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Don't Cum Inside Me - Repost

My name then is Paul. I'm married to Susan. My best friend Terry had been having sex with my wife Susan before he got married to his wife Robin with my permission. I got off on it, and figured Susan couldn’t throw stones at me if she was getting laid on the side. I had been trying to get into Robin’s panties before she ever started dating Terry. This is the story of how I finally got between those long, previously faithful legs.

It was a year after they got married that Robin got pregnant. When she got to be about six months along Terry evidently lost interest in having sex with her. ... Continue»
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The first lesson

It was a long night at work and Sarah just wanted to get home shower and get into bed. The bar was packed for a Thursday night and she made good money. As she checked the bar to get ready to lock up she saw movement out of the corner of her eye and before she knew what was happening he was on her. She felt a strong arm rap around her and lift her off the ground. Fear shot through her and her mind raced for a way out. His grip was too much for her small frame and she was his to do with as he pleased. As she struggled she saw he had on a mask in the mirror behind the bar and her fear grew even m... Continue»
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Watching Girlfriend taking an 11.5" cock Part

For the next three weeks everything seemed normal on the surface. Life was routine in most respects, except I was looking and contacting suitable guys online from swinger/contact ad sites.
I eventually contacted 2 guys and asked for proof shots or videos.

I got an instant reply from one guy called Simon, and a video enclosed in an email called 'Proof'. I eagerly opened it up and As I watched, a pair of hands reached out to fondle the obvious bulge in his trousers. She wasted no time unbuckling his belt, unzipping him, and pulling his slacks down, revealing tight white boxer briefs that ba... Continue»
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Eric and I...

Eric was one of those guys that at times intimated me, I didn't know how to act around them and would of times try to escape being in their presence. This happened to me many years ago while I was I high school sometimes after my sexual education at the hands of my three tormentors.

I was in the toilet on the third floor when Eric came in, the other guys finished what they were doing and left. I was to terrified to moved so I stood there at the urinal and waited for Eric to leave. Eric finished his labor and went over to the sinks to wash his hands, as he finished he walked over to the pa... Continue»
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Flamenco Beach - Part 2

I was totally drained after a stranger pushed me to new sexual horizons. It was a good thing that my mid-twenties body could assimilate such abuse. Yes, it was a rough lesson, but after he was done with me and left my room, even though I ended up quite battered, once in bed, I slept soundly through the night until the following day.
The next morning, I attempted to get off bed to go to work, but my body was a bit achy. My rectum was really sore. Eventually, by mid-morning, I slowly managed to get on my feet, go to the bathroom, take a shower, and prepare to go to work.
I took it easy dur... Continue»
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Watching Girlfriend take 11.5" cock

We were on the bed together, laying next to each other, naked. She pressed the play button on the VCR, and after a minute of darkness, the tape started. It opened with a nice bedroom, decorated with some taste. The tape didn't move, but someone was moving the zoom in and out a few times trying to get the best view of the bed.

After a minute, a man walked from behind the camera, his back towards the camera. He was naked, and the first thing I noticed was that he was very muscular. His back rippled with muscle, and after he lit some candles he finally turned around.

He chest was like mu... Continue»
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Play date memories..

My memories

It's been a few weeks since I've been with her..

I think of last few times we had been together as the delicious details are still fresh in my mind..my mind combines the days into one day of total relaxation and sexual frenzy.

As I write, recounting those wonderfully sexy days spent, I feel myself swell, my pants restraining my growth, the familiar tingling inside my body..I write this throughout 2 days, adding little parts and edits, whenever and wherever idle circumstance allows...

The extended writing time is mentally stimulating, as my mind is captive to my memorie... Continue»
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Tribute Story for cokokisses Part 4!

As she laid there, quiet but breathing deeply, I started to pull my hips backwards, the tight confines of her asshole gripping onto my hard and throbbing cock so tightly I wondered if I would even be able to escape the super tight ring of muscle there. Eventually, a little coaxing and a little relaxing on her part, I was able to slowly pull the length of my meat from the crinkled star, the tip of my cock pulling with it the dregs of my orgasm, drippings falling onto the sheets below me and being soaked into them almost immediately. Slowly shuffling backwards, I stood up on the edge of the bed ... Continue»
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s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

Tina s****r Barbra called in the middle of the night her power had gone out and Dave her husband was out of town, and she was scared and did not won’t to mess with it. So Tina asks me to go over and look at it I got up and got dressed and went over. When I got to Barbra’s house it was in total darkness. She stood at the door with a flashlight shining in my eyes. I took it from her and as my eyes adjusted I noticed that she was in a see threw nightie. I shook my head as I walked past her. I told myself regardless of what may hap... Continue»
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A Day With Granny in Las Vegas

A Day With Granny in Las Vegas
If you remember my last story it was about Dawn the granny I met on the plane to Vegas. Last night we stayed at the Mirage, went out to dinner, danced and returned to her room. Little did I know that tonight this 66 year old beautiful granny would be giving me a great blow job and I would eat her pussy until she could not take it anymore. Well, I spent the night in her room and awoke to see her sitting at a table in her white silk robe, and white seamless nylons. Her low cut silk robe showed the beginning of her small perky breasts that I had hungrily sucked the... Continue»
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Happy Valentines Day

