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Naughty Little School Girl

My boyfriend has always had a little thing for school uniforms, not the girls in them you understand he is no Jimmy Saville. No he likes a real women who knows what shes doing but always wanted me in the uniform. Well I am the kind of girl that likes to tease.

So on Saturday morning my man rolled out of bed his nice tanned buff body in his tight white undies with his semi hard cock making them tighter. As I watch his tight ass walk out the room to go and sit in front of Saturday AM football. I decide now is the time.

I grab my tight white blouse which only just does up against my ample b... Continue»
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Our first time Swinging!!!! PART 2

After our first bout of fucking with Tom and Carol, we all laid out on the rug in the middle of their living room, very much in need of a rest! Carol was laying alongside Fiona, and I noticed that she was stroking Fiona’s right breast lightly with her fingers... Now Fiona had never mentioned that she might be bi, or even want to try a bi experience to see if she liked it. But she and Carol were chatting, complimenting each other on various parts of their respective anatomies, and were getting very much more touchy-feely... I looked at Tom and he smiled back. He got up and sat on one sofa – i f... Continue»
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Writer's Block

It was one of the hottest days of the year and I was sitting in my air conditioned apartment staring at the computer screen trying to think of something erotic to write. But I was having the worst case of writer’s block of my career. I would start a story and then couldn’t finish because I just wasn’t inspired by the plot, the characters or the worst thing of all for an erotic writer- the sex. It was becoming frustrating but the only saving grace was that I had nothing to do outside and with a stack of menus to order in, it was certain that I had no intention of going out in that heat.

As... Continue»
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A late fall night .

It was a late fall night. Sitting around in the kitchen among friends. She just wouldn’t stop, after warning signs. Several hours later there were a few of us left, playing hungry hungry hippo. That’s when she grabbed my ass. I stood up glaring down at her. I go to fix myself refreshment. She follows. I push her up against the cupboard and tell her you have no idea what you’re doing and what will happen to you. She simply whispers in my ear I know all about you and what you do.

Fair enough. Evening carry’s on everyone has either gone home or gone to bed. Except her. Sh
... Continue»
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A Late Fall Night

A late fall night .
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It was a late fall night. Sitting around in the kitchen among friends. She just wouldn’t stop, after warning signs. Several hours later there were a few of us left, playing hungry hungry hippo. That’s when she grabbed my ass. I stood up glaring down at her. I go to fix myself refreshment. She follows. I push her up against the cupboard and tell her you have no idea what you’re doing and what will happen to you. She simply whispers in my ear I know all about you and what you do.

Fair enough. Evening carry’s on everyone has eit... Continue»
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The Erotic Haunting, Part one

The old house had been a lot of things in its time for the most part it had been abandoned and empty. At the turn of the century it had been a whore house untie a patron came inside with a tommy gun and killed the Madame, a few girls and a couple johns.
The first time the relator had shown it to Mr. Jameson she had felt weird in the house. she new that their wasn't any such thing as ghosts but maybe it was just her mind fucking with her, or it was because he kept checking her out. Despite her best efforts he insisted in moving his f****y in. she tried to suggest flipping the property so tha... Continue»
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Preachers Wife Chapter 7 and Young Mother from gar

Katrina, the young 19 year old money who fucked me for money, then blackmailed into being my sex slave cum slut #3 for 6 months, had wanted to fuck more than once a week. Apparently, she enjoyed the control and hard fucking I gave her.

Pam, the hot 38D preachers wife MILF I had black mailed and was fucking as my number #2 slut, was now trained and willing to do all my commands. Her most humiliating moment was her hard ass fucking and mostly when I had her and Jaimie, my 23 year old number #1 slut together (see previous stories).

So today, being Thursday, with the wifey at work and Ja... Continue»
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Keenum awakened the next morning a little aroused. Actually, it was more like the next afternoon since the clock on the nightstand said 12:46.

Wow, he thought, we really slept late. He looked over at the beautiful woman beside him.

Ashley was fast asl**p, lying on her back, the sheet wrapped around her tanned body. He didn’t remember, but obviously at some point during the night he slipped out of her and rolled off of her. As far as he knew, he was still inside her when he fell asl**p.

What a fantastic night he had! Ashley was an incredible fuck! She was experien... Continue»
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Convenience Store Was Convenient

I was waiting in the car while my b*****r ran into a convenience store to pick up some beer. I noticed that a woman was hanging out across the street, with her hand on a large branch of a c**** myrtle tree. She was wearing a halter top and shorts with sandals, which I didn't pay much attention to at first, since it was pretty hot out. I was a little surprised, however, that she seemed to be staring at me through the open car window.

I looked her over, and she had very nice tits and long legs. She clearly could see me checking her out, and she started to stroke her hand up and down the l... Continue»
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Our first time Swinging!!!!

Fiona and I had been together about two years at this point. I was 22 and she was 19, attractive, blonde, slim, great tits and VERY sexually adventurous.

