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Meeting a friend

Arriving in my hotel after the long flight from Europe, I suddenly found myself feeling very horny. I needed some relief. Maybe a shower would help, I thought to myself as I stripped away my traveling outfit. My skirt slipped down my legs and pooled at my feet. I stepped free, my already bare feet slipping carelessly away from the skirt. I took a few steps toward the bathroom as I unbuttoned the white, just almost see-through blouse. It was on the floor just in front of the door to the bathroom. Wearing just a white bra and panties, I played with the nozzles in the shower until I figured out h... Continue»
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Kauai is for lovers- another couple

Cindi and I had worked hard and saved and we jetted off to Kuai for 10 days of sun and doing nothing. The hotel is incredible and we both were in awe. After day two Cindi informed me she wanted to find a remote seciont of beach so we could "really relax."
We talked to one of the cleaners and she tole us how to find a real remote path the lead to a section of beach that was virtually unknown, except to a few locals. It was about a 45 minute drive first.
The third day we organized some droinks and snacks and headed to our private locale for fun in the sun.
The path was truly difficule to loca... Continue»
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Art class

Hey my names jess and let me tell you about my art class. First im a sexy 176cm blonde with cute brown eyes and perky 34b chest and a slim and very fit build that im very proud of anyway back to the story, so I was sitting in art class and our professor tapped the board and said 'toady class we will be having a live model so please welcome sasha. I looked up and in walked in this tall gorgeous woman she had luscious black hair and sexy blue eyes i got excited seeing her and then she got on the chase lounge at the front of the class and took her thin robe off my heart fluttered as i saw her big... Continue»
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Taylor's Girlsquad II - Karlie Kloss and Vict

Taylor's Girlsquad II - Karlie Kloss and Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice blinked rapidly a few times, her long, brown eyelashes caressing her cheek, and lifted a hand to her lips, painted in a subtle, pink lipstick, to yawn. She fanned air to her face and headed over to the coffee machine, her steps fairly uneasy, with a small grunt escaping her lips and her hand moving to her stomach to stroke it soothingly. She waited until the dark, steaming liquid had poured out of the nozzle and into her cup, lifting it to her nose and closing her eyes with a smile as she breathed in the sce... Continue»
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A bar meeting

The first time I felt her body against mine, is a feeling I'll never forget. Her curvy, athletic figure with her long dark hair is an image still burned into my memory. I never thought I would have ever wanted to be with another woman. I never thought I would ache for a woman. In my life, I was as straight as they come. I've always desired men. I loved men. Of course I had the moments in college where you're drinking and playing truth or dare and there is always that one guy who dares you to kiss another girl, but I never even imagined I would feel another woman's body on me, caressing me, kis... Continue»
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My name is Amanda, I'm 63 now and spent most my life as housewife and mother of 3 boys. I've had bi/submissive urges since I was in my early thirties, I found this out in a rather harsh way. I'm 5'6" 36C and at the time of this story 135 lbs. My husband at the time (since passed) I thought was having an affair with a neighbor, so after he went to work and k**s off to school I set off for her house to set her straight. Things went wrong from the start, she invited me in and I immediately started yelling at her and calling her names, she was stunned to say the least but not intimidate... Continue»
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The Pill - part 3

This is the third chapter in the story of my adventures in London, on the day when I took a small pink pill and my face and body transformed into that of a beautiful young woman. However, I knew that I only had 24 hours before the effects wore off and so determined not to miss any opportunity as I had a day of sexual adventures, some planned, some on the spur of the moment. The story so far: I had started my day in the back of a van, in a multi-storey car park, choosing the outfits I would wear during the day, and discovering the wonders of my new female body. I had then greatly improved the d... Continue»
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So you want to be part of Taylor Swift's Girl

Michelle Trachtenberg couldn't believe her eyes when they wandered along the letters on her phone's screen.

'Hey Michelle. So you want to be part of Taylor's Girlsquad? She is in town right now. Her and I have talked about it. She would like to meet you. Hyatt Hotel, presidential suite, be there between 9:45 and 9:50 PM or don't be there at all.

- xoxo, Karlie

For a few moments Michelle breathed deeply, wondering if Karlie was just messing with her, if this was all just an intricate joke. This text message originated from a loose exchange Michelle and Karlie Kloss had a few ... Continue»
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Werewolf women of the ss part 4

As Diana was leaving the head doctors office she turned and was going to ask why those side affects were so pronounced but the head doctor cut her off and said 'all in good time now go lunch is about ready' she said with a smirk and closed her door. Diana was puzzled and walked to the cafeteria where the others were standing in line and Diana could smell something delicious as she looked ahed she could see steak like meat on everyones trays but it was still bl**dy and veggies, she wondered what it was till she had her tray finally and saw Ava she sat next to her friend and asked her if she kne... Continue»
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my lesbian roommate part 3

Diana straddled me and sasha took the bottle and opened it as Diana was licking my face and making out with me i could see that we werent at a regular club it was a sex club and Diana was laughing as she saw my hair and make up were a mess. Hey you know we can leave if your uncomfortable Tess sasha said sweetly as Diana was still kissing my neck, yea please i looked at Sasha and she smiled sweetly as Diana was looking disappointed and said hey whats the rush we haven't even beeh here 20 minutes as we left her sitting at the booth and Sasha got us a cab home. We sat on my bed and I started to c... Continue»
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Taylor Swift and Michelle Trachtenberg: The fan

Another night on the road. Taylor Swift had just finished a sell-out Hollywood show, straight from stage she was hot sweaty and elated. It gave her a real buzz, 50,000 fans eating out of the palm of her hand.

