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Party Tiime 4 Krystal Watson 2

I allowed Krystal a few minutes recovery time, enjoying watching your young white body lying there on the carpet, 38DD *Y* breasts heaving & tears running down your face, trickling from your inconsistent eyes. The pleasure of taking you was immense & I felt My huge black cock twitch back into some sort of life, as I thought about having you again & then I decided that anticipation was its own pleasure, so I restrained Myself & tucked My huge black cock away.

My foot in your buttocks soon got you moving & I grasped you tightly by your arm & dragged you through to the kitchen & instructed you... Continue»
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Fucked senseless in San Diego part 3

So to recap: While visiting in San Diego, we checked out the local Swinger Club Thads which turned out to be a fucking blast.

The next day (Friday), we went out shopping and sampled the local cuisine. That night we decided to check out the night club in our Hotel. The Hotel Andaz in SD has a night club on the roof and in the basement. Of course, we were hoping to maybe get lucky.

I wore a sexy black mini dress with a low cut back and a low V-neck. We got in and were impressed by the decor and the ambiance. They had a really good DJ, Fire-twirlers on a stage, and a fantastic view.

We ... Continue»
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Encounter in Tahiti, on a boat ...

When I was younger my Dad and Mom chartered a sailboat in Tahiti, along with a few other couples and me. It was a wonderful vacation.

The captain of the ship was a tan, wiry little 45 year old French man named Jean Louis with a permanent 5:00 shadow and a permanent cigarette butt hanging out of his mouth. (He looked pretty sexy to a 16-year-old!) The cook was a 40 year old native Tahitian named Bebe (pronounced Bay Bay.) Bebe loved to go topless on the boat.

I liked to lay in the sun when the other people went out sight seeing. When everyone else was off the boat, Bebe would whip off h... Continue»
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Fun with an old friend

I was out doing some shopping when I spotted Lisa in the car park loading up with her shopping, I hadn't seen her for a few years we used to work together and flirt but nothing more.

My car was parked past her so I walked over and said hi, she turned round and thats when I saw that she was pregnant, I have always had a thing for pregnant woman but have never had a chance to fuck one, Lisa smile and said hello "your looking well" I said looking her over and smiling, she smiled back "yes seven months" she said as she rubbed her stomach.

I helped her load the bags and she asked me to come b... Continue»
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Eat me

<center><img border="0" width="380" height="537" src="http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lg8vq9qLp31qgvdumo1_500.jpg" /></center>

She straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my lips. Gripping my head she pulled my face into her already dripping pussy. "Eat Me!" she commanded . I stuck my tongue out and slowly drew it from the bottom of her lips all the way up to her clit, relishing the taste of her again. She groaned quiely as my tongue spread her lips apart. I flicked her clit lightly, gently teasing it and her hips began to rock backwards and forwards as I teased her. She shifted slight... Continue»
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<center><img border="0" width="380" height="537" src="http://pics.livejournal.com/my_darker_sides/pic/0045z0fw/s640x480" /></center>

I pulled her naked body close to mine and lower my head to kiss her. My lips grazed hers and her mouth opened as my tongue darted out to meet hers. Pent up desire exploded with that first naked kiss and my hands began to explore her body. I teased my hand slowly down her back, smiling as she shivered and groaned into my mouth. I cupped her bum, pulling her even closer to me. She responded by grabbing my achingly hard cock. It was my turn to groan as she slid h... Continue»
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Wrapped in velvet

<center><img border="0" src="http://pics.livejournal.com/my_darker_sides/pic/00468aq8/s640x480" /></center>

She wrapped her tits around my throbbing cock. The soft flesh of her boobs enveloping me felt heavenly. I groaned loudly as she slowly slid her tits up and down my cock. I wanted to thrust up so badly, to fuck her tits, to explode over them but she was in charge and I knew if I did she would stop. She kept up the slow steady pace, sliding her boobs all the way down my shaft and then slowly all the way back up until my cock head disapeared between her mounds of flesh .......... Continue»
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Against my will

<center><img border="0" src="http://bitcast-a.v1.iad1.bitgravity.com/kink/imagedb/8375/i/h/830/28.jpg" /></center>

I was confused as I woke up. I wasn't in an unfamiliar room. Shaking my head to try and clear the fog I tried to sit up but I couldnt. Looking down I saw my arms and legs were tied to the bed and I was completely naked. I stuggled against the ropes but they were too tight to get loose. I began to panic. Where was I? Why was I tied up? What happened last night? I fought with the ropes again, my paniced state increasing my urgency. I heard a door open and looked up. 2 woman walke... Continue»
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<center><img border="0" src="http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l2kpozKJpN1qa2vj8o1_500.jpg" /></center>

Her moist lips slid over my rigid manhood. I groaned loudly and resisted the urge to thrust my cock deep in to her mouth. I watched as her lips slid slowly down my shaft as she consumed inch after inch. The head breached her throat and this time I couldn't control myself. I thrust up, pushing the length of my cock into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged slightly but held her mouth on me, her lips nussling my soft downy pubes................. Continue»
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Driving her crazy

<center><img border="0" width="380" height="537" src="http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ldnan5HQmA1qatn9jo1_400.jpg" /></center>

