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It all Starts at the Gym

A quick summary about me: I consider myself bi. I played with friends in high school and some older neighbors while living at home. But after graduating college, the bi was put a way for a while. After getting married and having a few k**s, and wife went cold, they came back out. I ventured into a few Craigslist adds and little to no success, a few ok but most were no shows or well just not what they said they were. And now to the some recent events in my life that have, well changed me!! Don’t get me wrong I love my wife and f****y, but need and crave other things in my sex life!! I am... Continue»
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Helping My Girlfriend Discover Men & Go Black

Long past due here is part 3 of my story about my girlfriend Karma. If you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 it might help to understand part 3 better.

This story takes places a little over a month after Karma sucked her first cock. Karma was almost addicted to giving blowjobs. She couldn’t suck enough cock. Over that course of a month she probably gave at least three blowjobs a day. Of course I couldn’t leave her have all the fun so I joined in. My black guy friends loved having this new eager little slut to suck their cock’s.

One night we had just come home from a party where Karma had just b... Continue»
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Big Bodied Married Man Love Slim Sissies

Chuck Hall pulled up to second drive-way window the McDonald’s small town where he lived and worked as production manager at the a local chemical manufacturing plant. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and six year-old daughter wanted a happy meal. When the slender dark-skinned young fast food worked opened the window, he lisped, “McNugget happy meal for a girl with apples slices and a Sprite, right?”

“Yeah, the six-foot-two-inch, dark-skinned, two-hundred-fifty-five beefy muscular man replied.

The employee handed over the box and then the drink.

Chuck asked, “Hey man can I get a large f... Continue»
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Secret Slut Wife

He finds out what his wife is doing behind his back.

The capacity for self delusion and denial in the human mind is surprising. It took what most would say was pretty damning evidence before I even became suspicious that my wife was up to something. Even then, I couldn’t bring myself to really think that something illicit was going on. Surely there was a reasonable explanation for everything.

Then, when I had my suspicions confirmed, I heard ringing in my ears, my extremities went numb, and my stomach was wrenched and doused in ice water. I couldn’t get a breath. The feeli... Continue»
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Introducing my ex to the life style with a bbc

My ex Amy was only 20 years old her first time she got a taste of the swinging life,meeting a couple online Tony and Jane we planned to meet on the weekend and they told us stories about this guy Jim they see for mfm fun and having his own place in the city its a great place to meet.
So Amy and I messaged him on the site we used telling him about our plans and about ourselfs. Now the couple were in their 40's so telling Jim a couple with a gorgeous 20 year old are coming over with Tony and Jane for a night of swinging and swapping made him very open to hosting. On Saturday afternoon we are ab... Continue»
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i joined Her night out..

My wife Jane was having her night out with the girls and whilst she was getting ready she was telling me a story about her friend who made her husband dress up for her!! i said what like a sailor army police??? she said no a women in full dress fake boobs and everything, i said no way do i know him she said no..but she continued he goes out with her as a couple and get fixed up take a man back and she lets him fuck her whilst he watches in full dress but never gives on that he's a man he just stands and watches, i was like no way how does he get away with not talking?? and not getting asked to... Continue»
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My black wife wants more than my little white peni

My wife and I have been married for two years now, she is an African American woman with a med Brown complection, smooth skin with nice long shoulder length auburn hair, always keeps herself looking very nice with the softest most refreshing scent. I often take long wiffs of her hair and body because she always smells so good. I really like how nice she keeps her nails, always a fresh manicure and pedicure with her hair always fixed to perfection. She stands 5'3, a nice 120, very curvy in all the right places, nice plump breast with nice size nipples that perk up and poke through her shirt if ... Continue»
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Watching Anita giving up her ass to Jerome

Watching Anita giving up her ass to Jerome

Sunday morning after we were up all night fucking, I was really horny and in the mood to see Ana fuck a black guy.
I told her my wishes and then she called her old black lover Jerome, who was in town for a few days and was delighted to taste my wife´s pussy again…

He arrived in less than half an hour and Anita was not quite ready, so he and me sat on the living room and enjoyed a nice glass of bourbon.

When Ana was ready she came out in a sexy black nightie that was very sheer, showing off her smooth, bald pussy and hard nipples. Jerome cou... Continue»
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6 mature big breasted, white ladies bbc cottage4

There are 6 mature, big breasted, curvy, white ladies who have worked very hard to lose their baby fat from their 3rd pregnancies after their 3rd breeding session last year with 4 well endowed, young black men. White ladies are; Tryphaena, Elaine, Connie, Wendy, Beverly and Steph. Black men are; Randolph, Sam, Tom and Danny. Although all 6 ladies lost their baby fat, because they're all mature none have six packs, but are very well proportioned and are in excellent shape with great hip to waist ratios. They've also continued after their 3rd c***dbirths with renewing their foot reflexology, shi... Continue»
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Tranny Motel

Tyrone and Kimberly Woods kissed as all of the guests at their house party cheered them on. It was their first anniversary and they were celebrating this night with f****y and friends. There were close to forty people in attendance – most of whom had brought some form of alcohol and all of whom had brought a gift. There was great music and excellent barbecue as Kimberly’s dad and Tyrone’s uncle manned the grill. Folks were laughing, dancing, and having a great time. In one corner of the yard, there was a game of dominoes transpiring. Next to it, a foursome was playing Spades.

