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One of our oldest friends came up to visit, we hadn’t seen her for around six months and she was quite distressed. Coming into the kitchen and she sat down and with a coffee she told us a story which I just had to tell my friends on here, it was bizarre to say the least. She was 47 years old, 14 stone, and in a difficult relationship. I write as if she’s talking.

It was a couple of Wednesday’s ago, one evening me and my husband had a blazing row and during it he said he didn’t fancy me anymore that’s why he hadn’t fucked me for over five years, I was shocked, he stormed off upstairs to bed ... Continue»
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Fun at a Log Cabin

We finally got 5 days away from the k**s, so did my s****r-in-law and her husband. We decided to go to Tennessee and rent a log cabin. It was a beautiful two bedroom log cabin. The bedrooms were right across from each other and in the middle was the bathroom. What I love about the place, it had a hot tub, can’t go wrong with a hot tub. We got there after a 5 hour drive, all of us was tired but excited. We grabbed our suite cases and went to our rooms. When I was grabbing something from the car and headed back to my room, I noticed Mick starring at Linda’s ass when she was bending over unpackin... Continue»
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Wife's pussy came in handy

Saturday I had finished my weekend chorus and was headed to the shower to wash off the grass clippings and sweat. My wife came in the bathroom just as I turned on the water and asked me what I was going to do today. I turned around to answer her and saw she was wearing her shortest denim mini skirt and a pale yellow tank top, her nipples easily seen due to she was braless. I told her I was going to look at a 1931 model A Ford body I found for sale. She asked if she could come with me? I told her yes.

After I had dressed I went to the kitchen to grab a cold water and I saw my wife in there. ... Continue»
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Alex's Craigslist Adventures Ch. 4

Mike's personal cock sucker

My name is Alex, I'm a 29 year old cockaholic. Look at this gorgeous cock! I still get so increadibly turned on thinking about it stretching out the back of my throat. Here's how I became Mike's personal cock sucker, I hope to share more of my true stories in the future.


Mike is the same age as me, a little on the heavy side, but with a cock like that, do you think I care? My mouth waters just looking at his 8" monster. We met at his place and he lead me up to his studio apartment.... Continue»
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Fuko (P-Chan) is impregnated by a white surfer

Story by Chen

Fuko is a Busty JAV idol who is known for her enormous beautiful breasts that could bring even the strongest of men to their knees. Like most J... Continue»
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Living with a slut wife

Setting on the bed with my penis locked in my wife's favorite stainless chastity cage I watch my wife getting ready to go visit one of her male friends. She does her makeup extra heavy to give her a slutty look because that how this particular guy likes her to look. Her blonde hair is pulled back into a pony tail. Soon her face is done and when she stands and looks my direction my dick strains against the short stainless prison. She puts on a lace garter with eight straps and pulls up a pair of black stockings with a four inch wide lace top. They reach all the way to her pussy lips, the look i... Continue»
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Overwatch: Mei and Soldier 76

Overwatch: Breeding Future Heroes-p1 Mei and Soldier 76

Story By Maria (Fan of Overwatch)

Soldier 76 had just returned to Arctic base from an intense training exercise out in the freezing weather. He quickly ran through the bas... Continue»
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Fucking for my employer

For those of you who liked my earlier account of fucking a 29-year-old mother of two in 1999 when I was 22, you may enjoy this story from one year later in 2000 when I had 'relations' with an even older woman, Margie, who was 38.

I was working for the same company that I did when I took the earlier 29-year-old mom to my office Christmas party. My company provided telecommunication services to major retailers. I will conceal the retailer's name in order to protect Margie's anonymity, but let's just say it was a Fortune 500 company. Margie was the client contact who basically decided if th... Continue»
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Carpool Blowjob (Latina & White)

Story by Maria

It was a hot Central Florida afternoon and I was on my way to a college class field trip at a local wetlands park. As part of my environmental sciences class, we were to attend a tour of the park in order to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our environment.

My name is Gabriella, and I am a petite Cuban American with brown skin and long black straight hair and a slight valley girl accent and can't speak a lick of Spanish. For the trip I decided to pack simple. I was wearing a simple white t shirt with a logo on it and tight black yoga pants to show off m... Continue»
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I was a very friendly girl in my teens, who always like to lend a hand, and generally cheer people up whenever I could, and just recently came across an oldish man sat on a bench on his own in our local park, doing an oil painting. “Hello” I said, “Do you mind if I join you”? “Not at all” he replied. We got chatting as you do, and it turns out he also took commissions for portraits in water colours and oil. The landscape that he was currently working on in front of him, looked absolutely amazing, he certainly knew how to capture the moment. “Would you like me to do a portrait of you m'dea... Continue»
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Revenge It feels so good

Jeffrey was having one of those days, the kind of day where it would have been better to roll over and go back to sl**p rather then get up and go to work.

Work was not going well for Jeffrey, but neither was most of the rest of his life. He had been working for the company for 15 years, but his position was pretty much stagnant. Jeffrey was good at what he did, one of the best in a very technical field, but management rewarded salesmanship and Jeff wasn't interested in that, and, consequently, wasn't very good at it.