I lifted her legs and my tongue found her pussy. She shivered as I lightly circled her clit, flicking my tongue up and down over it. I traced a line firmly down her slit, seeking out the entrance to her fuck hole and then push my tongue deep inside her. Her hips bucked as I fucked her with my tongue. She slipped her hand between her legs and began to stroke her clit as I slid my tongue out of her pussy and down to her arse. She groaned as it circled her back door and... Continue»
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<center><img border="0" width="380" height="537" src="http://amantedasimagens.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/011.jpg?w=420" /></center>

Clothes flew off as we got inside. We'd been teasing each other all the way home and lust took over as the door slammed shut. I lifted her onto the counter and plunged my cock in to her dripping pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deeper inside her. Our coupling was short and brutal as she begged me to fuck her hard.............. Continue»
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The Artist

<center><img border="0" width="380" height="537" src="http://pics.livejournal.com/my_darker_sides/pic/003ededg" /></center>

I walked in from a long day at the office to find the fire crackling in the lounge and my love standing at her eazel, painting. I grinned as I took in the what she was wearing. I was the luckiest man alive I though to myself. How many other men get home to find their partners painting in high heels and her sexiest black lace lingerie.

"Hey gorgeous!" she said glancing over her shoulder "Have a seat. I'm almost done."

I sat in the high back chair near the fire... Continue»
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Yes Mistress

I heard the door open and then the sound of her stilletoes on the hard wood floor. I was lying naked on the floor as her last SMS instructed.

She swayed into the room, her long stocking clad legs leading my eyes up to my mistress. I could just see the tops of her stockings peeking out of the modest business skirt that she wore. Wordlessly she walked across the room and placed her stilletoes on either side of my head.

My cock throbbed in anticipation and a thin bead of pre-cum oozed slowly out of it. She squatted down, her skirt blocking out the light, her lace panty covered pussy tantali... Continue»
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(Poetry) I Long for You

This is the time during the night that I miss you most of all.
When you’re here licking my cock and sucking on my balls.
I can hear your erotic cries and I can hear you having a fit,
I can hear you losing your mind whenever I’m sucking on your clit.

I feel your breath upon my skin, your eyes locked into me.
Although the room is very dark, I wonder what you see.
Your soft caress reaches out, touching me as I touch you,
My fingers reach your lava hot snatch as I start to finger you.

I hear you moan my name as you move about,
Then I fingered you even harder as you cried out loud.
I ... Continue»
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Sunday to Midnight

" . . Fuck. " You repeated again as your face was pressed into the bathroom stall, one of the mans powerful hands holding you in place while the other two looked you over like you were a piece of meat for sale " Please, just let me g-- " WHACK! The mans hand came down on your ass cheek like a hammer. " I said shut the fuck up. " You merely nod as the man pulls your ass cheeks apart, enjoying the sight of your recently fucked slut hole " Shit, dis bitch looks like' she been gettin' fuck ALL day. " One of the men laughed loudly " What'chu think 'bout dis bitch? JZ? " The man said looking towards... Continue»
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Another fictional story. :)

Imagine seeing him sprawled out, his long arms holding on the sheets, his legs hidden by the covers; his eyes closed, him softly breathing, thinking about you and the things he wants to do to you.

You tiptoe softly over to the bed, quietly climb on and gently hoist your body over his.

He remains silent, motionless, as your mouth captures his in a rapturous kiss.

He stirs under you, loving the feeling of your sex, lightly touching his manhair. His long fingers began to make a slow, torturous trail up your inner thighs, almost reaching in between your alr... Continue»
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s****r in Law and somemore

Okay so after my last story i told you about my b*****rs wife. Well this time we had all day. I was off work today and so was she. My b*****r left early for work and my s****r in law was about to take a shower. She told me to go in there room and make myself comfortable.

When i got in there i laid on the bed waiting for her to get out of the shower. When she came in she was wearing a big t shirt that went down to her ankles. I was getting hard by looking at her soft legs and wanting to know what she was wearing underneath.

She walked over to the bed and bent over and we started making o... Continue»
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Monday morning....i wake up with the usual morning erection, but something is different...my hands and getting are cuffed to the bed. as I take a look around I see a two women who must be 20 yrs older than me standing at the foot of my bed, one had on a mascarade mask with matching bras and thong and the other woman was naked with a determined look on her face, then it hit me she was the leasing agent Michelle at my complex!! I couldn't figure out who the other woman was...before I could say anything, the leasing agent states that she has been watching me thru my window jerking my dick looking... Continue»
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vacation 16

We were sorry that we had only met up with these people on their last day with us but I was sure that we would find lots of ways of enjoying ourselves for the rest of our holiday. I still couldn’t imagine having more fun than making love with you.

We made our way back to our room, stripped and slid into bed. Of course we spooned, and of course you wiggled your bum against my flaccid penis, which to my surprise showed a small amount of life, and stiffened enough to slip into your well fucked cunt. I think I was already asl**p before my cock slipped back out of you.

It must ha... Continue»
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vacation 17

I went to check out while you loaded the k**s in the car and Wendy handed me an envelope. In it was the bill, but instead of a price it just said COMPLIMENTARY. There was also a gift certificate for the Presidential Jacuzzi suite, and in the number of nights box it said unlimited.

“Did you know what was in here?” I asked Wendy.

She shook her head, so I showed her. “Tony and Martha must have enjoyed your stay as much as I did” she said.

I shook my head in amazement, thanked Wendy and was about to turn away, when after a quick glance around she turned her back to me, s... Continue»
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