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What the Hell Am I Doing? Ch. 6

This is also posted in my Literotica Account. I retain copyright, and all that. Please enjoy, and reading the first chapters will help this chapter make a lot more sense! Enjoy!

What the Hell am I Doing?- Ch.-6

I was awoken by Ben’s gently shaking my shoulder, my body so wracked with exhaustion, I had cried myself to sl**p right there on the couch. Still wearing just the terry-cloth robe, I was a bit sore, and achy, and through puffy, blinking eyes, I looked up. “Hmm... Continue»
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From Curious to Cuckold

A vacation threesome doesn't go as planned.

My wife, Ally, and I had been together three years at this point. We're both thirty, pretty adventurous and in good shape. We embrace and indulge our kinks, or, at least, most of them. There are some I never shared with her because I always considered them to be a little too perverted and was afraid she'd never accept them.

Then, one weekend, that all changed.

We had rented a cabin up by the lake for the weekend. It wasn't very remote as cabins go, but it was a getaway and both of us needed it. We had been talking about getting... Continue»
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My Wife Natalie Chapter 3

I expected things to be awkward between us in the morning and we both woke up at around same time and just lay in bed talking, Natalie immediately lighting up a cigarette and dragging on it like she really needed it.
I expected her to be feeling guilty, quiet or to be acting strange but she was the complete opposite, talking to me like it was just another day. Either she was too d***k to remember what I think she did last night or she was good at covering it up.

She then asked me if I minded her going out again tonight as her friend Joanne was having marital problems and they didn't have ... Continue»
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The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 01

The night my wife told me, "Don't wait up."

It was about midnight when Clara finally came home.

As soon as I heard the sound of the key in the front door, my heart was racing.

I tried to look nonchalant as my wife opened the door. I doubt I was very convincing. She scowled when she saw me sitting there on the sofa.

"I thought I told you not to wait up," she said. She'd been drinking. I can't say I was surprised by that.

She was wearing a cashmere sweater and a short, tight skirt that took advantage of her legs and ass. At some point after she'd left home that morni... Continue»
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Hampsted Village Part 3 1/2

Chapter 13
Kat’s little red convertible roared up the winding, tree lined driveway of the Hampsted Golf & Country Club and screeched to a stop in front of the stately main house where the ladies held their weekly tea and card game. She tossed the keys to a young valet with a wink and a smile as she bounced up the steps towards the massive front doors. Her long dark hair blew in the wind and her heavy breasts jiggled as she trotted up the steps and disappeared into the doorway.

Kat was a good 20 years younger than the other ladies, and she relished the role of irritating the stuffy old b... Continue»
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Fantasy about my wife and a black cop

Back before my wife retired and was still working as a mental health counselor, she traveled to several counties doing assessments for state agencies. She came home one evening and told me a young, handsome, black, county officer had pulled her over for speeding but when she told him she worked for a state agency he let her go with a warning.
Here is what I am imagining really happened, He walked up to the car and she gave him her best sexy smile and told him she was sorry for speeding but she had been listening to the states mental health people all day and was in a hurry to get home and re... Continue»
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Slut Nikki's Cluster Breeding Cuck Gangbang

My neighbor Nikki and her husband Rich wanted to have a baby and Nikki had some very strange theories on how human breeding should be conducted. Based on her study of ancient Italian history and theology she was convinced that there was an old breeding ritual that translates into english as “cluster breeding” or gangbang with the intent to impregnate in more modern terminology. What is even more exciting is that I was chosen to organize the event. My plan was to have 3 other men of various races, myself and her husband partake in the process. There are a few rules:
Everyone must be STD ... Continue»
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Jim's Discovery - Part 2

Jim couldn't sl**p. It was three o'clock in the morning and he was still lying awake in his mummy's bed. It has been a weird day. He had promised his mummy to look after her house while she was on vacation with her new boyfriend John, but everything that happened since he came through her door was just messed up. It started with that note, that was covered in kisses, telling him to do some chores and those chores all ended up messing up his head.

The sextoys he had discovered were still s**ttered on the bed, one dildo was pressed against his back and a big back butt plug lay right next to ... Continue»
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My Wife Natalie Chapter 2

After that night it took us a month or so before we got back into our normal routine and stopped feeling a bit awkward around each other. Our nights out together soon started again and our sex life was good although there was no role play or fantasies as I didn't want to push my luck.
Natalie told me that she did not and would never sl**p with anyone but me from now on as she wasn't a cheap slut.
She hadn't been out with her friends for ages as we didn't usually go out separately but as it was Joannes birthday, her best friend then she agreed to go out wit her and a few others that Friday ni... Continue»
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....more from the Cuck worries Part 2

....Nat was well up my tight slit and very much enjoying his possession, his crown jewels he said up his Princess. His hot hands slapping my ass, it was a bit painful and stingy with each slap, but I liked it as the pain of the slap was taken away by the pleasure of the monster dick sliding into me deeper and deeper. my G spot was being stretched wider and rubbed with a friction that intensified. Mick(hubby) was still moaning on about it and I could feel from the tension in Nat's dick , the only way fucked woman can do that he had had enough of the shit from Mick!!!
He suddenly ripped out hi... Continue»
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Hot Granny Best Sex Ever

About a year ago, I was 29, a young black professional, seven years out of college and a new MBA. I was recruited out of school and was working at the headquarters of a large national company.

