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stepdaughter loving 6.

I wandered towards my stepdaughters room, it was early evening and she was getting ready to go out to a party at a friends house.
When I got to her door I pushed it open and stepped in.
Kim was stood in black pleated knee length skirt, knee high white socks and a white blouse.
"Hi daddy" she smiled
"What do you think? it's a school uniform party, can I still pass as a school girl?"
"Oh yes" I replied stunned by how young and sexy she looked back in a uniform.
Then she turned around and bent over to pick up her tie, and I couldn't help staring at her little round ebony cheeks peeking out... Continue»
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My wife and her young black physical ther****t

My wife is 62 but still very attractive, her pic is on my profile. She recently had rotator cuff surgery and is going a couple of times a week to p.t. She has made comments about one of her ther****ts who is a younger black guy and she thinks he is sexy. Here is my fantasy about them.
She has been flirting a little with him, but figures he wouldn't be interested in a "grandma" her age. He surprises her by asking her out to lunch after one of his sessions. Of course she accepts and he suggests a restaurant that is connected to a Best Western motel. She follows him to the restaurant and over lu... Continue»
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Asian Chemist Assisstant


For health reasons I have to visit my Doctor on a weekly basis, logically I usually get a prescription on a weekly basis, and I always use the same chemist therefore I know all the staff very well. As the pharmacist and I usually have a bit of banter about the usual, politics, state of the Country, football all the usual stuff, on this particular day I was served by Rukia.

She was a beautiful Asian girl, very pretty similar to the girl who lives next door to us, read my other stories for those. She has a lovely figure, nice big tits but only 5’4”. As we were talking... Continue»
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Truck Driver

Seven years ago when I was 50, I took a trip to spend Christmas with my daughter Kay that lived in Pennsylvania at the time. It was the week before Christmas. I was driving through Illinois when it started snowing. It was late, around 9pm and the snow was getting heavier. I always carried a portable CB radio to talk with truckers while driving just to know what to expect what is ahead. I had been talking to this one driver that was a few miles behind me. His name was John. The snow was coming down harder and visibility was getting bad. John told me there was a truck stop coming up and asked if... Continue»
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The biggest cock ever

Me and my husband at the beginning of this year 2015 booked a holiday to Cyprus a well deserved holiday we landed and went to our hotel lovely hotel first thing we noticed was lots of Russians and Greeks which was cool I see my husband starring at some absolute gawjuss Russian blonde gal I said to him she cute I bet u would love to be inside her making a joke he got a little offended told me no he didn't but I knew he did so we went to our hotel room to pack our clothes away well the hubby was a little tired so he had a nap I went for a stroll I got changed into my French knickers short skirt... Continue»
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The wifes first time

This takes place during the summer where my wife of 10 year had her first BBC.

In july, our freind who lived across the street invited to a pool party. I was happy to go cause it have me time away from work and the chance to relax with wife. I was wearing board shorts a s a t-shirt and flip flops and my wife, well she is 35 with a nice set tits that are 34 c and being she works out everyday she has a tight body. So she isn't going to pass up a chance to wear a bikini that is easy on the eyes. It was a metallic pink string top and bottoms that matched. She also wore a white see throug... Continue»
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Fantasy Saturday

The new girl Patty was blushing when Mike told us about her fantasy. She could only shake her head while Mike went into details. When Mike suggested we start the night role playing she could only shake her head more in agreement.

Patty wanted to be gangbanged as a breeding bitch whore. She wished to be bound, blindfolded and have every guy talk dirty to her in the process of dumping their sperm into her unprotected pussy. Well, she is protected but for the fantasy I guess we all forgot that!!

Noreen giggled and was thinking out loud about us all teasing and edging our guys into t... Continue»
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Valentine's Date

Valentine’s Date

Valentine’s Day, the day that love is in the air. When couples go out of their way to show how special the other is. Trill and Minami were no different. Trill had planned an elegant Valentine’s Day dinner for Minami. He told her to dress very elegantly for the dinner. Trill was wearing khaki slacks and black suit jacket. He wore a black dress shirt with a red vest and red tie. Minami did not disappoint Trill. She was wearing a purple, floor length, satin gown. They had a wonderful dinner together that included dessert. Trill paid the check and together they headed home.
T... Continue»
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Karen and Stacey

Chapter One
“OH.MY.GOD! OH.MY.GOD! OH.MY.GOD!” With a loud moan, Karen’s orgasm rocked her body as her hips pumped a steady rhythm. Darnell tightened his grip on her hips and threw his head back as his balls started to pump his white seed deep into Karen’s ass from behind. Finally, he fell back, his long cock pulling out of her tight ass and collapsed onto the bed. She slid forward, her huge tits splayed out to each side from underneath.
A short while later, Darnell came out of the bathroom after his shower to find Karen still collapsed on the bed, the light sheet covering her legs, her roun... Continue»
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Schoolgirl Gets Gangbanged

(This story is part two of “Schoolgirl, Black Coach & the Water Boy. If you are not into interracial or cuckold this not for you. The previous story can be found on my profile)
It was Saturday night a Rob drove his daddy’s car over to Melissa’s house to pick her up. His mind raced as he remembered the sex session he had watched and participated in the previous week. He could see Melissa on her knees sucking the coach’s large cock and then seeing the coach pumping that monster in and out of Melissa’s tight pussy. He remembered seein... Continue»
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Wife's Friend

