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Wife orders new dildo

Linda used to have a couple of dildoes but when we had moved house they got misplaced or as she said they really never got used so what were we missing. We hadn't had sex in a while either but one day just after dinner Linda said Honey I have somehting to tell you. i ask her what, with Linda continuing well you know we haven't done it in a while, I thought that l'd pick up a new dildo, maybe we could have alittle fun when it arrives. I was looking out for the post every day. I had't noticed any packages arrive and Linda hadn't mentioned anything for over a week.

After work a couple fo Frida... Continue»
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Sally's Story

Setting: It's a Saturday morning, in a warm place, like around a beach. Maybe they live at a tropical island area. It's just Sally and her mother. It's also summer time, so it's nice and warm, even hotter than usual. But her mom has turned up the AC way too much, so it's cold in the house.
Her mom is also rich. Love da moneys!
(And yes, it is her first time, but she's prepared for it in her mind. Yeesh.)

When Sally Anderson, woke up that morning, she forgot where she was for a moment. Then her mom's head popped through the space between the door and wall. "Hey, honey. It's time to get up... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 12. BBC Gang Fuck at Club F-Bl


Then, by chance one day my darkest fantasy came true. I got “used” by a large group of black men in the backroom of a club.
I was in town for work and decided I wanted to play one more time before flying out the next day. I’d had some visitors from c-list and the chat lines to my room several times over the week, but I wanted more.
I went from my nice hotel to a crappy motel and changed. Then I drove across town to an arcade that had been pretty fun a few years before. It was lame- nothing to play with but myself.
I decided to check out another place I had read a... Continue»
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breeding white girls

African culture regards the seduction of sexually active
women totally different than that of the western
hemisphere. Sadly, there are few laws enf***ed to
protect women in some countries and this appalling
practice of sexual humiliation has torn families apart.
A lot of k**napped women, wives and daughters, have been
f***ed into prostitution and sex slavery... especially
the young white ones. Many rich black African men lust
for white women and have f***efully impregnated many of
them as payback for the white man's past wrongs in
dividing the African continent.

Working ... Continue»
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How she went....

I don't know if this exactly how it happened, but it is close to the real deal.
My wife and I had marital problems. We had been together for 5 years and married for 3. I was 9 years senior to her. When I met Julie, I was ready to settle and change my life style. I had travelled all over the world in the food industry, now I wanted to have a home and in the future a f****y. I think Julie was attracted to me because of my life experiences and how I had lived my life. She was only a few months out of college when we met.
We took it kind of slow, she was a very sensitive young woman with some i... Continue»
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"Four Can Play This Game" (inter.; bf/wm

"I can't believe this shit", Keisha says to herself as she drives the long and busy highway. "I've been with his ass since we were in high school and he decides to fuck around with his boss? It's all good, I got something for her white ass."

Just a couple of hours ago, Keisha had had a final meeting with the private investigator whom she hired after feeling a little suspicious about her husband's infidelity. She and Stanley had been married for only 3 years. They married young, she 19 and he 20, when they found out that she was pregnant. Stanley got a job in a nearby Circle K store to supp... Continue»
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Naughty Nurse Kathy by loyalsock

I had a friend that spent some time in the hospital recently and while visiting him I got to meet a wonderful and sexy person. Her name was Kathy; she was black and a part of the cleaning department. I wouldn't say that she was a janitor; she was more of a lower lever nurse that cleaned the rooms when there was a patient present. She knew quite a bit about nursing, I assumed that she didn't have enough schooling to just be a nurse so she cleaned to make some money to put herself through nursing school.

Kathy caught my eye several times in the hallways of the hospital. She was very pretty, ... Continue»
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My China Doll by loyalsock

I'm an over-30 manager at a small marketing research firm. I keep myself in good shape and look younger than I am. I date much younger women whenever I can - they are sexy, fresh, and open to my particular tastes in sex and interaction. I love to teach them sexual techniques, and I have enjoyed being a sexual mentor with a number of young ladies half my age.

This is the story of one of these younger women. She's a lovely Chinese girl named Lanni, about 20 years old. Very petite and young looking. When I say very petite, I mean really small, but very well proportioned. The fact that she's o... Continue»
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Midnight Maid Service 2 by loyalsock

I surprised her by picking her up and carrying her back to the bedroom, almost like the proverbial picture of the groom carrying his new bride across the threshold. Upon entering the bedroom, I gently laid her on the king size bed and rested her head on a pillow. She laughed, as she kicked off her shoes and settled in.

"Let's take this slow," I told her, as I settled in next to her on the bed. "I mean, even with everything we've done already, I haven't even given you a proper kiss yet. Let's start there."

She answered by lifting up her head and kissing me, her tongue pushing deep into my... Continue»
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My Chemical Romance 1. by loyalsock

"I think. . ." My hands grew slick with sweat as she looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. Her lips plump and juicy, ready for mine to greet them. In my chest, my heart beat rhythmically, worried about her reaction to these words. The first time I would ever utter these words in my life.

"What?" She asked me, her hand traveling to my face. She traced my jaw line with her finger. I grabbed it and kissed it. Jayda had the most beautiful coffee-colored skin I'd ever seen.

How in the world did my eighteen year old high school ass admit to a girl I'd been dating for just a month that I... Continue»
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Midnight Pool Party 1 by loyalsock

The last couple of days have been so hot that I haven't gotten any more work done.

