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Stepdaughter loving 4.

Kim gently rolled her little wet tongue around my cock head making me groan in pleasure, she then placed her little lips around it and sucked hard making me groan some more.
"Please daddy" she said looking up at me with her big green eyes.
"Please take me out to the hills for our f****y walk"
It had been a f****y tradition for several years that Trish my wife and Kim my stepdaughter and I would head out to the local hills once a month, out in the fresh air for a day of walking the country side.
How ever Trish was feeling a bit under the weather and Kim really hadn't been interested in thes... Continue»
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A totally fucked up f****y. Part 3.

A totally fucked up f****y.
Part 3.
Mum finally got up and asked if she could take a shower and stay the night. She’s only stayed here once before when she helped me move in so she knew her way around. I told her I was going to bed and that I’ll talk to her in the morning. She said thank you and that she loved me and then looked at Julie who was stroking herself and said goodnight to her.
When she left the room I looked at Julie and whispered, “I’m totally fucked out Julie and I can’t believe what just happened.”
Julie smiled and said, “That was something that needed to be recorded. I fing... Continue»
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The Business Trip

I've been in your town for a couple of days now. I've went out several nights with the ladies that I came to the conference with. So finally both our schedules allow us to meet up. It's raining out so we decide to have dinner at the restaurant in my hotel. We sit and make small talk during dinner, both anticipating what's to come later. On the way out I suggest a drink at the bar. I've had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, so one more should do the trick! At this time I'm a little more open and forward. We sat at the bar just a few people around, your turn towards me with your legs open... Continue»
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[Part 2] Little Missy's Disobedience

...Previously on Little Missy's Disobedience

At work she's known as Store Manager Sarah but she's Little Missy when with me, even if she is in a foul mood. Mondays tend to be Sarah's busiest day so I tend to go easy on her but today she isn't so deserving of such a reward. Only last week I warned Sarah if you don't deal with Paul now he will cause you major issues and today her store failed her company's audit, all thanks to Paul!

Even after 2 years though, that sexy uniform of hers never gets old, but the person that had walked into my house and up my stairs, like she owns the pl... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 7

The next afternoon, Xena was taken to Cera’s quarters in the usual totally undignified fashion. She was quaking inwardly with dread and nausea was rising, for she knew well enough why she was there. She knelt before the tall, blonde-haired Cera who, at last, stood up and walked around her.
“You seem to have displeased Lady Flavia,” she said. She was referring to the fact that Xena’s body carried the fading, multiple weals from the whalebone rod which still covered her. Buttocks, back, thighs, belly and breasts.
“Yes, My Lady,” said Xena in a hoarse whisper.
“Foolish of you.” Cera walked ... Continue»
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How I caught my girlfriend cheating.

This story is 75% fiction and 25% true.

It all happened on July 16,2013. I'm at my girlfriend's motel room to see if she was doing ok. During the week. I haven't seen her to the fact I was working 16 hour days. So, I go in the motel and get a copy of her room key from the owner. The owner was cool about it since I did computer work for him in the past.

So once I came in her room,I immediately put up pinhole cameras in the smoke detectors, the lamp above the bed,and the picture facing the table. After I did that, I left immediately and remove all the traces of my work.

So at 3pm,I see... Continue»
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Coke Cock Dilemma 5

When I awoke it was like was just reliving the past day. My mouth tasted like shit and I was alone in the bed. I tried to think what was going on and remembered Mike giving me the “sl**ping pill” and it knocked my ass out. I wondered if it was all a dream but when I licked my dry lips I could still taste the cum form Mikes cock and my wife’s pussy. The room’s light was on and the door was closed. I saw that the TV at the foot of the bed was on. When I was able to focus on it I saw that it looked like a shot of the living room below. My wife was sitting on the couch between Mike and Natalie and... Continue»
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Coke Cock Dilemma 6

When he opened the door a tall asian man in his late twenties, he was rather good looking and looked fit. He was wearing just a tee-shirt and sweat pants and was holding a small lap board. “This is Natalie’s b*****r Alex, he brought us our party favors and he’s going to be keeping you company till you make your entrance downstairs. Have fun.” He said with a smile and closed the door behind him as he left.
“Hi, Mike is it,” he asked. His voice was deep and smooth. “Is it alright if I sit down?” he sat next to me when I nodded my head. He pulled a baggie, card and a small straw out of his pocke... Continue»
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As the swining continues

You probably noted that we took down the national park series.
That was done for several reasons, we noted that the reads were dropping off and we found out the the people we called Mike, Deb and Betty all are planning to return to the area in March. We really never had their permission to post the story and it would seem a distrust if they saw them and did not like the exposure, especially if it endangered their employment.

So we are working up to being with them under the same roof together. This had not worked for us before, but now that we read each others experiences, we decided to t... Continue»
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A Mother's Confession by PuppyloverDawn


Let me start off by saying that I am not a pervert or
anything like that. I don't watch much porn except for
when I'm alone with my husband and I rarely read sex
stories except for when my husband has me read them as
he makes love to me doggy style. And then it is just
stories of young girls and boys. He says he loves
stories of new or first love. He is so romantic.

