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This is one of those stories I am sure your going to go oh great a long and tedious event however this is a relationship of two men that spans OMG yes it spans a period of 20 years believe it or not.

For myself it has a lot to do with feelings not necessarily sexual but emotional however for Bray it was always about the sex.

A little background here I had just relocated back home from Australia after a very strange and somewhat damaging relationship in which I felt threatened so returning to Canada seemed to be the perfect choice for me.

About myself :- I had been working in the hot... Continue»
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My Vacation - Part 1 - Life Boat Drill 0 BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

True Story

I needed a vacation. Little time to get away from work. I went on a cruise last year around Hawaii. It was very cool and fun to get away. They spoil you on a cruise. This time, however I went alone. Kinda of a Christmas/New Years Eve gift from Santa. I traveled two weeks from Miami to Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize and went through the Panama Canal. I had been to Panama a few years back and always wanted to take a cruise through the canal zone.

I took a flight from Baltimore to Miami. It was Thursday, December 23, 2010. First thi... Continue»
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Turned My MILF Neighbor into My Sex Slave - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

My job at the video store was pretty boring. But it paid the bills. I got a big house from an inheritance a year ago. I sold it and moved across town to a better neighborhood. I found a bigger house. It has a nice view of the ocean. A big back yard. I only have one neighbor next to me. The house been vacant for about a month before I moved in. My kitchen looks right into there kitchen. I can also see there back yard from my side window. There a 8ft wooden fence that separates my back yard from there. I put in a hot tub and a small above ground pool las... Continue»
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Dicks & Bakeries.

It wouldn't be a sexy story so You can pass that reading part at this point and consider Yourself warned.

As You know I talk with people much, I like inappropriate things so I talk about irrelevant things (based of main theme here). As You don't know - if You don't know me: I talk with people here and not here much, I like inappropriate things so I talk about irrelevant things (so it's mostly not about sex here and mainly about sex elsewhere).

Let's just be clear at first: I don't give a shit about You, I don't care about You, I don't care if You are happy and satisfie... Continue»
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Honey We're Home

She called me, like she always did when her husband wasn’t around. I didn’t mind being the other guy; she had the body of a goddess and it wasn’t going to be my broken home. We met at the gym when she caught me staring at her ass during a stretching routine. A little harmless flirting and a few run-ins later and I was making house calls every other week to ‘stretch her out’. This time was no different. She lowered her voice to a sultry tone and talked about how much she needed me, craved me right then. 15 minutes later and I was ringing her doorbell.
She arrived at the door wearing a black ... Continue»
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my cock in my ass

my precum bubbled up, i stopped the fondle. i felt my asshole tightened as i fought to hold my orgasm back. I succeeded, the urge passed, only a small amount of actual sperm actually made it to the top of my dick. my hands and arms were tensed, it was all i could do not to touch my long dick, not to squeeze it.

one touch and my pre work of morning edging would be over. i waited, waited as the immediate need subsided. my cock, untouched began to soften. i let it, i let it fall over and lay on my belly.

i closed my eyes. my balls ached. i was trapped in that delightfully torturous place be... Continue»
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Desk Pet

It was time to bitch out my agent. When he said 'hello,' I launched into a speech about wasting my time. I know any struggling model and actress has strengths and weaknesses. My weakness doesn't seem fair. My tits are too big. I keep hearing 'We are looking for a younger girl.' That is a nice way for them to say I have tits like a porn star. I know my face is young and fresh. Busting out of a 34 DD means I look too sexual to be a commercial success.

It is ironic, that I announced my decision to get a real job the same day I got an offer. My agent was over the moon. I was confused. One of t... Continue»
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Taboo Voyeurism

My wife and I both grew up very sexually active, and we always believed that our c***dren should be allowed the freedom of pursuing their own sexual interests as they grew up and they felt the early awakenings of their own sexuality.

Whenever the k**s....two girls and a boy....wanted to discuss anything about sex we would be factual and non-judgemental about whatever the k**s were interested in.

Our oldest dau**ter was always very prim and proper and what interest she showed in sexual matters indicated she would be pretty straight sexually. The youngest dau**ter was another matter. Four... Continue»
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Fantasy fuck for some lucky guy

She finally appeared, opening the back door, walking down her garden path towards the pool. He had been waiting for over 45 minutes and had almost given up his cramped and uncomfortable perch in the loft. Now he felt his cock instantly stiffen at the thought of the body he was about to enjoy.
She was in her early thirties, athletically built, a body that had been sculptured in the gym with squats and lunges creating a big but perfectly shaped ass. Her full breasts were natural and her waist slim. She was confident and knew the power she held over men all too well. Many a time had he watched h... Continue»
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Office Play

If I was there in the meeting with you, I would rub my hand along your thigh. I would laugh to myself as you jumped with surprise. Then you would lean closer to me, looking for all the world like you were paying attention to the boring meeting. My hand is sitting on your thigh. You take my hand and rub it against your hardening cock. I practically purr with approval as I feel your large size and long length. I laugh, as you cover a gasp with a fake cough as I unzip your pants. I listen intently to the leader of the meeting as my hand starts to pump your hard cock. Slowly up and down, my hand m... Continue»
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A hot night with Caitlin (Office sex P2)

After we cleaned up the office and put our clothing back on Caitlin and I walk out the office toward my car so I can drive us to grab dinner and back to her place. As we were walking to my car all I can think off is how much fun I am going to have tonight with her.....

