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I couldn't find someone to fuck at the gay bar that night it was kind of slow and nobody took my eye so I left later that night with a horny ass disappointed I had hoped to be getting laid right about now! I was passing a dark alley and suddenly a hand shot out of the darkness and pulled me into the blackness of that alley I couldn't see a thing I just felt his large hand on my shirt as he dragged me deeper and deeper into the darkness I stumbled a few times before we came to a wall at the back of the alley he shoved me against the wall and growled "So you like cock huh bitch lets s... Continue»
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Bangkok in 2001 satisfies Stuart big time

It was the middle summer 2001 in the back streets of Bangkok and it was unusually hot, even for the Thai City, as the three young local girls, Sumalee, Karnchana and Mayuree, were keeping cool in the large air-conditioned gym. They are employed to look after the sexual desires of tourists and they are very experienced in sexual techniques even though they are only 18 years old. All three had learnt to speak English as c***dren, which helps them now in their work with the tourists.

The previous day Sumalee had looked after the sexual needs of Stuart, a tall, well built, Englishman, and she c... Continue»
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Wife goes black

We had been married for twenty years, I was 49 and sheryl my wife was 39, she was a beautiful girl big blue eyes, light brown hair, a cute little snub nose and a cupid mouth. We had an idyllic marriage we were great friends and still had a red hot sex life, we laughed a lot and enjoyed our k**s growing up.
So a perfect life you might think but I had a burning desire to see Sheryl screwed by someone else we talked about it every time we fucked, both of us cumming when we talked abt it, but we both agreed it was only a fantasy afterwards.
Our oldest son was 18 and played a lot of football, he... Continue»
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A Work Party- Ch. 4- People Start to Notice...

A Work Party- Ch. 4

Ron spent the day with me, at my house, well, mine and Tony’s, as I cleaned up and made the house presentable for the party. Rom didn’t even balk when I gave him some chores to do, like dusting and vacuuming, and taking the trash out.

I spent the day wearing my short baby-pink satin robe, and nothing else, just padding around, doing what was necessary, including scouring the kitchen and bathrooms. Ron would leer at me and admire my jiggling boobs, and the fact that I kept having to re-tighten my robe’s sash, to keep it from opening fully to him. As much as I loved ... Continue»
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It started one hot summer night when I was staying at my friends house and I was sharing the room with his black friend Lacey one night I was sl**ping on my belly with just my underwear on no sheet to stay cool and suddenly I wasn't alone in my bed he was on top of me and was pulling my underwear down he whispered into my ear "Don't say nothing!" I just lay there I knew what he wanted he wanted to fuck me! I had never had a black man before the only cock I had had before was my best friend Steve and he was not real big at all Lacey on the other hand was huge I felt his big cock head slide betw... Continue»
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BB is fucked live on stage

Bobbi Barber, known to her friends as BB, was just 26 when her life changed forever. Her life up until then had been full of disappointments in most things and constant heartache when it came to her love life. Throughout her teens and her time at University, each successive boyfriend had either dumped her, cheated on her or was just been plain bad as with her last boyfriend. Even though she's intelligent and certainly not stupid, perhaps she was basically naïve, trusting and easily led. This is certainly still the case here as she allowed her emotions to rule over common sense.

She was the... Continue»
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be careful where you sit

to start off with i am a white chubby guy who likes the taste of cum and wearing panties and tight pants, also i have a nice round rump.
on a rainy evening i got my panties and leggings on and went to my local adult store. i walked in and went right for the booth area. i found a booth with a curtian open and went in and sat down. i didn't notice there was someone already in it and i sat right down on his lap. he was bigger then me and black he was wearing a dark grey t and jeans. he grabbed my hips and held me in place and said "come on boy and stay for a wile."
he held me down on his lap ... Continue»
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A Lovely Couple Geeta and Priya

It was another hot day in Bombay. The past few days had been a bit cooler than the previous nevertheless, it was still hot. Arunima_H (geetha) had just finished doing the laundry but the dirty clothes were already starting to pile up. The baby had to be changed because his diaper had leaked. And Geeta had changed into another sari because of the heat. She now changed into a hot pink sari top. It was actually one of her favourite ones to wear at home. It seemed as t... Continue»
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Consent P3

This story picks up where Consent 2 ends so you might enjoy this more please read it and Consent first.

Shortly after Karen left, I showered and collapsed on the bed. I guess Karen was right, I was really exhausted from the past two nights. I slept like a piece of lead, but finally woke very refreshed, ready for whatever Sunday would bring. Just before noon Karen called with my instructions. Celeste is expecting me a 3:30, get her hot but do not have sex. Karen would arrive at 4 and she expected to see us both fully clothed. I take a very thorough shower, must be clean for the ladies!
So a... Continue»
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Middle eastern wife 1st time in glory hole

We are a middle eastern couple. I am 45 years old and she is 37 years old. We have a very good life style, our sex life is also so good as we both are liberal .
When it comes to sex between both of us. We tried role play with so many fantasies, we tried toys and dildos, specially I wanted her to feel a massive cock size without involving any one. our dildo is 8 inch long and 2.5 inch wide.
We are typical middle eastern couple. She is shy apart when we are together in sexual intimacy.
After saving lots of money we finally decided to go on vacation to the western countries for the 1st time.... Continue»
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Hijabi slut fucking and praying

It was the start of another week at work. I work at a small IT solutions company just outside New York. It was Monday and it seemed like it would be a long week.

