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So, How the FUCK are you?

So? How the fuck are you?
How a wife turns into a slut

Grey clouds scudded across the sky, the temperature was in the fifties, and I was leaning against the front of my wife’s car. This would be okay if I were at home waiting for her to get ready to go shopping or go out somewhere. Not so. Her car was parked at the curb of a chain motel where the rooms faced onto the parking lot, not an interior hallway.
As I sat, or rather leaned, I considered the last month or so of following, watching, taking photos and making notes; in other words stalking my wife. Taking photos was the easy part; p... Continue»
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Confessions of a Gentleman Episode 1

Ok. Good evening guys. Hope y'all had a wonderful day? well i have gist for you. I will start with an event that took place just a few weeks after my 18th birthday.

I am the first c***d of a young f****y from Southern Nigeria. My dad was a fresh recruit of the National Petroleum Corporation deployed to a petroleum academy for a 3 year(s) intensive training. We were 3 k**s by that time and the domestic load was becoming too heavy for my mum who was doubling as a dress maker to support the home while we patiently wait for dad to be fully confirmed as a staff in his new firm. This stress push... Continue»
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The Offer

Harry Potter was tired. Being an Auror had been his sort-of goal at school, but after fighting a guerilla war against the Voldemort regime going around and picking up d***ken louts in Knockturn Alley just wouldn't compare to the thrill of chasing down horcruxes. And the paperwork... nobody had warned him about the paperwork.
He apparated to his house at Grimauld Place, and handed his robe to his loyal House-Elf Kreacher.
“Master has visitors he has,” Kreacher informed him.

“Oh?” Harry stretched, walking into the living room. “Who is it Kreacher?”
“It is being the Mudbl**d, the crazy on... Continue»
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Relaxing Chloe

Relaxing Chloe
by edintx99

The house was dark when I drove up. I left the car in the circle drive, unlocked the front door and went inside. Shoes off, I padded down the marble foyer and turned right at the kitchen.

She was home! A small floor lamp in corner was on, silhouetting her shape. She didn’t know I was there, just kept making a sandwich on the butcher block counter. I watched, silent.

I knew it had been a long couple weeks for Chloe. She had hopped back and forth over five continents in pursuit of the fabrics she used to design her lines of clothes. My weeks had bee... Continue»
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fuck story

"... Husband and Wife Sex Kar Rahe The. Achanak kisine Door Bell Bajayi.Aadmi ne 5 Min bad Darwaja Khola. Dost - Yaar badi der laga di darwaja kholne me ? Aadmi - Hum log chatni koot rahe the. Shararti Dost bola - Bhabhi hame bhi Chatni chatao. Hoshiyar Bhabhi - Maine To Bartan Dho Diye Hai,Kutne ke Dande Par Lagi Hogi, Chat Lo. "...
****This happened in the year 2006 when I was in the 12th I use to be very naughty in the school days and use to have double meaning joke sharing with our friends when the teachers are taking class.

On one such occasion our computer teacher padma miss caught u... Continue»
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Pantyhose at Marks continued.

After covering Mark in cum then licking each other clean we all sat around with another drink and relaxed. We chatted about our fantasies and experiences. I had my laptop with me and fired it up and got out some discs of my private photos and movies, some of just me and some with my wife, mostly with one or both of us dressed in pantyhose or stockings. It was a big turn on to hear these guys, sitting here, some of them wearing my wife's underwear saying sexy things about my wife and what they would like to do with her. Looking round at their stiffening cocks I could just imagine each of them f... Continue»
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Having Sex with a pregnant girl

Back in High School, it was the 12th grade, this girl I knew got pregnant and her boyfriend dumped her. He didn’t want a baby, so he left. Katie, she was 7 months pregnant and she was looking hot. Her now ex-boyfriend left her when she was almost a month pregnant. I have a girlfriend, Jennie, she was good looking girl. Jennie and I didn’t have sex, she wanted to save that part for marriage, she did give me a blow job and I ate her out. I asked Jennie if it was alright to take Katie out to a movie, she feels lonely and she feels like no man wants to go out with her. Jennie was ok with that. So ... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 3

Despite heavy sedation and intensive healing treatment, it is not surprising that it took Isabel several days to recover from this terrible initiatory flogging. When she had adequately done so she was taken, along with Nadine, back to the I.T. Room by the two massive Mongolians who, incidentally, were known familiarly at Quireme as Gog and Magog. Both girls, unchained, stood silent, fearful, trembling... from time to time casting anguished glances at each other. Each was aware that their ordeal was but beginning.
They were right. For in less than ten minutes after Vesta's arrival, Nadine had ... Continue»
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FINALLY SATISFIED-:Begining of sex relationship 2

continued from last chapter of this story posted 3 days ago.
After over a mounth... now exams are over. I was going in a washroom after a lecture with no intention to attend next one. I saw ronita madam going in ladies washroom. I went in gents washroom & did my work of toilet. there was no one in washroom. may be everyone busy in lectures. even toilet doesnt smells at all. nicely mantained by college. my intentions was to bring ronita mam here & it will no difficult to convince her for sex, as I had softcore with her before. So I made a phone call to her. she was late to attend a phone c... Continue»
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Harry Potter and Fleur Delacour

Fleur gasped approvingly as the clothes separating her from Harry’s flesh vanished and her sex pressed against his organ where she had been grinding it. Her juices began to coat his shaft. The French witch wasted no time in reaching down and grasping his pole. She began stroking the firm rod while her tongue continued to duel against his. His powerful hands gripped her bum and kneaded her tender flesh. Fleur’s attraction to Harry grew with each passing second. Finally it reached a point where she simply couldn’t take it anymore and had to have him inside of her. She spread her legs and ... Continue»
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Adult Movie House Fun

I went to an adult movie house yesterday and I got more than a movie to watch.
I had to ring a bell to enter and I heard someone throw a dead bolt for my entry. I was face to face with this nice looking guy who was chatting with the guy who ran the movies. I nodded hello and payed and entered the theater.
It was really dark and I found a seat as I felt my way to one on the aisle in the back. I started watching the current straight porn and relaxed into it. After about 10 minutes I heard the back door open and this guy who let me in entered. He walked all the way to the front of the theater ... Continue»
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Sloppy second fuck for son

In my first year at University of Sao Paulo, I moved out of dormitory
to an adult student housing because It provided more free doom and at
lower cost, and My new roommate was a black Brazil dude.

