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How I Made Myself a Cuckold ( part 4 )

Pauline eventually came back into the club with the doorman in tow, she looked flushed and contented from their 30 minutes in the cleaners cupboard. The doorman said, thanks baby, see you next week, as their hands parted and he went on with his duties.
Everything OK I said. Yes i`m fine thanks Pauline said. She took her phone from a small bag and keyed in the unlock code directly in my view, she keyed in four letters , S - L - U - T, before sending a short message , that information would be very handy if I was to hack into her phone when I got a chance

I noticed Max the club owner walking... Continue»
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Lisa and Kevin

Small town life really doesn't expose one to all the things available in the world. And Lisa was about to have her eyes opened forever to things she had been missing.

Settling down at a very young age, she became somewhat bored with being a wife and a mother, but also felt her husband was too jealous most of the time.

It seemed like he was constantly looking over her shoulder, always wondering who she was talking to and why. She was a good wife, and true to her husband, but, he was pushing her in the direction that most jealous husbands often do, the life of having an affair because of t... Continue»
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Craigslist BBC for Nikki and John: Round 2

I ate Nikki's stretched, cum-filled pussy while she sucked his giant black cock back to life. I was loving the position I was in, my tongue deep in my wife's pussy, tasting & eating all his cum, while she's sucking his dick back to rock hard cock god status. She used the hand that wasn't playing with his huge black balls to grab my hair and pull me down hard onto her pussy, nice and low so I could get my tongue as deep as possible... but unfortunately blocking my view of her amazing bbc blowjob skills. It's okay, I thought, I'm gonna eat her pussy so fucking good until she moans and ... Continue»
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How I Was Turned Out Too BBC Only Girls

I Guess I should start with the fact that I have always loved IR porn, and grew up in a plenty diverse area. Just so you know I didn't just happen upon this situation or was caught by surprise at all. Well I can't say not at all, but not completely.

I met a girl while I was visiting some f****y, Jen was here name. She was short, with shoulder length hair, full lips and a nice round ass. She was wearing excercise shorts when I met her, which was awsome! So I have this pretty girl being friendly, she's halfway interested, and currently staying at my b*****rs house. Then from down stairs... Continue»
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Lost in a dark suburban hood

Lost in a dark suburban Hood

When living in L.A., Victor and I were invited by some friends to spend a few days in San Diego. We travelled there after our office hour and arrived to the suburbs when it was already dark…
My loving husband and I were tired and a little bit lost, but we decided not to stop and get our friend’s place quicker as we could.
I was was geting a little scared about the dark streets we were running. The neighborhood looked a little run down…
Victor saw a couple guys walking down the sidewalk and stopped to ask them for directions. He pulled over and called them ov... Continue»
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Picking up a black man at the bar

Picking up a black man at the bar

Victor had invited me to have dinner outside.
I warned him I was in the mood for a huge black cock that night. He just smiled and said I could pick up anyone I like at the bar later.
After dinner we went to a bar and had some few shots.
We danced slowly as we kissed passionately and when we came back to our table, there was another full glass there for me that we had not ordered…

I took it and scanned the bar to see where it came from. Then a tall black man nodded to me and I smiled back. I told Victor and he acknowledged him as well.
The music was... Continue»
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My First Big Black Cock Encounter

One late night my hubby comes up to me and decides he wants us to run out for a bit. I was bored so I agreed, for some reason it was midnight and neither of us where in the mood to go to bed so we decided to go on a little adventure. After driving around for about 30 minutes or so I decided that I was thirsty so my husband decided to drive to the nearest convience store. Outside of the store was a 20 something tall muscular black gentlemen I really didn't think anything of it and just walked in. After browsing the store for a few minutes and finally deciding on something I wanted we exited ... Continue»
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d***k wife gets humiliated

Another story about my wife MJ, that's what her friends call her.
My wife Mj is in her early 40s, She's 5'4, & 200lbs, Nice 36Ds, Big fine booty, good looking, & has a huge sex drive.

Afew yrs. ago she got d***k & blacked out. That same nite we met 2 blk guys at a bar & we ended up at a hotel & she had sex with them.
That was the first time she had ever had sex with anyone else, I was her first & only love. we have been married now for 23yrs.
Since then she has had sex with other blk guys & that's what she likes. Shes a blk cock lover nodoubt.

So heres the story that took pl... Continue»
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Craigslist BBC for Nikki and John

I set it up just right. It was two days before her period was supposed to start. I unplugged the oven/stove in the middle of the night so Nikki would wake up thinking it had broken. I placed a call to a "repair man" -- but it was really Marcus, the guy who I had selected to give my wife her very first black cock. And what a truly big one it was!

With Marcus scheduled to arrive at 4:30, I started warming Nikki up at 1 with some alcohol. By 3 we were on the couch, feeling tipsy, smoking a blunt and watching porn, making out and fooling around. She was picking the porn, and happened to click o... Continue»
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Watching my sweet Ana in a hidden cam

Watching my sweet Ana in a hidden cam

When living in L.A., just months after been married, I started suspecting that my sweet Anita was cheating on me. I had to fly weekly due to my business and I finally was sure she brought her lover to our own home.
I bought a small camera and installed the device in our bedroom ceiling. I was almost sure that Ana was not going anywhere, but fucking her lover right there, in our bed…
On Friday afternoon I confirmed her I was to fly late night and then I dragged her to the kitchen, made her bend over the counter and fucked her pussy in a wild way. I ... Continue»
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Why my neighbor had to lick my black ass....

