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Horny 18 yr old and married man

 I was just 18, had split up from my first serious boyfriend and got a job in a local bar (UK, not US!). I was upset after the split and just wanted attention and a good time. After finishing the night in the pub I started getting a taxi onto one of the local nightclubs. One of the drivers was in his late 20's and was easy to talk to . Even though I hadn't before been attracted to older men I found him strangely attractive. We started flirting and I was finding that every time I ordered a taxi it would be him! Things progressed and we ended up having sex every time I had a lift. It was tha... Continue»
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A Evening with Dan and Madison

The week was going great, Shirley and the k**s were away at her parent's house, I had the house to myself. It was Saturday morning, I had just finished the yard work and Dan my neighbor from across the street came over with 2 beers in hand.

Dan and I sat out back in the lawn chairs drinking our beers, he asked how were things going with the f****y out of town. I said things were alright, I was getting plenty of down time laying around eating junk food, when I said that, Dan said I needed a real meal and invited me over to eat with Madison and him that evening.

I talked to Shirley l... Continue»
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Like Mother, Like s****r. Part II

We finally get to the night club. After me and mom finished blowing James and Taye, we had to walk straight into the ladies room to wipe off all of the cum in our hair and faces. I took this time to give my mother some advice.
"Mom let me say"
"Gina, what did I tell you?" When we are on dates you call me Carmen."
"Ah, yeah, sorry Carmen. Look you should really take some pills before you have sex with Taye. You aren't used to dealing with black guys. They are actual men."
"Don't be so silly Gina, I will do just fine. It's just a cock."
"Mom, I mean, Carmen! Taye is 22 and most likely hung... Continue»
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Next Door Neighbors Part 1

After I moved into my house in this exclusive neighborhood, I noticed my next door neighbor checking me out. Her name is Maggie and she lives next door with her 19 year old daughter Kate. Our houses are close enough that I can sometimes hear them argue over Kate's lack of desire to attend the local college and Kate's weight (she's a thick bbw with strawberry blonde hair). Maggie's boyfriend comes over and I've overheard him say on numerous occasions, "I don't want to hear what that motherfucker next door is doing". I guess she's been telling him about the home improvement projects I had been d... Continue»
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fox slots

I had a dream last night i was fucking nicole koglin of fox 6 news

’uhhhhhh”sh emoaned’ohhhshit fuck..fuck fuck me’re way too big for me, omigod’

Then god burst into the room

”i am tired of you disobeying my commandments” he said”thou shall not lust after thy married woman”

Nicole’s hair was messed up she just stood there dazed and confused

”god, you know what? She said”I haven’t been fucked this hard by a dick this big before, just let him do his duty, he’s helpin me put together a news story”

“he is sinning” god said”this man is having sex with you in his mind”... Continue»
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When I "came out" as Gay, I was in college. I belonged to the Black Student Union and I had never been with a White guy. Never thought about it really. For years until my late 30's I never even found White guys attractive. Then once I went to a Fisting Party. I had gotten into Fisting but, among Black Guy Men it was very secret. (especially in the South!) So, I went to this Fisting Party and there were all Black guys there (about 10 guys) and then the last two b*****rs came in later and they brought two White dudes. I didn't think anything one way or the other. I was taking a rest from FISTI... Continue»
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Crossing over to a cuckold

Second time being a cuckold
Let me start off by saying. My stories are all true events that took place with me and my ex gf ... My first adventure as a cuckold was amazing. To be there and watch another man fuck your gf harder and better then you ever have. It's a mind blowing experience. How she was in another world. Taking this guys huge cock. Which is at least 5 inches bigger then mine and twice as thick. I knew that sex between us would never be the same.
After that great night. Things went back to normal, so I thought. It had been 3 weeks since I seen her. When we did hook up she wasn'... Continue»
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What happens in "DEGA" stays in "DE

My husband and I decided to take our RV to a race in Talladega Alabama. It is about a 12 hour drive from where we live in Oklahoma. I already had it planned that I was going to do everything I could to turn my husband on and to keep his cock hard for that 12 hour drive. I wanted him to be so HOT and BOTHERED when we arrived that he was just going to rip every shred of clothing and fuck me until I was week on the knees. Well, that is exactly what happened except for my husband turned the tables on me and fucked that HOT and WET pussy for the 12 hours. After hours and hours of hot sweaty awesome... Continue»
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the next morning

i woke up to this hard thick pole sticking me in my butt. i turned around and Ben's dick is hard as a rock so i moved down to his dick i pulled down his sweatpants and start lick his cock through his underwear after a couple of mins Ben woke up and he got out of bed and went the bathroom. i think he didn't even notice me so i went back to sl**p a few mins later i feel something rubbing against my lips i wasn't to sure what it was but i had an idea so i open my mouth and stick out my tongue and can taste this salty flavored dick so i wrap my lips around it and start sucking on it he then shoots... Continue»
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going to my new found friend

it was long day and i was bored so i open my text up and the guy from the adult store texted me his name was Ben and he sent me a pic of his dick it was long dark shaft with a pinkish tip and round balls with a little hair on it. it was hot so i text him a pic of my ass and he responded. he wanted to meet up so i ask him where he said his house so i got on some panties and some skin tight jeans and a nice shirt and got in the car and went. as i pulled up to his neighborhood it was a nice looking place i got to his house it was a level house painted dark blue. i walked up to the door i was nerv... Continue»
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my first time all the way

i am a white chubby guy who looks nice and has a nice ass from what guys have told me.
on night i decided to go out to my local adult store for a little fun mainly just watching porn and watching other guys do it i normally don't. i put on a plain shirt and a pair of panties and leggings. i got there and got a few tokens and went looking for a semi clean booth sometimes i find used condoms on the floor or just a lot of cum on the floor or seat depends on the day. as i was walking around looking for a good booth this tall dark guy comes up behind me and he puts his hand on my ass and starts f... Continue»
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Wife just owned it