One night we were sitting alone in her Mum and Dad’s conservatory chatting about nothing at all really, when she suddenly said ‘I’d really love to try wife swapping’. I nearly spat out my tea!
‘What?????’ I said, genuinely shocked. ‘Where the fuck did that come from?’ I asked, mystified.
‘Been thinking about it for a while.... since we swapped and had that snog with Debbie and her boyfriend’. We’d been at a party about three months earli... Continue»
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James: Gay Sugar Daddy Part One

James: Gay Sugar Daddy

Part One

I had just moved to the big city and found myself poor, working odd jobs, and lacking a sex life. After my trip to Europe and finishing school, I had hit a 6 month dry spell. Being a cute 24 year old 5'7 bear cub with dirty blonde hair and an athletic build, I had never before had trouble getting laid, but I was getting older. I thought my wild days were behind me, but then I met James.

I found a night job as a bartender at a local gay bar. I made decent tips, always had fun, but the place was pretty much a dive with very little business. I... Continue»
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Porno Store Pick-Up (Ronnie Rides Again)

Once when I lived in Texas I went to this porno store late at night. As I walked in there was a red car parked very close to the entrance of the porn store's door. I thought it was weird because most patrons park further away. As I got closer to the entrance this older man stepped out of the car. If I had to guess I would say he was in his early 50's. So as I walked pass him he greeted me and I returned his greeting. I thought that was weird because most guys don't look at each other or make eye contact with each other at these places. I looked back at this man's car before I walked inside and... Continue»
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godess sarita 6 (mistress sara)

after 8 months staying with goddess sarita . my hair was long I had medium nails with nail polish depending of goddess saritas mood and had my ears pearced and the tip of my toung pierced by suggestion of mistress payel..

it was summer and godess took a vracation from work she wanted to visit her daughter abroad so she left me at mistress saras place for 1 week .. I was shaved cleaned mistress replaced my chastity with a normal plastic chastity from long term use of old chastity with screw my pee hole looks a bit enlarged.. mistress tied my hands on the floor of the bathroom legs spread wi... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXI

Chapter XXI – Gloves Make it Sexy (based on First Kiss No. 36 cover, Charlton, February 1964)

I must say that I am a man who have certain fetishes. But one of those is the one that attracts me the most when I see a woman. Wanna know which fetish is? Well, I am a glove fanatic, sexually speaking.

I can’t resist when I see a woman wearing gloves, I find it really sex when a girl has a that piece of clothing worn covering her hands. Not that I am those kind of freaks, misantrophes or germaphobes. I do like gloveless co... Continue»
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My Phone Sex Rendezvous'

My phone sex rendezvous’

Based on My In person encounters

One day I got home from a long day at the office work wondered how I could entertain myself. I was thinking about how my life really sucks and how alone I was in a bug and rodent infested hellhole. I couldn’t stand my boss and my co-workers. They really repulsed me. I worked at a local government agency that was located 200 feet from my apartment complex which is located in a Baltimore area suburb. The only great thing about my job is that I had the option to walk to work. However, my neighborhood wasn’t that great ... Continue»
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godess sarita 4 (being maid is tough)

I woke up having a nice sl**p.. it was 6 am mistress released me from my bed my body hurts from last nights treatment..goddess took the screw off I was allowed to go to toilet and clean my self take my dump while mistress was checking out the news papper .. my back hurts but it was quiet ok compared to the pain last night..
after coming there were clothes on the bed a black bra black panty pantyhose .. upon that it was a skinny jeans and tshirt the tshirt was da only manly thing .. she put a bit lipgloss and a lil foundation I was so shocked I looked lik a faggot.. after that I prepared the ... Continue»
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I saw the dogs sniffing at her dripping pussy

by barharbor
I would strip her naked and tie her over a wooden horse with her legs tied to the ends at the bottom of the horse so that her hairy cunt was spread wide open. Then I'd give her a chance to talk. If she didn't, I'd tell her excatly what i was going to do to her so that she could give it a lot of thought before she made up her mind.

Before I did, though, I had a stiff cock in my pants that I had to take care of, so I pulled it out of my pants and stuffed it up her pussy, pumping the fucking shit out of her until i blew a big load of cum into her hot c... Continue»
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The Alley Cat

It was a day after Katia's 18th birthday. She got out of bed and looked at her self in the mirror, thinking what she was going to do today.

She looked at the one of greeting card of one of the gifts she got "happy birthday kitty". She hated that name. Since she was a little girl, everyone would call her "kitty". Sure it was cute at first, but even now, they treat her like a little girl.

She looked at her closest, almost everything was "hello kitty" stuff; it made her sick. She took some long white socks, a short pink skirt, and a black shirt. She tried, but somehow, she still looked like... Continue»
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Not What I Would Normaly Do

I was ready to go home and be with my k**s and husband. It had been a long week for me as I had to work out of town doing sales and was now completely worn out. As I drove along the highway thinking of my next few stops I came upon these two boys hitch hiking. I pulled the car over and offered a ride. They were not bad looking boys, in their mid teens. I told them I would take them to their house thinking that is what I would want someone to do for my k**s if they were out like this. Their house was way out of my way and once we got there, come to find out the parents had gone away for a lon... Continue»
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Hardcore pounding is more than she wanted.

First time I have used the key and wonder; will she welcome or fear me.
Leaving home and lady flags me down, “Could you help me? I have locked my keys in my house.”
Sure, will do what I can.
She moved in this home and in the excitement she locked the only key inside. I see the key on her table, “I see it but can not open this type lock”. We walk around and find an unlocked window. I pick her up, put her legs in the window. I get a nice feel of her build and body as I gently help her in.
She invited me in and ask questions of the area. She was divorced some years back and sold the ho... Continue»
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