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Magical Summer -1

Free at last! I had a newly minted college diploma and enough cash to manage an unstructured summer backpacking trip through Europe. My goals were to have fun and discover what the world was like before settling into a job. I was 22, lesbian, and ready to explore! My super el-cheapo deadeye flight from California landed in Dusseldorf where I boarded a bus to Berlin for only 11 euros. Eight hours and 500 km later, I finally reached my youth hostel and collapsed.

It was my second night in Berlin that I went to a club that I had heard about, known for its techno dance scene and LGBT clientele.... Continue»
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« She left a message on my answering machine », said Jennifer as she walked into Rachel’s office.
“Ah..good…I actually talked to Jill on the phone this morning and said we would both go…I hope you don’t mind”, answered Rachel with a somewhat dirty smile
“What’s the occasion…or the excuse should I say ?”, asked Jennifer
“A lesbian couple she knows are actually moving in together and they are having a little cosy party and we’re invited”, answered Rachel
“What kind of party ?”, asked Jennifer rolling her eyes
“You know what kind…and you’ll enjoy it ..or should I say ... Continue»
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Millie and Ellie pt 2 of The Flower Girl.

Dainty fingers twirled in the darkness, dancing lightly, slipping along a little nectared slit, then tracing tiny circles around a swollen nub. Nubbin stiffened excitedly with an expressive twitch, responding to the swirling fingers, and a little tremor coursed through the young girl's body, causing her to press harder and to rub with even more intent.

Millie's breath caught when she felt the pulse build and tremble through her body, and she tried to prevent an accompanying sound from escaping her lips. But it came out anyway, a gasp! Next to her in the bed her s****r stirred, peaceful ... Continue»
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Mothers make their sons dreams come true

“About last night,” Sonia began. “We’d had too much to drink. But that’s no excuse.”
“No its not, we’re all responsible for our actions, whether we’ve had a drink or two, or not, you understand that don’t you boys.” Chloe said.
“Yes Mum. We’re sorry, we got carried away, and took advantage,” Jack said
“I’m sorry to,” Harry told them.
“This is our secret, you understand!” Sonia said.
Both boys nodded.
“No really, this is to be kept between ourselves.” Chloe said
“We won’t tell,” Jack said.
“Good,” said Chloe, “because we want to do it again, that is if you wouldn’t mind.”
Mind of cou... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 03

It was Saturday. My favorite day of the week. I was thankful that I didn't have to go to class or work on Saturdays. That meant a lot more free time and a lot more time for fun. And no other day of the week allowed me to spend more time with my amazing girlfriend, Becca.

Becca used to be a cheerleader for Rasington University, but her horniness and refusal to abide by school policies got her kicked off the squad. She refused to return her cheerleader uniform and was subsequently expelled. Fortunately, Becca was hot enough and sexy enough to get virtually any job.

Since Becca didn't have ... Continue»
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Macy's -- Customers and Coworkers Part II

I followed the redhead inside the two-story condo, my eyes fixated on her pale white legs. She closed the door behind us, locked the deadbolt and removed her coat. The black teddy made her white skin look so soft and inviting. We embraced, our mouths going after each other as if we were starved for one another. I grabbed her wrists and pushed them behind her back. Hold her wrists with one hand, I moved my other hand to the back of her hair, grabbing a handful of her silky soft red hair. Pulling her head away from my mouth I bent my knee and pushed it against her crotch. Grinding my knee agains... Continue»
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Our Holiday - Part 1

This is basically a true as it happened story with a few small changes. We'd like to introduce ourselves.. I'm Mark, totally straight and my wife is Kel who is bi-sexual, we're happily married and are on holiday celebrating Kel's 30's birthday! :)

Please don't be too cruel in the comments as this is our first attempt at a blog.

Kel and I begin to wake, holding each other close as the morning sunlight streams through our hotel suite window. Opening my eyes I glance at the clock seeing its still quite early so continue to cuddle Kel and we begin to kiss, pausing to say "morning" to each o... Continue»
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When the doors to the lift open on her floor Buffy cautiously peeks out, looking up and down the corridor, making sure nobody she knows or even doesn’t know is around. It is unlikely anyone would be about at this time of night but the slayer feels she needs to be sure.

Once she is happy that the coast is clear Buffy makes her way down the long corridor. For some reason the walk from the lift to her hotel room door seems longer than when she made the walk from her hotel room to the lift to go to Dawn’s hotel room. With each step she takes Buffy does her best not to allow herself to think abo... Continue»
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Cat The Businessman #2

Victorious: Cat The Businessman #2

Cat trailed her fingers along Trina's heated skin, marvelling at its softness. Somehow it was even better lying down. Trina had guided the smaller girl to her ridiculously huge and feather-soft bed, pushing her down gently but firmly. Cat made sure to carry out her plan of putting her lips everywhere on Trina, starting with soft kisses that traced the older girl's jaw, moving down her neck. Cat liked the feeling of Trina's pulse throbbing against her lips, it made her feel alive, excited her, and she dragged her tongue over the pulsing skin, ... Continue»
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As Planned

Victorious: As Planned

Something you should know about Jade is that she has no talent. Or rather, no natural talent. She's an amazing singer, a great actress, a skilled playwright and a solid dancer. All of that was earned through hard work and practice, though. Nothing ever came easy for Jade West.

