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The Master Next Door v1

The Master Next Door

Lauren didn’t know what was happening to her. Her body was on fire but all she felt was overwhelming pleasure.

She looked around but there was only blackness. She could make out flashes of dark limbs and skin.

She tried moving but a heavy f***e pinned her from above. Something powerful. Thrusting into her and taking her breath away.

She writhed from the heat building between her legs but could do nothing as the furnace engulfed her. It was like she was being simultaneously torn apart and made whole for the first time. She felt powerless but alive
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Broken down car.

it was a late night and my car was playing up and it was down a dark country lane and my only option was to ring a recovery company. i was not a member of any company but i rang a few and they said they wouldn't come out cos i wasn't a member but if i wanted to join it would cost to much money so they said to ring a private recovery company but i didn't have a number so the kind lady said to ring this firm and they would come out, so that was my only option to get home. i rang the number and the gentleman said he could recover me and bring me to his yard but not my home and the next day he wou... Continue»
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It was hard not to let the client see the nausea inducing fear that I
felt at that moment as the courier interrupted our meeting to handed me
the small pink envelope. I didn't even need to open it right away, I
just tucked it into my desk drawer and tried to keep my focus on the
details of Mr. Robinson's proposed business loan.

I told him we would need to review his proposition in order to get the
loan approved and would get in touch with him soon, but in reality I
just wanted to get him out of my office as quickly as I could. As soon
as the door closed I was at my d... Continue»
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Older Lady From The Resturant

My f****y and I were eating at a buffet on Easter Sunday this year. I was in town from school and was headed back after we finished eating dinner. As I am talking, I look up and spot this older 40 something year old white lady checking me out from across the restaurant. She quickly turned away and acted as if she wasn’t. It was her and I’m guessing husband or boyfriend sitting at the table. I act like I didn’t see and kept eating my food. Slowly but surely I see her out the corner of my eye looking and staring again. I tell my s****r about it because it was starting to get uncomfortable. I was... Continue»
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My first time with a man

My love of cock had started out when I was a young boy. Like most I would seek peeks in the locker rooms at school and in the restrooms. I hid this for many years out of fear of what people would think of me. I knew that I was raised by a father that was totally against this way of thinking so i kept it bottled up inside. Only thinking about it when I jerked off.
After several years in the Army where again I had to hide it. I was starting to get desperate to find out what it would be like to finally feel a hard cock in my mouth and ass. I got a job working in the oil fields in Texas, where ... Continue»
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Listening to the wife fucking

I had been asking my wife Mandy for years to have some swinging fun, ideally letting another man join so that I could watch her being pleasured and pleasuring him. I had always found it such a turn on to think of her being fucked by someone else, not just the sex but to watch him kissing her as he sank his cock into her, to see her sliding her sexy mouth up and down his cock and to see him spunking all over her . The desire grew stronger and stronger to the point where anything connected to it was a turn on, even the idea of another man seeing her naked got me worked up, we went on holida... Continue»
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A White husband’s plan

My wife was currently 35 and we had been married for a little over 18 years. She was a virgin when we started dating in our junior year of high school and one thing led to another and after only having sex with her a couple of times, she found out that she was pregnant. She was almost 17 at the time. We both dropped out of school and got married and with some help from my parents were able to get an apartment and set up housekeeping as husband and wife, albeit being so young and not really knowing all that much.

My grandfather owned a general store and was kind enough to hire me. Eight ... Continue»
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Cuckold hubby and father

Greg had pestered his wife to let a big black cock ravage her while he watched. Ellen Davis watched the screen on her computer, the young girl squealed in pure ecstasy as the thick long black cock slid into her receptive cunt. The black man began to pound her mercilessly as she squealed even louder, his thumb was in her ass hole as he fucked her giving her double the pleasure, Ellen opened her eyes wide as he pulled out of her cunt and put it in her ass bit by bit until the whole shaft was inside. Ellen's hand slid down to her wet pussy and rubbed her clit, could she do it, her husband Greg ... Continue»
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To your wife's own surprise

Your wife Anna was looking forward to her trip away with her friends. She was fully packed and after managing get all her clothes into the one suitcase Anna needed to grab a shower before the taxi arrived. You catch her as she is shaving her legs telling her that she looks amazing, you always enjoy her freshly shaved pushy. Anna glides the razor across her glistening pussy saying there might just be time before the taxi arrives. You are getting wet as you enter the shower and kneel between you wife's legs, she moans as your tongue flicks at her clip before sliding easily between her soaking la... Continue»
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Support Interview

I was using an online dating site to appease my hidden desire to be another man's sex slave. I won't mention which site. It matters little. At any rate I began conversing with a man who had sent me an email on the site with a photo of his cock and balls. The subject line was 'Hi Slut!" and the body of the message was equally blunt.

"I am in need of a slave to serve my needs. You may apply for the position."

