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Bathroom Fuck!

My husband and I had been invited to a party at a neighbor's that lived up the road. Dan and Janice were new to the neighborhood, they lived in a home with a large pool in the back yard. We arrived about 7 pm, the crowd was a mix of neighbors and friends of Dan and Janice. We had a few drinks and mingled with many people, there was this one couple we talked to Darnell and Keesha, he worked with Dan, Darnell was a Big Black man 36 years 6.4, short hair and very well built. I'm 45 stand 5.2 F size tits long dark hair and a thick waist, I was wearing denim cut off shorts and a blue T shirt as the... Continue»
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always ready to help

The ladies at my wife's office where planing a night out. They do this about three times a month. Of the five ladies my wife and two other cuckold their husbands the other two are in love with the idea of having sex outside the marrage but haven' t had the curage to do it as of yet. There is only one male in the office his name is Brad and he is gay. My wife has told me about some of the breakroom chats with him and how she said it makes her wet hearing about how he has sex with very well hung men. I'm a good listener but gay sex isn't for me. Any way Brad is the groups DD on these nights out... Continue»
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. . .gotta minute. . . .see if this might be you

Basically, where else to go but to some of those that have been there, done that? i would like to "chat" with couples and black bulls. . .my wife had been with you black bulls before our time and as they say "once you go black, you never go back" and i let my wife know that if it was something she'd wanna do, i am ok with it. we're not too deep into discussions (yet) and here, i am wanting some ideas. .not only in how to ask things but to reassure her that i am ok with it now and later.

we've kinda got the idea about how many times and part of the year. we're leaning more towards outta
... Continue»
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My auction prize. was my wife, now my sexual serva

Once she realized I had purchased her and now was her master, fully knowing what she had done behind my back. She began to resist, until I told her I had the Arabs phone number and a standing bid of 6 thousand. First we went shopping, evening gowns with long exposing slits and deep cleavage,lingerie,
garters. Then to the sex shop for many kinky accessories. I put the collar and leash on her immediately. Saw three young black guys watching closely and nodded toward the back. I got some tokens and made sure we got a booth with gloryholes. I put tokens in the slot and took a seat, unzipped and p... Continue»
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Learning to deep throat on a business trip

Recently I started traveling more for business. What I was most looking forward to was experiencing black cock in the cities I visited.

I had a 4 day trip coming up in about a month to Houston,Texas. I decided to put up some ads on craigslist to see if I could find someone I could connect with before I ever landed and save some time. My first week of posting and responding was turning out useless but in my second week I started an email conversation with a black guy named Craig. His pics showed he was a good looking guy and we spent time on the phone and emailing about my visit.

Crai... Continue»
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A Cuckolds Lust

I drove past the hotel slowly. I had no idea just exactly where my wife and her date were at that moment, but my eyes scanned the lighted windows, wondering if this, or that one was where they were! I'd made the room reservations several days before.

When my wife had left to meet her "date" that night, I had to have been as excited as she was! In addition to paying for the room at the hotel ($200!), but I'd also gone out and bought her the most expensive, and skimpiest, not to mention the sexiest pair of panties I could find at the only Victoria's Secret store I knew of! It was fun making ... Continue»
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Psychosexual BBC Thriller

FOLKS, I am just starting this story as of 6/1/14. Much more to come as i prepare this very true story of my ultimate humiliation as a 21 year old intern along with my then girlfriend. Hope to finish this post later this week. I kept getting timed out by xhamster and was f***ed to start over.

On my home page I state my first bbc experience was at a glory hole. It was my first "voluntary" bbc experience.
It is merely my opinion but we all have something in our background that drives our current fetishes. Mine of course being my addiction to black cock. I *know* exactly how I ended up ... Continue»
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Wife gives me surprise

Linda has asked me to be home by 7, she even sent me a picture of her in a new t-shirt with the word SLUT emblazened across the front. It is short and she is also wearing some opaque white knickers. The material is so small you can see the tuft of hair above her pussy and a shaved gap down to the top of the material. Linda is wearing a new pair of white platform heels and her text message says, I couldn;t buy the t-shirt and not be a complete slut for you.

But as usual I am running late. It is 7.15 by the time I turn the key in the door, with Linda saying honey I'm in the lounge. I hang up ... Continue»
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A cuckold pool party

My wife had the idea of a memorial day weekend pool party. She made out a list of chores for me to do while she worked on her own list. She and I talked it over to be sure each one of didn't forget anything. My list had all the yard work and pool cleaning type stuff whie my wife's list was shopping and food prep. I was getting my yard working tools out of the garden shead when my wife came out on to the deck to let me know she was leaving to go shopping. When I saw how she was dressed I took a minute to walk over closer to talk to her. She was wearing a white pleated cotton skirt and a light ... Continue»
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South American Mom fucked in French Quarter La.

concatenate of stories.

I am Fernando from Brazil. In my third semester of University of São Paulo,
I took 6 months aboard study at University of Louisiana. Kent and I room
together at school, and thanks to hanging around with him I've had some
wild experiences with a lot of women. But this last Summer , I had an
experience that I never thought would have been possible.

