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Eighteen year old Sheila Coronet admired her reflection in the
full length mirror as she fluffed her shoulder length blonde hair
and batted the long lashes of her big baby blue eyes. Every thing
was perfect today. She had graduated high school yesterday morning
and was to be wed to Gregg Wilson on Saturday afternoon. Gregg had
been the captain of the football team and she had been the captain
of the high school cheerleader squad. They had been elected Most
Popular and Most Likely To Succeed by their classmates. He was
tall, handsome and his f****y was one of the wealthiest in their
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Anita used by a horny bartender

Anita used by a horny bartender

We were that night enjoying our last day in Jamaica and Ana had chosen to have some drinks at a bar close to the beach…

I had been to the bathroom and on my way back to our table I noticed that the huge black bartender, whose name was Julius, was talking close to my wife.
Ana saw me coming back over and smiled: I could see some relief in her face.
That black bastard had been making moves on her all night every time my back was turned, and we were thinking about moving on to get away from him.
I could not blame the guy for fancying her; Ana was reall... Continue»
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Stalking My Wife.

With the economy bad my wife started looking for a job to help us make ends meet. It only took her a day to find something which was a bit surprising. Evelyn said she found a job working as a receptionist for a law firm, and she worked normal business hours like I did, though some times they would need her to stay late. Most days she came home around the same time I did, but she was always tired.
After a few weeks her fatigue was killing our sex life and I started to get suspicious that something else was going on. So one day I called out sick to work, but left in the morning ... Continue»
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The tree fell on his house

Some years back I was a contractor.. a big storm blew up the coast and trees were falling on houses and cars. I got this call from an insurance agent who needed me to not only bid the job... but if possible start the removal that day... looked simple enough so I started the work and in a few hours I was done... It was a rental house and the renter invited me in for some thing to eat and drink.. And to say how thankful he was for me not only showing up but for doing the work fast and not doing more damage to the house, car...
I was pretty tired from the long hours from the last couple of days... Continue»
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The New Addition

One thing I want to do is to have my own business. A few months ago I
finally decided to get started. It is a small distribution business. I
am mainly the middleman arranging products to be shipped all over the
country. I don't have much of an overhead. So I don't need an
inventory, just an office where I can conduct my business; a place to
hang my hat so to speak.

At first I worked everything myself spending most of my day on the
phone. I needed a client base. As the amount of my customers grows, I
notice I am spending more and more time in the office. Between the
phone calls solic... Continue»
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How could I let this happen?

My first story so let me know what you think.

As she was driving home she could not stop thinking about why she let it happen. Why did she go by her self? How could she be so stupid?
It was playing out in her head over and over again.
It all started about a month ago. That is the first time she met Smoke. He was THE guy to see for the best w--d around period. He was a tall slightly heavy set black guy in his early 30's. Not bad looking but not good looking ether. He did have a swagger about him though.
Allison was a 19 year old girl, light brown hair average height with an amazi... Continue»
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Michelle Settles My Poker Debt!

Michelle Settles My Poker Debt

It was one of those situations I had heard about but never believed. Three friends were over at my house playing poker, and I was down about $300. It was a string of bad luck, really. My hands had been good all night, but someone else always had something a little better. Now, I am sitting here with a ace-high flush, the other three guys have gone in, but I do not have enough money to match them.

"I am short, guys. Can I put in my watch? Its worth $200." "I don't know," said my friend Johnny. "I already have a watch?" "Well what can I do? I have to pl
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Energy Audit

I had just started college and one of the classes I took involved the students to go out and do these energy audits st peoples homes. Basically I was to go around and tell rich white people if they turn off some lights they would save money on their next electric bill.
Now part way thru the course I go this big house on the golf course. It is a pretty amazing house. I knock on the door and this woman answers. I tell her who I am and she knows why I am there. She is a tall slender very good looking woman. Long platinum blonde hair. Mid to late forties. This woman could be a model. I mean ... Continue»
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Sunny Daze Threesome (MFF) - Part 1

(At the house, downstairs, Racquel has invited her friend Sunny over, and they are both just finishing a drink, sitting next to each other on the couch wearing their bikinis, waiting to go for a swim in the pool with Racquel’s boyfriend, Steven.)

Sunny: Thanks, so much for inviting me over for a swim! Been looking forward to this!

Racquel: No problem, especially after you told me how hot and gross you felt as you were sitting at home last weekend. I figured you might enjoy visiting us here for a cool dip.

Sunny: Yeah, I can get hot and bored on my days off… I think this cool dip in th... Continue»
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Sunny Daze Threesome (MFF) - Part 2

(The three arrive back to the house, realizing more privacy was needed to explore each other further.)

Steven: That was fun at the pool. Who’s thirsty for a drink?

Racquel: Yes, baby, I’d love one. Get one for Sunny too.

Steven: Here you are ladies. Cheers!

(They sip on their drinks and set them down, with Racquel and Sunny sitting on bar stools and Steven opposite them, standing in the kitchen.)

I think we need to get these wet bathing suits off.

(Steven steps back a bit and teases, temptingly undoing his bathing suit drawstring, and looks at Racquel.)