Several minute... Continue»
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Back home from office so early

Back home from office so early

Wednesday I came home early, because I was really very tired.

I had not called my sweet Ana to tell her I was coming early; I knew she could be worry thinking I could be ill or something…

At our parking entrance there was a green van and I then I recalled having hired two young black men to fix some plumbing matters at home.

I slipped into the house and walked toward my office when I heard voices and laughing. It was Anita with those young black guys in the living room…

I could her laughing but would not make out what the conversation was about s... Continue»
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My Ebony Mistress

I met her at the bar across town. She was wearing all black leather from head to toe. Her name was Alisha, she was 5'8 with long shoulder length black hair, with big brown hypnotic eyes i could get lost in for hours. When i first laid my eyes upon her i knew i had to have her and i would do ANYTHING to make it happen. I walked to the barand introduced myself "Hi my name is james. How are you this evening?" She looked me up and down smiled and laughed then said "Hi i'm Alisha, i'm doing well thank you." I bought her and myself a drink then after about 20 mins of getting to know each... Continue»
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Office fantasy

We’ve hired a man from a temp agency to work in my office. A tall, thin black man that I can’t keep my eyes off of. He sits across from me at his desk and from my vantage point, I can look under his desk at his beautiful thick black cock. Now, I’m a shy lady and I would never approach him, but the other night while having some wine with my husband it sort of slipped out that I was attracted to his penis. This really turned my husband on because that night, we had fantasied about meeting him and having me suck his cock while the whole time my husband watched and taped the whole thing. Th... Continue»
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prostitutes of legal age

I guess we all have saw the news reports of people wanting too shut down sites like because they post ads for e****ts. All in the name of sex trafficking. I don’t think anyone woman or man turning to prostitution as a way to make a living is a good idea. How ever its been a career choice for thousands of people for thousands of years, and common sense tells us its not going any where but up in volume. As times get harder and the population gets bigger the more prostitutes. The biggest problem with prostitution is trafficking and minors being f***ed into the trade by pimps and some... Continue»
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Jessies First BBC

essie and I had been dating nearly two years. We met at college our freshman year and hit it off at once. She stands 5'2" is very thin, nearly flat chested, 30A cups, and cute little hips. Her face is adorable and framed by her short, sandy blonde, haircut that she wore cut shorter in the back and longer along the sides of her face. She looked very young; at 19 she appeared all of 15. She is crazy about sex and open to most things sexual. One of her favorite things is sucking cock, and her favorite position is riding cowgirl style. She had several sexual partners before me, but she was my firs... Continue»
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6 mature big breasted, white ladies bbc cottage3

6 mature, curvy, big breasted, white ladies were thrilled to deliver their 8 black babies after their 2nd breeding session at our cottage. These 8 black babies are in addition to the 6 black babies they delivered the year before. These mature white ladies, Elaine, Connie, Wendy, Steph, Beverly and my wife, Tryphaena have always wanted to be repeatedly bred by black men. They waited almost too late as their ages are now between 50-55, so their old and tired wombs and ovaries could shut down at any time. A 3rd breeding session is scheduled with the 4 young, well endowed black men. To refresh, th... Continue»
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Santa's Helper

This is a follow up story to my wife's 40th birthday present.
To review briefly, we shared a fantasy for years about having a young man
enjoy my wife's hot sweet nectar and finally with some
teasing, I got it set up and she enjoyed a young black
college man. I watched them but she didn't know it.

I suggested that perhaps we could repeat the event for
her next birthday but that it should be a threesome
with her enjoying me and a lover. She jokingly
suggested that perhaps it could be sooner, perhaps as a
Christmas present and maybe Santa could find a young
black helper for h... Continue»
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Becky's Lover

I'm 31 and Becky is 24. She likes to dress very
provocatively, rarely wearing a bra, and giving all the
men who see her a big thrill. Her breasts are just
right, not so big they sag but more than enough to play
with. Her braless thick nipples are always saying look
at us. She has a slim waist with nice rounded hips, her
long sexy legs complete a package that says come fuck

Becky has always been a 'hotty' and as much as I give it
to her, she always seems to want more. She especially
likes the feeling when I unload deep inside her after
fucking her like a wild a****l. ... Continue»
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Ebony Craigs List Find

This is my first story and when I have time will post others.All of my stories are 100% TRUE.

One day I decided to troll Backpage and Craigs list to see what was out there. What I found was actually not too much. So I decided to post and ad myself looking for young Asian,Ebony or Latina women who might be interested in getting together with a married middle aged white in good shape in exchange for a mutually beneficial relationship ie:your company for money.I received the usual bunch of spam but one reply seemed real and got my interest. It was reply from a 3oyr old black woman who said sh... Continue»
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Lovers bi another name

He is the sexiest man ever. He loves me much and I am so glad we have a f****y together.

But our love was never so simple. I was going through life trying to find the right person for me to share all my desires with. I did not want another relationship with someone I am not sexually comparable with. We met on the Internet and I drove to see him over a 100 miles away. I did not know what to expect but our conversation was so great over the phone.

After meeting Tony we went out and spoke but nothing sexual happened. We realized we were attracted to each other immediately but we lived so fa... Continue»
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