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The Job Interview - Part 4

The Shower with Charlie
You need to read the Gym session to get all of this… Paddy

I was woken by Charlie rubbing my shoulder, incessant,” Wake up, wake up! We are late and the Mistress does not like to be kept waiting.” I looked it was 10 to 7. I was so exhausted after yesterday. My cock was pleasantly sore from the Mistress’ attentions, fucking Alex and from the ministrations of Charlie at the Gym. Her face was now so close I reached up and give her a languid French kiss. She responded in kind, whispering in my ear “I know Johnny, you are very hot, but we will have to play next ... Continue»
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Mary has a friend

Mary was often bragging about me, my cock and my abilities to her friends. I would often hear them saying things and giving me the eye. One of her co-workers seemed to live vicariously through Mary. Linda would ask Mary daily at lunch about her sex life with me. One day Linda was questioning the truth of Mary's story. Mary suggested to Linda that she should just fuck me and find out just how good I was. Mary made the offer just to shut Linda up, but to her surprise Linda took her up on it.

They talked some more over the next few days. Mary wanted to be there, but Linda said no to that. She... Continue»
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OHGirl: Like Mother, Like Daughter

My daughter had graduated from high school and had turned 18 all in the span of a month. She was so much like me that I had never really noticed until now. She was my height, at about 5’3” tall, and she had curves just like her mom too. She had been a cheerleader and ran track while in school, so she kept her body in great shape and had an athletic build that supported a natural 32DD-24-35 frame that had a lot of men looking at her. She and I attracted quite a few cat-calls and stares when we were out shopping or at the gym. I had maintained my body over the years, despite the rough times in l... Continue»
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Tonya's Mom

Growing up my next door neighbor was a girl named Tonya. I had had a big crush on Tonya from the day I met her and we were pretty close friends. I also got along well with her mom, Linda. Linda and I would sit and talk when I would come over. I always found Linda to be sexy for some reason, even though she was not hot. Linda was normal height, normal boobs, she did have wide hips and blondish hair. She was just a little fet on her legs and her belly. Where as Tonya was just a little cutie. Every so often with Linda I would get a shot down her shirt at her boobs or a good beaver shot. I mean ... Continue»
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The Silent Threesome

You have come over to my house expecting some dinner, hanging out and some sex. We have a nice gourmet dinner that I have cooked, a good bottle of wine and are feeling mellow. There are no lights in the room but the fireplace and candles We take our brandy start to cuddle on the couch in front of the nice warm fire. I tell you to get undressed ”I’m going to give you a massage” .I lay down a couple of sheets in front of the fireplace and bring some scented oil, warming it over a candle. I ask you to put on a blindfold so you can concentrate on nothing but the feeling of the massage. You la... Continue»
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House Party

“I had the greatest sex at a house party last weekend. I was there with my new boyfriend, and as the night went on we pretty much couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Every time we kissed it turned into making out. When nobody was looking, he’d run his fingertips up my inner thigh and under my skirt until I was aching for him… and I couldn’t resist stroking him through his jeans and feeling him get harder and harder.

Every so often we’d be interrupted and then we’d go chat with friends until our next e... Continue»
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Hard work pays off!! Part One

Six weeks after starting my new corporate job with a prestigious asset management firm in the western peninsula, I couldn't be happier...............I had graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Business and Finance and was working on my Master's......no prior experience, yet I had wowed HR at the interview and was awarded a position to manage high risk portfolios for some of their wealthiest clients..........I couldn't be happier...........thirteen years of arrested development, financial misery and social obscurity had come to and end with a few tears of school..........as I gazed out of the ... Continue»
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The best class session. (continue)

We couldn't wait for the class to end. Even after cumming boy was I still horny. I wanted Jane really bad. She wasn't particularly good looking but there was smth in her that made a guy crazy. Maybe the way that she handled herself, maybe her long lingering looks. I don't know, but she sure as hell made every guy fantasize about her. There were a few times where I remember picturing her naked while pleasuring myself. But even in my wildest dreams I had never imagined all this to happen.
Finally the class ended and the professor decided to let us go. I immediately turned towards her and said:... Continue»
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Favor for my neighbor, Part 1

*This is 100% fictitious*

I had just gotten home from work when I saw my neighbor, Karen. Karen is 43, with chestnut colored hair and matching eyes. She's probably 5'5", and in good shape, she has 36D breasts. She was just coming out of her house as I pulled in my driveway. I got out of the car and went to the mailbox, she made her way over to me. After a few moments of small talk she asked if I could hook up her entertainment system. Since her divorce she has asked me to do some odds and ends around her house, mostly I think she's lonely. Her daughter just finished her freshman year of col... Continue»
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Exchange student...continued

Omagelia said something in his native tongue and they all laughed, Omagelia translated for me '...I told him not to choke you to death, we want to enjoy you all night...' Omagelia slid his humongous shaft back till only the mammoth head was in my bung hole than would slid the entire length of his man hood back till his pubic hair was pressed into my buttcrack.

