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I will be sumiting our true advetures as a life l

This is the first ever time which has led to a vulnerable situation.

WE HAD BEEN OUT ON THE TOWN and this was a summers evening Emma and I had been drinking quite allot, and through to the early hours in the clubs and bars we decide about 3:30 am to make our way to the taxi rank to get us home, we spent ages waiting and one thing led to another playing, kissing and fingering, we had a few admiring glances and one guy came right up to us and gestured he would like to help out he looked a way to d***k and a little creepy but fair play on his part no meant no and he respectfully went on his wa... Continue»
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pool time for Wanda

Hello, my name is Wanda and I am writing about what happened at the beginning of what I call my summer of dirty fun that happened last year. First a little about me, I am 37 5'6 and around 190 to 215 pounds with above the shoulder brown hair and brown eyes with a 38DD chest in case you were all wondering. I'm not in the greatest of shape but not completely flabby either but after two k**s my boobs aren't nice and perky like they used to be. I am married and we live in a nice subdivision that has its own park, tennis court, and swimming pool which is paid for by our home owners' association fee... Continue»
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i watched my wife Wanda fuck a black man

I finished my third beer and rubbed my eyes. I was a little p.o.'d with myself that I hadn't been able to figure out what to do. This whole mess was really beginning to bug the hell out of me. A couple hours and a couple beers and I could usually nail just about any problem I ever had. But damn ! I didn't know what to do about this one. And the worst part of it was that I'd caused the entire thing myself. Pandora's box was open and I couldn't get it shut again.
Wanda and I have been married a couple of years now. Second try for both of us. She's a totally amazing woman. My first marriage ende... Continue»
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the best parts of sharing my wife Wanda pt. 1

Part 1……………
There are lots of things I enjoy about sharing my wife Wanda with all these other men. The prepping, shaving and lotion applied to her bbw body before her date arrives. The mental anticipation I experience leading up to her fucking. The numerous images I jack off too of hotwives being fucked and satisfied by their strong virile lovers. Their facial and bodily expressions and pure euphoria they feel while being penetrated by a satisfying huge cock.
You can’t forget the initial deep breath when she first allows his entry into her either. That’s cock hardening within itself.
But ... Continue»
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Sort of 3-way/Cuckold

Back when I was at collage, I used to hang around with a guy named Stephen. Now Stephen was gay and in the closet. I know he was gay because I was in my experimental years and we frequently sucked each other off. I’m not embarrassed about it. I was sixteen or s*******n and ridiculously horny all the time. So, pretty much the same as I am now. The only difference back then, was that I had zero confidence around girls and Stephen’s gay mouth was my only sexual vent, other than jerking off.
Despite his quite obvious gayness, somehow, the still in-the-closet Stephen still somehow seemed to score... Continue»
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Playing with Fire: My Wife and BBC Part II

Playing with Fire: My Wife and BBC Part II

If you read part one of “Playing with Fire: My Wife and BBC”, you know that I had written a fictional story of a fantasy I had about my wife and another man. Since then, you might say that my fantasy has come true, although in no way how I had hoped or envisioned it.

The following is the real life follow up of what really happened:

a man whose spouse has committed adultery
the husband of an unfaithful wife.

to make a cuckold of (a husband).
to make a cuckold of someone by being unfaithful, or by seducin... Continue»
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Another night in Jerome´s hands

Another night in Jerome`s hands

Saturday night in New Yorker winter time.
I had caught a real bad cold the previous night and then I was in bed under some blankets, trying to recover myself.

My sweet Ana came inside the bedroom after having a shower.
She was dressed in a tiny black dress I had not seen before, which showed a lot of her perfect round tits bust and a lot of her beautiful shaped legs. She also wore black high heeled shoes which accentuated her perfect shaped calves. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and my cock began to stir, although my fever and a horrible headache.

"H... Continue»
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My first time.

This is a true story, only the names have been changed.

Sarah laid her naked Arabic body next to me, on my bed, in the dark. We had just finished a hot round of petting and kissing. My cock was hard and her pussy was wet. "Give me your hand." She said in a tone I couldn't deny.

Taking my hand she ran it across her ample hand and a half size tits, down her stomach and between her legs. Curling my fingers, she took my index finger and ran it slowly into her crease. My finger tip felt warm and sticky with her juices. With a sharp inhale, she slipped my finger inside her pussy.

My... Continue»
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My (Carol) first time with two men.

Oh boy how do I even start. OK a few days ago my husband comes to with this idea, he said I've been talking to Tim and Ryan and of course their going to say yes but they want to fuck you really bad. Now ive been with Tim already and I've been with black guys but not with Ryan. So anyway were talking and decided here's what we will do. We'll set the date and have my husband hide out in the closet, they have vented doors and you can see out of them. We wanted it to be kinda natural as if they just dropped in while hubby was out, and then when we are done he steps out and asks how was it? So any... Continue»
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How I Made Myself a Cuckold ( part 2 )

As Mary and Pauline crossed the bar to greet us, it was pretty clear to me that all eyes were on Pauline, we greeted them, and Mary introduced me to Pauline, who shook my hand and smiled very sweetly, Boy she looked hot, long black hair, over a tight sweater and jeans, that looked like they had been painted on.

