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To start of with I'm a 19 years bi white male from london I'm a crossdresser t,girl fem boy what ever you want to call it and i love
to dress as a sexy girl/women wear womens sexy clothes skirts stockings panties thongs heels wigs makeup purfume the hole lot.
anyway i have had a black cock fetish for a few years now i have never been with a black man and have only ever watched video's and
looked at pictures on porn sites i love the look of a black cock hot big and fat they are and how they so sexy being brown so and
vainy, but the bell end is just like the iceing on the cake for me, like a... Continue»
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Gym Cuckold

My wife had convinced me to start going to the gym with her. She had been going for some time to work on her physic. She is curvy but by no means fat with shoulder length dark hair, green eyes and an infectious smile. Her voluptuous breasts are a sight to behold and a Hispanic ass she can be dangerous; the looks others give her when we are out. Yes my wife is a gorgeous woman who is breaching forty. She wanted to gain some strength and look better. While I thought she looked fine going to the gym made her feel better about herself and as long as she is happy I have a much easier time at everyt... Continue»
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6 mature big breasted, white ladies bbc cottage5

6 mature, big breasted white ladies have delivered 35 black babies over their past 4 yearly breeding sessions. Ladies are; Tryphaena (my wife), Elaine, Connie, Wendy, Steph and Beverly. 4 young black men are; Randolph, Sam, Tom and Danny. They will all meet at our cottage for 5 weeks on none stop love making for their fifth breeding session. Date is fast approaching.

After delivering their 4th set of babies from their last breeding session. All the ladies who are between 50-55 immediately start to work out together to drop their gained baby weight. They also start a foot reflexology, shiats... Continue»
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Thug Uses White Fag

The ice blue 2006 Lincoln Town Car turned into the entrance of the Orchard Estates Motor Home Park. The driver, Royce Coleman, was at the point where he was about to have his cornrows redone. So, they had been taken down earlier that night by his mother when his friend called needing a ride home. He jumped in the car and headed out to pick up his acquaintance from the fast food restaurant. He didn’t mind his Afro too much because he knew his girl would braid it the next afternoon. His passenger said, “Thanks for the ride!”

“You got company tonight,” Royce pried.
“Oh, no! I was just gonna g... Continue»
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My Story how I've come to marrying a Pinay

Pictures of the girls on my picture gallery if not here then on Profile of Azncrazy

I am now divorced to my now 44 year old Korean wife
whom I secretly filmed showering and in bathrooms didn't have much fun with her other than getting the thrill of placing peep hole camera and filming her routine shower schedule for 5 months before she noticed my cell phone on top of the toilet

Since then we've been seperated, (waiting to get divorced )and saw lots of jap porns of boyfriends or husbands placing blindfolds and tieing the wife / girlfriend to the bed and then switching with another man t... Continue»
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Morning with the Sissy

Dwight dropped his twins off at their elementary school. He drove the royal blue 2011 Chevy Avalanche as he made a quick call to his wife. He got her voicemail as he figured since she was at work. He was tired after pulling an all-nighter at the plant. But he had one more stop to make. He turned into the neighborhood and pulled to a halt in front of the white ranch-style house where his wife’s mother and stepfather lived.

He knocked on the door was greeted by stepb*****r-in-law. Dwight studied the five-foot-five-inch, one-hundred-twenty-pound, nineteen year-old that was wearing a purple ca... Continue»
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Bi Hubby Busted at Bookstore

Disclaimer: All events and persons in the following story are ficticious.

It was the first day of some well-deserved time off. My wife let me pick the hotel (which just happened to be across the street from an adult bookstore). I knew the "ABS" was there, as I had done some research on it before arriving on our vacation. Through the wonderful internet, I knew that the bookstore had a theater, and a video arcade with glory holes. I also read that construction workers, college students (both male and female) and the occasional couple went there to suck and fuck. It was a Saturday morning... Continue»
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Oops! My neghbor heard me!

I lived alone in a nice, 2 bedroom apartment when I was finishing college at the age of 22. I had a few sexual experiences with men, but mostly stuck to women, I am bisexual. My "gay" side consisted mostly of me dressing up in my favorite lingerie, getting out my dildos and hopping on the gay chatline, trolling for dominant black bulls who wanted to get off over the phone. A couple times a week, when I had no morning classes, it had become my routine from about 9 am until 11.
I was sitting on my black bull 9" thick dildo, suction cupped to my coffee table. I had it completely buried as I str... Continue»
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Did something I couldn't believe I did

Hello I'm kinda nervous to write this and tell you guys about what happen. My name is Keri I'm 22 years old I'm 5'7" 110 pounds 34b-24-34 lid ritzy blond hair pass my shoulders.
It was a Saturday afternoon and I was seating around my apartment. When my friend called me to see what I was up to I told him I was doing anything and he asked me if he could come over I was like ok. So after about 30 min he was over to my place I got up and let him in I was wearing a t shirt and black yoga pants, we were just seating talking and watching tv.
Then he asked me if I wanted to go ge... Continue»
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Every housewife should follow this!!

