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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 12

Chapter One

When I wake up Master is reading the paper. There is a knock at the door. Master just gives me the eye and I pop up to answer the door. It’s room service and the young man wheels the tray into the room. He doesn’t seem surprised at my nakedness. I’m beginning to think that I’m going to be his tip until Master hands him a $20.

We eat a light dinner and get dressed. I say we, I am wearing my red heels, Master’s collar and red vinyl coat that only reaches mid thigh. The car meets us downstairs and whisks us away. When we stop, there is a large, rather old grey building. Mast... Continue»
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Married To A Muslim And A New Life

I am 20years old studying in engg college near delhi my name is priya. I was not the best looking girl in my batch but i managed to come in top 10. Many boys gave me good attention and i had few hook-ups in first 2 years of college but nothing lasted more then couple of months. At home , i had my mother only dad had expired when i was 4 year old .. Mom took real care of me by working in a it firm . We never had any money problems in our life mom earned well and had enough of f****y wealth too. Life was happening cool and full of adventures mom had less time to see when i am going and co... Continue»
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My plan for my gangbang

I am married marwari woman having two k**s. My hubby is having own workshop and with god grace he is earning good sum. He is an engineer and I am also an engineering graduate. Both of us shared the responsibilities of business. I am doing marketing and sales and he is looking after purchase and manufacturing. In this field I got seven friends. Jai is one of them, who are very close to my hubby and me. We have f****y terms.

I am 35, 5’6”, fair, with stats of 34B, 30, and 36. I always prefer Punjabi suits and loose tops with loose trousers. At home I always prefer loose nighty without br
... Continue»
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Slut loves to tease

Slut loves to tease:

I’ve had a Facebook account lying dormant for quite some time, when for some strange reason, I decided to reactivate it and friend only Men who were total strangers to me. Facebook are quite strict with their upload policy of no nude photos etc. and I wanted to see, just for devilment, how far I could push Facebook's policies. I have a rather large collection of photographs taken by my husband and some taken by my secret lovers that showed me wearing various sexy outfits and raunchy lingerie in some very provocative poses, inevitably naked and even some showing various ... Continue»
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Slut and how I became one

Slut and how I became one:
My husband and I were enjoying our second wedding anniversary in a local restaurant when out of the blue he dropped this bombshell question.
“Do you ever think about fucking other guys?” He stammered nervously.
I put down my knife and fork, looked him directly in the eye and replied.
“What kind of question is that?”
“I mean when we’re having sex, have you never fantasized that it was someone else fucking you?” he squirmed in his seat as he asked his question.
“No I have not!” I answered in an abrupt tone.
“It’s ok babe, it’s just a fantasy. I’ve thought of you... Continue»
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Sweeta And Her s****r

“Sweet college girl from Kerala” –[ Shweta ]. Well thanks to all the responses you all sent for the post. Well for the new readers, let me quickly introduce myself, I am Rahul from Kerala, having an average figure but out of an average penis size….7 Inches and out of an average girth of 4.5 inches….its quite mouthful…would appreciate your comments on guy4gals29@yahoo.co.in. Anyways, well with continuation to the previous story, as it ended that me and sweeta were caught by her s****r and she responded what’s happening for which ... Continue»
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The Most Wonderful Punishment

I myself do not own a lungi because I’m too shy to wear one in front of my house people. But this extreme affinity to this perverted clothing made me want to wear this in public when my parents were not at home. My parents were working and I was at home from 3 o clock in the afternoon to 8 o clock in the night. Thus, I had plenty of opportunity to carry out my fetish. In my apartment terrace, many people used to dry their clothes including 3 or 4 lungis, every day.

So what I used to do was, I used to go up to the terrace and t
... Continue»
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Niharika’s Fantasy Comes True

some years ago was Niharika A (34B-24-36). She is now Niharika D, married to Alan D, and stays at Powai in Mumbai. (All names and places are changed) Although we were very intimate, I did not penetrate her (so that she would be a virgin when she got married) even though the relationship lasted for 10 years. I used to lick her cunt, and after some hesitation, she started sucking me off.

She had extremely small nipples, a little bigger than a man’s (the auroelae were a little bigger than 25 paise coins and the nipples themselves were the same size as the erasers attached behind a pencil) w
... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 24&25

