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He Gave Me One Chance

I went to a local adult theatre last week. It was a cruising spot for men - gay men and also men who don't call themselves gay but just like to suck cock every now and then. I'm in my mid fifties now, but I still have my boyish face that makes me look only about 40. I'm also very cute - and I have a big thick 8 inch dick. I'm a hottie to most others, and in this place any true hottie like me gets lots of attention. Even from much younger men.

When I visit this place I don't want to get my big dick sucked. I go there to suck dick, and I only suck dicks that are black and bigger than my own. ... Continue»
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Charity begins in the PUSSY!

It's that time of year when we are all feeling nice to our men and ladies, well it's nearly Christmas! I'm not too sure why I said that as I am 100% of the time feeling charitable..haha, well you know me by now that is if I craving a big black meat stick mmmmm and all that cream it serves up-O yes x
I know well enough not to be too judgmental when it comes to picking my men, best quality, horny buggers, who give me that look -I wanna fuck you bitch! When I am in that mood, which is very often I wear the smallest outfit I dare in open public and bingo I find that that does it. I think mean who... Continue»
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Eve on her naughty travels

Driving the car down the country road Eve was enjoying the sunny summer weather as she relaxed making her way home from the business meeting in London. She loved her f****y life in the beautiful north east of the country but being a well paid manager of a major food store saw her often called to the capital to attend meetings. Sometimes she would rush home on the motorway to see her husband Steve and their three c***dren but if the meeting finished early enough she would often take the opportunity to take the back roads so she could enjoy the more picturesque rural routes. Today the meeting... Continue»
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My ideal BBC fantasy

I had been chatting with a black man for a few weeks, he knew I was not experienced and had been slowly coaxing me... showing me pictures of his cock. It was an amazing looking cock... 8.5" he said..but it look bigger compared to my white 5.5" cock. We chatted about his fantasies, and he made me confess mine to him. His desire was for me to be HIS, an on call
white slut to use when he needed me, and to ignore when he did not. I was both scared and excited at the prospect.

He finally made an ultimatum, meet him or he would cut off contact. I agreed to meet him in a public place, we agreed t... Continue»
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...Fat Dick Last part,,see part 3

So there we were. Mick done his cleaning job on Rasto's dick. Rasto stood there and said, 'Hey b*o bring us a beer,' Mick wandered off to the Kitchen and Rasto sat next to me. He grabbed me and kissed me, saying how amazing I was and how he liked a nice slutty white wife to entertain him.'Mmm,'he said,'love the taste of my f****y on your lips Doll!'
Mick arrived back with the beers. He walked over and handed one to Rasto. Rasto took it but still wanted to kiss. Then with one movement he swigged down the whole bottle. He stood me up and turned me to him.Hands on my ass still sore from his v***... Continue»
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Sally Dates a Bl;ack Man

Sally Dates a Black Man

[Author’s note: This is a true story. Sally and Eddie really do exist and live in Pennsylvania. Sally’s story was related to me through voice messages and e-mails and I agreed to write it down and publish it so that large, mature white women can realize that there are men in this world who appreciate and worship large women. Sometimes the worshipers are white men and other times the worshipers are black men. But, no matter what a man’s skin color, these obese women shouldn’t be ashamed of their looks and should give every suitor a chance.]

Ch... Continue»
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....Part 2-When Dick is FAT there we were in our hallway. Rasto was stood towering above us Mick and me and Rasto had told Mick where his place was, or should I say at this moment where it was not!!! Mick had told Rasto to cool it and said that he was going too far with me as he had got my tits in his hands as he shoved down the catsuit tome ankles. I was not wearing a bra or pants under it as it spoiled the look with the nylon being so sheer!
Mick was too timid to complain further as he had many times been on the receiving end of a horny Bull and he knew he was no challenge, even if the Bull was stood with his d... Continue»
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Wife's BBC date night plans for 12-18 9:00pm

The details. You are to retire to the upstairs around 9:00 PM. At which time you will be getting ready for your "date". A well endowed BBC will be coming to take your hot creamy pussy. I fantasize about you taking a thick black cock and getting your pussy cream all over it for me and to tell me how good it feels. While I don't wish for it to occur in real life, the role play thought has got me out of my mind. I love how you take your dildo so deep, all the way in. It's so sexy. Your date requests that you wear:

Your strapless bra
black skirt
Thigh high stockings
Absolutely no pan... Continue»
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Fucked a Married Teacher at conference

A few years back, I attended a week-long training conference out-of-state during the summer. I was a teacher and this conference was at a college in Vermont. I went into the week hoping to have a few fun nights out on the town. I got more than I had bargained for.

I arrived in town on a Sunday evening. We were being housed in the dorms and it was a situation where four complete stranger shared a four room suite. Co-ed....obviously since we're all adults, it didn't seem to matter. Shortly after I arrived and checked into my room, I was informed we were over-booked with five people in one ro... Continue»
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Sex In The Mansion

It's now the third night of our trip to Las Vegas the adult internet convention has been real informative and there have been lots of sexy women and sights to see during the day in the exhibition hall. It's great that my hubby and I are getting tips about the net, however, for me ,the only real fun is at night during the private parties for the conventioneers. This night, some sponsors have taken over a mansion in Vegas and hired buses and limos to take the guests to the party.
We arrived at about 11PM and took a stroll around the place. The sponsors had organized some shows for the evening. ... Continue»
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Anita picked up at the adult theater

Anita picked up at the adult theater

Friday afternoon Victor had flown away from home again and I felt so horny at work…

There was an adult theater on my way home from office. My friend Helena told me sometimes had seen women in there playing around. Always were there horny men available for receiving a hand job or a blow… even they could be in a mood to fuck…

That evening I was even hornier than in the afternoon, so, I decided to go there to see what I could find…
I entered the main saloon and sat down about two thirds of the way back. After a few minutes I saw a shadow walk through... Continue»
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When Dick is Fat Dick!

