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A Visit Home By Shauna Riley Previously posted in

My name is Shauna Riley I just recently visited with my parents, Rich and Beth at their home for a little vacation. I always enjoy visiting my parents. Especially my Dad, Rich, he knows how to satisfy me & make me happy. When I arrived he showed me the latest toy in his basement. He now has a wooden stock to put a woman in to satisfy her. And needless to say he was in a hurry to show me his latest toy and to use me in it. He and my mother were quick to take all my clothes off and put me in the stock. My Dad got behind me and rammed his big hard cock into my pussy telling me that I was in for a... Continue»
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Woken in the night..

I had been to work all day and on arriving home the wife had left me a note saying she had gone out with the girls for a day trip and it would be a long one cos they were planing on going out straight after for a few drinks, i relaxed with a few shorts whilst watching a film. it was about 10 and i thought i might as well have an early night, i must have been a sl**p for about half an hour and there was a noise in the kitchen and then some giggling Claire must have come home and she sounded d***k. i heard her say Shush he will hear you, so in my head i thought she must have brought her friend ... Continue»
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You remind me.....

All day long your mind had been churning at what the hell I meant with the term "reminder".....remind you of what???? Guess you'll find out later, all you can do is struggle to get through work without slipping off to the bathroom to run your clit to ease your building tension.

Finally lunchtime comes around and you hurriedly drive to our meeting spot behind a building. Your pussy throbs a little at the sight of my car already parked there. I get out and walk over to your car, you notice that I have a small bag with me and a grin on my face.

"What is in the bag" You ask.
"Your reminder... Continue»
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The Choir Director

The Choir Director

I love singing at the church in my home town friendly little Midwest town a small Catholic church. St Patrick's I'm a mother of two thirty three years of age one hundred and five pounds and a thirty eight double d cup size. I work hard to keep in shape going to the gym while the k**s are at school and I get plenty of looks from all of the cute guys who are also working out trying to impress me I have been hit on numerous times but they seem to immature . Now the kind of man that really rings my bell is a tall ruggedly handsome six ft plus and in good shape oh yeah a ... Continue»
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Moto Moto

Lana was at her wits end. She had fallen behing on her rent and her car broke down on the way to

She was desperate for money, but had no idea how to get it. If something didn't come up fast, she

was going to be without a place to live and if her car didn't run, she would have no way to get to

work everyday.

She went to the social services office but they could not help her. The chubby blonde took pity on

her and asked her if she had considered dating.

"You will be very surprised how much you can earn. It's not easy work, but it will definitely keep

your bil... Continue»
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A wife to serve

My relationship with my beautiful wife as always been a cuckold based one. I met her when she was fifteen and I was eighteen. She was and still is a five foot four one hundred pound spitfire. Her thirty four b cup tits never need a bra and she is blessed with a skin that tans a lovely brown. Her mousey brown hair is kept very blonde and is cut with bangs. Even when we where dating she flirted with all my friends. And I learned after we had been married a while that all of my closest buddies had sex with her while we where going steady.

A typical week day may be one that when I get home fro... Continue»
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She Made Me Her Bitch

This story is based on a woman I met about four years ago. She was stocky, about 6’ 1” and was definitely not a girly-girl. Lisa prided herself on her huge legs and calves and could lift as much as any man in the warehouse. We used to joke around at work and some of the guys teased me about not being about to keep up with her as we were loading trucks.

I always though her long brown hair she kept in a pony-tail was extremely hot, but my God could she use a tan. Lisa would laugh and say he even sweat more than I did. I would just grin and agree. On a Friday after work she asked if I wanted t... Continue»
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Ana working late night

Ana working late night

My sweet Anita was working after hours during that week at her office and this was her fourth consecutive night she worked so late, although normally she only did it two or three times a month.
When I asked her why this was, she said that they were short of staff. They had also some building work in progress and needed extra staff in to just be around in case needed but mainly to watch everything was safe at the office..

That Friday night she was doing her fourth late shift and I thought to surprise her at her office and I would keep her company as she had to stay... Continue»
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Black Breeders Club - a cuckold story

Story about a cuckold wimp husband who has his parents introduce his new wife to a club where their wives are nigger fucked and the husbands have to eat the cum from their cunts.

It was my dad who first told me about the club. I was 22 at the time, fresh out of college, and had just married my sweetheart of six years, Trish. I fell in love with her the very first time I saw her, and that was of course when she and her f****y first moved to our city, and more important, across the street from our house. I can still recollect how I stared at her from my upstairs bedroom window back then, w... Continue»
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Cuckold with a view

Wednesday evening I came in from work and as I entered the kitchen from the garage I could smell supper cooking. Since its mid June I was of course all sweaty and smelly from working in my shop all day. I glanced around for my wife and noticed her standing just outside the patio door talking on her cell phone. I didn't want to bother her, I knew she had heard me come in so I decided to grab a shower before eatting.

I tossed my work cloths into the laundry room and went to the main bathroom. As I entered the bathroom I saw a towel laid out with my stainless chastity device resting in the ... Continue»
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Testing Viagra – a hairy armpit story

A couple of years ago I had a small accident, having to undergo surgery to my left leg. One thing led to another, to me testing Viagra and having a wonderful sexual experience.