And then Tori Vega came along. Tori, who rocked ‘Make it Shine’ on her very first try. Tori, who conquered Sikowitz's crazy challenges so easily. Tori, who kissed Beck on her second day of school. Jade knows she's better at this point in time, but she also knows that with... Continue»
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Holiday fun with a stranger

Day M and I where on holiday in Spain and whilst sunbathing around the pool we met you, It was a surprise to us as we generally don’t see many people around the pool at this time of year, it is usually quiet and especially don’t see younger single women it’s more of a couple place. You instantly made us feel comfortable in your presence with you friendly smile and bubbly personality, and of course you being pretty and having nice tits also helped me think of you in a different light. During our time around the pool you asked M if she would rub suntan cream onto her back and she obliged, you ... Continue»
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Her hands on my face, my hands around her waist, and her cool lips pressed to mine.

It felt like a dream.

Let me start by saying that things like this do not happen to me. I hear and read stories about people getting ridiculously lucky, having their wildest fantasies fulfilled. It just doesn't happen to me though. I love my boyfriend and our relationship. He is my best friend and I'd do nearly anything to make him happy (within reason), but there is a split part of my mind that doesn't stay true to him. Half of me is all for dick and getting banged until I scream. The other half wanders ... Continue»
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Girls on Display

"Oh no, you can't have brunette-on-brunette," Jessie cut me off. "She needs to be a blond or a redhead." This conversation took place over the phone while I was at work, so I had to be cautious as to my choice of phrasing. Further complicating the matter was the fact that on just the other side of my office wall was my young, light-brown-haired employee whom I was just talking about, having suggested her to my other brunette friend over the phone as a potential partner in our escapades. What I thought was an a natural choice apparently didn't qualify, though.

Abby, my employee but friend lo... Continue»
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New neighbors 4

Sue laid on top of Kate as they kissed and rubbed their naked bodies against each others. Kate had her arms wrapped around Sue gripping her tight little ass as they pressed their wet cunts together. The french kiss lasted a long time before Sue raised up and slid down a little.

"I just love big nipples." She whispered cupping Kate's firm 34C cup tits, admiring her big dark brown nipples. They were hard and sticking out about a inch from her snow white tits. She looked up at Kate , flicking her tongue over the thick rubbery flesh. She moved over and teased the other one before sucking it int... Continue»
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An unexpected invitation

It seemed like a no-brainer: of course I accepted Tina's invitation to go with her on her short summer holiday, once I finally understood what it was that she was proposing! No matter how well you get on with your boss, it's always so disconcerting to be called in and be told to take a seat.

I was a junior payroll clerk, my salary reflecting my lowly position and the fact that I was still training. Meanwhile, my tendency to indulge my interests in and enjoyment of the theatre, films and dining out ensuring that, what with rent and the rest, I had almost nothing left of my mediocre pay packe... Continue»
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Gotta admit, I'm wicked nervous. That's really sayin' something, because I'm THE Slayer. Course, I was bad ass before all that, but now I am who I was always meant to be, the greatest warrior in the world with a pure Demon in my corner, I'm untouchable. But that doesn't mean my plans can't go to hell, or a certain blonde won't suddenly spoiled the party because she's feeling naughty.

Course, if I was really worried B wouldn't be kneelin' in front of me right now, her talented little tongue lickin' the dirt from my boots as we wait for Paige Matthews, a.k.a. one of The Charmed Ones.

This ... Continue»
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Macy's -- Customers and Coworkers Part I

In the early to mid 90's I worked for Macy's at Bayfair Mall in San Leandro, CA.. I was an "Area Manager" overseeing multiple Departments. During my three years with Macy's, I hooked-up with about ten girls, ranging in age from 18 to 48. At the time I was in my early 30's. The girls came in a variety of shapes and sizes with our encounters going from a short one week fling to staying FWB for years to come.

My first encounter came about shortly after I started. I was called upon to assist an upset lady who was in her late 40's. She was attractive…bleached blonde hair, well dressed and busty... Continue»
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Holly Willoughby

This is my first attempt at a story so if its crap I'm sorry haha have a thing for holly Willoughby so haha here goes...
When I fucked holly Willoughby

for my birthday my boyfriend had bought me tickets to go and watch my favourite television programme, celebrity juice I was so exited to see all my favourite celebrities Keith, Fearne but, especially Holly. Despite being with my boyfriend since high school I have always been a little bi-curious, I've always thought girls were cute. However holly was different when I first saw her it was pure lust the first woman I couldn't stop thinking I J... Continue»
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Buffy Catches Dawn

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy Catches Dawn

Dawn walked in the front door after a long day at school. "Hello? Anyone home?" No answer, but it was what she had expected.

Buffy was probably off on one of her adventures and Willow was probably at Tara's house. Ever since Willow and Tara had gotten back together they hadn't seen much of Willow alone even though she had a room here.

Dawn was somewhat relieved that Buffy wasn't there. She had worn a very short skirt to school that she knew Buffy would not have approved of. She loved wearing it, though, because of all the star... Continue»
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Sam’s Secret

Sam & Cat: Sam’s Secret

[A little background for this, Sam was born with male genitalia, which is one of the reasons why she doesn't like the word panties, something she can't technically wear because of her 'extra' friend. The only four people who know about Sam having male genitalia are her doctor, her mom, her s*ster, and Carly. Carly found out because the two secretly dated for a while and lost their virginities to each other prior the finale of 'iCarly', and after Sam broke up with Freddie. When she was younger, i.e. before 'iCarly' premiered, she was made fun of for havi... Continue»
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