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My little cupcake…

Normal k**s go to college but I went to culinary school and thank god for that cause the women there were sexy but there was one girl in particular that always grabbed my eyes. She was in a baking class I was in too. I never knew her name but I referred her to my little cupcake. She had a tight fit body with a sexy face. I could not sl**p sometimes because she was in my head. We used to break into group and I would pray that she would be in mine. Looks like my prayers were answered because she was in my group. We would meet after class as group but I never nerved up to ask her out. Well one... Continue»
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Mom of 4 is f*rced to become entertainment after n

Mom of 4 is f*rced to become entertainment after night class

Warning this is a fictional graphic r*p* story

Renee is a 30 year old mom of 4 working on her master’s degree. She has classes every Friday evening. This weekend the grandparents were taking the k**s out to their house so she could go out with her hubby later that evening. It was a beautiful, warm, fall day, so she decided to dress up before going to class and surprise her hubby after class was finished. She left for class wearing her new black liquid nylon thigh highs, short black spandex skirt and a light pink button-down shi... Continue»
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Mother of 5 Chained and USED!

Mother of 5 Chained and USED!

The wife and her hubby are out one evening at a theater performance. She is a 32 year old conservative Catholic mother of five with sandy blond hair, 42 DDD breasts. She is wearing a long black evening dress with sexy thigh hi’s and garter. As the evening draws to a close her hubby got a page, calling him to his office. He kissed her as he dropped her at home and then drove away.

As she walks inside the thoughts of how she wanted her hubby that evening transition to planning what she is going to do; home alone without the k**s. The unsuspecting MILF walks in... Continue»
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Saturday Night Capture Role Play

The Role-play Begins……..

I quietly entered the house ski mask on cuffs and blind fold on and in hand, ready to capture a milf. She was laying in the bed with her iPad. I came up behind her put my arm around her neck and mouth then I told her “don’t move, don’t scream and the k*ds and baby will be ok” her muffled screams stop and she nodded her head yes. I cuffed her hands, blindfolded her then dragged her out of bed. Wearing only a long tee-shirt that covered her Panties I pulled off the ski mask (so I could see) then led her down the hall way to a chair I had set up in the living room in f... Continue»
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The PA pt4

The PA pt4
She read and reread the pages of the note, for some reason her sex began to dampen, her fingers magnetically attracted to her clit to her horror she realised she was getting turned on by the image in her mind of her body hanging, torn and bleeding as the fantasy whip landed time and again, wrapping itself round her, slapping at her back, and tits as finally she began to come, a massive climax overtook her as the imagined lash found her sex in a huge painful and exciting flourish.
She dozed for a while, and then made herself coffee, before sitting at her laptop and composing a lett... Continue»
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Surprise waiting for Leo at home

This is an original fictional story, this takes place around 8pm, Diana is about 23 and Leo is 25.

Diana had always loved to surprise her boyfriend, Leo. She had been horny all day and decided that she was going to fuck him good tonight. She slipped on her favorite set of lingerie, a lace thong with matching bra- both light lavender. She grabbed her white satin robe and left it open. She started to hear Leo pulling into the driveway; she ran to the door and stood in front of it as Leo opened the door. Stunned at the sight in front of him he dropped everything. She grabbe... Continue»
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The Handy Man

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I pulled into the small driveway. I looked around. The Royals lived in a nice neighborhood. I got a call from them last night before I went to bed. Mrs. Royal best friend - Mrs. Diane Smallwood. Gave her my number. I just got done remodeling the Smallwoods house. I did some small repairs around there old house. I fixed up the spare bedroom. I remodeled another room into a new baby room. Mrs. Smallwood is expecting any day now. I originally was called to put on a small wooden back deck in the back of there house They loved my low rates and expert servic... Continue»
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Tinder and my friends ex.

So I am married going on 10 years soon. And the sexlife is so so. We get the heat on from time to time but there is so much baggage. So it requires some mental strength and fantasies to keep me getting the hard on. And so I have been peeking on what goes on on the internet. I've gotten a profile on bad and ashleymadison. And I'm on Tinder. Just peeking. I'm not really up for any drastic steps. I've had some one night stands thru the years. I travel a lot in my line of work. And I recon there might be more. So I'm not desperately seeking anything online.
To my big surprise i find my colleague... Continue»
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Caught Stealing

Tommy Tompson was in the office on this sunny Saturday. He'd rather be
out playing golf. He wasn't though. It was close to ten and Tommy had
been there since seven. He was just finishing up when he heard the front
door open. He got up from his desk and looked out into the front office.

Janice Jackson was moving through the office furniture. She entered the
supply closet and stayed there for almost two minutes. Tommy timed her
with his watch. Now she was coming out of the closet. Tommy stepped out
into the front office.

"And just what do you think you're doing, M... Continue»
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The Cruise

The couple was there before he arrived. He could barely see them
rolling around on one of the deck loungers. He lit his cigarette and took
a deep drag. His wife was asl**p downstairs in their berth. She'd always
wanted to go on a cruise. He finally relented. The couple was still
rolling around on the lounger.

