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My Wife’s first time – the last part

Hopefully you have already read parts 1 and 2. If not, check them out before reading any further!

We set up our little get together party for my friend and his wife for the following Saturday night at our home. Lots of refreshments and snacks and of course there was plenty of our homemade beer in the cooler. We brewed our own beer and bottled it old Coors bottles and it usually ran to about 9 or 10%. My wife really likes our home brew!

We figured we would start the night off by playing some card games, downing some refreshment and generally letting everyone (especially his wife) get mor... Continue»
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My dream affair

With the success of my first story here is another story. So this happened to me a few weeks ago. Things were going kind of bad with Amber for about a few months there was a lack of sex even talks of divorce. I joined a particular forum for advice on these things and found Jess. Jess was 42 bisexual and was drop dead gorgous. I messaged her just a simple hello and since Amber was working I masterbated to Jess's photos (I'm a married man but Jess was that hot) she responded and we started talking I sent her pics of my wife and of myself and made it clear from day one I was looking for a plutoni... Continue»
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Wife having fun with an Old Man with Husband'

Sanjay worked for a big real estate development firm as a project engineer and Varsha was a freelance interior designer. Varsha mostly worked from home except for site visits. They had recently moved into an upscale apartment complex.

The complex consisted of 5 different buildings, 2 club houses and a swimming pool. The couple had purchased a fully furnished flat on 4th floor in one of the buildings. Each floor had only two flats. Since they bought a furnished flat, settling down was pretty easy.

Their neighbors were Mr and Mrs. Aiyar who were in their late 50's. The Aiyars were very fri... Continue»
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Sexy Wedding Anniversary Gift

Hi I am Sanjana, married with 3 teen girls. Last month was our 20th Anniversary. We could not travel on our Anniversary day due to some urgent works for my hubby. Let me tell some details about ourselves, I am 5.1 and Petitite, fair with 36-28-30. My hubby is 5.4 and a bit chubby. I wanted a special gift from my hubby, so he said he will take me to Kerala and he booked a Honey moon Villa with a Private Pool.

Before we left Bangalore, he made me promise that what ever he tells I will listen to him. I was under the impression that he will get me something special and something erotic like see... Continue»
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Fun after Bar Closing!

It was just 4 months before our wedding We were fighting and he was just being an ass! I had to work on Saturday and when I got home he and his buddies were drinking and half loaded. He told me they were all going out. Well I said yes just go and they did. I grabbed my stuff and left. I went to my girlfriends place. I thought this may get his attention if I wasn't there when he got home! Well she suggested we go out to a place in a bigger town about 40 miles away. I said sure why not! We got there about 11pm and the place was really hopping We went up to the bar and it took a little to get a d... Continue»
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I fucked my ex boyfriends dad.

So this story is one i haven't told too many people, because in all honesty it's one i like to keep to myself, or to my own "wank bank." but since you're all such good boys i thought i'll share it with you to add yours. i'll call it "my boyfriend's dad." this goes back to when i was with my first real boyfriend around my teen years (wont say the age). my boyfriend at the time had a dad who was one of the biggest flirts i've ever met. bigger than i am. yes, hard to believe. but anyway, he was a womanizer in all respects, even down to shamelessly hitting on my own mother. regardless, i liked him... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 20

It took days for the bruises to wear off. They were given cream to rub into them but the effects of the ferule, so enthusiastically employed with all Violetta's considerable strength, left their bodies marked and sore.
A new pattern of life emerged, as regular as that in the valley outside. The burly redclad trainers came to collect them every morning to take them to the gym where they were made to work out vigorously in leotards before being stripped and made to swim. Each session was longer and they were required to work harder, the strokes of the whip by way of encouragement particularly p... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 17


Waiting to be punished was the worst of all.
They knew it. That’s why there were often long drawn-out hours between the pronouncement of a punishment and its administration. Hassan’s words were of the previous night were still in Belle’s ears when she awoke the following morning.
“For your carelessness, slave, you are to be birched,” he had said. “It will take place tomorrow afternoon. And it will take place before the ladies and gentlemen you offended.”
Could it be said she had offended?
Belle felt bitter ... the cruel ... injustice of it as she listened to t... Continue»
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Playtime Stories 15 - ABS Wildlife

As usual, a hot mix of real experiences and fantasy. The part that is fantasy would surprise you- ENJOY and Comment please!!

15 Playtime Stories 15 – ABS Wildlife

“Just another trip to the arcade” turned into a very memorable time. I was away on business at a convention and very horny. I hadn’t been able to indulge in nearly a month and a half. The first night of the trip I had been fairly lucky for a Wednesday. I had done a lot of cock sucking, but as a guy. Thursday afternoon I still had the itch – the itch to be a slutty gurl. I got out of the networking session at the bar n... Continue»
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Corrie babes get their brains fucked out by women

Ex Coronation Street star and her best friend who is back in Corrie enjoy their sexual freedom in the 21st century.
Early 2009 was a strangely frustrating time for Nikki Sanderson as she was feeling really pissed off with her life even though she was quite busy and making good money. Her numerous boyfriends had so far never seemed to quite gel with her and she had struggled to really enjoy her time with them as much as she had hoped it might being a true romantic.
She couldn't put her finger on the problem which made her so irritated but something was missing. At the time she couldn't even ... Continue»
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My New Trainer

transsexual – oral – anal – blowjob – workout

"So, do you need a spot?" she asked. Wisps of red hair, which had fallen from her pony tail, framed her face as she looked down on me.