Dancing with her hot crew in those sexy outfits was fantastic, but she couldn't help feeling a little turned on by it all. That many people screaming your name, and the sexy male and female dancers gyrating with her, but no... She was a professional, you don't get involved with the crew.

She absent mindedly stroked her long leg, thinking of Hayley Williams and how cute her little b... Continue»
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First time swapping

This is a story from several years ago when my wife(now ex wife) and I decided to spice up our marriage.

My wife and I met a couple through a popular swing site and after a few phone conversations decided to play with them. Their names were Jessica and Ron. Jessica was bi and my wife(Beth) was a little curious but a little nervous. After we arrived at their house we had a few drinks then started playing a adult game. The winner got to do whatever they wanted. During the course of the game we all slowly lost most of our clothes and then had to do what the cards said. Beth was down to he... Continue»
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Warm-up match - Van Persie mass shooting 3 assists

Phoenix Ticker July 20 17: 30,2013 / 14 season, Manchester United 2 games pre-season warm-up match at Sydney's ANZ Stadium, race, Australia's star ultimate team beat Manchester United 5-1. The first half, Ryan Giggs and Welbeck has scored assists Lingard. The second half, Australian super star pulled one back, but Lingard, Welbeck both scored twice to expand the score. Substitute Robin van Persie finally scored a goal. Manchester United Asia Tour 2013 This is the second warm-up match, coach David Moyes is the coach of the second ultimate team after the game, before the game against Thail... Continue»
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First Kiss #8 - Fuffy 6

B.t.V.S. - First Kiss #8 - Fuffy 6

"F-fuck!" Faith gasped as she was brought to her climax by the blonde's tongue. Her body was shaking as the woman climbed back up her body and laid down beside her.

"Damn, I really got you going, didn't I?" The blonde asked.

"Yeah." Faith whispered as she sat up and got out of bed. Her knees were weak after her orgasm, but she managed to keep her balance as she walked over to the other side of the room, grab her robe and threw it on.

Once again, Faith looked at the blonde she'd picked up earlier that evening and realized how much she... Continue»
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touched my pussy

I knew campus would be dead the day of July 4th, but I wasn't expecting it to be this dead. Normally, even during the summer session, my Psych 101 class would have a hundred people in it. Today there was maybe twenty of us s**ttered around the auditorium. But that didn't stop Dr. Mallory from droning on at the front of the room.

I shouldn't complain. Psych was an easy A for me and watching Dr. Mallory was not without its perks. Like the tight khakis he always wore that cradled his amazing butt. I can't be the only girl to notice how he clinches his buns as he writes on the dry erase board. ... Continue»
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Magic Cream

Found this story in the internet, thought would be worth sharing

Magical Cream

It was a normal day in the Washington area, raining, and a bit cold. I would use the word 'pouring', but not for the state of Washington. Anyhow, somewhere under the shelter of a bus stop, sat a woman, this woman was 22, 5'6", a set of B-cups, and short brown hair, along with decent figure, along with a decent personality. Her name was Liz; she'd been there for maybe 10 min. before her bus showed up. When she climbed on, she immediately saw one of her best friends. Her name was Janet. The two were near i... Continue»
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Having my daughter at the week-end Part 2 Frankie

Four weeks ago my daughter Sarah stayed with me; you may have read about it It was quite an unusual but none the less exhilarating experience which I shall never forget. I felt ashamed that I allowed the situation to get out of hand but in the end I was just putty in her hands.

She had burst into my bedroom without knocking which was obviously wrong; and as it happened it was particularly embarrassing too as she caught me masturbating whilst displaying my penis on Omegle looing for girls. I tried covering it up but she had seen too much. I should have chastised her for not knocking; apol... Continue»
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My Wife, Bev, Agrees to Take A Lover

A lot of guys on here seem to enjoy stories about watching their woman with another man. I shared a story about that with my wife the other day and was surprised when I did not get an immediate eye roll and rejection retort from her. She did not look at me and yell, “Hell yeah, when can we try it?!?!?!” but I did not wind up with a red hand print on my face either!

So on Wednesday before New Year’s she and I were out returning a gift from my aunt and that meant we were 75 miles from home and we decided to kick 2015 out the door with a small private party for ourselves. We got a hotel roo... Continue»
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our maid is a slut

Ashley and I brought each other off in my bedroom, in a lengthy, sweet, sixty-nine before I said, "We need to go talk with Mistress Megan."

Ashley said, "I find it weird you have an adult Mistress."

"Without her we would have never really got to know each other," I smiled, kissing her generously.

"True," she nodded. "And maybe she can help us with this Karen problem."

"I hope so," I nodded.

Five minutes later we knocked on Megan's door with a mixture of trepidation and excitement.

Part of me knew I couldn't let Karen control me with such carelessness and yet another par... Continue»
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my revenge story

I'm watching her from outside her house hidden in the night, stooped
outside her window. Although it is well past sunset her curtains are open
and I can see her sitting in her arm-chair reading. This is the first time
that I have dared to come so close to this mysterious compelling woman.
She knows me only as the assistant at her local library and has no idea
that when she comes into the library my knees turn to jelly and it is all I
can do to appear calm and professional as I process her books. For months
now she has filled my thoughts: assured, beautiful, majestic - all
qualities ... Continue»
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