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My wife and I had a great sex life. We made love at least once a day, often more than that. We have been together for almost 10 years and married for six. Since we met we had not been with anyone else, but sometime during foreplay we talked about how it would be to have sex with someone else. It was normally my wife who said she would like to try a big cock and feel two cocks at once. She often talked about how it would feel to have a large cock fucking her pussy, while she sucked my cock. My wife has always had an easy time to reach orgasm. when we talked about this she was always extra horny... Continue»
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Ashlynn:Daddy’s Little Girl Part 12

Daddy’s Little Girl
Part 12

(The Hotel)
After we pulled up in front of the Hotel, I looked into the back of the minivan at the two sl**ping beauties.
Connie, a sixty-three year old widowed sex-slave turned Dominatrix; that dress not to unlike a wicked witch, in a prim, high collared button down dress. Tonight button only from crotch up, revealing garters, seamed stockings and riding boots, all in black.
The other, my daughter Ashlynn, a s*******n year old sex slave, dressed as a fucktoy cheerleader. Her head rest on the inside of Connie’s thigh, hair disheveled, see-through skirt push... Continue»
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Tarzan and Jane: Amazonian Lust

Tarzan and Jane had spent a week in the jungle, after their first meet, using everywhere they saw fit to fuck like a****ls. The jungle never seemed to be at such peace with every living thing within it getting laid. Tarzan took Jane to one of his favorite spots in the jungle. As they walked past the brush of the jungle Jane came face to face with a lagoon, who's beauty exceeded that of the safari an sunset. Throughout the week Jane had fully abandoned her clothes, claiming doing so to further her scientific research, but truly wanted to be fully accessible to whenever the moment struck for her... Continue»
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My girlfriend had paid sex with a thai boy

Unlike the category story might suggest, this is a real experience I went through:

Sometimes ago I went public with a rather unusual and humiliating experience in Thailand in regard to female sex tourism. During our Thailand holidays my farang girlfriend actively looked for thai guys and was finally bedded by a young thai lover.
I initially intended to find out, to how many other farang males something similar happened, either if their girlfriends went alone to T... Continue»
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Blindfold fun..

we went away to London for a weekend and it was just a weekend for us and to get d***k and be like a young couple in love again. we spent the day walking round and looking at the sites having some nice food and planning our night out and where to go.

we went back to the hotel and got showered had some fun playing with each other and was looking forward to a night on the tiles. we went down stairs in to the hotel bar and we got served by Sol a big black lad from London,so we asked him for some advice and where was the best club to go to,he said go to Moonlighting nightclub in Soho.

so we ... Continue»
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Behind my back,she becomes a totally different wom

With the situations presented me I needed to know a lot more about the Who, What, When, Where and Why of her tryst.A guy in my national guard unit did some PI work on the side. I talked to him about my concerns, He said he'd do some nosing around at little or no cost. I told him where she worked, her hours, make, model and color of her car, cell phone number, and he said he'd get back to me.
10 days later he confirmed she was meeting a well dressed black man twice a week. Be told me where they met, left her car and in his went to two different club locations. The next week a rented a car and ... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Extreme Porn MILFs


My stomach was really getting bigger and it was growing rapidly. I was only 5 months pregnant with triplets, from an invitro fertilization procedure, that my husband and I had gone through, and I already looked like I was 9 months pregnant. My tits were huge and I was lactating constantly, since my nipples were so sensitive and hard, on a consistent basis. My cunt was wet and my clit was erect while I laid on my back and let Mikey rub my baby belly with oil. I wanted to fuck him so bad and he was teasing me with his cock as he kept putting it in my face while he knelt over me and mo... Continue»
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Fat Girl Love to Fuck!

We had a temporary receptionist at work that was covering for a maternity leave. He name was Mandy and she was a BBW in every sense of the word. She was 24 about 5.7, long blondish hair, very cute face with a big belly and massive tits. Id gotten quite friendly with her over the past couple weeks and found she was very pleasant, she seemed very innocent. One Friday I was leaving for the weekend and found her packing up the front desk for the weekend. I stopped said have a good weekend she said you too see you Monday. We left together she started walking to the bus stop up the road, I asked her... Continue»
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Chinese roomate

I had date this girl for only a few weeks, but I had not met her room mates yet. It seemed that both girls that my new girlfriend share apartment with were never home.
My girlfriend, Chen said that they both had boyfriend and worked crazy hours.
It was perfect for us, we had the place to ourselves every night and often ended up having sex in front of the TV in the living room since we did not have to worry about someone else in the house.

One night, after we had finished making love and was laying on the couch cuddling. The front door opens and a girl walks in. My girlfriend was Chines... Continue»
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Behind my back, she's a totally different wom

We'd been married 29 years when I got my eyes opened to another side of a woman I thought I knew really well. Our honeymoon(1984)was spent at an ocean side cottage and it rained steady for three straight days. Being newlyweds,both entering our second marriage, we knew our way around sexually and that's what we did. On the third day we visited a porn store and brought some videos back to the cottage and continued to m***** each other. We discussed what was on the screen and whether we had done those things or would consider doing them. I am very open with a vivid erotic fantasy driven mind.I as... Continue»
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A nice lunch with a palestinian man

I guess most of you readers might Think that the stories I write are fake and not true at all but all of them are actually true. I do have a thing for middle Eastern med and they certainly have a thing for me even if I look very masculine but I´m slim and slender and maybe that´s why.
There is a man who Always seems to be on the bus to the shopping center at the same time as I´m going there so after a few years we sort of become friendly with eachother even though he looks a bit rough and cranky as a person. I guess that he´s around 55-60 years old, Always well dressed and well shaved and he... Continue»
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Woman's Daughter Loves Her Horse

"Woman's Daughter Loves Her Horse" by Katherine Walker

Prelude: A mature woman with a beautiful slender body narrates this story about the day she found out why her sexy skinny daughter Amy spends so much time in the barn with her horse.

