home, I jumped at this
opportunity to get out of my parents' house, even for one weekend.
Honestly, when he first asked me t... Continue»
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Giving a housewife a good fuck with a dildo in bot

The city I live in, like any other large city, has a number of sex stores. One of them, my favourite, is a female-exclusive store that is aimed at giving women a relaxed and protected atmosphere when shopping for toys, since we tend to be shy and embarassed around men when it comes to our intimate desires. I love visiting there on occasion, because I'm always curious to experiment with new and different toys, find some stimulating "material", and also because it's the place where I get encounters like the one I'm going to talk about here.

She came in by herself, the girl behind the counter ... Continue»
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Off to Russia with my sexy interpretor.

My travel agent was able to add Sasha to my flight and accommodations. We both slept most of the flight, and hit the ground fully refreshed. She got us a cab, checked us in at the hotel desk, and even managed to upgrade us to a suite for only $12 more a day. Ah, the ability to speak the host countries language fluently. We entered the suite and it was fit for royalty. Sasha went to freshen up, and I mixed a drink for each of us. She came back in the room wearing nothing but a smile, Let's work a little tension off before we see what this city has to offer. Damn she is full of surprises, and ha... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy episode 10

We had woken early, and fucked before Richie went to school, as usual. Once again, my breasts were tender, and my nipples actually quite sore when he sucked on them. After he went off to drive to school, I drew a deep bath for myself, and soaked in it for half an hour. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror on the back of my bedroom door. Yes, indeed, my breasts were swollen and the nipples had changed to a darker colour. I knew that my jeans were starting to get tighter. It didn't seem possible, but I had to find out. I took the testing kit out of the drawer in the vanity cabinet. I st... Continue»
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Harley Quinn and Batgirl

Batgirl was out in gotham it had been a long night and she was ready to head home as nothing much was going on. Just then something caught her eye a shadow in the next street.

She moved stealthy over and knelt down peering around the corner, she saw harley quinn trying to break in to the back of a jewelers store, batgirl sighed thinking she was in the mood for this but moved round the corner sneaking up behind harley.

"need a hand there harley" batgirl said, harley jumped around "no im ok thank's" she said with a cheeky smile, "oh cut that out right now I don't have time for this im taki... Continue»
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Orgy Surprise At A Festival

Bella is a slut that I know that whenever I am feeling down or in need of a good blowjob, well she could write books on how to make a man cum!  So Friday evening around 7:00, when things were dead at work, I closed up the store and gave her a call.  She said to come on by that she was up for a little fun.
Now Bella had bigger tits than a porn star when she was 12, or so she says, and now that she is almost 30 they have grown to the point that I bet even nuns look at her in appreciation and a little jealousy!!  She told me once that when she was a junky (she has been clean for 5 years now) ... Continue»
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A mothers discovery part 4

As i was driving to malins to pick up my daughter i stopped to get gas it was unbelievably warm out but it was mid summer so no surprise there i was in a pair of low cut jeans and a tank top in my morning rush i forgot to wear a bra but it felt really good so i didnt mind it. As i was paying the clerk kept staring at my breasts im no stranger to it and he looked young in his teens so i brushed it off soon as i got in my car i looked and saw my nipples were at full attention the clerk must have saw them i started thinking what if give him a better look, i started driving i couldn't believe i wa... Continue»
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My twisted step-sister

My Mom got married to Dan my step-father when I was 14, Jen my step-s****r is f******n months older and on a 1-10 scale is easily an 8.5. Jen is crazy too and this story is about some of that crazy.
Jen short for Jennifer is an athlete too she is one of the best tennis players in this state, colleges are looking at her she is now in the tenth grade one year ahead of me. I have watched her make fools of some really good players. Last year she went out for the tennis team at our high school the coach was not going to let her play because of her age. He finally agreed to let her play her self on... Continue»
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At two girls mercy

I was having a few drinks after work with a couple of friends I work with.We had a few drinks, and started to catch up.They asked me what my plans for the weekend were,just some laundry and clean up my place a bit I said.So they asked me if I would like to go to their place for dinner and drinks.I said sure,we finished our drinks and a little bit later we arrived.I took off my jacket and shoes and found a nice spot on the couch, had a few more drinks and our conversation soon turned to sex.They both looked at each other then looked right at me and said have I ever been Dominated by two Mis... Continue»
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Bus Load of Grannies and Matures Part III

