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Meeting Walter, my black master

I first met him in a funny way. I was at an adult bookstore, looking to suck some cock through the gloryholes. After a few minutes, a guy slid his fat white cock through, and I took it in my mouth and started sucking, slow and deep. I'd do a hit of Rush every few minutes, just to make it more exciting. He didn't last too long before unloading a big sticky flood of cum in my mouth. i kept his cock in my mouth till he withdrew it, then I spit it on the floor and wiped my lips. As I did, I noticed a phone number scrawled on the wall, and for some reason I took it down and called it a few nights l... Continue»
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An old friend of mine returned earlier this evenin

We made love and fell asl**p. I woke a few hours later to a belly pain. Nothing odd, it's been going on quite a bit and I'm told it's normal as things work their way back to normal. The super part is I'm losing the tummy and thighs fast while keeping the huge chest. I'm down to 142 pounds and a CC cup. I hope I get to keep the boobs! I'm starting to actually appreciate the softness and size, thought the green veins have to go. I Pee'd, cleaned, pumped and breastfed the hungry one.

I made enough noise to wake Roger. Not by design but I'm glad he stirred. I brought him a glass of w... Continue»
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Fucking Janeli The Bangladesh Slut

Body type: Average
Hair: Dark Black, Wavy
Eyes: Dark Black
Skin: Dark, Asian
Cuteness: Not the best looking
Personality: Down to earth closet slut
Tits: Small, dark nipples, somewhat perky
Ass: normal sized, firm
Pussy: Bushy, dark, dark pink interior

Story time. I hope the great users of XH enjoy tales of the bitches fucked throughout the years.

This happened back in High school, junior or senior year, we had some classes together and she was sort of into me. Always hanging around, giving too many hugs and kisses. But she was a really cool girl. Anyways, she invites me one schoo... Continue»
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The Making of a Sissy (Part 2: The Metamorphosis)

As the morning rays of sunlight pierced through my bedroom window I was awakened from the most intense dream, reenacting what had happened the night before. My throbbing hard little cock was gently humping against the sheets of my bed while I couldn't stop thinking about the amazing big black cock I had in my mouth just hours ago. I could still taste him on my tongue, and I could smell him on my lips. What had happened to me? Why was I so turned on by all of this? I thought to myself, "Maybe it was just a one time thing, like a one night stand." My mom had been dating a lot lately, so I ... Continue»
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The organised party was going really well and the Ladies that had chosen to breed had selected their stud for the evening. The Madam released the boys from their 2 weeks of chastity and allowed there weapons back into the public again!!!
I was a little surprised that a pretty, tiny and slight girl with mousy hair called Sharon was standing nervously in the breeding Ladies line up?
We spoke and she explained that she had had a couple of white lads, but said they were not up to much in bed and she was still a near virgin. 1 lad she said was told to 'bang her up', make he preggo. He had tried l... Continue»
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My Ebony Dream

I had to rewrite my story and fix some grammar errors.

So just a little background first. My name is Scott. It's March 2015 in Phoenix, AZ. I'm 28 years old and single. It's just another Friday night and I'm ready to hit the clubs and search for my dream woman. Growing up in the 2000's in America sucks when you would like to meet a naturally hairy woman that doesn't shave. I sometimes wish I grew up in the 60's and 70's but without all the racism. Anyway, I'm old school, I been with around 40 women since I was young and none of them had a full bush. Maybe a little landing str... Continue»
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Ebony Goddess

Sorry that the opening to this is a little longer than I would like - but it's important.

I had just finished the 7th hole when the rain came. So I headed home when I noticed a well dressed black man standing in the rain while looking under the hood of his Mercedes. I stopped and asked if he needed any help. He said that he just needed a ride. He said, "I have to meet some clients at the Park Towers...and that's the 2nd time that P.O.S. car has done that. Are you going anywhere near The Towers?" It was a few miles out of the way but it was no big deal. He said, "I left very early because I ... Continue»
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The Making of a Sissy (Part 1)

It was the summer after graduation, and I was living with my mom who was recently divorced. She had been dating a lot during that period, which was kind of rough for me to deal with. I would usually give her dates a hard time, and to be honest I was completely unsupportive of her decision to be dating. Anyhow, I was up late one night watching something on t.v. when I heard her and her new boyfriend come home from a date. They were apparently somewhat d***k and making a lot of noise, but I just tried to ignore it. It wasn't much longer until I started to hear this moaning and rocking of th... Continue»
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CD Dram night

This is a true story that occurred during my last business trip. I was spending an evening in a city a few hours away. I travel there often and have made connections with a few lovers. First of all let me tell that I am a middle aged business man that turns into a cross-dressing slut when i am in the city. Since I was only in town one evening I wanted to make the most of my short visit. I made a date with a regular and utilized Craigslist to search for a BBC.

I made contact with a sexy black married man with a ten inch cock. On the way to the city I stopped and did some shopping at a JCPenn... Continue»
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Story - Picking up a coffee boy/man!

