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The Boss's Desk

The Boss's Desk

Diane and I worked together in the same office, but had little interaction as far as our positions were involved. One night after work we both ended up visiting a co-worker who recently had surgery and left together. I suggested going to dinner which she gladly accepted and the next thing I knew I was invited back to her apartment and we fucked for the first time.

Now Diane was not pretty or cute but very plain looking. She was 5'10" with incredibly long perfectly shaped legs and a nice small and firm ass. Her tits were really nothing but puffy nipples, but I'm partial ... Continue»
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Open House

"For sale?" I wasn't too surprised to see the sign go up on the empty
place next door. It has been more than eight months since the Cooke
f****y moved out. They were the kind of neighbors you like to have -
friendly, quiet, and on the rare occasion they had a party they made
sure you got an invitation if for no other reason than you could make
plans to be somewhere else if you wanted to keep your sanity.

And they had a beautiful 16-year-old daughter Sally who liked wearing
the smallest bathing suit possible when sunning herself in the back
yard. Yeah, I looked. More than a few times... Continue»
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A father and his daughter part 8

Chapter 8

“Good evening may I see your tickets. You are in seats 4a and 4b, the flight attendant said” as we boarded the Boeing 777.
Beth and I had received a long letter and an urgent plea from Beth’s mom to come see her father who is gravely ill.
Beth was very excited like most teenagers would be to fly international. I had enough air miles to get us two business class tickets to Beth’s mom’s home country. Beth was born in America but was one of those rare people that have dual citizenship.

She is also Russian.

Beth’s Russian side is why she has the beautiful dark hair, l... Continue»
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My first time (true story)

We were living in Baltimore and one of our friends was gay. We didn’t think much of it, he was just gay. One Saturday when my wife was out of town, I offered to help him work on his car. We finished up early in the afternoon and went inside his apartment to clean up. While we were having a cold beer, he offered to pay for dinner to thank me for working on his car. Because I was alone that weekend, we arranged to go to dinner that night. I had to go home, shower and change, but we had plenty of time.

While we were talking, I noticed some magazines on his coffee table and asked if I cou... Continue»
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First Contact ......part I

First Contact
Part 1
.....you've only met In the last two hours. You've had a drink and your inhibitions are low. You're standing close to him when he whispers to you, 'Do you want to play a game'? The eye contact is lingering and you know that something is going to happen. You nod your head and he steps away from you, a look of intensity on his face, eyes on yours, fixing your gaze to his. His hands reach for his tie and he undoes it and steps towards you. 'I'm going to blindfold you, I won't touch you at all after its done until you ask me. OK?, you slowly nod your head and he reaches up a... Continue»
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Marc and Moni in trouble, Moni becomes a true cums

Moni becomes a true cumslut wife

We get in Lamonts car and drive back to out hotel room, while in the car Lamont instructs me on how i will behave. He tells me from now on i am to smile wide at him and fawn over him no matter what anfd at all times. I am to tell my hubby that i am his white slut and that i enjoy it and want it.
You got that he says, yes i tell him, as much as i hate myself i cant help but feel trapped yet my pussy keeps betraying me.
We enter the room , Lamont has hjis arm around me ans i am smiling anfd giggling as i look up at him. He turns me to face him and starts to... Continue»
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Taught Son To Be A Man, So He Fucked His Mom

My son Seth who is seven teen years old has always been quiet, shy and way to afraid of confrontation. Seth has always wanted to do things with his mom that most girls like to do like shopping etc. One day I made it my mission to try and make him more into a man because he was my son and my only k**. I started trying to get him to go outside to play ball or to even go hunt or fish but he usually just told me he didn't feel like going. When it was just him and I at home we would be watching T.V where I would intentionally flip past the porn channels just to get his mind on looking at girls like... Continue»
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Sarah visit's her lover, Carole

I was visiting my lover, Carole, one morning and found a strap-on dildo still in the box, sitting on dresser. I was going to leave it alone but my curiosity got the best of me. I took it out to look at it. It was made of silicon, firm, but soft. It was shaped something like a hockey stick. The larger end (7 inches) looks just like a real cock. The other end hooked around to be inside the wearer. It came with stretch panties that had a hole in them right where the dildo snapped through. I was getting excited just by the possibilities. I carefully packaged it back up and put it back. A few ... Continue»
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David's affair

It was a warm sunny day when my wife, c***dren and I visited the lovely f****y home in Dorstone. You and I had known each other for many years through our parents being friends. I had not seen you for many years yet we seemed to ‘connect’ as soon as our eyes met each others. You could see that life had not dealt me the best deal as my eyes looked sad. Needing to explore why you invited me out to see your new car.

No sooner were the doors open than we were sat inside. You came straight to the point, as you usually do, and asked why I looked so sad. I don’t know why but it just poured out of... Continue»
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Sarah and my lover Linda

This story has been rewritten at the request of Oxoncple. She has asked if I might include her so I have rewritten a true story in my life but have replaced the name for Linda and Geoff (not their real names of course). Actually, having seen so many of your beautiful photos, I often fantasise that it is you and your partner sharing my orgasms and wetness. Even as I write this I am gasping and swollen and no doubt it will have to be done between cummings and goings.