Linda had been very adventureous recently in bed, she even asked me to slip a finger in her ass, which was a big surprise seeming that it was normally well off limits. I wished I could have given her more orgasms when we were in bed, but it had been limited to clitoral orgasms via oral and finger stimulation. Linda enjoyed the ride when I did fuck her but she rarely if ever reached orgasm this way and I had asked Linda if she had been with lovers before me how had been able to reach her that way. She had said no, not at all, that I had been the biggest and she had orgasmed a few times that way... Continue»
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I found your xhamster account honey

I am only postng this now we have reached a good point in our relationship, I found your login details to xhamster jusy over a year ago and I have been trying to find the right time and way to tell you.

When I found your account I was really upset and angry with you, looking at all the pictures and videos you had on your account. You were even chatting to some of the women and couple on here which I just counldn't understand. You were going away for a week with friends so I thought I would wait until you got back to tell you. I was planning on what to say, writing it down when I thought I w... Continue»
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My Hot English Teacher

Hey guys this is my first story posting here. Hope u all might like it. To tell about myself, I’m Manish, 21 yrs old, fair, 5 foot 8 inch and a bi sexual. This story is about fucking my English teacher during my coll days. Her name is kavitha, fair complexion, 5 foot 5 inch, around 30 yrs of age, divorcee and perfect aunty with big ass and big tits.

She taught us English during my first yr of my engineering. She used to be jovial in class and free to talk with any boys. Our class had only 3 girls and remaining are boys. All boys would stare her ass when she turn around towards board. I used... Continue»
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Adventures of Carl

Carl is a 52 year old black male. He is 5'8 and 155 lbs. He is physically fit runs every day and goes to the gym for at least hour and a half a day. He is also a widow. He married his grade school sweetheart Dawn, and she passed away from cancer. They never had any c***dren, but each had b*****rs and s****rs and viewed their nephews and nieces as their own, there are 8 of them they even set up trust funds for them and college funds as well. They both had excellent paying jobs Dawn was a corporate lawyer for a pharmaceutical company, and Carl was a financial consultant for an investment... Continue»
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A final show from Dwayne

A final show from Dwayne

A week later I was once again at work; that black bastard Dwayne was off.
Towards the end of the afternoon I got a text from my sweet Anita, telling me Dwayne just had left and I had a video available when I got home.
Once again I came back home almost after midnight and was really very tired; but Ana’s laptop was there in the living room, waiting for me.

Ana and Dwayne were naked in bed. I knew my sweet wife was on her period; so, I watched as the black man fucked her in her tight asshole…
He pumped her buttocks wildly and when he was going to finish, he pul... Continue»
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Ana at her first swinger party

Anita and her first swinger party

Life was a little boring when Ana and I moved to Oakland. My sweet wife told me she was a little bit scared about so many black men on the streets, acting like thugs. She confessed me sometimes she had the fantasy of being taken by some of these black men on a dark alley and being fucked wildly by all of them, with no mercy at all.

So, thinking she could go out in the middle of the night to try a chance of fulfill her fantasies; I suggested her to try the swinging life for a while…

For our first swinging experience we crossed the long bridge to San ... Continue»
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Dirty fun with a group of guys

My friend Adrian who had fucked my wife before asked if she wanted to come over memorial day weekend
and help entertain him and 2 of his friends. At first she wasn't sure about the encounter and I
didn't think she would be down since the other two were young, but here was Kristi in the middle of
an apartment living room sucking on not one, not two, but three huge black cocks. Did I say sucking?
Try slobbering, as she kneeled down beneath the black cocks that hovered over her. Kristi sucked the
cockheads, licked the shafts, deep-throated the long, fat tools. She even licked their balls. An... Continue»
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Wife filled my fantasy as a birthday gift (found i

Richa is in her 28th year. She is fair and tall. She had one of the best boobies you will ever see and the roundest of ass you will every lay your eyes on. She is a teacher in a School and teaches Math’s in a Middle school class. She has long silky hairs that she usually keeps open. Her lips are juicy and red. They taste like strawberries. Her Neck is the most sensual part of her body. If you want to get her in the mood for fucking and she does not, all you need to do is plant a kiss on her neck. He immediately gets horny. She is My wife for last 3 years.

Among other things that Richa likes... Continue»
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Like Mother, Like s****r.

I am loving my life! I am 25 years old and doing very well for myself. I have a great job that pays me great, and my sex life is at an all time high, though I am not ready to settle just yet. One of the reasons is because I have a fetish for black cock. I enjoy sl**ping around with black man, weather they are married or not. To be used and fucked by a BBC is my definition of nirvana. I don't mind them at any age, but I prefer older black men.

Although I no longer live with my parents I occasionally sl**p over their house (where I grew up) when I have had too much to drink and don't feel li... Continue»
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