Bus Load of Grannies & Matures, Part Three
As I said earlier I work as a government inspector and stopped for a boring night in Oklahoma City, later I found it was to be one of the most exciting nights of my life. Well, I was invited to dinner by a women I met in the lobby and danced with about six of her friends that night. As I was going to my room, I felt a jingle in my pocket and discovered there were three hotel room keys in my pocket. I checked at the front desk and learned that Alice the petite little blond minx that I had met when I first got there was in room 435. As I related in my ... Continue»
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As a teenager I was into the usual things footy, music and hanging out with the crew, there was 6 of us and all went to the same school Mark and Allen James (AJ) they where b*****rs and next door neighbours, Tony Myself Craig and Karen & Sally Identical twins who lived 3 doors down, we always hung out together but nothing serious. As time went by we all sort of done our own thing we hung out together but not as much as we did, I started to fancy Karen and found out she fancied me, one day I got up the courage to ask her out to the pictures, knee’s knocking and sweating like hell I asked if she... Continue»
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A mothers discovery part 2

So there i was looking in the mirror having just cried my eyes out i started putting on my eyeliner and mascera i love putting it on dark it really blends with my pale skin and black hair. I started getting dressed i knew i had the whole day to myself so i decided to go shopping i figured id buy something sexy to wear to start winning my husband back i didnt have a plan but i had a good idea to start. It was a nice day so i decided to wear a tank top and shorts i called my friend malin and asked if shed like to go shopping shes a very cute redhead 5' 11 110 pounds green eyes and very perky ass... Continue»
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Behaind my back, she is sold at a sex slave auctio

I went to her usual Tuesday night spot, and overheard two guys talking about how the big black dealer wasn't coming tonight. He was going to an auction to get some new stock. He was planning to sell or trade the married white bitch he'd been fucking and dealing for 3years, and wanted to dump her and a Latino her hadn't been happy with. One asked the other where the action was, he'd fucked both those whores and wanted more of the Latin bitch. I heard the guy say a warehouse with blue lights on the outside on the west end docks. I finished my drink and found the described warehouse in less than ... Continue»
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Fun at Sturgis

Fun at Strugis
My wife (Mary) and Me had alway to go to Strugis Bike Rally , so got the money to go and took our friend Dawn with us.We had just arrived and checking at hotel, just got lugage to the room. When Mary say " Let go out see the sights and see what is going right now at Rally". So We'll head out of hotel an start walking down the way, when Mary run into a c***dhood friend. We stop Mary say"How are Joann"? Joann say" I am fine, how are u? Mary say "I am... Continue»
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A funny story how my wife and I found out that we

My wife and I had been married now for over three years and not once did I mention that I was bi. Oh I wanted to tell her but didn't dare as I thought she may think I was a pervert. I should have know better as she was very open sexually always wanting to try new thinks and experimenting.

It was the custom in our house to have at least one weekend by ourselves. During that time we would make a special dinner, take a hot bath or shower and flop on the bed in a candle lit bedroom. It was also the habit of renting one or two adult tapes ( pre DVD. I know most women are turned off by sex tapes... Continue»
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Kat Takes a Weekend Drive

My wife Kat as most of you know loves to get into the panties of a married woman for the first time, she has different ways of doing this. Here is her last one.

It was Thursday night we were sitting eating supper when Kat tells me that she is going away for the week-end she is taking off tomorrow and driving north, not sure where but she'll be home late Sunday. I try to get more info but none comes.

The next morning Friday she is up and gone before I get up. Like she said heading north she crosses the state line into Michigan and after about an hour she gets off the highway tr... Continue»
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Surprising my wife and daughter...

A little background to start.  First, our ages:
I am Brian and am 37
My daughter Alex is 18
M second wife, Heather, is 26
Susan, my first wife died in a car crash 4 years ago.  Heather was my physical ther****t as I recovered.  Alex has hated Heather not just because she was taking her mom’s place in my life, but when Alex lived at home, having your parental figure being just less than 10 years older than you is rough.  
But 5 months ago, when Alex returned home from college… with grades that did not get her invited back for a second semester, things changed.  I had expected the fig... Continue»
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My younger cousin and her friend Pt 1

Last year my younger cousin called me and asked if she and her friend could come down on vacation for a visit and stay with me, as I live in Florida and they live up north in the cold. I said of course, you're f****y and always welcome to come down and stay with me anytime. They were both 21 and didn't have much money to pay for a hotel, where as i'm in my early 30's and have a nice home for them to stay at.

The first couple of nights they wanted me and a friend of mine to take them out to bars, to drink and party it up. The second night they met a couple of guys and we were all having a ... Continue»
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What Happens on the East Coast, Stays on the East

There is nothing quite as exciting and enticing to a man then to know when his woman is in heat. Thankfully,mine is always in heat. She loves me and my cock,lovesmy hands,loves my mouth, loves my voice in her ear and when I bite her neck. That said,I also know that she loves cock in general,and even though she is shy to admit it,loves pussy, or at least the feeling of being with a woman. She has had FFMs, FFs,and FMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMs(not a typo), and many lovers in her past. For that matter so have I. I used to be jealousof previous lovers and was always jealous that it wasnt me that did it ... Continue»
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