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More dogging! Its addictive!

After my first time dogging i was dying to try it again, but 'B' wasnt free till the weekend. I took the plunge and signed up for a swingers website that he mentioned a few times. Its a scary thing for a single girl, let me tell you! I realised how scary as within the first 24 hours of registering i had received 400 (yes 400) messages, 99% of which were from single guys.

I had no idea these kind of sites were like that, so i had to block single guys from contacting me (with a bit of help from 'B' lol) and delete my entire inbox, which was a shame, as im sure there were some decent guys in i... Continue»
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Lies, lies and a cunt of a timewasting arsehole!

Ok, so after a couple of hours chatting to a guy online I decided to fuck him, he sounded nice and his pics looked good, he was really into me so I thought I was onto a winner.

Just after 3pm and the buzzer went, I waited with the door unlocked for him to come in himself, that was my first mistake!

When the door opened I looked up to see a guy standing there, but not the one I had been chatting to online! I was shocked, I'd never had this before, but before I could say anything in he came and closed the door behind him.

I asked who he was and he started to give me some BS about being ... Continue»
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Lunchtime masturbation sesh!

Weekdays are hard for me, im very highly sexed and i struggle if i dont get myself off once or twice a day.

Today i got up late and was rushing round so didnt have any time for 'playing', but once lunchtime at work came i just had to relieve myself!

I nipped to the shops, quickly headed for new look, picked up a few things to try on and headed for the changing rooms.

I picked the end cubicle, less chance of people disturbing me, not that i care much, but saves any hassle.

Once inside i hung up my 'decoy' purchases, settled on the floor in front of the mirror, hitched my dress up an... Continue»
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First time dogging experience

Well, i finally did it, after years of fantasising about it, reading about it, talking about it...i let my fuck buddy take me dogging.

The main concern for me was going somewhere and meeting someone that knew me/recognised me, i think i would actually DIE of embarrasment!

So me and 'B' travelled (for what seemed like ages) to a dogging spot in Edinburgh called Longniddry, where there are 3 car parks. I was SUPER excited, but very very nervous as well, although ive been seeing 'B' on and off for about 3 years, i was still unsure if he would be able to protect me if it all went horribly wr... Continue»
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Getting into trouble!

Ok so as I said this morning, I woke up with the hangover horn, all I wanted was some cock but as I didn't pull last night I made up for it with around 2 hours of playing with myself while surfing for porn.

That did me fine, till I got settled for the night and it returned, honestly felt like my pussy was biting my leg off, so I text a guy I'd met at Xmas who was really hot and asked if he fancied coming up, my plan was to give him some chat and let him know in no uncertain terms that I wanted him.

We arranged 9pm, I was ready in my sexy little black skirt and low cut top, finished off w... Continue»
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Training Baby's Ass

[For Sweet Simone]


Training my young stepdaughter to love having cock in her ass became part of my daily routine for a while. I can't tell you how excited and happy it made me - and my dick - to have THAT to look forward to after work.

We were lucky that her mother usually didn't got home until early evening, giving me plenty of time most days to continue her training uninterrupted. I made sure to use her mouth, her pussy, and of course her cute puckering little pink asshole nearly every day. My plan was moving ahead nice and smoothly, thanks to her obvious natura... Continue»
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Pleasure by the Pool Part 2

This is part 2 of Pleasure by the Pool with April and Steve. You can read Part I at http://xhamster.com/user/PurringPussy/posts/180842.html

April is an attractive college student who is home for the summer. Steve is about 50 and a widower who has known April as a f****y friend for a number of years.
When we left April and Steve, they were French kissing in the pool, after Steve had just gratified his young partner orally.

April, still naked, climbs sleekly up the pool steps and leads Steve to his poolside furniture. She almost prances as she dashes from the pool to a wicker cha... Continue»
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Losing my Virgin Ass to a shemale

I’m not a person with a lot of friends; the few friends I do have don’t share much of my interests or places to go out to. Also didn’t date much. Which never bothered me, I was always happy going to a random bar on my own, and sometimes getting to know people and just have a few drinks and laughs for one night, a social butterfly if you will. But I can’t deny I felt my penis becoming fully erect in an instant when a cute girl with a fine ass walked by. I don’t have a preference towards a type of woman, but I did always seem to fall for the stereotype of “tits and ass.” But dang, if there’s one... Continue»
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My Asian Wife watches BBC porn! (part 1)

I am married to a beautiful Asian woman. I love interracial sex, and my favorite is Asian women fucking BBC. One day I picked up an interracial dvd, and asked my wife if she would like to watch. I didn't tell her what kind of porn it was, but was still surprised when she answered, "ok."

