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Tammi & Tonys Patriotic adventure Part One

This is a three part story about a married couple Tony & Tammi, which meet a US Army Ranger while vacationing in Cancun.

Jluke d****d a hotel beach towel over his arm and walked toward the couple sunning on the beach. He made a quick assessment. The man was stocky and looked younger than the woman. He guessed late thirties. The woman, on the other hand, had to be in her early forties. She was wearing a yellow bikini that accentuated her long tanned legs and flat stomach. Resting on her back it was hard to tell for sure, but her breasts appeared to be just a little over a handful. They were ... Continue»
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Fiancé Fucks Her First Latino

Hi. This is Paul's wife, Susan. There are several stories about my husband and I and our cuckold adventures, which started when we were engaged. This is a direct follow up to my first post about my crush on a hot Latino employee and the hot blowjob I gave him while my husband was racing home to watch. My husband did not make it home in time to watch the show, but was in time to clean Rafael's cum off my face. That night, my fiancé was so hot about me blowing my young, hung, Latino that he was all over me all night. He made me give him details including how hot it was for me to suck on a cock t... Continue»
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Double Fucked Friday

It was a Friday after a long week at work when my room mate and I decided to go out to the local pub for a few drinks. I'm 24, 5.5 chubby with big fat tits, I have shoulder length light brown hair I'm not Barbie but would be considered cute. My room mate Kendra is 22 5.9 wide hips with a bit of a belly with Big Full Tits and long dirty blond hair. We've never had any trouble getting men and we both love sex. After a while in the pub these 2 guys came over, chatted us up. Chris was a 21 year old student he's 6 foot athletic build with blond hair & blue eyes. I was really taking a liking to him ... Continue»
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How my wife got back to loving bbc

I came home from work early, around two, hoping to surprise my wife and maybe we could go out and have some fun, movie and early dinner perhaps. Pulled into the garage then walked into the kitchen expecting her to be there or in the f****y room watching TV, but the house seemed empty. While flipping through the mail that was lying on the counter I opened my ears to the sounds in the house trying to locate where my wife could be. Everything seemed quiet until I picked up a strange noise coming from upstairs. I called my wife's name and still got no response so decided to head upstairs to see wh... Continue»
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Crazy at Home Vacation Gloryhole part 2 THE BIG FI

I was quite tired after the first two cocks I serviced, I eased the 5 golf balls from my ass and placed them on a nearby towel. I then slowly smeared the cum and slobber hanging from my chin, all over my face and forehead and some in my hair. I felt like a total slut thinking back at what happened so far. I had a few minutes to relax before another stranger was supposed to arrive. I walked to my dresser mirror to look at how messy I was from my latin strangers throatfucking, I glance and that I have glazing all over my face of cum and throat spit up. I smile and think to myself what a fucking ... Continue»
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a visitor in the park

You're sitting in a park, on a grassy hill, under a tree. You're in just your robe, and its a sunny day. You can feel the warmth on your skin where your robe doesn't cover you. You can feel the blades of grass against your bare feet and legs. Its unusually soft, and it tickles a little. There's nobody around, and you're feeling very comfortable and relaxed. You're a little excited also, from being outside, so close to undressed. Suddenly, the light gets brighter. The warmth seems to bathe your whole body through your robe. You look up and through the bright light you can barely make out the s... Continue»
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OHGirl's Daughter Velvet: Pregnant Again

I laid under Mikey, his cock filling me with more cum. I was in heaven, experiencing more than 9 orgasms during our marathon session of sex, after I had flown in from Miami. I had only been home for a little more than a day and we had made love three times and I wanted more. After two weeks in Miami on my current promotional porn tour, I was now home for two weeks and a little relaxation with my daughter and her father. I had fucked so many different men, since I had begun my new tour, that it felt good to be back in the arms of my lover, Mikey. He knew how to turn me on and even tho... Continue»
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She was like a little s****r to me...

"Im turning 19 you know..." Said Claire, poking me on the shoulder.
"Congratulations!" I told her, grinning. "Want a cookie?"
Claire & I sat on the couch right beside each other, both of us watching whatever was playing on tv. She was a petite girl, standing at about 5'2", blonde, and had a slim figure. I knew Claire since we were k**s. She was the younger s****r of my best friend Mike so naturally, she was like a little s****r to me too. Mike reentered the living-room a few minutes later, having just ended a call he had received.
"Whelp. I gotta get to work."
"I thought you weren't worki... Continue»
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Three guys by the pool

Three guys by the pool

We had been at that nice Cuban resort for three days, enjoying nice weather, sunny afternoons, nice beaches, rum shots and the other usual tourist things for most of the vacation. Victor and I did really need that vacation, after had been all year long focused in our jobs. Our sexual tension was pretty enough; we had not fucked during the last week; not even had exchanged a single love kiss. Now we were relaxing good, but still we both were not in the mood for a good sexual marathon.

One of the plans for my loving Victor was to go fishing on that fourth day, wit... Continue»
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Taste Of Village Maid Jayanti

Shanti was widow, bit dark lady with big boobs 34″. I had described about Shanti briefly in the early story. She cooks tasty food. And Jayanti a divorced was average colour lady not white not dark. Plump and hanging boobs 36″. Jayanti usually works in farm house on every alternative week to Shanti, she works differently in the fruit garden too. She was very cheerful lady. From the very beginning she doesn’t maintain much gap, use to very talkative. From the conversation, I learn that, she was divorcee and the reason of divorce ... Continue»
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celebrating moving in with a few drinks and a BBQ.