It got my heart racing and my cock swelling. I am sure the bluntness of the message was what prompted me to reply to him. You see I have had submissive experiences before, a long time... Continue»
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Interracial threesome with busty milf

It's mid afternoon and I'm browsing through xhamster when I receive a message of Lisa asking me to meet her again. She told me that James was busy and he couldn't make it tonight. I replied telling her that didn't matter and asked her when, she said she wanted to meet up that same day :) It's 8pm when I arrive at Lisa's house and the first thing I see is James's car on the drive. She said he wasn't going to be here, but I'm not complaining. We had arranged to meet up for 7pm but I was held up at work. So I knocked on the door and waited patiently for an answer. To my surprise Lisa opened it we... Continue»
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BBC losing virginity to fat older woman

Ever since I was a young boy, I have had a condition where my dick would suddenly get hard and grow like crazy. Some days it would only happen once a day and other days it would happen up to 4 or 5 times a day. It didn’t really bother me at a young age. Sometimes my dick would get so hard that it did hurt a little bit, but it would never last for very long, so I never had to pay to much attention to it.

It started getting worse when I was 14 years old. I don’t know what triggered it, but I can remember that it was starting to become a problem at that age. I had my first “real” girlfriend wh... Continue»
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Adventures of Peter and Louise - A Memory from Lou

My name is Louise, a 52 year old attractive, slim brunette. Peter my 55 year old partner of six years, says for my age I still have a body of a twenty year old, which I do keep in shape and in our few years together. Peter and I have enjoyed a great swinging sex life and he has pushed me sexually in directions I would have never dreamed of, however I have always had a fantasy or two which have not yet been fulfilled…until recently.

Peter and I love going away to Zante in Greece for a couple of week’s holiday when we can. On this occasion we arrived early on a Wednesday morning, dropped our... Continue»
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Quite interesting story on the interracial world


Slavery – 1865
White women having sex with black men is non-existent. Blacks are thought of as sub-human and treated like a****ls.
1865 – 1940′s
Black men were lynched for as little as looking at a white woman. Flirting between black men and white women was strictly prohibited. White men would cut off the black man’s penis and hang them.
1947 – 1950′s
Black men begin competing in major league sports such as baseball and football. Blacks begin to domina... Continue»
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Interracial Domination Duo

Andre West fidgeted in his car seat. “OK,” he whispered into his watch, like it was a spy gadget from a James Bond movie, “the time is 17:30 hours and I’ve been surveilling the unknown address for two hours with no sign of any movement other than the mailman leaving a package.” Did it matter that he didn’t have a smart watch recording him, that his watch was a decade old Timex that only told time? Ehhh, not so much. Clearly, he was going a little loopy with no one to talk to and trying his best to stay under the radar slouched down in the back seat of his Tahoe. He wasn’t a private ey... Continue»
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Made me a woman pt.1: intro (the first load)

My entire body is hairless now. Just finished shaving my long thick milky white legs. My toenails are painted black. My nails as well. I just shampooed my hair after dying blind for the first time. I had long hair, been growing it for over a year. It's below my shoulders, but now it's bleached blonde. Bimbo hair. It goes well with my green eyes. I admire them as I finish applying the whorish dark eyeliner and giving it that smokey eye look. Applying concealer, 3 different shades and contouring to leave no trace of a shadow after a close clean shave. Finally, the red slut lipstick. I look at ... Continue»
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Vacation at Hawaii

Vacation at Hawaii

That cold December Victor and I had decided to run away from the New York winter for a while and we had planned a little vacation in Hawaii; just three or four days.

After checking at the airport, I put my eyes on a giant black man, very handsome, muscled, with a nice strong torso and of course, well hung, as it could be seen through his white trousers. It seemed to me that this black man would be in our plane…

When we entered the plane cabin we had another unpleasant surprise: somebody had sold us different seats on board. Victor would seat three places behind me. ... Continue»
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our first gloryhole

A white couple visit an x-rated book store. They end up
in the video booths at the back of the store were the
wife becomes very popular. (MMF, wife, intr, oral, size,
unprotected sex, glory)


My wife, Tina and I have been together for 20 + years.
We meet in college and have had a great life together.
The k**s are now old enough to let mom and dad go out
and not worry about returning home early enough to put
them to bed.

So our life started to change a bit when the k**s got
older. We always had a great sex life.

My wife felt very secure in herself and her needs. I... Continue»
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hindu &muslim chudai hindi

Ayesha badi khushi mai ghar aaye. Jab woh gaye thi tab ladki thi lekin Rajesh ne usse aurat banake bheja tha. Ayesha koi pata bhi nahi tha ki uski zindagi ek raat mai itni badlegi. usake dil-o-dimag mai ab Rajesh kaka bus gaye thay. Woh janti thi ki Rajesh kaka ke liye woh kuch bhi karegi. Apni beti ko itni khush dekhke uski maa Fatima begum ko bhi accha laga. Ayesha ka baap hardum jaise tour pe gaya tha usaki maa ne bataya ki uske daddy 4 din ke baad aanewale thay. Rajesh kaka ke plan ke mutabik Ayesha ne uski maa ko baar-baar bataya ki kaise ek ajnabi ne usse train ke safar mai madat ki aur ... Continue»
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Pat Becomes a paid whore in Nevada

I’m a 42 year heavy equipment salesman, and up until recently, everything was going extremely well. My wife and I live in a large house on ten acres. My wife drives a Land Cruiser and I have a Porsche Boxster, as well as a pick u truck. Between the house and the car payments our nut is around six grand a month. My wife Pat is a 41 year old well endowed blond. At 5 ’6” she tips the scales at 135

Her legs are firm and flawless, and her tits, which are 36 C’s defy description.
She has always been a good wife who notices that men constantly stare at her wherever we go. We always get excellen... Continue»
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