I popped the dvd in, and my wife and I got naked as it loaded. The title was "Biggz and the Beauties", and if you haven't seen it, Biggz is a black dude with a BIG cock. In this dvd he fucks several different young ladies...and it is pretty hot. I was curious to see how my wife would react to interracial po... Continue»
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OHGIRL: Street Hooker

I had called up maintenance to have one or more of the guys come up to my condo, under the pretenses of doing some work, so that I could get fucked. I was stoned and horny and I hadn't seen my neighbor or boyfriend in weeks. Shawn was gone as usual, since we had been fighting, along with my car, so I was relegated to being by myself. The guy who answered was new and he explained that the staff had recently been let go. He didn't go into detail, but he kind of let me know that other tenants had complained about how the staff had spent quite a bit of time at my place working. He emphasized the w... Continue»
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Nadine (Part II)

Having brought five suits in total, you can imagine that we had a lot more fun that week. Before lunch she even got that seeing-to that she’d requested. The next two days she tried on the two suits that were relatively modest. As her tan came along, however, she looked more and more like a tropical goddess than the girl I’d met in a shoe shop. And when day four rolled on, I knew it was time for something more daring again. That is, I vaguely remembered the bikinis I’d bought and she was down three and two to go; one sheer-when-wet number and one, equally sheer, sling bikini that I had no doubt... Continue»
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the road trip

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Crystal The Hot Neighbour

Crystal always had me fascinated from a young age. The eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Clifton nextdoor, she was older than me by about 5-10 years. She was more mature than the rest of us k**s growing up, but still cooler to hang out with than the grown ups when our parents would get together for one of the many neighbourly BBQs on their back deck.

We had a close relationship with the Cliftons. I was about 4 or 5 when both our families had moved into the street about the same time.
The summer nights were the best. While our parents would sit around talking over a few drinks after dinner, m... Continue»
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Flanders kept calling...

I kept sending him away but he was very persistent...always finding excuses to swing by my house when skip wasn't there...one night he brought over some wine and I let him come in....I think that was my mistake because i think he slipped ecstasy in my champagne....because as i sat there with him and he was flirting and talking sexy about how he has never been with anyone like me before and can't stop thinking of me....I finally let in and told him we could just make out for a while....well, you know where that led...before i knew it we were on the coach and his hand was in my shirt and i was r... Continue»
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Andrea at the river

My dad has a sweet cabin along the Colorado river, just an hour or so north of Martinez’s place. The company that I work for shuts down production around the 4th of July, and give all of its workers a week off. I figured that this would be a great time to visit the river, get a tan, drink a ton of alcohol, smoke some sweet herb, and have a blast. I invited my group of friends to come along for the week, as there is plenty of room at the cabin. Chris, a friend of mine from high school brought along his wave runners, which are a majorly fun to ride. All in all there was me, Andrea, Chris, his b... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 4

While some will want to know what happened to Part 3, reading my comment at the bottom of Parts 2 and 3 should explain this. It is MY error for mis-labeling that is the problem. My apologies for this error.

I reported for my briefing the morning after my WILD first night with Kim, Wanh, and Nigel. It went almost exactly as I had anticipated, except I spent more time in the Colonel's office playing " Do you remember so-and-so, or when________ happened?" It was a good two hour visit with an officer I both liked, and HIGHLY respected. We had the Sergeant Major wiping tears of laughter sev... Continue»
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A Story

Ever since Gretchen and I started sl**ping together, (that’s actual sl**ping, not screwing) I have noticed that she not only talks in her sl**p, but she sometimes sl**pwalks too. On the occasion that I am coherent enough to think of something to say back to her when she is talking in her sl**p we can have full conversations that she will not remember the next morning. One day I had an idea that hit me like a Mack truck. Although our sex life is better than any I could imagine, Gretchen like most women doesn’t care to swallow cum. I would try to implant into her head while she was sl**p-talking... Continue»
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Wife made Whore: Ch.3 Wife Opened Wide UP

Right after he left I went up stairs and put an ad on the internet to suck dick. I knew I should had never of sucked his dick because it just open up my vault and let out the cock sucking whore that I am. I tried so hard to put that side of me away, but now its back. Soon I was getting emails non-stop. All these guys wanted to get their cocks sucked. They all said that they wanted their cocks sucked by a cheating whore of a wife. I started to set up meeting when I could. But I was sucking his cock non-stop. I would suck on his man hood 3 to four times a day. I would swallow every load too. We ... Continue»
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Talking about losing my virginity... (Sexomatic)

I was one of those lucky and fortunate guys, that was taught everything. The girl practically taught me all that she knew to teach me (the basics). My first time was a mind blowing experience that made me the "nose wide open" boy that I am today, HA! I never knew I could make a girl scream to the top of her lungs. Sweat poured from her body like we were working out. As we rubbed our bodies together it felt as if we were one. As I merged she would scream and I purged I moaned. Sad that we are not friends today. We can never be though we both moved on and have families of our own. She contacts... Continue»
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From a Woman's POV

When I told Sarah that I would get it in the neck from my boss on Monday, she replied, "That's not the only place you'll be getting it!" ... I can't say she was wrong.

My name is Louise and I hold a very powerful and responsible position to the public. Trouble is, though, that my boss is even more powerful.

When I went into his office at 9.01 am that Monday, it wasn't just my boss that was in the room. The under-secretary was there pouring himself a coffee; but that didn't stop Mr P from giving me the usual derogatory butt squeeze under the tail of my suit jacket.

I wore a skirt today... Continue»
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