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Woodland Sex

We amble through the woods on our afternoon hike and we find ourselves tiring, so I take us to a quiet place that I know of.

It's a secluded opening in a nearby wooded area with an old log for us to sit and we sit upon the old log and we stop to sit and to eat. You take off your jacket, revealing your body under your tight fitting exercise shirt and I can't help myself to look at your protruding breasts. You then take a sip from your water bottle, spilling some on your shirt, I then find myself in a lust filled urge.

You see me looking at you lustfully and you give me a coy smile telli... Continue»
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Sex with My Girlfriend

It had been 1.5 years since i have been flirting with my crush(My girlfriend).I didnt have any deep feeling of love for her,rather i just wanted to get laid with her for once.She was an orthodox sort of girl from a middle class f****y.Her structure was so hot and good that i cummed on her pics atleast once in a day.
At last that day came.It was saturday in december.I used to go to my college in my car.That day because of some reason the college didnt function and all students were told to go back to there houses.She was chatting with her friends and i called her in her phone to come to my car... Continue»
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Lilly And Empire - true story

Hello! Lilly here
I've been dressing as a girl for many years. I love the feel of thongs, bras, skirts swishing, stockings and anything feminine really. When I'm a girl I am only attracted sexually to men. To be honest, I don't mind how they look, as my main interest is to please any man, and in any way he wants. I think that makes me a sissy! My aim is to give men what they want and to receive their cum. Sissies are good at this sort of thing. I have no desire for men to pleasure me, especially as my clit needs to remain as small and feminine as possible.

I love cum, and want men... Continue»
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Italian lessons 2

Italian Lessons 2
Erotic. Taboo. FMf. Instruction .
The fortnight passed slowly and my nights were filled with fantastical dreams of the beautiful Margeurite and her pretty young charge Christy, who had stood quietly, head down tonguing Margeurites pussy, as I fucked her in the middle of an empty restaurant. The feel of her tightness though eluded me and I woke many times to find my hand rubbing my own cock gently. I tried to resist this in the second week as I hoped I would be invited to further educate this young lady when I returned to the restaurant as invited, and I didn’t want to disap... Continue»
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When Harry Met Sammy - Part 3

I awoke to the noise of someone in the kitchen. As I pulled the covers off, the memories of the previous day started flooding back. I was getting a boner at the thought. When I entered the kitchen Sam Was at the sink filling the jug with water. I moved in behind him wrapping my arms around his naked body and pressing my boner against his butt.

"Good morning beautiful. Did you sl**p well?" I asked, running my fingers over the front of his muscular body and feeling every ripple in his abdomen. The warmth of his sculptured body against mine turned me on at the touch.

"I bet you say that ... Continue»
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My Oral Cherry

It early Saturday afternoon and I was going to the school pool for a training session with the school swim team. We were in training for a competition against another school from another city. We had never beaten them before and were really trying hard this time.
I got there early as I wanted to laze around in the pool before we got in to it.
When I got there the door was open but nobody seemed to be around. I got changed and lay in the sun.
I had been there for maybe 10 minutes when the swimming coach (who was also my English teacher) walked over and told me to get off my arse and do a slo... Continue»
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Losing my cherry to the old man next door

When I was growing up in the 60's and 70's sex was something you whispered about and there was no talk about gay sex, or crossdressing. I was born in the mid 50's, the typical f****y back then, I had a mom and with 9 s****rs, with me being the baby of the f****y, My parents were seperated since I was 6,My Mom was 5'4" very busty she was into the beat generation and my s****rs also very busty, were hippies, There was a lot of estrogen in our house and you could forget about using the bathroom,when I turned 10 my s****rs began to use me as their toy, practicing hair styles and new clothes on me... Continue»
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My Friends Hot Daughter 2

Mr. H has been fucking her for years. She is a good little fucktoy, beautiful, sexy, deviant, but a man has needs and he really loves to fuck with her mind and honestly she loves it too. She has her best orgasms when she is made to feel like she is the dirties slut around and she has learned to trust him because he really loves her (he says so). He only hits her when she has done something wrong, or he thinks she has done something wrong, or she reacts to pain, or she doesn't react to pain, or a number of other reasons. But he always feels really bad about it afterwards and he promises he won'... Continue»
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Trying out my new digital camera.

It was a normal birthday for me. The weather was wet and horrible, and I came home to an empty house. It was Friday, 5pm, and I knew my Mother would be home in a few minutes. Hopefully with the present I had asked for. A new digital camera. I had gotten interested in photography and cinematography a few months earlier, fascinated with capturing images of beauty in anything and everything.

Unfortunately, my Father was away on business for the whole week, so was going to miss my birthday. So, just me and my Mom alone for the evening. Not that I minded, it meant I could spend time with my new ... Continue»
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Double Fantasy ... and more

Double Fantasy – And More …

She tugged at the cock as she sucked hungrily on it. Hands grabbed her hair and dictated the rhythm of her passionate movements on the stiff shaft.

Her ass cheeks were pulled apart and she felt a hard knob against her pussy lips – suddenly a hard cock thrust into her wetness as she choked on the other cock deep in her throat.

