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Watching the Boys Part 10

I still couldn't believe my eyes as I watched these hot Speedo wearing boys happily frolicking with my son under the warm Miami night sky. The other boys must have been from the other two condos that lined the outside of the private pool area. As I stepped out onto the patio I noticed two large muscular Latin looking men sitting at a patio table in front of the middle condo watching the boys playing in the pool. They were only wearing loose board shorts with the rest of their impressive muscular bodies clearly on display. Why were two Latino men watching these white boys and my son playing in ... Continue»
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Denise's Porn Career Takes Off


Time flew by quickly as I lived my life as a porn star, shooting a film each week and after finishing my sixth film in nearly two months, I was expecting to return to Japan. I got word from my grandmother’s husband that he wanted me to continue as a feature girl for the all black on black film companies with whom I was currently working. I was now living with Ryan, my frequent director and my current steady boyfriend and lover. I had basically moved in with him after staying at his house each night and he was publicly acknowledging me as his girlfriend, to his colleagues and friend... Continue»
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The Bet

“You’d really do that?” Todd asked. “You’d give me a blow job if our basketball team wins tonight? And if we lose I will give you $50 right?”
“Sure will, if you win that is. A bet is a bet, isn’t it?” Replied Angie. “Fact is I would be willing to give the team a blowjob if they could ever win a game” Angie added. “If you can pull it off tonight I’ll be ready to suck any cock that helps win the game. Oh, and be ready to pay up. Cause a bet is a bet. And I have a feeling I am going to win big tonight. I’ll see you at the after game party to collect.”
“Far out! Yeah, unless we win... Continue»
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A cuckold's beggining !

It's funny how when there is something that a part of us wants to do while another part doesn't, we sometimes build up walls to guard ourselves against giving in to our weaker side. Such was the case with my wife Sally when it came to my desire to see her with a black man. I had gotten so used to her throwing those walls up that I had quit even consciously thinking about it. But, you know, it’s funny how sometimes if you just leave a wall alone, don't do anything to tear it down or to reinf***e it, it will start to crum... Continue»
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A nice pick up at the pub

A nice pick up at the pub

When we moved to Oakland, Ana told me she had noticed too many black men in the streets.

My fantasy had always been to watch my sweet wife fucking a well hung black man. I had mentioned it many times when we have both been having sex; she was happy to use it as a fantasy, but that would be it and she had admitted that it would turn her on to have someone watch her having sex, especially if it was me.

One evening we went to a party in a local pub. After so many drinks I could not remember most of the night there; the day after, while nursing a massive hangove... Continue»
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My First BBC

There was this younger black guy that came I where I worked and bought supplies for his company. He always would duck in my office, sit down and talk, while the counter guy’s got his stuff ready I always loved it. I got laid off as they closed the store I was working at due to being slow (oilfield). After that hubby and me would see him occasionally at the gas station in a neighboring town, he would always make it a point to come over and talk (especially when hubby went in to pay). It had been several months since I was laid off and I was at the gas station filling up and he was there too (hu... Continue»
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Interracial Profiling Gone Wrong, part II

Luther's Little Kingdom

I watched them sl**ping in each others arms at my feet in the hotel bed. The blonde (who was really a brunette who had dyed blonde highlights in her hair) was completely naked. I watched as Cum dribbled slowly down her left ass cheek and pooled on the sheet. Her slender white frame spooned the shorter, brunette. Her lanky arm wrapped over her. I couldn't see, but they were probably holding hands. It was a tender sight, these two white girls in their mid-thirties. Both married with c***dren at home. They'd gone to Atlanta for a girls night out. I'd give... Continue»
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Marie's Mom

Marie's Mom
For the past two weeks Marie noticed when she got home that her mother was already there, locked in her bedroom. She could hear sounds on the other side of the door but was unable to clearly hear what was going on, and it bothered her that Mona was keeping something from her.
The next week, when she got home from work, again she heard Mona in her room, and this time the door was not locked. Quickly moving to the end of the hallway, she turned off the hall light and returned to the door, quietly opening it and slipping into the darkened room. Since the door was in a recessed noo... Continue»
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Daddy’s Lil Darling Gets BC

This is a continuation of “Daddy Gets Brown Sugar” where Ashely has just watched her dad fuck Tasha the black mom from next door. The story can be found on my profile.
I quickly slipped out the back door after watching my dad fuck Tasha. What I had seen was so sexy! The sight of black and white lovers tangled together was so erotic. My pussy was soaking wet and was begging for some attention. I looked up and noticed I was walking towards the neighbor’s house. Then the thought of my b*****r Brad and my friend Jasmin filled my min... Continue»
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FBMO-Club: "For Black Men Only"

(subbi42© gefunden bei und leicht abgewandelt)

So hatte ich mir mein Leben nicht vorgestellt, als ich von zu Hause in die Großstadt in eine eigene Wohnung wegzog und endlich frei sein wollte. Schnell waren meine Ersparnisse aufgebraucht und vielfach vergeblich hatte ich mich um einen Job bemüht. Jetzt stand mir das „Wasser bis zum Hals" und meine Lage war mehr als verzweifelt. Ein Job musste her, egal was auch immer. In dieser Stimmung sah ich in der U-Bahn als ich einstieg ein zusammengefaltetes Magazin auf dem Sitz neben mir liegen, auf dem eine fett gedruckte Anzeige, die ... Continue»
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Wife enjoys the taste 2 (cuckold) -













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Black Meat - KOMPLETTE Story (Literotica Story by

Black Meatby Worrak©


Ein Gutes hat der Irak-Krieg (und das ist auch wirklich das einzig Gute): Er spült jede Menge schwarze GIs nach Deutschland, die nach mehreren Monaten im Einsatz extrem ausgehungert und extrem spitz sind.

