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Dream of Destruction

Note: This is how a dream can destroy.

Some people think that dreams are suppressed wishes of the mind or a bridge to our emotions. The only thing I know is that this dreams destroyed my life. This dream is between me and my wife's 'play s****r' (Wendy). My wife name is Vanessa. We have been married for awhile but Wendy is a single Mom. Her k**s are grown and on their own. Vanessa and Wendy had been best friends for many years but their was a heated race for a man when they were both single. Now that Vanessa has been married to me for 5 years, Wendy is still looking. Wendy is 50, Vanessa ... Continue»
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My African Honeymoon

The first time that I ever had a black cock was when I was 18 and on a trip to Africa with my new husband Rakesh. We were on the 2nd week of our Honeymoon when one night in the hotel INN, Rakesh, my husband who is an anthropologist and is 33 years old, was talking to a group of old black men about their tribes and customs etcetera. It was very warm, no, very HOT. So I was wearing a bikini top and mini-skirt, no panties or stockings as I was longing for a cool breeze to waft up between my legs and cool me off. I was having a miserable time just hanging around waiting for Ben and drinking when t... Continue»
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Horny Wife Goes Wild Over Black Cock

The first time I ever watched porn was in college. I was at a party and someone had a porn flick playing on the television in the living room. I remember trying not to look, but I was so memorized by the movie that I found myself hidden in a closet, masturbating feverishly with the closet door cracked just enough to see the television and the movie that was playing.

I’m now married and my husband and I have enjoyed watching porn together ever since we met. Of course, we have our favorite movies, but one night, my husband found a new video for us to watch. It was an unbelievably well h... Continue»
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Craigslist Encounter with a Young Black Cock

This is actually a story i related to someone via email, and it made more horny to think about it again so i decided to post it for the heck of it!

I've actually never bottomed before, though i have been more curious about it lately. The closest i ever came i guess was once when i had this guy come over...He was black, avg height, husky build...younger guy, maybe around 21, 22, I was around 30 or so...i don't remember now....but anyway, I had posted an add looking for a hookup and he responded saying he was out driving around and was looking to come by for a quick blow job. no reciept, ju... Continue»
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My first black cock

bi guy sucking bbc for the first time(self)NSFW
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This is a true story about the first time I sucked a big black cock. It was a few years ago now, I was in my early twenties, right out of college, and still lived at my parents’ house. I never told anyone this before, so this is my way of getting it off my chest.
A little background first. As far as everyone was aware I was straight, but for some time I have had a thing for big black dick. I don’t know when it first started, but it had been years at this point. I watched interracial porn almost ... Continue»
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The mall is a nice place to meet people

The mall is a nice place to meet people

That morning I woke up alone at home. Victor had left so early to the airport and I did not hear him when he was gone. I felt too fucking horny as I stretched myself in bed. I really needed a huge dick inside me. My loving husband was a little bit stressed last week and he had not fucked me at all during those days.
I had a warm shower and later stood up in front of the mirror. I saw I looked obscene. That was the whole fucking point. I had put on fancy stockings, a short black leather skirt that barely covered my ass and a soft red silk top. My heel... Continue»
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To Fuck a Cop (part 2)

I held my breath and waited for the assault as the assembled guys stood hushed and expectant, slowly wanking their hard pricks. I momentarily thought, god, what a fool, how did I ever get myself into this mess, just as I felt the monster nudge at the entrance to my arse. The driver moved to my head and held my shoulders against the f***e of the huge black prick which was slowly but surely forcing my already stretched sphincter muscles open.

I hadn’t expected any pain after the fisting I had just received, but his prick must have been truly enormous because my ring burnt with the pain of his... Continue»
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Snow Day

I was having a rough start to my day. The snow was coming down hard and fast but I finally made it to my second job at the hotel. Dee was meeting me after he got out of work and we were bunkering down in a hotel room.
I couldn't wait to see him. To have his hands on me, and his strong arms wrapped around  my body. God he has a presence about him that just makes me melt and soaks my panties before he's even in the room.
Dee and I have been dating for a few months and he found out almost instantly how submissive I am. I've never had a boyfriend who could dominate me like he does.
When he m... Continue»
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The hair change up works !

All said it was about 3 hours of work. I don't want to know all the chemicals they used. They bleached me, frizzed me, colored me and frizzed again, I wish I had the guts to post a pic. Just know I have a Afro puff ball extending out about 8 inches. Heck, they even dyed my eyebrows to make it all fit. Whilst I love it, I'll think twice about doing it again.

Freshly coiffed I took a stroll to a hotel bar we frequent often. Luckily the only folks there who know me were the staff. Gianni the bartender just stared at me and said "Wow!". So with a fresh Cosmo in hand I filled him in o... Continue»
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Unforgettable Day With My Daddy... (Continued)

So, we had so much fun within a few hours before my interesting day he had in store for me was presented. My daddy fucked me like no one ever has. I was a bad girl when we weren't together. I would touch myself and play with, finger, and fuck my pussy with my vibrator. My daddy didn't like the fact that I would do that on my own. So when I saw him, he would spank me on my ass very hard to get it through my head to not masturbate without his permission. That's what happened this day... again. I suppose I don't like to listen, or, I'm just a horn dog.

