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First Date

She was 35 and I was 42 but we were both in very good shape. Actually, she was beyond that term, way beyond. She had one of those naturally toned figures where every part is balanced just right. She was in the absolute prime of her life, that window of age some women attain when they reach a maturity that’s truly a perfection of human femininity. You don’t encounter such a woman very often, one that is not otherwise totally engaged. But when you do, you take notice because the feeling she embodies rushes at you and through you. It stops you in your tracks.
It is even more powerful ... Continue»
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First Time Anal

I have been an ass man for as long as I can remember. I have always been drawn to looking at a womans booty hole when i would look at magazines or watch porn. Although I love how a pussy looks, tastes and feels, ass is a whole different a****l. The main attraction to it is due to it being taboo or forbidden. That is why my first experience was so exciting.

I was 19 years old at the time. I started to date this cute Asian girl that was 4 years older than me. I would go down on her all the time, licking her lips and clit. I noticed her booty hole would pulsate from time to time. Whi... Continue»
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Pt 2 of First time having a black guy at my house

After Mike came he just fell on top of me keeping his cock buried in me. Steve was at the foot of the bed just looking and jacking off as fast as he could and within a couple minutes he was shooting cum all over himself. We all laid there a few minutes catching our breath and not saying anything. Steve finally broke the silence by telling me to take Mike downstairs to the guest bathroom to get cleaned up while he went to the man cave to fix a few things up for later. As I stood I had cum running down both thighs and my legs were a little wobbly but I could manage to take Mike down two flight... Continue»
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James the masseur

I enjoy providing my wife Jan with pleasurable surprises almost as much as she enjoys receiving them. Several times when I have noticed Jan having a bad week I have arranged for a masseuse to come to the house for a relaxing massage. Jan is relatively shy so I had always arranged for a female masseuse, but always fantasized watching a male rubbing her intoxicating, petite hard body. Jan always loved the massages so much and always rewarded me with a great night in bed for my thoughtfulness. I figured a male rubbing her would get the both of us especially horny.
I finally got up the nerve and ... Continue»
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Jon and Carol had been sitting on the end of the bed as I woke up and looked over at my black man who was already awake. I slowly leaned over towards him, put my arm around his neck and drawing to his lips, planted a hard, long passionate kiss on his lips. Not really thinking of what Jon might say or do, "Good morning love" I told my man.
Jon just smiled then said, "sl**p well honey?" "Like a baby" I answered back. "Not too tired?" he now asked. "No" I said, "I feel great". With that, Jon moved up next to me on the bed and Carol moved over next to... Continue»
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Baltimore glory hole HUUUUUGE black cock

I was in Baltimore on a business trip and, as always when I travel, I extend my trip through the weekend to go to gay bars and more importantly the porn shops with glory holes. I go there for one thing--to suck as many cocks as possible. My preference is almost ANY black man or white fems and TS's.

I took a cab after a gay bellboy at the hotel told me where to go for that reason. The cab dropped me off on a two block strip loaded with the bright lights of all-night porno shops. I talked to a few black teens that were hanging around and asked where I would find the most black men to go... Continue»
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my first time ever. how i got broke in.

Ok well it all started when I was 16. I always talked to guys online about what we would do if we met up but u never had a ride. But one night I was talking to these guys that where dating but wanted to fuck me. I told them about how i liked it rough and how i fantasized about being held down and fucked hard af. Well one weekend they said we will come get u and even tho i was nervous as Hell I couldn't say no. While I waited I loosened my virgin ass with the handle of a brush but I didn't get to do that but for like 5 mins before he showed up so I quickly slid my black and red thong on and ran... Continue»
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What was supposed to be a straight 3some ended up

It started off with my post. I posted an ad on craigslist looking for a couple to play with, because of my size I attracted couples looking to spice up there sex life with a bigger cock easier than I attracted singled females. So a few hours after the post went up I got a email that said, "me and my girl are going to go out for a few beers....we are attractive 40's. wanna meet up in a bar? I'll have a blur button up shirt on...not tucked in. where are you? lets meet.”

I wasn't looking to meet that night and the post said as much. I reminded them that I wasn't free that night but was interes... Continue»
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The Hotel Stay Part 2

The knock on the door startled both of us. Mary quietly ask me to gather my cloths and go into the bath room. I did as she ask and quietly went into the bathroom but left the door ajar. Mary answered the door and I could see it was her friend Sarah. Sarah was wearing a thick white if she had just come from the pool. I heard Mary ask Sarah what was wrong. I heard Sarah tell her that the girl she had invited to her room was a waste. She told Mary that she had come to the room with big talk of how she was going to fuck her silly and that she would lick and suck her for hours. Sarah tol... Continue»
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further tales of the barman

In the two months following the night with the dancers, we made no mention of it in our house. One day when I was back early from uni, Jean was over visiting my mum. I chatted to them for a while and then made my excuses and went back to the kitchen. Later that day mum chatted to me "you do like Jean I saw the way you looked at her".

