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My first bi experience after boot camp

I had just graduated from boot, and was headed to my A School.
But first I took some leave to go back home, and hang out with some friends and my f****y.

My buddy Hoss picked me up from the airport, and since my folks were at work, and weren't expecting me, Hoss took me back to his apartment for a couple drinks.

We get there, and to my surprise his high school sweetheart Annie was there, 3 months pregnant.
Annie was a lil pixie of a girl, long dark hair, tight fit body except the tiny babybump she was growing. Very cute, she reminds most people of Shannon Elizabeth.

She brings so... Continue»
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Blackballed 3

My time with Chas ended sooner than I wished. We had maybe 6 or 7 weeks to enjoy each other. He came by the store one day to let us know that the following week would be his last day as our rep. He had gotten a promotion which unfortunately required him to relocate to a distant city. He brought his replacement to introduce us to. He may replace Chas as a rep but as there would be nothing beyond that. While I was happy for him I was sad for us. As much as I would miss his cock I would miss him personally as well. During our short time together I has sucked his cock several times but never a com... Continue»
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The Palestinian Girl in Kuwait

I was in Kuwait in the early 1990's and had to liaise with some local hospitals and the NGO I was working for. I had to borrow a US military 3 ton ambulance to get into the city as we had no vehicles of our own. It was a German UNIMOG as this was the early days of the humvee and the Americans weren't giving those out freely.

I went into a small local hospital in Kuwait one day for work and there at the reception desk was this young, tiny Palestinian girl wearing these nicely snug-fitting scrubs LPN working the reception desk.

Being North American I looked directly into her eyes when tal... Continue»
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Sex ever day

After our first swap with Hans & Gret I had no idea what the next 2 weeks would hold for us, The sex with our new friends had been wonderful, so different to our normal mundane sex life, but we decided as we would not see these people again we would act out our fantasies whilst away so discussed what direction our holiday should go. Angie fancied the big coloured member of the maintain team while I fancied anything with a pussy.
The amimation team worked their butts off trying to get holiday makers to participate in their activities, Ange did aerobics in the pool, more to see the bulge in th... Continue»
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Blackballed 2

The night before I was to meet Chas for the second time my hubby was horny. I was too but wanted to save it for the next morning. He was more than glad to settle for a blow job. And after three times during that week of his cock or a vibrator covered with a black condom fucking me I had a hard time sl**ping. I hoped that Chas was just as anxious. I woke up early and headed for work about a half hour earlier than normal. That gave me enough time to start the morning prep and not have to rush sex. I kept looking at the clock, wanting time to speed up. A few minutes after eight Chas knocked on th... Continue»
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Blackballed for the First Time

While chatting with a guy yesterday I was reminded of something I had done many years ago. While I have had two affairs this was more of a fling. My hubby and I owned a restaurant and dealt with a lot of salesmen. One of them was Chas. Chas came by our store once a week to visit and get out order. From the day he took over the route he blended in with the attitude my hubby and I had. Very nice guy, charming, easy to talk to and good looking to boot. The fact that he was black did not really enter the picture until he and I began to tease and flirt with each other. Hubby liked the fact that we ... Continue»
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My Wife And I With Homeless

My beautiful, sexy, 38D-25-36, twenty-one-year-old
wife and I are devout exhibitionists. We love to fuck
anywhere, but especially in public, and preferably in
broad daylight. We've screwed inside all-night super-
markets, drive-in theaters, shopping center parking
lots, in hallways and on balconies of hotels, in parks,
and even on a school's playground.

Anyway, the best was when we went downtown at noon
time, to an alley behind some businesses. There were
areaways between the buildings that kept you from being
seen from the street or the buildings themselves. Of
course, there w... Continue»
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Sissy's first BBC

This happened awhile ago, i was 19, and i figure some people have asked me to write more so here goes =]

I was lookin around on craigslist... so i was horny and wanting it! Scrolling around and found a black guy who wanted some ass. No real specific requests, so i figured i may as well reply. In my town it is a bit rare to find black men who are down to fuck a sissy! I had sucked one BBC before while visiting North Carolina, sucked him off in a park which was great =] But that is another story and not nearly as entertaining.

So he replied back. Very little info. A pic of his cock... whic... Continue»
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The Market Place

One fine spring day I was visiting Toronto. The best way to see a city is to get out and walk and enjoy the sites and sounds of the big city. I was walking down one street and started to smell the aromas of spices and ethnic food. I wandered into a Punjabi market to explore all its offerings.

As I made my way through the market I was watching all the people in their fine dress. I noticed one older lady who caught my eye with her beautiful suit and salwar. She had a nice scarf over her head to complete her look. I casually follow her down the market stopping to look at what she is interested... Continue»
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Mature Mom Starts a New Life ( Part 4 )

Woke up my last day of holidays in Jamaica. Things had been getting out of hand and I didn't realize that I would be going out with a BANG! I got up the weather was again beautiful hot & sunny, I had a shower put on another very small Yellow Bikini everything hanging again! I made my way down to breakfast then over to the pool to enjoy my last day. I was back at the pool over by the beach there was a gang of young guys there playing volley ball there, I found a lounge chair then lay down to enjoy the sun. I was well tanned after a week of being there my yellow bikini not hiding much of me as I... Continue»
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You ever regret being with someone in the most intimate way possible? Not because of them but because of what they make you realize something about yourself. Here it is I'm a mature fifty something white woman. Happily married with two wonderful c***dren and an husband who adores me. I work as an assistant at a prominent business firm. My husband makes good money as a car salesman and where in need for nothing. I have big breasts and a nice round ass that gets me attention from all types of men. I never strayed outside my marriage and thought I was completely satisfied in life. I'm constantly... Continue»
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Wife tells me what she did.... (Part 1)

My wife Katie, knows that I have a secret fantasy of her fucking a black man with a very very large cock. We have joked about it on a number of occasions and sometimes during foreplay, if I get her talking about it, she gets very very horny and cums while imagining it.

