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Daddys Little Girl pt.3

What a fantastic night it had been already. Daddy and Mom both fucked me senseless. I was in a daze. I was not sure how to feel about all of this. Of course, I had been attracted to my father for years. I just never expected us to actually fuck. And here I was down on my knees in the shower making my mother come all over my face. My pussy is dripping wet, not just from the shower either! I could not keep my hands off her as we were getting out. I wanted to touch her and feel her body and make her come again and again. This was the first time that I had ever tasted pussy. I just could not get e... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Girl pt.4

"Good Morning Daddy." I said as I rolled over and gave him a kiss on the check.

"Last night was fantastic! Thank you!"

Daddy kissed me on the lips and playfully spanked my ass. "Anything for my little princess."

I giggled and rolled over on top of him. Mom was still asl**p next us but I figured she would wake soon once she heard the noise going on and felt the bed creaking as I slipped my father's hard cock into my cunt. Although I will still extremely sore from the night before, it felt wonderful to have Daddy's cock entering me.

I slowly bounced on his dick. It was buried the ful... Continue»
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Fuck My Face Daddy!

He was hard.

The sofa he'd been guided to was comfortable, deep-seated, allowing him to recline and stretch his legs fully. The robe he had been given fell open on it's own, exposing his meaty erection. Around the room other men were similarly dressed and arranged, some standing, some seated. Hard cocks exposed, waiting. They were all waiting.

The room was lit like a disco floor and a hard, undulating beat emanating from hidden stereo speakers. A deep bass pulse throbbed around the room. The singer's voice was male, thick with sex.

Hard baby hard Suck that beautiful cock Hard baby har... Continue»
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Susan Begins To Submit

It seems that for the moment, I'm the one submitting entries into my husband's blog so the title for this

entry seem appropriate. I know this is an afterthought since Antonio and I have already posted a lot of

erotica but this reading contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity and is intended for mature

nonjudgmental adults. If reading about sexual situations is offensive to you then stop.

Our new lifestyle really took off when we decided to go on a romantic escape. My husband, Antonio, and I had

made a plan for a weekend away. He had reserved a room at the Airport Ma... Continue»
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Teacher's Pet

It was my high school reunion and I met up with some of my old classmates including a few girls I liked. Already three of them gave me their numbers once they remembered me and realized how much I changed since they last saw me. But the one girl I was crazy about was a woman. My math teacher, Mrs. Potter. Back then I had a crush on her. She was in her mid thirties with her blond hair tied in a bun and wore glasses. At that time I thought she was a Goddess. One day I bought her flowers and candy but I never told her it was from me. It was my secret crush and I wasn't going to tell a soul. If Mr... Continue»
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mmmmm... a fantasy from ktdown

mmmmm...i'd want you to explode your cum inside my tight little pussy after you had patiently slid your big cock into me, ignoring my mouthed pleas to not take me and make me unfaithful, which pleas themselves are belied by my hip motions that seem to be aiding your cause, letting the slippery tip of your big cock start to part my closed lips, tracing the source of my slipperiness until your thick head finds the tiny mouth of my tight little slit and you press inexorably forward, stretching me, slipping deeper, stretching, feeling my tight sheath molding to your hardness, the heat of my soft y... Continue»
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Fucking for The Chairman


Sukky phoned Joe, he was due to leave for Australia later that evening. It was a subdued conversation. He’d been up graded to first class, “thanks Lynn,” Sukky thought to herself. She would see him after the cricket, after Christmas, and after she had made yet another couple of videos. He was flying into Thailand, for two weeks, just him and her. But first Sukky had work to do. The Company called and she obeyed.
The flight was booked, and her bags were packed. The Chairman would have some one meet her at the airport, then drive, and finally take her to the Chairman’s island i... Continue»
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The Contest

I was feeling good. My Mistress Cherie had me in peak condition and here I was, naked body lightly oiled with a taught stomach showing a well developed six-pack. I tensed my tight buttocks and my erection jerked upwards, and the reason for this is that I was being paraded around a huge roomful of women.

That in itself would have ensured my erection, but just at this moment Mistress Cherie was showing me to an attractive young woman who she addressed as Susan, and Susan was caressing my balls appreciatively.

"You say he does as he's told?" Susan questioned.

"Yes Susan, he's my slave an... Continue»
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Lunchtime Special

The presentation had been going on for hours and Baz was bored beyond belief. The five men in the conference room sat staring at the whiteboard and projector screen in apparent abject misery as the director droned on about the new product being launched. Besides it was getting close to lunchtime and Baz had a date with his gorgeous secretary Sarah that he didn’t want to be late for. Sarah meanwhile was pacing the floor outside hoping the meeting would be over soon as well – she was famished and in need of something substantial to eat, and soon. She quietly cracked open the door and peeked in.... Continue»
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Sarah woke with a start to the sound of her mobile phone chiming. A new text message from Baz, her internet lover had come through. Check your email it said. Sarah pulled her laptop off the bedside cabinet and switched it on. What could be so important that he’d wake me up so early on a Saturday morning she thought? There was only one message in her inbox – A Little Night Reading was the title in the subject box. Any thought of a stern rebuke was instantly forgotten as she clicked to open her message. She knew what the text would contain … something she had been waiting for a long time … anot... Continue»
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My s****r and I part 1

A couple weeks ago my s****r turned 19 I am 16. For her birthday she went to some clubs with her friends. At about 2:30 in the morning she called me. It woke me up so i was a little angry.  

