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Pancing Isteri Dengan Tukang Urut

Seperti yang sudah-sudah, Sham rutin menggunakan jasa tukang urut. Pak Man nama si tukang urut itu. Sham terkesan dengan kemampuan Pak Man dalam mengurut kerana dia sangat ahli dan bisa menghilangkan kepenatan Sham yang sehari-hari bekerja sebagai seorang sopir di perusahaannya tempat bekerja.
Kejadian diawali saat satu hari di hari Minggu. Sham menawari Nisa istrinya untuk mencuba urutan Pak Man. Mulanya Nisa menolak,

kerana merasa risih diurut oleh seorang tukang urut lelaki. Namun kerana Sham mendesak, akhirnya istrinya itupun menerima, dengan syarat ditemani olehnya.
Maka mulailah Ni... Continue»
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Fatima tries a black gangbang

Fatima tries a black gangbang

One week after fucking my friend Fatima, mi black lover Jerome called, telling me he wanted to fuck her again, but this time it would be a gangbang with another two of his mates.

I called Fatima; she was excited as she told me she would love to be gangbanged by three black men. She told me her husband had discovered her affair with Jerome the night after the fucking session, because he noticed her cunt was very swollen and she was still sore when he tried to have some sex in the night. He went mad when she confessed her she had been fucking with a huge blac... Continue»
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Meeting the next door neighbors 18 yr old BBC Thug

My sexy teenage BBC neighbor son Ty

I was sprung for my next door neighbors teenage son Ty 18 yr old light skinned nigger It all started when I had just come home from shopping. I had on a very short summer dress, the kind that if I bent over, you could see I had neglected to wear any panties. I had teased a lot of guys that day, let me tell you. But getting back to this particular story. As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that we had new neighbors moving in next-door. They were around the age of forty something I would guess. When they had noticed I had arrived home, they asked if t... Continue»
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cant help falling for hot sexy times with married

When i was younger i never got the pretty girls and never functioned down below well and soon became transgendered. I dont have the pressure to perform any more . I was still attracted to girls but one day saw a huge black man with 2 sexy girls and i began to wonder why so many females had black boyfriends. All of my female relationships ended with the girls going to black men so got intrigued.
One day i was out one night in Manchester and was asked by a very tall black man if he would be able to lick and kiss my feet. Instantly i thought that would be lovely. I didnt expect to see his m... Continue»
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I Went Out Hunting For A Huge Black Cock - And I M

Last night. Friday night. No plans. I was feeling so horny. I wash;t sure if I wanted to fuck a hot babe or to suck on a huge black dick. I decided on huge black dick.

So I went to the gay movie complex near my home and wished for some good luck. I rarely had good luck in this place before.

I walked in and the place was more crowded than I'd ever seen before. I put on my black dick goggles - ignoring everyone who didn't have dark brown skin - and I began my might of cruising.

I am in my mid 50s but I'm still cute and I usually am one of the two or three hottest guys in all the gay cr... Continue»
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My wife and young Blacks

Let me start with my wife. At age 50 she still makes much younger women jealous. Blond hair blue eyes and a terrific body. Very few lines or wrinkles. She really looks to be mid to late 30's. At 5'3" with 38D's and a small waist she looks good in anything she chooses to wear. Men always look her over real good everywhere we go. A long time ago early in our marriage it made me a little jealous but now it just makes me horny. We've been married almost 25 yrs now. Over time I became obsessed with exhibiting my wife. She was very uncomfortable at first but over time she started enjoying it. Now sh... Continue»
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Wendys Delivery

Wendy was angry with herself for not dealing with the issue faster. The washing machine had broken down a week ago, the repairman a short balding smelly piece of useless manhood, was big on promises but delivered nothing apart from frustration and a broken washing machine. She now sat at the kitchen table with a glass of Chardonnay in a loose top and “daisy duke” type jean material shorts and little else as her underwear and a substantial part of her casual ware was waiting for the delivery of a new washing machine today.
Her husband away on business meant Wendy had needed to deal with this h... Continue»
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Craigslist suprise for slutwife

It had been a few months since my wife Kristi had any sexual fun with guys around Indianapolis so I was checking out craigslist just looking around in the MM4F section. I came across an ad with two black guys looking for a white girl for fun and they wanted to host. I thought that was perfect because we didn’t have to get a room or deal with finding a sitter. I told her about the guys and showed her the pic of both there hung cocks and that was all it took to get her excited. Since her Ex / Fuck buddy moved she has had a hard time finding hung cocks to fuck so she was defiantly looking forwa... Continue»
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Friend at work

This woman had the one thing that I look for in a fuck buddy, she was female. Again, I openly admit that I am a horn dog, a pig or whatever else you want to call a guy who will stick his dick into just about anything female.
She was in her late thirties, Latina, a little pudgy, and was 4 inches short of being 5 feet tall. She was one of the cleaners where I work, and she would come in and use my desk phone to check in and we would exchange pleasantries. Her english was broken but I would throw in a few innuendoes, which she mostly ignored until one day she answered back with an innuendo of... Continue»
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Hannah Gets The Job

Hannah was a woman with many problems. First she had now been without a job for three months. Her savings were just about gone and she was past due on her mortgage, car and credit cards. Then there were her three k**s! Her older daughter Candy was now fucking her boyfriend every chance she could. Her son Jake was turning into a pervert. He had been caught doing a peeping Tom on just about every girl or woman in the neighborhood. Then there was Amanda her youngest daughter who was so quiet that Hannah had no is idea what was going ... Continue»
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The White Guy

The last white man I fucked was my husband. It was some time in 2012 and things were already strained with us. It was after that night that I told my lover and owner, Clarence, that I didn't want to sl**p with white men any longer. It felt weird. Not bad, not good. Just weird.

