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Watching the Boys Part 16

"Sit down sir." The first black TSA agent said to me, pointing at a
row of chairs against the wall. "This won't take long." He sneered.

I hesitantly walked over to the chairs and sat down with my carry on
luggage. Keeping my eye on my barefoot boys as they stood there standing
in front of a large metal table in the middle of the plain room.

"I said strip boys!" The agent at the office desk in the corner said
as he stood up walking over to the boys. Leif looked a bit shocked but
Bryan looked like he knew what was up.

"It'll be OK, just go with it." I hear... Continue»
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Wife tell me what she did (Part 2) She fulfils my

My wife any I have a very good sex life, but she knows that I get incredibly turned on at the thought of watching her with another man, or just hearing about her getting fucked by another guy. Especially a hung black guy, I just love the thought of her pussy getting ruined by a much bigger cock than mine. I know that she has had sex with at least one black man, as she told me all about it after, as even showed me pictures of his huge cock next to her face. She didn't take any pics of it penetrating her, which is a shame.

So eventually, I persuaded her to do something with me in the ro... Continue»
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The theater an my first conscious cream pie

This is a true story of the first time I knowingly ate my first creampie.
I met this girl in a bar. She started flirting with me right away. I bought her a drink an we chatted a bit. She said she had just broken up with her husband and was kinda sad. I was new in town and we talked about a few different things and had a few drinks. She was definitely a looker. She went to the bathroom an some guy came over to me to tell me what a slut she was. I guess he thought he was giving a stranger a friendly warning, I'm not sure but the results worked just the opposite. If she was a slut than I wanted... Continue»
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What if I like it?

I remember her words to me "What if I really like it?"
I told her "I hope you do in fact I hope you love it and want to do it all the time" an she would stare at me thinking. I'm referring to when I told my girlfriend my fantasy of watching her fuck another guy, a black guy.
I'll start at the begining. I met her in a bar of a hotel I was staying at. I was there for a job and would be there for a few months. She was a very attractive blonde an after we had talked at the bar for a few hours I asked her to my room. I was very surprised when she excepted. She was in no way a bar fly or even a... Continue»
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Watching the Boys Part 15

"What are they doing out there?" I thought as I got up and walked
over to look out at the pool. What I saw made my cock grow instantly hard.

As I peered out into the sun drenched pool area, I saw the twin boys
Caleb and Jacob in a pile on a few of the square shaped padded lounge
chairs that had been pulled together to make a makeshift bed. The young
boys were wildly sucking each other off. Just a pile of wet young boy
flesh going crazy with lust as they sucked each other off in a wild 69

Leif was laying back behind the twins on the recliner, his face los... Continue»
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Asian Delight: Principal's Orders (Gay)

I moaned as my hips went down to have my ass slap against strong thighs. The person below me pushed up to shove his big dick deeper into my little, Asian hole.

"Are we almost done, Principal Tark?"

"Not yet, Jesse." The black man below didn't pant like I did. He remained laying on the ground while his hands gripped my wrists. There was no escape from his thrusts that made my body tingle, mostly around the ass. "Your punishment isn't over until its course has been run."

I held in my moan while my short, black hair brushed against bare shoulders. My jeans and white shirt were ripped. U... Continue»
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Sam Stone unlocked the front door of the juke joint he owned along with his b*****r, Paul. The club was basically an old two-story farmhouse that had been converted for commercial use. It sat on the outskirts of a mid-size town in Mississippi. It was called JUGS. More than 90-percent of the patrons were Black men. All of the front of house staff were white women with big titties. Sam & Paul hired no one that had less than a D-cup.

JUGS had decent food and good drinks. There were usually games of dominoes and blackjack going on in one of the private rooms. Of course, people were gambling on ... Continue»
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Birthday/Retirement Party

I was just about ready to leave for the birthday party. Our friends Patrick and Trisha were waiting in their car to take me to the party when the phone rang. It was my husband Joe who was away on business but was expected to get back for the party later, so although I was getting a ride to the party he would bring me home at the end.

"Hi babe" he said, " I am not going to make it to the party tonight as I just blew a tire. I managed to get into a garage but he doesn't have the size so I will stay at a motel just down the street and he said he can get one first thing tomorrow."
"Shit tha... Continue»
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Susan, Charles, and Danny

Susan had received a phone call, but Danny kept his distance, as he
suspected it was probably Charles, checking up on his Asian lover. The
hushed tones of the conversation told him they were probably up to
something, and a smile came to Danny's face.

Having never been jealous of their carrying on, the only thing Danny
always asked for was that he was allowed to be around when they were
playing like young lovers. It was so exciting for Danny to be able to
watch his Chinese wife with her legs up on Charles's shoulders, while the
big black man pounded her for what would seem like hour... Continue»
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Cuckold couple Discovers

Hi just wanna let you know that this is my first ever story I write and upload and english isn t my native language so please bear with me.

Cuckold couple Discover
Chapter 1

First Steps, Marc’s Side

Marc was an attractive men,5’10’ mix bl**d, black and white. He wasn’t so popular with girls while he was in high school thought, probably because of the social environment he was living in, and like most teenagers, he was an heavy user of porn.
Nothing to freaky, but let s say he was pretty happy to go home and wank a few one before he went to sl**p.

