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Soccer Crush by loyalsock

Great. I was late for class again. O well, I thought as I casually
strolled to the class I was 15 minutes late for. When I finally got
there, I managed to find a seat in the crowded auditorium way in the
back. Perfect. Maybe I'll get a chance to sit next to Teri. Teri was
gorgeous. She had beautiful brown hair with few blonde streaks. She had a
femininely athletic body, toned muscles and all. This was because she was
on the soccer team. Everything about her was beautiful. She was about
5'10 and weighed maybe 135. She was curvy in all the right places. She
had my heart and she didn't ... Continue»
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Trail Run by loyalsock

It was early morning. The sun had just turned a darkened sky to a
pale silvery gray. A heavy fog blanketed the forest-floor while a mist
continued to float down on everything beneath the canopy. I doubted very
much that there was another soul near me, for miles. That was good. That
was exactly the way I wished it to be. Becoming lost in thought, I ran
harder, faster.

The sound of the leaves and sticks crunching under my weight
brought comfort in their familiarity. Keeping my breathing regular, I
detected the subtle scent of ozone in the air. It would rain soon. And yet,
even t... Continue»
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Jane Goes Running by loyalsock

Alyana pulled the tight sports top over her young breasts and smoothed down
the material, slowly running her hands over her soft flesh. She was
preparing herself for her daily run in the park. She was her school's best
runner and loved racing and practising, the feel of the tight clothes over
her skin, the toned flesh of her young body and the sight of the beautiful,
fit bodies of the other girls she ran with.

Alyana was 18 and loved the sight of other girls her age, girls turning
slowly to womanhood, small slowly swelling breasts, slim, curved hips and
long legs, gradually taking ... Continue»
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The Swimmer by loyalsock

Laura hit the pool everyday before school. She knew she was good but
wanted to be better, maybe even join a swim team. Swimming kept her
thin and lightly muscled as her 18 year old body developed towards
womanhood. Laura took pride in her shapely legs, tight ass, abs and
the 32Cs she had grown up top.

Lately another swimmer had caught Laura's eye. Over in the fast lane a
girl just a bit older than Laura powered up and down the pool, length
after length, turning tightly at each end. Laura admired her
technique, and by stealing glances at the girl above and below the
water she tried... Continue»
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Betsy Goes to School

It was my first night at St. Marta's School for women,
and had woken up when my roommate slid in to my bed with

I had arrived with all the other girls, supposedly all
raised in a religious environment, and all having a
mother who had gone here before us. My mom and dad had
never let me date, and the internet was something sent
by the devil to lead me into temptation. I had been a
little shocked at some of the language the other girls
used when the nuns weren't around, but tried to not let
them know.

My roommate, Leila, was from California, and had the
blonde, blu... Continue»
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Amber pt1

Part 1

I rolled my eyes as I stopped in my daughter's door, a
little shocked, but wanting to laugh at the same time. I
leaned against the door frame, watching as she
masturbated with her left hand. Her eyes were closed and
her hand was moving furiously, flat as if trying to
scrub herself, with an expression of frustration on her
face. Of course she chose that exact moment to open her
eyes and saw me standing there.

I sighed as she screamed, "Mom!" Then turned and covered
her face with a pillow. "Amber, it's ok," I said, as I
walked over to stand by her. She didn't even ... Continue»
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Amber pt2

I had laundry and household stuff to do, so no girl sex
with Kathy today. Amber was bright eyed and excited when
she got home, but didn't tell me why until that night
when we were in the den. She hands me a stack of papers
when she sits down, her eyes shining in excitement. Two
tests, a report, and a couple of quizzes, all with A's.
I clapped my hands in excitement, giving her a hug and
telling her how happy I am.

She gives me a big smile and says, "So, do I get a

That gets a laugh from me and I say, "Of course."

When I don't continue she says, "Mom, so what i... Continue»
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Amber pt3

Part 3

I could tell Amber was horny as we were leaving the
restaurant, twitching and glancing at me on the way to
the Tahoe. Sliding in to the front, instead of sitting
on her side, she took the middle seat, buckling next to
me before saying "Are we still doing my reward?"

I grinned, starting the Tahoe and said "Yes Honey,
anything you want"

Her hand slid up my thigh and pushed against my pussy as
she looked out the window, not meeting my eyes. She was
breathing heavily as she ground it into me, her hips
pushing down into the seat as if she was humping it.
"Will you.... Continue»
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We include another female in our newfound freedom

After our first mmf with Harvey, she and I talked a lot, and the sex just got hotter and hotter. Instead of me getting fucked outside our marriage, I was completely satisfied at home. Our honesty with each other fueled our passion.

She confessed she was really surprised at Harvey going down on my cock but extremely turned on by it. Not to mention when I went down on him. She said it was so sexy to watch me sucking his big black cock.