Scroll forward three years. I live with Clarence. I've slept with a lot of black men in between. Occasionally, a couple of times a year, he whores me out. Usually through his friend Rolly, who's an actual pimp. This time though, things went a little differently. Clarence gave me the address himself and said, “One more... Continue»
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our vacation

this may seem strange to some I am 65 married white woman have 4 grown daughters my husband is 68. For my age I think I have taking good came of myself I am 5'5" 140 pounds with 40dd 31 36 my breast have very little sag and I breast feed all our k**s so have nice nipples. Since all our k**s are married and live a ways off my husband and I decided to take a trip to one of the islands. My said maybe we could loosen up some I knew what he was talking about he has always had a fantasy of me with another man or men Ihad always said that just a fantasy not going to happen. I wanted him to en... Continue»
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Me a whore for black gangbangs

By the end of my last post, I had had my first taste of black cock, both figuratively and literally. You would not be wrong in thinking I am now a convert to the pleasures of being fucked by black guys and not because they've all got massive cocks, they haven't. As far as black cocks go I soon discovered that Ben's 9 inch prick was the exception rather than the rule and the majority were 6 or 7 inches, little different to white guys who've fucked me. Having said that there is definitely something about black guys I love, may be their cocks are a little thicker, the contrast of their black skin... Continue»
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Hardintown Glory Hole – The New Teacher

Sandy was the newest teacher at the Hardintown school district. She had only finished college the year before. Now she lived here in Hardintown where she was totally on her own which was ok with her.

She loved her job and everyone was real nice. She only had one problem and that was the lack of sex. Sandy has been very adventurous while she had been at college. She had both male and female partners and had also enjoyed group sex on several occasions.

Being the new teacher in the conservative town added the pressure that she ... Continue»
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The plan to see my wife fuck a black cock

There should have been a warning bell in my head that told me not to do it, but somehow no matter the consequences, I simply could not stop. My wife Eva and I had been married for 10 years, when she was 21. I had let myself go a little bit, but my wife was simply hot. Her ass was finer than the day I met her. She was small up top, but I had always been an ass man, and a fine ass it was. Not only was she hot, but she knew what she wanted in bed, and she could orgasm every time. You would think that would have been enough for me, but no. I had to push the limits, and push them I did. I wouldn't ... Continue»
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Velvet Crush's New John

“That’s my mom, that’s my grandmother and, of course, that’s me.” I said as I pointed out all three of us to my boyfriend, Anthony. We had been talking about my porn career and how I had gotten into the adult industry, so I showed him one the last films that I had shot with my mom and grandmother. It had been a huge orgy, bukkake film that we had shot together, each of us taking on 100 different Japanese men, whom our producer had gotten from our fan list posted on our online websites. They had volunteered to be in the shoot for a chance to fuck and cum on their favorite, extreme porn stars. A... Continue»
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Angie pays the price (or does she?)

Previously: ----
In just a few days during the summer holiday shutdown at the factory, Angie managed in a couple of sessions of sheer unadulterated a****l lust to, not just cheat on her husband Gary, but to contrive to have sex with four black studs and now she has to live with the consequences of her actions:

For the whole original story of Angie’s first story read:

That Tuesday evening was the worst in 34 year old Angie’s young life so far with her mind in a turmoil as she tried to come to terms with the consequences of fulfilling... Continue»
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This is not about Jill and myself, but its food for thought. Have any of you experienced this reaction?

The Following Is A Testimonial From A Man Who Willingly Watched His Wife Have Sex With A Stranger And Regretted It:

"Like most people who consent to watching strange men have sex with their wives, I consider myself to be a sophisticated, impotent, and very wealthy man. I am rich enough to have most of the world's amusements at my disposal, and yet I often find myself quite bored.
My wife and I have been married for s*******n years. It's been a good, loving marriage, but the spark has ... Continue»
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I guess this is pretty weird but for a long time I've had this fantasy about watching a big, black man come in my wife. When I'm making love to her I think about it.

I finally told her. At least she didn't freak out. Finally admitting it made me feel better.

Then one night when we were messing around in bed she asked me to tell her more about the fantasy. She was holding my penis, which she knows lowers my resistance. But I thought the fantasy was strange and I didn't want to tell her more. She insisted. Since the cat was already out of the bag, I filled in some details.

I said that i... Continue»
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The night he let his friends use me

Derrik called me and told me we were going out and that I was staying the weekend with him. I get excited every time he calls. I slipped into his favorite little red dress and drove over to his place. He took me out for dinner and we talked. Afterwards we drove back to his place. Usually if we are driving and it's dark he wants me to suck him or jerk him but today he just wanted me to wait.

We pulled up and walked me to the door and led me in. The house was dark as derrik led me into the bedroom. He later me down on the bed and began to kiss my neck as he pulled down my dress. He began lick... Continue»
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