You see, My mother went to a conference in New Jersey for five days,
and she decided to visit me in La. on weekend before return... Continue»
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Homemade Gloryhole

It was Indy 500 weekend and my wife and I were packing up the house getting ready to move. We didn’t have the k**s all weekend so between us stopping every few hours to fuck and my wife walking around topless we were both turned on as hell. I was finishing up the garage when I noticed I still have a half dozen sheets of R-matte insulation and got to thinking. I yelled for Kristi to come out here and to my surprise she came bouncing tits and all into the open garage. I told her we should frame out a quick room in the corner of the garage and make a glory hole for her so she could suck some guys... Continue»
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The Cuckoldress and the Boytoy

The following is a true story to the best of my and my wife's recollection. This is about my mature hotwife who went back to college and seduced her teenage lab partner. In most cuckold stories, the wives are gorgeous blondes with huge breasts and very cute or pretty faces. That is not the case here. Susan is the Consummate Plain Jane. She carries a few extra pounds from having c***dren. However, Susan is extremely sensual, passionate, and has the most sexually creative mind of anyone I've either met or known. She has completely mastered the art of lovemaking with skills worthy of a high price... Continue»
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Juicey Lucy

It was a cold, wet Friday night in the east end of Glasgow.
bugger, lost as usual, I thought to myself. I was trying to find my way to my friend’s apartment. I was going to be staying there for a couple of weeks while he was on holiday. It was really just for his piece of mind, as he doesn’t quite trust the neighbourhood! I was looking around, confused, trying to find a road sign for directions, when, suddenly, I saw a figure standing at the bus stop ahead of me. I pulled over and rolled down my window, the shadowy shape leaned in, and to my surprise it was a beautiful dark skinned godde... Continue»
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Friends With Benefits (The Beginning)

It is said friends with benefits cause problem in real life. It happened to me, I am Tarun ( and this is my incident of making out with a friend (Sanchi) and getting attached to her to the extent fucking her. It goes back to my college days. Our batch was of around 49 people and two class representatives (one male and one female) were selected for ease in conveying massages amongst other classmates. I was one of the representatives and Kurmi, (a typical hot Punjabi girl which use to wear sexy n revealing clothes most of the time) was the other. Since Kurmi ... Continue»
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2nd Encounter with a Latina BBW

So I met this girl on a dating app and we seemed to hit off quick. For the sake of confidentiality we'll call her "N". "N" was half Dominican, half Mexican. When I first saw her I saw that she was a bigger girl and I was intrigued by her looks. She was different but seemed funny. I had hit her up a while ago and moved on cause she didn't respond when one day she hits me up outta the blue. I get her number and we hit it off right away.

The cool thing about this app is that it matches you with locals so she wasn't far at all. One night I picked "N" up and when I saw her for the first time I a... Continue»
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White Couple with a Black BULL

Steve convinces his wife to wear a temporary “Queen of Spades” tattoo and go out dancing.

He had no idea what he was about to experience....

Selena is a hot white BBW with huge tits and a big ass. The tattoo was on her right breast and she wore a low cut black dress to expose her ample cleavage.

After a few drinks at the bar, an older black man approached the couple at the bar. He stood between them with his back to Steve. Selena could almost feel is dominance.

“How are you doing, baby?” he asked Selena as he stared down at the tattoo on her breast. He smiled slyly.

“I am ... Continue»
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Why Sex Tourism in Thailand is Not as Black and Wh

I can still remember the first time I heard about Thailand. I was around 15 and watching Hard Copy. It was one of those late afternoon “news” shows in the 1990s that focused on “hard” hitting journalism but were really a precursor to sites like TMZ. Hard Copy was doing an exposé on sex tourism in Thailand. The program showcased the Marines and old men who came to Thailand to buy the services of young, sometimes u******e girls (and boys). I remember being very grossed out by the images they showed.

When visitors to Thailand encounter the sex industry, their immediate reaction is something al... Continue»
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I was fucked by a Black Woman...and liked it (true

I was ****d by a Black woman…and liked it (true story)

Ch. 1 “Seduced”

Okay, so there’s this library by my house that I have to walk to, to use internet and emails and stuff. I go there pretty much every day.
And actually I used to always fantasize, that I’d meet some horny MILF or horny single lady, along the way, who just stays in her apartment all day and wants a lover to help her get off.
This never happen... Continue»
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hot milf pays for shoplifting

My name is Thomas i was born in Ghana, but moved to the UK with my parents when i was 5. I started bodybuilding when i was 15, so when this story took place i was 24 years old 6ft5 and 245Lbs of solid black muscle. I was working as a security gaurd in an up-market lingerie store in London.
It was a very hot summers day and i was stood by the front door. The sight of a 6ft5 black security gaurd is normally enough to put most shoplifters off, but you have to have eyes like a hawk. There was only three customers in the shop until, in she came!
A woman walked in past me and she took my breath. S... Continue»
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Uncontrollable Wild Sex With My Busty Elder Sister

Hi friends. I’m Arun. I’m 24 years old and I’m here to share with you my unforgettable sex experience with my cousin s****r Gayatri. I live in Chennai. She is 42 years old, a bit fat, lemony complexion, broad round cylindrical arms and a huge buttocks. She lives in Bangalore and we were in touch only through phone and social media for the last say, 8-10 years. We used to speak very freely and we also share ideas about girls. Given the age gap, she never mistook me
... Continue»
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