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Teaching Granny to Suck Cock

I watched my silver haired beauty Dawn’s head bouncing up and down between my legs, and she sucked hungrily on my engorged cock. Who knew that four weeks ago this 65 year old had never tasted a man’s cock in her sweet mouth? I felt the cum rising from my dick, I arched my back as Dawn realized I was cumming and sucked even harder on my erect cock. Then it hit!!! I shot a load of cum into my lovers mouth as she just kept sucking just like I had taught her. She finally stop sucking as my cum dribbled from her mouth. Then she opened her mouth for me, and I watched as she gulped down the sperm tha... Continue»
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Suspension and soreness. a tale of questionable sa

Okay that went fairly good. I tied the hook about a foot off the ground and fixed it to the computer desk, which is one of the old heavy duty ones. I made sure to stand on it first so I knew it was sturdy enough. Didn’t budge. I got lubed up and got down on my knees, just barely high enough up to get the hook in. went in super easy (only about an inch diameter tip) wasn’t till I got it to the curve that it was anything special. I let a little weight down and quickly realized this was going to be fairly intense. Right off the bat, the ball end proved deeper than I expected. I’m used to toys pen... Continue»
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Cuckold with blue balls

Four weeks ago I was locked in my CB3000 by my wife. I can do four weeks with ease if my wife doesn't tease me. But the month she chose to make my life a pure Hell. We had two snow days this month and we both where out of work. On both days she had arranged to have one of her guy friends get " snowed" in with us. I was f***ed to watch them having sex over and over during that time. They fucked all day Thursday and Friday , all night Friday night and most of Saturday. Sunday he left to go home and as soon as he left she called another guy and then hit the shower. He got to our house around th... Continue»
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viva sunny spain

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies - you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!

Back in the good old days when everyone went to Spain for their hols, a group of us from the pub decided to go, as a group!

Before you knew it someone’s mate wanted to tag along, and then someone knew someone else who wanted to come and we’d almost filled a plane! (well no... Continue»
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So easy to become ADDICTED ! ( TRUE STORY )

This is a True Story and the only thing that I have changed is an occasional name or two. First off, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am a 65 year old white male that became addicted to sex at a very young age. My first sexual experience happened whenever I was 13 years old and the Lady was 31. (yes I said 31 ) She was the mother of my best friend at the time, and she always wore real tight clothes and looked so sexy, that I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She always made sure that she had on make-up and she enjoyed teasing and flirting with me whenever I would go visit Chris, her so... Continue»
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Cousin Julie's Sex Lessons

Last night my 19 year old cousin Julie showed up at our door all in tears. Babs let her in and tried to find out what was wrong. Julie’s tears kept flowing for nearly ten minutes before Babs was finally able to calm her down enough to speak.

Julie told her that her boyfriend dumped her because she was terrible at sex. They had been dating for two years and only recently had she given in to his sexual longings. Julie told Babs that she tried to give Clint a blowjob but he told her she was terrible. Then when they had sex, he told again told her that she was terrible and that she’d never make... Continue»
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Dancing with a Couple

You and I decide to get dressed up and head out dancing. I tell you to pick out my clothes and that you can make me as hot as you want me to be. You pick a sexy little black dress with small heals. The dress shows off my shoulders and back. You tell me you want to show me off and that we are going to pick a couple that we like and flirt with them. We have a drink before we head out. When we arrive, the club is somewhat packed. We walk around the bar and you choose a seat next to a cute brunette and her handsome guy friend. You guide me to the seat next to hers. As I sit down, I kind o... Continue»
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Watching Football Together

You and I are hanging out with one of your buddies watching football. We are drinking, eating and having a great time. He is flirting big time with me. I look at you to see how you are reacting. You ask me to help you make more drinks. I follow you to the kitchen leaving him to watch the game. You tell me to flirt back and let's see if we can get him to have a threesome with us. I agree and give you a flirty grin and walk back into the room. I sit right next to him on the couch and begin my flirting. I start making threesome jokes and tell him it is on my fantasy list. He jokes back ... Continue»
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The wife and I had been married for four years and she said to me one day “I want you to fuck my mum”, I looked horrified, and she wasn’t an attractive woman, far too overweight for her 5’1” frame and spoke as coarse as the next man. “I want you to fuck her but she can’t see or touch you”. I eventually relented and said “When” she replied “Whenever”.