Intro: There she lies, spread out on our bed for me, her sticky wet vagina still leaking the cum I put in it, just minutes ago. I’m drawn to it, that glistening wet slit with its swollen parted lips

It’s a large balcony, accessed off the living room of our new apartment through wide sliding glass doors. Walled on both sides, and with a glass and steel balustrade, it has an uninterrupted view out over the ocean. What’s more, there are no other apartments overlooking it, so it’s completely private and hidden from view. I think that’s what gave my wife, a glass of red in her hand, and rel
... Continue»
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A housekeeping Maid

I sat on a cement bench, set on the small patch of manicured grass, probably Kikuyu grass but mixed with some other kind of “mongrel” grass cover. It was very pretty to look at, nonetheless. The bench itself was clean and dedicated by the f****y of one “In loving memory of Ensor Herbert..” There were up to eight people within my view on the beach all walking on the rocks picking up the sea-shell treasures of their choice, generously deposited on the bare rocks and sand, by the last high-tide.

One “tannie”, “auntie” in English, grabbed my attention. Not brave enough to wear a bikini, she
... Continue»
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Two Black Thugs Make My Day

Over in east Houston, there just seems to be a lot more hot looking black men out on the street. Some may be walking to catch a bus or some may be walking their beat trying to score something or sell something. I found my self on the near northeast side one day on my way to my roommates’s s****r’s house. Like most houses in the area, her’s was fenced and gated all the way around. I guess there is a lot of crime there but lately it seems that crime is on the rise everywhere.

So this morning, I’m trying to remember where she lives and I’m driving kind of slow through the neighborhood and... Continue»
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Making of a Sissy (Part Four)

After work the next day I met with Linda and my s****r, Susan. I told both of them that they are more than welcome to come visit anytime they like. I gave my s****r the key to my sissy's cage and told her not to share it with him. I encouraged them to call him "sissy" from now on. I told them that they would play an important role in helping me to bring out the inner gurl in my sissy. Over time they would see what I mean. I told them that there would times that I would call upon them to assist in his training. They asked questions about their role and I told thme I needed their help if I wa... Continue»
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A rainy night late shopping

A rainy night late shopping

It was a Friday evening, Victor away for the rest of the weekend; home alone.
I went downtown to the local mall for some late shopping. As I walked down the hallway on my way out, I noticed the lights went out. It was a rainy night, filled with thunderstorms and surely this was the reason of the darkness: some thunder had stroke the energy.
At least I knew that the lights would return in a moment. So, I just stood there in a dark corner of the parking lot waiting before reaching my car.

Suddenly I felt out of my breath; a sharp pain in my lower chest. My bra... Continue»
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My First Interracial Encounter

I had been having gay sex encounters since 16 but always with other white partners mainly because of either where I lived and worked but that changed when I got to Berkeley to go to college at 20. I lived close to the campus and walked to class in the morning and within the first week, noticed magazine racks no the street corners with one geared for the LGBT community. I grabbed one on the way back from class one day and thumbed through it as I relaxed at home. In the back were personal ads and as I was going through them one in particular stood out as it stated he was a 43 year old gay blac... Continue»
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My New Secretary

One thing I want to do is to have my own business. A few months ago I
finally decided to get started. It is a small distribution business. I
am mainly the middleman arranging products to be shipped all over the
country. I don't have much of an overhead. So I don't need an
inventory, just an office where I can conduct my business; a place to
hang my hat so to speak.

At first I worked everything myself spending most of my day on the
phone. I needed a client base. As the amount of my customers grows, I
notice I am spending more and more time in the office. Between the
phone calls solic... Continue»
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Cock Whore - My First Blonde MILF

Without a doubt, the greatest invention by mankind is the Internet. Prior to its invention finding slutty chicks to fuck was a hit-or-miss endeavor, filled with lots of failed trips to dance clubs, bars and the like. After its invention, finding the hidden diamonds that are slutty women willing to become fuck toys became possible with a few persistent clicks of the mouse...

We initially met through Internet chatting and after a few weeks of gently reeling her in, she agreed to meet me. Since she was married with two k**s... Continue»
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Her hubby had an ED problem pt 1

During my journey of erotic discovery, I have occasionally been faced with moral dilemmas that I still don't have easy answers for. This is one of those cases. If you have read my other stories or watched my videos, you know that I have indulged in a taken woman or two..or three...or fuck it..I fuck married women. Let the stone throwing begin! This is the story of my time with a woman with a situation different than any I had encountered up to that point.

I met her online. I'll skip the details except to say she made it known she needed a lover and she was married. I only responded ... Continue»
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A surprising lesson from a hotwifing weekend

I had a surreal weekend just gone. Surreal in the sense that I was a lot more intimate with Sas; my middle class married hotwife girlfriend, than I have been in the past. We made arrangements to meet this weekend after a few weeks apart. She called 2 days before excited about the outfits, underwear and accessories I bought her 2 months ago. She wanted to show them all off. She was looking for an opportunity to impress as well as excite me. So, I made a few suggestions to make the night special.
- Hubby was not allowed anywhere near her till I arrived
- He was tasked with the job of laying ... Continue»
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