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How I Found My Frist BBC

Well I guess I will start by telling u about my self. My name is Tony I am 6'2 270(just a beer gut) 6"c and I like to dress Up like a Slut. I have lots of Tattoos the reason I use to shave my body, and no one knows I do this in my day to day. It all started when I took my frist Cruise. I was going on a week long one with 3 sea days.

On the fist Day it happened I was In the spa just got done with My Message and went into the steam room. I was in there for about 10 mins. when the door opened. That is when he walked in Tall Black And sexy w****d in a towel un like me in shorts and thong... Continue»
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reaching new lows as a cum slut

I had just finished posting an add on Craigslist looking for some jumbo sized cocks to split my sissy gash open. I had said i wanted at least 2 meat hammers before i would take the ad down. There wasn't a lot of detail in the ad except that i wanted to try double anal and had few to no limits. I included a picture of me spreading my boy cunt. It was still farely tight I could take 4 fingers but wasn't able to take a fist yet, so i specified that they needed to take there time with me.
I closed my computer and decided to take a shower, shave everywhere and clean myself out. I use an el... Continue»
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Incidental black pregnancy

Mature white wife was visiting a secluded nude beach in Italy. She received many stares as she walked along the beach, few bathers here and there. They loved her curvy figure, 44EE-37-45, gorgeous long blonde hair (okay, it's dyed now, she can't stand grey), stunning blue eyes, chiseled jaw, basically a gorgeous voluptuous mature woman!

She notices a young handsome black man lying in a semi-shaded area on his towel facing upward. She stops to say hi to him, makes sure her towel is over her far shoulder so he can admire her full nude side with her great womanly curves. She then walks to only... Continue»
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A wife that obeys

Don't let the title of this story give you the wrong idea. I'm not the controlling one in the marriage. I'm a chastised cuckold husband with a extremely sexy hot wife. My wife stands five foot four, weights exactly one hundred pounds and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is pretty and her tight little body makes her the object of many a man's desire. In the time we have been married I come to except the fact that she enjoys having sex outside of our marriage. At first she would hide her encounters but after I caught her red handed and as she told her side of the story she noticed I had an ere... Continue»
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My First White Cock

By Pakistani Shy Housewife [user][/user]

Bablee was standing below shower as water poured over her naked body. She made sure that all her body was wet with water before turning off the water tap. Her hair was completely soaked and was spread across her back. She picked up the soap and started soaping her body. As she touched her breasts while soaping them, suddenly a strange feeling passed through her body. She opened her eyes and looked in the full length mirror in front of her. All her breasts were covered with soap bubbles and soap. She slowly took b... Continue»
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Mom/son Jamaica vacation

We lazed around cuddling and then did some sightseeing and shopping. When we got back to the room we got in the Jacuzzi. Mom was laying with her back on my chest and I was fondling her breasts. I got hard and started rubbing my cock all over her back. I started the dirty talk.

Mom flushed red and said, "I do like sex."

We got out of the tub and I dried mom off. We went to the bedroom. I got mom's favorite dildo, a large black rubber cock with big balls and her vibrator. I lubed the dildo by sucking it in my mouth. I put it in her wet cunt.

Mom turned on the vibrator and started runni... Continue»
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GETTING THE BOOT- without getting fired from my jo

My first day on the job didn't begin too well I was having trouble picking the orders and finding my way through the companies computer system... I had been hired through my parole officer who's friend a fellow Marine had agreed to give me a chance I was trying my best but I was having a hard time and I made more than a few mistakes so when Mr Jameson called me to his office I thought oh b*****r here we go fired on the first day that's not going to look good at all! I entered his office it was spotless and neat there was not a thing out of place Mr Jameson sat behind his desk smiling but it w... Continue»
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Friday night black gangbang

Friday night black gangbang

I arrived home after a boring day at my office and Ana suggested we could go out for dome drinks after dinner. I agreed and watched TV as she got dressed.

She was really stunning when she came down: she was wearing a short black dress, nylon hose and high heels.
She bent over before my eyes to show me she was not wearing panties…

We went to a near pub and had some margaritas; I thought later Ana would let me fuck her in the car, while people watched from outside.

But then I noticed she was watching a bunch of black guys who were sitting down at the ... Continue»
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Petite Exchange Student from Japan

It was not the best time for an exchange student to be staying with us for the summer. My wife and I were experiencing the roughest time in our relationship.

Two weeks before Kimi was to arrive, my wife, Liz, and I had our worst fight. Liz had gone out to a college friend’s bachelorette party. I hadn’t thought much of it. She was out until the early morning. When she woke up at noon the next day, we didn’t have much time to get ready for the wedding. We rushed over to the ceremony. I didn’t know most of the people, so I had a f... Continue»
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In the back of the cab

Myself and my ex in the back of a cab !

I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself and my ex girlfriend at the time, we were both 20 she had long brown hair and a body like you've never seen, perfect pert tittys and a round scrumptious ass with a tattoo going down her left side from her ribs and stopping at her pantie line. And I'm 5ft 11 gym fit with full sleeve tattoos dark wavey sort hair, now to the good bits :)
We had been to a friends house for a few drinks and a take away on a summers evening we had been there a good 6 hours drink beer and eating good food, when jade came... Continue»
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Anita enjoys three huge black men

Anita enjoys three huge black men

Friday afternoon I was at my office when my loving wife Anita texted me.
One of her old black lovers, a young guy called Thomas, had called her telling that he wanted to come home and give her a good fucking because he was feeling horny.

