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Familiar Uncertainty

It was a nice evening and I find myself in a familiar position. I was laying on Kim's bed. Kim just happened to be my ex-girlfriend. We were in love for like 10 years and for whatever reason, it didn't work out. I know the reason, but I'm not writing a book right now. Over the last few years, Kim and I have become good friends. We even talk to each other about our dating lives. Well, her dating life and my lack there of. So here I am, laying on her bed, just talking, and watching funny videos online. Suddenly, a familiar feeling comes to the pit of my stomach. A feeling of uncertainty... shoul... Continue»
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Last Night in Russia

We got in past 2 AM and slept most of the day. About 4 in the afternoon we stirred and started thinking about food and our last night to do list, before our early flight back to Sweden. We had room service bring us cheese, crackers, fruit, bacon and juices. We nibbled on that and talked of evening options. We decided to return to the sex club and view some more shows. Getting there before the crowd, we sat stage side. Attractive women did strip shows to keep us entertained, then the first act appeared. Two women totally m*****ed one young guy, he came three times, and they still sucked and fuc... Continue»
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Wife Learns Lesson CONTINUED


Rock positioned himself so that the horny housewife had access to his thick balls, cock and his asshole.

“Oh thank you! I want to be a good bitch for you.” Lana said as she plunged between the black man’s legs. She licked the outside of his ass with her tongue and slowly up to his enormous sack.

“MMMM, I bet you have a big load of sperm in that delicious sack… Will you fuck me and fill me with your come?” she asked.

“Keep licking slut. You ain’t earned a fuckin yet!” he scolded her.

With a strong hand, he grabbed her hair. He put her mouth ove... Continue»
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Black Knight Takes White Pawn Pussyboy

Black Knight Takes White Pawn Pussyboy

Story from the perspective of a white teen pussyboy who becomes the sex slave of a couple niggers who use him for gang bangs and fuck films.

I first met Arnim, my future nigger buck master, when we both worked for a well-known department store in London: in the packing and returns department at the rear of the building. Mr. Potter, the person in charge of the department, was a hard man to please. He was ex-army and arrived for work each morning dressed in a pinstripe suit and bowler hat. He openly called me the "gormless wonder" and Arnim the "Zu... Continue»
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Friends 8

Lisa had struggled with the men all the way as they had undressed her and handcuffed her to the table. Her pale white flesh glistened with sweat as she laid there naked for all to see. Her heart was pounding rapidly wondering what they were going to do with her. Was she going to gang banged by some of these black men like her friends. She lifted her head looking at Jen and Courtney. They did not look like they were being f***ed to perform these lewd acts. They looked more than willing and loving every minute of being fucked by the huge black cocks. Both of them covered with cum. Jen was taking... Continue»
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There I was, held down on a stone altar, stretched and open like a walnut. My eyes that were eyes rolled back in my head started to come into focus. The warriors released me from the ropes. One of them lifted me into his arms and carried me like a baby. In the flickering torchlight I recognized the path back to my hut. As my eyes become accustomed to the twilight I realized that all were involved in some kind of orgy. Nothing frantic, women were sitting in men's laps. Men were lapping at breasts. The only universal was that no matter what they were doing... Continue»
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Cramming for finals

Finished two finals early this morning and now cramming for the last one of the semester. This was the big one of my class's and have 3 hours, We Are Good. Drive down to the river and park facing the water. Nice sunny day with cool breez off the river felt relaxing. While studying see a few a.m. runners a few dog walkers and a couple sexy mommies other than that really quiet. It has been about two hours studying and had the need to release some tension and be fully relaxed for this final.

Listening to a song that reminded me of a girl once played with. I start rubbing my chest and pinch my... Continue»
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There I was on a Nairobi airport’s concrete tarmac. I was happy and with a smile on my face I was ushered from the plane to a stretched Hummer. After all it was my Big-O birthday and I decided to treat myself to a forbidden pleasure of a sex safari. The decision was a simple one. If men can do it, so can women. Only that I had decided to do it one better. I chose a sex safari in Maasai Mara. Here I was bra-less, in white almost see-through, Marilyn Monroe’s halter top dress. With every puff of the warm wind, the dress billowed above my waist exposing my le... Continue»
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I turned to the maid and asked, “Please give me something to drink”. She gave me a coconut cup with a drink that was pink, which was probably an aphrodisiac. Then she helped me to straighten my blouse and skirt on my way to the ceremonial area.

I entered an illuminated grassy area. In the middle was a large stone block with strange carvings all over it. It looked like an altar of sorts. The clearing was filled mostly with the natives in their tribal red dress. The young men were all lean, extremely muscled and tall. The native girls were very supple, a... Continue»
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long saturday at the arcade

what you are about to read is a true and accurate accounting of a day I spent in a video arcade booth

its early Saturday afternoon, and i'm sitting here in an arcade video booth dressed only in sexy little bikini panties, training bra (for my little a cup puberecent like titties) and a white silky like full slip, I have left the door slightly ajar while I rub my little sissy clitty, which is confined in a tight fitting chasity devise, and tucked back between my legs, while watching a really hot gang bang video, hoping for some action. when I happen to glance up at the door, I see your eye p... Continue»
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Son Enjoying Mom At Its Best



I am telling you a story of an ange
... Continue»
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What next?

