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It was MONDAY morning and TJ Toms a 34yrs. mother of two was just getting to work unlocking the front door when from behind a woman grab her. TJ yells in shock only to be slapped across the back of her head. Stunned she feels a gun barrel at her ear. OK SHUT THE FUCK YOU BITCH OR I WILL HURT YOU GOT IT? TJ nods her head and they go inside. GO OPEN THE SAFE! TJ walks to her desk there to the mangers desk getting two sets of keys and opens the safe. Pushing TJ inside the woman fills a bag with $100 dollar bills once done she grab TJ behind the head and leads her to a car out back. GET IN... Continue»
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Hairy big titted milf Jo-Anne's pub adventure

"I cant believe she's just been sitting there for the past hour opening and closing her legs at us the dirty fucking bitch" said one of the guys!
"It's a fucking jungle down there I can tell you" quipped another!
It was just another late night out in town and the local pub was the destination!
A trio of guys had gone into a well known watering-hole that had a bit of a reputation for being a great place for those just looking for a casual fuck!
After ordering their drinks and sitting down they noticed a solitary woman sitting opposite!
She was a brunette in her mid-forties dressed in a ver... Continue»
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A wild night out

A wild night out

Words by PornLovingChick, gifs by RuffianX

I woke up with my fingertips in my mouth, my dreams still in my head, my memories hazily drifting in from the night before.

I closed my eyes again, afraid of losing the moment, while I licked and sucked on my fingers and began to piece together the fragments from the night before

My whole body seemed to be trembling slightly. Although I had slept, I still felt excited, my breathing fast and light. I began to notice the delic... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 2

It would have been difficult to imagine a more remarkable contrast if one had seen this same woman little more than three months before. This abjectly obedient and submissive slave girl, known as Belle, had then been the spoilt and pampered, proud arrogant Lady Isabel Dysart.
How this transformation was achieved we must now investigate. But first, a few vignettes to highlight her character and way of life.

SCENE 1: The drawing room at Grange Manor, home of Sir Charles and Lady Isabel Dysart. Isabel, wearing an elegant trouser suit, sprawls in a chair, smoking a cigarette.
"I'm going up to... Continue»
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70 Goth girl takes me to a disco.

70 Goth girl takes me to a disco.
It was another hot summer night, and we got to the club around tenish. We'd already been out for a couple of hours & been to a couple of pubs, as you do on such a lovely warm, summer`s night. Mary was looking very sexy, in her crop long sleeved top, tight jeans & ankle boots all in black obviously.
We got our drinks, and then stood in our usual place. It's dimly lit apart from the lights on the dance floor, which were like looking straight at the sun. We met Trevor in the club, he'd been in there for about 10 minutes before we arrived, was already droolin... Continue»
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Camping by our favourite lake

We have always been a nature loving f****y. I remember the years as a k** when we went off with heavy back packs into the mountains for a few days of hiking and tenting in the wild. A mixed experience as a k** but now almost 10 years later as an adult, it was something I really looked forward to. This time it was only me and mom that would do the trip I had done once before although I couldn't really sort out the memories from the different hiking trips.
"It is the one with the basecamp by the small lake between the three mountains", she had explained to me. We were to set up a basecamp there... Continue»
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taking my sweet dog to the Vet

Taking my sweet dog to the Vet

My fine dog Brutus had a sad look when I arrived home that Friday. So, I decided to take him to the Veterinarian…
He was a young great dane class; average size, but he was a fine nice dog.

I arrived at the place and find the vet: Dr. Sarah Atkins, a beautiful sexy lady in her mid thirties, a green eyed brunette with killer legs…

Dr. Sarah Atkins began Brutus`s exam, looked at his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, everything was going fine. She reached underneath his torso to feel his stomach, ribs, and hips, then suddenly pulled her hands away.
She paused for... Continue»
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Summer Set 'Jessica Fucks Black Cock'

Summer Set
Episode 1
'Jessica Fucks Black Cock'

Jessica and I had been dating about a year. She was a cute, petite red head, around 5 foot 2 inches tall, with sexy legs, great calves and nice feet. Her ass was to die for! A succulent bubble butt with a nice dip in her back. Her tits were small, but had a tear drop shape to them that made them hang when she bent over. She had a nice demeanor to her. A smile in her green eyes always. But, if you got her riled up in bed just right, she could talk some of the nastiest bed talk you've ever heard!