Anita asked if this was fine to me and obviously I told her that would be right…

I got home a bit later than usual and expected her to tell me all about what Thomas had got up to with her.
As I opened the door I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex done by Anita. There was grunting from the guy, moaning fro... Continue»
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The Tale of Brad and Michelle

Brad and Michelle's tale
A true story as told to Fred Lake, © 2015 Fred Lake

Brad and Michelle are a married couple in our swinger club. They have been swinging for twenty years, having started after several years of marriage. They saw other stories I had transcribed about couples in our swinger group, and wanted me to add their own.
They were a lusty couple with a good sexual appetite that was not diminished by having two c***dren. They had talked (privately) about wife-swapping as it was then called, but had no idea about how to get into the hobby. After Michelle got her tubes t... Continue»
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Sally Company Slut Part 5

Sally the Company Slut Part 5
Hi my name is Rob and this is the fifth account of my wife Sally. You may wish to read these however to recap she is 24, lovely long brown hair, pretty face and clear blue eyes. Her body is amazing and there is a picture of her on the writers profile page. Large firm breasts, slim waste, flat tummy and a very nice tidy pussy.

So far Sally has changed from being a shy retiring woman to a liberated sexpot, to be honest. With my full support she is fucking Private Wealth clients at the Bank where she works. Her boss Mr Stapleton is effectively her pimp and pays h... Continue»
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Friends mom online

I recently started online dating again I have a decent job,car, house ect. One night after a night out with some friends I decided to take a look who was online. I spotted a familiar face one. It was a mother of a guy I went to school with it must have been 12 years since I saw her last and she was married at the time. She hadn’t aged a bit and all the lads had a thing for her back then!

As I was d***k I thought what the hell. Tracey? What you doing on here!! This place is full of creeps looking for some fun, especially this time of night... You still look amazing I see. Well I fell asl**p... Continue»
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Sani reached behind her back for her outfit’s zipper and pulled it down, exposing her flesh to everyone in the room. Daniela bent forward, sticking her butt upright so Sani and his colleague could wiggle her spandex outfit down her hips. She had on nothing else. Daniela locked lips with Aminu while the others assisted with stripping her naked. Her hands went back to stroking two cocks. She bent forward to suck Aminu’s cock after they were done discarding her clothes.

Joyce was the lone spectator in the room. She watche... Continue»
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sex with indian aunty

Hot Sex with Vijaya Aunty
Hi friends this is shijil a 22 yrs old boy, from surat but originally from kerala. I m currently doing my mba from one of most reputed colleges of india. This story is about how I fucked my dream anuty vijaya. She is my dads friends wife she also stays in the same society which I used to stay. Vijaya is a typical mallu girl with huge breast and ass of 33 yrs old mother of 2 k**s, with a figure of 36/32/38.U guys can imagine how big is her ass. I had a great lust for her, from my c***dhood. I had many masturbate session thinking of her. Many times I would feel her bra... Continue»
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my first time with my friend

A few months ago I had a great experience that was not only unexpected but unforgettable.

I had been seeing a friend off from the International Airport. By chance I met a young woman who had just farewelled her parents on an overseas holiday.

She lived with her parents in a small country town on the West Coast and I had known her mum and dad before I moved to the city. The daughter, I’ll call Jessie, was still in high school, and was now a gorgeous young woman of eighteen; some twenty years younger than me. While we were having a coffee in one of the airport café’s she mentioned that she... Continue»
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Tied Up Wife..

the wife (Claire) and i (Peter) went away for a weekend and it was just out the blue so no plans just got up on the Friday and booked a weekend in London. we got down there on the National bus stopping in the center near the eye. we had a walk around seeing the attractions stopping off in the pubs and having some nice food. the day passes quickly and we were back in the hotel room planning our night out, we were both tipsy and decided to stay in the hotel bar for a few and we sat in a corner just talking about life but when the wife is tipsy she talks dirty and her truths come out, for a while... Continue»
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Rachel fulfills her wildest dreams

With her three young daughters tucked up in bed Rachel sat watching the TV and, for the first time, she had chance to reflect on what had happened to her that day. She’d cheated on her husband and she knew that today’s huge events for her were going to change her life.
She’d been married for fifteen happy years to Trevor and, despite him being away abroad for long periods, if she was feeling horny while he was away she would masturbate but it didn’t really solve the problem. She had never seriously thought about cheating on him so when he came home she made up for it taking every opportunity... Continue»
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Black Wife Gets Fucked

The Brown f****y was at the local community health center for the annual free checkups for African Americans. Jamal the man of the f****y was a bus driver 29. He had medium brown skin, stood average height, and although he was not fat in recent years he had put on a beer gut. Ruby his wife was a real head turner. Standing five feet nine inches and weighing under 130 pounds she was an ebony goddess. She had jet black skin, with legs that don’t stop, and a pair of luscious D-cups you wouldn’t expect on a lady with such a lean toned body.
Jamal had gotten Ruby knocked up when she was eightee... Continue»
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