The woman's story starts now:

It is really hot today, so I am sitting on the back porch watching my daughter Amy washing her horse "Brute" over by the barn. She gets him wet then applies soap and brushes him good. Brute turns all white for a while then she hoses him down and brushes him again.

Amy got her clothes damp from washing him, so she strip... Continue»
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White grandma worships black cock.

Before you read this, I want you to know something. I am absolutely not a bad person. I see people of all races as people. I don't normally have weird fetishes. You see I grew up in a racially diverse, wonderfully f****y-oriented environment. My name is Evelyn Marguerite Jacobs and I'm a lifelong resident of Boston, Massachusetts. I grew up in a city where people of African-American, Asian, Hispanic or Native American descent made up half of the total population. A city which has been Black Police Chiefs, Latino mayors, African-American female State Representatives and openly gay Congressmen. ... Continue»
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Secret Sex Lovers.

"YES", suddenly said Kendra, with hot sex in mind, love juice and saliva now running from her from the mouth of her black lover, Joachim. As she added, "Can I start sucking you again now?”
"...on your mamba snake, right now?" Her eyes in a trance like state, as she slowly, seductively and teasingly, unzipped his trousers, looking to explore her lover.

Joachim could only nod dumbly indeed and completely under Kendra’s spell and at at Kendra's hot unsubtle whoring.

Joachim’s naked black love pipe was freed from his shorts and Kendra's lips met it, slowly with glee. Again, Joachim tried to... Continue»
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Asian - Why I love black men.

I've had sex a number of times with black men. I have a collection of favourite pictures and videos of women, mostly white or Asian, sucking black men with huge members. I will admit it's a fetish, but perhaps those of you who don't understand the attraction that white and Asian women have for black men need an explanation.

Someone once asked me why it was that so many white and Asian women fantasize about being fucked by black men. I can't say if I'm like others, but definitely it has to do with the taboos any young girl in America who is white or Asian learns without even being conscious ... Continue»
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Asian - Bare backing the baby sitter.

As a father of two, I rarely have time for dating. I usually get by on random hook-ups when the wife’s away, but recently I experienced a drought. After a couple of rough months, I was dying for release. I arranged for the babysitter to watch my daughters and headed to the bars in a last ditch effort to get laid. Unfortunately, I suffered a night of strikeouts and returned in defeat.

As soon as I got in the door, I headed straight for my living room. My plan was to promptly pay the babysitter and then hit the sack. I was so depressed that my eyes were glued to the floor the whole time I wal... Continue»
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Wife and Guests

Here is a real american housewife. She is generous, she is hospitable and she is motherish. When her husband's friends told that the room is too hot, she told them to feel comfortable and not to hesitate to have a shower. They seemed shy in the beginning and kindly refused it but the housewife was still so generous and insisting. She button off their shirts by herself to get her shy guests feel comfortable. Well... It worked. The guests felt comfortable. Maybe too comfortable. Then they took off their trousers and they had only these tight cotton underwears. Now, she had three guests who walks... Continue»
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The Nun.

I was a nun for 12 years before I finally left and discovered my true self -- my true sexual self. I was raised Catholic and pushed into religious life from a young age by my strict Catholic parents. I went to Mass and attended parochial schools my whole life. I never had a real date -- only a quick kiss from a boy after he walked me home from a dance -- a 15 second peck on the lips, no tongue. By the time I graduated from St. Margaret's H.S. Academy, it was pretty well decided I'd become a nun. My teachers wanted it. My parents wanted it. I am not sure I ever really wanted to, but by junior y... Continue»
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mother in law 2

I hadn’t planned it at all and I blame my wife for the problem initially. Jenny and I were part of a crowd that went around together. There were six guys and six girls all white teenagers except Darren who was a black guy, well half cast really and his very black wife Jean who were in there thirties.

Darren had always been a sexual predator but Jean tried to keep him under control. This couple had two small c***dren and Darren had an identical twin b*****r who joined our nights out on the town sometimes. At parties Darren always kissed the other girls and coped a feel whenever Jean was out... Continue»
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Holiday in the sun.

I am a normal, everyday housewife, with a husband who loves me and a beautiful daughter. My name is Megan, and I still look very good at 39 years old, being 5'5" tall and weighing 125 pounds, with long, natural brownish hair and sparkling blue eyes. My husband Michael, is 46 years old and works as a banker for Goldman Sacs in New York City. He always tells me how pretty and sexy I am. I am trim and fit from frequent workouts at the gym, and I have full and firm D-cup breasts that look big for my small frame. But Michael says that my best features are my firm, heart-shaped bum and prominent lab... Continue»
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