Und Frank kennt diese GIs. Franks Name ist in der ganzen Black Community bekannt und wer als Farbiger nach Frankfurt versetzt wird und Lust hat auf 'ne weiße Muschi, der ruft Frank an.

Denn Frank kennt auch die Frauen, die auf dicke, lange Schwänze stehen, wie nur Schwarze sie haben.

... Continue»
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Anita and a fantasy fulfilled

Anita and a fantasy fulfilled

I had been chatting on the net for several weeks with Erasmus, a nice huge black man that I had met at some friend`s party some time ago.

We talk mostly about sex, of course and I had been telling him that my fantasy was to be sold as a slave and used as a sex toy by many men.

He laughed, telling me that he was able to fulfill the fantasy of every white woman.

Some weeks ago he invited me to have dinner. My loving Victor was away from town for several days, so, he would not even notice my cheating with Erasmus.

We met at a nice restaurant outside th... Continue»
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Borderlands the sexequal part 1

Lilith stormed into Crimson Raider HQ, WHERE THE FUCK IS ROLAND she shouted. Everyone there just looked at her in surprise the firey siren no taller than 5'10 and sporting a curvaciously fit body with a nice set of c cup breasts stood ready to rip someone a new asshole in response to her question. Roland walks downstairs from the command room demanding to know what all the shouting was about and saw Lilith his girlfriend turn and walk towards him and slam him in the face then walk upstairs several of the guards and Tannis te unofficial HQ secretary looked shocked at the blatant display infront... Continue»
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Interracial Profiling Gone Wrong

A successful, law-abiding black man get's fed up with being racially profiled and goes off the deep end.

I'm a black man. I'm not a thug. I don't sell d**gs. I won't hurt you.
I'm actually a doctor. Went to college and medical school. I help people.
But none of that matters when you're a black man, you see. White people only see you one way.
I've been pulled over by the cops too many times to remember. Questioned. Harassed. It's humiliating.
And it's not just the authorities. It's regular people too. ... Continue»
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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 9

Chapter One

It started out as a very stressful weekend. My step-monster had stolen the money from the sale of my salon. Master had arranged to meet with her to discuss the problem. She had threatened to call the gossip magazines and out Master for being in the BDSM lifestyle.

Master offered her $1,000,000 for her to go away and never have contact me again and to buy her silence. In order to get the money she would have to submit to Master for the next three days.

This is Sunday, the last day of her submission. Master has had me me busy doing other things because he felt that I... Continue»
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Barb and the Truckers Part III

Five weeks later Barb called Evian to inform him that ovulation would occur in 5 to 7 days to which he replied that he needed to check schedules and would call back. A few hours later he informed her that unless we traveled 500 miles, neither team would be near us for a while. After talking for a few minutes they targeted a date a few weeks away!
A few days before we were to meet, Evian called my wife to find her status. We had met him and three of his fellow truckers/employees on a trip to Maine. Barb started our trip stripping and riding naked and playing with her vibrator. She was obs... Continue»
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Barb and the Truckers Part II

On the outbound lag of the exciting trip to New England, my wife Barb used her vibrator and was completely naked in the car for several hours. She teased truckers and anyone high enough to look in and see her with her vibrator on her clit. When we stopped for a break, two black truckers started talking to us and complimented my wife on her show and how she turned them on. The offered to let her ride in the cab of the 18-wheeler and we convinced her to leave all her clothes in our car. The black men both came inside her at least twice each and we actually expected she would get pregnant but... Continue»
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Barb and the Truckers Part I

Barb was slowly unbuttoning her shirt just after entering the NYS Thruway exit 39 eastbound; her beautiful breasts were slowly being exposed as she was very intently checking the traffic for any State Troopers. We had several hours of driving ahead of us, but with her fairly recent discovery her joy of exhibitionism and its excitement, it promised to be an enjoyable trip. She was fully naked by the time we passed Exit 34A, now it was my turn to remove my shirt and jeans. We had found some unusual outfits that had snaps along the outside seams so the task was not terribly risky. As the trip ... Continue»
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Prison Ain't So Bad

"I can't fucking believe it, not too long ago, to this day, I was living a good life, I was drinking champagne with my girlfriend Alexis, not the brightest of girls but damn she had a nice body, that night we drank until we couldn't and fucked until the sun came up, now look at me, travelling on this bus heading to prison, all because I was stupid enough to commit fraud".

The bus pulled up at the prison and instantly the convicts gathered by the fence, I could hear them all screaming and yelling, even managed to hear a few things being said, "Fresh fish!", and "Welcome to hell!" were the on... Continue»
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