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Me and the Indian prostitute

when im not getting sex from girls i pick up, i have to pay for sex. i do this because i love sex and i have money. the type of prostitute i most like are indian prostitutes. here in the uk you have to look hard as its not the sort of thing that good indian girls do.

the first indian prostitute i had sex with was manisha. i walked into the whore house and out came this beautiful bitch with big tits. she told me her name and how much it would cost me. i paid her £50 (about Rs 4000) for 30 mins of her time.

she led me in
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Pumped Friday Afternoon Delight

She arrived home from work at the end of the working week at about 5.30, with that weekend freedom mindset. She knew that I had already beaten her home and started to hunt around the house looking for me.

Meanwhile, I had gotten home at around 2 that afternoon and planned a kinky little start to our weekend. First on my list was to get my cock inside of a tube and pump the fuck out of it and get it huge for my Lovely's pleasure. I pumped to xhamster for a solid 2 1/2 hours and had pretty much filled that tube with my swollen cock meat.
I kept the pump on and got out our wrist cuffs and b... Continue»
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Career Path

“Welcome, Jordan,” smiled the middle-aged white man. “We’re real excited to have you on the team here at Wyatt Motors.”
“Thank you, Mr. Phillips! I’m happy to be here too.”
“Please…Call me Jim,” the finance manager informed him.
“Alright, Jim!”
“Let me show you to your desk so you can put your things down and then I’ll introduce you to everyone.”

Jordan sat down and dug a four photo frames out of his messenger bag. He set them up to his liking. He was the new senior accounting clerk for the successful used-car dealership. He adjusted his Stafford brand charcoal and red gingham tie as he... Continue»
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Hot tub ass fuck

Hotel living isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
However, since I had no one else to answer to, I was able to do as I pleased, and this weekend I was not scheduled to work, so I wanted to just lounge around, get a walk in and perhaps some hot tub later on, depending on how many k**s there were in the pool area. I like k**s, just not in the hot tub.
I got a good walk in to the mall, there was a large discount liquor store there, so I decided to see what they had, I might even find something I liked. Great big store, with sections for wine, beer and hard liquor, they even had all the condimen... Continue»
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Cass was just nineteen but the thing she liked the best was sex. She had been fucking guys since she was just fifteen. The boys at school knew how easy she was and she spent every date on her back. She loved to fuck and suck cock. She had even fucked many of the boys dads as they heard from the boys what a slut she was and how good she could suck cock and fuck. She liked fucking the men better than the boys as they were experienced lovers and knew what they wanted. She was willing to do anything with them for some cock.

She had answered an ad from a widow man that was looking for a housekee... Continue»
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UK Paki Friends Sister Creampie

When I lived in Bolton I knew this paki girl she was very shy and had no confidence, she was a virgin and never went out just cooked and cleaned at home she didnt even have a mobile phone, I knew her through her b*****r who was my friend and id sometimes go around and see her. my friends parents went to pakistan for 2 months leaving my friend his 2 lil b*****rs and his s****r back in England. one day when I was around my friends id just happened to have moment alone with his s****r we just talked a little in general she talked about never knowing how to use a mobile phone and shes always at ho... Continue»
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A slut

After turning 18, Helen was working in a roadhouse and lots of young truckers came through the joint. Helen had fucked most of them after only 4 months slinging hash........she had slung her juicy young cunt at a lot of cock.
She had been fucked in Whites, Macks, Freightliners and even gang-banged on a pile of tarpaulins by a gang of truckers. She loved the feel of cocks ramming deep in her young pussy driving her over the top with orgasm after orgasm. Eventually the inevitable happened........the Bullsperm she was taking everyday finally made its way up through her cervix and into her womb ... Continue»
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I met Danny at The Wing Hut on Monday night. Nine p.m. sharp. Danny was holding our favorite table. As I approached I could see his scorecard on the round table top. With three empty beer bottles. A fourth in his hand. Not good. I was expecting to see two names on Danny’s scorecard. There were none.

The four Amigos were using golf scorecards to record our game. From the Wisconsin Breeze Golf and Country Club. Two cards each, eighteen holes per card. For a total of thirty-six holes. Holes. How appropriate. How many holes could we plug? How many holes-in-one could we sink? Th... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXXIX

Chapter XXXIX – Past Stories, Present Love (based on Sweethearts No. 127 cover, Charlton, August 1972)

When you love somebody, nothing can change your mind about that. If your love is strong as a rock, there is nothing or nobody that can stop you from achieving it, and no one should tell you to not love anyone you really do.

