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A Welcome Surprise

What a weekend. Hubby took the k**s to his Mom’s again. He told me I was to have a carefree weekend. And I planned to. I called up one of my black gentleman friends and told him I was available for the weekend. He told me he would pick me up Friday night at 7:00 for dinner. I showered, put on make up, actually I use very little, but the favorite part of my makeup is my lipstick. I have a collection of the creamiest, wettest pink lipsticks; I just love the color pink. And it shows up so nicely on a black cock. Next I put on my newest little black dress. It is nice and form fitting showing off ... Continue»
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XXXbox (alternate title: Call of Booty)

I’ve always kept an open mind. Having been a fan of internet porn for many years now (thanks xHamster!), I’ve long known that sexual desire can be roused by nearly infinite fetishes and other forms of stimuli, whether we choose to vocalize these desires or not. I identify myself as straight. Sure, may have had a dalliance or two with transgendered (both MTF and FTM) individuals, but I had never considered it possible that I could be sexually attracted to a man, much less physically intimate. As they say; never say never.

Josh was a friend of mine. We had been friends since he was a mon... Continue»
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Chinese Take-Out 3: Redux

<FORWARD> Hi, I'm connereight. I'm relatively new to the writing business like this so these stories will likely be short-ish and not very good as I get better at writing them. As for why I'm really writing this short forward here, you may have noticed this says Chinese Take-Out 3: Redux in the title and may have seen 2: Redux but no 1: Redux. I wrote the first one on xhamster itself and when my previous profile was removed, that story and a couple others went along with it. Rather than rewrite that short and poor excuse for a story (to be fair it was my first time) I figured not to bother rew... Continue»
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My novel .... "The passionate dollar"

(Kinda a lengthy read but i guarantee you wont be disappointed ....The Dr is back)

As i spent another saturday alone in my apartment off of work i was glued to my computer. After about a good hour or so of internet porn and self love i began job hunting. I was willing to take anything. Because anything was better than a cashier at a movie theater. Where they treat you like shit.

I applied everywhere. From fast food work, to a janitor at a school to a part time baby sitting job. Anything to pay the bills and help my parents with this tuition. Then low and behold i came across an ad for... Continue»
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Chinese Take-Out 2: Reuploaded

<FORWARD> Hi, I'm the former connereight and I'm trying to rebuild my profile. It's slow going, of course, because my last profile had been active for over 1400 days and as of right now this profile is at 3 days. Chinese Take-Out is an original story I wrote documenting the realistic fantasy of my life fucking the attractive MILF that co-owns and co-operates a local Chinese food place. So far there are 3 parts or chapters and I saved the second and third. I wrote the first literally online here on xhamster. It was short and not very well written for what I considered my first real attempt to m... Continue»
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The Bull from 72B

When I lived at my old place I had this black guy as my neighbor. He was never really home at all. He would travel for work non-stop. I was coming home from work in the morning and he got there the same time I did. We got to our doors and talked a little. We became friends when we saw each other. Since we didn’t see each other a lot we gave each other our cell numbers. He was all about me. He loved my ass and asked for pictures and stuff but I never sent any. He even met my boyfriend at the time. Once he saw my boyfriend all he wanted to do was fuck. He would text me like: the next time I’m ho... Continue»
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The Meeting - Pt.1

On arriving at the hotel and having booked in we made our way to the bar. The journey of 30 miles had been made in excited anticipation and silence. We looked around and immediately spotted Jon sitting by himself slowly drinking a pint of lager. He had described himself down to the last ‘t’. About 6’0’’, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, short hair, and black (of Caribbean descent).
We went over and introduced ourselves. ‘Hi! I’m Lisa and this is Martin’. Formalities over with I sat down next to Jon, and Martin went to the bar to get a fresh round of drinks. We spent the next half an hour just ch... Continue»
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The Best Fuck in the Month of September....

My designation of the best fuck in September goes to a woman named Kayla. I will provide a more detailed description of this delightful woman further into this blog, but indulge me for a moment.

Here is the scene: it is about 2:00 on a Saturday morning. I am naked, standing on the balcony of a condo in Destin Florida. It faces the beach and beyond it is the Gulf of Mexico—deeply dark in the early morning. The surf softly hisses and roils and in the faint moonlight I can see the lacy froth of the waves as they drift and ebb.

Presently, a young woman—she also is naked--comes ... Continue»
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Had to see Las Vegas and learn Zoe wants to have B

Had to visit Sin City. A little chilly but the hotel club pool parties are awesome. Wynn has by far the best. Pool parties where just about every girl is topless.
Never did that before and both Zoe and I enjoyed walking around a lot and show off.

Observation #1, The black/white pairing is not uncommon at all. At least here in Vegas.

Observation #2, Zoe has a top notch athletic body with young girl gravity defying C cups topped by very attractive large and perfect puffy nipples.

Lodging arrangements have us all in one suite. Three bedrooms, a giant common area and a bathroom... Continue»
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paying her bills with her pussy part 4

Right hope you read part 3 this is following on from there .After Alan and Micky had fucked Tracy in front of her husband they drove back to his office where they were to met Sandra who was coming to pay more off her loan .

Sandra who was a vicars wife said a pray to help her get though this next few hours she hated having sex to pay her loan off as she walked down the street she thought to herself im a 47 year old vicars wife with 2 k**s and a grandaighter and im selling my body to pay my loan off how on earth did it get to this .