His marriage wasn't in good shape either. Most casual observers found i... Continue»
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Cuckold Girl friend makes me watch

As I watched Mary kiss Lee. I can see her peek over me. She was looking at me as Lee sucked on her neck and down to her huge tits. It turned me on knowing she was enjoying this. By her looking at me moaning with lust in her eyes. She wanted me to know how much she did. I could see her grabbing his huge cock with both hands. Jerking it and lathering it up with soap. Lee's hands and mouth was all over her. Mary turned her body around to Lee's huge cock could rub and grind on her fat juicy ass. He was loving it. Watching his cock grinding on her ass was a sight to see. Mary was giving me a sho... Continue»
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The Fuck Collector

Why do I keep doing this to myself? I always get myself in trouble with debts and anything involving money.

"I am going to fucking tear you into pieces, you little asshole!" Fred screams at me from behind me while chasing me. I owe him money. Lots and lots of money. It's not what you think.

You see... I am addicted to interracial porn. No, I have no interest in actually seeing a black man fuck a white woman. I actually don't like black people. I am a member of a local right-wing party and I. oppose multiculturalism. But seeing a well endowed negro fucking a white woman, especially a blo... Continue»
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A lifetime of creamypie

The first time I ever saw my wife she had on a very short pair of cut off jean shorts with a small white T shirt tucked in. She was braless and her nipples where just hard enough to be seen. What attracted me first was her legs, very tanned and just the bottoms of her butt cheeks shown under the frade faded jeans. At one hundred pounds and five foot four she had a ora of confidence about her. She looked so sexy, her shoulder length blonde hair was cut with bangs. When she walked her small tits bounced just enough.

I asked her out for a date and she accepted. She asked where we would be goi... Continue»
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Caught in the act

After breakfast they return to their room and have another cup of coffee and read the mornings news papers, Lynn says " Well what shall we do today, how do you feel like going into town and we'll do some shopping. " "OK as long as you don't mind going to the cinema after lunch". Rick replies " Its a deal " she says, "What film are we going to see”.” Its a surprise" he says.

They spend all of the morning going through just about every clothes, shoe and cosmetic store in the city, but Lynn is amazed that throughout it all he has not complained once, even wh... Continue»
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Night to Remember

Back at their hotel they decide that a shower and a nap are in order before an evening on the town as it will be their last night at the hotel, they are awaken by their alarm at Seven o'clock and each have a wash and clean their teeth before getting dressed, Lynn is always first to get ready to go out and decides to go down to the hotel lounge and have a cup of tea and read the evening paper, "I'll wait for you downstairs” Lynn calls to Rick, she knows he'll be at least another half an hour before he is ready, he blows her a kiss as she picks up a key and walks towards the door. Lynn's dresse... Continue»
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I Go Christmas Shopping

I Go Christmas Shopping and
Get a Whole Lot More and I Love It

Terry was out of town this weekend; so, I spent most of the time doing some late Christmas shopping at the local mall. I wanted to find something sexy for my hubby to surprise him when he gets back home. I entered a small sex shop and chose some sexy lingerie to try on in the changing room. There was only the owner of the place, a huge black man, handsome, tall and athletic I thought here.

I felt a little horny and frisky and walked out while wearing a very sexy outfit. I asked the black guy wh... Continue»
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Special Delivery for Sarah

I suppose it all started when I left home in my late teens and bought a house; somewhere that I could call my own.

As soon as the estate agent opened in the morning, I went down full of excitement to collect the keys.

It was completely empty apart from carpets and curtains, and the odd small electrical appliance in the kitchen. I had arranged for all the big items to be delivered that day to make the place a home that I could be proud of....it turned out that that was to be one very eventful day I can tell you!

While I was waiting for my first delivery, I decided to go upstairs a... Continue»
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Becoming a Cuckold 1

Becoming a Cuckold, Ch. 1
by DirtyMindedMinx

I blew my load and immediately felt like crap. I closed the browser and just sat there in the dark. My orgasm gave me a few seconds of pleasure, but the moment was fleeting and ultimately unsatisfying. How had I been reduced to this?

I love my wife. Irene and I have been married for almost twelve years, we have two beautiful chïldren, and we hardly ever fight or even get into arguments. She’s a great mom and a loving partner. I do all I can as her husband to make her happy, and I think I’ve managed to do that…for the most part.

My wi... Continue»
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Barebacking a Craigslist Slut

I developed this "fetish" for barebacking strangers from reading stories about it on various adult sites. At first I figured most of it was fantasy. But it was a fantasy that I could not get out of my head. Anyway, I started going on adult dating sites and perusing CL to see if I could actually find women that wanted to do this with me ... fuck bareback like whores within minutes for meeting each other.

When I first started seeking this out it actually did not take me that long to find a woman who had these same desires. I sent her a message and a picture on CL and told her I just wanted... Continue»
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