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I was still dealing with a broken heart over Heather, Bruce's little s****r, when Morgan, who was also a member of the "freak community" at my college, came up to me and said, "Hey, you still in the babysitting business? Think you can entertain my little s****r while I study for my summer finals? No matter what it costs you, within reason, I'll repay you. And give you twenty bucks up front."

Now, having a better idea of the emotional risks involved, I was not so quick to agree.

I asked, "Entertain? For how long?"

"Yeah. She's a good k**, if a bit shy. She just needs somebody to han... Continue»
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My best friends

Ok, this is my first shot at writing, so bare with me. The events in this story are 100% true.

It was last year March when I was at my flat with my best friend Rocky waiting for our other friend Tasha. We were planning on going out that night so we started drinking early by dusk we were stumbling around but feeling okay because of the cold shower we had, I removed the door to the toilet because the hinges broke, and from the lounge you could see directly into the shower, we all showered quickly by the time Tasha showed up from work Tasha decided to shower, on one condition. We dim the light... Continue»
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My girlfriends b*****r took my gay virginity.

About twenty years ago I was seeing this sweet plumper girl Beri, she worked in the same department store as me and we both had our own first flats. We thought about moving in together but could get a much nicer place if we did a house share with Tony her older b*****r.

Anyway Tony it turns out was a dirty bastard who had a dozen girls back to the flat for loud, obvious sex sessions. My failing was not to see that he would fuck anything with a pulse.

In the meantime Beri had got a job doing shifts in a contact lens factory, two weeks of days and a week of nights. As you can imagine, Tony... Continue»
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Jens Wild Night

I had just finished my shower for the night and decided to check my
email, when I heard a knock at my door. Not thinking about how I was
dressed, panties and a long t-shirt, I went to see who it was. I opened
the door and saw it was HIM! I opened my mouth to speak but HE quickly
placed HIS hand over my mouth and spun me around, clasping me to his chest
before I could move. He shut and locked the door behind us and walked me
into the living room with his hand over my mouth. He then reached into his
pocket and pulled out a bit gag and f***ed it into my mouth, tying it
tightly. H... Continue»
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Jens Ordeal

Jenny's Ordeal

I was feeling rather horny today so I decided to drop in on a little
submissive slut I had dated for a few months. Her name was Jenny. She was
38, about 5' 8", and 140 pounds. She was pretty with long brown hair. A
little bulge around her waist, but a luscious, tight, and round ass! I
visited her off and on, per her desire to keep seeing me, even though I
felt a long term relationship wasn't viable between us. Don't get me
wrong, the sex was great, but there was a spark missing for a deeper
I picked up my bag of toys as I headed out the door,... Continue»
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My Muslim mum with black bull

My mom is a 44 year old mature Muslim single mother. My dad left us when I was 10 and since I've lived with my mum. My mum was a very attractive lady for her age, she wore a hijab/scarf, very attractive facial features, busty figure, big boobs and a massive ass. Everytime we used to go shopping she would get so much attention from guys including young ones, and especially black guys. Once a black guy came and commented on her ass right in front of me, she laughed it off and thanked him. My story is about when i was 16 and wasnt feeling too great at school so the teachers decided to send me hom... Continue»
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Thailand part 3

I woke up sitting on the couch, feeling like shit, my arse ring was sore and my cock was stuck to my belly with dried cum. (read part 2 to find out why). I looked around and saw the carnage from the night before. Sitting opposite in a chair was my mates wife, naked legs open and her cunt lips open and red from the pounding it had from the lady boi cocks. my mate was snoring next to me (a complaint his wife sited in the divorce papers) also naked.

The room was as hot as hell and I was sweating like I had just run 5k. On the floor was 1 ladyboi flat out and I wondered were the whore and the o... Continue»
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Women Who Love Dogs

Males may also find this interesting it is meant first as a female explanation (perhaps excuse?) for my own canine sex experiences, but do also bear in mind that not only is this narrated in my own words but also the views of many other females I have been in touch with or noted opinions of.

Some is also freely quoted from internet articles, not really published for any gain but freely given as advice from other like minded females (like Anna.) To authors like her who I do now quote freely from, I thank and acknowledge her words and advice, to pass them freely on to others.

I have been s... Continue»
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Thailand Part 2

I woke up after the wank session hearing somebody in the apartment making coffee, I got up in my underpants and found my friends wife in her Brazilian type bikini behind the counter making coffee. This bikini did not cover up much and her heavy tits were just covered while her arse and cunt was split by a string. I could see her pussy lips spread by the string and I had the starting of a boner.

After coffee we went down to the pool and managed to get a couple of sun beds by the pool, she asked if I would rub lotion on her back and I worked my way from her shoulders, down her back to her bum... Continue»
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My Son’s Secret Desire – Samantha

(This is the second installment of My Son’s Secret Desire. If you would like to view the first instalment go to my profile)
Tony looked at his mom sucking his cock. It was so sexy seeing her move her mouth up and down his shaft as her tongue rubbed the sensitive underside!

"Fuck mom! That feels so good! You could make me pop so fucking fast!" He groaned

Carol Alberts looked at her son and smiled as she stroked his wonderful cock.

