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Three Things

This story is written with a few conditions set out by HK55 on his blog:


Condition is to write a story about three things, two subjects which must be related and one subject totally unrelated. Here’s my take on it.

Beach, Bikini & Window

From the window of his living room overlooking the beach, his house set precariously on the side of the cliff on metal stilts and frames. He had a cup of steaming coffee in his hand as he surveyed the scene set below his house. Built with steel and glass, his place was an architec... Continue»
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Redneck twink fuck in the field.

Fucking outdoors was always my thing since the first time i had done it. The traditional sex in bed just did not really appeal to me unless i needed a quick fuck and that was the only way i could get it. Even then i would use my perverted imagination to think up something kinky. I was in the mood one night for getting fucked. I had seen some guys earlier that day with their tattoos and piercings driving their trucks...made me imagine them taking me out to a field and taking turns fucking my hole. I wasted no time and set up an ad to try to collect for older tops as always interested in outdoor... Continue»
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Wifes DP adventures now that i know all

Since i started posting my wife's secret journal, i wanted to share in her fun,acting as if i knew nothing, but wanted to introduce her to something new. So far her passion for threesomes has kept me busy and revealed a totally differnt and sexy woman than i knew.

We had arranged to meet some new male friends at a local pub. and if the chem was right. we would move to a local hotel for drinks and more.
Alyz clearly shown approval of our two new men friends. And her flirting and teasing gave me the wink that she wanted to leave the pub. the hotel was nearby and our male friends and i met ... Continue»
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I was Just A Sex Slave...5

I was whimpering and crying softly as they talked and could feel my anal muscle rings respond to his penis as it throb. I couldn't help it as his penis was so far in my rectum. With him on my back and me impaled by his penis I drifted off again into exhausted slumber.

As I slumbered I drifted off into deep dreamland, I was kneeling before Bruce, he was the most attractive of the three and far better looking than his uncle. We were about the same age and Bruce body was some what fit and tight.

I could see Bruce rigid phallus waving before my face and my lips slip around his bulbous ... Continue»
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Just Another Sunday Funday

So I just got back from one of my favorite days: Sunday. Most people hate it because it's the day people go to church. But that's exactly why I like it. You see, every Sunday, one of my oldest and dearest lovers invites me to his home while his wife is at church. He also invites several of his friends…who invite their friends…and who invite their friends ;-) We call it "Sunday Funday".

While I usually travel very discretely, these men want me in full drag, in the sluttiest outfits and highest heels imaginable. This time, I was wearing a cowgirl outfit with a brown pair of boots, comp... Continue»
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The Hottest WWF Fan-tasy Ever

That nights Raw had just ended. The night had been good, and everyone got great pops. But there was one person who wasn’t happy about the night’s events.

Terri Runnels was pissed. No one had ever told her anything about Trish trying to expose her breasts on network television. She did the job to Trish, and she was fine with that, but who the hell said anything about trying to show her tits to the world. She confronted Trish about the stunt she pulled after their match in the hall outsi... Continue»
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Wonder woman and Supergirl

Superman was returning to the city so kara (supergirl) decided she would head off to see her friend diana (wonderwoman) and take a little break from crime fighting, and she missed her friend and it seem like forever since the two off them had just hung out without worrying about evil doers.

She rang diana to let her know she was coming and then flew to dianas island were she and her amazon warriors lived, "kara its lovely to see you again" said diana as kara landed and gave her a hug "you to diana its going to be nice to just relax for awhile", they headed up to were the living apartments w... Continue»
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I was Just A Sex Slave...4

After Bruce uncle had left for work, Bruce allowed me to get an hours rest before he revived me and took up where his uncle had left off. I had pleaded with him to let me rest but Bruce suggested that we engage in sexual activities and he would take his time.

Bruce was true to his word, but I did not expect him to ride me all night. He only let me go into the toilet to freshen up and remove his substance that was on the exterior of my form.

It was almost 7oclock and the sun was beginning to rise on that Saturday morning. Bruce was unquenchable when it came to the act of having sex, ... Continue»
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Gay double blowjob

I posted a couple of weeks ago on looking for 2 warm mouths to suck on my 8 inch cock and balls at the same time because I love that so much. I was fortunate enough to get a reply from two gay partnered guys that said they would do it if I came over to their place. I gladly showed up there and they had me take off my clothes and sit on the sofa. The one on my right started to suck on my cock as the other guy on my left started sucking on my left nut. Wow, did that ever feel good, and I let them know right away, just how good it felt. They continued to this for a whilt then traded off and now t... Continue»
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My Favorite Cousin

This is a fantasy about my adopted cousin. We really do have sexual trysts though.  This my first story. Please enjoy, comment, and rate.

I walk into the room bristling with excitement at the thought of fucking her. I was so happy when I found out my big booty 40 year old Cousin Lisa was adopted and all my hard work seducing her had finally paid off. She waits bent over the bend wearing thigh high fishnet stockings, long black heels, and matching bra and thong. She’s a light skinned thick fuck slut with long kinky hair that falls just above her big juicy tits. She slides her thong to th... Continue»
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I was Just A Sex Slave...3

As Bruce Uncle closed the door I buried my face in the pillows and begin to cry uncontrollably. I feared what it would be like when he returned in the morning.