I've been at the house about ten days. And I'm not that anxious to leave, to be honest. The house is large, comfortable, and has central air conditioning, not to mention a large library with lots of comfortable furniture and lots of books, plus a mini movie theater with a slamming audio setup and a huge flat panel TV. I need to make a visit to an electronics store and upgrade my own setup at home.

I miss my house. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. I even miss the people at the office. Well... Continue»
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Midnight Pool Party 2 by loyalsock

Danielle's hands clenched my shoulders hard with each lick of my tongue. Her nails dug deeper every time I sucked on her clit. She inhaled sharply. "Shit! Oooohhh, shit! Baby, you the man! Ooooohhh! Shit!"

I would have chuckled, if I didn't have my mouth full. I was glad to discover that the techniques I'd learned definitely worked. It pays to be a good student. It was easy to give her oral. She was very demonstrative, and her pussy almost tasted like chocolate.

Suddenly she clenched her hands tighter than ever, dug her nails in my shoulders, inhaled and went, "Aaaahhhhhuuhhhh!"

And t... Continue»
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Midnight Maid Service 1 by loyalsock

That long, slow creaking sound, followed by a sudden thud -- a sound known to just about everyone who's ever stayed in a hotel as of one of your neighbors letting go of the door to their room, the door loudly pulling itself closed and slamming shut. I had just hoped it was something I would have avoided in a 5-star hotel, but, then again, why not something else to draw out an already long business trip. I rolled over to see my small travel alarm clock on the nightstand and saw the glowing red 12:00 stare back at me. My one fucking chance to sl**p and a slamming door wakes me up at midnight. Fu... Continue»
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Lessons In Biology by loyalsock

So far, a month has gone by and thanks to Mark, Ebony's grades have gone up in nearly all of her classes. The coach has already told her that she has made the cheerleading squad and that she will be given her first practice in another week. Why shouldn't she become a cheerleader for her high school? She has a great body of 36C-24-36, beautiful black hair down below her shoulders, firm legs, and at 5'4, she only weighs about 110. "I have all of the assets to being a great cheerleader," she thought as she rode the school bus home one evening. She hoped to get home soon enough to fix herself some... Continue»
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Mactan by loyalsock

The briefing officer was very specific about what we couldn't say about this next mission.

"You are not to reveal to anyone the destination or purpose of this mission. A breach of security will cost you some jail time, so if one of you assholes wants to go to Kansas, just blab this around. Be at the aircraft at 2100 hours today. Be sober. And remember to keep your mouth shut!"

Hmmm. It was about average for the briefings we had received for other missions. Julio Torres and I grabbed our tool boxes and TDY kits and headed for the plane. We had just gotten back from a two week stay in Kora... Continue»
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Pygmies 2 by loyalsock

"You little fucking fuck-monkeys I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll think its fucking christmas you little horny fucking stud-midgets-" rambled Sarah in rampant sexual rapture. She wanted to be fucked so badly by every pygmy cock in the village, as if she needed to consume the defensless little black folk with her aching vagina, she felt ravenous, predatory, slutty with extreme prejudice, she wanted their cum, was desperate for it. "It's a white fucking christmas for you hot little fucking human dildo's, you're all mine you hear me? I'm never letting you get away from this hungry white pussy...... Continue»
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Janitor Cums To School by loyalsock

Lewis has stood there for over fifteen minutes, staring at the white female soccer team, while they showered. This was something he did quite often. Lewis closed his eyes and rapidly started pumping his 10" black cock. It was easily the size of a small baseball bat, thick and veiny. His balls were gigantic compared to most men. Abby was alone now and like all the other girls, was unaware of Lewis' presence. The sensation of the water running over her naked body caused her body to awaken. She looked around, to ensure she was alone.

Once she was confident that she was, she slowly guided her ... Continue»
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Lusting For Eva 1 by loyalsock

"Madam Kelly's Finest". Paul stared at the sign before entering through the doors. It had been a long two months and he was desperately in need of letting off some steam. He had never hired a prostitute and had never paid for sex his entire life. He certainly didn't need to with his charm and good looks. He was a prosperous business man who was tall and handsome with dark hair and an athletic body. It had been two months since Paul had had sex, though he had plenty of chances, if he wished to take up any of the offers that he received. But he realized that he was getting tired of the same tall... Continue»
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Lusting For Eva 2 by loyalsock

Paul watched her, amazed by what he had just heard. How could any man try to cause a beautiful creature such as her so much pain? She was so small and delicate, not to mention sexy as hell. If he had her as his own, he would give her nothing but compliments and would try to satisfy all of her needs. He leaned down and kissed her gently. His one hand rubbed down her leg and the other squeezed her side. She felt smooth and perfect. Soon, the kiss turned more aggressive. Before he knew it, both of their tongues were melding in each others mouths. Paul broke away.

"I want to make you feel beau... Continue»
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Pygmies 1 by loyalsock

Rest at last, she thought to herself as they sat by the camp fire, finishing off their meals of curreid goat jerkie, maize-pudding and palm-wine, and settling down for what was to be their fourth night in the bush. She stretched her kahki-trousered legs out across the ground as Mkwambe, a local tobacco farmer and her chief guide for the journey, poked absently at the fire with a stick and puffed thoughtfully on his pipe. The air was thick with the sounds of crickets from somewhere within the dark depths of tree-packed foilage- the 'bush', which surrounded them beyond the orange light of the ca... Continue»
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