In such a large organization, hook ups were pretty common and I had no trouble getting pretty much all the sex I wanted. For some reason though, I became very curious about a group of four older white women, 3 of which were married, who kept up steady sexual relationships with younger black men. As it turned out, one of these women, Effie, who was married and looked to be in her early 50s, was the ... Continue»
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Las Vegas is world famous for gambling. Secondly for all the various exhibitions, and thirdly for famous artist performances. And then the sex. Prostitution is forbidden within city limits, but in the local phone book you will find about 100 pages solely for “private dancers”. A euphemism for female entertainment anyway you like it.

Just outside city limits, you will find the famous chicken farms, large legal brothels, where almost every sexual desire can be satisfied. Almost. There are some desires that need more refinement.

Millions of... Continue»
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My Wife Natalie Chapter 1

My wife Natalie and I met when I was 19 and she was 18 and in 6th form school, We were both virgins.
Natalie is a size 16 with and amazing body and large breasts, The first thing I noticed about her as she was talking to her friends was that she smoked. I have always had a smoking fetish but never told anyone about it as I thought people would find me weird!
We ended up dating and our sex life was amazing and over the next few years things were perfect between us.

After we bought our first house she became pregnant and a little girl was born.
We soon got back into our routine of work and... Continue»
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Our first ass licking.

We met online using a dating app on our phones. She said in her profile that she had a disability. That meant to me: I am missing a foot. Or it meant:I’m on Welfare. Her cute little face did not lead me to believe that she was that kind of girl, so when we got to chatting I went for it. I asked Laura out for coffee. I never brought up her disability and neither did she. I thought it would add tension or make it awkward so I just left it alone.
I waited in the coffee shop while she was running about half an hour late. I heard her come in through the door. She was in an electrically powered wh... Continue»
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Cuck says no more!

My hubby was now at is wits end, he told me I had to stop my affair with my negro friend instantly while I was still lucky not to be affected by his seed!!! I said at the time he mentioned it one nice warm eve after Dinner that I would stop then and he was so happy he bought me a nice new sexy outfit, a clingy rubber dress. He wanted me to play with a Huge black dildo he also got me instead, so realistic with moving rubber foreskin and a pulsing head that actually ejaculates a special cum mixture, I can set a timer at random for this to happen after 15 mins of riding it, the amount can be set ... Continue»
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Cuddlyanne- BBW White Meat

Finally, moving day was here, and it was time to get things going. My son had moved out after graduating college, and I no longer needed a two bedroom apartment. I found a cute little one bedroom in the same neighborhood, but a hell of a lot cheaper. I had everything all boxed up and ready to go, and decided to put up a pot of coffee, in case the movers needed some extra energy. As I hit the button on the coffee machine, the doorbell rang. I opened up the door, and there were two huge black men standing in my doorway wearing t-shirts that said "Brooklyn Movers", I stepped back and let th... Continue»
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Welcome home treat

It had been a long 6 months away from home with work, and I couldn't wait to get back home and get in my own bed for the night, the journey home was a nightmare with plane delays and then road closures, it had taken me 11hours to do a 6 hour journey.

Once I had finally gotten home I threw my belongings in the lounge, locked the door, stripped off and headed for the shower. I noticed my bedroom door was ajar as I walked past to the bathroom, I just assumed I hadn't shut it before I left.

As I was showering I heard the door creak open slowly, I thought an intruder was in my home, I ripp... Continue»
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Ana and the black janitor

Ana and the black janitor.

That Tuesday evening I was working late at my office. The place was not much crowded. I headed towards the washroom. The day had been warm and I was wearing a black skirt which was reaching almost my knee and a light white shirt.

As I was washing my face, some strange shadow moved on the mirror.
Then I saw Manfred, the black janitor, standing behind with a weird smile. When I turned to leave, he pinched my buttocks. I shouted in surprise and turned and slapped him hard. Due to that slap he became very angry and just caught my hand and dragged me into a washroo... Continue»
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Attention Whore girlfriend

My girlfriend is in fact a little trampy attention whore but just for me. The more I ignore her, the more she wants me. I love it. Don't get me wrong, I tend to her needs but sometimes the things she does really makes my bl**d rush to my cock in an instant.

On a day off from work, I'm enjoying it by relaxing winding down just playing some video games. When Nicole gets home, shes instantly bitching about her day at work. I pretend to ignore everything she says. As I continue to play CoD online, Nicole just stops and angerly says, "are you even fucking listening to a word I'm saying?" I don't... Continue»
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Jim's Discovery - Part 1

Jim was halfway through his afternoon in the office. He hated his job. Well he didn't really hated it, it was just too boring. Especially on such a nice Friday afternoon. He tried to concentrate but he couldn't, the job was just too boring, but then was saved by the bell. Or rather the ringing of his phone. He looked at the display and saw the number of his mother.

"Hi mum, how are you?", Jim answered the phone. "Hi Jimmy, I'm fine, how are you?" "Great mum, but I'm at work, so I don't have too much time. What can I do for you?" "Ohh I'm sorry to interrupt you honey! I just have a favor to ... Continue»
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