Baby, you lo... Continue»
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Couriosity Kills the Pussycat

The next day, after our party, Linda was feeling just a little bit sore. The three girls were sitting outside on the patio eating their breakfasts. Mai, who didn't get d***k the day before, asked Linda if she remembered what had happened. Linda told her that all she remembered was coming home from the beach, taking a shower, (with the door open) and all of us watching her. She also remembered all of them taking off their panties, so all of us could see their pussies. After that, she said, she didn't remember anything until this morning. All she knew, for sure, was that she had been fucke... Continue»
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A nice night after a nice dinner

A nice night after a nice dinner

Victor and I had a romantic dinner outside at a nice restaurant that night.
On our way home, my loving husband said I was dressed so sexy that he could not wait to reach our bed to fuck me… he told me he would look for a dark lonely place where we could have sex…

He drove along a country lane until we reached a dark quiet car park. There was nobody parked there; then Victor stopped the car and turned to me.

That night I was dressed really sexy; a short black strapless silk dress, high heels and a tiny black thong that barely covered up my shaved mou... Continue»
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My operation had been a success only I was unable to get about and was pretty much housebound.
Luckily I had very good neighbours. Mr and Mrs Khan would call in every day to see if there was anything I needed from the shops and often brought me a meal in the evening.
Now Mr and Mrs Khan had a daughter Khandi. Over the years I had seen her go from a young schoolgirl and just before my operation had been to her sixteenth birthday and realised what a beautiful girl she had grown into.
She was slim with long black hair, brown eyes and had a dazzeling smile. Not for the first time I noticed how ... Continue»
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Wife’s Gym Membership

My wife wanted to lose some weight and get fit. We’d been married for a while, and like most couple we’d grown complacent and overweight. So she signed up for a gym membership that she planned on using while I was at work during the days. I didn’t think she’d stick with it, most people don’t, but after six months she’d lost a lot of weight and was back to the incredible shape she’d been in when we got married.

It has also affected her libido, because she was super horny all the time and in bed she was insatiable. One night I discovered she’d shaved her pussy. I didn’t know ... Continue»
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my bestfriends girl

lisa is a slim and petite brunette,she stands at about 5'5".She has a chilren to my best friend donald,they have been on and off for years but they always get back together.i met lisa through donald,we would have drinks on a friday night together and myself and donald would work out during the week.she would always find an excuse to watch me work out as donald had gotten lazy and prefered to be in her company and have a drink instead of working out.

i would be working away lifting weights sweating and grunting and her pale sleek figure would slip into the room as if she were looking for som... Continue»
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Young black man, mature white female2

My mature, gorgeous, big breasted, mature white wife was thrilled to have delivered her recent 3 black babies with the young black man Rodwell as of two months ago. He'd like to see his three babies as my wife tells him they're beautiful. So arrangements are made for Rodwell to visit for a weekend, my wife has arranged for our 3, 17 year olds to be away for a 4 day weekend. I was going to be away on business. Rodwell arrived early Friday morning, was thrilled to see his 3 beautiful babies. He's still 19, my wife is 55. They play with the 3 babies, lots of goo-goo-gaga and such, nothing intelli... Continue»
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Young black man, mature white female

My gorgeous mature white wife went to our nude, adult campsite we use. She wanted to relax, maybe find a young black man to have sex with as over the years she's enjoyed having several black men as sexual partners. She's 54, just about to turn 55, but easily passes for 10 years younger. She has a great mature curvy figure, is 44E-38-45, has long blonde hair, blue eyes, hairy bush and takes great pride in being all natural. Some wrinkles, little extra here and there, but a truly voluptuous shape.

She arrived at noon on Friday and went for a walk. Black men can't resist her curvy, big breast... Continue»
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My ideal BBC fantasy - continued

For the next several weeks I would be called about twice a week, mostly just blowjobs since he was a busy man. I would arrive, drop to my knees, suck to completion, swallow and leave...that was the typical weekday evening/afternoon. I always left aching for more, wanting to be fucked but knowing it was not my call.. and knew I would get the fucking I needed on the weekend.

Several weeks into this arrangement I got a text on Friday morning - ' at my place at 7pm, prepared to stay the weekend'. I had never spent the night, let alone more than one day. I was both a little scared and exci... Continue»
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Sally Company Slut 3

Sally Company Slut Part 3

Hi my name is Rob and this is the third account of my wife Sally. You may wish to read these however to recap she is 24, lovely long brown hair, pretty face and clear blue eyes. Her body is amazing and there is a picture of her on the writers profile page. Large firm breasts, slim waste, flat tummy and a very nice tidy pussy.

So far Sally has changed from being a shy retiring woman to a liberated sexpot, to be honest. With my full support she is fucking Private Wealth clients at the Bank where she works. Her boss Mr Stapleton is effectively her pimp and pays her... Continue»
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Vivianne another meeting

As Vivianne and I had not seen each for awhile. I decided call her up to maybe just see her or even jump in bed together. Just see what comes up next. I got her a saturday Before noon. But she was busy that day. But if I wanted to meet her She told me That I could pick her up outside the Place she visited and drive her home taht evening. We decided taht I was about to pick her up around seven a Clock.
I came with the car and did not see her outside were we decided meet up so I took a turn and got back 5 min later when I saw her step out of the door from the house she visited.

Hi she said a... Continue»
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