Pauline showed no signs that she remembered me, from when she served me drinks at the bar 18 months ago, but to be honest she was more interested in touching up her black barman boyfriend when no one was looking, than to notice me. We mainly talked about our different jobs, how she h... Continue»
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Fiancé Past One Night Stand

I was scanning Tinder (dating app) one night and I found this really hot black/Puerto Rican guy. I messaged him telling him how cute he was. He messaged back right away and said I was gorgeous and would love to meet up. He was in DC and said he could get a room and meet me in an hour.

I said sure. I was so horny, I hadn't had good dick in weeks. I was ready for an adventure.

I showered real quick, put on a dress, no panties or bra, and drove to the hotel room.

He was already there, looking cute as ever. he smiled, handed me a rose and said, shall we?
I said, let the fun begin! ... Continue»
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This happened some years ago. Back in an age of sexual experimentation and little concern about the diseases that we worry about today.

My wife and I were young college students at a University in the South East. We had been married about a year so we still had the youthful enthusiasm of newlyweds. We had little money and we spent our free time exploring the national forests around the college. There were a labyrinth of sink holes and spring fed streams crisscrossing the miles of woods and swamps.

We had been driving around the countryside one weekend and wound up way out... Continue»
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Racquel Darrian's Ultimate Fantasy Part II: C

Pornstar Racquel Darrian, dressed in tiny white mini-skirt with white latex knee-high boots checks herself in the mirror before putting on her tight fitting top designed to show of her nice tits. Her tan thighs looks gorgeous. As she turns, she can see in the mirror the skirt barely covers the bottom of her ass. “Perfect,” she thinks to herself.

She pulls up the flap of her mini and looks at the front her thong, which barely covers anything. She then nervously puts on her earrings before checking herself again in the reflection.

“Yeah, the boys in Compton should like this,” she says to h... Continue»
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Ana picking up somebody at the bar

Ana picking up somebody at the bar

I came home from office very late that Friday evening.
In the kitchen I found a note from my sweet Ana, telling she had gone out with the girls, including her girlfriend Helena, for a girl’s night out.

Knowing Helena was there with her made me real nervous; I knew that devilish bitch was a bad influence for my nice Ana.

I relaxed on my favorite sofa and had some glasses of bourbon as I watched a film. About midnight I was almost fainting; so, I woke up from the sofa and headed to the main bedroom.

When I was climbing the stairs, I heard Anita’s v... Continue»
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Racquel Darrian's Ultimate Fantasy Part I

Racquel Darrian, former Penthouse Pet and Vivid pornstar stared in the mirror as she finished up her make-up. She had been fighting again with her boyfriend, Derrick, who also starred in adult films -- usually with Racquel.

She had actually been lucky. This past year Derrick finally started letting her take on other guys on-screen and she was secretly having a blast making secret lists of men she wanted to fuck on camera. It was something her girlfriends did when they were touring around the country performing at strip-clubs.

Derrick was usually there, making sure the fans didn't get too... Continue»
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Blacking out? What do you think! Yes or No

This is what my wife says happened when she had sex with 2 black guys .
She also says that I tricked her into doing them because she didn't think that I had their phone number when I kept asking her if she
wanted me to call them to have sex with her.

This story is about ,"My wife is Multi Orgasmik and we didn't know that she was until that night"
I wrote it afew weeks ago and part 2 is in my blog so I hope that you will read it and give me your input to what you think.

My wife and I have been together almost 25 yrs. I was her first and only lover until afew yrs. ago when this took... Continue»
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Modern f****y: Making Rnds Meet

Phil Dunphy had just spent another long, boring day in his deserted real estate office. Business was terrible and he had let his staff go several weeks earlier. He hadn’t sold a house in months and the bills were piling up. On the drive home, he was thankful it was Friday. He needed the time to think of some new ways to generate business. When he pulled into his driveway, he saw the gardener’s truck parked out on the street. As he entered the living room, he found his oldest daughter Haley on her knees sucking off Hector, the gardener. His partner Raul sat in a chair stroking his cock, ... Continue»
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How I made myself a Cuckold ( part 1 )

I had a 6 months contract, carrying out electrical maintenance at a city center hospital, this involved me working in almost all the departments and wards at some point, so I had a pretty good knowledge of all the hot and available nurses working their. I had dated a couple, of them but nothing became of the relationships, and I didn`t score with either.

With just a few weeks left on my contract, I spotted a lovely student nurse on a medical ward, she was 20 years old, and I was 24 straight away I got the impression she was interested in me, so after a few short conversations over the nex... Continue»
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Our fifth anniversary

Our one and only experience that qualifies for your site came on our fifth anniversary. I was 42 and my wife (my second) was 28. We live in New York where I am a fairly successful investment banker. For our fifth anniversary we took a week’s vacation at an exclusive resort in St. Maarten.
I love going to beach resorts with Jennifer. In fact the beach is where I originally met her not too long after my divorce. She is a knockout in a bathing suit. She is a Florida blond, about 5’6", 105 pounds and a body that perfectly fills out a bikini. She tans great and is very athletic, so the tan really ... Continue»
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My Daughter and My Wife Go Black

Our white daughter is 19, attends a nearby college. To save money still lives with us. She has her own bedroom and sometimes has male friends over when we are out. It took a while, but we got used to it.

This one Friday night my wife and I were supposed to go out for dinner as usual, but there was a long line at our favorite restaurant. We decided to just grab a couple hamburgers at a drive-through and head home -- a couple hours earlier than usual.

As we sat in the kitchen eating our hamburgers, we heard the bed squeaking in our daughter's upstairs bedroom. My wife and I looked at each ... Continue»
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