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Jerome tries a hard anal session on me

Jerome tries a hard anal session on me

My old black lover Jerome called me that Friday evening, knowing that my loving husband was out of town on a business trip.
He warned he was willing to fuck me only in my ass. I could not refuse…
When Jerome arrived to my home, I was waiting for him, ready to be well butt fucked. I had put some gel deeper in my anus and had stretched my rear entrance with a huge black dildo.

Jerome had already established from the beginning of our relationship that he was an "ass man" and his main desire was to see my stretched "gape" and having a slut not being ... Continue»
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Interracial Weekends

Ally, a woman where I work, would often come in on Monday mornings looking happy but pretty well used.

This one Friday when we were getting off work l saw this buff black guy pick her up. It was rather clear that they were more than just casual friends.

Ally is white, married, in her 30s, and this definitely wasn't her husband.

The next time I had the chance I asked her, "So who was the black guy that picked you up on Friday?"

"My weekend date."

She saw the look on my face. "My husband got me into seeing him on weekends when he's not home."

She saw that this needed far more o... Continue»
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Batehole One 8 Marine Orgy

Batehole Story No. 1

8 Marine Orgy

By Buck Jones

No matter what video you are watching or what toy you are playing with, it is your imagination that takes you down the batehole and to the finale with your sperm shooting out in all its glory. Or your insides ripped to shreds by the new and usually larger instrument of inserted pleasure. The road to the point of satisfaction can be a long one or one that develops quickly and leads to an almost instantaneous gratification. And the attack of desire to masturbate can overcome a person in any location at any time.

Like last night I was ... Continue»
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My Return

I hadn’t been home to Seattle for a year, there was nothing there to come back to really but my father and since he worked frequently in San Francisco which is just a bit north of Stanford we had easily kept in touch. Coming home at the end of my freshman year was a cluster fuck from start to finish. Dad had rented an apartment in a gated exclusive hotel not to live in but as a meeting space. It was also near his Hospital although at that moment the significance of this had no meaning to me. Within an hour of landing at SeaTac airport I had been whisked to this unit by my father’s people and w... Continue»
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Getting her mom into bbc

I left the car at the repair shop; the check engine light came on while driving to work that morning. Since the shop is only a mile away I walked home. I figured that since I couldn’t go to work I’d stay home and do a little cleaning. The house would be quiet with my daughter at school and I could finally clean out my closet in peace. After calling work and telling them I wouldn’t be in today I changed into some old clothes and began to clean out the closet. I hauled out boxes of old clothes and shoes to be picked up by the charities and threw out a lot of old magazines. Finding a box of old... Continue»
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the birthday gift

It was Thursday June 9. My birthday and it was my first day off in two weeks.With a nurse with mom till Friday June 10 till 8 am it give me 21 hours to do as I like. problem was I was short of cash till Friday 2 pm, so renting a room was out of it, them I remembered the camp site.
Within ten minutes I was pack and ready to go and before long I was on my way to Long Bay Beach. One mile of pure beach in a nice cosy bay. With half a mile nothing but nature with only 2 roads in. One to the swamp for the Rangers, the other to the beach for the surfers and nature lovers.
J... Continue»
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My first time, Sissy Cuckold for BBC

After ten years of marriage, my wife and I wanted more. First we went to some strip clubs together. One night one of the girls my wife liked told us about a swingers club. So we gave it a try. Best decision we'd ever made.

We went, at first just wallflowers, but then warmed up and started dancing and meeting other couples. When we got a little braver and went into the back where things happen, we watched other couples pairing off. We'd sit on a couch, drink and talk about what we saw that we liked. It was overpowering. Then we'd go home and fuck like rabbits.

They had theme nights, and t... Continue»
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Like a Good Neighbor

This story is about a fat wife who proves that she is an absolute whore for black cock

Tags: SSBBW, Interracial, Wife, Cuckold, Blowjob, Creampie, Race Play

Elena is a voluptuous SSBBW that has a very strong sex drive. In fact, her husband cannot begin to keep up with her, let alone completely satisfy her.

Phil is a typical modern white husband. Small dick, low confidence in the bedroom and submissive. He loves to eat his wife's pussy and often fantasizes that she is full of a black man's sperm.

Max moved next door last week. He is a large, black man with big shoulders and... Continue»
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Watching another people in a sandy beach

Watching another people in a sandy beach

Victor and I were invited by some friends to come to that nice country, Portugal, a land with an eternal spring season during the whole year.

On the fourth day we went to a nudist beach on the coast.
When we arrived there, a few couples were packing their things away as it was around five o’clock in the afternoon.
We lay in a nice spot, close to the rocks and the sandy dunes; so, there was nobody close to us.

Of course, ten minutes later I was fully naked, but Victor said he was not in a mood, so, he kept his swimming trousers on. Then he tur... Continue»
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A Lesson For A Cuck.

Here I am sitting in this room next to my beautiful and lovely wife. I still don't know what this is all about or why we are here as I sit in this strange large room with other couples waiting. It's almost as if we are all in a doctors office as one couple gets called into a specific room ever 15 minutes or so. "Honey, why are we here?" I ask. "Stop nagging me with dumb questions darling, just wait and see!" she strikes back. It's a bit cold in this room, but yet she is wearing a mini skirt with heels on, plus a shirt that shows off her tight stomach. Most of the women in the room are wearing ... Continue»
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Working Late

While sitting at his desk, Jack’s IM window opened. It was a message from Priya, one of his coworkers who needed his assistance.

Priya: Hey, when is this report going to be completed?

