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my b*****rs best friend part 2

Well when I left off we were going back for a drink both with nothing on I could not take my eyes off him. I wanted more but I knew my b*****r would be home soon so I asked him what were we going to do because I wanted him again he said to call my b*****r and see when he be home so I did while I was calling him he was sucking on my tits again Hard and I liked it my b*****r said he was still there and they just got the tire off and putting on the spare so he would be back in about a hour I told him to call me when he got close he said ok. Now I was watching him suck my tits back n forth I told ... Continue»
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THE BOAT (A Lesbian Tale)

THE BOAT (A Lesbian tale)
This story takes place a few years following World War II on one of the regular shipping routes between Penang and Singapore in Malaysia. All characters are fictitious.

Once every month Evelyn went shopping in Singapore and took one of her female servants with her. The trip lasted a few days depending on the weather and usually two nights were spent on the large wooden motorboat which also carried a lot of supplies and from 50 to 100 passengers. Evelyn was British and had joined her b*****r, who had been in the army there, to help in maintaining rice fields. Unfor... Continue»
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First Night Out in Yrs; Ending in k**napping &

This is pure fantasy written at the request of someone. (Jenni I will ask you to do certain things throughout the story. Start when I say start, stop when I say stop. Please comply it will get you off even more. Don't read this in the morning or at work. Read it before bed when you can really get off the first time. I worked so hard I really want you to cum bad.)
Sexy shoes that wrapped up her calves, a tight shirt really showed off her nice ass. (Start in panties and a t-shirt. No touching yet) The straps stopped with her tight red shirt it really showed off her tits. It was cut so low you c... Continue»
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Cheating College Girlfriend with 12inch BBC Part4

Elisabeth and I had not talked to much on what she was going to say to Matt after I fucked her pretty much all weekend. We fucked two more times after she got back from swim practice. I was watching with Elisabeth when Matt got back to the dorms. Elisabeth is super skinny, probably around 5’6, long dark hair, green eyes, very nice c-cup breasts, and a the perfect ass (not too big but not to small). Elisabeth looked hot as fuck. After our last fuck session she tried on some outfits and wanted to what I considered "hot." She tried on several and I kept sending her back. Finally she c... Continue»
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First Flight (Flying the Interracial Skies)

This is my original story as submitted by me, the one and only writer, editer, and permission holder. Please do not share it with other sites without my expressed permission Of course feedback is always welcome and encouraged so I know the desire for another original story. ENJOY !!


"Good evening, Captain" Vickie smiled as William boarded the plane. He paused, admiring the lovely flight attendant he had the pleasure of working with nightly.

"Good evening to you too, Ms Lopez," he smiled back. This was their final flight together before Vickie went on... Continue»
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Cuckold, and how to have a cuckold lifestyle.

Hi Hamsterites,
So you'd like to have a cuckold relationship with your wife or partner, and need to know how or if it is at all possible, then read further...

I'm going to make this as short as possible. This is only my own experience so their may be another way round, but still, good advice..and it's from the man's point of view....

1) you have to have a great relationship. If your relationship is in trouble and you invite competition, then you should hardly be surprised if she runs off.

2)The idea that a man is less for sharing his wife is a myth. To have enough conf... Continue»
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My b*****r best friend

Hi my name is for this story I will be Pat. Well it all started when me and my husband were talking about me having sex with another Man it would make us both very hot, Wait first I am a white women and he is a black man light skin and I love him very much but I have always wanted a dark skinned black man plus I kind of like big guys and not so good looking giving a man like that really does it for me. Well we talked about this the night before and had great sex I was going over to my b*****r apt when I got there his friend Mitch was there big man dark skinned ok looking but not like my husban... Continue»
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Birthday Surprise at Work

I'm going to give you some background first. I'm in my mid-40'S, a white male who had recently ended a disastrous heterosexual relationship. We had a k** whom always lived with me. Once she got involved again and the relationship deteriorated we went our separate ways. My daughter decided to go with her mom. I was just tired of women at this point. Most of the women I met had k**s and were divorced. I just didn't want to get involved with another broken f****y. I've always been turned on by interracial sex. I realized that I wasn't turned on by the black male fucking the white girl. I wa... Continue»
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Licking her cunt while another man fucks her

it seems so weird
because i've never wanted to have sex with a man
or have my wife cheat on me
but i keep thinking about licking her clit while some big cock fucks her pussy
and my my tongue keeps going lower, licking his big cock while he fucks my wife, my tongue in between his cock and her clit, my hands probably holding his balls, his cum leaking out of her pussy into my mouth.

it hasnt always been like this.
its never been like this.

she's small and beautiful and faithful.

i mean, that's what I always thought.

but last night i came home early, and quietly. i followed sou... Continue»
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Pantyhose Wife Working In The Ghetto

My wife got a second job on year, working for the government as a census taker. One afternoon she had a route that was in a really rough part of town that was clearly a ghetto. Her outfit consisted of a tight black satin skirt, black satin blouse, shiny tan dance tights, black stilleto heels, and a silky tan camisole with a matching silky tan half slip underneath it all. As she went down the street, she received alot of cat calls and whistles but kept on going.

Eventually, she came to a large, run down house that was the Wilkinson residence. When she knocked on the door, a big, overweight... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold and the Principal

My wife who had been working as a teacher’s assistant at the school for about 6 months was saying how much she enjoyed it. She was surprised though because she was getting mixed vibes from the principal. One evening she came home and said the principal had visited the classroom she was assisting in and rubbed her shoulders and told her how happy he was she was part of the team.

