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Dad's Friend

My dad's friend Bob was driving me home after the rodeo out of town. We were on an old country road when Bob pulled over and turned the car off. I looked at him and asked "What are you doing?" He told me "Get naked. Take your clothes off." I said "Are you k**ding?" He told me "Get naked or I will tell your dad I caught you fucking one of the cowboys in the horse stall. I know you fucked my son Freddie and he said you was a great wide fuck. He said you suck cock good and he fucked you twice so get naked and suck my cock because I am going to get some of that hot cunt of yours." Bob wasn't bad l... Continue»
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The Neighbor

It all started when I got a knock on my Door….

When I answered it, I saw this lovely woman with Dark Black Hair, a Olive hue to her skin, Green eyes, about 40 years old.

She smiled at me and said , Hi I am Janelle. I live across the street and was hoping I could borrow 3 Eggs from you?

I said Hi Janelle, I'm Arthur and you certainly can. So I got 3 eggs and gave them to her.

The next day was another knock and it again was Janelle, She said Hi Arthur, I brought over some cake I made with the eggs I borrowed from you.

I thanked her as she gave me the cake , she said I was Welcome... Continue»
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My oral lust and secret sperm swallowing sessions

When I was 18 and a freshman in college I lived in a dorm on campus which sat up in the hills above town. I had meet a guy who was 24 and had a place in town, I fell in love with him quickly and couldn't wait to be out of class so I could go to his place and fool around for the rest of the day. We were amazing together. One day though I did something i never thought I would do and it led me to be open to the type of person i truly am.

I had just gotten out of class and called Jake to tell him I would be there soon and really wanted to have him cum in my mouth, I had been thinking about it s... Continue»
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The Husband

Sadi and Ron had been married for three months. He was an older rich man with a big sexual appetite. Sadi love sex and Ron gave her a very big allowance and all she had to do was let him fuck her three or four times each night. This was no problem as Sadi loved fucking more than anything and her curvy body always got her plenty of men. The fist night she met Ron he was drawn to her huge tits and big ass. They fucked three times and two days later he asked her to marry him and be his sex toy. She was very happy to fuck his big hard cock as much as he liked. But Sadi loved cock so daily she woul... Continue»
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Eddie awoke to the sound of shuffling feet across carpet. It wasn’t the sound itself that startled him…but amount of it. When he opened his eyes and sat up on his bed. What he saw took him by surprise.
At the end of his bed stood two women. One was his mother and the other was Miss Hogan from down the street, a woman whom his mother was very good friends with, but her son annoyed the ever-loving shit out of him. Her name was Sondra, which is what his mother called her. But to him, she wa... Continue»
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My walk home from sixth form

When I was 17 I had the most amazing sexual experience just walking home from school. I first wanked my little cock off when I was 13 to a film starring Sharron Whirry who had the most amazing balloon tits. It was only a b-movie so it was just soft core porn but I loved it. Her character found a camera had been put in her room so she decided to fuck random stranger from a bar so the perv could watch. This film really made me fantasise about being taken by an older women who would fuck my little brains out.

This is about the story of when my fantasy came true only it was much more exciting ... Continue»
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Me, My Girlfriend & The Other Guy

My girlfriend and I are both 23 years old and live in the Los Angeles area. She is Latina with beautiful eyes and I am a Latino homeboy that is bisexual and she is cool with it. I used to be in a gang, but not anymore.

We have been together for about 3 years and she is the coolest girl I have ever met. If I see a homeboy that I am attracted to and she agrees, she helps me seduce them into our bed!

My sexual fantasies with other homeboys started when I started middle school. I told her that I always wanted to be with another homie and that I wanted her to help me seduce the homie that I w... Continue»
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Whiskey Road

I felt so bad for my friend Aden. He had just returned from Iraq, serving his country when his wife told him that she had been having an affair with his b*****r Alan. Way to keep it in the fucking f****y Miranda. She also let him know that their two year old daughter was really his niece, their house was now her house, and the car, and half his money. He was fucked.

Poor bastard. I had never seen him this way before. I visited him at his folk's place up in Redwater, the shit hole little town we grew up in. He was like a zombie, his usually short brown hair now long and curly. His skin was p... Continue»
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Whiskey Road 2

Aden held his head low for the rest of the trip. We passed the time listening to tunes and Youtube videos. I found myself glancing back through the mirror to see how he was doing. He was a far cry from the Aden I knew growing up. He was always so carefree and confident until he met Miranda. It was apparent that the bitch broke him.

His b*****r had always been jealous of our friendship, and his marriage to Miranda as well. Alan was a fuck up to say the least. When Aden was off to Iraq, Alan was on his way to prison. Everything their father wanted Alan to be, Aden was. Aden was just a great ... Continue»
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Whiskey Road 3

The sun began to rise, the light seemed to penetrate me and reveal my darkest thoughts. I looked over at Allie. She looked beautiful. Guilt flooded over me. I started trying to make sense of what happened last night. I looked over at Allie again. She must have sensed it because she turned and gave me the sweetest smile. My heart tore in two. I turned to look at Aden. He was sitting straight up and grinned at me.

"Morning princess."

"Morning." I replied as I turned back to look ahead of me.

"We are almost there boys!" Allie said excitedly. She was right. 50 miles to Whiskey Road.