Three months later we were in town and Donna said “I’ll have a look round you go to my mum’s and wait for me” winking as she said it. I arrived at my mother-in-laws and she was on her own doing the washing in the cellar... Continue»
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Rebecca in trouble (part 10)

Part Ten

Rebecca opened her eyes, the cock in her face. It was no longer hard, just a glistening, cum covered piece of man flesh. She opened her mouth as she felt him move his hips forward until it was pushed inside her mouth. Her lips grasped it firmly as her tongue began to wash over the surface, sucking all of her and his cum from it. She ran her tongue over the tip, feeling another drop of cum fall out onto her tongue, the salty, heavy cum filling her mouth with his taste. She looked up suddenly when she heard the cell door opening. She looked over, the Commander's cock falling from her... Continue»
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Cocksucking Ex Girlfriends

It always goes back to my first girlfriend who probably sucked off dozens of cocks before she met me to be as perfect a cocksucker as she was! For her to be able to make any cock cum in under 5 minutes, while knowing exactly when the load was going to shoot, exemplified by the fact that she never swallowed a load, proves this point! She would always take her mouth off the swollen purple head the moment before the load was squirting. It takes an absolute cocksucking whore to know the moment a cock is orgasming by mouth alone. One of my friends once confessed to me, while his eyes got wide and... Continue»
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Fun With My Wife

Fun with My Wife

By billy69boy

Here is a question I received from a friend:


Here is my answer:

My wife is 13 years my junior. I don't know if that has anything to do with her outlook on porn or not, but she certainly doesn't seem threatened by my own feelings about it.

As far as her sexual interests, she has always been very shy and rather conservative when it comes to porn and sex in general. She never really shares any of her sexual thoughts or specific turn-ons with me, but she has been willing to indulge me in some of my fantas... Continue»
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Hope's stratching day

Story Codes: (F/F, toys, reluct, size)


Part 1

At 5'4 and 112 pounds, Hope was a petite, dirty blonde sex kitten. She had many boyfriends in her time but none were very satisfying sexually for her. She heard rumors about a secret sorority that specialized in satisfying its members sexually and... Continue»
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One Day at the Bath House

This is essentially a true story of a very nice day I had at the men’s bathhouse not so long ago. Now I don’t normally go there because I tend to be a bit shy and don’t go after the guys like I should. Not that I would bother anyone that’s does not want my attention, but if you sit back and only let guys come to you, you can let lot of good opportunities go by.

Basically I am a bi-sexual cock sucking cum eating slut!! I cant get enough cock and especially cum. I love cum!! Everything about it…the taste, texture, smell, and it’s a ‘gift’ to me from the man that has just enjoyed my services….... Continue»
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My part time taxi job and the single mom who neede

My dads friend ask me to drive his taxi for two weeks. An old guy who has regular cash customers. I got his car and his cab phone and worked until the end of the 2nd week. I had a call yesterday with a women and her mentally ill son. She got in the front seat and put him in the back. She had a Dr appointment and would only be a while. On the way there she told me she was marginally old when she got pregnant. and thats the reason he came out that way. Then she told me her husband left her, seven years ago.
Then she told she can not date due to her son. And her son gets nuts if she hires a sit... Continue»
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Nancy in the Garage

It had been some five years since I’d fucked Nancy, I was older and then so was she. We were talking over the fence when I asked her if she’d had anything since the last time we were together, and she replied that she hadn’t. I was feeling quite horny and she was dressed in a lemon blouse and a grey skirt, we made some more small talk.

After a while it became obvious to me that she needed to be fucked again. “Where is your husband” I asked “Gone to get the caravan ready he’ll be a couple of hours” she seemed to be leading me. “Your house?” she said “No”, “Where then” I asked, she thought fo... Continue»
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Our company party for emaployees

Our Company's Employee Party
by RedBrenda©
It came in our company's email: "Employees annual party this Friday afternoon. Come and have fun!"

I had some plans for Friday night, but what a hell, it's a party and there were some guys who I wanted get closer to and that would be a nice chance to get to know them. Two of them were very aware that I never wear any underwear, gave me a few hints about it few times.

That afternoon party was well supplied with food and plenty of drinks with a few bottles of wine what some guys brought in.

After two hours most of the people started to leave ... Continue»
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Wife fucks boss (and I loved it!!)

I had been married to Sheryl for a number of years and life had been good to us still very much in love with a good sex life but time takes its toll as it always does the sex although good was getting less and less as we were both busy with the k**s and work, Sheryl especially as she had took on a new job with good prospects and it kind of about this job that this story is about.
Sheryl came in from work that day and announced that we were both invited to a staff party at her new bosses house and would it be ok if we went as she was trying to get this new higher position at work so she felt s... Continue»
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Rebecca in trouble (part 9)

Rebecca started to squirm around on the bed as his hands began to move around, moving towards her breasts. She tried to move back, but was only successful in pushing back onto the hard cock. Her bound hands limited her actions. "No, don't," she begged as the fingers moved up to her breasts, running up under them, hefting them in the palm of his hands. "OOWW," feeling the tacks pushing into her breast flesh, the weight of her heavy breasts pushing down on them. "OOOHH," his hands squeezing them from the bottom, tiny tacks on the fingers pushing into her flesh. The fingers moved slowly over her ... Continue»
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cheating on my husband

cheating on my husband- by Rebecca

oh im Rebecca and I have the best life ever my husband is very good to me and im good to him! I just like to be fucked a lot and my husband works day in and day out and he just cant fill my wants and needs so while my husbands away! im fucking around and even with him home asl**p just in the next room I have guys come over and fuck me in the basement or in our guestroom! here it goes!!!

ok one night my husband was asl**p in our bedroom and I was felling freaky so I hit up one of the guys I mess around with and asked him to come over and he said she im ... Continue»
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