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2nd BBC for white wife

2nd meet
Hubby was out of town on business for 2 days, I went again to the local gas station to fill up (not knowing what I was getting filled up with). As I pulled in, there was Joseph getting Diesel. He walked over to my car and asked if where Hubby was. I told him he was out of town, he asked if I wanted him to pump my gas. I said sure so he did. While the gas was pumping, Joseph handed me his business card and said he was on call. OMG! It looked like his dick was hard too. We finished talking and pumping gas, I went to pay and he left.
I was so wet on the way home, when I got here I had ... Continue»
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A White Sissy Boy Story Of His First Big Black Coc

A White Sissy Boy Story Of His First Big Black Cock
The other day I met a black man on the street and he took me back to his place. As soon as the door was closed I stripped down completely naked. He asked me to give a little turn so He could see the whole package. I gave a slow little spin then bent over to show him my “boy pussy” (as he called it).

He dropped his pants and kicked them to the side revealing his 10” swinging member. He sat down in a big chair and told me to get on my hands and knees and crawl to him to service his cock. I dropped to all fours and slowly crawled ... Continue»
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Anal Creampie on a Married Woman

I have been in the Military for a little over 4 years and I have fucked a lot of kinky, sexy, and downright freaky women but my most recent encounter with a married white woman I met on craigslist takes the award for most memorable.

I have been in Hawaii for a little over two years and I have a couple of women I can call when I need my cock tooken care of but on this particular day they all were either at work or with their significant others so I went to my back up plan. Craigslist on the island of Oahu is hit or miss and I was just just looking to stick my cock in something wet before res... Continue»
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Jerome scores again

Jerome scores again

It was a nice dawn at Oakland. We had been invited to share a nice day with friends and now were returning home.

We were in the middle of a conversation in the car when Anita suddenly said very conversationally, "Jerome is coming over tonight".

Jerome was her latest black bull she had picked up at the local pub one night she was really anxious to have a huge hard cock inside her body. She had promised him he could come and fuck her whenever he wanted.

"When, at what time?" I asked seriously. Her reply was: "Around midnight, he said".

When we were home Ana set... Continue»
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it's all about the wife

Today when I came in from work I noticed a service truck in the driveway. The type with a ladder rack and all the tool boxes. I parked behind it and walked into the house to see what was in need of service. I walked all through the house looking for either my wife or the worker. I couldn't find either. So I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and walked out onto the deck to have a look at the pool. That's where I found my wife along with the guy driving the service truck. My wife was wearing one of her smallest bikinis and she was talking to a tall black man wearing a uniform with a company na... Continue»
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Morgantown Gang-Bang Part 2

Morgantown Gang-Bang Part 2

I remember waking up slowly the next morning and taking stock of myself…the damage. Mostly I felt like I’d been hit by a bus, a few times! I awoke on my stomach, clutching a pillow, with my guts rumbling like an earthquake…I also had to pee…I mean I REALLY had to pee.

My legs were sore and aching, my rectum was raw, and the rest of me matched that pretty well. I’d had fun and been used hard; just what I wanted.

As I staggered to the bathroom I remembered that I had some company coming (cumming?) this morning…

I sat and allowed nature to take its course w... Continue»
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Taylor Swifts Interracial Reprograming

Taylor Swift--known as much for her slender figure, long blonde hair, and milky white skin as for her incredible country/pop career--exudes sex appeal through her faux-innocent persona. One might not suspect a white starlet like Taylor to harbor dark fantasies about big black cock. Appearances can be deceiving. Rumors indicate something lies deep beneath Swift's carefully tailored image as America's sweet white girl next door.

A few years ago at MTV's VMA awards, Kanye West interrupted Taylor as she tried to give an acce... Continue»
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bet lost so bbc gangbang. friend told me this sto

story from a friend of mie.

my first BBC(s) was a doozy. I was 18. white dark hair, smooth about 5' 11" and maybe 135 pounds. I lost a bet w/ my gay friends, whom were all white and ive played w/ many times since i was 15 and talked about lots of fantasies. i had to walk around a few blocks around the south side of chicago only in a tube top, a short skirt, a blond wig and shoes. i had 2 hold a sign saying i lost a bet and now have to dance and show myself. little did i know he talked to a mostly str8 friend of his. not long after i started, a tall skinny black guy saw me and said he ... Continue»
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MILF Blackmailed By Son's Friends

Jen stepped out of the shower and dried off looking at her reflection in the full length mirror. She liked what she seen in the mirror. At thirty seven her beauty was breathtaking and her body a physical delight. She looked ten years younger than her age and was always working out at the gym to keep in shape. She was five foot eight inches and had a body like a model. Her measurements were a perfect 34C x 23 x 35. Her long dark hair hung down to the top of her ass.

Jen had everything a woman could want, a great husband, a fantastic son who had just started college and had a great future in ... Continue»
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coffee, tea or me

Lately it just gets easier and easier for me to get into compromising positions when I was least expecting to with black men I meet in different public places. Tuesday morning was just typical of how it goes now for me, and it’s like I am not trying, it just happens. Like it’s out of my hands, or control anymore to prevent it, so I just flow with it. At Starbucks Tuesday, before 8:30 A.M. it happened again, and I’m so thrilled it did. I stop in there every day pretty much lust a little after 8 and a couple of weeks ago I saw a younger -30ish- black man inside, wearing his black and red uniform... Continue»
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Another Morgantown Gang-Bang Part 1

Another Morgantown Gang-Bang Part 1

I was given a troubleshooting gig in Morgantown, WVA for a month.

