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Taking my first 'monster' black cock.

I’ve been a slut for most of my life. I had my anal cherry popped when I was nearly 11 after at least a year of doing other things with a friend. By then I was an accomplished cock-sucker and was ready for it. By 13 I’d had my first black cock and was hooked; that was the year that I also experienced my first little gang bang with some friends. My mother confided in me, later in life that, had I been a girl (knowing how much of a slut I was), I would have probably been pregnant by the time I was 12 (if not sooner).

When this happened I was 18 and the slut switch was stuck ‘on’. Although I... Continue»
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How to deal with bad neighbors

Leroy didn’t care much for the way his neighborhood was changing. When he had purchased his house it was a black neighborhood in the inner city, but a few years back one of the city’s universities began expanding rapidly. Now the neighborhood was full of rowdy d***ken college k**s. A fraternity even bought up the vacant lot behind his house for their frat house.
One day he looked out back and saw a confederate flag hanging from the side of that frat house. “Oh, hell no!” He thought to himself.
Leroy and his wife Ebony were upset that there in their own backyard was a confederate flag. ... Continue»
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Older Lover

Thick. Juicy. Delicious. The first words that come to mind when I imagine the woman I've been dreaming of getting my hands all over for the longest time. The thought of her lips wrapped around the tip of my throbbing cock with suction that would rival that of the strongest vacuum on the market. Her tongue wriggling and writhing like a ferocious snake on the under side of my shaft and head. The look in her eyes as she gazes up at me as I lay my fat, heavy meat on her beautiful face, my big swollen cum-filled balls filling her mouth, her eyes on either side of my shaft as she sucks and swallows ... Continue»
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Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction 3

This is the last installment of this series. I hope that you have enjoyed it, voted for it, commented on it and maybe even masturbated to it.
If you have, I’d love to know about it.
This is how the evening ended.

To say we were all tired would be an understatement. When I finally was able to extract myself from the limbs of Paula and Lana, they were both giggling. I asked what they found so funny and Paula told me that her aunt thought we were probably too much a mess to go out and get food, but if we eat much m... Continue»
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Relief... continued

He only worked for us for 4 days. (the continuation)

That night I’d given him a second blow job and there were 2 others. We just couldn’t pay him what he wanted (even with the other ‘benefits’) so he left. I was sad to have that happen but, he may stop by in the future for a little more service. There are some advantages to owning this place which have begun to show up over time. Being gay here is not i*****l but very frowned upon; it’s a very conservative small town. Like every other small hotel/guest house we rent our rooms hourly and pretty cheap. About the time that Tuan left we’d start... Continue»
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Jimmy was an old man. Famous actor, during his life he played many great roles.
He was a guest in a popular TV show, together with some other…
Ok, females. Subject: what should a man provide so the woman agrees to be with him. You can guess: it was a neverending list.
- It’s not like that, the most important is love… – Jimmy tried to say something, obviously tired of stupidities he was listening.
- Kva kva, kvakvakva, kvaaaa... – their story was going on.
„And I refused Boring Mike for a beer“ – were Jimmy’s thoughts, while he was holding his head in hands.
Th... Continue»
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Wife WebCam affair with Husbands black co-worker 2

This is an continuation of Wife WebCam affair with Husbands black co-worker 1. Please read the first part to understand the characters and the situation and how this story is carried forward. Enjoy the story. Thank you :)

When I got to work Monday morning I was waiting to clock in when Dwane walked in the door. The second he saw me standing there he got a big ass grin on his face. I knew exactly what he was thinking the moment he saw me. That he has fucked my wife while I was gone. Something he has been wanting to do for a while now. He had no idea I knew what they had done or that I had a... Continue»
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fucking for money

This story was shared to me by one of my friends. She is a tall busty blonde, she has a nice ass and a pretty face.
She was f***ed into marrying someone she did not love for financial profit. Her father established that she'd marry one of his business parteners.
She found out this about a year before the wedding. Her parents left her to finish her studies and even gave her total fredom.
At first she was just partying with her girlfriends but one night she met a guy. He was a rich guy, a "bad boy". She knew hes bad news but she insisted on getting to know him. She tolk me that in the same n... Continue»
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the wife and her s****r..

it was a Friday night and the the wife's s****r was visiting us as she was going through a rough patch with her husband, we were sat having a drink and the door bell went, Susan asked my wife Jane who could that be? Jane looked at me and i looked puzzled then i remembered i had rang Ged to come over and have some fun with the wife and i, it totally slipped my mind.

i looked at Jane and said it was Ged he was popping in for a drink with me! i answered the door and i shut it behind me and told him what was going on he said it was ok he would come again another night, i said no do come in for... Continue»
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Another long girl's night out for Ana

Another long girl`s night out for Ana

Friday night Ana told me she had been invited by some girlfriends to go out dancing.
She chose to wear an incredible dress to go out: this one was red, and sexy as hell. The straps were thick, but the top was really a kind of bra with skirt attached…
Furthermore, the dress was backless and the fabric came together in a "V" at the top of the skirt portion, the point of the "V" hovering just over the crack of her ass. I was sure that anyone would be able to see her panties, wet with sweat after a night of dancing.
The skirt part was so short, that eve... Continue»
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True Story Mostly: Sivi

