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Sex with the Ex for the last time

There is a gap of 10 years between my 2nd story and this one. I left Germany which was my 2nd duty station, got married to a white BBW. I don’t think my marriage had much of a chance as I was deployed every other year during my marriage. When I got back, I snuck away and secretly saw Monica (from Story 1) for at least a day after each deployment. I did not step out on my ex with anyone other than Monica the entire time I was married. However, what goes around does come around. I started to see email traffic from other Soldiers and black men on my wife’s computer. It was obvious from the traffi... Continue»
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Blackpool Memories

It was a stormy and blustery ,late October night in Blackpool. I was there with my new boyfriend, Steve, I was just 19yo and Steve was 22yo. We had been out to a "School Reunion" night in a well known Blackpool pub, both dressed in uniform, Steve in Blazer, shirt, tie and flares, me in blazer, white shirt, school tie and an ultra short navy skirt, typical of my wear at school just three years earlier. It was not more than 15 mins walk to our B&B, but after a night drinking ciders and shots I soon needed the loo, Steve said that he thought all the loos would be locked at nearly midnight, ... Continue»
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Prison Queen

I get a lot of questions from men that I meet. Not all of them want to have sex with me; some just are curious about what I'm all about.

A lot of people who know me know that I am an extremely feminized male who became a Queen when I went to prison due to alcohol related offenses. I always say that I became a woman in prison - and that is true. But I guess it would be more accurate to say that it took prison to bring the woman that has always been inside of me out. Had I not gone to prison I might have continued to repress my female self and ended up like a lot of wannabe women who dream ab... Continue»
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Black Dildo to BBC

I never been gay nor had gay fantasies but that all changed my junior year of college. I was living off campus with a friend from my hometown named Jimmy. We rented a duplex that had three bedrooms and two baths. The master bedroom was vacant at this time. During the school year I worked on campus at the library for my spending money. I had worked there the last two years in the periodicals room, which was a room most people avoided unless they needed a journal for a paper. It was pretty awesome job especially the night shift where I got to study most of the time after putting the journals bac... Continue»
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Girl Friends Share A Dark Secret

Girl Friends Share a Dark Secret

So I'm kind of having my midlife crisis. I'm hornier than I can remember any time in my life and my husband is away at war. I am an attractive woman 5'8" tall with blonde hair, and stay in good shape 36-29-36. I am so hot and horny after 7 months without getting fucked by a man. I love my husband but what's a girl to do? Recently I made a new friend with a woman named Kelly.

A few weeks back, Kelly called me out of the blue and asked if we could meet at the local Starbucks the following Saturday morning. I was a bit surprised by the random call but becau... Continue»
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The Condom Broke

There was a time when my wife's gynecologist advised her to stop taking the pill for three months. My wife asked her about sex and the doctor said that there would be no problem if we (myself and my wife) used a condom!! Problem!! 1) My wife hates condoms, and 2) My wife was fucking this black stud every two or three weeks, for about 2 years and had not seen him in a few weeks. He would be out of town for another two months and we were scheduled to spend a three day weekend at his place when he got back (about a week or two before Fran went back on the pill and another few weeks before the bi... Continue»
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Part 1/2 - I lost my virginity with an Arab Muslim

Part 1/2 - I lost my virginity with an Arab Muslim girl !

Hello this is Nathan. For my first story, I'll detail my first sexual experience with my ex-girlfriend who was an Arab Muslim ...

I met Fatima via a mutual friend. With Facebook, we discussed more and more. On June 2012, we decided to meet again, only both and on the beach. When I saw again this girl in a swimsuit, I went crazy. We fell in love very quickly.

It was a beautiful Arab of Moroccan origin. She was Muslim and wanted to be in relationship with a Muslim. Although being a white, people often take me for an Arab a... Continue»
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... she whispered, Nigger

Over the next several weeks we fucked with wild abandon. Aunt Krista never once turned our cocks down.... not once! I can't tell you how many times I woke up to a blow job. Aunt Krista loved fucking. She made all three holes available to us. Me and Stephen were quite civilized when it came to sharing Aunt Krista. If I came home and he was fucking her I would simply wait my turn. Aunt Krista would always say, "Get them clothes off. Your up next!" and as soon as he was done I'd go right in. I didn't mind "sloppy seconds". To me it was just as good as getting to cum in her first.

Aft... Continue»
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I await a text from Master, finally he texts my instructions. Instructions are as follows;
Wear collar and leash, crotchless panties and, high heel black shoes, stay on hands and knees on the floor and get the toy box out. I do as ordered the anticipation and excited nervous ness make me shiver causing my DD breasts to swing a small amount. MM as i am told to call Master arrives, happy to see i have done as ordered.
He sees my tits are moving.

"Stay still that includes your udders."

