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One long black cock attached to one good man, I ca

Changed up everything over the past month. Offline as well. Ken and Roger are history. Divorced and not looking for anything more.

Osei is living his dream life. Living with and serving/being served by two rather good looking white girls. While many powerful men here have a euro girl to go out with, Osei has two.

Arrangement is two adult bedrooms and 5 smaller bedrooms for the youngsters. The home had to have walls knocked down and re-built to accomplish this. Kristen and I do not share a bed but on rare times. Osei has his daily choice. Sometimes he chooses both of us.
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Pot, Kettle - black

So, apart from the "normal" acts of racism that are very much out there and I'm sure many people see or at least acknowledge. There is however, a more accepted (or at least one that goes unchallenged or noted) attitude that often takes the form of someone's excuse of "preference."Examples can be as simple as "I was just brought up that way, it's not you." or "I only go out with *blank*, that's just my preference" etc.

Being black, white or anything else does not limit the persons ability to be "attractive," if it does then it says more about you than you care to admit and maybe - just maybe... Continue»
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Curious and Lucky

"D" was my college freshman roommate. D was tall, lean, very good looking, and D was also a black guy with smooth dark brown skin. I'm white and one of the few white males out there with no racial baggage messing up my head. Which D and all my other black friends picked up on immediately.

D and I both had girlfriends but on this Friday evening we were both on our own. Our girlfriends both were away for the weekend.

D liked to walk around our suite in the nude. Whenever it was the easiest thing to do. Before and after a shower, whenever he was dressing or changing his clothes. I soon bega... Continue»
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Tuck It In, Darling.

I am loving my life as a college student. I am 20 years old, and I go to an elite university. My time has been great, accept for one issue; my girlfriend Jenny has broken up with me. We were dating since high school and went to the same college. It all happened 4 months ago. I walked in on her having sex with a black football player in our dorm. She then told me that it was over. I cried for so long. I really, really love her! But I have no choice but to accept it.

I have moved in to another dorm since Jenny and I are no longer an item. I have discovered that my new room mate is this girl n... Continue»
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Pt. 3 Blacked out

So my wife takes a nice long shower as I'm checking out the recordings and those guys are just resting.

My wife then asks me for her drink and purse so I take them to her and she swigs down her drink and has me get her another one.
I bring her another one as she is getting ready to put her makeup on?"why are you doing that I ask her, Its like 2-4am . figured you were going to bed."

{No honey, you know I always get ready and that's what I'm doing, }K then, she takes another swig then starts applying her makeup.
"looks like you had fun, you were getting off so good { your sick, why w... Continue»
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Couple makes BIM cumslut drink cup of sperm

Dan called and asked me to visit to meet this sexy woman. How could I resist?? Found his old Victorian house in a neighborhood surrounded by warehouses. Pulled into the drive and parked behind a 1952 MG TD. Nervous as I knocked on the door. Dan led me into the living room. This is M. I asked about name, and in a British accent she said like in a bond flick. Short platinum blond hair, wearing a pink ball cap. Bright green eyes, wearing a tube top bursting with boobies. Her top was mint green, she's also wearing a light pink tube skirt. Buxom, voluptuous, and stunning. She told me not to fall in... Continue»
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Silent Auction Night - Bidding For Me

The bidding on Ashley was over. She always goes for a premium price. She’s 38. I’m 52. So now I was the last one to be auctioned off. The men were able to see me but I could not see them. Nor could they see one another. Privacy is what made this fund raiser work.

The women knew that they would be expected to do a fashion show in a private hotel room at a 5 star resort in our lingerie or in a bikini. For that, our club would raise a lot of money for the local SPCA.

The master of ceremonies asked me to turn with my back to the video camera so that the guys could see my backside. ... Continue»
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Spending the afternoon with Helena

Spending the afternoon with Helena

I was alone at home that Saturday afternoon; Victor was visiting some friends out of town. I was feeling really horny and I had touched myself many, many times since morning. I called my girlfriend Helena and explained her how my fucking crazy state of mind was…

Helena laughed and invited me to visit her, because she was also alone at home. When I arrived her home, she kissed me deeply and said that I needed a shower, because I smelled like nasty sex…

When I got out of the shower, I found my clothes had been gone.
I came back to Helena`s bedroom wr... Continue»
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Local MILF

So a few weeks ago I met up with a 31 yo milf from Craigslist for a blowjob. I met her in a hotel. When I met her she was waiting in the hotel room watching tv. We made some small talk for a few minutes and suddenly I found myself standing in front of her while she was on all fours at the edge of the bed. She was wearing denim shorts and a low cut top. She had dirty blonde hair and tattoos on her chest and arms. After she felt I was comfortable and we started talking about some dirty stuff she unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my cock. Now call me crazy but there's something about a woman pul... Continue»
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Bar Encounter

Peggy drove looking for a good spot to just let loose without having any worries of someone she knew seeing her. She pulled into a parking lot to a bar just on the outskirts of the town which looked pretty fun. Stepping out of her car she tugged her skirt down over her round ass then walked to the door, she was met by a large man, “May I help you” he asked, “I was just looking for a nice plae to have some fun” Peggy said, “Well miss, you came tot he right place. Step right in, it's women's night any way so there's no cover charge” the man said as he stepped aside letting Peggy walk past him.... Continue»
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Safety first

I dreamed i got a phone call from this swinger Kara

“Chris we need to talk, it’s really important” she said"I was wondering if you could come over"

