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Never Bet On Sports

Carrie Underwood sat back on the sofa and stared at her TV. It was a little after 1am and the game just ended after double overtime. Suddenly she yelled, “FUCK!!!!” at the TV and then threw her glass at it, knocking it over and shattering the screen. She knew she was in deep shit. She just lost another bet as her losing streak continued. The phone startled her when it rang but she knew who it was. “Hello? Yeah, I know. I KNOW!” she said to the caller. “OK, I’ll be there. YES! I said I’ll be there.” She turned the phone off and sat back. She was glad her husband and k**s were away ... Continue»
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No Pussy is Created Equal

Ed and Antoinette worked at the bank together for 6 years and developed an endearing platonic friendship the last 3 years. Both were beyond attractive by standard means.Ed and Antoinette worked at the bank together for 6 years and developed an endearing platonic friendship the last 3 years. Both were beyond attractive by standard means. Ed was was african american with creole. Light gold complected with a 6'2 a thin, cut, basketball physique that remained from his college playing days. Antoinette was carribean mixed with puerto rican and italian. She had ample perfect shaped ass with womanly t... Continue»
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The Dirty Old Man pinning and pumping Julie

Dirty Old Man slips a hand up the back of the goth's skirt, giving a firm squeeze to that thick rear.*

Julie lets forth a little whimper and leans forward, gripping her lower lip with her teeth at the feel of her skirt being invaded.

Dirty Old Man digs his grubby mitts into the goth's tight rump, groping and massaging the thick orbs tightly beneath the fabric. Hot breath washes over the back of her neck as he pushes her forwards, pinning her into the brick wall.*

Julie opens her legs a little, reaching her hands down and she pulls her skirt up over her hips as she's pinned against the... Continue»
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Summer Night in Port Hueneme

We are at a beach house near Port Hueneme overlooking the ocean....
It is a warm evening...with a brisk breeze off the waves....we are sitting in a jacuzzi...on a deck elevated 2 stories off the sand.
You are wearing a red 'barely there' bikini ...You look amazing.
I'm sitting with some board shorts on....black with bright blue waves on one leg. Your perfect little ass is half in and out of the bubbles...
You keep leaning over the side...to watch the waves.....and the sunset.
You are pointing out the waves...the sandpipers running from the shore to the edge of the waves...then back ... Continue»
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the never ending sex story

I saw her for the first time a long time ago when she was young. I had not seen her again till this day . So I am down at this local park where alot of teen age k**s hang out . Yea some of them are thugs and some are just stoners and then there are your preppy folk that come down to the park . They usually have there dog walking them . Well this park is pretty wild from what I have seen . I mean there is sex going on in the woods at this little park . . I say this because she was on this giant blanket on her knees slurping and sucking on this old mans cock . He had this suit on and she she wa... Continue»
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Hook ups in Destin in the 90's part 1

I had the pleasure of taking up in Destin, FL. I actually ended up working in the bar and restaurant. So I will be sharing some of my great times in the 90's . One evening I was closing the bar at a restaurant I worked at and it was the beginning of a the summer. In came a couple regulars that would come in when in town, this time they had 3 collage age girls with them, I soon foun said they wanted to thank med out that one was there daughter and the other two were college friends. They asked me if I was planning on going out and if so would I kind showing them the nightlife? I said of course ... Continue»
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How to Become a Nymphomaniac

How to Become a Nymphomaniac
May 14, 2016

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and here I am sitting with an ice pack between my legs. It's the beginning to what could be a potentially great day and here I am sitting in the house bored with no hopes of going out and continuing a weekend of debauchery. I answered my phone. "Hi Carole! It's Kelli."

"Hey Girl, what's going on?" I asked.

"Nothing much, I couldn't sl**p so I thought I would bug you. I am kind of surprised to find you at home!"

"Well I sort of over did it ... Continue»
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Sex with my best-mate's s****r

True story from my mis-spent youth ;)

So; it was the summer after my 18th birthday, school was done, uni yet to start and I was spending almost all of my time round my best mate Matt’s house. Now, Matt and I had been friends since year dot (he was a month older and we’d always been in the same schools and classes) and we were both regular fixtures at each other’s houses. One thing about Matt (the most pivotal point for this story); he has a twin s****r; Kelly. We’d always been okay with each other; but I’d only ever really been her b*****r’s friend in her eyes. The idea of fucking her, how... Continue»
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As wingman I had a better night than the dude for

Hey, how many of you have had similar experiences to this - you 'take one for the team' for your friend (guy or gal) and you end up having the far better session than your friend and the so-called better looking date. One occasion is still so vivid in my mind. I think it worked out this way because I would always have marathon hook-ups. 69 or fuck, rest, go again, and sometimes go for round three before the sun would come up. When I've taken one for the team, these women were no exception. In fact, it was more likely I'd cum 2-3 times in those situations.

This time I'm recollecting I was ... Continue»
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Telling a Woman the Truth about her Vaginal Odor

When I was single and using aol to meet women I chatted with a self-proclaimed 'curvy' 24-year-old gal named Lisa. I didn't see any photo of her ahead of time (and this was before the days of built-in cameras/skyping) but she did tell me that she had red hair on top and on the bottom. I followed up by asking if she shaved or trimmed any of her pubic hair. Her response was music to my ears(or eyes since we were chatting): "No, but it's like in between strawberry blonde and red, so I always thought it was kind of pretty." Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I love pussy hair no matter ... Continue»
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Moni becomes a black cock slut

My wife, Moni and I liked to watch adult videos as part
of our sex life. She liked to be restrained and
spanked, then fucked silly. She said that she really
liked the feeling of being controlled for the sexual
gratification of another. One day we were watching a
new film in which a white housewife was being used and
dominated by several black men.