Jack: Let me look it up. What is the report number?

Priya: 35603.

Jack: Next week.

Priya: Ok, great. I have a bunch more questions if you don’t mind.

Jack: Not at all. Why don’t I come to your office. it will make it easier.

Priya: Really? That would be great. :)

Jack grinned as he packed up his computer and headed over to Priya’s office. He always looked forward to seeing her as... Continue»
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Two Hot Blondes Get Judged By Moon

Two Hot Blondes Get Judged By Moon

It is nighttime at Coxville Airport, a man is standing at the luggage
carousel, he picks up his suitcase.

Night time at the Summer's residence. Kitty Summers is alone in the
Summer's f****y pool, her hands slide over her large bikini clad breasts as
she bites her lip and roll her eyes in lust. Her Mother, Jenny Summers
walks out of the house wearing a tiny, sexy black dress showing off her
huge cleavage and curvy, toned body. Kitty snaps from her moment of lust
as Jenny stands above her eyeing what lies beneath the surface ... Continue»
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The Housewives Of Coxville County part 5

Chapter 4 The Strange Case of Mr. Brooks. Anya's Story

There was bl**d on the sun the day he came to town. bl**d on the sun,
because the townsfolk could find no more fitting an idiom to describe the
state of it. From that first sign of dawn til that evening's sunset - and
then for just a few minutes longer than dusk normally permitted - the big
bright orb that hovered over the vast stretch of land that was Coxville
county was splotched, saturated with a most peculiar shade of crimson. A
thick coating of red that encapsulated the perfect sphere, and as a result,
gav... Continue»
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The Housewives Of Coxville County part 6

From the medical journals of Ivana Swallows;

- Foreword;

First and foremost, I would like to personally thank the faculty and
staff of Coxville County High School for their boundless support in -
finally - getting this project sanctioned by the Coxville County Westside
Admissions Board of Health & Research. Without Miss Dianna Murdock -
senior secretary and keeper of school records - Principal William Long, and
their combined efforts, this study simply would never have happened. I
would also like to thank head county librarian Mrs. Bobbie Sue Kindle for
allowin... Continue»
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The Housewives Of Coxville County part 7

HOCC: The Coxville Book Club Meeting II (finale)

The sun was just rising over Coxville County. The chirping of birds
just beginning to hit their stride of activity as the giant orange ball
ascended in the east. It was an early saturday morning. The dew just
beginning to evaporate from the many blades of grass and the scarce
lingering shadows of the previous dusk receded with the breaking dawn as
they had every morning, for as long as any denizens of the region could
recall. The telltale signs it was going to be yet another scorcher in the
small southern town. Christm... Continue»
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The Housewives Of Coxville County part 3

Pushing Deep - Sammy's Story

Samantha Spitzmen began her morning in much the same fashion she had
every day for about a long as she could remember. She slipped and stumbled
out of bed and onto the carpet of her spacious bedroom with dull thud in a
burst of cheerful fervor. Her leg somehow always managed to become tangled
in the silk sheets, and had tugged her backwards as she attempted hopping
from her king sized bed. The fall and subsequent noise hadn't so much as
stirred a brow in Sammy's husband Steven, who had been lying next to her
with his head buried in two of the... Continue»
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The Housewives Of Coxville County part 4

Chapter 3: Heavy Tutelage: Bianca's Story

(Several weeks before the fated Coxville book club meeting...)

"So, who wants to tell me what Carl Denham means when he says "t'was
beauty that killed the b**st?"

Bianca Blackwood stood before her audience and calmly scanned the
expanse of the room. For all their youth and vitality, the stillness and
quiet that came from the students held all the life and vigor of a grave

"Anyone?" she asked patiently, tilting her horn rimmed glasses up
slightly to get a clearer glimpse of her student's young face... Continue»
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Dulce Para Ti

"Candy for you" was her user name. True story, I will keep this story short.
I met this lady in 2004. I got relocated for a job a state away and a rented a room from a guy I met online. I got bored quick so I signed up to AFF (adult friend finder) webste. I chatted with few people mostly girls. Then I got a like on my page from a 59yr old lady her handle was "Dulce Para ti" which is Candy for you in spanish.
I read her page there was not much said with a picture if her legs crossed over on a nice white flowered skirt and a little of description of her, it said:
59yrs Caucasian blond,... Continue»
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The Housewives Of Coxville County part 2

Chapter 1: The Coxville Book Club

The sun was just setting over Coxville County. The bird chirps that
assailed the orange sky were slowly fading out, and being replaced with the
faint baying of dogs as they barked in far off distances. The sprinklers
in the Summer's house had just shut off, leaving wet dew on the lawn of an
almost emerald hew when seen at particular angles, and casted reflections
of the sun onto the idle beads sitting atop the thousands of blades of
grass. The house was large and lavish, though something that one who lived
in the community would cons... Continue»
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Our First Bisexual Adventure

When we moved to California, we never thought we would become swingers, let alone bisexual swingers, But we have and we LOVE IT.
You see Larry and I a good looking interacial couple, I am a 50 year old Full Figured 40dd fat assed white girl, that loves sucking cock and being fucked. Larry is a 53 year old Yummy Chocolate Man with a 8 1/2 inch Thick always hard cock. We like to watch porn, I have always been into watching BISEXUAL, GAY MALE, GROUP PLAY, and WOMEN.Larry likes BBW,CUCKOLD, BISEXUAL WOMEN, AND GROUP.
After we got to California, I wanted to find some friends that I could go sho... Continue»
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