I am a living testimonial to this. When I was young, the girl of my dreams was Mona Seraphin. She lived in the neighborhood and studies in the same school as I. She was a beautiful blonde ang... Continue»
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reststop encounter

My wife and I pulled into the reststop after 3 hours of driving. She was asl**p when I got stopped so I just left her in the car as I went to the bathroom to relieve my aching bladder.
When I returned I noticed a truck had pulled up next to us. It was one of those jacked up four wheel drive jobs with tinted windows.
As I approached the car I noticed that my wife was laying there with her hand on her chest and her legs spread wide. Her fingers had caught in her buttons and opened her shirt up, revealing some of her ample 38D bra covered breasts. Her skirt was riding up her legs and you could ... Continue»
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Lori had James who had been her sissy boy for a long time. She loved to dress him like a girl and get him a date or a hook up with another gay guy. Tonight she stripped him naked and bent him over and used her thick strap on in his ass. Even though he was a sissy he had a great body. He had a nine inch thick cock and a great ass that he loved fucked. Lori fucked his ass hard as she jerked his cock and waited for him to cum in her hand so she could feed it to him. Then she pulled the cock from his ass and let him suck and lick it. Then she pulled her panties down and pushed his face in her cunt... Continue»
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An adventure

I was nervous since I had never done anything quite like this before. I
sat in the parking lot for quite a few minutes waiting and thinking about
what I assumed I might see - and do - if I went in. My thoughts were having
the expected effect on me as I began to become more and more excited. The
parking lot was for an adult theater in north Denver. It has a book store
with an arcade in the lower level and a set of 3 theaters in the upper
level - my destination. Finally, I went in and paid my admission. One
admission allows access to theaters 1 and 2 which show straight porn... Continue»
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My most recent session

I am writting this blog about my most recent expereice.

Paul is a Dom freind of mine i have know for years. I have played with him at the BDSM club we both are members of and also a few sessions in private. He was hosting a private party at his house for other like minded freinds and asked if i wanted to be a part of it. Paul knows my likes and fantasies and also things i am looking to explore. Hes is a good Dom and respects my limits and also me.

We exchanged emails for a couple of weeks to discuss thimgs that would be part of the session as well as limits and boundaries. We then met up... Continue»
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X-Mass Eve (Jess n Trey prt2)

okay let me start by saying this is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real, nor are the situations. That being said..feel free to comment on my writing. But do note I reserve all copy writes.
Please forgive any spelling mistakes
Please read Winters kiss (Jess and Tray prt 1)
For thoes fans asking for more im sorry it took so long…..

Chapter Two
Jessica’s knees were still wet, and my dick was still hard when we entered the store. My head was swirling and I felt like a teenager all over again. I mean fuck! Jess and me were both just shy of being past 40. She bein... Continue»
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A Post-NOLA Treat

My Wife’s Best Friend

The first thing you should know is that I am married to the best woman on the planet. She loves me completely, just as I love her. We’ve been married for some six years and every minute has been great. Granted, I don’t get the amount of sex that I got in my single life, but to tell the truth, I’m fine with that. That’s a long story for another day. This is about something else entirely.
My wife is a stunning woman. Beth is six feet tall with deep brown hair and matching eyes. She also comes fully equipped with a beautiful pair of boobs, 42DDD, and all nat... Continue»
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Slumdogs and Aliens.
I am Lucky(real name) sharing my story of encounter with aliens in my college days.
It was May 2012, a hot day of summers I got a technical project work on that day the technical project work was issued by our class teacher ‘Hakka’(fictional) .Hakka was a beautiful merried lady and as our lecturer in college. She was very polite and good communication skills . and she also belong to rich f****y and always wears designers cuts. Actually she was working in the college for just the easy go period .
All the students were fan of that lady and enjoy each an... Continue»
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My Trip To Summer Camp

I got out of school for the summer when I was 16 my parents asked me if I wanted to go to a summer camp. I had never gone to a camp before and was one of those people who liked being around home but after being pressured from my mom and dad I agreed to go. I packed up some things and the day I was scheduled to leave we went to the high school and I will admit I was scared and nervous as I said goodbye to my parents and got onto the bus that was full of people my age who were yelling and talking as the camp counselors sat at the front of the bus talking. I started walking towards the back of th... Continue»
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Slumdogs and Aliens.
I am Lucky(real name) sharing my story of encounter with aliens in my college days.
It was May 2012, a hot day of summers I got a technical project work on that day the technical project work was issued by our class teacher ‘Hakka’(fictional) .Hakka was a beautiful merried lady and as our lecturer in college. She was very polite and good communication skills . and she also belong to rich f****y and always wears designers cuts. Actually she was working in the college for just the easy go period .
All the students were fan of that lady and enjoy each an... Continue»
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A Body Made for One Thing (fixed)

I saw her as soon as she came into the building. I had never seen a sexier woman in my life. She had her 5 year old son in tow and they were there to attend a k**s birthday party. I knew as soon as I saw her that she was not like any of the other parents. She had a body built for one thing and I wanted her bad. She had a very pretty face and her body caused a stirring in my pants. She had big beautiful tits that were made for sucking on and an ass that I just wanted to hold onto as I pumped her full of my potent seed. I just had to have her.

I could tell that she was having the same affect ... Continue»
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Ravished by cab drivers and his friends but yet en

Hi readers I am writing the continuation of the story Ravished by cab drivers and his friends but yet enjoyed later - 1. Well if you are reading the story for the first time please read my previous part mentioned here.

I’ll continue where I left in the 1st part.

So when he put his fingers inside my mouth and I was licking it I was all aroused and he started looking at me by lifting his face. He came near my breasts and as we were sweating he blew some air from his mouth and I felt like a breeze went from my chest. I started breathing heavily and my eyes were closed. I could smell h... Continue»
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