Well as you know I had so far my share of a lovely Black Dick, lots have fired their contents in me, over me....mmmm.

I think you know the description of the cocks that have visited my lilly white body! This time even I was a bit shocked....yes shocked!!! Why well I will try to explain.
I was in a Supermarket with Mick, he had gone to buy some booze and left me doing the shopping.
I was wearing a tight trouser suit, very skin tight, so tight I do not wear panties in it as they show up. I guess it is a spray on fit, easy to see what kind a pussy i have and I like the way my titties hang l... Continue»
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A Shortie for Susan

Susan arrived home late from a hard day at the office – well her boss had been hard most of the morning, staring down the top of her dress.

Susan expected Andy – her 16-year old step-son to be studying hard for his maths exam next week.

Susan didn’t expect to see Andy with his hand down the front of the pale blue jeans of a very attractive 20-something Indian beauty. She was his maths tutor – she had short-cropped black hair, sensuous brown skin and a wicked smile. Her tight white jumper, pulled up over her small breasts exposed a swathe of flat brown abdomen leading the eyes down to a d... Continue»
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A Girl alone in Rome, with 4 large cocks.

A little message to you the readers.

I am a girl, a female, I have tits and a pussy, and I love porn. OK we have that tiny piece of gender out of the way. I like to try to please, and to those men I shall never meet, I want to seduce you with my words and dirty thoughts, just to show you we girls like a bit of fun too.

Admittedly we are the receivers, we let you put your cocks inside us and thrill to feel your seed try to impregnate us, it's a big gamble but it's a big part of the dominance theme, to allow a man to 'Bareback' you, and walk home feeling his semen run out of ... Continue»
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Anita used by black bulls

Anita used by black bulls

I came back from a long business trip and my sweet Anita received me at home wearing just high heels and nylon hose. That night we fucked wildly and when we were recovering the breath she told me:

“I arranged a gangbang with two black studs; trusty people, friends of Jerome”.

Ana confessed me she was really horny and she needed more than one black cock to calm down. She said she had arranged everything with the black guys and she would meet them at a not so far motel down the highway.
Of course I was allowed to watch; however I was to remain hidden in the c... Continue»
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First time back with the BBC that owns me

I just got back out from R&R and though I was still sore from my stop over in Philadelphia I was ready to hook back up with the BBC that owns my slut ass out here. I sent Sir a text to let him know I was back on the base and waited like a schoolgirl for him to reply. It felt like forever but was really about 20min. He said he’d been waiting for me and to have myself at his room that night. I made the usual preparation, cleaning out my cunt and shaving everything nice and smooth for him then rubbing some cherry flavored lip-gloss on my hole just in case he wanted to eat my pussy before he f... Continue»
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Nice to meet you, Veronica.

There I was, in the home one evening of a single-Mother friend named Anita, who was 36 and five years my senior.

Anita had left me in the company of her 19-year old daughter Lanisha for an hour or so to fetch her step-son from a neighbor and take him to see Daddy (Anita and her husband were divorcing.)

Lanisha had a friend over, introduced to me as Veronica. She was a light-skinned African-American, real cute in the face w/ glasses. Short hair in what k**s would call a "Dora the Explorer" trim. 5' 2" w/ a shapely little figure. Shy, but friendly.

Lanisha was taller, more animated tha... Continue»
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Looking for a date

This true story was suggested by one of my friends on Hamster

It had been several days since I had enjoyed a BBC and I felt the need for a little fun. I showered, applied my markup and selected my outfit for the evening. I choose a white corset with matching stockings, no bra or panties. Over this I wore a short red leather skirt, a red see thru blouse and a black blazer. Off to a club I had frequented before.

Upon arrival, I went inside and sat at the bar and ordered a drink. While enjoying my drink I scoped out the patrons and did noticed several nice looking black men. I was ... Continue»
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On the road again...

I meet this guy online who lives two hours away. He's immediately possessive and serious. When I go out, he tells me to pretend we're married so that I'll be good and not flirt with anyone. All kinds of stuff like this before we meet. We talk sex stuff but he's all like he doesn't want to have sex the first time we meet because he wants it to be serious, not just about the sex. He invites me to drive down and stay the night, I can sl**p in a separate bed if I want. We'll go out to eat, then come back and watch Netflix and drink and talk. So I warn him that I'll be a little wary about the drink... Continue»
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Sexting: A couple of quickies

This is a quick series of texts I received from my wife TODAY:
Wife: hi babe. How is your day going?
Me: pretty good. Better since I got your text.
Wife: you're so sweet. Hey, Malcolm wants to stop by at lunch time. The class after his lunch period got cancelled.
Me: Mmmm. Remind me about Malcolm?
Wife: classical tall, dark and handsome.
Me: from the bar a couple weeks ago.
Wife: yep. From the bar and our couch and our bed, and our shower....and a quick blow job at the front door before he left!
Me: oh yeah, he's the young black college k** from ______ University.
Wife: yessir. I thin... Continue»
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