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Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW

Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW! – Pt 2

Saturday morning I woke to the smell of coffee and bacon, two of my favorite smells in the morning. Babs was already gone from the bedroom so I quickly donned on a pair of shorts and a shirt and followed the smells into the kitchen.

When I entered the kitchen, I was surprised to see Babs and Helen standing side by side at the stove cooking in the nude. I walked up behind them, put my arms around them both and kissed them good morning. Helen turned to look at me and I could see the happier Helen that I had known before her husband died.

I aske... Continue»
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How to train your dragon for mating season.

An eighteen year old Astrid Haddock cuts her way through the forest behind her home heading for a familiar place, Toothless' cove. While the trio rarely ever visit the cove due to the workload both Hiccup and herself received, Astrid still takes time to head there to enjoy a dip in the pond, as it's the most secluded area with water that isn't freezing. As she comes closer to the cove, she fails to notice she is being stalked by a sexual deviant, Toothless. It's mating season in Berk and for the past four years Toothless has relieved himself through more personal methods, but this year tha... Continue»
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What the Hell Am I Doing? - Chapter 1

Author’s Note: This is the beginning of a new series of stories, all of them holding at least a kernel of truth, if not more. Not all will have full-on sexual contact and/or encounters, at least as I have it planned, but I hope the reader will enjoy the feelings, and emotions, that went through my mind. That being said, there is going to be a lot of interracial sexual relations, sex with strangers, and even some v******e.
Call it adultery, call it slavery, or call it submission, whatever label you choose, but unless yo... Continue»
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What the Hell Am I Doing? - Chapter 2

Author’s Note: This is a new series of stories, all of them holding at least a kernel of truth, if not more. Not all will have full-on sexual contact and/or encounters, at least as I have it planned, but I hope the reader will enjoy the feelings, and emotions, that went through my mind. That being said, there is going to be a lot of interracial sexual relations, sex with strangers, and even some v******e.
Call it adultery, call it slavery, or call it submission, whatever label you choose, but unless you have a CONSTRUC... Continue»
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The Cleaner - An Adult Story

I just lost my job, 2 month ago. My friends were little help in finding me another one. It had been close to 4 years since I had to fill out a resume and go on interviews. First I was living week to week. Now I'm living day to day. Eating noodles and bumming day old pizza from my friends. I even had to use the bathroom at a local gas station, because my water got shut off in my small apartment. I was dreading having to see my landlord at the end of the week. I had never been 3 months behind on the rent. I did how ever still have a computer. I decided to take my lap top down to a local coffee s... Continue»
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Just Near the Tracks

The sun beat down on Sarah as she lay by her pool tanning. She loved the way the sun warmed her back and could almost feel the rays bringing out the blonde streaks in her auburn hair. The fabric of the chair underneath her sent shivers running down her spine every time she shifted against it. "Besides not having any tan lines, this is another plus to tanning in the nude," she thought.

She was thinking about the wonderful guy she had met at a local pub the other day when she heard a splash. "It must have been the filter," she thought as she craned her neck to search the water's surface. Appr... Continue»
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Pink Leather Bag

This story was written in one draft with no editing for a special friend of mine. She liked it a lot so I decided to post it here too.

I saw it when I walked into her bedroom, the pink leather bag sitting on her nightstand. I didn't know what was in it, only that she promised I would enjoy what was inside.

She tells me to remove all my clothing, and she strips down to her underwear. I am told to lay on the bed and I see her reach into her bag. She pulls out a pair of pink handcuff, the first of her toys from the bag. She cuffs my hands to the bed and returns to her bag. I s... Continue»
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Wild Wild Beach

I kept on walking and walking alone down the shore line in the middle of nowhere. After all, I think it was ideal place for me to be at the moment. I just couldn’t handle being around people after what happened in recent days. Being betrayed by the only friend and girlfriend who you thought was the ONE is tough by itself but when such people are trying to set you up and kill you.. hell, that’s devastating. You fly to the foreign country to save the most precious people in your life just to find out that you are the prey and suddenly your life turns into a horror movie. Well, I survived in the ... Continue»
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Making the milf list 4

The whole week things had been weird. Mom and I could not look at each other. I am not sure what her issue was but when I did look at her, I tended to stare which led to sorting through the files of my memory; Kyla, Laura, my naked mother, all of which made me hard and I would have to retreat from public view till my pussy rocket followed the gantry back into seclusion where it belonged. I kept waiting for some sign that mother was weakening, that she needed hard cock and would take the colossal risk by bidding for mine. When she made no move, gave no positive sign and avoided my eyes, I began... Continue»
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The trucker and the pornstar wannabe.

I have cams in my big-rig cab since that time I picked up a girl and she made false accusations. I never did what she said, and it turned out that she had a history of it making claims. The charges were dropped, but it taught me a lesson. I like company on long trips and the cams cover my ass.
So I was happy to pull over for a cute girl on the I5 ramp at Patterson.
She didn't even ask where I was going, just tossed her backpack into the cab and climbed in after it.
"Where you going?"
"South. Los Angeles."
"I'm going to Long Beach"
"Is that good?"
"Yeah. I can drop you somewhere in L.A."... Continue»
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The Music Teacher [fic]

In my final year we went away with the school to Spain. I was 18 and it was my first time away with my classmates. A few teachers tagged along to chaperone us. One of them was this smoking hot music teacher. She was blonde and what can only be described as extremely fit.
She wore glasses and always these black tight trousers that emphasized her perky bum.