We... Continue»
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Arrested a women and got offered sex.

Worked investigation and arrested store asst manager. She had taken items and furnish her apartment and money for other things.

I had spoke with her a few times and she always seemed friendly. Being an officer I got this all the time. Not sure if she wanted me or just playing emotions to get out of a ticket. I never went into deep conversation for fear of giving mixed signals. I was married at the time and like now, I did not cheat on my wife.

The wife at the time enjoyed three some especially few of her friends. How do you lie to a women like this? I sure would not.

While doing th... Continue»
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The Parcel (True Story)

Finally I had managed to get a week off work. I had no plans, and no friends were booked off to share the fun with me. So therefore what was I going to do with myself. Well as it happens and as most of you know I have now got into the habit of writing some naughty stories on my blog. This has turned into a vicious circle because rather than help me release my pent up sexual frustrations this has made me hornier then ever. So one night after a few glasses red wine, I went online for a bit of a shop. I was looking threw the a well known website who I probably should not mention, lets just say ou... Continue»
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Summer Holiday

My 18th birthday was here. My friends and f****y gathered at my parents house in Stevenage. I had a live band, and great food. It was really a great time. My Dad had bought me a new car, but the dealer didn't have the car I wanted. The car I wanted was in Devon, and the dealer couldn't get it in time for my birthday. So my dad had this plan that my uncle would drive me down to pick it up, and I would drive it to Colchester to stay with my grand parents for a few weeks. I loved my grand parents, they spoiled me.

My uncle Matt is an independent truck driver, owns his own truck. He's my mother... Continue»
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The Fishing Trip

Was a nice fall day so I went fishing at my favorite spot.

A secluded Stream with a waterfall that provided soothing sounds and nice pools of small deep holes where fish lurked
waiting for a worm to be dangled in front of them as a tempting morsel to satisfy there cravings.

I had been there for about an hour when a lady appeared, around 30 with shoulder length vibrant red hai

She greeted me with a Hello, Catching anything?

I said a few nibbles but no strikes.

What I was using for bait? ,She asked, Worms I replied, her reply, Worms are an enticing bait.

Do you mind if... Continue»
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Mom Porn

I sat quietly at the table eating my dinner as mom and dad spoke about the lack of money in their checking account. Dad pulled a business card from his pocket, it was a modeling agency that was looking for an average housewife model.
Mom was a hottie in her early days but now that she was nearing fifty she was showing her age. Do not get me wrong, she is still good looking, curly brown hair about to the middle of her back. Big brown eyes, nice medium size tits, wide hips, and a nice ass for a woman her age. But I did not think she could do modeling.
Dad instructed mom to call this gu... Continue»
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Flat Tire Appreciation

I was driving down the Highway when I noticed a car along the side of the road with the trunk open and a lovely lady standing by it.

So I pulled over in front of the car. Got out and walked up with a warm greeting of, Hello, Do you need some help?

Her reply was an warm Yes, I certainly could use Help!

I have a flat tire.... I can chage that for you, I said.

She siad Thank You! My name is Sue, and you are? Barney, I replied.

I proceeded to change the tire. All the while she was verbally expressing gratitude and telling me how chivalrous I was.

I finsihed up, and said okay... Continue»
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Walk on the Beach (MM)

I was on vacation at the beach and went to the one and only adult novelty and movie store on the island. There was no arcade so I cruised the videos spending quite a bit of time near the bi and gay sections. After about a half an hour this 6-0, a heavy set man came up next to me and started to pretend to look at the vids. He must have been in his early 40s, was married like me, full head of brown hair, tats all over his arms. I figured he was in construction from the logo on his shirt. I asked him what if he was finding anything he liked. He looked at me and with a serious tone said he... Continue»
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Teenage boys are so Cruel...

I was in the tenth grade, about six months after the incident with Daniel, Charlie and Bruce, it was the fourth period English class that we were introduced to Ralph T***. Our class had been instructed that we would have a new arrival and that he had been in trouble, so we were to extra nice to him.

As he was being introduced, whispers were circulating as to what he had done and where he was from. My desk mate leaned over and whispered a very funny accolade that cause me to snicker loud. The instructor and Ralph looked at me as I tried to stifle my joviality, the looked that crossed Ralph... Continue»
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Kirk Creek 2

I was nauseous. I went up to my room, stripped of my swim trunks and hopped into the shower. I definitely made sure the water was cold.

Staring at my partially erect cock, I began to soap up. Pieces of my dream played in my head as I washed. Trying to let the cold water f***e the stiffness out of my cock, I thought of my grandma's false teeth. It wasn't working.

I heard my dad yelling up the stairs for me to move double time.

There was no way I was going down there with even a half-chub. I began to stroke my cock quickly, focusing on the head. After a minuet or so I had worked mysel... Continue»
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The night I got a little more than fries with my b

"Would you like fries with that!" spoke back to me the cute girl behind the register "No" i responded gruffly realising from her reaction it wasn't the most polite response i smiled awkwardly "just the cheeseburger and the coffee thanks" ... It was roughly 3am in the morning back, then i worked a night shift driving a safety vehicle for road workers to boost my income to afford a mortgage that was to come years later. Most mornings i would stop off at a particular Mcdonalds after my shift and get the same cheeseburger and coffee, i would sit down and read the days paper and just unwind in my o... Continue»
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