Harvey's cock was the first in many years, and I really enjoyed being reintroduced to that part of my history. The size of the cock and balls and the am
... Continue»
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Nicolette - 4

Chapter One

I have been enjoying my time here in Rachel’s home. She has been such a godsend for me. Work has been trying at times, but I am learning a lot. Rachel gives me special jobs to do, and I get them done in the most proficient way. I’d like to think I’m earning my keep. She is very reassuring with her comments and praise. It’s been another long week and I am looking forward to the weekend and some much needed time off. Rachel has been hinting for awhile about letting me have Mark as my personal slave in the coming week. She has a business trip that will keep her away. She wants... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #31: Linda-1

Lovely looking Linda loves her sexy short shoot showering in my studio so she returns for some more
Lovely looking Linda is lucky as juicy Jenny is our guest for lovely long a warm weekend of lusty love

Lovely Linda presents Professor Peter pretty awesome Alessandra her blonde best friend from Brabantia
Lovely Linda longs a lot for his proud pole so she pleases Peter presenting him a hot tasty three-some

Linda never met my great granddaughter tasty teen pretty Petra, helping her granddad at his sex studio
Linda never dreamt of getting caught on cameras in a lesbian daisy chain of
... Continue»
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Anything for you

Kate sits looking out the window as it poured with rain, hitting the ground hard and heavy, she just wanted to be in it. Kate loved the rain, it was tough, unpredictable and wet, all her favourite things in a woman. You see Kate was married, to a man of many talentd. Strong, handsome, great cook and very capable with his hands, not to mention the size of his cock, but Kate couldn't help herself, she loved pussy aswell. She would sit and think about the things she would do to one if she could, she would come up with dirty ideas, and sit in a day dream of girls bent over, rubbing pussy in her fa... Continue»
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Mom & daughter / Sue & Colette

I had been seeing Sue for a couple of months, a lovely woman in her early 40's. Good looking & great body for her age, but it was her amazing sex drive that really excited me. She just loved sex, indoors, outdoors, public places, didn't mind what time of day, she lived for sex.
Sue had a daughter, Colette, I was meeting her for the first time, she was 19 & home from uni for the weekend. I went round to Sue's house early evening, as Colette was going out with friends. I sat on the couch waiting for Colette to come down , wondering if she looked as good as her mom.

I h... Continue»
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Mother knows best

Catherine was finished doing the dishes. Her daughter Sandy had just come home from the mall with her new friend Linda and doing things in the bedroom. She didn't really approve of Linda much. She seem to be part of a gang and had a bad attitude; always bossing Sandy around. Sometimes she just wanted to slap that k**. As she hung up the towels, she decided to go up and see if the girls wanted some cookies. She walked up the stairs and saw the door slightly ajar so she peeked inside to make sure she didn't interrupt something.

She saw Linda standing bend over with her arms on the back of the... Continue»
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Nicolette - 3

Chapter One

My first week at my new job went well. I got to meet a lot of new people. They were very warm and welcoming. This place seems to have a lot of happy employees. I was able to have lunch with a few of the staff and we talked about the work environment. I found out, interestingly enough, that office romances are very common. I can attest to that, my first day, I was in a conference call with Rachel, and she had the receptionist Tina, eating her out during the entire call. I noticed that Mark doesn’t hang at the office much, but when he does, it’s usually under Rachel’s desk.

... Continue»
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The Piano Lesson

Amy was home on summer break from college, house sitting for her parents while they were away for the summer on vacation themselves. She was glad to house sit, because it gave her the opportunity to re-connect with some old friends and people she hadn't seen in a while.

She also heard that the woman that gave her piano lessons when she was younger had moved back into her old house. Amy hadn't seen Ms. Harrison since she had taken lesson from her some 10 or twelve years ago. Amy remembered how she loved to go to her lesson, and see how pretty Ms. Harrison was.

She was tall, with shoulde... Continue»
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Let's Do It Your Way, Frank

At twenty-five years of age, Frank Rizzitti was a bit
over 6 foot tall, swarthy of skin and color due in a
large part to his Italian heritage. Always clean-
shaven, Frank was nice enough looking in his
appearance, somewhat resembling his favorite singer,
Tony Bennett. The same hooked sort of nose, dark
hair and blue eyes, even a small cleft in his chin.
What made Frank so popular with most women were
not his looks however, it had more to do with the size
and girth of his cock. A full ten inches long and thick
when erect, most women (and some men) would get
weak in the knee... Continue»
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Surprise on the Farm

We visited great-aunt Loretta and great-uncle Charlie's
farm 3 or 4 times a year for as long as I could
remember. Most of the time it was pretty boring since
there weren't any other k**s my age anywhere near the
farm. It was up to me most of the time to entertain

I was 15 when the farm was sold, but shortly before
that during one of our visits, my aunt and uncles two
granddaughters arrived with their parents. Amazingly
they had never come to visit while we were there

Claire was 16, very pretty with long dark hair, well
developed breasts and very preco... Continue»
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Kristen, Sally and Me

She was an attractive woman, and a lot of fun to talk to. I had no idea she would say, "That sounds like a great idea!" when I suggested she join my wife and I for an evening. And the lack of resistance when asked Kristen about it didn't really make me feel too badly.

Here we were together in the hotel suite after an evening of dining and dancing. Sally liked Tuborg Gold Tequila and Kristen liked Manhattans. I was all set for both. We sat and had a few drinks, when Sally asked Kristen to join her in a joint. She never had before, but was willing to try. I had just quit smoking a ... Continue»
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When I relocated on the west coast two years ago, I was virtually penniless.

I had moved to get as far away from my ex-boyfriend as possible. Our relationship had soured, and when I attempted to break up with him, he had grown obsessive and, in a word, scary. He stalked me, called me night and day on the telephone, and showed up at my workplace so frequently that I had been fired. I got a restraining order against him, though that had not slowed him down much. I changed my phone number, but he somehow had got hold of it. I simply couldn't get away from him.

One day at the spa, while ... Continue»
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