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Haden stood in the waiting area of the Louis Armstr... Continue»
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Beverly now made good on her promise. Shortly after Inez left them, she spotted a little redheaded girl headed their way and called her over.
“Nikki, over here, honey. I want you to meet somebody.”
God, she’s about twelve, thought Billy as the girl approached. Her arms and legs were thin and pale, and you could barely see the beginning outline of a woman’s hips. But, when she got closer, Billy realized the girl was older than he’d originally thought. She had the prettiest, bluest eyes he’d ever seen. And certai... Continue»
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Nikki stirred first. Her nose was filled with the smell of him. She let herself enjoy it for a moment, savoring the odor of a man and sex. Then, she stuck out her tongue and tickled the hollow of his throat with it. Billy woke up with a little smile. Nikki moved her lips slowly up to his ear and whispered. “Let’s do it now. I want you to fuck me.”
Billy’s smile faded slightly at the suddenness of it, but his trepidation didn’t last long. He felt himself begin to swell almost immediately, and he suddenly realized how much h... Continue»
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hi,friends...its really awesome to share my personal experience with you all and in the same feeling i am f***ed to share a new story for all of you.it was friday when i came back to my home suddenly i came to know that my friend George is comming to my home.as u guys know i stay alone...i was very scared that what he will be going to do with me as he warned me not to go outside the house ....bell rang George was d***k and he was in mood to fuck me....He pushed me to the wall held me in my hips and bit and sucked on my thick juicy lips. Inturn, I put my arms around his shoulder and hugged him ... Continue»
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Connie Yates was very concerned about her young son, Billy. He appeared to be having a difficult journey from puberty to manhood. Even though Billy was an unplanned and accidental arrival in her life as the result of a random and totally forgettable sexual liaison, she loved the boy dearly. And now, in her late-thirties, Connie suspected that she might have failed him as a single parent by raising Billy without a father to guide him toward an active and healthy interest in sex.
Connie had not been very sexually active either before or after the boy’s... Continue»
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“Do you like big ones? she asked.
Billy hung his head. “I guess…”
“Please look at my tits, Billy.”
His eyes flickered up to her offered breast.
“There’s a powerful connection between the nerves in a woman’s nipples and the ones in her uterus, so, nipple sucking can be very stimulating for many women.” She gave him another one of those sl**py smiles, and repeated, “Look at me, honey...please”
At last, Billy looked. Inez now mo... Continue»
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I walk into the room, with a blank look on my face and stare at you straight into your eyes. I walk quickly up to you, with a sly grin on my face. My hands come out and I push you onto the bed. You fall backwards, hitting the bed with an impact, strong enough to make you bounce, but not hard enough to hurt. I crawl up from your legs up to you, looking directly into your eyes. I kiss you deeply and bite your lower lips as I trail off. I continue to look you into the eyes as I slide down your body. My hands grab your legs and begin to pull your pants down, revealing your panties to me. I glide m... Continue»
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The party

I'd been watching her at the crowded party for about half an hour and I couldn't take my eyes off her, it was obvious that she was with her husband or boyfriend though although he didn't seem to be paying her much attention. Finally he left and I decided to walk over to her & at least introduce myself. I brushed past her and felt my cock which had been nicely erect all the time I'd been gazing at her swell even more as i picked up the scent of her perfume and smelt her soft flesh. She must've felt my cock brush up against her as I noticed her nipples swell inside her white almost backless dres... Continue»
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6 months after screwing my mother in law I’d dropped Donna off in town and went down to her mother’s to wait, I was feeling randy as fuck as Donna was on her period and we hadn’t had sex for a few days, I was hoping that when I got to her mother’s I’d be able to find her knicker drawer and have a good long slow wank.

Parking up I let myself in with my own key, the house seemed quiet and as I sat having a cigarette in the kitchen I let my fingers roam over my cock which was getting harder with every second. Suddenly without warning the downstairs door opened and there stood my fat ugly mothe... Continue»
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Afternoon Lunch

We drive up to the mountains for an afternoon picnic. As we arrive you noticed that the place is a beautiful glen with a pond and waterfall. We get out and setup our picnic next to the pond. We take our time and enjoy our lunch. Afterwards we lye on the blanket and look up at the mid-day sky; fluffy clouds go past us as we guess which shape they resemble. After awhile I suggest going for a swim. You look at me with a face of uncertainty because we left our bathing suits behind. I grin at you and say "Don't worry, you can swim in your underwear, or go skinny dipping" with a chuckle.

You loo... Continue»
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That Night

As I come into the room I noticed it’s bathed in dimly lit candle light. Different styles of candles are s**ttered around the room. I find you in the middle of the room lying down on a bed, with candle-light flickering off your body. I slowly move towards the bed and look down at you, smiling. My hand comes down and runs quickly through your hair and lean down to kiss your lips softly. I look the full length of your body and see that you’re wearing a silk and lace teddy with thigh-high stockings. You sit up half way and take my shirt off exposing my chest to the candle light. I run my hands an... Continue»
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Amy Is Pregnant

A pregnant co-worker ends up fucking a semi-retired man who offers her a place to stay. This is a single chapter story, if others like it perhaps it can have additional chapters added.

This is a total fabrication and based on the erotic mind of a 60 something guy that simply can’t stand not writing about his fantasies.

I met Amy at work. She was just 21, pregnant and a boyfriend that had run off the minute she announced she was pregnant. Her parents wanted her to end the pregnancy and her friends were encouraging the same. She wanted to have the baby, but the minimum wage job she had... Continue»
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