I am a normal housewife and mother who loves her
f****y. I love them so much that I would do anything to
help them, even if it goes against my normally high
moral judgement. I think any mother ... Continue»
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something I wrote for my ex-Master

the new greek slave

He had bought a slave, a female greek valuable slave. His excitement let him pull her quickly into the house. His first slave. And he was now the first slave owner in his f****y.
What to do with her next? He looked down at his new purchased property, her long dark hair, her beautiful face with very sensual lips, and her curvy body hidden in an old rag of a dress.
She kept her eyes down and her body was slightly tensed. She smelled of the dusty road, but it seemed she had been allowed to clean herself before the auction as her smell was quite lovely and fresh... Continue»
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Our Fantasies by Durango Dan

A young couple discuss their fantasies and decide to
make them all come true. (MFmf, ped, inc, bi, intr,
oral, anal, b**st, orgy)


My name is Hank and I've been married to Jill for
almost three years now. We met in college and married
soon after graduation. Jill is a real looker. She
stands about 5' 8" with a chest size of 36D and weighs
about 125 pounds. She has long black hair that hangs to
her waist. She keeps her snatch shaved bald so it looks
like a little girl's cunt.

I'm 6'6" with a body that I am proud of. I keep in
shape by working out three days a... Continue»
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A Horse for Sara by Jimbo2


My name is Sara and I live out of town on a small farm.
There is just my husband and I, along with a young
black man who works in the stable areas. I am a little
on the heavy side at 220 pounds but am big boned.
Despite my weight problem, I am very sexual. I have a
very plump pussy which I keep well trimmed. I have a
wide ass and like anal sex every once in a while. I
love sex in any form and masturbate quite a lot.
Usually when my husband is out working.

My husband works on the farm all day and I am alone
most every day except when the stable boy is around.... Continue»
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With my Vietnamese Accounting partner splitting with me over an argument and taking most of my clients I was facing financial ruin but I saw an opportunity to get into the new lucrative Indian student market and went into partnership with Arupama, a 43 year old , dark skinned, pock faced, 36C 33 37, portly 127 pound 5ft 4 Calcutta woman. On a whim to see if it could be done I had seduced her. To put it mildly I had found a Bengal tiger who now wanted to work through my previous lovers fighting or sexfighting them in front of me before she fucked and branded my wife. After defeating the Filipin... Continue»
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Fucking 3 of my wife's friends

A few years ago I celebrated the New Year by going to bed with 3 of my wife’s friends. I had always been hot for these three girls but my wife at the time was a bit possessive so I never had the chance to check them out if you know what I mean! After celebrating New Year's Eve together, we were feeling no pain! Everyone else was passed out so we all started making out with each other. First kissing, then french kissing, then petting, then rubbing and caressing...then we got so hot and horny that we raced each other to the bedroom and crawled into bed! To begin with, they all took turns wo... Continue»
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for my Daughter

About three weeks ago I got a hold of my nineteen
year old daughter's phone. She has been so protective
off it I knew she had something on it. What she does
know if I know the pass code she uses.

So while she and her mother were busy I casually pick
it up and put in her code. A few years ago when she
was sixteen caught her sex chatting with other
people. All graphic with the guys leading it. One
caught my eye because he had her call him daddy. This
got my cock hard because I have had a secret desire
for her ever since she was three.

I never acted on those desires but a... Continue»
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The last four stories are ones that I wrote in High School

I was working for the school district going from door to door with another person taking a survey on school age k**s when my next adventure happened. I rang the doorbell and a guy answered, yelling to his mom that there was a guy at the door who wanted to borrow her for 3 or 4 hours. She came to the door and what a knockout. She was in her early forties, large breasts, nice legs, and a wonderful Mouth. We asked the normal questions and when leaving I waited for the other person to leave first then I asked what was meant by borrow... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:6

Master John’s 18 year-old, strawberry-blonde pet slave Jimmy was taken advantage of by Master John’s three young, buff, pet-slave niggers while on a summers’ day, chained to the open truck bed of Master Johns’ truck, parked in the driveway of his seclude ranch. He told Master John they said they would kill him if he told on them, but he told Master John anyway and begged Master John not to tell the slaves he told on them. Master John agreed and e****ted Jimmy into the ranch, through the front door, up the stairs to the large Master bathroom in the back.

Jimmy was showered as all slaves are ... Continue»
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Double your pleasure 2

"Well, good morning, you two," Brittany said as she entered the kitchen the next morning to find her two c***dren having breakfast.

"Hey, Mom," Bart said. "How was your party?"

"Oh, fine," she replied, u*********sly tightening the sash of her housecoat tighter around her waist, a slight blush suffusing her cheeks. "I hope we didn't wake you when we got home."

"No, no, I didn't hear a thing," Bart replied, struggling to keep a straight face.

"I can't seem to find it," Brian said as he came into the kitchen. "And it's not in the car, either."

"What are you looking for, Dad?" Beth ... Continue»
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BBW Hook Up Gail

BBW Hook Up-Gail

I was surfing on an adult hook up site one night and I received a reply for a private chat from a woman who reportedly met my requirements, BBW, preferably married and no LTR. Turned out she lived probably no more than a mile from me and worked in the same industry but we had never met. She said she was 45, married and her husband was disabled so she just wasn't getting enough sex. She had just ended a LTR but her boyfriend who was separated went back to his wife. We chatted about every night for two weeks and decided to meet one afternoon. Her requirement was that she want... Continue»
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