"Ummm sure," I lied. The equipment at the bench press station where I was working out was designed to be used solo. With a quick flick of the wrist I could lock the bar into any safety position, if I had gotten into danger, but accidents do happen and you can't be too careful. Besides, I wasn't going to turn down help from the most beautiful girl in the gym. She also happened to be the only girl in the ... Continue»
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My outdoor adventure

I took to hiking local trails some years ago as a way to get more outdoor exercise, boy was I about to get that and some on this fine Indian summer day.

It was a nice warm sunny early October day I headed out to a quarry park a few miles away from me to get in a few miles of hiking before school got out, I made it to the parking area by 12:45 it was Friday and I thought I had the place to myself, I parked and crossed the road entering the quarry trail up to the quarry ridge trail that runs around the top of the quarry.

I must have made it about a 1/4 of the way around when I noticed some... Continue»
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Taking an XHamster Lover and Teaching Her Pt2

Taking an XHamster Lover and Teaching Her Pt2

In part 1, I took my sexy nymph from the fancy restaurant where we met to the hotel where we enjoyed a very hot evening of sex!!! When I left off the story, we were just getting ready to shower and sit in the in room hot tub. This story picks up just a little while after the tub. I am relaxing she is drying her hair. Can you hear the hair dryer?


Sitting in my chair I smiled as I swirled the light amber colored liq... Continue»
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Marc and Moni part 3 BBC used

Marc and Moni in trouble, Moni becomes a true cums

Moni becomes a true cumslut wife

We get in Lamonts car and drive back to out hotel room, while in the car Lamont instructs me on how i will behave. He tells me from now on i am to smile wide at him and fawn over him no matter what anfd at all times. I am to tell my hubby that i am his white slut and that i enjoy it and want it.
You got that he says, yes i tell him, as much as i hate myself i cant help but feel trapped yet my pussy keeps betraying me.
We enter the room , Lamont has hjis arm around me ans i am smiling anfd gigglin... Continue»
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A New Chapter

Sorry I have taken so long in writing my stories, but, life has been hectic and busy. I hope I can continue to write about my life, so you can enjoy it almost as much as I have. So, on to the next chapter. I last left you with the story of Thanksgiving. Well, sadly to say, not much else developed with Kayla. From what I understand, as told thru f****y circles, she fell for a guy and is currently all about him. Oh well, life goes on.

Now Kelly on the other hand, thru a lot of phone calls and text messages, I got the impression that she was quite the closet cockslut. All prim and prope... Continue»
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My slut SIL and my slut wife

So one day my SIL Pippa came to stay with us having been kicked out by her old folks. Marie felt sorry for her and we agreed to put her up while she looked for a flat, I got on well with her as did Marie who was about 6 years older at 25. I was soon to discover that they had more in common than just big tits.
Pippa was a good looking girl and quite different in looks to Marie, she was tall slim with long dark hair and had big tits, a good couple of sizes bigger than Marie and hers weren't small. She was a head turner, especially as she insisted on not wearing a bra!

She'd been with us a ... Continue»
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Trip out.

This story is true, but put into a literary stile of my liking. So names are changed and the girls feelings are supposed because frankly I can not hear her thoughts when this was happening. Enjoy and let me know if you like it.

Tiffany was thrilled for the chance to get away; it had been years since her last vacation. This one had fallen in her lap quite unexpectedly. Ted had called her out of the blue and offered her the trip, saying that he could not make it and he could transfer it but not get a refund. Ted had always been a good friend, she felt more deeply for him than she had ... Continue»
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Racist Gina.

My name is Gina. I am the daughter of a man who is the leader of a right-wing racist party. I am finally living away from my parents. They have protected me from filthy negros and other nasty minorities. I will forever be proud of them since I despise those people. A nice white girl like me should be with a white man. It would be against nature if it was any other way.

As I am walking to my job I see two black guys standing in the corner. Both of them look like thugs; one is black guy is wearing dread's & the other is about 6'0, with huge muscles. Both of them were grabbing their cocks and ... Continue»
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A cuckold evening out

Thursday evening at the dinner table to was telling my wife about a recent craving I was having to eat her pussy after she had been fucked. She smiled and asked if I had anyone in mind to do the fucking? I told her not really but he needed to be black. She wiggled in her chair and asked why does he need to be black? I told her that the black guys always shoot deeper inside her and their loads are larger. She said that she would work something out for tomorrow night.

All day at work Friday I kept thinking about our conversation the night before. I wasn't wearing a chastity device that day so... Continue»
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This is based on true events, which started a new lifestyle for my wife and I. Two years ago I saw something that changed the way I feel about my wife. Neha does not know I saw this and she has never spoken to me about it nor have I to her. We are both in our mid 20s, fit and attractive. We married 5 years ago and have a wonderful c***d. Neha teaches third grade and I work as a supervisor for a manufacturing company. Neha is a sexy Indian wife with lusty eyes measuring 5Ft7Inc 130 lbs, 32 breast and very hot.

We have always
... Continue»
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