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Mexican Boy Meets American Boy

My name is Enrique and I am from Chihuahua Mexico. Since a c***d I never really liked girls, but I didn’t seem to like boys either. That was true until I first went to visit the USA. I fell in love when I met a white American boy. His beautiful blue eyes, his pretty smile, his perfect body, and his tall frame attracted me to him. I never met a man like that in my life. I was 18 and he was about 23 years old. I didn’t know much English so it was hard to talk to him. But he knew I wanted him.

He lived in a Mexican neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas, and was dating my cousin Maria at the time... Continue»
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Computer Girl BBC (Part2)

This part of my story is what happened the rest of the week working with Shane. I got out of bed on Thursday morning my mind still reeling from what happened last night in Shane's hotel room. The guilt was racking me as my husband I were getting ready for work, but on the other hand I was so worked up thinking about how I had never been Fucked the way Shane fucked me. I was always a believer that size doesn't matter but was now finding that maybe it does! I picked up Shane at the hotel he got into the car said good morning and I replied the same. As we drove Shane spoke up and said I really ha... Continue»
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Chinese guy first time

A few years ago I was on a gay website and sent a few messages out but never really got much back as I really like Chinese and Oriental guys Got a few messages from Indian guys but not really interested. After a few weeks I stopped checking my profile and then months later I got a emal message that I had a message
Went and looked and it was from a Chinese guy, a student in the same town as me. I sent a reply and back came his e mail address. We swapped a few messages and he was intersted in the same things as me, wanking being nude, etc. I had fantasized for a while about meeting a Chinese ... Continue»
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Miss Marvel vs Dr. Evil

Previously, on “The Amazing Miss Marvel”: After pursuing Dr. Evil around the Universe and defeating his goons trying to defuse his plan to destroy the fabric of reality, Miss Marvel uses the powers of her Tattoo of Knowledge to discover the Doctor’s secret lair and pays him a visit.

“Freeze, Dr. Evil! Your plan is over. Surrender or face the consequences!”. Stated Miss Marvel after entering the Doctor’s Lab.

“You are a fool, Miss Marvel! Don’t you understand I needed you to come to my lab so I can harvest your powers and feed my machine! You are the last piece of my plan!”. Said t... Continue»
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Doctor student doctor part 2


As I lay on the exam table with my legs and feet up in the stirrups the five doctors stood at the end of the table. I has just had a breast exam by all five, my doctor and 4 students including one woman doctor. My ob/gym taught at the university and he wanted to have them observe and participate in an exam. Of course they all had or had seen a vulva but not in a formal exam. The doctor had just removed my gown as I reclined on the table with now my newly shaved pubic area exposed and very wet. I had consented to this situation because he asked me to assist him in helping trai... Continue»
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Hotel Tag-Team

I go to Seattle to play quite often because there's such a choice in BBC. There's something about a black men, what can I say (and, I don't really care how big they are).

I was in a hotel downtown, and I was online hoping to pick-up and host in my suite.

I was walking around naked and showing off on in the Squirt cam room when I got a hit from a guy. When I checked out his profile I was definitely turned on: 57 y/o black top with a great uncut cock (I LOVE uncut!).

I immediately invited him over and then he asked if he could bring his friend as the two of them were playing a little an... Continue»
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Computer Girl BBC (Part1)

I work in the IT Dept for a large distribution firm in the mid west. I guess you can call me sort of a computer geek! I'm a 33 year old married mother of 2, I stand 5.5 shoulder length brown hair and a body that could be described as chunky. The company had just installed a new operating system and I was heading up the implementation of the system. It was long hours of work but I was well payed for it. The company that sold us the system sent down an expert from their California office to help with the set up. He flew in late Sunday night and I picked him up on Monday morning at his hotel. I h... Continue»
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No, I k**. When I wasn't working, I was fucking. I noticed I have a "friend of a friend" fetish if that's such a thing. I fucked EI's former best friend (I'll let you guess why they aren't anymore). I'll be posting a few pics and vids of her soon. One session was hot because she only wanted to give me head, so she sucked me off while I watched the clip of me giving it to EI in the ass lol.

I also somehow managed to talk to a chick's former SIL who they both hate each other but stay together. Only got some pics of her tits but I fucked her in the living room floor right next to the couch I f... Continue»
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Tranny Attack Ch. 02

"You'll be hearing from me again, sweety!" With those words Julia had kicked me out of her apartment.

I dragged by bruised and ass-fucked body home. Thankfully, Jane was not back as yet. All through the journey back to my house images of the previous night kept playing through my head. Discovering Julia's cock, of being tied up and buggered, of sucking her cock, and of having Julia piss on me. And it was all on camera! And who had she sent the videos to? If she blackmailed me, what would I do. I could pay her off quietly, since we were a traditional household and Jane never said anything ... Continue»
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A strong black guy and I loved it

I'm a lesbian. At least, that's what I'm convinced of for a very long time already.
I've had guys, but I was never impressed.
Yeah, having seks with my boss some time ago, but I still believe I loved that because he's wife was there too and fucked my brians out like no woman did before.

Recently I went to visit some friends of mine who moved to the caribean.

