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Seeing Wife with First BBC

11 July 2016

Seeing Wife with first BBC

We'd discussed what it would be like for Dawn to have her first big black cock several times before it actually happened. As I knew several black men from both work and the gym I had asked her to let me know if/when she wanted to give it a try. Also in case it was with someone from the gym I asked if she had to pick did she prefer long, thick or both! She gave me a playful punch to the shoulder and told me that I already knew the answer ... both of course!!!!
Well due to our work schedules it had been almost two weeks since we'd had sex... Continue»
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bbc daddy

As is the case with most hard d**g users, you start off small and end up making your way up. Since I was 15 I had been smoking weed. One of my friends had introduced me to some other d**gs like meth or coke a few years later. The weed was still a big influence but it all seemed so tempting. It was a different high and on a much higher level. I figured I could do it and just stop if I wanted to, which of course did not work. I'd learn to accept that. As time went on I began not to care because it felt too good to stop. All my problems seemed to go away when I was away on another plain.

Stacy... Continue»
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white cd versus bbc

I was sitting at my computer, checking out the chat rooms on AOL. Just moments before, I had shed my male persona and taken a long hot bath, followed by a sensuous body shave that had left me feeling, as always, feminine, submissive, and very horny. My new thigh high nylons felt so soft and smooth on my long legs. The minidress I chose was black and just about kneelength. Not slutty, unless I crossed my legs in a certain way and the hem slid up my thighs a bit too far. I have not met a man yet who could resist that temptation! My long blonde wig and just the right touch of makeup completed a v... Continue»
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Ana in a photo session

Ana in a photo session

One Friday afternoon I went to see my loving Victor at his office.
He was very happy to see me there, but he was so busy.

My husband then introduced to me a new employee of the company, a black man called Carl John. He was huge and athletic shaped, handsome and had a sensual nice smile. His dark skin was really amazing.
I felt aroused when Carl John shook his hand into mine.

Victor then excused himself because he was very busy and I came back home, where I touched myself in the shower, thinking about that black man I had met…

I had forgotten him a week late... Continue»
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Mistake in Vegas "it teez ok?"

It teez ok? New revised version

By mitlvsmeg

This story happened to me (us) at the end of June in Las Vegas. I am nervous and a little on edge. I was told by a friend to write it out and submit it to this site and another one like it. He feels that others on this site may have gone through something similar and would be able to give advice and feedback over what to do about all of the surreal events.

My name is Mitch and my wife's name is Megan. We are from Ohio and have been married for 5 years . We have 2 boys ages 4 and 2 and our currently working on a 3rd c***d.. We are high sc... Continue»
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Accounts payable

I’m interested in having sex with my apartment management’s accountant Amy, Amy is tall with curly brown hair thick plump ass and a pair of big ass tits i often dream about having her big boobs in my face running my tongue over and over her nipples

I went into my apartment billing office one day and she was there, damn amy i thought to myself, she came from behind the desk to get something, she was wearing a red and white tank top shorts and flip flops pretty feet, pretty eyes knock em out tits and an ass to go with it. My goodness, her ass the way it sways when she walks,

I would do a... Continue»
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Happy Birthday, My Cuck.

Getting home from work was really annoying today. I was in a rush so I could get ready and change so I could go out tonight. Today is my husband's birthday and he and my f****y are already out in a specific restaurant waiting for me. I get inside the house and instantly take a shower before I put on some new cloths. When I finally finished I recieve a text message from my husband Nate.

"Honey, you're parents just came here from Bolivia. When will you get here?"
"Soon baby, I am putting on my cloths right now."

I quickly look in the mirror to see how I look. I am wearing a short black sk... Continue»
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No name cleaner

Currently I am a temporary IT worker, I tend to work long hours meaning I can be the last to leave at night. The office where I work is cleaner by contract workers mostly the same people. I have noticed an Indian lady probably about 35 years old medium height long black hair tied back. She is slightly tubby with an amazing pair of large tits. I always try and speak to her and try to make her laugh as she has a beautiful smile with lovely white teeth. I have invited her out for a drink several times once she finishes with no luck, however one night she agreed to come for a quick drink at a bar ... Continue»
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Barber shop

Years ago I went to a barber shop that was in an older end of town. It was owned by this really nice guy. Some times he had a second barber who was there most of the times I went in. I will call the owner Sam and the second guy Leon. Sam was super friendly at least 10-15 years older than me slim very dark skinned black men.. Maybe 150 and 5'6-8". Leon was a pretty good sized guy 6' to 6'2" very dark skin and maybe 250 could have been 5 years younger than Sam. I had been in his shop a few times before and was always greeted with a big welcoming smile from both men. Most of the time there was a ... Continue»
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How I found the joys of BBC

Now that im 18 I can finally tell how I became such a bbc slut. It's all thanks to my big s*s really, she's six years older than me, and stunning, I've always been jealous of her, first it was her height, I'm only 5ft4, she's 6ft. I've gotten used being little n cute, has its perks but my s*s steph long legs are to die for, her athletic frame, and mostly her dd b**sts, but mine have nicely developed, been a c cup ain't so bad.