It has been a while now since we employed her as a domestic worker in our home.

She is in her mid thirties. Rather short and with a very peculiar build. Very much like the cherubs in the classical pictures with sweet, plumpy face and big, round eyes. With two exceptions: she has a dark brown skin and a pair of wonderfully bouncy and cleavagy boobs.

When speaking of the twins, I get more than mildly excited. There are few things quite as beautiful as a long cleave that disappears in the boundary of clothes. And when there's the added tension of not knowing exactly how they flow and bulge ... Continue»
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Friends 7

Lisa couldn't believe what she was seeing, thinking she had to be a very vivid dream. Her two friends were up on stage performing lewd acts in front of all these people. Courtney was like a wild woman as the two well hung blacks fucked her mouth and pussy. Lisa couldn't help but stare at all the huge black cocks up on stage. She had never seen such huge cocks or had she seen a black cock before. Even though she found what her friend were doing was so perverted and lewd, her thong panties were soaking wet with her juices.

Looking over at Jen taking the massive, thick, heavy veined, black coc... Continue»
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Halloween Horrors

Even though many men and women have fantasies of f***ed sex, this story only represents a fantasy, and I do not condone it in any way, other than through roleplay.

My eyelids fluttered open from a restless sl**p, a soft moan as my body reminds me the discomfort I am in. I feel a body of warmth next to me, a limb d****d across my torso. I look about me, the range I can turn my head restricted because my arms are over my head. I try to bring them down, and the remembrance floods back to my ... Continue»
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My Husband's Celebration, His Boss's Rew

“I’ll be ready when you get here!” I reassured my husband as he called from his cell phone. Tonight was a dinner party at his boss’s house, in honor of that man’s boss. My husband was invited as the top sales manager of the company, and had just closed a deal worth over half of a million dollars. It was time for a celebration!

Tony wanted me to dress for the occasion, to be his trophy for the night. I am his wife, so a trophy he wants, a trophy he gets! I showered and did my hair, leaving it down and long, my brown locks shiny in the light of the bathroom. I even used extra condition... Continue»
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Wife Learns A Lesson

Lana hires a contractor to install new floors in her home.

Three men showed up early on the day of the install. Lana was still in the shower when she heard the door bell ring.

She quickly grabbed a towel and ran to the front door.

"Mrs. Stone, we're here to install the floors." said the biggest of the three men. There were two black men and a hispanic man. "I am Rock and this here is TBone and Gonzalez.

Rock eyed here up and down and she was sure he was checking her out, as if he wanted her.

Just then, she realized that in her haste to get the door, she had grabbed a short to... Continue»
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20 Minutes In His Van

So, while I wait for my guest writer’s post, I thought I’d throw you all a fun little short story that happened to me a few months back.

Clarence, Anne and I all went to a show. They were a semi-local band that Clarence was sort of friends with. It was meant to be a date between Clarence and Anne but also a chance for Anne and I to get to know each other a little better. Still, I was giving them lots of space to be romantic and sort of do their thing.

I was at the bar chatting with a couple of acquaintances when I saw that two guys were staring at me and obviously chatting about me. They... Continue»
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My Wife turned into a BBC Prostitute (4th part of

It’s now been six months since we first met Jamal and my wife received the fuck of her life from his huge BBC. Since that time Jamal has taken control of her pussy and she will do anything he wants as long as he fucks her. When she fucks his nigger cock she becomes so entranced she loses herself in the pleasure and it is all she can focus on. She continues to take multiple two hour trips a week to see him and get fucked by his nigger cock. She has even fucked a few of his friends because he asked her to do it. Be damned if I try to discourage her trips, question her actions, or feel her o... Continue»
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Prima Nocta

Prima Nocta

The King looked over to his left and smiled. On the chair beside the bed sat a soldier dressed in camo. His boots were tightly laced, and he sat with his legs outstretched, nervously tapping his feet together as he watched. He married his dream girl that afternoon, and was ready to be deployed as soon as he was called to duty. In a peculiar wedding gift arrangement, “The King” was to bless the marriage with a Prima Nocta fuck in the traditional custom of old England. It was a “role play” wedding gift arranged by a few friends in his platoon.

The “King” was a young black mal... Continue»
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Mike's New Life - Amy & Robert now DAn &a

As Mike turned off highway 64 on to West Mercury Blvd he realized it had been four weeks ago tonight that everything changed with him and Amy. The Friday night Robert came to their house for what was to be just another cuckolding experience like they had done several times before e over the last 7 months. Only one two weeks that in his frustration over the coming of Robert that he met Dan and Laurel online.
Life living at the Hampton Manor Motel on Pembroke Avenue over the last four weeks had been strange – constant thoughts of Amy who he had not seen now for 25 days, thoughts of her and ... Continue»
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