"Baby don't hold back. You know mommy loves your cum!" She said and resumed sucking him

T... Continue»
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How he got me to crave his BBC (True story)

I am 5' 6" with long brown hair that is naturally curly but usually straightened, medium toned skin that gets pretty tanned in the summer and big hazel-brown eyes. As for my body, I have 36-D boobs, and would probably be considered curvy because i have a pretty small waist but a fairly big butt and thick thighs. I had always had a thing for black guys but I grew up in a small town where having a k** with red hair was about the extent of diversity. In high school I dated the same guy for three years and lost my virginity to him when I was 16. He was tall and pretty muscular with light brown ... Continue»
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My Fantasy of Aunty

I picture you in black seamed nylon stockings, tight white sweater, black skirt and 5inch black suede high-heeled pumps. Since it is just you and I, I can see the outline of your sexy black bra against the white sweater, your full red kissable lips and sexy eyes.
You would look so hot in front of me in your high heels and black seam stockings, (Whoops, getting hard again). Your hot sexy red lips going up and down on my hard cock would be more than I could bear. Since you are so good and I couldn't hold back I'd cum in your mouth with wild abandon. After that I would want to lay you down... Continue»
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Thailand part 1

About 20 years ago, I was lucky enough to get a 9 month project in Thailand. They set me up in an apartment with a gym and a pool and I spent my day working and Friday and Saturday nights in Patpong Soi cowboy and Nana Place get d***k and having my cock played with by young Thai bar girls.

A friend who I knew for a couple of years, suggest him and his wife came over for the week to keep me company and to have a cheap holiday. I agreed I knew his wife who was a good looking women with big tits and a come and fuck me attitude. On the organised day they arrived and the trip from the airport wa... Continue»
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Our New Pet

Our New Pet

Durango Dan

“Please, we promise to take care of it. We will walk him and
feed him, you won’t have to do anything” I begged my folks as I
asked for a dog. My younger b*****r was on my side saying that
he would help in all the chores connected with the dog. “Think
of the protection that he would give us” he told our parents.
Mom and dad smiled at us and told us that they would think about

My name is Jennifer but all my friends call me Jen. I am 12
years old with puffy little tits with long dark nipples forming
on them already. My long legs ar... Continue»
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Phone Sex

I was woken by the ring of my mobile which was on the table next to the bed, I looked at the alarm clock its red display was telling me in was 45 past 2 in the morning. I looked at the phone it was the wife calling. She was out for the evening with a couple of friends, all the same type, happy when being wined dined danced and fucked. but not always in that order. However 2 of the three had settled down a little (my wife included I thought) and lived for the occasional night out talking about the old times, etc.

I answered the phone and the wife shouted at me, telling me her card had been ... Continue»
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Wife and Her Twin s****r Surprise for Hubby Pt 2

Wife and Her Twin s****r Surprise for Hubby Pt 2

Dan carried Jane upstairs to his bedroom, thinking it was his wife Jean. He set her down, lifted her nightie over her head and then laid her down on the bed. He took a step backward and gazed down the naked woman on his bed. Dan told her how beautiful she was and how he is the envy of every man on earth.

Jane just looked up at him and smiled. Using her fingers, she traced a path from her mouth, down around both breasts, past her navel down to her pussy. Gazing up into his eyes, she spread her legs and then used her fingers to spread her p... Continue»
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Hungover Mom

Son helps himself to mom who is hungover by the pool
It was a beautiful Saturday morning and mom was d***k again, or high, or both. It could be hard to tell with her sometimes. I was laying out by the pool when she came stumbling out to the deck. She had on oversize sunglasses but her unsteady walk gave away her true condition. I hardly bothered to look at her. She almost fell into a lounge chair next to me and spent a minute adjusting it so that she could lay flat on her stomach. Soon she was oblivious to the world, her steady breathing indicated that she was sl**ping off anot... Continue»
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tease tag

Written by female.
meet amy! your average slut, with and alverage agenda
Tease tag
GENRE-Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female solo, Job/Place-of-work, Males / Female, Masturbation

Hey, I guess I can start by introducing myself. That’s always a good place to start. My name is amilyn. But you can just call me amy; Everyone does. I Have dark red hair, I guess you can say its almost the color of the perfect apple. Im usually a pale white but tanning does wonders. I have a tiny waist and a huge ass (or so I’ve been told) and to top it all off, I pack a D36 bra ... Continue»
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I started writing this because I was bored, and it got a little interesting.

GENRE- Fantasy, Anal, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Male / Female Teens, Romance, Teen, Threesome, Virginity, Young

Lynx had always had a vivid imagination. He began to suspect that he had more than just an overactive imagination when he started seeing girls near his home and in his school. He didn’t go to an all boy’s school or anything, so seeing females wouldn’t normally be strange. But this was different, it wasn’t the fact that they were female; what caught ... Continue»
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Mary had a Hot Ram

Another b**st story
Mary Had a Hot Ram Chapter

GEnre- Dark Fantasy, b********y, Bi-sexual, First Time, Lesbian, Masturbation, Virginity

Chapter 1

Mary Wilson had a little lamb.

His fleece was white as snow and he followed her to school and all that shit, but the nursery rhyme stuff stopped there -- because the little lamb grew up to be a horny ram.

The ram was a powerful creature with swept-back horns, mighty shoulders and piledriver haunches. He remained white except for a black face and black rings around his... Continue»
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