Two men. Two cocks. Double the pleasure …

It had been a fun after-work get together for drinks at the office. The women were out-numbered ten-to-one. She was the oldest of the girls in the office but definitely the ... Continue»
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Fuck me Miss

Just 1 hour and i'm out of that office, hard day and my fucking boss is an asshole keeping me working like a slave for a shitty salary, one thing keeping me going is the next weekend that i'm gonna spend with my man he's hot 9 inch hard dick just for me and he's amazing dom, now i'm getting wet!!!
damn my boss is here. Asshole!
- Tina, have you finished the last file ?
- Not Sir just half an hour and i'm done.
- You're so lazy you have to submit it yesterday.
- Sorry Sir. "Fuck you" look :)
My boss is slim guy with nice ass i like to watch it bounce in his tight pants like a needy whore... Continue»
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Hanna the Danish Pensions Manager

Dateline 1999. Im working in the I.T department of a pensions company. it keeps me busy plus there are plenty of fine looking women to make the day go a lot smoother. One in particular stands out and she was called Hanna. she was a fantastic looking woman not your typical dane with blonde hair and blue eyes. her mother was colombian and it showed in hanna, with her hair as black as a ravens wing, eyes so brown they were almost black and skin like coffee, she was very easy on the eye. she also could be very flirty if she liked you. i responded in kind to her whenever i got an email askin... Continue»
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Carmool's Date Night

Carmool hadn’t been fucked in what seemed like years. Examining herself in the hotel rooms full length mirror she couldn’t help but feel a little sad for the wasted time. Right now her milky white, long legs were just the right side of plump. Curvy but firm and round with promise. They glistened beneath the flesh coloured stockings which hugged the tops of her thighs their cold, rubber grips covered in frilly lace. Carmool’s gravity defying buttocks hung either side of the tiny, diaphanous thong which split her backside in two. She shuffled her legs together, never for one second taking ... Continue»
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The Neighbor's Naughty Daughter

I leaned against the bar watching the action out on the dance floor and couldn't help licking my lips. God bless summer! Everywhere my eyes wandered, I spotted exactly what Doug and I had come here to find: plenty of hot young things. Even better, the first heat wave of the season had caused inspired the club had to open up its beachfront a week early.

We'd caught wind of the opening last night ago, and after our usual Saturday-night dinner date, we'd taken a ride to the under 21 club and spent over an hour sitting out on a deck that overlooked the beach.

The girls were out there wearin... Continue»
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Sweet Little Coed Ass

College professor enjoys the anal delights of a coed
First let me say that this story happen rather unexpectedly this last winter at a medium sized college in the San Diego area. I am in my mid-40's, average looking kind of guy who happens to be a professor at a local college-teaching students studying to be in the medical field. As the story unravels I must say that I was in the right place at the right time...as nothing like this has happen before in my 16 years of teaching. Just to be on the safe side I have changed the people's names including the woman who is the main subject - whom I wi... Continue»
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The Busty Babysitter

Rachel was just pulling her coat on when John came down the stairs. He handed Rachel her payment in cash.

"Thank you, Mr. Greene." Rachel smiled in gratitude.

"You're welcome," he replied. "You deserve every penny. Kathy and I are very happy with you. There is no one that we trust the k**s with more than you."

"Thank you, that means a lot. I love them like they're my own. I would do anything for you guys."

Rachel was starting to blush and was having a hard time meeting John's gaze. For his part, John was having a hard time keeping his eyes away from Rachel's exposed cleavage. Did ... Continue»
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Taking it up the ass, putting it up an ass

It started off as a stupid joke, one of those things sororities want entering freshmen to do during rush week. All the older s****rs in the house I was most interested in voted that all the new freshman pledges would have to try anal sex before the end of the semester. If we wanted to join up, we'd have to take it up -- up the ass, that is.

I was pretty eager to get in, so I played along, but already I was trying to figure a way of faking it. I'm no prude, but I wasn't going to let some stupid frat boy stick it in me -- much less in my back door! -- just to get some stupid signed certificat... Continue»
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The neighbor girl is home from her first year in c

It all started on a beautiful Saturday morning in early June. I just started fixing a few sections of the fence between my house and my neighbor's. It was already very hot and the sun was moving up over the trees in my back yard making the work extremely hot and sweaty. I removed my shirt for a little relief from the heat and was just wearing a pair of old jeans and some work boots.

I just finished removing an old section of the fence when I saw something that made my heart skip a beat. I wasn't expecting my neighbors to be home because they spent most weekends during the summer at their li... Continue»
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My wife was always running her mouth about how she would like to be treated like a total WHORE and SLUT and f***ed to do filthy things and have NO choice but to obey! I knew she was full of shit because every time I tried to set something up, she would chicken out or make up some sorry excuse as to WHY she couldn't do it.

I had finally had enough of her bullshit so I decided to set up a situation where she would have NO choice but to obey and be the filthy SLUT she was always claiming to be.

I invited 8 guys and their personal slave wives over one afternoon while she was out for the
... Continue»
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I was a soldier for many years and served in some of the worlds biggest shit holes but a few years ago I went to Kenya for 3 months and looking back it was without doubt my best time.

I met a girl in a club in Mombasa her name was Mary, she was as black as the ace of spades but she had European features, her nose wasn't spread over her face with nostrils like train tunnels and she didn't have the huge rubbery lips like a lot of blacks have. She also didn't have a gigantic fat arse that you could balance a pint glass of beer on. The best thing about Mary for me was that she smelt clean and f... Continue»
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