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Anita's first black experience Part 1

Anita's first black experience

My wife Anita is 45 years old. She has long brown hair, and some big beautiful brown eyes.
She is working as a teacher home in Norway, and that's how this all started.
Anita was informed by her boss, that she was selected to attend a two weeks training course abroad this summer.
Anita does not travel a lot, so she was quite excited about the opportunity to go to the US .
Well ahead of the departure she started to prepare . Buying some new summer dresses, and a new bikini .She also brought home some sexy new sandals , which I liked a lot.
I have alwa... Continue»
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Rita's husband

Rita’s husband

When living in Los Angeles, I met a very nice black girl called Rita and we share good moments at the gym. Rita was married to a black man, but she confessed me she was also bisexual and she loved white women.

One afternoon, after our workout at the gym, we went together to the changing room.
I slipped out of my gym nylon cat suit and got under the shower; Rita did the same as she stood right next to me. I started to wash my hair with my hands over my head; so she had a good view of my boobs and erect nipples.

Then Rita said that I had some nice tits; I smiled and than... Continue»
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Inpregnation by BBC

I sit here in my panties, a cute litttle negligegh; and wig awaiting what my black bull will cum and do to me in the next few moments. His cock is large and my pussy is small. Oh how it will hurt before if feels so good and right. Last time he came by he ripped my hole and made me bleed. Its only been a week but i want more. I need more.

Its always bareback. Thats something you should know if you are new to BBC. They are going to fuck you big black and bareback. When they do, you wont be able to have it any other way. My bull has made it clear from the start that his cum is going in my ass ... Continue»
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A Warning to White Husbands!

A Warning to White Husbands

Appreciated what you have. That is the lesson that I hope to pass on to those of you who read this. What I relay to you in my text is not a glamorous story, something that I am proud of, nor is it an erotic tale. I am taking the time to write about what happened to me as a warning to the other white husbands may be heading down the same path that I have walked. There are seemingly so many white men cruising the internet seeking and reading tales of the cheating white wife, wives gone black, and cuckolded husbands. Those of you reading this take my story for what ... Continue»
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Jerome sends me a gift and his friend

Jerome sends me a gift and a friend

Friday afternoon I came back home after a very busy day at my office.
My loving husband Victor had flown out of town and would come back on Monday.
On the veranda I found a package at the door. It had a note on it:
“Bitch, I will be there tomorrow; I bought some nasty whore outfit for you”.

The note was signed by my old black lover Jerome. I opened the package in my bedroom. It was a very sexy white trim thong bikini that would look great against my tanned skin by the pool. Then I knew Jerome was coming to fuck me in our pool.
That night I touc... Continue»
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Racquel Darrian's Ultimate Fantasy Part III

Racquel Darrian’s Ultimate Fantasy III

1999: Racquel has been waiting at a street-corner off of Sunset Boulevard for almost half an hour. Pervs have been driving by slowly, eyeing her as a street-hooker – it is 9pm after all.

Her pussy has been getting wet thinking about the quick money should could shake off the street when her limo finally pulls up.

 Racquel is dressed in shiny, black latex boots that extend above the knees with a very short matching mini-skirt. She has a tight-fitting white top to show off her tits. 

The limo’s side window drops down with a whir. Los... Continue»
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Sorry High School Sweet Heart, I love BBC.

I am finally 18! I acutally turned 18, over a week ago, but celebrated a few days after my bday. I went to a club to celebrate and party it up with my classmates and my boyfriend Nate. It was great as great as great can be! It was a Saturday and I was with all of my best friends & high school love. He had already turned 18 2 months before me. When the party was finished we all went back to my house and had a sl**p over. My parents were out of the country so I planned to spend a whole night with Nate. When we got back to my house I noticed that we have a new next door neighbor moving in. It was... Continue»
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My wife can't handle her pop

Hi my name is David and I am a 22 year old man who's now just starting
to really enjoy watching his young wife with much older men.

Now this is my first story about what happened the very first time that
I had ever watched my young wife with a much older man.

I was sitting in my chair and getting bored while waiting for my wife to
get dressed. So I then called out. "Come on Jenny hurry up, or we will
be late for your little office party."

I then heard my wife Jenny answer me from upstairs. "Ok, I'll be right
down in a couple of minutes hon." After about 5 minutes , my wife ca... Continue»
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Ana enjoying a Caribbean cruise

Ana enjoying a Caribbean cruise

That humid fall my sweet Ana convinced me to take some days away from the cold and get a nice Caribbean cruise, from Miami to Bahamas.
On our first dinner on board, after a few drinks, I started to feel a little nauseous. The unpleasant movement of the ship was really starting to affect me. I knew I was going to hurl; so, I made a dash to the sink, just in time.

I managed to get our cabin and fell on the bed. My sweet wife was worried and he called from our cabin to the steward office, to get some pill for motion sickness.

A knock at the door said the... Continue»
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Round Two

(This is written in homage to a very good writer here. It is through his inspiration that I wrote this. Thank you again.)

Round Two

When I awoke it was like was just reliving the past day. My mouth tasted like shit and I was alone in the bed, my wife was no longer at my side. I tried to think what was going on and remembered Jake giving me the Xanax last night and it knocked my ass out. I wondered if everything that had happened last night was just a dream but when I licked my dry lips I could still taste the cum form Jake's cock and my wife’s pussy.