As Sandra walked up the staris to his office and opened ... Continue»
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Fantasy to Reality

Both my wife and I really enjoy viewing videos, blogs and profiles of mature couples like ourselves involving wife swapping, cucks or just adding that extra person to share her body.
We have yet to make that final move in turning fantasy into reality, this nearly happened during the summer.
It was a hot a July day and we were teasing each other,touching, flashing etc,she was also being very verbal saying that she wants two cocks to tease rather than the one and the other needed to be bigger than what I had to offer, her slutty talk had my mind racing.
After a while she shouted my name fr... Continue»
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Adventure's of HOT Anita - Fat Landlord seduc

In the process of "helping" the petite girl the
old man moved in closer, until his hard-on was
lightly touching Clarra's cameltoe mound. Uncle
lifted both her legs higher and softly ground his
bulge on her smooth panty. He looked up and closed
his eye's savoring the feeling of Clarra's hot


Clarra then turned around. She knew that damage
was done, he had pressed his hard cock on her
smooth pussy, through her tight panties. She looked
at his underwear. Clarra was mesmerized and she
somehow couldn’t take h... Continue»
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My Chosen First Time -PART 4

To my surprise, Lynn was waiting for me. She took the hem of my veil and kept it from touching the ground. In the background “The Wedding March” was playing. The sun’s evening rays outlined a path that was covered with flower petals led to an altar like table. The altar table was covered with daisies, roses. A white candle in its center flickered in the dusk. It was a wonderful sight that was wrapped in a small hilarity. We all were nude but wore miniscule articles of clothing that identified traditional duties of wedding party members. Naked Aunt Susan, like a priestess had her head covered s... Continue»
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I lived in a place called Chingola

I lived for a while in a place called Chingola, Zambia; this was not long after independence from England and the old Northern Rhodesia and colonial days, since I was one of the 2000 single expect workf***es, working on the mine with only 50 European nurses. The system for getting a date, one had to put your name on list with a picture of yourself, and how much money, you were prepared to spend, thus the chances of getting a date, let alone shag, were almost the same as winning the lottery.

On my arrival one of the old colonial’s said to me “don’t know what you’re going to do for female
... Continue»
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Tokyo light....

I think it was the Tokyo light. In any case, Sayaka and I were sharing an awkward cup of coffee, Saturday morning, the warm Tokyo sun streaming in through the window of my apartment. The night before, Yumi. Sayaka and I had watched a film after dinner. Sayaka showed up early, and we were pointedly talking very little.
I am a lawyer in an international firm, and had been transferred to the Japanese office in Tokyo a year before. Yumi is my girlfriend. Sayaka is her best friend. Sayaka is bi, and this had been a source of tension over the past few months. But in an odd way, differences can... Continue»
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White Neighbor Slaves - The Vacation

It was a Friday evening in June, Ben and his two boys boys came over to our

"We're going on vacation for a week. We always rent a cabin in the
mountains. Helen's s****r and her f****y rent one also next to ours." Ben
took three beers from the refrigerator. He kept one and handed the others
to Jake and Thad.

"This year you're going along with us." Ben said.

"When are we leaving?" Carol asked.

"Tomorrow morning." Ben took swig of his beer. " Just take your personal
things. You two bitches will be naked most the time. So don't bring a lot
of clothes."

Ben looked at me.... Continue»
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The Black Man's Wife

I worked for a water company some years ago, and I got to meet quite a wide
variety of people. I am bisexual, 28, and can appreciate beauty in all
forms. Most of the people I got called out to were, as you would say normal,
but a few had extremely interesting tastes including one with a fully
functional dungeon hidden away in one of their bedrooms!

But I digress. The particular place I would like to tell you about was in
Croydon in late 1999. The boiler had broken, and it was up to me to see that
the homeowner didn't freeze in the winter months.

I arrived at the house and was gre... Continue»
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black mother cheats with daughters white boyfriend

The first time I met my daughters boyfriend, I knew she was in trouble. He was the type of man that my ass would have NEVER been sneaking in regularly when I was her age.

She had brought tall and handsome black men home before. But she had never brought home a blonde haired blue eyed white boy home before. She introduced him as Connor , the 18-year-old soccer player and president of the chess club.

I introduced myself as the mom, and Connor joked that I looked like the s****r. It wasn't that farfetched of a thought. I gave birth to my daughter Andrea when I was only 20. I'm still a few y... Continue»
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White Neighbor Slaves pt 1

My wife and me had been married for 30 years. I retired at 43 my wife was
45. She was still a very attractive woman, 5' 3" tall 130 lbs. She she
walked every day around the neighborhood block. She recently changed her
hair style to what she called a short nape and it was attractive on her. As
for me I had gotten a bit chubby over the years but nothing drastic. My
wife , Carol kept trying to get to exercise more but I felt the yard work
kept me in good enough shape. The only regret we had was not having
c***dren. Some people called that a blessing.

Three months ago the new neighbors m... Continue»
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My Wife on the beach

We had booked an early summer holiday in Greece to catch some sun. Susan my wife was looking forward to relaxing on one of the many sandy beaches on the Island. We both liked to sunbathe and swim naked and soon found one of the many naturist beaches.

Susan was quite happy to show of her fabulous figure. She is 5feet 8inches tall and has long toned legs, a flat stomach and lovely 36B breast that are full and have nipples that sit up and just ask to be sucked. At 28 years of age she was in her prime and constantly turned the head of many males where ever we went.

On the fourth day of o... Continue»
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