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Company of Women

Three days into the job and things had already taken a very peculiar turn.

Eric never expected to be laying under the desk of one of the three most powerful women at the firm, let alone with her scuffed Klogs resting firmly on his chest. Liz, the junior VP, had seemed so professional in her fitted jacket and slacks. But since when was resting her feet on a colleague's chest professional?

Liz grinned as she laid out her "rules".

"Rule number one," she said in a clipped and even tone, as if she expected his ready compliance in all things. "Do what I say and exactly what I say. That's ... Continue»
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I was on my knees between the plastic blow up doll's legs humping away as my wife and her new found friends Gloria and Barry lay on the bed naked, half d***k from the bottle of wine and exhausted from their marathon sex session laughing as I entertained them by putting on this show. As I humped away knowing that I was going to cum any second, I thought back to how this had all started.

My wife Pattie and I have talked about, and flirted with the idea of cuckolding for quite awhile. We had one rather pleasing experience with another male, but he was from out of town and haven't had much luc... Continue»
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Creampie Request

"Okay, if I swallow all your cum, what do I get?" Monique asked.

What do you want?

"For you to, also," she smiled.

You see, Monique is my girlfriend. She's twenty seven years old and as hot as fire. Her body is in perfect shape. She works out all the time. Her hair is long and her eyes are blue.

She's also adventurous in the sack, and that's how all this began.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

She said, "It's simple. If I can swallow it, so can you. Next time we fuck, if you ask me to let you suck my pussy after you cum, I'll return the favor the following morning with a suck a... Continue»
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Smoke curled from a cigarette gently balanced in the ashtray. Her lipstick formed a faint red curve over the filter tip, a curve he longed to touch, to draw to his mouth as he breathed the heat from her mouth. She sipped her coffee, while he reveled in the image, her face, filtered through the light fog of smoke, her sky blue eyes peeking through the mist.

Harry watched as Debbie picked up the cigarette, noticing the tip glow as she drew in a long breath. He leaned forward as she blew the smoke into his face, his eyes watering at the burn. She immediately took another drag and blew the smok... Continue»
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Coming of Age

Sally worked for my parents as domestic help. I always found myself drawn to her. She was unusually tall at an even 6 feet. Her features were quite attractive but she always dressed in plain clothes with no makeup with her hair tied in a severe bun. Did I mention that Sally also belonged to my parents? She was a robot, which were common domestic companions in 2027.

It was a few days past my 18th birthday and mom and dad finally had the confidence to leave me alone for a week in the summer. They left me with the usual warnings and told me that I could only have Sally’s help to clean up the h... Continue»
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Chocolate covered foot fetish

"Will you zip me up?" My girlfriend Sara asked me hurriedly. "Come on we can't be late, this is really important."

"It will be fine, we have plenty of time, I have already called the cab." I said as I slid my hands inside her open dress. I reached around in front and caressed her breasts. She looked amazing. Her straight long brunette hair flowed down her back as the red satin dress clung to her curved form like red paint poured down her shoulders. She couldn't wear a bra with low-cut dress so I reached in and felt her naked breasts and her heart-beat thump fast in her chest. Tonight was im... Continue»
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Christmas Cuckold

She motioned to me with her finger from the bed to come closer. She was absolutely gorgeous, her long red hair spread out on the pillow, her makeup still heavy from her date last night. I walked closer, the lock on my chastity device clicking against the plastic tube, a stream of pre cum dribbled from the tip. She held her hand out as I approached and fondled my balls. I bent down and kissed her on the lips.

"Merry Christmas Duchess!" I said as we broke our kiss. I was growing inside my plastic prison but loving every minute of it.

"Merry Christmas to you to my little boywife!"

She c... Continue»
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Bet on My Self-Control

I looked down at a bespectacled Asian cutie as she undid another button in her blouse. I had my mind on her cleavage as I lifted my bag into the plane's overhead compartment. A half second later I realized my mistake. It didn't fit and I was trapped supporting the heavy weight. Smiling sweetly, she wasted no time taking advantage of my vulnerability. She gently undid my zipper, reached inside to fondle my balls and pulled out my semi-hard member. She produced a pair of white silk panties from her purse, wrapped them around my cock, gave the tip a quick kiss and zipped me back up all before I f... Continue»
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Bit of Leather

I remember the first time with an almost crystal clarity. My first taste of a bit of leather. Like any other adolescent boy I had fantasies of bedding quite a few of the girls I knew. One of these fantasies concerned a young lady by the name of Diane, whose last name shall go unmentioned.

Diane was a very pert young lady, very active, always smiling. Brown hair in a short style that actually did wonders accenting her face. She had full, pouting lips and gray eyes that sparkled like moonlight on the ocean. I used to just stare at her body when it seemed no one was paying attention. I would d... Continue»
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BBW For My Birthday

November 3rd...another birthday. Shit; I turn 53 years old and it is the same old same old. Cards and underwear from my parents and happy birthday phone calls from my b*****rs and s****rs. Just once I wish a birthday could be a little different. Oh well, at least it was Saturday, so I could grab a few extra hours of sl**p.

Just as I was dozing off again, the phone rang.


"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you..." came the off tune rendition of my best buddy Dave's greeting.

"Dave, isn't it a little early to be torturing me with your singing?"