"Well you know there is a lot to like, but she is married and I am not going to go there". The conversation moved on and I forgot all about it. Next day mum told me that if I really liked Jean, she might have the answer. "We - Jean and me - are part of a... Continue»
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Wife Gets PregnantVaishali and Mahendra had been t

[bVaishali and Mahendra had been trying to get her pregnant for several months with no success. Vaishali was 29 years old and her clock was ticking louder and she was very ready for this. Mahendra was a couple years older at 33 and was also very ready to be a dad. When they reached the one year mark of trying they decided they had better find medical help to find out why no success. After doing some research online and with friends they found a specialist and made an ... Continue»
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Hmong Wisconsin freaky Asian

So where do I start. I met this Hmong girl through some Hmong forum back in 2008 or 2009 from wiscansin to which that's how most people met or they went to a club or a big Hmong event. I saw her I thought she was a cute girl. She was a thick girl not fat but good thick to which some people might say she's aight but for me she was pretty enough so I added her and next thing you know we're talking and emailing back and forth to finally just ended up trading numbers. This forum I thought was a big ass joke and she thought it was too to were I was gonna clown on some people but ended up meeting a ... Continue»
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Bar man tales pt 2

I had been working at the golf club for about a year, when I was able to get a job for my younger s****r as a bar waitress at big nights. She had just turned eighteen and this was her first job. Whilst the pay wasn't great, the tips made up for it. My s****r - Emily - had been working just over a month, when we had one of the most anticipated nights of the year. A male dance group - strippers - were coming to play at the club. It sold out in days and was the talk of the area. My mother and her friend Jean were going.

Come the big night I said I would drive everyone in, so they coul... Continue»
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At 28, my life was shit. Although having a good job in marketing, a great Southern Cal education, a sweet husband, pleasant home, on and on I was miserably unhappy. This is a time when most women my age begin reading self help books, trashy novels and join groups with letters for names. This feeling had become almost unbearable over the last six months. Telling myself I must snap out of these doldrums and telling the secretary I was leaving early due to an upset stomach. I headed home thinking big 4. I would get in a swim, do a joint, soak my misery out in a hot bath. Maybe I’d get lucky a... Continue»
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A Hot Evening's Work Part One

I wrote earlier of how Liv and I got started. This episode occurred a few months later and a couple of things had changed. Her lad was now in a full time care home so I no longer spent work time at her place. This hadn't stopped our, now unofficial, meetings but they had been infrequent due to the new routine she was getting used to, involving regular visits to him and so forth. We'd only actually managed a few more fucks due to this. They had been much more leisurely but, consequently, less intense. We had got more familiar with what each needed too, so they certainly had been good times, but... Continue»
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Acting as a cougar on a warm Friday's night

Acting as a cougar in a warm Friday night

As usual like mostly Friday nights in the year, I was home alone; my loving Victor on a week end quick trip out of town.
It was summer and I was really horny that warm night.
After dinner, I decided to go to a bar that Helena knew around the suburban area… and look what I could do to calm down my anxiety and my arousal.

I found the place; parked outside and walked into the dimly lit bar, feeling all eyes were on my body: I was wearing tight jeans, a white T-shirt and high heels. I looked like a perfect cougar looking for a young piece of cock…
... Continue»
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80 Avis`s overnight black

80 Avis`s overnight black

When Jon told me I could have the one black man who agreed to stay overnight, my heart just skipped a beat. After two sessions of sucking black cock and getting fucked, I was going to have a black man all to myself overnight; with no audience. Time dragged on endlessly it seemed as I waited for everyone to turn in for the night. We were to have the basement bedroom and as soon as Carol said it was time to turn in, I reached over, took Jon by his hand and pulled him to me, kissed him hard and long and then said "Thanks love" then rose up, went over to my man, took... Continue»
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My first little gang bang.

A few years after I got my cherry popped and, after a lot more experience, I was involved in my first small gang bang. I say ‘small’ because, later in life, I found out what a real one was. At my age then, it was pretty exciting and downright arousing; by the time I was 18 it was just a great evening of fucking.

I’d just turned f******n that summer.

Earlier that summer Ron had shared me with another friend over a weekend of camping. I don’t know how many times they fucked me but I was pretty raw and worn out when it was over; along with an aching jaw from sucking cock. I’m not complain... Continue»
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World is run by women in the year 2056

I have been up since 6:30 this morning and now it's almost 7 a.m. My erection has started, as I get excited and aroused with anticipation, just thinking of what's coming at 7.

I am scared thinking about what will happen to me in two days and try hard to get it off my mind. I must enjoy the pleasures of the next two days and not think about the future.

There's a light tap on the door and it opens. It's Eva and I'm very pleased to see her. She's wearing a loose white top with very brief red shorts. I see that her breasts are pushing against her top and they move whenever she moves. She sit... Continue»
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A surprise during a canoe trip

A surprise during a canoe trip

Last spring time, Ana suggested me to spend a week end visiting some friends in Montana. We could also have a quick journey to the Missouri river, to make a canoe trip down the Bear Rapids.
We arrived at the jetty very early, finding another six people already getting their gear ready. There were a couple of female Danish lovely girls, an Italian couple, Richard our guide and two American guys, one of whom was an athletic black man named Tyrone.

We introduced ourselves and I couldn't help but notice the way my wife was staring at Tyrone as his shirtless, ... Continue»
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