When we got to her place after dinner we sat in the lounge drinking some wine and chatted for while before she excuse herself to the bedroom. After about 5 minutes or so she reappear with just a bath towel wrap around her tiny body asking if I wanted to join her? I stood up and walk toward her, when I got next to her I gave h... Continue»
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After Work Surprise

After Work Suprise
After a long day at work, I come home tired and in a foul mood. We barely say hello to each other as I walk through the door and toss my stuff on the floor. I need to get out of my smelly boots and rinse off, so I head straight for the bedroom. I unceremoniously shed my clothes and turn on the shower. I have had just enough time to rinse the grime off me when I hear the door open and shut. I finish rinsing the soap from all my areas just when the bathroom door does the same. Without a word, the shower curtain slides back just a peak to reveal your bare naked frame, beautifu... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 34&35

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Chapter 34

When Haden went back insid... Continue»
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The Shelter

Over Christmas I did the odd bit of voluntary work at my local homeless shelter, I have got too know a few of them over the holidays & feel for them. Most are in the situation through no fault of their own, just bad luck & circumstances. They only have twelve beds, sometimes eight turn up other night's we have to turn people away or find them other accommodation.
I Knew I was doing the sl**p over on the 27th, I would be the only worker after 11pm in the shelter. So with this in mind, knowing what a dirty slut Karolina was, I thought of an idea, that could make... Continue»
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The Big Switch

When we were married, my wife and I used to swap with other couples, not so much parties where disclosure almost certainly follows but with smaller numbers, where you could make friends with those you were meeting. We became friendly with one such couple. a little older than us, which wasn't a difficulty (actually nothing was a difficulty, as long as the sex was good) and they were nice people. Bob, the husband, like me, as bi and his wife Angela was straight, so we were a good match. They both liked long slow foreplay, which suited us much better than joining people in a room, shooting all ov... Continue»
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All Rise!

The Judge:

Well, I met Don through a mutual friend he worked with. He was a recently divorced judge and was just looking to just go out and have fun. I agreed to meet one day for lunch at a local restaurant. He was very flirtatious. He had hungry, wondering eyes left you would expect from a man who hasn’t been properly fucked in a while. I was not really interested in him. He was rather on the heavy side and just not really my type. We did talk on the phone though for several weeks. I was just being nice and being a person who was there for him as company during his new divorce. Our... Continue»
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My Punk friend

So as many of you know I knew a bunch of slutty girls in college but by far the hottest and slutty-ist was my punk friend. She was really hot with a sexy pixie cut and amazing eyes. She also had nice small tits and an amazing ass! We became pretty good friends but I always was either staring at her ass. One day I found out that she did some nude pics and like the guy I am I saved them to jerk off too.

After a month of jerking off to her I accidentally let slip that I did and instead of getting pissed she teased me about it for a couple of days, until she came over to my place and wanted to... Continue»
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Comforting Mom

Mom sat me down and said “Your dad’s been having an affair it’s been going on for three years” I felt shocked, I was 18 years old and looked up to my parents as role models, but now I felt depressed as if their relationship had been a sham. As mom cried I felt sorry for her “So have you been without” I asked her “Yes for two years he hasn’t touched me”.

As mom went upstairs I heard her run a bath, 45 minutes later I went upstairs and I could hear her crying in her bedroom, as dad was out, again, I slowly opened the door, mom was sat on the bed wearing her housecoat, crying. I moved closer t... Continue»
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The Unnoticed Fruit

The college year is almost over and steve has exams left, he is studying hard and thinks he will do well he is 6 foot athletic build brown hair blue eyes and you can tell he works out a little..

For this year of college he has been staying in Diggs, it wasn't the plan but he couldn't find an affordable place to live with friends so it had to do.He couldn't complain the f****y were lovely relatively young and treated him very well.

Steve had never thought about sarah in a sexual way because she had a husband and because he rarely seen her she tended to work long hard days. what he did kno... Continue»
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Caught by my s****r and her friend 10

Ah Saturday morning! Mom and Dad out for the day, Grandpa can get down the stairs and my s****r is at her friend Kate's, nothing better than a good wank. I raid Dad's porn stash and put a movie on, strip naked and settle back on the couch and begin slowly stroking my cock. For some reason I prefer to masturbate naked it just feels better and as there is no hurry I can work up to it slowly. So there I was , after about fifteen minutes of slowly teasing my cock watching some really hot porn my s****r Susan and her friend Kate arrive unexpectedly, as they do! Given what we had all shared I didn't... Continue»
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