I lived in an apartment in my early 20's in a neighborhood you could call up and coming. The neighbor to my left (upstairs apartments) had a bit of a past that I didn't know about until she jumped to the wrong conclusion...

Julie is white...late 20's...with a cute face...and big ass.....We had lived near each other for about 6 months and bantered before that day, but nothing over the top....She was the apartment complex d**g dealer and I knew that......

On Saturdays at 1000 AM, her ex husband came to pick up their little boy Tyler. On one Saturday, "Sam", the ex-husband, parked in my vis... Continue»
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The Making of a Sissy (Part 6: Broken)

The sound of rain beads beating against my window like a drum filled my bedroom as I got up out of the bed to make my way into the bathroom. It was the beginning of another hot, wet, and steamy summer day. This summer had felt like it was continuing on forever and also forever changing my life, but we had reached July and I didn't have much more time before I would be starting college. I began to draw myself a warm bath then slid my shorts and panties off around my hips and down to my feet. My freshly painted toenails shined through the lacy bikini as I kicked them into my hamper. As I pu... Continue»
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1st time-VERY young black TS hooker

A few years ago I was driving to work just before 8:00 A.M. I was stopped at a light while crossing a small bridge and saw a beautiful young black woman (so I thought) in a sundress. I had my windows down and happened to make eye contact with her. She came right out and asked me for a ride about a mile in the opposite direction I was going. Even though I am about as gay as a man can get, as she was so young and innocent looking I said ok. She got in my car and I headed where she directed me. The ride took about 10 minutes as we hit several red lights. She was kind of elusive to my casual quest... Continue»
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Fallout cyber RP

Cogsworth (John) and a Vaultwomen (Vivian)

John: miss vivian how are you today?
Vivian: Well, I'm doing quite well, and yourself
John: well, i'm well other than a problem i am having with one of my systems, it seems to be overloaded, but i can't figure a way to reset it.
Vivian: hmm... well, I'm pretty... Handy... myself, perhaps I can help you out? *I joke, offering assistance*
John: if you wouldn't mind i would be ever so thankful! *hoving towards you in the empty dinner my systems menu opens for you*
Vivian: *I start to poke around trying to diagnose the issue* hmm, whats going on ... Continue»
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White Women found by African Chief cyber RP

Lydia: *I look around at my map, very confused and annoyed.* Dammit, this thing has to be wrong! How did I get so lost?!?
Josh: *as i and my bodygaurds are out hunting, we hear a voice talking in the distance and begin to follow it. we come upon you and your beautiful features as we see you i step out and bgein walking towards you*
Lydia: *I'm still bothering with the map, so I don't quite notice where you are.* This thing is just about useless ot me now... I doubt I'm gonna be able to make out now...
Josh: *i walk up behind you and look over your shoulder at the map, i reach forward and po... Continue»
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Big Woman's Anal Discoveries

Everyone has a Dark Side. No matter what they say. Throughout history, we have been bombarded with the message that the Dark Side is to be feared. Well, some of us embrace it. I am such a man. My name is Raphael. Society would call people like myself every name under the sun. Sociopath. Psychopath. Freak. Amoral. Remorseless Individual. Embodiment of the Antisocial Personality Disorder. And you know what? They would be absolutely wrong. I'm very much a social person, and I have a lot of personality. And I love order. See? The scientists are wrong. They almost always are. I call myself a Free S... Continue»
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A new gangbang with Jerome`s friends

A new gangbang with Jerome`s friends

Victor had flown three days ago and I was getting really horny that afternoon.

When my old black friend Jerome called me, I asked him if he could arrange for some meeting with him and some other black guys…

“You bet, my white slut babe, get your ass ready for me at seven o´clock…” He said.

I dressed up like a real slut, thinking Jerome would like to see me in my “fuck me” stiletto heels and a short red dress that barely covered my ass cheeks…

At seven sharp I heard a knock at the door. I opened and found Jerome was not there to pick me, but h... Continue»
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First Date

She was 35 and I was 42 but we were both in very good shape. Actually, she was beyond that term, way beyond. She had one of those naturally toned figures where every part is balanced just right. She was in the absolute prime of her life, that window of age some women attain when they reach a maturity that’s truly a perfection of human femininity. You don’t encounter such a woman very often, one that is not otherwise totally engaged. But when you do, you take notice because the feeling she embodies rushes at you and through you. It stops you in your tracks.
It is even more powerful ... Continue»
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First Time Anal

I have been an ass man for as long as I can remember. I have always been drawn to looking at a womans booty hole when i would look at magazines or watch porn. Although I love how a pussy looks, tastes and feels, ass is a whole different a****l. The main attraction to it is due to it being taboo or forbidden. That is why my first experience was so exciting.

I was 19 years old at the time. I started to date this cute Asian girl that was 4 years older than me. I would go down on her all the time, licking her lips and clit. I noticed her booty hole would pulsate from time to time. Whi... Continue»
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Pt 2 of First time having a black guy at my house

After Mike came he just fell on top of me keeping his cock buried in me. Steve was at the foot of the bed just looking and jacking off as fast as he could and within a couple minutes he was shooting cum all over himself. We all laid there a few minutes catching our breath and not saying anything. Steve finally broke the silence by telling me to take Mike downstairs to the guest bathroom to get cleaned up while he went to the man cave to fix a few things up for later. As I stood I had cum running down both thighs and my legs were a little wobbly but I could manage to take Mike down two flight... Continue»
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