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Melanie's New Black Boss

Melanie had only recently moved to Florida from Montana where she had lived all her life. Her little town there only had a few hundred people and most of them were related. It was because of this that thought she would never marry. She had managed to have sex with her married fourth cousin a few times but that was it for men and sex in her life.

Then she met her husband Steve who was in the Air f***e when there was a crash just outside of town. He was sent investigate and they met and in six months they were married. It was no... Continue»
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Modeling Job

Modeling Job

"Alright honey, now take your top off."

Danielle, posing in her bikini, looked up at her husband and said, "no way." She had joined a diet program and lost sixty pounds. Her body, once plump, was now fit and lean. Her stomach was now flat and you could see her abs when she flexed. Her ass was now hard and firm, only her breasts staying big, though they had perked up where once they had sagged. Her straight red hair framed her pretty face, focusing on her large, piercing green eyes.

Her husband, Jack, an amateur photographer, had freaked out over her new body. Even now... Continue»
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My First Interracial DP

I recently went on vacation and had my very first DP. I said this on my previous profile but I had 3 black cock experiences and only got hooked to interracial less than a year. My first black cock experience was a blowjob at a party, my second was intercourse, and my third was a threesome with two black men. I have not had sex since that threesome, which was about 6 months ago, so I was very much overdue.

I was at a bar just minding my own business. My friends stayed back at the hotel room and i went downstairs to the bar to have a few drinks. I was watching television when all of a sudden... Continue»
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The adoption gone wrong?

Carol and Dave got married right out of high school. They had always been the odd couple. Carol was very popular in school. She was tall for a girl 5'9" and on the thin but curvy side with a large bust and a decent bum. That with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes made her the stereotype cheerleader. Dave was a tall thin nerdy type but they loved each other. Dave started working and Carol stayed at home. Soon they began trying to have a baby. Try as they may it didn't happen for them. Come to find out that Dave had a low sperm count and as though it may happen the chances were very slim... Continue»
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The Covert Operative

“I love fucking your faggot asshole,” the tall, slender career military man announced in French.
“I love that big African dick,” screamed the toned effeminate bottom.
“Take it, slut!”
“Yes sir! Fuck me good. Fuck me like a girl.”
“You are a girl. My girl. Ohhhh, baby!”
“Yes, daddy! I’m your sissy girl. Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard.”
“Bitch,” he roared. “This ass is all mine.”
“Oh yes sir!”

Colonel Rodolfo Urikob slammed his generous ten inch dick into his pussyboi’s asshole. The sweat from his forehead streamed onto the smooth caramel-skinned boy. He plowed feverishly nearing ejaculatio... Continue»
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Letter from Jelske


This is a letter posted to me from a chat gf I chat with on Skype. She's addicted to bbc, and this is her experience with one particular hung African stud from Ghana.

You wanted to know how it feels and how I experience it as I stroke and suck that enormous dick and get fucked by it. Every time when I grab his dick in my hands and feel it gently beginning to swell it makes me horny again. Even writing about it makes me horny lol. If I get the chance I grab his dick with both hands and I start to caress his dick with both hands to get it off. With long strokes up and down... Continue»
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English lady

We live in Cambridge, England, I have been married to the beautiful Marie 6 years, she is now 45 and has a body that most 20 year olds would die for, a tight shaven pussy and very firm breasts and lovely blonde hair. I am 55 and have a medium sized cock and carry a few extra pound now! Marie can be a rather dominant woman and really makes people know where they stand.
The only son has left home now and we are on our own.
Recently it has been difficult pleasing her in bed, I seldom get a really hard erection, she has taken to masterbation as her libido stays the same as always, apparently a... Continue»
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Seduced By a Black Man and His Uncut Cock (Part 4)

Part 4

He was still sl**ping on his back. I admired his hard body and under the sheets I noticed the outline of his almost hard cock!! I quietly put my head under the sheets and put his cock in my mouth. Nursed on his mushroom head and it got harder. Slowly began sucking it down my throat. I felt it twitch many times and gently attempted to coax his hot cum into my mouth without waking him. He stirred, I stopped and began again when he laid still. About 10 minutes into this I feel his cock stiffen, hot jets of cum fill my mouth. It tasted so good and I kept it in my mouth without mo... Continue»
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Pimped Again, Part 2

This is a chapter from my third book, Kate In Spades. The In Spades series are books about my sex life in New Orleans (and my daughter’s).


It was easy to tell that Monk and Travis were really tight. I found out later that they were cousins. When Monk came in, he and Travis hugged and right away I found myself attracted to Monk. He was built a lot like Travis, but he was around 40. Tall with sort of a medium-heavy build, thick lips and slightly balding. He had a mischievous grin and when he finished hugging Travis, he hugged me and said, “Hey girl, you best get ready to... Continue»
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My Boss

my boss is about 6 foot tall dark skin and he likes to flirt with me, its usually little things like groping my arse cheeks or slipping his fingers up my skirt but i guess i must have lead him on cause one week He asked me to see him in his office and he didnt look happy and i knew why i had been late to work every time this week I was worried when I went up and knocked on his office door he said take a seat lucy I want to discuss your position with the company I quickly said im really sorry about being so late this week it wont happen again I promise" He said he was quiet for a while and then... Continue»
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Caught As A Slut For Black Cock

Anyone who has read any of the stories i share, sees a common theme. The idea of getting caught with another guy, while leading a very straight lifestyle, is both terrifying and intoxicatingly thrilling. As such, I continually put my self in situations where it may be discovered that i like cock too. Such is the case when my roommate came home to a surprising scene.

