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Back to the South - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

On Vacation before sending off their youngest to college, the Petersons were driving their Toyota Prius along the central coast in California.

“This is going to be great.” Jonathan Peterson, the head of the f****y said looking over at his wife.

“Sure is hon.” Samantha looked over at her husband, and then back at her two daughters.

At forty-two, Samantha had done her best to keep in shape, which she had manage to do quite well, even after having had two daughters.
She had a well manicured appearance, and her curly blonde hair was shiny and well kept.
Her white blouse, th... Continue»
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Photo Session.

I wanted to do something nice for my husband for our first anniversary, and I decided that a professional set of photos of the two of us would be really nice to have. So I looked around and made some calls and found a studio that really caught my interest. It was a one man shop, the owner had been a professional photographer for 30 years, he did all his own developing in-house, he specialized in romantic couple photos, and the prices were right.
Before springing the surprise on my husband I decided to go check the place out myself. His studio was over an hour from town, it was ... Continue»
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Anita and a different afternoon with Jerome

Anita and a different afternoon with Jerome

Friday late evening Anita came back home after a hard sex session with Jerome, her favorite black lover and found me relaxing on our deck, enjoying the warm weather. She kissed me and said she was thinking about letting Jerome fist her the next time they were together.
Ana said he had been asking her to let him put his fist in her cunt for some weeks.
I asked her if that were something she would enjoy and she replied that she would love the feeling of being full stretched. I asked her when this was going to take place and she replied on Sund... Continue»
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My road trip. BBW told me to bring a condom

I was recently on a road trip and decided to have some fun on the way home. I drove from NC to SC to hang with some friends for a few days and I decided to post an ad to hook up on the way back north. A BBW milf responded to my ad the day before I left. She said she was 39 years old and posted pics of her ass and tits and said she was willing to fuck and suck. On my way home I met her just before the border at a hotel and knocked on her door. She answered wearing jeans and a tank top with no bra. She had long brown hair down to her shoulders, big saggy tits with erect nipples, and a monster as... Continue»
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Home Alone.

Julie and I had been married for about nine years and she was just as beautiful as the day we got married, petite with a tight body, long brown hair, bright green eyes, pale skin, and firm D-cup breasts. It was late Thursday evening and we were looking forward to a three day weekend at home thanks to the Monday holiday. Our plan was to enjoy our time alone by staying shut up in the house and having a lot of sex.
We had just finished having sex and were cuddled in bed watching some television when the power went out. The entire bedroom went dark, my wife and I just sat there for... Continue»
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Fantasy to Reality.

I masturbate compulsively and my wife knows it and knows why. I am obsessed with the thoughts of her being fucked by a big black cock. I don’t know why I feel this way and can’t remember exactly when it started, but there it is.

I want her to cuckold me by fucking black men. As many as she wants and I want to watch. I have to watch her being filled with black cock and all the scum they can ejaculate into her.

I need to see her hairy vagina slimy with their seed.

I am sick and we both know it.

It’s bad enough that she knows my fantasy, but it’s even worse that it came true and I... Continue»
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Sold, to the Highest Bidder!

The prospect was just too tempting not to investigate further. When Donald Meadows was sent an exclusive invitation from Mistress Veronique to an event that was described as a private, very real, and completely voluntary interracial slave auction, he first thought it might be a party or munch where people meet and greet but he certainly couldn’t believe that it was an authentic slave auction. He was intrigued, however, and he trusted the source of the invite so he started doing his research. The slave auction was being held in New Orleans and submissive white men were coming from every ... Continue»
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A black handyman enjoys Anita

A black handyman enjoys Anita

After living few months at Oakland, our house needed some light repairs.
My lovely Ana asked me to find someone who could perform that task.
I had set up for a repairman to show at midday, starting to replace the boiler.

Anita and I had been outside the night before attending a nice party and were really too tired for sex when we got home very late. I had woken up early and was sitting at the desk on my office, when I heard the shower start.
My sweet wife just finished toweling off her naked body when I playfully grabbed her, took her into the bedroom a... Continue»
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Moving in with Jim and Candy - Part 4

"The Pool Guy and the Plumper" - Fiction

Later in the summer, I had to work an overnight shift at the store. It was pretty dead other than the guys and couples that came in to play at the glory hole. When I got home, Jim and Candy were getting ready to go to work at their respective jobs. Jim smiled at me, "You look a little beat. Just so you know, the pool guy will be coming by this morning or this afternoon. He already has a key to the gate, so you won't have to get up to let him in. Just wanted to give you a heads up."

I yawned and stretched, "Thanks, Jim. Both of you have a good day... Continue»
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Trying a Moroccan dick

Trying a Moroccan dick

It had been a busy day at the office.
Helena was absent, because she had had to take care of her mother, who was staying at the hospital for a few days…

However, my slutty friend called me in the afternoon, when I was driving home and asked me if I was in the mood to go out with her that night. Of course I was…

It was Friday and Victor was at home, but I knew he wanted to stay there and it would be nice for him to be alone for a while. I called him to tell my plan and he agreed…

After dinner I straddled my loving husband on the sofa and begged him to fuck me... Continue»
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The address on the package said 1313 Mockingbird Lane I thought to myself that's funny because it was the same address as the Munster's in that TV sitcom back in the sixties that show was so funny I laugh at the reruns even now...So the addressee is named Miss Patricia Yang so I pretty much know that shes Asian...and single...the package is from Victoria's Secret and I wonder what sexy type of clothing she purchased I begin to imagine her in all types of naughty lingerie as I drive to her house...being a UPS driver has it's perks for sure you get to see many different people all races shapes a... Continue»
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Janine’s first time cuckolding me.

