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Lovers bi another name

He is the sexiest man ever. He loves me much and I am so glad we have a f****y together.

But our love was never so simple. I was going through life trying to find the right person for me to share all my desires with. I did not want another relationship with someone I am not sexually comparable with. We met on the Internet and I drove to see him over a 100 miles away. I did not know what to expect but our conversation was so great over the phone.

After meeting Tony we went out and spoke but nothing sexual happened. We realized we were attracted to each other immediately but we lived so fa... Continue»
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"I'm too d***k to drive."

You offer me a ride home from the bar, since you see I have had too much to drink. On the way, I ask you to stop so I can pee real quick. I am standing next to the car and you can see my backside and when I slide my pants down a little, you are surprised to see me wearing a thong and garters with thigh high stockings. You get a good look and like the way my ass looks. I get back in the car and you keep smiling, so I ask why?.
"I saw your ass, baby, and it looks good....."
"Glad you like it." I say, a little embarrassed.
"Are you? Why? You wantin' to get fucked in that ass, tonight?"
My coc... Continue»
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Mature white wife in workout room

I recently had a weekend layover near Gainseville FL and was spending it at a local hotel. That Sunday morning after breakfast I went to the workout room and was working out on the weight machine. There was no one else in there so I took of my t-shirt and just had on a loose pair of shorts. In a few minutes a middle aged white lady came in. I grabbed my shirt and started to put it back on she grinned and said not to mind her she liked a little " eye candy". I went ahead with my workout and she got on the tread mill. he just had on a tank top and shorts and I couldn't help but watch the bounce... Continue»
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The Taming of Amy IV- Sandra

I woke up and felt my wife Amy stir next to me. I looked over and could see her nude body under the thin sheet. Her face looked so relaxed. She had been such a bitch for so long. Just a week ago she would have probably scowled in her sl**p. I was convinced she was a bitch even when she was sl**ping. Then that wonderful potion came along and now she was the sweetest, sexiest and most submissive wife any man could have!

I was pondering all of this when another slender arm moved across my chest and I felt Sandra snuggle up to me on my other side. Sandra is Amy's mom and if Amy had been a bitch... Continue»
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Teen helps Latina MILF

Let me preface by saying I’m a skinny, white, 18 year old male. I’m not particularly tall - average height I guess? My style is kinda rocker/skater/alternative, with longish hair.

I grew up and spent most of my teen years in Greenfield Massachusetts, which has a rural, small town community vibe.

Anyway, last year, my dad found a new job in downtown Boston – so we moved to a suburb just outside of Boston, Winthrop. It is a nice coastal town – quiet and clean compared to other cities surrounding Boston.

We rented an apartment in a 3 f****y home. This was kind of a shock for me, c
... Continue»
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Double Barreled Cunt!!!

Mmmm...not really me to go 3 upsomes???
Well 1st time I guess for everything?
What can you do when in the same eve 2 lovely fellas want to play and you can't say no to either? Well in this case say yes to both!
I thought well Mick(hubby) is away again and I was a bit bored with cock about and in an orgasm desert!!!
I knew one fella and he was speaking to his Bruv, who was more than curious to see a white Lady 'real Booty like'.
The lad I know is about 25 yo, very long cock, not over think and a huge pair of breeding balls to match it. I as yet in the story can't say how his mate is equipp... Continue»
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A Shortie for Susan - Part 2

Andy was in the shower stroking his cock, remembering the amazing fuck with his Math Tutor Bendy Bindi yesterday afternoon. In his imagination he could still feel her hot thighs pressing into his arse and her hands pinning back his ankles as she took him in the Amazon position. Just when he couldn’t imagine it getting any hotter, Susan his step-mum appeared in the shower, standing behind him, pressing her tits into his back and gripping his slippery cock.

“What are we going to do with you, you naughty boy? I bet you’re thinking about fucking that Indian slut Bindi again. Well ... Continue»
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A Reluctant Gang Bang


This story was stolen and posted here by a LIAR claiming it was theirs but I am the real author and they were just a cheap barely literate FAKE!!!

Hi all! I have been cross dressing and playing with men for many years now. One of My first experiences was being gang fucked by about 9 guys at an adult arcade. I was 18 at the time and it kind of traumatized me as it was pretty much a gang **** at an adult arcade. I was dressed up in a white flowered sundress panty hose and white strap on high heeled sandals all borrowed from my older s****r. I had my make up done up just ri... Continue»
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The Taking of Darlene, Part 3

Frank sat stunned in front of his computer, his head spinning, his face flushed, chills running down his spine. He was not sure what to do but he felt like throwing up... Slowly the call sunk in, Darlene was in trouble, he had no idea what to do and the only help he had was some guy telling him to lock his cock in a chastity device. Hell, he did not have one and had never even seen one except in pictures. Where would he get one and why the hell should he do it anyway...who was fucking with him anyway?

While Frank let his mind run in little circles, Darlene had challenges of her own. Maste... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

About two years before my husband and I got married, just after we were engaged, he got the idea of me doing a boudoir shoot with a professional photographer as a birthday present. He looked into booking a photographer for an hour shoot, but after realizing that all of those who specialized in boudoir photography charged at least $500 for a session, we began to explore other options. A friend who was a professional model suggested that I list myself on a modelling website where photographers and models could find each other to do what she called "TF" or "Trade For" sessions where each trad... Continue»
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My benggali neighbour.

