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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly the Hot Sex-Slave

[The raunchy and highly anticipated sequel to Jilnar's last erotic escapade: “Jilnar Jardaly and the Pirates!]

The tires screeched loudly as the plain white van sped around the corner. It was a bumpy, windy, unsealed road which caused its precious cargo to jostle and bounce about against the walls. Twelve beautiful and exotic young women, of every race and color, six sitting on a hard bench on either side of the van. A beautiful bevy of exotic young women to suit all tastes, white, black, Asian and one beautiful and sensual, dark-eyed Arabian beauty, who had the additional value of being a... Continue»
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Jo's pantyhose. Another pantyhose fantasy.

A few days after Jo had caught me wanking in my pantyhose in my office I was at an informal meeting which included Jo. We were sat around the room in twos and threes bouncing around a few ideas, sometimes moving around and asking others what they thought. Jack had just got up and moved over to speak to Bill when Jo sat down in his place opposite me. We sat and discussed business but I couldn't help notice as we talked that she was wearing my favourite tan hose again, especially when she crossed and uncrossed her legs seemingly casually but opening them wide enough for me to see just a hint of ... Continue»
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Wendy & Tommy – Part 2

Wendy & Tommy – Part 2
Twins playing with each other – Part 2

…………Chapter 4
Friday evening…
Playing with Wendy & Tommy

Later that evening…the house was quite when Leslie Stone entered her home; apparently Wendy & Tommy were still out of the house. She went to her room, undressing to her panties as she went into her room. She carried her clothing into the bathroom, then ran the tub full of hot water.

She noticed her panties, frilly, and lacy, were soaked at the crotch. They had been clean and fresh when she had put them on after the playtime fun she had with her young daughter tha... Continue»
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A shemales revenge

I had been heartbroken for weeks ever since Paul and I had ended our relationship. We had been dating for about six months and it was the best six months of my life. We did everything together and there was nothing I couldn't tell paul. But even with such comfort in our relationship there was one secret I had been keeping from Paul that I knew eventually had to come out so on our usual "date night" one week I finally decided it was time to tell Paul the truth about me. He was nervous of course as I told him over the phone that there was something I needed to tell him and that I had been ke... Continue»
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I am not the author of this story....i just fixed the grammar and spelling mistakes etc!!

My name is Loretta and my husband and I own a large Kennel and boarding establishment in San Fernando Valley. We raise Great Danes, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Irish Wolfhound and Anatolian Shepherds. These are special dogs for guarding and hunting. We have 65 dogs at the moment. We do a little cross breeding for ourselves just to see how they turn out. Six of those 65 are cross breeds. Two are half Great Dane & Anatolian Shepard, two are half Mastiff & Rottweiler and two are half Great Dane & Akita. In add... Continue»
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Online Affair

Let me give a little information about myself. I didn't regard myself as anything special. I was originally terrified of girls but after some time working out in the gym and practising putting myself into uncomfortable situations, I was starting to be noticed by females all over campus. I'm what some people would describe as rugged. I was 5ft 11 with thick ash blonde hair. My eyes were noted to change between steel grey, lush green and a bright blue. Whilst I wasn't 'ripped' I had worked myself into a comfortable shape and, with the help of my broad shoulders and well defined arms, I looked go... Continue»
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"I Should Have Known It Was a Sat Up...."

Bare with me as I tell you this...
Miranda, is her name, she was new to the neighbor hood by two years. We all had watched her grow and blossom into such a lovely young voluptuous young lady. No she wasn't fat or heavy, but she was very well built, She stood 5'7" tall, and about 165lbs, eyes and a smile, with perfect natural teeth, that would melt a mans heart.

We knew each other and ofttimes intermingled with each other in the neighborhood, by that I mean she lives on my block and when there was a party on the block she would ask me to either walk her to the party or walk her home.

... Continue»
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Upper Class Tart with Big Tits

This is a real story and happened about 15 years ago when I had been divorced for about 3 years. In that 3 year gap my sex life was close to non-existent as I was focused almost 24 x 7 on growing a company that I had started with a few colleagues. The company was now growing very quickly and I after I had been paid a few dividend checks I was feeling like I wanted some female company again. Not having spent any time socializing or going down to the pub I was at a loss to think of how to make contact with a nice woman who was looking for a dinner date with wine and bed to follow but without any... Continue»
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Fuck Buddy Jane

You will probably be wondering what kind of woman I chose for my fuck buddy and I hope you will be surprised that she was a very short plump lady probably weighing about 100 lbs. and just under 5 ft. It was her wicked grin with a way of making some very amusing innuendo that left you wondering if she was looking to hook up with you. I rarely saw anyone that looked like they were her husband or partner and it was purely by chance that I found an opportunity to ask Jane if she would like a lunch time drink. Well, one drink led to four Southern Comfort and Canada Dry ginger ale shots. We sat on b... Continue»
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Laying in bed. Watching tv, getting ready to take a shower, I hear a knock on the door.

"What the hell, I live alone" I say to myself and just ignore the knocking.

The knocking stops. So I jump in the shower. I hear a door slam shut and someone running thru my house. It's 9:30pm on a Friday. Paying no attention to this because friends of mine pass thru jus to grab food and shit.

Someone knocks on the bathroom door. "I'm in the shower" I announce. And the knocking stops.

"Hello?" I ask awaiting a reply. Nothing.