I have a friend, Linda who is 38, 36B, slender and very, very sexy. We have been friends for over 10 years and lovers for just ... Continue»
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Sarah - my profile - all about me for real

I am 69, though it takes a lot to keep me looking younger. I have tons of Gatineau and Eco products, which just happen to be my preference, to keep things at bay. Unfortunately a lot now faces south, but thankfully I am still very orgasmic so who cares. BBW seems to be the order of the day as well and I have no trouble attracting both male and female friendships so I am not complaining either. I suppose being 44E and ample thighs with slim legs does help a little too.
Since I turned 50 my sex drive seems to have rocketed through the roof and I can never seem to get enough. I spend a couple of... Continue»
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The Message (Her side of the story)

This is her side of the beginning, continued from

Sitting there in front of her computer, thinking about the past week and her Christmas Holidays, she scanned through different videos, pictures and stories on Xhamster. Feeling both horny, while at the same time angry, hurt and resentful, her mind flashed back to the d***ken party.... what a night, of all the blank spots in her memory, the one memory that flashed to the front of her mind was the memory of stumbling through her best friends s****r`s bedroom door looking for a place to lay do... Continue»
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Chick From Omegle

I used a fake name for safety reasons!

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hello asl
Stranger: 35 f the us
You: m 43 usa
You: I am mark
Stranger: I'm Ava
You: hello ava
Stranger: Hello mark
You: what do you look like
You: i am 6'0 180 brown hair brown eyes
Stranger: Not very tall long brown hair hazel eyes that change to green sometimes
You: kool
Stranger: Haha yeah
You: do you have a bf
Stranger: Nah
You: no gf here
Stranger: Awh
You: what turns you on
You: in a guy
Stranger: Mmmm accents
You: what else
Stranger: Abs
You: kool okay
Stranger: Yeah... Continue»
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It's late, or early depending on how you see it. You are going to see me in the morning so I am restless and excited anticipating our time together. You call and say you can't sl**p and want to start early.
I hear you pull in the drive and my excitement level goes up. I'm already so wet, but when you walk in the door I feel even wetter. I'm wearing very high heels and a little lace top. I know you want to look at me but I can't stop myself from wrapping around you and kissing you. I love to kiss you and rub my body against you. Your hands are all over my body, and feel good everywhere they to... Continue»
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Dog Fetches Girls For Owner

Trevor enjoyed his bachelor’s life. At 28 years of age, he had a good job, his own house in a nice neighborhood and life in general was great. He spent a lot of his spare time with his Sheltie which he named Jet because he liked to run as fast as he could when allowed.

Every day when Trevor got home, he would take Jet to a local park and let him run off some energy. Jet was well trained and obeyed Trevor’s whistle commands, so he never ventured too far from Trevor.

One of the benefits of taking Jet to the park was meeting women. What woman doesn’t like a Sheltie, which for those of you... Continue»
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My Life as a Shemale Part2

Many things happened over the next few months, for one, I healed maybe better than I ever was, I discovered that there was another side to me and most important I met Tim. He was the one that found me and maybe even saved me. A middle aged man who once had a daughter, I know that because I am now living in her bedroom, sl**ping in her bed and wearing her clothes.

But lets rewind for a moment, the first thing I remember waking up is seeing Tim. He asked me my name, "Danny" I said, he introduced himself as a doctor that didn't practice anymore and now lived by himself. He told me that I was s... Continue»
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Another wonderful treat from my husband

The other day Tim gave me a real treat & surprise. He told me he would take the k**s to his mom’s while I entertained two new business clients. I told him it would be fun to entertain them at home. A couple of hours after he left our doorbell rang. I was already dressed to entertain. I wore 8” high heels, no panties or bra and a cute little maids outfit & of course my wettest creamy pink lipstick. I figured if I was going to entertain I would be dressed for it. I was glad I wore the 8” high heels for the two black gentlemen who stood at my door were at least six foot tall if not more. Quite we... Continue»
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You Never Forget Your First Kiss

The following is from my newest book, My Nude Cruise.

It was a busy and hectic day at work and I decided to take a break and check my social media site. (I won't tell you which one) As I was scanning through my messages, one in particular caught my eye. The message was from Nigel Langford and titled "How are you?" Nigel Langford was a boy in my 7th grade class when I lived in Queensland. I clicked on the message and all it said was. "Remember me?" I said out loud to myself, "Nigel, Nigel, Nigel, my first kiss. How co... Continue»
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Hidden f****y Secret

Hidden f****y Secret

David was my best friend from before kindergarten all through growing up. We spent a lot of time playing outside and general growing up like boys do. We both spent time at each other’s house playing, eating and sl**ping over. We were inseparable.

Like most adolescent boys, we talked about girls and sex and acted like we knew a lot when we both knew that we knew nothing about what we were talking about, or so I thought. On several occasions, David and I went skinny dipping at a nearby pond, but it was usually after dark when no one was around. Little did I know where... Continue»
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Gym Locker Room Play

I love working out at my gym. I work out in the morning or evening and there is a group of 10 regulars that work out at this time. I work out at a gym that attracts mostly middle aged professional types. Its nice seeing the same group of guys over time because you can really study and appreciate each beautiful naked specimen in the locker room.

In the locker room, most of the guys are comfortable being naked. Its easy to get involved in long discussions while totally naked. I love it when a man is confident enough about his own body that he can share it easily in the company of men.

I lo... Continue»
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