Anyway, we showed up to the sex... Continue»
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My walking, talking Hard on, Richard Fits Well

Back in the early 80s I went one of them all male party for Bi guys a lot of sucking no fucking unless you sneaked into the bathroom, I meet one of my fuck buddy, mostly at the book store loved my BB. he was married said he had to leave soon, begging me for some ass? He finally got me in the bathroom no cloths on so it easy but no lube? wait he has carmex lip balm it worked fine, all the knocks on the door kinda distracting, but 10min shot his big load in me. he got up left me, full of cum no undies it was hard to keep his load trying to escape. Right at the time couple of new guys showed u... Continue»
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Young And Three

I’ve been contemplating whether to share this story with all of you, or just let sl**ping dogs lie. So I decided to share my experience with you all and hope it gets everyone motivate to share their stories with us all. Now that being said let me start from the beginning.

This sexual experience happen to me while I was in my youth and somewhat made me the person I am today. I used to live in the south island and I attended and did my schooling in this area.

While in the south island I had made many friends and some are still in contact with me to this day, especially these two wonderful... Continue»
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First real holiday alone after f****y

Emma and Ted had been looking forward to getting away together with no one else in tow. Just the two of them again, relaxed and having fun. When they had arrived at the resort there was the usual introduction from the rep and trips being offered and while they were both keen to do a bit of travelling and sightseeing Emma and Ted had decided to spend their first day on the beach and look through brochures later. It had been a great day for weather and alot of other people had taken the opportunity to just crash at the beach for the day.

After their lazy day and a meal out Emma and Ted gravi... Continue»
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Guess I shouldn't have given those cops such a hard time last night but I was d***k and pissed off and lost control a little so when they got me back to the station after taking my info and all they shoved me into a holding cell there were three cells two empty but the cop stuck me into the cell that was occupied after the door clanged shut I saw who occupied it...It was a huge black guy and boy was he pissed off ranting about how that white pig of a police officer took him in just because he was black...blah blah blah I went into a corner and tried not to let him see me as I... Continue»
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playing with a friend

It was starting out to be a fun week, an old army friend form my husband was staying with us, he is the godfather from 2 of our daughters, things were pretty much like old times, my hubby and Herbert were both fucking me, things were grand, until my hubby got called away for work, he had to fly up north and would be gone about 3 days, he was mad too, but having such a good job he had to go, a few hours before he left I gave him a nice long slow blow job until he filled my mouth with cum, I took every drop of it, swallowed it all, I asked my husband if he would mind if Herbert and I still fuc... Continue»
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TRUE STORY white girlfriend shared with BBC

A local Texas couple hit me up on my kik app (highly recommended) wanting to try her first BBC. The guy had convinced her to have a threesome and try her first BBC as a birthday 'gift'. She is MUCH younger than I am (I'm older by more than 15 years), and way smaller than I am - which only added to the hotness factor. Reminded me of the movie Black Snake Moan, Big 'scary', older black guy - sexy, young, smaller white chick lol.

She sent me a few photos and I was immediately blown away by how incredible she looked. She is the epitome of sexiness - young, pretty white girl with amazing D-c... Continue»
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Black Repairman Services my Wife

My wife, Lynn, and I had just moved into a small house that needed a few repairs. We recently graduated from college and I had managed to find a decent accounting job, but she was struggling to find work. Lynn is 23 with a petite body, 5’2” and about 110lbs. She looks incredible in a sundress and doesn’t need to, nor does she ever, wear a bra. I am just an average guy, 5’8” with a slim build and not much to look at. I know I married above my status, but hey, we were in love.

We had a great sex life and wanted to make sure we kept it that way. We didn’t want to become one of those missio... Continue»
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What Would You Have Said If You Were Me?

First night at a swingers club leads to a surprise meeting
This is the completely true story of our first ever visit to a swingers club and how it led to my wife’s first interracial experience. I’ve stayed true to the events and emotions, so that the reader can immerse themselves and feel what it REALLY feels like to experience the wild world of swinging. All the characters are real, so join me into the dark erotic world of swinging. 

Let me introduce myself, my name’s Rick. It was a whirlwind courtship. I was chatting her mate up in the bar, she stood there looking quite plain, not sa... Continue»
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Plantation Overthrow Gangbang

"Bend over, nigger," Master demanded, as he prepared to **** my ass again, preventing me from getting the table ready for dinner.

I reluctantly obeyed, like the full service slave I was, having learned the consequences of disobedience as the scars on my back showed. Master, a disgusting man in his sixties, his wife long dead, used me for his sexual fulfillment, using my mouth and ass for his pleasure daily. He left my cunt alone because he didn't want any mixed-race babies tainting his white America.

As he unceremoniously slid his, thankfully, small cock in my ass, I pretended to ... Continue»
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Covert Operative Part II

Atlantica Airlines flight number 1345 landed from Belize to Washington D.C.’s Reagan National Airport. Kelvin Watson and his parents exited the business class section of the flight and went through customs. Once they cleared the security area, the five-foot-six-inch, one-hundred-thirty-five pound, man pulled out his iPhone 6 and requested an Uber.

The three of them hefted their carry-on bags to waiting area. The kind, tall Pakistani driver placed each of their suitcases into the dark blue 2014 Chrysler 300. Kelvin’s father got into the front while he and his mom sat in the back. They headed... Continue»
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