My name is Fariya and my f****y moved from India before I was born. My f****y are strict muslims and all the women in my f****y wear the full islamic dress. I wear a niqab, hijab and abaya or jilbab. I have been called a niqabi or hijabi. I have been wearing this since turning 15. I am not the best looking of girls and boys never took much interest in me even before I completely covered up.

I am now 24 and I have never been wit... Continue»
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My Pakistani wife fucks German Turkish stud in Bel

Well you may remember few weeks ago I did a story about my Suki wanking and English gent in Rufford park near Nottingham.
Suki (short for Sukina) is my 30 plus sexy wife of about 11 years. We have two very young boys. And I fuck her every day except during Ramadan. When we only do it at weekends. After the incident in Rufford park we began to talk about swinging. Suki never had sex with any other man but me till last week of July this year. The date was 27th. Time 3.36 pm and place a hotel in Belgium. The reason I can be this accurate is because I videoed it on my camera and two of our iP... Continue»
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Un expected from my mom

Hi all,

still i don know whether it was right or wrong yes i mean the strange incident which happened on feb 3rd morning before sharing the incident let me introduce myself my name is guna, age is 23 and i m currently working as a electrical engineer at chennai.

my mom name is chandra , age is 42 and she is a house wife.

i came to know about this site just one week before through google search yes the incident has been f***ed me to search

To be frank, till feb 2nd night i didnt have any sexual feeling with my mom bu
... Continue»
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Becoming His Bitch

The cell door slammed shut with a bang and it was dark inside I hesitated and the guard said "Bulb's out they'll fix it tomorrow!" then he walked away...I thought well at least I'm alone but then the shadows moved and from the other side of the cell he came and he was massive as black as pitch he was and impossibly tall his head practically touched the ceiling and I gasped in surprise...
He came over to me and put his equally massive hands on my shoulders and pushed down I went to my knees without a struggle I did not want a beating first I knew what went on in prison so when he dr... Continue»
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My Cancun trip... day one.

I had a horrible month, one of those that one can not take; Jean my boyfriend cheated on me with my best ex friend, not once, but for a whole year, I could not believe it. My job was so crappy I decided to quit, my f****y is a mess after my mom's passing, so I decided to take a trip away from Paris.

Ten hours later I showed up in Cancun had made a reservation the night before all I had was the confirmation number, 10 days away from everyone I knew.

I was tired and cranky when the front desk person welcomed me, he did not speak french, nor I speak spanish, so we tried to communicate in E... Continue»
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How My Boyfriend Turned Me Into Slut

My name is Nisha, age: 22 years and today I am going to tell a real story or say incident of my life happened recently with me in which I’ll tell you that how my boyfriend turns me into a slut. I would like to tell you that before meeting my bf I was virgin and respect the Indian values. I’ll describe my story of “How I lose my virginity to my boyfriend?” some other time. I always have a very high sex desire in me but I always control and content myself in the Indian values and never ever try to do anything sexually. And the ... Continue»
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Consent 2

This story picks up where Consent ends so you might enjoy this more is you read it first.

"I will leave you two for now. I am sure you and Celeste have much to talk about. Celeste stay here and take good care of him."
"Yes Mistress Karen I will. I have never met a man quite like him before."
The front door shuts and Celeste pulls the sheet from me. I pull her to me and kiss her deeply. She sighs and lays on my chest.
"God did this all really happen? I have never been fucked like that before and now Mistress wants a threesome."
"Is that OK? Tell me about your Mistress, Karen."
"Share yo... Continue»
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First time interracial cuckold

A friend of mine has had the fantasy of have a big black cock fuck her pussy and make another man clean her up. She is about 5.4 cervy body, her boobs were a C and she had a nice ass curvy shape. I am white and a little on the chubby side with a nice ass. One day she came to me and told me about her fantasy of have a bbc cum in her pussy and bring it home to have another guy eat it out of her. She knew I loved eating her pussy out and she knew I sucked some black cocks before. So I agreed to it. Later that night she would go out to the local adult booths to find a guy. She put on a pair of nic... Continue»
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First bull experience

I always had my suspicions, but 6 years into marriage and I discovered what I had instinctively knew all along. That my wife had cheated on me with a number of other men in the past. I tried to be the better man, forgive, and let go, but in the ensuing argument I only asked one thing. That she not talk to those men again over facebook and other social media... to which she replied "I'll talk to who I please, and if I did you'd never know anyways".

This would spark a new phase in not just our marriage, but within myself. I became jealous, and a spy. I spent years going through everything. It... Continue»
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Damn! It was ruined! Would it ever be the same??? Red, swollen, stretched and gaping open. But wow was it HOT! I obeyed her as she said lick it clean but go easy I'm sore. On my knees I bathed her used pussy with my tongue. Sucking the 2 big loads of come out of her loose hole. So let me tell you how her once little pussy got this beat up.

With my permission we went out with the goal of getting her fucked by another man. Wearing her fuck me heels and a short yellow sundress, we went to a hotel bar a few exits out of town. I sat in the corner while at the bar she ordered a drink. It didn't t... Continue»
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