Halim meminta anaknya yang berusia enam tahun itu menjengok di luar rumah untuk melihat sama-ada sesiapa yang datang ke rumahnya. Bunyi deruan angin lori yang agak kuat di luar seolah ada orang datang ke rumahnya. Setahunya tidak ada pun dia menempah atau meminta sesiapa menghantar barang untuknya. Setelah dia sendiri menjengoknya, barulah dia tahu ada orang yang akan duduk atau sewa rumah kosong di sebelahnya.

“Dah ada orang sewa rumah sebelah tu. Nampaknya benggali pula yang sewa rumah Che Ibrahim tu” kata Halim bila ditanya oleh isterinya.
Kesal juga Halim kerana sepanjang dia menyewa d... Continue»
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Tales of Travelling and Trolling: The 7/11 Teens P

I could feel myself getting fuller and harder as I hefted it into my hand to stroke for them.

Both Kat and Dana were topless. Kat, was a little heavier, so here tits were a little bigger than Dana's. Dana, being so tiny and thin, was almost flat, but here nipples were erect and hard looking.

The tights they were wearing left little to the imagination. Both had nice tiny bodies even if Dana's was a little smaller.

"So, what do you think, ladies?" I asked.

They kind of looked at one another blankly. Then at me...

"What do you mean?" Dana asked.

"Well," I began, "do you like wha... Continue»
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One saturday Night...

With a White Milf.

What an experience this was and I hope to play with her again. Maybe I will post some pictures of her but she was very resistant so I didn't bring a camera or use my phone during this meet.

How we met

We met on an interracial dating site a few months ago showing a mutual interest but at first I was a bit skeptical because she is 20 years older than me. The photos she had up were obviously PC so but I thought she looked good and seemed cool. She was obviously looking for play but wasn't sure if I wanted to be with an older women yet(biggest age gap for me h... Continue»
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The Time i fucked his Wife while he watched. He di

This is a story about my first time meeting a married white couple who posted a Craigslist ad about the Husband wanting to fulfill his wifes desire to experience BBC. Like many other ads of this nature, i assumed it was bullshit, But for the hell of it since i liked the asspic that was posted with the ad, i responded with a faceless waist down cockpic and small introduction etc. I received a response in a few days from the husband and he asks me a few questions and yada yada a few back and forth message exchanges take place. One day he messaged me and told me the wife will be taking over the c... Continue»
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my christmas

Season's greetings to all my readers. I thought I
would share a very memorable New Year's Eve true
experience with you. This true story happened a number
of years ago, but it remains our most unforgettable NY
Eve ever. Hope you like it, and comments are always
welcome! Photos posted on KB with story.

For Christmas that year, I had given my wife, among
other gifts, a set of adjustable nipple clamps,
connected by a chain. It was apparent that she got
turned on when I or another BBC played rough with her
nipples and tits, and she couldn't wait to try out her
new toy. While ... Continue»
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If we met...

If we met up, I want the sexual tension to be so thick that I can't stand talking to you without picturing myself inside of you.. If you aren’t entirely comfortable with me at that moment and it made you a bit nervous I’d ease the tension by massaging your shoulders. Working my way down your back I’ll familiarize myself with each and every one of your curves. Noting all the spots in which you were most sensitive, cataloging them to know exactly where to grab or rub past to push you just a bit more in the heat of the moment. Your bodies' responses will undeniably welcome my caresses. Before I'v... Continue»
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The professor part 1

It was my second year in college. I needed help with derivatives, so i scheduled a 2 hour tutoring session with my math professor. She was about 5" 7 with a butt that was satisfyingly round and thick. To top it off, she had this thick Latin accent that made every word sound like sex Anyways, after the first couple of minutes in the session, she noticed me trying not to look at her breasts, she smiled at me and we continued working. There was something about her smile that just made me rock hard, it was impossible for me to focus as i felt my dick throbbing (I guess she must have noticed).... Continue»
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Penny becomes a porn star thanks to her friends

Penny's, English, 18 and exactly 5 feet tall with natural long blonde hair, stunningly beautiful, with blue eyes and the most fantastic slim shapely figure. She had just finished her final year at school gaining three "A" Levels and looking forward to university, when her life was changed forever.

Although Penny excelled academically at school her real ambition was to be an Olympic athlete and, although she was good at athletics, her lack of inches gave her an obvious disadvantage over the taller girls. She then tried gymnastics and, even though she was supple enough, she'd started rather ... Continue»
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He Gave Me One Chance

I went to a local adult theatre last week. It was a cruising spot for men - gay men and also men who don't call themselves gay but just like to suck cock every now and then. I'm in my mid fifties now, but I still have my boyish face that makes me look only about 40. I'm also very cute - and I have a big thick 8 inch dick. I'm a hottie to most others, and in this place any true hottie like me gets lots of attention. Even from much younger men.

When I visit this place I don't want to get my big dick sucked. I go there to suck dick, and I only suck dicks that are black and bigger than my own. ... Continue»
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Charity begins in the PUSSY!

It's that time of year when we are all feeling nice to our men and ladies, well it's nearly Christmas! I'm not too sure why I said that as I am 100% of the time feeling charitable..haha, well you know me by now that is if I craving a big black meat stick mmmmm and all that cream it serves up-O yes x
I know well enough not to be too judgmental when it comes to picking my men, best quality, horny buggers, who give me that look -I wanna fuck you bitch! When I am in that mood, which is very often I wear the smallest outfit I dare in open public and bingo I find that that does it. I think mean who... Continue»
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