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true story, I let a white stranger have a turn wit

So last night me and my wife went out for drinks and dancing and she was the center of attention I danced with her several times and once we had quite a few drinks I started dancing really freaky with her and then I started maneuvering her closer to other guys where at a times I had got her so close to some men that while I was in front of her, her ass was getting grind on and one guy even reached around one hand and squeezed her left tit while firmly pulling her ass on his dick. I sat down after my dance and as my wife was just sitting down the guy that had dry fucked her on the dance floor s... Continue»
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Victor and I in a booth at the adult theater

Victor and I in a booth at the adult theater

On that Friday evening Victor and I had fucked like rabbits at home; but after that incredible sex session, I was still really horny…

I told him to go to the adult theater we used to enjoy in the suburbs.
I wore a blue jean mini skirt with a very tiny red thong, a black tank top and heels.

We went into a booth and Victor sat down and I sat on his lap. We found a movie of two black guys fucking a little blonde on a bed. I leaned back in my husband's lap and then he started to rub my clit through my silky red thong…

I was already drippi... Continue»
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Housewife BETH August 2011.

Wife Gone Wild August 2011.

It was a hot sticky Friday afternoon, the k**s were gone for the weekend and MUFFIN and I decided to cool off at the mall. After an hour of walking in and out of stores MUFFIN winked and asked, "Do you want to go to the adult store on the way home, I could go for a naughty movie tonight". I smiled and said, "Sure that sounds like fun". As we were leaving a group of four guys, all dirty and sweaty from a hard day work, got out of their truck and walked by us in the parking lot. It was hot and MUFFIN was wearing a white, very low cut, bra-top and jean shorts. This... Continue»
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White wife black cock gangbang in hotel room

I am posting this story about a friend of mine and his wife to help warn other travelers ,
They were traveling out of state and stopped at a nice Hotel (cant say the name) They had checked in and went to the room. His wife wanted to shower right away as He went back to the car to get the rest of there stuff. He didnt know that people with bad intentions like to watch hotels and take advantage of out of state travelers. they do this because they know you cant stay around to file police reports , or to I.D. people or appear in court. He found out later this is what they do , and most people ju... Continue»
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Fuko (P-Chan) is impregnated by a white surfer

Story by Chen

Fuko is a Busty JAV idol who is known for her enormous beautiful breasts that could bring even the strongest of men to their knees. Like most J... Continue»
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roommates cell phone

Marisa always keeps her cell phone close by. With good reason as she is prone to take selfie in several states of undressing. In the past on another phone as she took off to get some fast food she left it one her bed. I opened it up and she had one pic of her ass in full display wearing some nice black lengerie . Another had her in her silky blue sl**p pantys with them pulled down, showing her ass crack. Another had her holding, covering her titties in a thong and her ass on full display. I snapped a couple of pics from my phone as I knew I wouldn't have time to stroke off in her room. Some ot... Continue»
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Overwatch: Mei and Soldier 76

Overwatch: Breeding Future Heroes-p1 Mei and Soldier 76

Story By Maria (Fan of Overwatch)

Soldier 76 had just returned to Arctic base from an intense training exercise out in the freezing weather. He quickly ran through the bas... Continue»
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Carpool Blowjob (Latina & White)

Story by Maria

It was a hot Central Florida afternoon and I was on my way to a college class field trip at a local wetlands park. As part of my environmental sciences class, we were to attend a tour of the park in order to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our environment.

My name is Gabriella, and I am a petite Cuban American with brown skin and long black straight hair and a slight valley girl accent and can't speak a lick of Spanish. For the trip I decided to pack simple. I was wearing a simple white t shirt with a logo on it and tight black yoga pants to show off m... Continue»
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Revenge It feels so good

Jeffrey was having one of those days, the kind of day where it would have been better to roll over and go back to sl**p rather then get up and go to work.

Work was not going well for Jeffrey, but neither was most of the rest of his life. He had been working for the company for 15 years, but his position was pretty much stagnant. Jeffrey was good at what he did, one of the best in a very technical field, but management rewarded salesmanship and Jeff wasn't interested in that, and, consequently, wasn't very good at it.

His marriage wasn't in good shape either. Most casual observers found i... Continue»
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Cuckold Girl friend makes me watch

As I watched Mary kiss Lee. I can see her peek over me. She was looking at me as Lee sucked on her neck and down to her huge tits. It turned me on knowing she was enjoying this. By her looking at me moaning with lust in her eyes. She wanted me to know how much she did. I could see her grabbing his huge cock with both hands. Jerking it and lathering it up with soap. Lee's hands and mouth was all over her. Mary turned her body around to Lee's huge cock could rub and grind on her fat juicy ass. He was loving it. Watching his cock grinding on her ass was a sight to see. Mary was giving me a sho... Continue»
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The Fuck Collector

Why do I keep doing this to myself? I always get myself in trouble with debts and anything involving money.

"I am going to fucking tear you into pieces, you little asshole!" Fred screams at me from behind me while chasing me. I owe him money. Lots and lots of money. It's not what you think.

