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Humiliation or Hot ?

Hi Folks,
This is something that happened a couple of days ago. I have been thinking about this and to be honest, I'm not sure what happened. I will just tell you very quickly what happened and you tell me if I should read anything in to this or not.

It was Wednesday mid morning. I got a text from Marcus, He said " got a 3 day load" "Now is good"
So I went over and opened the shop door to see a few changes in the decor. There was now a couch / table and a new TV set. Its beginning to look more like a den than a shop. I looked around a bit and he asked how I like it. I told him it was ... Continue»
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Meet my personal gangbang gang

Meet my personal gangbang gang

Thursday afternoon I came back home early from my office.
As I turned the last street corner I noticed two pickup trucks setting in my driveway. Both pieces were late model four wheel drives, lifted with expensive wheels and tires. I pulled around parked my car into my side of the garage. I entered home through the garage and I could hear voices coming from the back yard pool area.
There next to the shallow end of the pool were three black guys.
All of them looked younger than me, muscled huge guys.

I walked out to see who they were. As soon as one of t... Continue»
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Mai aksar burkha pahen kar hi bahar jaati hoon, mai college jane ke waqt hamesha raste mein chalte log meri mast jawani ko nangi nazrou se dekhte aur kuch to comments bhi kaste ke, kya maal hai saali burkhe mein bhi hokar lund ko pagal karrahi hai.. Meri gali mein ek ladka tha uska naam ramesh tha, wo aksar gali ke nukkar per hi baitha rahta aur uska aksar baithna to mere ghar ke samne hi tha..khair wo aksar mujhe chedta rahta aur gandi gandi batien karta aate jate waqt, mai bhi uski batou ke maze leti rahti, ek din ki baat hai mai apni saheli asma ke ghar gayi usne mujhe nangi film batayi, w... Continue»
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Alone at the Metro station

Alone at the Metro station

Some of my mates at office were on holidays and too much paperwork was accumulated on my desk that evening.
During the afternoon I had asked my boss to leave early; I was alone at home, Victor away in a long business trip; but anyway, I wanted to be home alone, have a nice shower and relax… alone…

But at early evening my boss claimed he had to leave and asked me, begged me and convinced me to stay there up to finish all that late paperwork.
Past eleven I completed most of the task and hurried down the elevator.
I took off at a run to the Metro station. I alm... Continue»
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Million Dollar Investors wife........

It was a cold Tuesday afternoon grey clouds covered the sky like a cotton blanket.
It was winter just before tax season I had been on the investor hunt for years for my company and finally I had meet Max while tattooing On Miami Beach. We partied and got fucked up after he got a tattoo at the Tattoo shop I worked at Ru Tattoos. Russian ink studio. Max was from aboard we will say... Kool accent and laid backed. Nice 6'2 built 30 dirty blond with the Build of a Viking. I sat and watch women just bounce of him like bullets as we shot pool together. You must be married too. I told him..he laughe... Continue»
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making sexual progress

I would like to start out by telling you that I am a 48-year-old married male, I have always had a fairly perverse mind while my wife is more on the prudish side. Over the years I have slowly gotten my wife into watching the odd porno together playing with sex toys and on occasions talking about her sexual fantasies, to those of you reading this who have a wide and varied sex life this achievement wont sound much but taking into account of how far she has come it’s a milestone in my book.
Over the years our sex life had gotten much better and in my mind has gotten more perverted the further ... Continue»
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Kim's Big Night Out

Hubby spies on wife and gets the shock of his life.

Something amazing happened to me the other night that changed my life forever.

My wife, Kim, is a smoking hot redhead, 35 years old, 5'6", 32-28-36. We have been married for 10 years, and it has been a great 10 years, full of passion, love, and fucking amazing sex. She even invited another woman into our bed once, which was incredible, though it hasn't happened again.

Last Friday, Kim told me she wanted to go out dancing with the girls, and would I mind staying home? If I'd wanted to, I could've made going out on my own an iss... Continue»
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Girl from the typing pool

This is a true story of one of my affairs I had between marriages. When I was divorced I had the unfortunate luck of living in a very conservative southern city. It was almost impossible to meet a girl without being first introduced to them by someone. Of course, like most guys, I was trying to get into the pants of the single slim attractive girls who guarded their pussy better than Fort Knox.

I was getting very horny and tired of jerking off when I received an invitation from the typing pool to attend a picnic. I accepted. That Saturday I went to their picnic and after a couple of beers... Continue»
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Liquor Store Booty

“Barry,” called out Geneva Campbell. “Do you mind going to get a bottle of wine?” The attractive middle-aged woman made the request because they were expecting a visit from her cousin and his f****y since they were driving though the area. It had been years since Geneva had seen Marcus. On the phone with his wife, she was able to convince them to spend the night,

Barry yelled back, “Yeah. Give me a minute.”

The forty-six year-old, brown-skinned man shut down his game of Madden NFL 16 on his Xbox One. He walked out of the den to find his wife throwing together a casserole.