True Story Mostly: Sivi

If I remember right Sivi and I fucked the first night we met. Pretty sure meeting either at Cousins or E/Js. Around the same time I was still connected with Brittany/Roger but barely. I know it was really because I’d get her high but, what the hell. I was going to get high anyway why not share. I remember slipping off the futon and situating myself between Sivi’s legs so smooth and dusty chocolate brown. Just enough licorice stick and shaved cock and balls I was in heaven. We do it doggy style with me half off the couch wiggling my skinny ass as I love... Continue»
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My Affair with a Hmong/Hmoob co-worker

To get the full story, please go read "Married Hmong affair - Part 1"

She said don't quit if you quit, make sure u tell me or else I will MISS you a lot...then I said really? LOL!! then she replied "oh yeah!" and LOL! Then I said to her, "i can get your phone#?" she said, "i will think about it." Then she walked back to her desk. I have thought about it over night and I felt scare to myself. I could get into trouble if she tells anyone like her husband, friends or our manager at work.

On January 18th, at our workplace, she came asked me about work related questions. I told h... Continue»
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How She got me to love BBC. (Part 1)

I enter the local supermarket once I get off the train on my way home from work. It is almost summer and yet the majority of the womeb walking around think that it is. So many of them are dressed in such provocative ways. I am not angry about it at all! I walk in to the market to pick up some milk to take home as I am listening to Mozart on my phone and not trying not to pay attention to anything, but then just like that, a glorious vision pops up in front of me. A striking Latina who is just beyond belief gorgeous. She is tall, with long hair, and she is wearing a short skirt that is barely t... Continue»
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Japan Tour part 2: The Groupies

I woke up at 7 a.m. and couldn't remember where the hell I was. Then I remembered. Japan, in a luxurious suite, with a hot Japanese housewife named Izumi. No, I realized. Izumi had left. I got on a plane for a budget trip to Japan and got confused for a famous author who was on the same plane. I wondered how long I was going to be able to get away with the act. I remembered now, a car coming at 10 a.m. and I was going to have to do press interviews and talk to a panel of professors and I hadn't even read "my" book. There was a case of at least 60 of them at the foot of the bed. I grab... Continue»
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My first black girl. Right place at the right time


I am going to tell you guys a little about myself! I grew up in a Catholic household! I am the SEVENTH SON of a big f****y! Big enough that we can play any sport out there and have replacements. I was a bright student growing up and always at the top of my class and that was the case until I got on involved with sports. To say that in my f****y we are super competitive is an understatement. I was the captain of our soccer team 3 years and 1 of the 4 captains in our football for 2 years. Sports were my life! They just came naturally! I also played baseball. I didn't tou... Continue»
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How to Become a Nymphomaniac

How to Become a Nymphomaniac
May 14, 2016

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and here I am sitting with an ice pack between my legs. It's the beginning to what could be a potentially great day and here I am sitting in the house bored with no hopes of going out and continuing a weekend of debauchery. I answered my phone. "Hi Carole! It's Kelli."

"Hey Girl, what's going on?" I asked.

"Nothing much, I couldn't sl**p so I thought I would bug you. I am kind of surprised to find you at home!"

"Well I sort of over did it ... Continue»
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Moni becomes a black cock slut

My wife, Moni and I liked to watch adult videos as part
of our sex life. She liked to be restrained and
spanked, then fucked silly. She said that she really
liked the feeling of being controlled for the sexual
gratification of another. One day we were watching a
new film in which a white housewife was being used and
dominated by several black men.

Moni's pussy was sopping and she couldn't take her eyes
off of the scene unfolding in front of her. As the men
roughly shoved their cocks into the woman on the
screen, Moni would shove her fingers into her wet pussy
and move h... Continue»
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My first blow bang

So I used to dance at a club called Spankys, it is a really trashy strip club but it was really my only option after being fired from my other job. My manager was a fat black dude in his forties, and he interviewed all the new girls. For my audition I had to wear a bikini and dance to show my ability and skill level. I danced, twerked and shook my ass for him and basically told him I really need this job. He told me that he already had enough dancers, he was in need of "performers." After he said that he just took out his cock and started rubbing it. I was up on the stage and just stood there ... Continue»
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Husband to castrated sissy

"Oh my god!"

My wife looked up over the muscular shoulder of the huge black guy nailing her on our bed. Her long tanned legs wrapped around v-shaped torso. "Hi honey. What are you doing home early?"

"Kelli what the fuck's going on here?!"

At that, the black guy turned and shot me a nasty glance. "What's it look like we doing, genius? I'm dicking your old lady. Now get out of here fuckshit I ain't finished."

"Better go downstairs dear," Kelli said, smiling. "I'll be down later to explain."

Of course I was shocked, but what else could I do? I went downstairs poured myself a drink... Continue»
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Never knew my wife was Multi-orgasmick, she did�

[video][/video]Well, the title kinda explaines it.
We have been together for almost 25 yrs now. Wow, And we still have sex. and we both enjoy it.

My wife was a virgin when we started going out and she was really hot too! Short 5'3", Nice tits 34b, huge nipples, long brown hair,
fine shaped ass and good looking.
She was very shy too but soon grew into a flirt but as we stayed together and still are, she has opened up sexually into the wife of my

We both know that I wasn't ever into bbw's but as the years have gone by she has gained a lot o... Continue»
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