The door opens. And a woman climbs in the shower with me. No id... Continue»
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poolside sex

It was a hot and sunny day which made this day a perfect one for lounging at the pool. I texted my friend Emma if she would like to hang out at my pool for the day and when she said “yes” I became excited about it and pictured in my mind all kinds of sexual fantasies that could happen,

about an hour and a half later the doorbell rang and sure enough it was Emma and man did she look hot, she had her long dark hair down to her mid waist, short jean shorts that showed off her sexy legs and a loose black t-shirt which complimented her nice breasts. She smiled at me and say “hey you, wanna swim... Continue»
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Marika and Alexa: Sorority Hazing

See the real life girls here: http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/4744745/stinky_marika_and_pretty_alexa.html

Marika hasn't showered in four days now. She's been going to the gym two times a day. She's been sl**ping in her gym clothes. She has so much dried sweat on her skin that it's shiny. She walks into Alexa and Layne's room. Immediately they hold their breath. The stench overtakes the room. Her vagina smells rotten.

I'm sorry you too but it's time for your final day of hazing" Marika tells them. "I haven't showered in days, and you are going to give me a bath"

Alexa and Layne... Continue»
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Empty Nest...The Awakening of Lillian

Being the divorced Mother of a son who had just left home for college gave Lillian that empty nest syndrome. She was a great looking woman, early forties, and had a body better than some of the teenage girls that used to hang out at her house all the time. She loved the attention all of her sons friends used to pay her.

They were mostly jocks, members of the football team like her son. She loved teasing them, wearing short skirts, and her sexy nylons. She was sure she was the fodder of many a young mans masturbation fantasies. But now that was in the past and she found herself alone most o... Continue»
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Fantasy 1: First sexual contact with a man

As you can read on my profile, I'm a 100% straight guy, who loves women. But...
I can't fall in love with men, but the idea of having sex with another man really turns me on and I'm open to almost everything, but only as a bottom.
I've never had any sexual contact with a man before, and I'm really looking forward to my first time. To give you an idea of how I want the ideal first 'session' would be, I'll just discribe it for you.

I'm not very picky when it comes to the looks of my top, just not too hairy or too old. Everything up to an age of 55 is fine with me.
I don't really enjoy all ... Continue»
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First Meeting

It was a chance meeting late on a Friday night.I had been at a girlfriends house trying to score.This chick was a real psycho!I had to take at least a gram of coke and a hundred bucks anytime I went over there expecting to get laid.Shed spend all night cleaning her little 2 room flat over in lake highlands while I patiently waited on the couch hoping shed get tired and come sit down.Well after about three hours and half a bottle of sky vodka I'de had enough.Jumping to my feet and saying in a loud vouce fuck this shit I told her to shove it grabbed my coke and hit the door.I drove back towards ... Continue»
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Gaynor's guest

Your wife comes in from work wearing her nurses uniform, slips off her coat and bends to drop her bag in the hallway. As she bends I cup the lovely round globe of her buttock, enjoying the feel of her cotton uniform, the smooth tights underneath and the leg of her panties. Hmmm she softly moans, this must be the surprise Peter had planned for this evening.

I continue to stroke her round arse, getting a good feel and rubbing between her cheeks through her clothes. Her legs part slightly as she continues to purr. Her hand moves to the front of my trousers and caresses the hard lump standing p... Continue»
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Wendy & Tommy – Part 1

Wendy & Tommy – Part 1
Twins playing with each other – Part 1

Part 1

Wendy Stone was sweet young girl, with extremely cute features and an unassuming nature. Her face was almost painfully sweet, pure with innocence; her smile could light up an entire room. She was the kind of young girl people wanted to reach out to and take of. Everything she wore emphasized her simple youthful beauty, even the navy blue pleated skirt and white blouse school uniform that she wore still, having just come home from the last day of school. The white blouse was not tight, so the budding of her breast... Continue»
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My Uncle Showing Me How Beautiful I Am, BBW

This is another fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

My name is Ashley and I have always been the quiet type of person because I have always been very sensitive of my looks. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a pretty face from what I am told but I am fat and as much as I try to diet and exercise the weight seems to not wanna go away. I had asked a couple of boys from school out on a date but I always got a "No" answer so it got to the point where I just stayed at home in my room trying to avoid the outside as much as possible. My mom and dad wanted me to get out of the hous... Continue»
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housewife bobby fucked by a black guy

Hi readers it’s me Bobby (not real name just a fake name) again with
another experience. Again I am introducing myself am 36 year old
beautiful housewife with white color huge sexy boobs and nice curved
ass. My body size and structure is similar to Tamil actress Namitha.
Those who are reading this first time please go through my other
posts housewife bobby fucked by young guy and bobby again fucked
by young guy. Please forgive my mistakes. Thanks for your feedback’
u can mail me at booby4u@mail.com
So coming to story after I had a wild experience with a young guy who
I met in metro city, just ... Continue»
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Letting A Bear Trucker Fuck Me Like A Sissy

This is another fantasy based story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I have always been the shy, quiet keep to myself kind of guy which my parents don't seem to mind because they are usually at work and some day's I wonder if they even know I exist. My dad tried to talk me into joining football at school which I found mind boggling because since I can remember I have always been short and puny and joining the football team seemed like a sure way to get a trip to the hospital. Anyways I will admit having the house to myself seemingly everyday is amazing. The freedom to do whatever I wa... Continue»
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