Paybacks a Are Hell(Re-post) I am the original poster of this story.
So I get a call from Denise, a friend that I haven't spoken too in about four years. She tells me that she was in town and would like to get together. I tell her that I am meeting my husband for lunch and she was more than welcome to join us.
As I see Denise walk in she looks just as she did when I had last seen her. Denise is 38 years old, she is a petite woman 4'8" about 118lbs, nice sized breast, light milky skin with deep natural red hair, married with one daughter in collage. She was a wealthy stay at home mom, dress... Continue»
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Asian for black and white (A threesome story)

After years spent living in China, I had found my perfect match. Petite like all Asians, my little China doll was 22 years younger than I was and we spent every hour together. Also like other Asian ladies, she had those gorgeous almond eyes, silky shiny black hair, and the sweet demeanor bordering on shyness.

One thing that set my jewel apart was her breasts; tiny like other Chinese, but nipples to die for! I loved her large puffy areolas and the long meaty nipples that were heaven to suck on. She could come just from having her breasts fondled and nipples sucked.

Her name was Jie, and s... Continue»
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Story 1

I have an active mind and it often drifts off into sexual fantasy, conjuring up all sorts of erotic images that make my nipples tingle. Just last night I was laying in bed buzzing my clit with a vibrator when I was taken back to the previous weekend and a dinner date I had at the Royal Anarkali, a great Indian restaurant down the street. The guy’s name was Sujay and I had met him a week earlier while I was doing some shopping at the mall for a few new outfits. He was so confident and smooth in his flirting that I just couldn’t turn him down when he asked me out for dinner. Of course, it didn’t... Continue»
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A Threesome I'll NEVER Forget (True Story)

It was a Friday night last school year when I was bored and didn't have anything planned. My GF of the time wasn’t really talking about anything and was giving me a hard time about some bullshit, things I wasn't trying to deal with because she was bitching over nothing. I was horny, so I wasn't trying to hear all of that, plus she was acting like she didn’t want to get on skype and talk so I could ultimately talk her out her clothes and bust a nut J/O to her showing off her body. We were texting one another since we were in a long distance relationship. She went to a different school than mine... Continue»
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My 1st time with a Japanese women

This is just a short story about the 1st Japanese lady I had sex with and she gave the best blow job I had ever received, still to this day. I was at a bar and meet a Japanese women named Masami. She was from Osaka, Japan. She was in the US for work and was staying at a hotel that was in walking distance of the hotel she was staying at. Masami was in her 40s and had huge breasts.
She was at the bar alone watching a soccer game, that was on at the bar. We began to talk and she had been in the US for three weeks. She was excited to be going home to Japan next week. We drank a few drinks as w... Continue»
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So we received an envelope in the mail it was real fancy embossed in gold leaf and everything I looked at Patricia she looked at me and shrugged so I opened it the cover said “Your Invited!” I opened it up and there read “To our home warming party!” It was from our friends Tommy and Suzie Wong he had made a fortune in the market and had bailed out before it crashed only an insider tip had saved him from disaster so it seems they just moved into a new highrise building The Millennium Tower in San Francisco it showed a picture of this super posh residential building which happens to be one of t... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 6

The Birthday

Chapter 6

The next week Phil had to go out of town on business.

"Talk about me being ripe to fuck. I am ripe! And by now, I've got him ripe to explode too!" She said excitedly. "When I finally do wrap my warm pussy around Phil, I think he is going to cum buckets."

I was excited that she wanted to fuck Phil. I wanted her to tell me about it all, in wet detail. I wanted to watch it and more than anything, I wanted her to love it. I wanted her to be addicted to his cock like I was getting addicted to her.

I was like an alcoholic, only I was becoming addicted to my lus... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 7

Phil's Surprise

My Surprise

Chapter 7

I could think of nothing else all night long. I tried watching TV. I tried reading. I went out to eat and even tried going to a movie but walked out halfway through. Visions of them out having a good time, her making all over him and making love to him haunted me all night long.

I wondered what kinky things she might be doing for his birthday.

About 1AM I awoke on the sofa. The tube was full of snow and I heard Karin talking and giggling at the front steps just before I heard the key in the door.

"I will. I will." I could barely make out ... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 4

First Nights Out

Chapter 4

The first week was much the same, accept for our sex life, which was instantly better. She would talk trash to me in bed, telling me how she had always thought it would be sexy to have two cocks at once, how she thought it would be fun torturing me by licking another cock in front of me. And she constantly made me tell her how I wanted her to do it.

She was warm and upbeat with me, flirting with me much more. She kept herself looking beautiful, almost flaunting it in front of me, she would tease me by walking around half nude and changing in front of me.

... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 5


Chapter 5

The next few days my thoughts of them possessed my mind at work. I could think of little else.

A couple of nights later we were at the gym and it started out much the same. We worked out and then she simply waved with a smile and left with Phil again.

Thoughts of them flooded my mind until she got home.

When she got home again late, I was on the sofa thumbing through a magazine and listing to Enigma on the sound system. She came in, and quickly sat straddling me, lightly pinning my arms beside my thighs with her legs, and then laid a big wet kiss on me. Sh... Continue»
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