I now live with a girl roommate who is pretty chill and open-minded about things. We've hooked up a couple times when we've both been super horned. That said, to her I am totally straight. Because of this, I try and... Continue»
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My out of control gangbang

Hi guys, I haven't written anything in awhile, a few things have happened, but last weekend brought me to a new level of being a slut!

As you know, I'm a dancer here in Las Vegas and it's no secret that I love anal and big black cock too. I was working last Friday night at the club and a group of guys came in, 4 black and one latino. I was giving them all lap dances and as usual, I could feel all of their hard cocks as I rubbed against them. This always turns me on and is something I love about my work lol. Anyway, I was giving one of the black guys a dance and I could feel that he was fuck... Continue»
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Good Girl's Mom

This is a continuation of Nicole's story "Good Girl's First BBC" which can be found on my profile page or

It had been a year since I had my first ever black cock experience with my friend Raymond. Since then I had met several other black men for sex. I know I will always enjoy interracial sex but I also know that I would never want to be married to or even date a black man for love. My desire was for only the physical act of sex.

[image] Continue»
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My Next Meet

I am so nervous I feel queasy and a little unsteady on my feet...I'm glad Master is driving us to the hotel I don't think I could manage to drive...I know I'm looking the hottest I ever have and my tight fitting dress is a size 12...I feel so sexy with my lingerie underneath and the high heels tops off the whole outfit.

However that knowing smile from master unnerves me slightly...almost as if he knows what a good time I'm going to have later...I really do think he knows me better than I know myself!! When we arrive at the hotel we unpack our provisions...a few bottles of tasty wine...that'... Continue»
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Wendy's World - 4

Wendy Counsels Some Big Black Cock

I have been a guidance counselor at the local University for years but decided a few years ago to retire and provide counseling at home to a select few of entering freshmen. Several weeks ago I received a young man at home for a session. His name was Nathan. He was a walk on Backetball player wanting to eventually go on to the NBA but wanted a career in radio or TV if that didn't pan out. I had scheduled him for early this morning and he arrived promptly at ten. He is a tall young black man. I was struck by his height when I asked him into my home. He... Continue»
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Ana claiming for some holidays

Ana claiming for some holidays

In mid September I convinced Ana we could take a free week and go to some nice place in the Caribbean waters. She was delighted, but then she told me that her boss would say NO as usual.

Then I told her I could go with her and see whatever we could do. My sweet wife entered her boss office and found him sitting in his desk, another man besides him.

Her boss was named James, a bald young man, always seemed disgusted with himself and of course, with everybody around him. The other man was Davis, the Deputy Manager, a huge black man who was always flirting ... Continue»
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Asian Boy First time a White Daddy

I am a 3S ( small slim smooth ) asian young man,born and grow up in an asia country where is known as have 5000 years history and famous for the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Since i was a primary school student, even earlier, been very fasinated about the mature white daddy type with big body size. Finally, i had my first time real experience with a man at my age of 27 and that man was 60. I know its late, nowadays, with the high technology and developed digital product, some young people can start their first time at their 20s, even earlier. For me, that first time always on my mind because... Continue»
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Jessica Takes It Black and Hard

This is a chapter from our book Deeper In Spades. It’s one of the one’s written by my daughter, Jessica. This is part of a collection of our true interracial stories.


Johnny took me aside and told me not to make any plans during Essence Festival. “You gonna love it! You’re gonna be workin’ some serious dick, girl. Make sure you’re in good shape. I hope you ain’t gonna be on your period then.” I wouldn’t, but I sure as fuck was excited to hear that Johnny had plans for me.

I’d gotten my test results back, all clean. I didn’t think I was in much danger w... Continue»
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Wife becomes black cock slut

ohn and Amy have been married for almost 5 years now. They have had a good sex life,

John is 23 years old, and Amy is 24 years old. John stands 6'2", with dark brown hair and blue eyes, weighing about 200 lbs. Amy stands about 5'4", with long brown hair and green eyes. She weighs about 190 lbs, with 42D tits.

They had hired a local lawn company to do their yard work for them. Roger is a 40 year old. He stands 6'4", with dark skin, a shaved head, and dark brown eyes. He had a muscular build, weighing 200 lbs.

Amy pulled into their driveway, an hour earlier than normal. She noticed T... Continue»
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A Father's Revenge

I'm not going to lie, this is another story based in fact. I wrote this to get past a particularly nasty divorce. The actual situation was different but the hurt, anger and rage are too very real. I hope you enjoy it.


Part One: The Discovery

August 15, 2010:
Sam Johnson hated going into the bank. A long time computer nerd, he so much preferred doing everything possible online. Paying bills. Ordering gifts. So much simpler than having to go out and interact with people.

Today's quest was something he always left to his wife Teresa, digging out the k**s' birth certificate... Continue»
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