"Har Har good buddy.... Continue»
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Surprise delivery

It was quiet in the shop as he prepared for the days business, and he let his mind wander as he went through his usual routine. It had been a while since he'd had a really hot fuck, and thoughts of sex had taken up permanent residence in both of his 'heads'. He could barely glance at a woman without developing a hard on, not a good thing when you work with the public.

As his mind meandered through it's abundant catalog of images and fantasies, his cock stiffened, pressing emphatically against his his pants, begging for attention. Lately, he had shared fantasies with a female friend he had ... Continue»
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Evening Footjob

It was early September and we were having an Indian summer. We were in P's flat, watching a trashy video, with the curtains and windows open to the balmy night air and sounds of the road. She'd been to have a shower earlier and was now leaning against me wearing a pair of panties and a vest top. Her hair was pulled back, she smelled sweet and clean and fresh and I just wanted to ravish her, right there.

"Did you want a drink or something?" I said.

She mimed gagging from thirst, so - laughing - I went into the kitchen and poured her a glass of wine and got a can of Strongbow for me. When ... Continue»
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Bath and a Shave

She called a few days ago and asked to meet again, saying she wanted a bath and it shaved again. I had met her thru Ms.P. I had given Ms.R. a bath and a shave. The first meeting had gone well so I agreed.

I walked into the smell of fresh fish being fried and some steamed veggies. Ms R. was a great cook. she was showing some gray in her red hair.

Looking down at her ample chest I could tell she had them in a push up bra. She was in her late forties but looked younger. I was a few years older.

After dinner I went to start her bath filling. She stood still while I removed her clothing.... Continue»
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Secretary/slut give the boss relief.

'Jen!? Get in here.'

It had been a bad morning and the afternoon didn't look like getting any better. The presentation I was working on just wasn't coming together. I needed to take a break and relieve the tension. In other words I needed to take out my annoyance on my office slut.

Responding to my shout the intended reliever of my frustration tottered in to my office on ludicrously high heels. Her tiny black skirt barely covered the lacy tops of her stockings and her lovely hard nippled breasts jiggled under her transparent blouse.

'Yes Sir?' she asked, perhaps already guessing what ... Continue»
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New Lover - Hotel (Part 2)

I stand before you as you sit on the bed, you undo my belt and trousers, as you pull down my briefs my erect cock springs out you grasp it firmly in one hand, with the most softest of touches you rub my precum all around my glans with a finger, you then suck it and simulate with your finger want I am wanting you to do with my erection. You lean forward and kiss the very end, then you lips envelop my shaft deeper and deeper far into your throat, the sensation is wonderful, I pull your head hard against me, gagging you pull your head back, my cock is joined to your mouth with strings of saliva. ... Continue»
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Sitting on duty in his squad car, drinking coffee, a police officer checked his watch. "Hm. 5pm already?" Just at that moment a white car flew by. He checked the radar and clocked it at 120mph. "Damn. 120?" He switched his lights on, and raced after it. When he finally caught up, the car was already pulled over on the side of the road, so he pulled up behind her. When he ran the license plate, the owner came back as a Gabriela Montgomery. He promptly got out of his car, and when he walked up to the window, he saw the woman inside applying lipstick. "This is going to be interesting," he thought... Continue»
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When I travel I really don't worry too much about the rent car, I generally choose a certain size and just let car gods at the rental agency decide which car I get. I sometimes call it rent car roulette and it's not until I'm handed the keys and given the parking space number that I find out if I am a winner or not. Sure I could look at the key tag, but it's so much more fun to walk out looking for M-9 or D-83 while pressing the unlock button on the key fob. That way you find out what you are driving as the car introduces itself to you with its flashing lights.

During one of my trips I did ... Continue»
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Petite Exchange Student from Japan

It was not the best time for an exchange student to be staying with us for the summer. My wife and I were experiencing the roughest time in our relationship.

Two weeks before Kimi was to arrive, my wife, Liz, and I had our worst fight. Liz had gone out to a college friend’s bachelorette party. I hadn’t thought much of it. She was out until the early morning. When she woke up at noon the next day, we didn’t have much time to get ready for the wedding. We rushed over to the ceremony. I didn’t know most of the people, so I had a f... Continue»
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Mature Sexy Wife Gets SWAPPED PART 1

Having a rather sexy mature wife (55) has its advantages and of course some disadvantages. A size 12 with a sexy look and a fucking slut in the bedroom. If you like the loud, vocal, screaming type then my wife is the one for you. About a year ago I was pounding her pussy one night and she could not get enough. I was on top, then she was on top. I fucked, pounded, fingered, ate that horny sexy pussy for about 45 minutes and she wanted much more. I unloaded in her pussy while she was on top and after filling that pussy with all kinds of hot Italian cum she looks at me and says " How hot would it... Continue»
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We Found Pleasure in Her Pain

With pain, there would be pleasure tonight.

There was a time when I could not get enough of her. I loved her the way other people loved those special to them. She was beautiful--perfect in my eyes in every way--and then the lust went out of me. I could only think of dominating and humiliating her. Yet she still desired to pleasure me, so submitted to my will.

Three weeks, four continents, twelve capital cities; non-stop work. I had been without her company and with no other woman the entire time. The only thing I could think of was getting home to my penthouse suite and indulging my crav... Continue»
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