You see... I am addicted to interracial porn. No, I have no interest in actually seeing a black man fuck a white woman. I actually don't like black people. I am a member of a local right-wing party and I. oppose multiculturalism. But seeing a well endowed negro fucking a white woman, especially a blo... Continue»
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My Boy Toy

My Boy Toy

No escaping my desire;

Only an hour ago I saw him on the club’s dance floor. Even in the darkness and the frenzy of the crowds his cobalt blue eyes were following me. I could see that he liked me and that no small detail had escaped his gaze. I felt his stare and it made me feel craved, wanted and needing his touch. I saw a young woman walk up to him a twerking straight into his groin, but he did not react to her but kept his eyes on me. It made feel special; I felt my nipples poking through my white blouse.

He walked toward me and towering over me he was facing m... Continue»
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Special Delivery for Sarah

I suppose it all started when I left home in my late teens and bought a house; somewhere that I could call my own.

As soon as the estate agent opened in the morning, I went down full of excitement to collect the keys.

It was completely empty apart from carpets and curtains, and the odd small electrical appliance in the kitchen. I had arranged for all the big items to be delivered that day to make the place a home that I could be proud turned out that that was to be one very eventful day I can tell you!

While I was waiting for my first delivery, I decided to go upstairs a... Continue»
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Adventures of the Dark Side: High School Heatwave

Miss Cashmore my Business teacher was sitting on top of her desk.

Oh Miss Cashmore!
She was a sultry brunette in her late 20's, tall with very fine legs. Olive Skin, very healthy looking, and big brown eyes. Her fine Breasts seemed way too big for her, but I was mesmerised by them.

She was completely naked save for the fine string of pearls around her Neck, from this day I would be addicted to such fashion for the rest of my life, whenever I see a woman with pearls around her neck I think back to Miss Cashmore.

It was a hot Summer's afternoon and she had kept me back from class becua... Continue»
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Fucking My Friend's Flatmate

At university I lived in a ground floor flat in a really good location for bars and the like. Great until there was a huge storm and it flooded! The rain didn't seem so bad during lectures but I got soaked on the walk home and things didn't get any better when I opened the door to my flat to find the carpet soaking wet.

Not to let the situation get the better of me I invited a coursemate called Louise out for a drink just to pass some time before having to go back to my flooded room and have a good moan about it which would make me feel better. It turns out that Louise had a friend called E... Continue»
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Jewel at the jewelry counter.

There's that cute little clerk...the one usually behind the bling tables.

She's laying out tops not far from her station. All bent over, showing that cute little booty off in those green corduroys. 5' 2" dark-skinned African-American girl, tight braids behind her head, ripe breasts stretching her tight top under a sweater she's donned in this cold store.

Always flashed me a sweet smile and soft hello on past occasions I've passed by on the way to other things at this Mall...and I've made sure to saunter by the last few times. Button-cute, and seems friendlier compared to previous workers... Continue»
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Girl Friends Share a Dark Secret--Day 2

Girl Friends Share a Dark Secret—Day 2

Before we begin with Day 2, let me first provide a brief recap of our girls only first day in Vegas – A few months back, I made a new friend with a woman named Kelly and although we only recently met, our friendship is as though we have known each other for life. Kelly asked if I would go with her to Las Vegas over a long weekend. Her husband was going out of town and I needed a vacation, so I said, “Let’s Go.” Although we are both married, last night we met two guys at a dance club, Edward and Darien, and spent the night together at the Bellagio. ... Continue»
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Playing the fertile cougar

It's been a while since this started.

Osei went off to Lagos as planned and Kristen wanted a little fun. She wanted Jay and some breed white girl role play.
We planned as we drove back from the airport drop off. Very simple, place the kitchen chalk board in plain sight by the front door.
"2 fertile bitches in need --->"

Only it took Jay a long while to show up. Too much time laying just about naked in bed with serious deep conversation resulted in Kristen placing a light kiss on my lips. Which turned into me caressing her face and melting as I kissed her deeply. Kristen retu... Continue»
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My Wife's First Black Man...

If you have read any of our other stories, you'd know my wife enjoyed a really nice relationship with a manager who was Black, he wasn't her first, in fact by the time my still, sexy Filipino wife had kissed his lips, licked his chest and made her way down to suck on his large Black cock like a stranded man in the desert drinks his last drop of water. She had already enjoyed the experience of being the "Fuck-Toy with a handful of other Black men!

But what makes this even more enjoyable for me is that, like I wrote in our "How it all started.." story, my wife never wanted to be with a Black... Continue»
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The Couple Next Door

I am a white girl in my teens, and have nice long shapely legs, blonde hair down to my waist, a tiny bottom, and a cute little face. ( or so I'm told ) I recently moved into a rented house in town so that it would be easier for me to attend the local college, and being nosy, I was keen to meet my next door neighbours.

It all started when I was hanging out some undies that had just come out of the washing machine on a hot sunny day in the middle of July, when I heard a deep voice saying “Good morning, my name is Bruno; what's yours” ? I turned around, and in the garden next door was... Continue»
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