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making them pregnant pt 5

At the Doctor’s Office Two Months later Mother had made the appointment the prior month. The Doctor wanted to make sure she was pregnant. Mother and I went in for the appointment. The Doctor looked me in the eye and asked if the baby was mine. Mother answered, “He is the only male I have been having unprotected sex with since my last period. With my husband I used my diaphragm.”
The Doctor asked, “What was the purpose of getting your Mother pregnant?”
I responded, “I want to be a sperm donor and breeding stud.” Mother laughed.
The Doctor asked, “How many times did you all have sex?”
Mother... Continue»
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making them pregnant pt 1

Mother was a wonderful woman of 34 years of age that summer of enlightenment. She stood 5 foot 1 inch in height and weighed 115 pounds with red hair. Her body was normal and hot she had measurements of 34-24-34. After going through her lingerie drawers because of strong curiosity, I learned she had a B cup for the rest of her bra size measurement. Modesty in the home was nothing, everyone walked around in underwear all of the time, or the sheer nightgowns for my mother and s****r. I could see their breasts in the morning at the breakfast table. All anyone had to do was to ask to have their bac... Continue»
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making them pregnant pt 2

She informed me, “I currently use the diaphragm. It is good normally if for a single session of intercourse. If the man and woman want to engage in more sex then more spermicide is needed. I still have it in since dad and I just completed having sex, and it needs to stay in until morning.”
I told her, “I saw most of the sex you all had.”
She asked, “Do you have any questions about what you saw tonight?”
I asked, “What position were you all in? Did you all have foreplay? I was wondering about it all.”
She told me about foreplay and missionary sex and everything. During our conversation m... Continue»
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japanese girl

when im on holidays i always get so horny. im away from the pressure of jobs home life etc & i so love looking at all the little girls in their sexy swimsuits on the beaches or in their short shorts at the shopping centre.

when i was in Cairns enjoying the sunshine i noticed an ad for a Japanese girl 18 years old in the newspaper. i couldnt help but be intrigued & wondered what she would be like so i called the number. a young girl with very broken english informed me it would be $150 for "full service".

I arrived at the cheapy motel on the edge of the city & rang the number again & was ... Continue»
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Peak Performance - Orgasmic Remy and Manuel


This is a detailed description of a scene from Remy Lacroix (Elegant Angel, 2012 – directed by Mason). For me, it is one of the great scenes I ahve witnessed in porn.

The best performances in porn are those where there is true chemistry and passion between the participants. Passion trumps most things, even physical beauty. A beautiful woman who does not enjoy acting in porn is a hollow shell.

Manuel Ferrara has an ability to connect with more of the women he fucks on screen than any other male performer - and this is why I am a dedicated fan.

Remy Lacroix is much y... Continue»
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It’s Out of Gas.

I was on the Highway; I noticed a car along the side of the road with the hood up.

So I pulled behind the car. As I approached this young lady sat in the drivers seat.

With a soft soothing, voice, She said have you stopped to help me?

I’ll take a look and see if I can I answered.
She then opened her door and stepped out.

She appeared to be in her twenty’s, stood about 5’7, 140.
Had red hair that stopped just above her shoulders.
I gazed into her eyes, green emeralds.

My gaze moved down, she had on a yellow summer dress, which allowed some cleavage to show speckled with f... Continue»
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Velvet's Secret Life

I had been working with my mom and fellow e****t, Brandy, for over 4 months now and I was loving it. I had probably been with 250 different men since I had started sharing my mother’s condo and having sex for a living. I was surprised that she had slowed down from her usual number of clients, but I was keeping busy with my clients and performing for parties and small groups. Of course, my mom was setting it all up and also playing the part of my chaperone, who on occasions would join me, and that is what was also keeping her busy, since I had also started classes in college. Many of my custome... Continue»
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I stop by your secretary’s desk and let her know that I’ve brought you some lunch and ask her to hold your calls for the next 2 hours so that I can make sure that you stop and eat a decent lunch for a change. She smiles and says that it’s no problem. I let myself into your office quietly locking it behind me. You haven’t noticed that I’m there yet because you’re on the phone. I take this time to watch you as you take notes knowing that you have no idea what I have planned for you. When you hang up I come forward and you notice for the first time that I’m there. I tell you that it’s time ... Continue»
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Internet adventures number 2. Part one, the first

Not long after my Czech experience. I was on yahoo chat. Messaging friends, when a random women IM's me asking if I was related to her old boss. As I used my full name on the chat, she recognised my surname and as its not a popular one she had to ask. I told her no.

We chatted for a few hours, the usual pleasantries. I found out she was a few years older than me, but live miles away. Though travelling never stopped me before. We arranged to chat again the next day, and did. We were getting on really well, so she asked to exchange numbers. Started chatting and texting, a lot of flirting by ... Continue»
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Break Up Sex

She walked into the house silently, after three years off dating this was it. She dumped the cardboard box of his things down heavily on the armchair and just glared at him. She was five feet seven and had a slim waist and feminine curves, long black hair and piercing, icy blue eyes, her name was Sasha. He stood in the doorway sombre, he held the door for her as she trudged in and dumped his stuff before proceeding to the bedroom. He had boxed up all of her things that he could but he knew he hadn't got everything, as he closed the door he heard her voice for the first time in weeks.