One day while we were fooling about and kissing on the bed she told me that she had something to tell me. She told me that during the afternoon while I was at work she had fucked a big black cock in our bed! I could not believe it, I was a little shocked and laughed, she reached down and picked up her phone and there were pi... Continue»
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My Wife Fucked By My Room Mate ( just copied from

I am Raj originally from Mumbai but working Hyderabad. I am 28 and my Swati is 23. Swati is dusky beauty with 5′ 6” with figure 36- 28-38. She has kind of figure that every turn his head when she walks by.

We moved to Hyderabad 8 months ago because I had better job opportunity. Initially we look for a house but couldn’t find good place. I talked to my colleague Vamsi who 24 who help us to find temporary place till we get the place of our own. Vamsi was in need of roommate as recently his current left 1 year foreign assignment. I was initially hesitant to live with another guy with me a... Continue»
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Barb and the amateur dance contest

I was in my late 20s, had blond highlights in my hair, and weighed in about 118 pounds. When I wore a bra it was a 32-B, I have long slender legs and my areolas are quarter sized with nipples about pencil eraser size, my stomach is flat with no stretch marks and my light brown pubic hair is trimmed to a bikini triangular shape. My husband loves me to show off my body and loves it when other men admire, flirt with and talk to me. He often told me it would be just fine if I fucked other men, especially if he watched or joined. We had been married 3 or 4 years and the lust of newlyweds had not ... Continue»
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egy kellemes este :) Imádom

Megismertem egy lányt. Barna, hosszú, melírozott haja van. Szép, nagy, formás keblei. Szép arca, barna szeme, mosolygós szája. Puha, bársonyos bőre. Nagyjából 160cm magas. Kissé telt, így van mit fogni rajta. Épp az ilyet szeret(t)em. Nem, vagy csak nagyon szolidan sminkeli magát, illetve ékszereket se nagyon hord. Amolyan természetes szépség.

Az első csókunk az albérlete ajtajában történt. Nagyon jó volt. Ahogy ajkaink összeértek, majd szétnyíltak. Nyelvem az ajkához ért, aztán találkozott a nyelvével. Az a forróság! Az a bizsergés.

Imádok vele csókolózni. Imádom az ajkait, ahogy megduz... Continue»
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Subdued Shoplifter

Khambrel and Sean, two guards, push Darlene into the office, locking the door behind them. Then they drag her to the center of the room. She is scared out of her mind. Both of us are sturdy, but not overly muscular Black Men. She knows there is no way she could escape. We caught her shoplifting and now she has to pay for it. She thinks of her husband, Tim. She will be humiliated if he finds out.

"Get against the wall," Sean, the older guard says. The look on his face is so cruel and hard that Darlene has to turn away from his gaze.

"Why?" she pleads. She brushes her long, red hair over h... Continue»
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A New Client

It is quite like any other business day in the Fall. Despite the cooling temperatures, I am out of office on a field trip hunting for a new supplier as our company is tired of the hassles in working with our old furniture supplier. I have been to several suppliers already by the time I met Samantha. So far none of them offered what her company seem capable of delivering, the service facilities needed to deliver when and where we need. It may be because they are not expecting a black representative, I'm not sure. However one wink from the sexy brunette Samantha as she took me on a tour of her ... Continue»
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The Thrill of the Unexpected

One evening, leaving the husband at home, I escaped for a girl’s night out. I ended up at a local club, drinking dancing and drinking more. I was having a good time, enjoying the music, the crowd and talking to the guy that owned the place. Nothing serious, just talking and maybe a little light flirting.

I had talked to him on another occasion before as he was friends with other people I knew. Anyway, we talked, had a few drinks and I noticed another guy I “knew” had come into the club, another guy who I had been “having fun” with for a while but at this point was more or less done with hi... Continue»
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Believe Me I'll Be Back

Having recently moved from the country into town you have discovered that you have a bit of an exhibitionist side.

The small town you moved to has lots of regular evening walkers. It seems like everyone on your street walks around town every night or at least down your street. Not being used to living so close to other people and also having a sidewalk right outside your front door, is an odd circumstance. You don't always remember to pull the blinds.

At the outset of the first night in your new house, you plop down in front of a large flat screen telly. You put a porn movie in the dvd ... Continue»
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Greedy Wife Jane ready to get filled by BBC

Janie looked flushed and exuberant when she opened the bedroom door and there stood a room full of men, and said you had some sexual fun set up for us I see, I might have to direct these guys to do certain things to me. During our pillow talk fantasies Janie had enjoyed hearing how She wanted me to see her get fucked and described to me how she wanted a group of well hung black men to fuck her. A big black cock in her mouth, one in her love tunnel and another thrusted hard and deep into her. Janie said, tell them, I want all of them fucking my pussy and filling me full of black cock, then fill... Continue»
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