I grabbed my keys and took the bus over to her house and when i got there she was standing by her door waiting for me

”hi honey” she says giving me a long warm hug”thank you for coming over”

she had the TV on watching a climate change documentary probably national geographic

There was an older man sitting in the living room

”this is my uncle Ulysses” she says i reached out and shook his hand

”my niece has told me good things a... Continue»
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Krazy for Black Kock

So I had a little mental melt down and wound up in a state hospital when I came out of it I could not believe where I was wow what a scary place this is strange people wandering around talking to themselves gesturing at the ceiling I was uncomfortable as hell the doctor assured me that after my evaluation in two weeks I should be able to go home... Last night I was visited in my bed by a big crazy guy I was asl**p in my bed and then suddenly I realized I was not alone there was a huge black guy there and he was naked and had a huge hard on it stood out from his body like a ram r... Continue»
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Cuckold in Afrika - Afrikanische Träume

Afrikanische Träume

Ich spürte wie sein Atem immer schwerer wurde und wusste, dass es Zeit war ihn zu bitten herauszuziehen, aber ich schwieg. Stattdessen legte ich meine weißen Hände auf seinen pechschwarzen Po, damit er sogar noch tiefer in mich eindringen kann und flüsterte ihm in sein Ohr: „Komm in mich. Komm in meine weiße Pussy!" Seine Stöße wurden auch sofort immer intensiver und sein schwerer Atem verwandelte sich in ein wahrnehmbar lautes Stöhnen; plötzlich verblieb er tief in meiner Pussy und seine Pobacken verkrampften sich. Da fühlte ich bereits wie er... Continue»
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Horny 18 yr old and married man

 I was just 18, had split up from my first serious boyfriend and got a job in a local bar (UK, not US!). I was upset after the split and just wanted attention and a good time. After finishing the night in the pub I started getting a taxi onto one of the local nightclubs. One of the drivers was in his late 20's and was easy to talk to . Even though I hadn't before been attracted to older men I found him strangely attractive. We started flirting and I was finding that every time I ordered a taxi it would be him! Things progressed and we ended up having sex every time I had a lift. It was tha... Continue»
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A Evening with Dan and Madison

The week was going great, Shirley and the k**s were away at her parent's house, I had the house to myself. It was Saturday morning, I had just finished the yard work and Dan my neighbor from across the street came over with 2 beers in hand.

Dan and I sat out back in the lawn chairs drinking our beers, he asked how were things going with the f****y out of town. I said things were alright, I was getting plenty of down time laying around eating junk food, when I said that, Dan said I needed a real meal and invited me over to eat with Madison and him that evening.

I talked to Shirley l... Continue»
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Like Mother, Like s****r. Part II

We finally get to the night club. After me and mom finished blowing James and Taye, we had to walk straight into the ladies room to wipe off all of the cum in our hair and faces. I took this time to give my mother some advice.
"Mom let me say"
"Gina, what did I tell you?" When we are on dates you call me Carmen."
"Ah, yeah, sorry Carmen. Look you should really take some pills before you have sex with Taye. You aren't used to dealing with black guys. They are actual men."
"Don't be so silly Gina, I will do just fine. It's just a cock."
"Mom, I mean, Carmen! Taye is 22 and most likely hung... Continue»
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Next Door Neighbors Part 1

After I moved into my house in this exclusive neighborhood, I noticed my next door neighbor checking me out. Her name is Maggie and she lives next door with her 19 year old daughter Kate. Our houses are close enough that I can sometimes hear them argue over Kate's lack of desire to attend the local college and Kate's weight (she's a thick bbw with strawberry blonde hair). Maggie's boyfriend comes over and I've overheard him say on numerous occasions, "I don't want to hear what that motherfucker next door is doing". I guess she's been telling him about the home improvement projects I had been d... Continue»
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fox slots

I had a dream last night i was fucking nicole koglin of fox 6 news

’uhhhhhh”sh emoaned’ohhhshit fuck..fuck fuck me’re way too big for me, omigod’

Then god burst into the room

”i am tired of you disobeying my commandments” he said”thou shall not lust after thy married woman”

Nicole’s hair was messed up she just stood there dazed and confused

”god, you know what? She said”I haven’t been fucked this hard by a dick this big before, just let him do his duty, he’s helpin me put together a news story”

“he is sinning” god said”this man is having sex with you in his mind”... Continue»
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When I "came out" as Gay, I was in college. I belonged to the Black Student Union and I had never been with a White guy. Never thought about it really. For years until my late 30's I never even found White guys attractive. Then once I went to a Fisting Party. I had gotten into Fisting but, among Black Guy Men it was very secret. (especially in the South!) So, I went to this Fisting Party and there were all Black guys there (about 10 guys) and then the last two b*****rs came in later and they brought two White dudes. I didn't think anything one way or the other. I was taking a rest from FISTI... Continue»
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Crossing over to a cuckold

Second time being a cuckold
Let me start off by saying. My stories are all true events that took place with me and my ex gf ... My first adventure as a cuckold was amazing. To be there and watch another man fuck your gf harder and better then you ever have. It's a mind blowing experience. How she was in another world. Taking this guys huge cock. Which is at least 5 inches bigger then mine and twice as thick. I knew that sex between us would never be the same.
After that great night. Things went back to normal, so I thought. It had been 3 weeks since I seen her. When we did hook up she wasn'... Continue»
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