I could hardly believe what happen... Continue»
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From one thing to another

From one thing to another

My girl and I had a rather vanilla sex life which was okay for a while. But one night we decided to do a little role playing. Normally I was the dominate partner, She rarely ever initiated sex, that was something I would usually do. But that night was special. Cindy was the most beautiful woman I had ever known. She is short, only a couple of inches over five feet tall with long, curly red hair and pale, freckled skin. That particular evening she came to bed wearing a little teddy that could not contain her large, double D tits and it accentuated her narrow waist a... Continue»
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Road side gloryhole visit.

My husband and I were driving back from South Caroilina
when we passed an adult bookstore with a full parking lot.
I had been teasing him since it got dark and had my pants
off playing with myself for passing truckers. I told him I
am so horny I would be dangerous in a adult bookstore. He had
a big grin on his face and After talking about it for a
few minutes Greg turned the car around and headed back.
We parked at the far end of the parking lot and quickly
walked into the store.
I don't know if the few customers that were skulking
around weren't used to 'new' people, or may... Continue»
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Ana coming back after a girl's night out

Ana coming back home after a girl’s night out

My sweet Ana had gone that night out with a couple of girlfriends.
The night out could be quiet and easy, because her friend Helena was not among them. So, I estimated my unfaithful wife could behave herself in a nice mood and she only would have some margarita shots with the girls.

At two o`clock my cell phone started buzzing, as I was watching TV.

It was Ana, asking if I was still awake. I said yes; I was waiting for her.
Almost immediately a photo came through. She was bent over a chair, her panties at her ankles and her hand was p... Continue»
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He Refuses To Notice (Pt2)

I decide that I am going to fuck my former lover in front of my husband. I get the feeling that this bimbo will not fully realize the reality of his love getting plowed by a gigantic negro. What if he were to find out and open his eyes? What is he going to do, leave me? LOL! I know I come across as an evil bitch, but I really am not. I actually really love him very dearly. I want him to accept me for the BBC cum slut that I am; I want him to know that that my pussy itches for black dick on a daily basis; I want him to know that it our first baby will most likely be black. With all that said, I... Continue»
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He Refuses To Notice (Pt1)

My husband is such a stupid bimbo! Ironically he teaches physics at the local university. He clearly doesn't want to see what is really going on, and is in full denial about his wife being a BBC whore. I enjoy coming up with lies that I know he will believe. I love to come up with new lies about my infidelity to him. That weak cuck always falls for it. My beauty is his poison, my body is his d**g, and my voice is his sanity. "Honey, Tyrone from upstairs just called and said he wants you to help him with a package of his. He sounded way too demanding for a guy wanting a favor from my wife. "Hon... Continue»
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Fucking Sandy

Sandy was a flirt at work, a white bitch who used to get off by making suggestive remarks at work. She was a thin, Sandy haired white girl who liked to party after work. . One night we were both over Debbie’s house after work for dinner. As I had a long way home afterwards, she offered to drive me home. She gets to the top of the hill in front of my parent’s house. She’s depressed about life, so we spend awhile outside, looking at the view and talking. I try to cheer her up, but she seems really depressed. It’s time for me to go, so I get out and walk around to her drivers side to say goodby... Continue»
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Muskegon gotta love your home town

Well my name is Rikko Suave. Im 32 single no k**s. About 5"11 165 lbs blue eyes light brown hair. Im White Native American and Polish. With ten tattoos.
I worked at Mr.Scribs pizza witch is only in Muskegon ,Michigan.. I worked until 4am. So i was working the drive through window that night. Busting my ass like always. So I'm working the drive through. Its around 2:30am. Almost time to close. Next thing you know this sexy ass black Ladies came to the drive through d***k.
They both started flirting with me. They looked like they both left the night club. Kiana had on this sexy ass blue and b... Continue»
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A Work Party- Ch. 2

I awoke the next morning, and rubbed my face. My husband lay sl**ping next to me, the day gloomy and stormy. The storm that created the situation I had with Tony’s boss was in full bloom, with periods of heavy, pelting rain, and periods of strong, gusting winds. The large droplets splattered against the sliding glass door, a patter that most would find relaxing. Me? I was anxious. The night before, Ron, Tony’s boss, had me on his bed, and plundered my body, as I willingly surrendered myself to him. It was a capitulation of the senses, and surprisingly easy. Between the delicious feel of... Continue»
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An Interesting Friend CoCo

Hot CoCo!

Along the way I’ve had the pleasure of knowing 2 pretty nice ‘girlfriends’; one white and CoCo…hot and black. Casual, raunchy, sexy, free-spirited and just fun to be with.

CoCo was a marvel, a wonder of hormone therapy, with ‘her’ everything had gone perfect. She was about 5’ 8 “ with breasts that were well proportioned, not too big or too small, a great ass and killer legs. She was a little overweight, I’d just say a little ‘fleshy’, mildly attractive and oozed a physical glow of well being…along with a satirical sense of humor.

We met at one of those places that tried... Continue»
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Sally and her black lover Eddie invite me to visit

Sally and her black lover Eddie
Invite me to Visit
(Third in a Series)

[Author’s note: This is a true story. Sally and Eddie really do exist and live in Pennsylvania. Sally’s story was related to me through voice messages and e-mails and I agreed to write it down and publish it so that large, mature white women can realize that there are men in this world who appreciate and worship large women. Sometimes the worshipers are white men and other times the worshipers are black men. But, no matter what a man’s skin color, these obese women shouldn’t be ashamed of their looks and should ... Continue»
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