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High Heels

Friends had told me about my hubby many times, that he is cheating on me with other women. I don’t know why I didn’t react on that. It did bother me, but our sex life had changed into a once in month or less, and that one time was usually a fast job. I would lay on my back, legs fully open and he does his job pretty much in few minutes. If he’s over me 5 minutes he’s doing overtime. Usually it’s over by 2-3 minutes without me getting any kind of orgasm out of it, So I don’t count that as”sex” by any standards. My friends had been telling me about my hubby Steven, that he had been seen fo... Continue»
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Bullied in the Bar

I had a bad day at work. Everything was messed up, the boss was yelling at everyone and I guess it must have been “that time of the month” for him. I felt like I needed a drink. Maybe a few of them and also I wanted to relax and dance. So I decided to go to a bar that I had seen a couple blocks away from my home, and try to have some fun after my bad day. Luckily it was Friday, so I could just forget the job and relax for the weekend.

I stood in front of mirror and looked at myself in it. A 26 year old woman, called Mary was looking back at me. Where had all those years gone? I have tri... Continue»
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Young couple, part 1

My name is Sara and I want to tell you what happened couple years ago. I’m 21 years old, 5feet 3 inches in height and 110 pounds in weight. I have C-cup sized tits and as I’m quite small framed, my tits look even larger than they are. Men have always loved my small firm body, big tits and of course my long blond hair. My husband is 24 years old and in every way an average guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love him of course, but sometimes I need to have something more.

Three years ago before we married, we won a trip to Turkey in a local lottery and it sounded great from the details we were given.... Continue»
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Unpleasant things, part 1

Part 1/2

It doesn’t matter if you are as careful as you can be. If it’s going to happen, it will happen to you. I learned that the hard way on our vacation trip when we stayed in South-Africa for few days. Karen and I were going to Australia, but before going there, we planned to visit some countries while we were travelling. I’m a 32 year old electrician and I took few months off work to make this trip with my wife, Karen. I’m just average built, regular guy and just basically lucky that Karen is my wife. She is really beautiful and very hot. She could be a model, but she just doesn’t c... Continue»
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Hotel fun with an Italian Milf

For those that didn't read the first part:

Her- Italian 41 years old 5'5 38c cup thick athletic body with curves in the right places

Me- Black mix 34 years old 5'11 in decent shape with a 8 inch cock

A week went by after our lunch/car encounter. We had texted back and forth a little and eventual set up a date to meet again. I arrived at the hotel at 11am as planned and got us a room. No sooner then I unlocked the room door I hear my phone go off, she texted me that she just parked. I sent her the room number and she was knocking on the door within a few minutes. My cock twitched w... Continue»
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Mom's Roadtrip

nother good day. The sun was shining brightly. Not a cloud in the sky, and very warm. So why was I so unhappy? A few reasons, actually. One being quite obvious. My husband of twenty-four years ran off with another woman. That didn't help. I'm suffering from empty nest syndrome as well. No, not both my c***dren have left. My oldest is in-between his sophomore and Junior year at college. But this summer he took an internship in Denver. That left me and my other c***d Carla here all alone in our split-level ranch in suburban St Louis. At forty-six, I've matured somewhat in looks, nothing out of t... Continue»
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The Art Club

My wife Julie's friend Jenny was other for an afternoon chat. They were both sat on the sofa, while I carried out some paperwork on the dining table at the other end of our living room.
'I've got a problem' said Jenny to my wife. 'My female model for my adult art club has pulled out at the last minute, and I can't find anyone else to take her place at such short notice. The club meets tomorrow night!'
Jenny ran an Adult Art Club. They met up once a month. It was a small mixed group, usually about 10 people. The subjects were usually a sexy couple, posing nude in various erotic positions, al... Continue»
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My name is Richard and I work for a large brokerage firm in Atlanta, Georgia. I am the chief financial officer and make very good money. No matter what they paid me, I would still be in debt. I have a bad habit. I gamble. I not only gamble. I lose. I should have been putting money away for retirement, but we are in debt up to our eyes. I have been working here for the last 10 years and am a very trusted employee. Thank God, I had enough sense to put the house and car in my wife's name. A little about me. I am 46, 5' 10" and about 180. I consider myself in pretty good shape.

I place my bets... Continue»
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She Got Blackmailed

This is a chapter from my erotica fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. Check my page for more details on me and my writing and how you can read the whole book.

Haden awoke feeling physically sore, but emotionally refreshed. She wasn’t looking forward to meeting her blackmailer, but something about her time with Lucas had given her a sense of optimism. Maybe it was that what she’d done was tiring, but endurable. There was a tiny twinge of pride in her work. She heard his voice again. “Good job on the floor.” It made her smile while she got dressed.

She’d overslept a bit... Continue»
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Slut at time and a half

My wife works in an office with several women most are older than my thirty three year old bride. She is five foot four and a hundred pounds on the dot. Her natural hair color is mousey brown but she keeps it bleached blonde. It's shoulder length and kept straight with bangs. I love that almost fifties style pinup look. The dress code in the office is skirts or dresses only. Most of the ladies wear at or below the knee but my wife's legs have always been her best assets so she wears her above the knee. And when she feels like showing off at mid thigh. She said when she wears the shorter skirts... Continue»
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fantasy gangbang in a black nightclub

so, I used to have a good friend from nigeria that we sometimes went out with. because she likes to dance we often went to a latin place where lots of black dudes would be showing off their dance moves. I liked the tension and she likes the attention. this night was different because we agreed to get someone else involved at some point.
She was wearing a super tight mini skirt that showed off all her curves. I told her at home to take off her underwear that evening, so every now and then you could catch a glimpse of her pussy and ass. especially once she started dancing. She was really getti... Continue»
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Car fun with an Italian Milf

This is a true story and it happened a few weeks ago.