When I found out about it the first thing I did was to try and arrange a little gang bang with some friends. This would be nice because, although I was there for at least a month, I’d only be working 3 or 4 days a week at the actual location. Every minute of the remaining time was all mine!

By the time I was ready to leave on the little trip I had 5 guys lined-up and ready to fuck. I eased-in my favorite butt-plug, slipped into a brief panty girdle along with my favorite sun dress a... Continue»
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Marie by loyalsock

I had noticed Marie at the market checkout line every time she had the warmest smile and always asked how I was doing. When I asked her age she said twenty five,which was fifteen years my junior. When asked if she had a boyfriend she laughed and said they had went separate ways.Being the only one in line I went on to ask if she would like to take in a movie after her shift ended.I would love to she smiled shyly.I'll pick you up at eight then.As I drove out of the parking lot my mind drifted to her beautiful soft brown ebony skin and the luscious pair of 36C boobs with hard nipples that always ... Continue»
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Wife tells me a story on a rainy Sunday afternoon

This weekend it hasn't stopped raining. It's nice and warm and the rain was refreshing as I set out side in our screened in porch. I was sipping an adult beverage and watching the rain when I heard the patio door open. My wife called out to me and asked if I wanted company? She had been in the shower when I decided to come out here. Without turning to look back at her I said yeah get yourself a drink and come set with me. In a few minutes I heard her come out. She got a chair from under the round table and brought it over next to me. I glanced over to her as she placed the chair. She was weari... Continue»
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How I became a black cock slut III

Ok, as you probably know by now, my journey to become a black cock slut was not of my making. It wasn’t my desire at all. It was my husband’s. And instead of being a man and just sharing it with me, he dreamed up quite an elaborate and expensive scheme. First he surprised me by giving me what I’d always wanted: big tits. But at the time I thought he was just doing something nice and loving for me. But no, his plan went far deeper. After moving he opened up my naughty side by play acting with me. It all started with smoking. He knew my history for this. I had shared with him what I th... Continue»
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Inter racial MMF


My good friend, George, had come to visit, he was a big Negro, massive but he was all muscle, worked in a gym and obviously used it himself, after saying that you couldn’t meet a nicer guy, he was so laid back it was unbelievable. He’d come down to ours to borrow some porn tapes, we used to swop tapes all the time and I had some new stuff.

This day he had his friend with him, shaft, a nickname he lived up to whenever he could, he was a Negro also but not as bulky as George was, even though he was still in good shape. I was going up the park with my boy and his frien... Continue»
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i took the next door neighbour

I was suiting in my lounge watching my porn rubbing my nipples feeling my silky tits. My cunt is wet, I rub it up and down. A shadow approaches the large lounge room window which also opens up to the porch. It was my neighbour, the father of my young Asian gardener. He was dressed as if he was going out. Ironed trousers and business shirt, he was looking into the window, covering his eyes to block from the light to see in better. I could tell that he then noticed me, he looked down embarrassed then had another peek. I fixed my top up and opened the glass shutter and said " did U like what U sa... Continue»
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The Most Wonderful Punishment

I myself do not own a lungi because I’m too shy to wear one in front of my house people. But this extreme affinity to this perverted clothing made me want to wear this in public when my parents were not at home. My parents were working and I was at home from 3 o clock in the afternoon to 8 o clock in the night. Thus, I had plenty of opportunity to carry out my fetish. In my apartment terrace, many people used to dry their clothes including 3 or 4 lungis, every day.

So what I used to do was, I used to go up to the terrace and t
... Continue»
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Biker slut (2)

A horny Biker slut

Day 2

It's another hot day and the whole Biker group rides again together on the highway. In the middle of the group, she rides on the duo seat of a heavy Harley.

She has her motorcycle vest on with nothing underneath, her big tits loose in the jacket. Occasionally a Biker ride beside her where she shows her big tits.
The Bikers are really horny for this Biker slut.

On the way they stop again to refuel gasoline and from the Bikers she needs to pose at the gas station her big tits. A few bikers cannot leave it to touch her big tits.

John and Davy go to the toi... Continue»
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Anita pays a bet again

Anita pays a bet again.

When we lived in L.A., my dear Victor used to play poker with friends on Friday.
That was Friday night and my loving hubby had promised me a romantic dinner outside to celebrate his new promotion in the firm.
So, I was in my bedroom thinking to wear a little black dress, a sexy garter belt and stockings with sexy high heels. My cunt started to get wet thinking a sensual night after the romance…
I was in the process of completing my hair and makeup when the doorbell rang.
I heard Victor going to open the front door and then the well-known voices of his poker buddi... Continue»
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Untitled (Part 1)

(This happened back in 2011 and I was 26) I'm Ben and I was 26 have always travelled a lot and have always had a couple of friends in every city that I lived. So when Amy, a college friend had invited to her daughter's birthday party I was intrigued. When I arrived at the park where the party was being held, I was surprised to see her run up to me and hugged me hard. Now, Amy and I had been friends a while but never thought of her like that since she was with a friend of mine and I try my hardest to never hit on someone who is involved but when she pulled away I was surprised to see that weari... Continue»
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