He'd seen them earlier in the bar while he and his wife were having a
drink. They were d***k and dancing by the time he left with his wife. The
rolling around stopped moments ago. He wondered if the guy fucked her ?
He took another drag and exhaled the smoke in... Continue»
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Would You Fuck Your Buddy’s Wife?

I saw my phone flash that I had a new test message.
I opened it and was shocked to see my buddy’s wife Donna!
She was sitting there nude with her legs open showing me her sexy and extremely wet pussy!
The message said “Your cock should be in here! Please fuck me!”
I could not believe that my best friend’s wife had just sent me a request for a fuck. I thought maybe she had sent to me by mistake so I decided to send a quick response that would give her a chance to bail out.
“I think you might have sent your message to the wrong... Continue»
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Brandy 2 (Chapter 1)

Four Years Later

Brandy graduated from college, moving into the city, away from home, hoping to start a new life. Her parents still looked at her differently since they found out about her and Michael, not even him moving could changed anything. 
She had found a good job as an advertising assistant, able to afford an apartment by herself. She enjoyed her privacy. She dated on and off, but nothing steady, most men her age interested in partying and getting her into the sack and then they moved onto the next conquest. None of them really turned her on the way Michael had done. He was so dema... Continue»
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Riding Horses

My best friend, Sandie, and I decided that since we were bot turning fifty that we should do something fun, just the two of us. We had been best friends since college. Our husbands thought we were crazy, and maybe we were. They were going to play in a golf tournament for a week. So Sandie and I decided to take our horses to this huge ranch and ride out and camp, all alone, up in the mountains.
We trailered the horses and got to the ranch and set off on our way. We rode most of the day, to make sure we got far enough away so no one would bother us. We set up camp near a spring surrounded ... Continue»
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My Friend's Wife, Part 1 - The Intimate Hug

I have been divorced for a year now, and one of my biggest supports through the tough times was Angel (name changed), wife of one of my friends. She helped me through the worst of my nasty divorce with great advice and support. We always had a friendly relationship, and eventually it got to a point that we were more friendly with each other than I was with her husband. We talked about everything under the sun, and I do mean everything.

I got a new place and moved in there, Angel helped me look for this apartment. After that she kept sending me meals so I would eat right and not starve myse... Continue»
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Hannah's encounter with big black dildo

My wife and I had had always discussed the idea of her taking another cock and in particular a big thick black one and while she loves the idea, and I hope it happens one day, we're just not quite there yet. In fact, I'd always been curious as to whether she'd even manage one given that Im 6" and Ive always seemed to fill her up widthwise and sometimes even bottom out on her cervix when I fuck her.

Anyway, as a near second to her being fucked by a real black cock, I decided that I'd get a black dildo and firstly, see if she'd let me use it and second, how she'd cope with it. Not holding b... Continue»
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Latest Capture Roleplay

Latest Capture and **** Roleplay

The stage was set. Sara my wife said that she was up for role play last Saturday night. We finally got the k**s in to bed then I set up the webcam in the living room opened the blinds and then stepped out to walk the dog.

The Role-play Begins……..

I quietly entered the house ski mask on cuffs and blind fold on and in hand, ready to capture a milf. She was laying in the bed on her iPad the baby a sl**p in the crib on the other side of the room. I came up behind her put my arm around her neck and mouth then I told her “don’t move, don’t scream... Continue»
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Milking My Aunt Brenda - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....BBBBTS

I only had a few weeks of school left. My Mom worked two jobs. She worked long hours and the weekends. I was looking forward after graduation, to spending some alone time with nobody in the house but me. No rules and even better, no adult person around, to tell me what to do. That thought last about a week before my Mom sat me down and explained my Aunt was coming to stay with us for awhile.

I tried to tune my Mom out but she kept talking. My Aunt Brenda was my Mom’s step s****r. They grew up together in a tiny house. They were relate... Continue»
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Best Friends Milf Pt 2

After an afternoon of incredible sex Brandon and Maria kissed one another goodbye knowing that it might be a while before they would have the opportunity to be together again. For the next few weeks Brandon and Maria didn't see one another.

Randy and Brandon were busy with college, getting ready for finals and graduation along with Maria's husband wasn't going on any business trips. The break came after Brandon and Maria's son graduated from the community college, and things calmed down. Randy decided to go back East to live with his Aunt and Uncle because they lived in the town where the ... Continue»
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I finally got to fuck the midget girl

Neighborhood guy was dating and married a tiny girl he called midge. She was one and not the fat ones, but a tiny miniature woman. I had no chance with her, at that time being 14 and she was probably 20.
They moved away and I did not see them for many years.
Guys in the neighborhood talked about her and how good she looked in a bikini. She was a mixed asian looking girl with black hair tan skin and cute little tits. but a double hand full of ass.

In a bar over ten years later I saw her walk in and knew who she was. She looked the same as she did before. She sat at a table and her frien... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 11&12

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Chapter 11

She spent the next two hours... Continue»
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