I could hear the water of the shower running and Bruce and his uncle talking. I was so exhausted and in painful discomfort from both sex session with Bruce uncle that I cried until I drifted off again, when I came to Bruce was cradling me in his arms from behind.

His penis was stiff and between my thighs, as he twisted my nipples gently and nibbled on my ear and kissed neck. I tried to struggle away only to have Bruce grip m... Continue»
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I was Just A Sex Slave...2

The week went so slow, after Charlie had me over to his house, I did not see or hear from Daniel, Bruce or Charlie. I thought that they had found other ways to amuse their selves. I was so far from the truth.

Friday came and as I entered my home my folks had a bag packed fro me and sitting by the door. They told me '...Bruce and his uncle are coming to pick you up have fun and mind your manners do as they say and we will see you back here in about a week. My knees all most buckled as I thought of how easily they would cast me aside.

Bruce and his uncle pulled up as I was standing i... Continue»
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TV Slut At Night II: At The Movies

TV Slut By Night II:
At The Movies
By Suzie Quezie

It had been a slow week walking the streets.

My name is Randy, or Randall, if you want to be formal, and I'm a successful software engineer by day.

But at night, I go by Randi, and I search for cock, dressed sluttier than Beyonce ever dreamed of. Sometimes I don't even wear undies, letting my own cock swing free under skirts that aren't much bigger than belts.

Think that's perverted? So do I, and it's about the only thing I'm grateful to my s****r for. She dressed me in her own clothes one day when I was f******n and took m... Continue»
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The Boss

So my boss is from back East in DC, and she comes out to our location only once or twice a year. It had been almost a year since her last visit, and she planned a couple of extra days, because, she said, she wanted to make sure she got a chance to see and talk with everyone.

We had flirted a lot on her previous trips, and on the phone and over Instant Messaging as well. But, she is married and so am I, so I didn't think anything would ever come of it. We had an after-work beer-call at a local brewery last night. It's a great little place, lots of great beers, some decent food, and a large o... Continue»
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Unfaithful Wife with the Boss

As hard as I’d tried, I was fighting a losing battle, trying to stay faithful to my husband.
I’m what you would call a Jessica Rabbit. That is that I have very large firm breasts (36 DD) a very small waist (23) and a very curvy butt (36).
All of this is very firm and is exercised regularly to keep it trim.
Before I met my husband I used to podium dance in Nightclubs and on the odd occasion would earn extra money doing the odd striptease normally for private functions, Rugby clubs or Bachelor parties.
Once I met my husband I left that hedonistic lifestyle behind and settled into what I t... Continue»
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Alice The Dirty Whore part 3

Alice The Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Chapter Three “Alice The Slag Goes Back To Work”

It was almost two months on from the night Jack brought Alice home and they got the all clear from the Doc. They were both very excited about Alice going back to work.
The past seven weeks had been fun at times, getting to know each other as people and they had a lot of sex to try and sedate Alice’s almost uncontrollable needs.
The more they got to know each other the more they realised just how sexually compatible they were.

Jack still loved to fuck Alice hard up her arse but he had a submissi... Continue»
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for my man and for everyone else to ponder....

"ooooh fuck me, fuck me, spank me",i would say as you look me up and down and you realise im wearing a skirt with no panties.

"is this your first time here i whisper in your ear, you have no idea what i look like behind my black valvate mask, we dance to the pounding beat of the music playing around us and i can feel your hardening cock as you rub up against my arse. you spin me around letting my skirt fly to flash a bit of pink pussy and bring me back close to your body, you spank my arse and then grab it roughly.

"i love a full figured women" you say to me as your hands run up and down... Continue»
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Suzy's Squirt Hole Exploration

This is from an email I got from Mistress Suzy about her and her new fuck toy. This is the entire email - 100% from her.

You can see why we get along! LOL

Ok so here's my story I've been waiting to tell you about this video camera scope thing-a-ma-bobber. It has a handheld monitor that is attached to a cable with a camera on the end of it. Well we started off by practicing with it by checking out inside our nose and ears. Just putting the camera end under our nostrils. Looked kinda cool. Then I checked out my ear. I wrapped a plastic sandwich bag over the end to see how that would wor... Continue»
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Ethan & Brenda

Pam and Ethan's sexploits continue... Ch 22

Ethan watched the customers walk away from the counter with their trays of food, and his mouth was watering. One more time, he scanned the menu board, trying to decide how to get the most out of the last four dollars and s*******n cents he had this month. This would be his last decent meal for the month before his Mom sent him another check for food and expenses.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed someone lining up behind him and turned to say hi. The person behind him was a young black woman.

"Hi," Ethan smiled.

"Hi," she... Continue»
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Ethan's Plane Ride

Pam and Ethan's sexploits continue... Ch 21

Ethan was glad to finally be getting on the plane. They had been waiting for more than forty minutes, and in all that time, he had been growing more and more nervous. The nervousness had made his penis grow hard, and sitting with his Mom made it extremely uncomfortable. The jeans he was wearing didn't help. He knew that their attention would be drawn directly to his erection, so he kept his jacket in his lap and tried not to squirm too much.

Maybe now that he was getting on the plane he would be able to sl**p and his discomfort would g... Continue»
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