'WHERE... Continue»
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In Heat

My period was approaching. How could I tell? Bitchy, hungry, crazy dreams, and horny. Horny like a goddamned bitch in heat and all I could think of was sex. The problem? Being single without a reliable friend. This time seemed particularly nasty, and I wondered if it were at least partially due to my failed attempt at taking Chaste Tree regularly as a liquid supplement. Chaste Tree was touted as a way to reduce sexual desire, and was an all natural berry extract. I needed to invest in the pills, which were much easier to take. The liquid draws too much attention, and I didn't really want to ex... Continue»
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"I tried being on top for the first time yest

"Yesterday, my boyfriend and I got to see each other for the first time in a while. Both of us are really busy and we finally had some time to get together.

He comes in my room and after the initial hello greeting-kiss, we moved to the bed to get comfortable and watch some TV. After a couple of minutes, he moved to kiss me, REALLY kiss me this time. I knew my mom and my s****rs were downstairs in the living room but resisting each other was impossible, especially with all the ti... Continue»
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Happy Ending

Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at writing a story based on sexual escapades that I have experienced throughout my life. There is a element of truth in this story as this is based on an event that happened as close as yesterday.

It was just past 7pm and the office had a deserted look to it already. Being the middle of summer most of the employees had already left on vacations and the remaining few unlucky souls had left for the day. I could feel the sharp spikes of pain resonate through my neck and shoulders; a whole day of sitting I'm front of the PC going through documentation would... Continue»
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Blackmailing Mom

I told mom I was going over to a friends house and would be back late. I opened the front door and then remembered something in my room and slamed the door shut and ran back to my room. Once at my room I decided to blow off going any where and would stay and play in my room. After about an hour the doorbell rang and could hear mom talking to somebody. Then I could hear mom giggle, I mean giggle the way she does with dad when they are getting frisky. I could also hear a mans voice. I snuck over to the banister so I spy on them, I did not want them to know I was there. There were a bunch of pl... Continue»
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Surprise Sex

Jane woke up tied to the bed with her arms and legs spread. She called for her hubby and he came in and smiled at her. He told her "Today is your sex day. Your body is going to be used all day in one way or another. I knew you would not agree so I tied you. Sometimes I will be involved and sometimes it will be some one else. I am going to teach you not to be such a cold prude. By tomorrow you will have done it all and more than once. First I am going to shave your pussy as bald is beautiful. So you better lie still while I have the razor in my hand." Bill then shaved his wife bald and she look... Continue»
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John knew from a young age he liked cock. When he was young he always was rubbing his and playing with it. In his teens his friend Mike and he would get together and suck each others cocks and jerk them. As they learned more they would fuck each other in the ass. They lived in Las Vegas and when they started driving they would go to a male sex club. The men there loved the young guys and every Saturday they would suck cock and get their asses fucked many times. One Saturday as Mike was sucking a cock and getting his ass fucked for the sixth time a man with a huge black cock grabbed John and sa... Continue»
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Hawaiian Style

Hawaiian Style

I was in the service, stationed at Schofield Barracks on Oahu, Hawaii.
I was a young single 27 year old at a base tour that many wanted and I had.

One evening, all my comrades had other plans and my lady friends were unavailable so I went to a Hawaiian aloha festival that night by myself for some evening entertainment.

This lovely Hawaiian lady who I hadn’t scene before when I attended was my servant. She was in her mid 40’s with jet-black hair containing slight traces of gray. She held chestnut hued eyes. Had coconut shells over her breasts, which billowed out aro... Continue»
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My Internet adventures. Part 1: welcome to London,

These stories are about when I met a lot of female fuck buddies from the Internet. All information is true.

I moved to london in mid July 2004, as I was starting job that week. I had been in a relationship for 10 months. However, less that 2 weeks into me moving, she told me she couldn't deal with the distance and wanted to end he relationship. I was pretty pissed off about it, but after acouple of days I though fuck it, I'm in a new city to for some fun. I set myself a challenge to get laid in less than a week.

As I was working a lot and finishing after 12am and didnt really know an... Continue»
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The excitement of teen sex and pleasures of watchi

The girlfriend who has her friend hang around.

I was the teen boyfriend to two girls, Lisa the girl next door and Bonnie the girl down the street.
For years we were on and off BF / GF and took turns between them. One understood that the other was the one for this time period.
Little background, Lisa had been with one guy and thats me. I introduced her to sex a few years back. She listened to me with her mom and wanted to try it. Her mom was not so understanding. I was her sex toy in my very early teens and did not think this teaching was for her daughter from ... Continue»
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I was frozen. Cassie slowly walked closer to me, her eyes never quite meeting mine. Was I dreaming? I had to be...there was no other rational explanation for what was happening.
I reached down and covered my dick up with my hand, secretly cursing myself for not putting the damn thing up while I was outside. I was just glad all the lights in the house were out. It might make it a little harder to see that I had an erection.
With only a few feet between us now, Cassie was close enough for me to... Continue»
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