I try but that makes it worse they swing even more. MM comes towards me, pulls me from the floor by my... Continue»
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My wife Jane wanted to spice our relationship up a bit and asked if she could use something on me? what like i asked, she said a strap-on -dildo. well at 1st i thought that might hurt and then i said well if you get one make sure its small and thin, but 1st when we have sex tonight i want you to use your finger and poke me whilst wanking me off. Jane was up for that. bed time had come around and i had a quick shower and Jane was already laid out on the bed waiting for me. i dried myself off and went down on her straight away she loves getting muffed. Jane grabbed my hair to pull me closer to h... Continue»
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First-time with older white landlord pt. 2

I walked to my room still in a daze. I could still feel the heat of his cock in my mouth. I could still hear the moans of pleasure I gave him. I could still smell his musk. I could still taste his cum in my mouth. I was about to burst in my pants. I kept thinking "I just sucked this guy's dick. I can't believe I swallowed his whole load. I just got used like a bitch. He didn't even care if I came" when I got home I jacked off until I couldn't take anymore.
I finally see him a few days later. He says nicely,
"Hey big guy, I think we need to discuss the rent situation really soon. H... Continue»
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Hubby Made To Eat Fresh Cream Pie

My wife and I have a great sex-life, but I have always been interested in more than just sex. I love the view of a cream pie. Every time I cum in my wife's pussy, I make her spread her legs so I can watch it dribble out of her snatch. I also eat her out if she has not yet had an orgasm. I love to lap every last drop of my love juice out of my wife's hotbox. I usually fantasize about my wife fucking another guy. The thought of her riding another guy's cock drives me insane. I always tell her about my fantasies, but she said she will never fuck another man.

I travel a lot for work, and my ... Continue»
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Tried a bbc for first time

Her First BBC
This is a true account of my wife’s first “taste” of black cock.
We have been swinging for a few years now on and off , work and f****y don’t allow us the freedom some couples have. Like a lot of couples we had discussed our fantasies and wish list, and again reading the stories on here it’s a lot of couples wish to see there wife with a black cock in them , ours was no different.
We had enjoyed many a good sex session thinking of her enjoying her first bbc. We looked through quite a few profiles and decided to contact one guy who seemed to fit the bill. He could travel and se... Continue»
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What have I done

My name is Tom and 2 weeks ago I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Ever since I was in my mid twenties I have had a fantasy of watching my gorgeous wife, Becky, fucking a black guy. My wife was very conservative and I doubted she would ever do it.

I met my wife when we were both attending a small Baptist college in Georgia. She was studying to be a teacher and we hit it off right from the start. A preacher's daughter, Becky didn't smoke or drink and the furthest I could get with her was some heavy petting.

After graduating from college we got married and moved to Chicago t... Continue»
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Every white guys secret guilty fantasy

I masturbate compulsively and my wife knows it and knows why. I am obsessed with the thoughts of her being fucked by a big black cock. I don't know why I feel this way and can't remember exactly when it started, but there it is.

I want her to cuckold me by fucking black men. As many as she wants and I want to watch. I have to watch her being filled with black cock and all the scum they can ejaculate into her.

I need to see her hairy vagina slimy with their seed.

I am sick and we both know it.

It's bad enough that she knows my fantasy, but it's even worse that it came true and I helped make... Continue»
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My wife and black co-worker.

A few years ago on a Sunday afternoon amy wife and I were coming home from Atlanta and my wife mentioned she needed to stop by her office and pick up some paperwork she needed to work on at home. When we pulled in the parking lot I noticed another car there. She got out and told me she would just be a minute. Soon after she went in I saw the blinds part and her black co-worker Paul peek out and wave. We were acquainted and had been to parties at his house. He was a few years younger than us but a nice guy.
After about 15 minutes she hadn't came out and I started wondering what was going on in... Continue»
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Wife went topless first time in her life

I wanted to share this true story of the first time my wife went topless on a beach. This happened in the summer of 2014.

My wife and I live in London, but she is an American. We’ve been married for 5 years, and are very happy. We had lived in the USA for a few years, but are enjoying British life. Being in London gave us the chance to enjoy holidays in Europe. After much discussion, we had decided to go to the Canary Islands. The climate is great, and it would be a nice, relaxing holiday, which we both needed.

My wife is an amazing person, whom I love very much. She is pretty, quite sho... Continue»
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my future wife's first Big Black Cock

When my wife and I started dating I was living in an apartment with a Black co-worker. He would set me up with black girls and I'd set him up with white girls. There were girls who were off limits but for the most part we shared each others girlfriends for almost three years.

My future wife had been married for 12 years and recently divorced when I met her. She had been married to a racist d***k who cared more about alcohol and weed than fucking. She once confided in me that they had only had sex 9 times in 12 years of marriage.

It took a couple months of dating before we finally had... Continue»
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Hounding for a White Master

It had been a long evening. I had been stood up by friends who had promise we would go grab dinner at a local restaurant. I wasn't mad, just disappointed. I had looked forward to the dinner as a welcome distraction from my deep down thirst to be subjugated, humiliated, degraded by white men. This deep down thirst had started to surface a year ago and I had done everything possible to ignore it. I had worked three jobs, volunteered and learned how to play several musical instruments, just so I didn't act on it; Just so I didn't feel it swallowing me little by little; just so I can keep an air o... Continue»
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My lucky encounter at a nudist beach

My name is Vinay and I am 27 years old. I am a big fan of ISS and have been reading stories here for quite a long time. I never expected to write an erotica or sharing my experience here. Today I am going to share my real life experience with a 38 years old white lady. This is my writing experience please bear with me for my grammar and narration.

I moved from Hyderabad (India) to Australia about 4 years back on a project. I have always been an exhibitionist and indoor nudist back in India. I used to stay nude when I am alone at my home and sometimes when I travel to outskirts of the city I... Continue»
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