“Do I need... Continue»
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Sally and her Black Lover Eddie Visit Me

Sally and her Black Lover Eddie Visit Me

[Author’s note: This is a true story. Sally and Eddie really do exist and live in Pennsylvania. Sally’s story was related to me through voice messages and e-mails and I agreed to write it down and publish it so that large, mature white women can realize that there are men in this world who appreciate and worship large women. Sometimes the worshipers are white men and other times the worshipers are black men. But, no matter what a man’s skin color, these obese women shouldn’t be ashamed of their looks and should give every suitor a chance. This ... Continue»
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My first bbc and creampie

When I was in college, my roommate Sherika was a lot of fun. We would hang out together in our dorm room and listen to music, watch tv or talk about boys. She had a steady boyfriend and they seemed to have an active sex life. I walked in on them having sex once or twice. It was quite embarrassing for me although they didn't seem to mind. One time they even kept going after I came in and said hello. They seemed to be right in the middle of it. I decided to sit at my desk and pretend to work and not notice they were fucking each other's brains out. I couldn't help but watch of course. She was ve... Continue»
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Guide to being a Modern Cuckolding BULL

Wanna be a ‘Modern Cuckold Bull’
Here is a simple guide to achieving this quickly and safely. This guide gives a list of rules to be memorized and followed. The reasons for each rule will be explained in detail as to why they are so important. Then psychological reasons will be offered for each step you will take.

So are you the type of person that throws away the instructions when assembly is required? If so, this is not for you. But if you are wanting to assemble a harem with perfect wives, other men’s wives, read on!

To begin with, this guide is especially directed toward Black-Men ... Continue»
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So my wife and I were invited to a house warming party for one of her co-workers. Her Friends name is Sarah. She asked me if I remembered who she was of course I said no. But who could not remember Sarah she is a shorter blond woman very pail in complexion with the body of a gymnast. She is Slender with small b**sts. I remembered her for her striking physical features and that my wife had told me “if I was not married to her that she would have been a good match that is if she was not exclusively into black guys”. Sarah and my wife had worked on a few projects together and found that they work... Continue»
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Jamacan Vacation

Wife Gets Blacked in Jamaica

by Smal4u

My wife and I never talked about it. I’m really not sure how it became a thing
with us either. It’s possible she saw the porn I always had on my computer. I
think years ago she saw some stories that I had printed out and read them.

She never acted on them, nor talked to me about what was in them, but if she
read them, she knew what I was reading and jerking off to.

While I don’t think that was the sole reason we went down this road, I believe
it planted a seed in her mind that percolated over the years. I’m also pretty
certain that she a... Continue»
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Gigolo in Washington DC – part 4

This is a continuation of part 1:
And part 2:
And part 3:

I remember four blonde women from that time. Three were surprisingly freaky. The last one was possibly my favorite.

The first blonde was a petite southern belle from South Carolina. Bonnie looked so put together when she opened the door to her gorgeous ... Continue»
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Black guys first taste of white meat

I'm a 29 year old black man, I grew up in rural area, and live today in the city. I live with my beautiful wife, and one son about to turn 3, .

I've been what some people call a Bull, I like white pussy, I especially like to fuck white, married women. Cheating wives that?s out to get a good fuck while hubby?s busy making a buck,. Even better, I like fucking them right in front of their husbands. Having them scream from getting a big cock, fucking that hubby can't give them. And I've came across lots of white married guys, that wants this to happen, and I'm glad to help them out. I can't... Continue»
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Happily Married...Needing More

Doug had a good life. Anyone looking in from the outside would find it to be so – dare say they would be envious. He was 40 and had been married for eleven years. He worked as a manager of the forest ranger team at a state park. His wife was attractive and taught fourth grade. He had two daughters who both were on the honor roll at their elementary school. He drove a nice decked out GMC Sierra pickup truck and his wife pushed a late model Cadillac ATS. He lived in a two-story four-bedroom Georgian-style house that was situated on a patch on a patch of three acres of land. He was on the deacon ... Continue»
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Lately my wife has been getting more and more horny in the beginnings of our mature years. She’s makes all kinds of remarks while out shopping about other men she would see and even at home while watching the tube she would tell me certain guys make her hot. She has really gotten into black guys too.
So last night we were in the car heading home from a HS football game (juniors play Saturdays which was what we were there to see) we were invited to by one of the players who happens to live in an apartment downstairs from us. It was cold so we brought a blanket and... Continue»
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By Moni My days as an e****t another true story

My life as a shared wife was about to get more interesting. I had been at this job for a few years now. This was in the mid eighties I was 27 and my boss and I had been intimate at work for 6 months already, with hubby's approval of course. Dave, my boss was a man in his late 40's handsome confident and a damn good fuck. He owned the company it was a an architectural firm as this was my focus on my new career. We had many international clients that he would deal with.
We were talking about a particular client one day that he really wanted to close the deal with. He was an executive from Texa... Continue»
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Turning life upside down

I had a daytime visitor. A tall skinny young french girl along with a huge belly courtesy of my husband. Her name is Margi and I mean young. Like 2 years out of school on her first overseas assignment. She was as surprised to see me answer the door as I was to see her.
Somehow I knew why she was here in an instant.

I'm not angry at Margi at all. Both of us could only cry each others situation. Of course I invite her in. We spoke for hours.
She is just about 7 months along and carrying the son he so badly wants. I found her honest and open. I believe I know everything.

Tu... Continue»
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