This is a story requested by a friend...this was not part of my real life sex life yet hehe

Everyday before work I would stop in at this little coffee shop. Behind the counter is this strapping young teen-ager, his skin like Hershey's chocolate and a slight bulge twitching as I notice him checking out my snake running down my jeans...this was not the first time I saw him looking...his name tag said late afternoon I stopped in by chance and there was Mors sitting at a table alone...after getting my drink I head over to Mors table...standing beside him where he gets a nice crotc... Continue»
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Our gardener enjoys Anita at the back yard

Our gardener enjoys Ana at the back yard

I arrived home very early that Thursday afternoon. As I walked through the living room, I heard a commotion noise outside the kitchen window. In the distance, I saw my lovely wife Ana and our Mexican gardener, Diego; a good man that usually makes some jobs.
Upon closer examination outside, I saw Diego was doing more than just looking my wife. Ana was kicking and screaming as the man was fondling her right in the garden.

My wife`s jean shorts covered her shapely, beautiful ass, but she was topless. Her bra was missing and her blouse had been ragg... Continue»
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remember msn

Dave watched as Jerome jerked his massive black cock. He met Jerome in a chatroom and had always loved interracial porn. He loved to watch white girls fucked by massive black tools. Jerome asked if Dave had a girlfriend. He replied no but he had split up with a girl a month ago. They had been together for six months. Jerome asked if he had a photo. Dave had some photos of Meg naked and one sucking his 7 inch cock. He thought she would never find out so sent one of the pics to Jerome.

Megan was bored at home. She decided she would see if anyone was on msn. She signed in but kept her profile ... Continue»
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My workout fantasy

Last week I was at the fitness center of our apartment complex working out when this very lovely Indian mixed 30s something lady walked in. She walked over to the coat hooks and proceeded to strip down to her shorts and sports bra. By looking at her you can tell she took care of herself. She had dark skin and long flowing black hair tied up in a ponytail. she was about 5.10 or so and about 150 lbs with very long toned legs with a very ample round chest. at one point she got on the treadmill and was slowly working her speed up to a light jog. I than went and started on the exercise bike next to... Continue»
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I guess I am just addicted

I was going to take a break from having sex with strange men just because it was getting complicated. Hubby and I decided to just chill and focus on f****y and our careers. But! I was in Fanieul Hall this week enjoying lunch at one of my favorite eateries when this man walked in. He was gorgeous. 30ish, 6' 2" muscular and a mix of olive and brown skin with green eyes. He caught me looking at him and smiled at me. I smiles back and he went to the counter to order.

I looked at my girlfriend and asked her if she saw him. She nodded and said "omg how cold I not". We continued to talk and were ... Continue»
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The Story of Me

Well Hello There!

Welcome to The Story of Me. This will be a short synopses from how I found right man and why I am one lucky girl. I have always been a thick girl from an early age and was never approached by the boys. In high school I decided to take up something most girls of that age usually don't do...suck cock! Not only did it get the attention of some the boys, but I found out that I REALLY, REALLY loved it. Yup, and you know what! I was really good at it to. I did get some dates, but until I met my husband I was still a virgin. And you know what, I didn't care. Sucking cock was such... Continue»
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Anita and the black male porn star

Anita and the black male porn star

That Friday evening was Anita’s birthday and after dinner at home, she told me she had been chatting with her slut friend Helena, who had arranged for her a sex date with a black male porn star…

“Helena says that guy has a black anaconda, not a dick…” Ana said smiling…

The date would be that same night at a near motel down the main highway.
My sweet wife barely asked me if I agreed to watch her being fucked by a black male porn star,; but before I could answer, she rushed upstairs to change her clothes.

I sat down on my favorite coach and watched... Continue»
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BBC Poker Party Wife

Black Poker Party

My name is Eddie and something has happened in my life recently that I have to write about. Let me tell you about my situation. I am a 32 year old white male, who is married to a very sexy woman, named Liz. Liz, who is 28 years old, and I have been married for five years. We met when we were teenagers and dated on and off, until our marriage. Liz is easily the most attractive woman I've ever been with and I love her very much.

Liz has always been my dream girl. My wife has long brunette hair, that falls below her shoulders and blue eyes that light up when she smiles. Li... Continue»
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Cuckold’s Confession

This story was written by THE DARK WANDERER. I did not write it. I loved it so much, I decided to share it with the rest of you. Enjoy!!!

Me and my wife Emily got married four years ago and have enjoyed reading about cuckolded husbands, especially the ones where Black studs fuck the wives. They fueled our fantasies. For the last couple of years I had badgered her to give it a go herself to find out what makes Black guys so good.

I became even more insistent when a Black youth joined the firm straight from college and became one of my apprentices last year. Carl was 18 but fr... Continue»
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Wife let me watch her get fucked

It started with a loud crash, and just like that there was no power. My co workers and I walked outside to find that there had been an accident. After speaking with the emergency crews it became apparent it was going to be awhile before power could be returned to our building. My supervisor decided it was not going to be productive to stay and released us for the day. As I gathered my things under the emergency lights one of my friends Ann came up to me. Ann was a beautiful woman who was friends with my wife and myself. She really seemed to connect with my wife. They talked regularly and went ... Continue»
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My old black mechanic

My old black mechanic

That Thursday afternoon I was returning home early, when the engine of my nice lovely car finally exhausted his last breathe and left me in the middle of nowhere.
My loving husband was flying anywhere, so I decided to call for an emergency tow.

Two hours later the towing truck arrived and an old black man came to check my car.

The old man was not exactly good looking. He had several cut scars he probably received in a knife fight. He was the type of man that would scare me under normal circumstances, but I knew him. His name was Jimmy, who usually fixed our c... Continue»
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