But back when steph was 20, our parents decided to on holiday without us, I had to stay at a friends house but steph was lucky enough to stay at home due her work. T... Continue»
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A Work Party- Chapter 3, Things Are Getting Emotio

A Work Party- Ch. 3

Ron was true to his word, and Tony got a promotion. From an area sales representative to a District Sales Manager. I think he would have eventually gotten the promotion, anyway, as he was good at his job, but now he was a manager. With it came some nice benefits. A raise, and he got a company car, better health insurance, and his retirement benefits increased. He had access to stock options, and better bonuses, too. With it came perks and responsibilities. Sometimes he could come home early, and sometimes, like near end of month, he was extremely busy. He had peo... Continue»
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Five big black cocks for me again

Five big black cocks for me again

I had met this huge black man named Marcus in a plane, several months ago.
He had led me to a black gangbang with some of his friends; Victor agreed and I had enjoyed a nice night with all them, using and abusing my mouth, cunt and ass. They really had given me a screwing like I could never forget it.
One of them was named Jones, who had a monster black cock so huge that I could not stand him in my asshole during that gangbang.
Jones got in touch with me after several months of absence. I met him in some different motels, every time Victor was on a busi... Continue»
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Swing Party

Dan and I were talking outside on a Friday evening. He said that he and Madison belonged to a swing group, and that they were having a party at his house tomorrow evening. He was wondering if Shirley and I would consider coming over. He was sure we would enjoy it, and he had already talked to the group about asking us. I said I would talk to Shirley and would let him know later tonight.

As I've said Shirley and I had talked before about swapping with Dan and Madison, so swinging in a group was not too far from that. We talked about if we could take seeing each other with someone else. I h... Continue»
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My Old Teacher and I

I hurried down the hall. I couldn’t believe I’d almost forgotten to stop by Ms. Thorn’s class after school. My f****y was vacationing for the next week and my cousin had asked me to swing by and grab her work from Ms. Thorn, as she hadn’t had it ready for her earlier in the day. My cousin was a cheerleader and had to leave school earlier to cheer at a sporting event. As I walked down the hall, I thought about Ms. Thorn. She had taught me two years prior and there wasn’t a day that went by I didn’t fantasize about her. She had long perfect legs that were often displayed underneath a pencil skir... Continue»
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When I was 18 part 2

I will start where part 1 stopped ! Well Saturday evening came and my boyfriends parents were gone for the weekend and we had plans to just hang out there. I went over there about 7 pm. We had a few beers and were listening to the stereo when we started making out. This got hot very fast and the next thing I knew my top was off and he was sucking on my breasts. I really love having that done. Then he unbuttoned my pants and slide his hand in my pants. He was rubbing my pussy then put 1 finger in then 2. I was very wet the I had him go down on me He was licking around and don't get me wrong I... Continue»
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Call Girl Screws Teacher For Grades

Hi boys! This is Nithya Sen call girl back with another of my sexcapades. this happened when I was in the final year of BA English.

I was a little lagging in one of the subjects Shakespearean literature since I was not so good in old age English. My teacher was Mr Roy. He was a real 45 year old pervert like the ones you hear in the news. He would never miss a chance to touch a girl’s body in a crowd. He always stood by a girls in class. Most teachers and students never went even near him. He had been rumoured to have been
... Continue»
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Fun With Professor During Tution

Hi I am swathi I was virgin till I was 18 ,but used to keep masturbating and wanted somebody to take my virginity.My pussy would always be on fire and the brinjals and bananas could not quench my thirst for a real cock.

I lived in Bhopal and used to go to Shamsher Singh ,my professor for tutions at his house ,i used to go there in the afternoon along with my friend Sneha.It so happened one day that Sneha was not feeling well and when i reached prof. residence ,i came to know that his wife and son had gone to Punjab.

... Continue»
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Note: This is the first story I have ever shared on here. I did kind of get some inspiration from someone while formulating this story. Feel free to let me know what you think about it. If there is enough of a response or need for another part, then I will try to see if I can make a second part to this, enjoy!

It was around 7:00 pm, and I was just finishing up with my lab report at the library. I was starving and could not wait to leave this godawful place. At least the air conditioning was on full blast. Although summer was coming to an end and fall was approaching, it was still f... Continue»
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A new position with my BBW FWB

The door was open so I left myself in and locked it behind me. I wasn’t sure if she would be upstairs or downstairs today. I was about to call out for her but then hear the familiar sound of her vibrator humming and then her moans. I walked straight to her bedroom, she was under her sheets making her self cum with her vibrator. I could tell she was close by her moans. I wasted no time and climbed on the bed and stuck my tongue deep inside her mouth and made out with her. This pushed her over the edge and she came right then and there.

I pulled away and grabbed on one of her breast squeez... Continue»
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Busty Blonde Latina

Some of you may have read the story of how I met Ali and Paula. But to bring others up to speed Ali worked with me for a while, we slept together one night and we had a bit of a falling out over really a miscommunication. Although we still work for the same company we don’t see each other at work as often as we used to. One night after work I ended up bumping into her at a bar downtown with friends. When I saw her I didn’t actually recognize her at first because she had dyed her hair blonde and she rarely went out to I was surprised. I went up to say hello and was really set back with how... Continue»
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