The pain was immense and I thought that each time he did so I would pass out, if not from the pain from lack of air. Omagelia spoke hastily and the guard in my mouth pulled his tool from my aching lips and stepped aside, the other g... Continue»
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The Husband

She was late getting home as she had spent the whole afternoon with the young boy next door. She loved his young sexy body and fucking him was the high light of her day. He also loved her natural big tits and round ass. She loved it when he licked and kissed her ass then spreading her wide open and fingering her pushing four fingers deep in her ass before he rammed his cock deep in her sexy asshole. Today she covered his face in her cum as he ate her pussy for the longest time. Then he laid on top of her as he licked and sucked on her bald snatch and rammed his cock down her throat. She loved ... Continue»
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My mom stays horny

When I was 10 a rich white couple adopted me.
At first people were like why didn’t they
Get a white c***d, their inner circle had a hard
Time accepting me because I was African American.
Kate and Larry accepted as if they were my real parents.
Larry was a successful business man that stayed
Out of town most of the month. That left me and my
Mother at home alone a lot. When I turned 16,

I became a very handsome guy with a football player
Type of body. Most of the older white ladies around would
Check me out with gathering and tell me how
Handsome I was. By now I crazed some white ... Continue»
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Paula Chapter 3 and 4

Chapter Three

Saturday most of the day was spent shopping on the Mexican side of the border until around six p.m. when we returned to the hotel and had a lite meal at a nearby outside cafe. At 8 I had Paula dressed in a skin tight black dress that barely covered her ass cheeks. We then took a cab back across the border to a place known as Boy’s Town. It looks like an old fort except the gate is guarded by Mexican police and once inside there is nothing but bedrooms and bars. This is what is known as the legal who... Continue»
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I ass fucked my adopted grandma by the pool

I had just graduated from college three months ago. I
moved in with my adopted grandmother because she had an extra
room and lived in the city. So I thought it would be
convenient for job interviews. I got all my stuff moved
in and was straightening up my room when she came in and
asked me if I wanted to go swimming. I was shocked at
how good she looked in her bikini.

At 55, she was still attractive, for a white lady her age.
She had short curly brown hair and her face
didn't have any mark of wrinkles.
Her breasts were large and pert, and she didn't have an
ounce of fat... Continue»
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My Kinky PIzza Shop Boss

My Kinky Pizza Shop Boss

I posted this under an old account that I deleted, so I am reposting it for your enjoyment.

This is a true story. The names have been changed, that is about it.

During this bleak recession I just landed a job delivering pizzas at Giant Papa's. I was always a big fan of pizza, and enjoyed driving cabs in the past, so I figured there were worse jobs I could have ended up with.

My boss is a woman named Jodie. She is about 30 with blonde hair, a good complexion, and nice chunky milf looks. She was straightforward enough for the first few days after I started, b... Continue»
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This pussy belongs to ME!.....’She said she

She’s been telling me she wants to…. So I text her and tell her to come over with a dress on… no panties

She follows instructions

I tell her to come and sit with me on the couch

4 ½ glasses of Henn, 2 blunts, one comedy special and one 90min dyke flick later, she’s kissing on my neck…

Stroking and rubbing on the outside of my shorts like she would do her ex-boyfriend… I see I need to remind her I am ALL woman!

I grab her hips, thrust her over so that she’s straddling me

I bring her in close to kiss her, but really to perch that big ass in the air

She’s kissing my n... Continue»
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A little ROOM SERVICE for the wife.

It was a Saturday night and our oldest had to baby-sit for Kenny and Sherry. The middle c***d was away at his friends house. We got a babysitter for the baby, and headed out for a night at wishes night club, for a little fun and relaxation.

We got the sitter to come over about 4pm and told them we would be back the next day about noon. I knew what that meant, we were going to drink and have some fun away from the house. You got dressed in a very sexy outfit and me in some very nice clothes also. We got in the car a started out on our night of adventure.

A few days before Saturday, we dec... Continue»
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Exchange student...continued

My hands were at his thighs trying to push him away as he pulled my head to him. Finally, Omagelia moaned and held my head still. I thought that he was going to blow his load, but instead he slowly pushed my head back as I greedily closed my lips tightly around his throbbing member. I opened my eyes and looked up into his smiling face as Omagelia said '...we go to bed now and consume our friendship like true friends...'

As we left the bath, Omagelia walked behind me his elongated members head nestled in the crevice of my buttocks, I was trembling with anticipation as we moved across the f... Continue»
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Free Surgery

Jan looked in the mirror at her naked body. She needed some work done if she was ever going to get into porn movies. The studio told her she needed bigger tits that her size C. Also that puffy pussy lips were what the men liked to see now days. She knew she needed some work but had no money. She decided to talk to Dr. Ron Smith to see if they could work out something. She called his office and made an appointment for the next day. She was hoping this would work and she could get some plastic work done.

The next day in the office he asked her what she needed done and she told him "I want to ... Continue»
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How To Fuck A Dirty Whore, Like An

Carl lay on his back on his palatial bed. He was lying naked. His body freshly oiled and taut after the workout. His big thick cock was erect and throbbing. He had a glass of champagne in his hand and was sipping it gently, savoring the dry fruity taste of and the sight in front of him.

Standing over his naked body was An, the dirtiest, nastiest whore in the world. She was a cum hungry nasty slut whore who loved to get fucked like a pig. And that of course made her Carl's most favorite girl in the world. He just could not get enough of this bitch. He wanted to fuck her and lick her and suck... Continue»
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