I would like to start out that as a 40 year old male, I have always had a fairly perverse mind while my wife is more on the prudish side. Over the years I have slowly gotten my wife to go from only making love in the dark and missionary style to introducing toys and talking about fantasies. Our sex life has gotten better and my mind has gotten more perverted the further we have come. A few years back, I was walking into the locker room at the gym I belong to and a black guy was changing. He was from Ethiopia and when his underwear came down, it just flopped back and forth. It was 12+ and very ... Continue»
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Cornfield Chronicles-The Following Night

Cornfield Chronicles-The Following Night
Once there, I could barely contain my excitement and barely had the chance to walk ten steps before a guy followed in pursuit. Certainly liked the man who pursued me. I walked along the edge of the corn and knew not where I headed; I just picked a spot and walked into the corn. Luckily I wandered to one of those clear and lit places.
The man who pursued me into the corn looked to be a wordless specimen. He cut his eyes at me in a way I knew I had better understand, and fast. I eased to my knee... Continue»
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Warm-up match - Van Persie mass shooting 3 assists

Phoenix Ticker July 20 17: 30,2013 / 14 season, Manchester United 2 games pre-season warm-up match at Sydney's ANZ Stadium, race, Australia's star ultimate team beat Manchester United 5-1. The first half, Ryan Giggs and Welbeck has scored assists Lingard. The second half, Australian super star pulled one back, but Lingard, Welbeck both scored twice to expand the score. Substitute Robin van Persie finally scored a goal. Manchester United Asia Tour 2013 This is the second warm-up match, coach David Moyes is the coach of the second ultimate team after the game, before the game against Thail... Continue»
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Ruski & His Black Bitch

Yevgeni Andreev walked briskly in the chilly air. The Russian immigrant to the USA was used to harsh winters, but he had not bargained on such cold weather being in Tennessee. He sent a message to his American wife saying he would be home in couple of hours. The thirty-five year-old database administrator, headed to his metallic red 2012 Toyota 4Runner. The blond-haired, blue-eyed, athletically built man started up the SUV and drove out of the parking lot.

The foreigner navigated to a seedier part of the city. He pulled into an efficiency apartment complex. He knocked on a door and was gree... Continue»
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My BBC Experience

Hello to all
This is a true story that I have been living for about 3 months. I am writing this to remind me how it all started. I will add new posts as events happen in the future. I see no end to this cycle. Please understand that I am a Bi White male 55 years old.

One afternoon I was cruising a website and a profile caught my eye. He was a 52 yr old Black male seeking friendship and someone to just hang out with. I understood his profile and sent him a quick “wink” and thought no more about it.
The next day I logged in to find that he had sent me a nice note simply saying thank ... Continue»
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Rush hour with a black man

Rush hour with a black man

Friday afternoon I left early my office and caught the train during the rush hour. I was going to meet my friend Paula, to arrange a birthday party in a club.

It was summer time in L.A. and that warm day I was dressed up in a tight black fitting top, with no bra; a silk skirt short and flirty and nice high heels.

As I was standing and waiting for the train, I got some attention from men around, when my skirt lift up with the light breeze. I could only hold the front of my skirt as my other hand was holding a big paper bag with a present for Paula.

Ever... Continue»
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Cornfield Chronicles

Like the rest of the willing participants I hoped would be there, I was on a hunt that balmy summer night. For something hot, hung, hungry and strange. Possessing the same desire, skills and equipment as myself. Though on a hunt, I felt the natural defense of being in a strange place. My surroundings consisted of the things around the rest area my eyes could make out in the relative darkness of the distance. My companion disappeared into the darkness as I decided to walk up the small hill, sit at the b... Continue»
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Cascade of passion

As I sit here I imagine a steamy shower. Water cascading down our bodies. An intoxicating feeling of soap, body oils, and your hands. Kissing passionately. Hands exploring my body. Your fingers start pleasuring me. Running over my clit, entering me. Exciting me. Making me moan and sigh, and yet keeping me only on the edge, not putting me over. The water shuts off. We don't even stop touching each other or looking at each other.

Naked and wet, I kneel before you. Softly, I part my lips, and take you into my mouth. My tongue works up and down you while I suck. Hints of your taste make my whol... Continue»
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My husband had a business trip to Ghana ( Accra ) and asked me to go with him...We had a nice hotel suite in the best hotel of Accra, it was really a pleasure.

On the 3rd evening we where there, i realized after dinner that i had left my glasses by the swimming pool , so i went to look, but could not see i asked at reception, and they told me to go into a store located on the other side of the swinmming-pool.

It was 11pm, and i went to this place and opened the door : an unexpected sight was before me : 3 young blacks boys ( they were 18,19, and 22 years old ) were there
... Continue»
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Feeling Accepted.

I was about half way done my shift in the kitchen, I work as a line cook in a diner and I see this beautiful women sit down close to the counter where you can see us through the open serving window. I keep making slight eye contact with her until she catches me. I am an awkward guy so I quickly keep busy. I try not to look anymore but I catch her smiling and looking towards the area I am in. After about 5 minutes of peekaboo she orders. Her server who is a good friend of mine gives me the slip. A simple burger and fries so i decide this will be the best damn burger she will ever have! I cook t... Continue»
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Wife's adventure on new years eve

My wife was invited to a new year party by one of the ladies in her cuckold group. It's a small group of married women that get together for sex with well hung black men. She has hosted parties at our home a few times and on that occasion I was allowed to watch the action. Now back to the new year party, I wasn't invited in fact non of the husbands where allowed to be at the party. I asked my wife who was serving the drinks if no husbands where allowed? She said that Mattie ( the hostess ) had hired a couple of guys to tend bar.

The day of the party I sat on the bed and talked with my wife... Continue»
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