Close to the playground, I stepped over a low fence and I did not look carefully when putting my foot down. I placed it on top of a tennis ball who was lying there, I lost my balance, fell awkwardly and could not stand on my left foot.
To make a long story short. Hospital. Surgery. Weeks in plaster.

I hobbled to the local pharmacy for pain killers etc. This was the best part of it all. Because one of the girls ... Continue»
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Still life in the old dog yet

I was a fifty four year old married man of twenty three years. My sex life with my menopausal Wife was non existent. We were sl**ping in separate beds at the time and I was working, what seemed to be twenty four hours, three hundred and sixty five days a year as a Store Manager in a retail outlet. I was fed up with my working life, and even more fed up with my boring wife Julia, who was more interested in getting down and dirty with the gardening than in the bedroom.

Another long tedious week had gone by and I was sitting in the Canteen, tired and fed up until I overheard a conversation on... Continue»
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A Viist Home By Shauna Riley

My name is Shauna Riley I just recently visited with my parents, Rich and Beth at their home for a little vacation. I always enjoy visiting my parents. Especially my Dad, Rich, he knows how to satisfy me & make me happy. When I arrived he showed me the latest toy in his basement. He now has a wooden stock to put a woman in to satisfy her. And needless to say he was in a hurry to show me his latest toy and to use me in it. He and my mother were quick to take all my clothes off and put me in the stock. My Dad got behind me and rammed his big hard cock into my pussy telling me that I was in for a... Continue»
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Kinky Vanilla: Prologue

A short, vague beginning to a long series
A word of warning: I am a very wordy writer and my stories are almost more about the stories and characters than the sex. If this isn't your cup of tea and you're looking for raunchy stories that get right into it, this story and others by me are not for you. This chapter is the prologue and is thus intentionally vague to begin with and somewhat heavy with exposition. I predict this series will go on for many, many chapters but I know it will take a while to get going. If you're ready for the long haul, I hope it's worth it and you enjo... Continue»
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Mature Black Fantasy

Would like to tell you a fantasy story about my mom's friend Donna . This is one of those fantasies that could have happened in the 1960's, but in my mind this particular fantasy will always make it seem like it happened yesterday. When I was about 19 and still living at home because I was attending college in my hometown, my mom's best friend Donna came to spend a week with us. Let me tell you a little about Donna, she is a very statuesque black lady that stands about 5 foot 8 inches in stocking feet, weighs about 150 pounds and at the age of 49 she does not look a day over 30. She has the ... Continue»
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her first time

At school one of the softball team need some help with her histroy home work . Rach the pitcher came to me with her 34 A tits . In the hall to girls locker room she got me by the shoulder Since i had permission and school pitcher taker i'm in . Miss Iron to me Your spot Mr mich. Yes . Rach to iron doing paper work come with me . okay fine her little blue bra was so funny to me but , she rub down now where shoulders game start in 10 mins i did just that while rubbing her shoulders she ask if help with home work . You know it cost you 20 dollars the histrory club going down d.c. at e... Continue»
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Seduced by a Black Man and His Uncut Cock - Part 3

Part 3

It was around 10pm by now and he asked if I wanted to spend the night. I was exhausted and excited by what just happened. I was so horny and my cock was still hard. My pussy lips were still engorged with bl**d and my hole was slippery and craving more. I know I took a workout in my virgin behind and it felt so good.

All of his big black cock had fit inside my young 14 year old hairless skinny body!! I could not believe how he went balls deep, yet he did. It took 3 of my fists to grip the entire dick. I could not wait to get it inside me again!!

I said that I would stay... Continue»
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i love fucking e****ts im a addict

It is a true story of a sex addict fucking real e****ts an hookers on camera join today. lol I had to get that in there first lol.Yes its true I'm a sex addict and I love fucking e****ts and street hookers. Well I love watching street hookers sucking me off in my car mostly but I also fuck them behind the car and now I got a new way I tell them to lay back in the seat with their legs out the car as I fuck them good. Man o man what a rush. Only thing about fucking street hookers is you outside and have to look for the police and other cars that might pull up. 3 weeks ago I was in a cemetery wit... Continue»
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Hey Teach #2

How did she get here? As Christy was trying to answer that question, she was becoming more and more distracted from her thoughts. You see, she was on all fours on her floor with a young black cock, she had craved, going in and out of her mouth. What was more concerning was the black cock, of a young man she did not know, which was going in and out of her pussy from behind. The most concerning would be how little effort it took from these young men to make this happen.

Earlier in the day, her husband had left for work and would not be home for a few days. She spent the whole day at the hous... Continue»
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White wife Big black cock lover and Its my fault

My wife and I are typical white folks. I own my own business and my wife is my trophy stay at home mom. We have a ten year old son. But even after ten years of being a mother my wife at thirty years old is still hot enough to draw stares from all the husbands at the neighborhood pool. Being a mom she always wears sensible swim suits while at the pool. Always bikini style though, she doesn't want to hide the six grand boob job or the still flat stomach. Her shoulder length blonde hair is always straight and cut with bangs. That is for me , she knows I love how it frames her cute face.

Well l... Continue»
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