I laughed and said, “maybe he is warm for your form.” She said, “I’m a 50 year old BBW and he is about 30 and sexy as hell, why would he want me?” I laughed and said, “maybe you want him.” She laughed and said, “he c... Continue»
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Neecy Cakes, 3rd Generation Porn Star

“Now look up at me.” My newest director told me, as I stroked his cock over my open mouth. I was shooting a Jerk Off video with a guy who had booked me for a private shoot. “Stick out your tongue and just lightly lick the tip and tell me how much you love to suck cock. Tell me how you want to taste my cum and feel it shoot all over your face.” I did so as I jerked on his stiff, white tool, running the tip of my tongue on his purple head. “You know you want to cover my face with your hot, sticky jizz. I want to taste it baby! Come on, give it to me!” I said to the camera, my eyes focused upward... Continue»
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wife gives me an early birthday present.

My wife has never been very internet savvy. Or that's what she wants me to think. I say this because one of the ladies in her office is always her about web sites to check out when she gets home but then I have to find them for her. Some times its craft or cooking sites. But last month it was something a lot different. That time my wife came home carrying a web site written down that she wanted me to find for her. She told me to look for it while she went to the rest room.

I picked up my laptop and started typing in the address. It was a site that hosted a blog for white women looking for ... Continue»
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the gym guy

as i prepared to go over my lovers house to worship his BBC, my cock bulged in my pants and exploded... just the thought of his beautiful 11 inch cock down my throat was more than i could bare.... it was winter,cold and close to x-mas.... i arrived at his house,at around 8pm... when he answered his door,he had on a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt....i was kind of disappointed... i was hoping he'd answer the door naked so i could immediately go to town on his huge member... he told me he had a surprise for me.... wondering what he was talking about,tho i knew it was sumn sexual,i just co... Continue»
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Fun at the lake

So I was just waking up as it was Saturday and the phone rang

and it was Jack.

What are you doing today he asked and I had no plans as Nolan was

not coming home to see me, again. Who knows, maybe Kathy was

spreading her legs over his head again as they “hiked.”

Jack said I have my cousin’s van and thought maybe we could go to the lake and

have a picnic with my friends and hopefully their girlfriends. Jack said

the guys are providing all of the food. I had nothing to do and it

sounded like fun.

It was going to be 90 degrees so being by the lake was a g... Continue»
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A night at the Bar

My wife is a hot redhead, slim, built, beautiful, and has tits the size of Mt. Everest. She loves to show off whenever we go out to a bar and this night was no different. The bar was a sleazy place you find at the end of an alley with a small neon sign that just says “drinks.” A large “U” shaped bar took up most of the place with a pool table at the end away from the door. Past the pool table was another door that led out to the back parking lot where we had parked our car. As we walked in several people waved and said hello as she was well known in the place as a “fun girl.”

On this eveni... Continue»
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Delhi mei coaching class mei BBW moti Madhuri ki c

Delhi mei coaching class mei BBW mast moti ladki ko pataya [Real]Desi story

Hii Dosto mera naam tariq khan hain meri umr 22 saal hain..mera kad 5'8" hain Mera rang sanwla hai ..aur kasi hui tagdi body hai ..mere lund ka size 6inch hai aur 2.5" mota hai.
Toh dosto ab mei apni apbeeti jo ap logo ko sunaane wala hu uspe ata baat hai 2013 ki jab mei Delhi mei aipmt(medical) ki taiyari krta tha ..mei coaching class lene saket jata tha.Mei Vaha par padhai kam aur ladkibaazi mei zada laga rehta tha .. Isliye mere marks bhi nahi ate the.Fir mei unhi dino mei moti auntiyo aur ldkio ki Bf dek... Continue»
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She could put both her hands on it on top off each other and wank it, He then picked her up and lobbed her on the bed’ I know Holly said she can take wot you got but fuck how is she going to take that lot, well we found out’ Bob was the first to sink his nod in, It went in easy from tip to balls deep in just one stroke, He then started slamfucking her right from the word go, She said she loved it hard and she dose, With Bob slamming away she got hold of two cocks and put one in her mouth and was wanking one, Bob fucked her for around 5mins then pulled out and said well that should have g... Continue»
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Err… Fuck well Err….Fuck well over 5k have now seen you & your cunt full of dick’ & they have only been on for 1hour 38mins’ Why she was in to that some of the men were saying they had been sending photos & vids to loads of they mates all night’ Yes me to, They all had, Not just Xhamster but many porn sites, Holly was now a porn star and didn’t know it. You should see some of the comments’ A lot want to know who this tiny teen fuck slut is so they can look for more of her’ & loads are jerking off to you’ Really! Fuck yeah’ Go on tell them my full name & the city & town I live in’ As she ... Continue»
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HOLLY’S’ 8 BLACKMEN GANGBANG! PART 1 Claire and me got talking about sex again last week at work & got on to ‘Holly’ Now Holly is the girl at work that all the lads would like to shag stupid, She is 21 & has a tiny fuck doll body with big tits & a very pretty face with long brunet hair, She is only around 5ft 3 with a ass to die for, And best of all she loves cock, Huge cock, Most at work know that she was fucking much older men when she was really young with some of then having Huge cocks. She makes a big thing of saying that a 6 inch cock to her is really Tiny & doesn’t believe that is ... Continue»
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