I asked her why she was calling me.

She said " come pick me up i can't drive I'm too d***k."

We argued but then I said ok.
( before you make a judgment in Georgia you get your drivers license at 16. )

I drove and picked her up at her friends house and she was wasted. I struggled to get her in the car but I did. I drove back home. I helped her out of the car and into the house. The entire bas... Continue»
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The bus

Today I took a trip on the bus to visit a friend. It was a bout a 3 hour ride. I sat in the back as I had a book to read and I could relax. The bus was not crowded at all. After the third stop a young man got on and came to the back and sat beside me. I kept reading but noticed he was very handsome. As we rode he kept staring at me and I smiled at him. Twenty minutes later he put his hand on my leg. I ignored him to see what he was up to. He then began to rub my leg. It felt good so I let him. He rubbed up and down my leg till his hand went under my skirt. He let his hand brush lightly against... Continue»
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mister cockenballs...

Fridays can tend to be slow in my business, and sometimes I try to find an opportunity to escape the office early. Sometimes the opportunity to escape finds me...

It was mid-morning on Friday when I answered the phone, and was slightly stunned and amused when I thought I heard a woman with an unfamiliar accent ask for "Mister Cockenballs". Thinking that my twisted mind obviously misunderstood her accent, I recovered my composure and replied, "Excuse me ma'am, would you please repeat that name?" This time I understood more despite her accent as she spoke slower and clearly pronounced the nam... Continue»
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The Boss

"Hey Sally, can you work late and help me entertain a client? I need to take him to dinner." She replied "Sure, I would love to." The boss then said "Great, wear something sexy. He does like women." She laughed and left to change her clothes.

When her boss picked her up she was wearing a tight short red dress. It was low cut showing off her huge tits. The boss stared and said "Wow baby, you will thrill our client tonight. He can't say no to our contract with tits like that for him to see." She told the boss, "looks like you are getting your eyes full too. I even left my panties home in case... Continue»
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A Slave to the Gathering

My Mistress Cherie is in the habit of masturbating me regularly. She'll do this last thing at night before locking me away in my cage and again first thing in the morning. My cock raises to her hand expectantly each time, trained in a Pavlovain way to her demand. At times too I am wanked, or she has me wank during the daytime too. She tells me she does this to keep me docile, to reduce my maleness and increase my servility to her feminine domination. She knows too that it is good for me, good for the exercise of the muscles of my penis and the training of my balls. My testes are kept hard at w... Continue»
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Party for 4

Paula and I had been doing the whole "friend" thing for a while. We were friends, but I wanted more but she didn't want to ruin the relationship. We worked together and on the 4th of July weekend we had a big party at Renee's house. Her parents were out of town and even though we were all over 21 they wouldn't have liked to see the huge tub of ice cold beer that we drank all day long. The party was fun and for a long time there were about 20 people there, but slowly people started to filter out.

Soon enough it was just Paula and I, Renee and her boyfriend Mark. Renee was about 5'2" and may... Continue»
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cuckold lifestyle 25

Halloween is a fun time of the year, we all get to act just a tad goofy and no one even cares. My wife and I where invited to a Halloween party at a buddy's house. He is single and always has the best parties, There must have been two hundred people there , his den was standing room only, the deck was packed with people smoking all kinds of stuff. I hate the smell of smoke of any kind so I was always in the house. My wife on the other hand is a smoker and she would go out just about every fifteen minutes for a puff. Every one was in costumes and most where impossible to tell who they where. M... Continue»
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Hot Sex with "Hot Chick” – The Fi

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The sex I had with Hot Chick was great… After fucking in the locker room at her boss’s condo, we started kinda sorta dating but not seriously though. I was seeing other girls but not fucking them and she was honest too as telling me she is talking to other guys but not doing anything with t... Continue»
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Threesome with Husband and Wife

Threesome with Husband and Wife

It was a Saturday night and after a long hot day at work, I decided to go to the local pub/hotel for a well-deserved drink. It was a busy night with wedding guests mulling around before the evening disco got in to full swing after a big wedding from that afternoon.
Holding on to my pint, I headed outside in to the beer garden to see if any mates were about, it was as busy out there as inside and very little space left to sit. I spotted a table with a lone woman, her dress telling me that she was part of the wedding crowd and I asked her if she would mind me... Continue»
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Hot Sex with "Hot Chick” part 4

Read part one here: http://xhamster.com/user/barista110/posts/41329.html

Read part two here: http://xhamster.com/user/barista110/posts/41338.html

Read part three here: http://xhamster.com/user/barista110/posts/41572.html

Needless to say sex with Hot Chick was unbelievable. Fucking for 3 hours, then in the stairwell at school with the risk of being caught, and having sex in front of one of her friends while he rubbed herself, after these events we slowed it down a bit. I had to focus on work and she wasn’t as needy as I thought she would be.

A couple days go by without seeing h... Continue»
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