Its Valentines Day and I miss him so much. I chatted with him today and I could sense he was missing his favorite juicy booty. I wanted to do something special for him even though he was so far away. We made plans to skype later on that night. Misty and I also had plans to meet for dinner and drinks because our men were away for the holiday. We went to dinner and had a few drinks and flirted with a few men and danced a bit. We were just being flirty good girls and then we decided to head home and finish our party of two at home.
We got home and I decided to freshen up and change my clothes.... Continue»
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Daddys home

Finally I got the word that big daddy was heading home. Almost immediately I began making plans and arrangements to be in his arms as soon as possible. a week in vegas? seven days on a beach? At this point a week stuck in a random hotel room with my baby and daily room service make me perfectly hapy as long as he is by my side. All I can think about is meeting at the airport and feeling his big arms wrapped around me.
Throwing him the keys I lift my skirt and get into the front seat. As soon as his seat belt clicks my hand is rubbing against his thickness in his pants. It only took seconds... Continue»
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Sealed shut

Daddy is home and I couldn't be more happy. We don't want to leave each others side and we walk hand in hand everywhere we go. I had a special night planned for daddy but he was a little grumpy because I didn't tell him what was to come. We got dressed up, looking so good. We jumped into his SUV headed out to start our night of excitement. As we pull into a residential area he asks where we are and what are we doing here. He said you know I am not to fond of mingling Much. lol I know baby but you won't be doing much talking tonight. I smile at him sarcastically. He looked at me with a half s... Continue»
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Stretch my tight ass

The time had finally come. By baby was coming to see me. I packed up my car and got myself looking cute in my black skirt, heels and low cut red top to greet him in at the airport in Las Vegas. I had butterflies because it had been so long I had been in my babies arms. I couldn't wait to hug him and kiss him and feel his hand in mine. It's time for his plane to land. Butterflies are going crazy and he texts me to say he has landed and is looking for me. Just then I seem him coming towards me. Who wouldn't want to be greeted by his amazing smile. I hugged and kissed him several times as my bo... Continue»
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I love you to baby!!!

These last few weeks have been tough knowing big daddy has to leave for a few months. I decided to go see him and help him get his things packed and organized before he leaves and so I can of course get some good loving seeing as he will be gone awhile. I survived the long flight to California and as soon as I got off the plane my baby was standing there waiting with open arms ready to take me home to take advantage of me. Needless to say as soon as we got into the truck we were pawing all over each other and I was in his lap. I could see his thickness growing in his gym pants. Daddy was d... Continue»
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Stretched again!!!

Well after being apart for over a year I finally had the chance to see him again!! I had butterflies all day knowing I was going to see him. I felt like it was our first time all over again. I've missed him so much. His firm touch, soft skin, sexy smile, and soft lips. My stomach was flipping as I knocked on the hotel room door. He opened the door with no shirt on and a smile and he took my breath away once again. His chest and arms were so much thicker then I remembered, man I never thought he could be more built then he was. I felt my bl**d getting warm and my face getting red. I leaned ... Continue»
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Two Cocks for a Good Girl Turned Bad

She moved her lips to the long glistening rod, taking the thick head into her willing mouth, feeling him twitch in pleasure as she ran her tongue over the slit of his cock eye. The feel of his broad cock was intoxicating. Its newness creating a heady swirl of pleasure and sinfulness that coursed through her. Her hand stroked the handsome man’s thigh as she bobbed her head up and down, lips making slurping sounds. Her other hand stroked the familiar cock of her husband, Jay, the broad shaft slippery with her saliva.
As her mouth descended on the strange new cock once again, she glanced at Jay,... Continue»
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Santa Claus visits Naughty Kimberly Sue

You better watch out, you better not cry
You better not pout, I’m telling you why!!!
Santa Clasu is coming to town!!!
And that dirty old bastard spends all year looking into the bedrooms of boys and girls across the world deciding whether what they do is naughty or nice!! He is pissed with one young woman that is spoiling Christmas by telling k**s that he is not real!!!! So he made a special trip down from the North Pole just to set some things straight!!!
And does he ever get it straight!!!
Hope you enjoy!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... Continue»
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Hole In One

Hole IN One
I had met Annie while working in a suburban office building as we both smoked. She worked for one of those computer training companies and I was a manager for a management company. Annie was probably in her late 20's early 30's or about 10-15 yrs younger than I. She was 5'8 or so, long flaming naturally red hair with fair skin and just the right amount of freckles. Sadly, my office closed and I was assigned to a satellite office about 30 miles away. We kept in touch talking on the phone at least once a week. Either I would call or she would call me. once in a while I would have t... Continue»
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Kevin Seduced by Mom and s****r

Kevin Seduced by Mom and s****r

Nancy’s husband Jim got up early, showered, dressed, grabbed his packed bags and headed to the airport. He had an early flight out for business and would be gone all week. She drove him to the airport and dropped him off like she did every other week. He kissed her goodbye, told her he loved her and would see her Friday night. Then Jim disappeared into the airport and Nancy headed for home.

Nancy had looked forward to this day for several months. She was excited, nervous and scared beyond belief. She knew that nothing would ever be the same in the house ev... Continue»
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