Back on those days, We always flat broke near month end, homemade wine and
beer was the only entertainment we had on weekend. People often exchanged
hiding thoughts and ideas when under influence of alcohol thus We compared
notes most of the time about women at school. On one occasion we were talking
about milf, and sure enough that our moms got in to the conversation. That
when ... Continue»
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Harry Potter and Arya Queen of The Elves

Arya worked at her love’s breaches, her nimble fingers making short work of the button and zipper. He was not so patient with her clothing. She felt her pants tear free under his strength and decided to follow his example. His undergarments were shredded by her grasp. She didn’t even notice her panties disappear as she pushed the gorgeous male back onto his bed. He was in his true form, possessing the same Princeling-like physique as he had after the gift from the dragons at his first bl**d Oath Celebration but with the features of his Harry Potter form. She had never desired someone so ... Continue»
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Harry Potter and Bridget Regan (as Professor Regan

Bridget cried out and thrust her pelvis up against the mouth of her favorite student as she came. His mouth had been servicing her bits for the last half hour the teacher estimated. Time held very little meaning for a woman when she had a gorgeous young man eating her pussy. Harry’s tongue continued to stroke through her juicy folds while she arched her pelvis and grasped the back of his head with her left hand. Harry grinned mentally while his favorite professor shuddered and moaned through her climax. Her juices poured into his mouth rapidly and he drank them up. The sorcerer then swit... Continue»
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My Stepdaughter's Renters

My Stepdaughter’s Renters

(True Story)

My stepdaughter was 23 at the time. She still lived with us, on our property, in a mobile home we bought for her about 500 feet from our house. She decided she wanted to start taking care of herself by paying her electric bill, water bill, and everything thing else. She had a part time job at Wal-Mart, but it just didn’t pay enough to pay her bills and keep her car running and gas.

She decided to run an ad in the local paper for someone to share her home and expenses with. A week later a young couple stopped by and said... Continue»
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Harry Potter and Princess Jaimie of the fairies

Jaimie had never been happier for the invention of skirts as her lover pushed the garment up over her hips, ripped her knickers from between her thighs, and fed his engorged prick into her folds. Her Rider set her down on her dresser with its mirrored back and groaned approvingly.

“God I’ve missed you,” Harry whispered as he closed his eyes in bliss and flexed his prick within the woman’s core.

“And I you,” Jaimie replied while she squeezed his shaft with her inner muscles.

The mage opened his eyes and gazed at the beautiful features of the mother of his son, locking gazes with her. ... Continue»
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Harry Potter and Queen Dianna of the fairies 2

Put it in me love…I want you to take my bottom now,” Dianna huskily purred into Harry’s ear as he slid his prick slick with her nectar between the cheeks of her bum and pressed the tip against her anus.

The Queen bit down on her man’s neck flesh gently as his prick pierced her back passage. The couple hovered several thousand feet in the air over the fairy’s forest realm. Dianna groaned deeply as her bowels were split open to accommodate the thick cock probing her depths. She crooned approvingly as Harry brought his right hand around the curve of her hip and between her thighs to cup he... Continue»
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Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood

Luna took her wizard’s wand in hand and began stroking it firmly while rubbing her palm along the sensitive place just below his piss slit. The blonde had already cast the appropriate charm to ensure his prick would act as if lubricated so she was in no danger of rubbing his skin raw. Harry’s tool hardened approvingly of the blonde’s efforts. The couple were no stranger to each other’s bodies. Indeed the pair had done everything but penetrating intercourse.

With a serene smile on her lips Luna whispered, “I’m so happy I will finally have you in me.”

With that Luna leaned her hips fo... Continue»
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My Slut Wife

My wife, Abby, is a major slut. I do not mean that in a bad way. The woman loves cock and always has. Ever since she hit puberty she has wanted and taken alot of cock. The stories she has told me, threesomes, foursomes, orgies, gangbangs, dogging, you name the woman has done it. And she is the most beautiful woman, long natural blonde hair, big brown eyes, perfect face. A petite little body with "B" cup tits and a great ass. I mean she is built for pleasure, a body that you can just fuck away on. And she has a tight little pussy, cute, pout lips with golden brown bush. Sometimes she shaves i... Continue»
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Harry Potter and Queen Dianna of the fairies

Dianna wrapped her hand around the warrior’s weapon and brought it to her molten core. The fairy had been dreaming about this moment for a long time. As her mouth attempted to devour her partner’s lips she lowered her hips so that her folds enveloped his turgid shaft. Dianna shuddered as she felt herself being stretched to her limits full of the sorcerer’s stave.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” Dianna whispered into her partner’s ear after breaking their kiss. “Don’t make me wait any longer to experience all that is you.”

Harry, ravenous with desire for the fairy queen, began to kis... Continue»
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