It started when we got to our rooms. I was with my best friend and two other students in a room (all male) and the teachers had a room to themselves.

On the first night we had all got pissed in our rooms. I had a few "glasses" of vodk... Continue»
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Going to Hell

s****r Veronica was always a good girl. She was born in 1982 in rural Pennsylvania to a farm f****y, and spent most of her youth learning the value of hard work. Veronica loved reading, mostly the bible, but other books too. She loved Mark Twain and Emily Bronte. She enjoyed swimming in the big lake behind the farm. When she went to high school she joined the swim team and found that she had a talent for it. But she eventually quit, the day she was taking a shower with her team mates and realized she was spending a lot of time, to... Continue»
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Santa deposited his present between my legs

It was as if Santa himself had granted my every naughty wish, as if the white bearded old man had been watching me on a hidden cam in my room and knew my confused mind, I might have been thirteen, but my libido as a girl for older men, Santa wanted me to let them know I was available.

'Ho Ho Ho', this jocular old man in a red suit, sat at the head of our dinner table, his hand sometimes straying onto my thigh, with a gentle squeeze, just inches from my crotch, yes that high on a girls bare leg, and I 'Ho, Ho, Hoed', with him, well at least until he did touch it, that's why I sat so close to... Continue»
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A Football Sunday to Remember!!

A Football Sunday to Remember!!

Like every Sunday it's a day of NFL Football at our house, My husband Terry watches it every Sunday and I too love the game but I wanted to go and do something else this Sunday so I bugged him all week let's do something different this Sunday. So Friday he said we are going to a party this Sunday as a compromise. He said it'll be fun not exactly what I wanted but why not. So Sunday came, Terry told me to dress in my short-short skirt and my Pittsburgh Steelers halter top and heels, I'm like isn't this abet little to ... Continue»
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I was a pornstar

I was 18 when i came to LOS ANGELES full of dreams of a better and glamorous life.In my hometown i was considered a beautyqueen ,guys were all over me,flattering and telling me that hollywood would fall to my feet the minute i would get there,little did i know .....

Let me tell you a little about my background ,my f****y.My parents weren't rich ,mind you not poor either ,they were average.I think they loved eachother but sex was not something they kept inside the marriage,in fact they were serialcheaters having countless relations ,flings with all kind of people.When my mother turned 40 sh... Continue»
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Cuckold in the Shadows

It was around 3 in the morning when Joshua saw the ad. Working 3rd shift meant lots of long and uneventful nights, and he often passed the time by cruising porn sites or craigslist. Most of the craigslist ads were uninteresting and not worth a second glance, but there was one that caught his eye this time. It was a married couple looking for men to come over and play with the wife while her husband watched from the shadows, and it included some very enticing pictures. They claimed to be open to just about anything but had one specific request, the wife wanted to be fucked raw and came inside o... Continue»
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This is my first attempt at a story here. I would appreciate any advice that is provided to make my next one better. If anyone wants to offer their assistance in editing, I would not turn it down.

I get to your studio right around 11:30. Your last client drives away as I enter. You come out from your office to tell me you’re closed. You stop, hesitating when you see it is me. You are wearing a formfitting sport shirt and workout pants. Your shoes have been left off, as you must have been relaxing in your office. I grin, turning to lock the door and then walk to the windows to close the b... Continue»
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Another Time At Lisa's

One day while I was dating my older neighbor Lisa (46, I was twelve at the time) she had her mother visit from Seattle. Her mother was 68 or so at the time. I was over because I was always over. My mother was a single mother of two who was also trying to make partner at the law firm she worked for. She spent many hours working and Lisa and her made arrangements for me to stay over whenever my mother was going to be working late. This was one of those occasions where it was a Friday night, my mom had to work late and I got to stay at Lisa's.

Lisa and her mother Camila were at the dinner tabl... Continue»
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Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW

Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW!

I’ve written about my dad before when Babs posed nude for him and then had sex with him – see Wife’s Nude Portrait and Wife’s Nude Portrait 2. Just to give you a brief update, my dad and I look very much alike, both standing 6’2” with athletic builds, only dad is starting to get a little grey at the edges. My mom had left him abruptly over 15 years ago and that had devastated him. He hadn’t dated or been with a woman until Babs posed for him and then seduced him. Since that time, dad has come out of his funk and started dating.

Last Wednesday, dad calle... Continue»
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My sexy work friend

The girl in my hot friend gallery. http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/3801869/new_sexy_friend_gallery_what_would_you_do.html

I work with her. She's taken, a good girl, flirty but will never stray. She has been my number one fantasy for a long time. I imagine we're working late together and she calls me over to look at something. As I lean next to her I notice her skirt is hiked right up. I can see her shapely thighs. Her blouse is unbuttoned and I can see her cleavage and a flash of flowery bra.

I must have been staring as she says "so, what about it."

"Um, yeah. Looks fine." I repl... Continue»
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