One night, after a few drinks, my girlfriend Janine and I started to discuss our fantasies. I had some very unusual fantasies that flowed through my head from time to time, and the alcohol made me much more vocal about them. So that night, I told her about my cuckolding fantasies. I had never told anyone about them, and I had especially never told her about the number of times that I had thought about her with another guy over the past two years.

She was a little shocked at first, but a slight smile at the corner of her lips told me that she liked the idea. She was definitely intrigued.
... Continue»
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Giving the Sexy Conductor a Blow Job

He was the conductor in my orchestra. He was tall and white and looked like Brad Pitt, with long blond hair, but although I found him sexy, I was not sure that I wanted any kind of long term relationship with him. I would undress him with my eyes as I watched him conduct every Wednesday night at rehearsal, and I could tell that he was very interested in me from the way he made eye contact and flirted with me. Several of the musicians would go for drinks after rehearsal, and he would offer to drive me both to the bar or restaurant and then drop me off at my apartment afterward. I began dressing... Continue»
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Between Two Worlds

So I live two lives, both in Georgia.

One in the twenty-first century, where I’m Mr. Politically Correct, rubbing shoulders with all races, colours, creeds and sexual persuasions; and one in the nineteenth century, where I am - like almost all moneyed white gentlemen - a slave owner.

I discovered the ability to step between the worlds when I was but a teen. The first time was an instinctive flight response to a threat (a mugger). It took me some time to figure out what had happened, and even more time to figure out how to get back - to control the stepping. With a little practice,... Continue»
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The day I was owned by 2 black men!

Ok, so a brief into then on to the story. I met a guy on line and after a few months of chatting we decided to hook up, after he convinced me to have his friend over too! They were both in the Navy working on airplanes and both were in shape.

So the day comes that I met them at the hotel. Whew was a nervous and butterflies in my stomach. I knocked on the door and Sam opens the door. He was slightly taller than me and light skinned. Charles was slightly shorter than me and dark skinned. After our short meet and greets and jokes, Sam says, "Well let's see what you have." Sam approaches me an... Continue»
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Wife finds new desire

As with any couple I guess we had our ups and downs, times when we were more loved up than others. Linda used to shave her pussy completely for me for a while then one evening after a lull in our sex Linda said she had a little surprise for me. I waited with great anticipation as Linda appeared in a nice corset, stockings and platform heels, she looked exquisite as she walked towards me, laying me back on the bed, she had left a wide strip of pubic hair just above her fine pussy, it ran all the way up to where it would stop naturally. Linda asked, does it make you want to eat me more? I replie... Continue»
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Working out of town in Baton Rouge

True story that happened just yesterday....

I travel a lot with work and I'm always looking for some naughty fun so here is what happened just yesterday when I went to Office Depot.

As I walked into Office Depot to grab a couple items I noticed a young black woman walking in front of me. She was wearing a very tight skirt and top. While inside the store looking for the items I needed I noticed that this young woman seemed to be following me. I thought to myself that she must be in her early twenties and how sexy she looked. I spent more time in the store than needed and noticed she kept ... Continue»
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The Making of a Sissy (Part 5: Boys Will Be Girls)

Struggling to keep my eyes open, I stirred my spoon around in my cereal slowly as if I were hesitating to get on with the day. In a way I was procrastinating. My mom had just woken me up to remind me that it was Friday, and this was the weekend I was supposed to go stay with my dad. Since their divorce, I only saw him for one weekend out of every month, which for me was more than enough. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't that I didn't like my father, I just struggled to keep myself entertained when I went to visit. As I sat on the stool in the kitchen, my aching sissy hole reminded me of how ... Continue»
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Leanne’s Confession.

I’m writing this, less as a confession, but more so you know what happened. I know that I stood you up the day of our wedding, ran away from everything we had, and you haven’t heard from me since then, but I still care for you enough that I want you to know the truth. First I need to tell you that I really was a virgin, I know that was important to you, I had been saving myself for marriage.
Things changed though on the night before our wedding, the night of my bachelorette party. As you know I had my bride’s maids plan the party for me. I had told them nothing crazy, and no s... Continue»
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Eighteen year old Sheila Coronet admired her reflection in the
full length mirror as she fluffed her shoulder length blonde hair
and batted the long lashes of her big baby blue eyes. Every thing
was perfect today. She had graduated high school yesterday morning
and was to be wed to Gregg Wilson on Saturday afternoon. Gregg had
been the captain of the football team and she had been the captain
of the high school cheerleader squad. They had been elected Most
Popular and Most Likely To Succeed by their classmates. He was
tall, handsome and his f****y was one of the wealthiest in their
... Continue»
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