It started when I checked my mail on a sex site that I'm on. Her message said "Hey Matt...would you like to have a nsa hot sex session ?" I checked out her profile it says she 41 years old italian mother of two that is recently singled and looking to have fun. I messaged her back yes but I would need to see a face pic as her profile only had a picture of a nice set of tits 38c cup I later found out. She ignores this and we trade a few emails back and forth. I'm beginning to think she's another fake but then she sends her pictures and my... Continue»
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Mama T's - Visiting and meeting her household

Mama T had made a happy man of a passing skinny white boy on a summer's night.... But what happens when a few nights later he decides to see if she is interested in going for it again?

Many of you said the first part of the story was hot.... Put on your fireproof undies, grab some lube and enjoy part 2!!!


Walking down Euclid Avenue I saw that there was a light on in the front of the house where Mama T lived. My heart was pounding and I hoped that I was not being stupid, but when I got to her sidewalk ... Continue»
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The Power WithIn

It was dark and wet. The smell was like nothing I've ever smelled before. Nothing nasty or raunchy, but rather earthy like when it rains on a summer's night and yet different, like what I would imagine men on a chain-gang to smell like after a hard day's work. The contradiction enveloped me. I was his possession. And whether he knew it or not, my skin burned, and my soul's thirst peaked just by the thought of him subjugating me during those passionate nights of old. Though, I was married and respectable, I could do nothing to fight Richard, who had become my king. He was the first one to stamp... Continue»
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Rescued by a foreign spy

I was eating at a restaurant alone at the bar. A man came by to strike up a conversation with me. He seemed nice at first but then started to become pushy. He was very arrogant, which was a turn off for me. I had already finished my meal and was getting tired of his company. I was getting ready to leave but the man kept talking to me. Apparently, it must have showed in my face that the man was annoying me that another gentleman walked up from behind me, placed his hand on my back, said hi and wanted to know who was I talking to (as if he knew me). As he was giving the man a stern look, ... Continue»
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The Boy NextDoor

The Boy NextDoor

My name is Jack Duncan. I am 45 and a professional
photographer. My wife Debbie is 32 with wavy, natural
blonde hair atop a 5'6" body weighing 123 pounds.
Blessed with a beautiful face and stark green eyes,
Debbie has shapely hips carried on long, lovely legs.
With supple breasts filling a B-cup, she is an
attractive woman.

My appetite for eroticism to some is strange. I am a
voyeur and having a vivid imagination and pretty wife I
am highly aroused watching her flirt with other men. I
even encouraged her to get a boyfriend. Of course this
hurt... Continue»
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One night of Pleasure (Incomplete)

This is an incomplete story a writer friend wrote, if you want more comment below.

I'm laying in bed and I call you to come and lay with me. You slowly make your way to the bed

smiling, asking me "Hey sweetie? What's up?" I tell you strip off your clothe for me and lay down. I rest

my cheek upon your chiseled chest, look at you smiling from ear to ear. My left hand starts to playfully

caress your right hand. Gently touching and holding between each finger. Analyzing every single line and

indention and kissing them lightly. I stare deep into your eyes pulli... Continue»
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A language exchange

A few months ago I was on a short trip to China, in the nice city of Hangzhou. As I was exploring the city and the difference in culture, I went online to find someone with whom I could hangout and explore even more the place. I was pleased to see that a girl responded to my invitation. We met in a restaurant on the third day that I was there. I had seen a picture of her on the chat application we were using but I didn't realize how cute she was actually before I saw her in real life. She was stunning beautiful, a nice smile, beautiful lips, small in stature but full of energy.

We spent th... Continue»
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Mature Black Bred 2nd Attempt

My white wife's first breeding attempt failed, this is her second attempt. My wife is 38DD-32-39, gorgeous long haired blonde, blue eyed, curvy. Her big natural breasts with their veins showing, hairy bush and large pussy lips are a magnet for well hung young black studs. My wife is 61 but looks 15-20 years younger, so young black studs think they'll be impregnating a beautiful mature white woman. As black young studs have told her, they live to impregnate a big breasted mature white woman, it's in their genes!

My wife's first breeding attempt with Rodwell failed, but he still thinks she's... Continue»
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How I Became a Whore For BBC!!!! Awesome story fro

How I Became a Whore For BBC
byohiobigirl© Awesome story from literotica

I want to give a little background on myself before I tell you how I became a whore for black men. My name is Sam and I am 36 years old. I'm 5' 2" with brown hair and hazel eyes. At 100 lbs., I am a very petite girl, I'm married to Joe, and we have an 8 year old daughter. We have been married for eight years now, and this story takes place about two years ago. Until two years ago I had always been faithful and had never even considered being with another man. Of course, I had fantasies and urges just like any other w... Continue»
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