Instantly I noticed I was adored by the guys there. Not like in my own country, but more. Almost obsessive.

One of the guys who lived there and worked at a bar we visited a couple of times couldn't keep his eyes off of me. I l... Continue»
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I was 18 yrs old then and my mom Asha 41 years old. She is very sexy and can get many dicks hard even at this age. Her figure is 36-29-38 with a real sexy ass. So here goes the story.

One night me my mom and dad went out for dad’s friends party. The party started at 9pm. Mom worn a black flimsy chiffon sari tight around her sexy body. I’m sure she might have swollen many dicks in the party that night.

Everything was going fine until mom started feeling tired
... Continue»
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lingerie markting of wife with brother-in-law.

This is an incident that happened to me a few months back. I am Santhi Prakash, a 32-year-old married woman, mother of a 4 year daughter and I have been married for the last 6 years and I stay at Chennai. Basically I am commerce graduate and working as cashier in a private company. My husband is working as an admin personnel in a company at Bangalore, as he got transferred there about a year back.

Once in a month or so, he used to come home. Since my daughter is
... Continue»
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Summer Fling

I was extremely horny on evening and very frustrated because I didn’t have a guy around to help take care of my needs. So I decided to post an ad on Craigslist for some BBC. No responses at first, then a few replies with no pictures which got deleted right away. I mean if I’m going to show you what you’re getting in the ad and request yours, I’d better get a picture.
Then I got 4-5 responses that peaked my interest. A few of the men were around my age (mid 30s) then a young college k**, all of 19, sent me a message. I was hesitant at first because of his age, but he was very attractive an... Continue»
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Fun with a Granny Part 4

Hi sorry its been so long since Part 3

Micky a 14 year old schoolboy was laying on his bed it was the start of the summer holidays and he was thinking back a few weeks when he and a few friends had met Veara a 73 year old granny read parts 1 2 3 thanks .That was the best time of his young life when he put his cock into Vearas pussy for the first time .The feeling he got was amazing and when Bert ass fucked him and Veara wanked him off as he took Berts old cock up the ass was the best feeling in the world .

Micky thought lets vist Veara again he phoned his friends up to met him .As he wa... Continue»
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In the Spring of "68" I was running Track for my High School and doing really good. I'd managed to perfect the hurdles and was blessed with better than average speed. I was mildy surprised at the attention I began receiving from the females of the school, we'd recently consolidated and being one of the few Black students, lets just say that relations were normally somewhere between tense and outright hostility. What powered me was the attention I got from the "ladies" at other schools. Yeah I was flattered, but back then I was a "package" myself, 6'ft, 190 pounds, moderate "fro" and a ki... Continue»
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Training a Slut WIfe Chapter 5

If you have not read ALL the stories leading up to this, you need to go back and read them all.
Starting with the seduction then training and owning of Jaimie, the preachers daughter. Whom still lives with us as she goes to school, nannies my k**s and takes care of her baby (I am baby daddy).

My sexy conservative proper professional wife Charlotte is a MILF. I have tricked her and gotten her into her first lesbian experiences with the preachers MILF wife Pam (whom is also owned by me) and Charlotte has grown fond of Ed's (24 year old) black cock. He seduced her and filmed her without her... Continue»
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No More Doubts for my Ma

My third year at the Engineering College was over, and my 4 friends with whom I shared a flat neat our college in Pune had packed their bags and left for their homes

I was still under the shock given by my girl friend Namratha, she had announced that her f****y had finalized her marriage plans and she is getting engaged during the vacation to some Kiran Sharma who belongs to some big business f****y. We had been very close, and I was hoping that we will eventual
... Continue»
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Mother's Hero

Madhav had been away at college for nine months, as it was his final year of engineering education at IIT Delhi. During this time, his mother used to call him almost daily on his Reliance mobile phone. Madhav has become very close to his mother Sarita after the death of his father. Her phone calls were full of love and longing to meet him and glowing expectations about his final results.

Now as he was returning home with good marks and a placement with a leading technology firm in their R&D department, he was eager to meet his dear Amma (mother in his native tongue)

After getting down
... Continue»
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interesting walk

true story just happened

i was out for a my usual morning walk. I had taken care to dress in the my short black and white dress. the one with the diamond heart on the front. i had on my sheer leggings over blue bikini panties.

shortly after talking with some of the others gurls in the area, i was approached by a black man saying he loved my slim build and long legs. we chatted a bit and i continued my walk with him pressing me to spend some time with him. he told me how big his cock was and asked if i would like to see it.

hell yes.. we found a quiet area and as he leaned back agai... Continue»
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Jayden's Dark journey Chapter 3 by Micah Cook

Darius began to run his hands all over the younger white teen. His one
of his hands slipped under the back waistband of the dirty basketball
shorts as Kenyon kept Jayden busy by kissing him and playing with his
nipples. He rubbed the younger boy's ass all over `til he finally reached
the black butt plug. Once he reached it he began pulling and pushing on it
causing the young white teen to moan into Kenyon's mouth.
"Let's go over there into the woods where we won't be disturbed
J'man," Said Darius with a lust filled smile as he picked up his and
Jayden's skateboards. He and Kenyon ... Continue»
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