As he reached the ... Continue»
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Cuckold couple Discovers

Hello First of all I would like to say that english isn t my first language so please bear with my grammar :)
And this is my first time ever to publish a story. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 1

First Steps, Marc’s Side

Marc was an attractive men,5’10’ mix bl**d, black and white. He wasn’t so popular with girls while he was in high school thought, probably because of the social environment he was living in, and like most teenagers, he was an heavy user of porn.
Nothing to freaky, but let s say he was pretty happy to go home and wank a few one before he went to sl**p.

... Continue»
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My wife fucks on our first rock crawl.

My wife and I have always enjoyed mud bogging in our four wheel drive but lately we have started rock crawling. I did some work for a guy on his rock crawler and he told me about a nice crawler that was for sale. I went and had a look and bought it.

As I was going over it getting to know the dual stick transfer case and other controls my wife came out to have a look. I explained how this is a lot cleaner four wheeling to her. She said I like getting muddy. I said yeah, but you can wear nicer cloths when we take this Buggy. And since its going to be a nice hot Saturday we should go try to ... Continue»
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Indian F w/ BBC & White guy

As we finish cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, he puts his arm around me, looks at me, and says, wow you are just so beautiful. I smiled and thanked him of course. He says, but you already know beautiful you are. I said, its always so much better hearing it from someone else. He said, I better be the only guy telling you that and I said absolutely. He kissed me, no tongue, just soft, gentle kisses. On my lips, nose, cheek, forehead, and my neck.....mmmmm....kisses, soft kisses on the neck....mmmm.....feels so good.

As he softly kissed my neck, his hands find my breasts. he runs ... Continue»
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Hit on at the grocery store

I was in the grocery story yesterday picking up some lunch. I was looking around while I was waiting for my sandwich to be made.. Nothing special.. normal crowd. But I did notice a few people looking my way. I figured it was because I was holding my motorcycle helmet(it is bright and gets lots of looks) and some would look away as I would notice them staring. But this one guy did not look away.. he just smiled and so I smiled back. Got my sandwich and pushed my cart down the isle, got in line to pay.
After I got out of line and headed towards the door I notice my friend (who got into a diffe... Continue»
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Bred by my black friend :P

*Just a little story I thought up* (not finished)

So I've been playing with a friend lately and he told me he really wanted to "hangout". I thought about it and well I thought why not. I wore some tight jeans to show off my ass, and a tight shirt to show off my tits needless to say I was being a little cocktease. I think I had a heart tongue stud, my little heart nipple rings, just a pink belly button stud, and a cute heart clit ring, yeah I like piercings haha.

I got at his place around 8pm he welcomed me with a kiss on the cheek, and said I looked hot showing off the goods and my ... Continue»
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How I Found My Frist BBC Part 2

Day 2 of cruise

I woke Early to look over at this Black God next to me. I got of of bed legs still weak From the night before. I made my way to the Bathroom I wash and clean myself inside and out. I put on a cute babydoll Nightie. and white thigh highs, with a sheer white garter and and white shower pumps. Redid my make up and But on my long Red wig with bangs. When I walk out of Bathroom he still sl**ping I order room service and climb up on bed and start to slow suck His Big Black Cock.

Frist Licking the Head then the shaft. then taking him all in as soon as he is ... Continue»
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Anita used and abused in a Jamaican beach

Anita used and abused in a Jamaican beach
The winter was so crude in New York that season; so, Ana asked me to spend at least a weekend in the Caribbean, to escape from the cold.
We decided to go again to Jamaica; Ana had fine memories from that island: she had been well fucked by black men some time ago, when we spent some vacation days there…
We rented a kind of bungalow close to the beach. The place was beautiful, wild nature, warm weather, blue sky and a nice pine wood to cross before reaching the sandy beaches…
After placing our luggage in the cottage, Ana suggested to see the place a... Continue»
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Caught fucking another

So the wife and I went to a friends party out of town. We didn't expect many people to be there and the dress attire was informal. So we arrived around 7 pm or so, I was surprised by how many people were there. We talked to a lot of other people and had some drinks. In fact we might of had too many drinks. Anyways around 10 pm or so, I noticed this tall black male enter the room, he was stunningly beautiful, dark sexy black, muscular build and beautiful white teeth. I was definitely NOT worried about him flirting or being interested in my wife. Honesty, she wasn't even on his level of women,... Continue»
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I hosted a gang bang party for my wife.

The life of a cuckold husband isn't that difficult. Two to three times a week my wife either goes out for the evening or entertains one of her friends while I'm at work. That's normal around here, but a week ago I was told that she was in the mood for a gang fucking.

We where setting on the deck one evening after dinner enjoying a mixed drink and the subject of a gang bang came up. Out of the blue my wife said my pussy wants to be fucked raw. I know better than to try and talk her out of anything she wants to do. So I just asked what that ment? She said I want to be fucked by several guys... Continue»
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Sloppy second fuck for son

In my first year at University of Sao Paulo, I moved out of dormitory
to an adult student housing because It provided more free doom and at
lower cost, and My new roommate was a black Brazil dude.

Back on those days, We always flat broke near month end, homemade wine and
beer was the only entertainment we had on weekend. People often exchanged
hiding thoughts and ideas when under influence of alcohol thus We compared
notes most of the time about women at school. On one occasion we were talking
about milf, and sure enough that our moms got in to the conversation. That
when ... Continue»
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