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Breastfast in bed with my friend

So this is what happened between me and my good friend.. I've been thinking for a while of sharing this little tale as I know you'll enjoy this one! So this is the night before, we are celebrating my 30th birthday at my flat, there is about 10 people here and the drink is flowing and everyone is having a great time x

This is Penny on the left she's 28 and we've known each other since college and she's been through a lot with me. Me looking the birthday princess in my tiara. So after everyone left just after 12.30, with a good half hour of getti... Continue»
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First time trying bbcs

Hi I'm mad my hubby is Paul I've told this story before so I hope I am not boring everyone. We tried swinging but it was so - so. My husband wanted to share me with another guy and I was a little suspicious and said no....several times. Then we were at a nudist resort in Caribbean I had a it to drink and we smoked a lot of herb and I was around naked black men for the first time in person. Simply said I was turned on by them and they seemed to be attracted to me. A couple of guys in particular paid me a lot of attention - a little "innocent" touching, lots of eye contact, well I was buzzed and... Continue»
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Just be a slut

Freshly showered, make up re-applied, carefully douched,
both vaginally and anally, wearing only my heels and
slave collar and leash, my Master/husband led me naked
back into the living room of the hotel suite. I then
learned what was in store for me.

Since New England was leading at half time, Charles and
Billy the Patriots fans from the East Coast could use me
as their slave during the half time period. Furthermore,
they were not restricted to the confines of our hotel
suite. This took me by surprise, as I was comfortable
being used by 4 BBCs in the privacy of the hotel ... Continue»
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show me off, and let them use me

Before we even got married I knew Brad loved it when I
wore sexy or see through things when we went out, but
after we got married he wanted me to go to the next
level. Even on our honeymoon he had me pretend to be
sl**ping and call room service up and order something
just to get it delivered to our room. It started with me
nude with a sheet covering everything except casually
exposing my lower body, like a leg and part of my naked

Brad really got a trill watching the young guys they
sent to our room as they tried to get an eyeful with him
noticing. And by the pool h... Continue»
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Jerome usus me as a present for a friend

Jerome uses me as a present for a friend

My dear hubby was out of the town and my black lover Jerome called me that Tuesday morning. I was so glad to hear he was in town again…

“How is my white slut today… your ass is ready for some action?”. He asked me.

Of course I answered my ass was always ready for him, but then he told me that he was planning to give me as a present to one of his friends; the guy had divorced recently and had some trouble also with his work.

“My friend needs a good white cunt, babe; could you do that for me?” He asked again.

Jerome arranged the meeting for... Continue»
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Christmas Crossdressing

Over the Christmas holiday I was in the gay adult book store and some big old white guy asked me to go to a gloryhole booth. I went in and he went to the other side. I popped in my quarters and as I was unzipping my pants an old floppy dick came through the hole. I just heard “suck it boy.” I licked the head and watched it raise and raise and raise. The more I sucked the fatter it got and I was honestly surprised, he was a good 8 inches. He started pumping his dick through the hole into my mouth and I tasted some precum. Finally after 3 or so minutes he pushed and I heard him moan, he said don... Continue»
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The New Years Gangbang Celebration

This one is written as a tribute to a trio of characters, Bill and Sal (Mom and Dad) and Missy (their daughter). They play on XH using the same account and after chatting them up for a while we decided to meet.
Bill likes sharing... and likes Missy
Sal has a thing for the BBC
Missy has a thing for everything!!!


I knew who they were the second they walked in though I had never met them face to face. Bill and his wife Sal have had an open relationship for most of their marriage and about four years ago, she asked him if he thought that a black co-worker of Bills wou... Continue»
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daughter and her father

A year years ago I married a beautiful black woman. She was every thing a man could want smart, funny and very sexy and sexual. Just how sexual I later found out. But first I must give you some background on my f****y.

This is not my first marriage I was married to a lovely white woman and we had an even lovelier baby girl who is now fifteen years old. Her mother ran off one day leaving me and Beth to fend for ourselves. Beth was just ten at the time and I watch my baby grow up to be quite a stunner, 5'4 inches tall and 105 pounds with just the perfect figure. She had oval blue eyes that ... Continue»
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Black Cock Owned Again

About 6 months ago I began dating a man who I met off craigslist. His name is Barry. Barry is a very handsome 50yo white man. He has a nice athletic hairy body and a 7inch uncut cock, not very thick. I hooked up with him from a post i made seeking tops into watersports. He and I hooked up 5 or 6 times after before he started hinting at wanting something more. It was a very romantic relationship and we shared many similar interests. I moves in with him and he even told me he loved me. I was almost ready to say it back to him until something happened this past friday night.

Fridays Barry and ... Continue»
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Tales of Travelling and Trolling: The 7/11 Teens P

I sat upright again hoping to be able to get Dana off once or twice. Once they orgasm it is so much easier to fuck them--they get horny beyond their own control.

As I was working on Dana, pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy, she began to lean more heavily on my leg. I could tell she was getting close. With my other hand I reached down and started massaging Kat's breasts. She had one hand stroking my cock while she sucked and the other still furiously attending to her own pussy.

She had, as best as I could tell, not taken her eyes off of Dana masturbating.

"Mmmmmmm...." Dana mo... Continue»
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Here's an entry from my personal sex diary. Enjoy.