Moni's pussy was sopping and she couldn't take her eyes
off of the scene unfolding in front of her. As the men
roughly shoved their cocks into the woman on the
screen, Moni would shove her fingers into her wet pussy
and move h... Continue»
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Birthday Present

My birthday came round only three or four weeks after I'd started seeing Ray. We'd slept together a few times but at best that had been ok, nothing special. I didn't think things were going to go on much longer, he just didn't stimulate me enough. Perhaps sensing that I wasn't all that interested he promised me something 'really special' for my birthday. I told him I didn't want him spending a fortune. He smiled and kissed me gently. "It's not expensive," he said, "it's going to be a special present, something personal. A special experience."

Very late on the night in question we g... Continue»
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a weekend visit 2

(Must read part 1 first, so you don't get lost)

As Dawn stood there in the doorway, her hand down her pants, I could feel myself getting harder, the excitement of her watching as I plowed her youngest nice, turned me on more and more by the second.
I couldn't bare it anymore, I let out a moan so long and loud,( I'm not sure if it was how loud I got or how hard I started pumping ) but Michelle had woken up, startled by her gasp, Dawn ducked behind the door, and I jumped back, falling off the end of the bed. Michelle crawled down looking on the floor at me, "what just happened, did you just ... Continue»
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Jenny, Mum and Dad.

Jenny, Mum and Dad.
Part One.
Jenny could not resist her mother’s invitation to come and spend some time with her parents for the summer break. They had just finished installing a new swimming pool and spa in their backyard and the landscaping should be finished by the time she arrives.

She works and lives interstate and recently got divorced from a marriage of just three years. She wanted nothing more in life than to be with the one she loved even though she was only twenty two at the time. She was a loving and loyal wife for the first two years of her marriage until she found out he was... Continue»
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Police Stop

Jane was late, ‘Dammit’ she thought, flinging the car around a corner “I’m going to miss this speaker and he was meant to be really good”.

The speaker in question was a Paratroop veteran from the raid on Pegasus Bridge in WW2 and he was doing a series of talks.
‘Whoah’ said Jane’s date, ‘you aren’t dodging flak.’

‘That would be easier’ came quickly back as Jane accelerated around a slow moving people carrier and into the dual carriageway. With the speedo reading 85, she settled down more comfortably and adjusted her belt across her summer dress.

‘It’s scratching my boobs’ she grinned... Continue»
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Pantyhose for friends

I arrive at your house and you invite me in. You introduce me to your wife Jill. She greets me with a kiss on the cheek. Just this gentle kiss is enough to stir my cock. We go through to the lounge where Jill sits down on the sofa and pats the space next to her and invites me to sit. I do so and you pour some drinks. We sit and chat while we drink and you comment that you can see that I have dressed as we agreed. I look and see that you are looking at my ankles where my trousers have ridden up as I crossed my legs. I haven't put on any socks and it is obvious from the silky sheen that I am wea... Continue»
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Gym spotting

It was a hot day in August. One of those days when you can't figure out what to do, but stay indoors. I decided a good workout at the gym would be a good pick me up. Little did I know, that would be exactly what would cum to be.
When I got there only a few individuals were working out, so I figured I would be left alone to get my workout in and go home and shower. I changed into my usual workout clothes. I have to laugh because I am somewhat of an anomaly in what I wear. I usually wear a tank top and bike shorts, which I find sexy feeling, but leave everyone wondering which way my gate s... Continue»
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Husband to castrated sissy

"Oh my god!"

My wife looked up over the muscular shoulder of the huge black guy nailing her on our bed. Her long tanned legs wrapped around v-shaped torso. "Hi honey. What are you doing home early?"

"Kelli what the fuck's going on here?!"

At that, the black guy turned and shot me a nasty glance. "What's it look like we doing, genius? I'm dicking your old lady. Now get out of here fuckshit I ain't finished."

"Better go downstairs dear," Kelli said, smiling. "I'll be down later to explain."

Of course I was shocked, but what else could I do? I went downstairs poured myself a drink... Continue»
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Being a Daddy's whore

Back when I was in the Navy (from 17 thru 20) I was a big whore when it came to older guys most call "Daddy's or Bears" Mostly the daddy's 50 plus I'd go to town on weekends and go to one of the local "Bath Houses" and check into one of the rooms for at least Friday and Saturday I get ready shower and all that then I'd head to the video lounge and climb up to the top row of a tier like viewing area so that I could scope out who was there. If/when I spotted a daddy I wanted to have fuck me I'd start of by making eye contact with him. Not to brag but I was a daddy's wet dream. I was 5'4" 105lbs ... Continue»
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Severely tortured for flashing

Severely punished for flashing

Part 1- the beginning

That morning, after a hot shower, I had severely whipped my buttocks and thighs, back and front, until they were covered in black and blue raised welts. With my cock and balls freshly shaved, I drove out to the forest naked, my 12 inch cock rock hard. I parked the car, tied up my balls tightly with a shoelace and walked along the winding path, my cock swinging from side to side.

After a few minutes, I rounded a bend in the path and came face to face with two huge well-muscled black men (Alan and Peter). They stopped dead when they... Continue»
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