- Saturday night, I've been drinking it up all night, it was about midnight. I didn't want to go home, but was REALLY craving some action to finish my night. I went down to the porn shop which is two block from my place. I was walking my mini skirt looking like a total hooker walking down the street lol. This was my second visit here, I bought toys here last time and remembered they had a video arcade in the back so I figured I'd explore it. I walked in and the clerk who was an older Mexican man was very friendly.I chatted with the clerk ... Continue»
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Part 2-Introducing my ex to the life style with a

Introducing my ex to the life style with a bbc Part 2,
All my stories are true experiences.
Amy and I couldn’t stop talking about our night with Jim and after our Melbourne trip I really wanted to take Amy back up to see him knowing she loved it that much. I message Jim and we make plans to meet in couple weeks when he is free for the night.
On the day Amy in such a great mood as she spends all day for something hot to wear and shaving herself nice and smooth, we get up there meeting Jim at a bar not far from his unit and catch up over few drinks and shots.
Doesn’t take long before both a... Continue»
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Mom and the Mexican Gardener

Son watches as mom gets used.

I arrived home very early from my summer job. I had been home from college for a couple days, and that meant I could have a relaxing day. I had read my work schedule wrong and I wasn't supposed to work that day. 'Fine by me,' I thought as I u-turned for home. As I walked in the kitchen, I saw a commotion outside the kitchen window. In the distance, I saw my mom and our Mexican gardener, Luis. Luis was a tall, rugged looking man. At least 6'4'' with a husky build. Mom, on the other hand, at age 44 was still a looker.

Upon closer examination outs... Continue»
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Revenge of the Cuckold

Blackmail sometime blows up in your face.

I wired my driveway with a video system so when her boyfriend visited I would have evidence, and his license plate number. I also wired every room in the house with video and audio. The recording system was mounted up in the rafters of the garage in a box marked Xmas ornaments.

As usual I worked every day and didn't check on the system after the first day. At the end of the first week I did check it and found that the system worked great. On Tuesday I had been told to be home on Friday night as Mr. Big Dick was coming over and he... Continue»
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Delivered Dick!

Hahaha it I suppose is not that often that you can have your Dick delivered to your house door! Well I am not sure I went about ordering it? Just so happened a parcel and would you believe not even for me was offered to me to keep for a neighbour!
I was upstairs and nor dressed-well it was 10 am so still in a white baby doll nightie.very sheer and see through, I love the way the nylon rubs my nipples up when walking about in it...mmm.
Ding-Dong went the bell? I thought Mick(hubby) had forgot his key again, so I thought no need to wear a dressing gown and went down the stairs to open the door... Continue»
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My First Black Dick - True Story

I am not a published author, don't claim to be, i am just a horny guy with some stories to share. All of my stories are true, the names have been changed to protect people. For any background information read the 'about me' section on profile, enjoy.

By the time i hit 17 i was a fully fleged cock addict, i loved it and had lots of eager guys i played with, stories for another time. This however is the story of my first black cock and from that i became addicted to BBC. My first belonged to a guy called Sam, he was 47 years old, married, 6ft tall, slim build, waxed smoo... Continue»
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Tila's Cum Obsession

My name is Tila, and I have a confession to make. I love cum. I'm
addicted to seeing it, feeling it and tasting it. I love the way it slides
down my throat and how I can smear is all over my tits. But I've always
had one problem with cum so far, it's never enough. I've done 25 guys in a
gangbang once, there was a lot of cum but it wasn't enough. I wanna have
cum all over my body, in every oriphus, I want my stomach full of cum, I
wanna shit out cum from my tight asshole. I wanna snort cum like cocaine,
and do cum shots.

I call my friend Jennifer and tell her what I wanna do... Continue»
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My Young Vietnamese Doctor

It’s has been six months since I met Dr. Wei a beautiful, petite Vietnamese doctor right out of medical school. Dr. Wei was very serious 28 year old Neurologist who was treating me, a 64 year old Vietnam vet for a central nervous system disorder. At first she was kind of standoffish, but I am a naturally friendly guy and after a few office visits we began to hit it off and talked about how she could not date while she was in medical school, and the “man shortage” for young professional women like her. She confided in me that she had basically no social life and that it was very common for Viet... Continue»
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Christmas present gangbang

My wife Kristi wanted to do something kinky for me for christmas so she arranged to meet up with her Bull Greg. She told him she wanted to make a movie for me and told him to pull out all the stops. One night a week or so before christmas I got a text from Greg telling me he had a buddy who owned a swingers club up near chicago and if I wanted to see my wife get fucked in person not a video he could set it up without her knowing I was there. I have seen her a few times being a total slut but here lately its just been pics and videos so I was game.
The day of my wife told me she was going up t... Continue»
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Anita and the biker

Anita and the biker

One summer evening I returned home from the airport. I had been out of town for almost a complete week and I really wanted to be at home, between my sweet Ana’s arms…

I had not told Ana that I was arriving that late night; she expected me home next morning.
It was almost midnight when the taxi dropped me at my house.
In the darkness I stumbled down and I saw there was a bike in the middle of the driveway.

I entered the house, and wandered over to the kitchen, taking a glass of water.
The house was fully illuminated, but Anita was nowhere to be found. Having wa... Continue»
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