We were down sizing and moving fr... Continue»
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The Birthday Voyeur, Part 1

This is my first try and erotic writing, any constructive criticism is welcome.

Meghan and I had been dating for almost two years and were very sexually active. She lived at home with her m*th*r and her younger s****r. She was a big girl, with long brown hair and a nice set of double D’s. Often times late at night we would get frisky in the living room while watching television. On a couple of these occasions we would hear noises and notice movement as if someone were watching us. These would be followed by noises in her m*th*r’s room. At first she was creeped out by the thought but after a... Continue»
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Chavvy teens first climax

In a local supermarket is a McDonalds, as I’d just done a bit of shopping I fancied a burger, as I queued up I noticed a youngish girl count some coins in her hand. As I placed my order she said “I’ll give you a blowjob if you buy me a burger I haven’t eaten since yesterday”, she looked ordinary but I thought ‘why not’, I gave her £10 and said “Get what you want”.

When she got her order she came and sat opposite me, “Thanks” she said. Then she told me about herself, she was 17, on the dole, her mother was an alcoholic so she spent all their money on booze, hence why she hadn’t eaten. She wa... Continue»
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How to initiate butt-sex into your relationship

Why should consenting couples be so anxious about butt-sex that it prevents them from trying a little exploration? By consenting I mean two -way enjoyment that isn't coerced or manipulated.

Yes, it can be dangerous if not approached with due caution, and it certainly has the possibility of being messy too, but the stigma attached to butt-sex more than those issues is why a lot of couples don't even try it. A lot of couples may have had a rushed/painful attempt at butt-sex and don't ever revisit that back door at all.

My advice to those that are curious is to start experimenting gingerl... Continue»
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A primer for Bi Married guys thinking about gettin

So, since you clicked here, it's entirely likely you're one of the many married guys on Lit who are on the horns of a dilemma: You're straight, but you're really curious about the idea of sucking a big hard cock.

Maybe you get turned on by the "pals go camping and get sweaty in the tent" stories. Perhaps the steamy tales about manly blowjobs in the health club showers get you off. Maybe you spank your monkey while thinking about being f***ed to suck some hulking dude's veiny tool in a dark back alley. Whatever floats your boat, you've become a little bit fixated with the idea of having sex ... Continue»
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Anatomy of a Hand Job

I actually got the idea for this piece after having seen several porn videos depicting women giving men 'hand-jobs'. It dawned on me when watching them, that there was very little going on except for the old 'up and down' stroke technique. And I couldn't help but wonder, "Where the hell's all the creativity and fun in that?"

Maybe I'm not speaking for ALL guys here, but I have to think there's more than a few here who will agree with me. Sure...'arriving' is nice, but getting there is half the fun.

So, I decided to spend a few moments from a personal perspective in hopes that those who a... Continue»
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Be A Better Boyfriend

So, you want to be a good boyfriend. Kudos. Good for you. Looks like you're in the right place. There are a couple quick disclaimers before we get started however.

1. The author has no experience with another other type of relationship besides M/F exclusive, therefore this article will speak to the reader with the assumption that his is a male seeking, or engaged in a one on one relationship with a woman. However, this article may or may not be applicable to other types, therefore use your own judgment if the above description does not fit your relationship.

2. The author does not sugges... Continue»
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Add Some Real Power to Your Jacking

Now guys, how often has this happened to you? You have some free time on hand, you're wife, girlfriend, friend with benefits, significant or insignificant other is out of town, out shopping or just out of the picture for the next few hours (at least) and you decide to take in a good porn flick. Yeah, it happens sometimes, you have an afternoon of some pure, lowbrow, raw visual entertainment with absolutely no redeeming value except for popping off.

Well, you find the perfect flick, get it home without drawing too much attention to yourself, get yourself set up with a beverage, some clean up... Continue»
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Discussing sexual desires with your partner

You would think it would be easy to discuss sexual desires with someone you feel comfortable enough to have sex with, but that clearly isn't the case. The simple fact that we do care so much often makes it harder to make ourselves vulnerable by sharing. Someone we care about has more power to hurt us than a stranger. Similarly, it can be difficult to tell our partners that they are doing something we don't like for fear of hurting them.

Many times I've heard people say, "I couldn't tell my partner I want to do that. What if they...?" What? Laughed? Were disgusted? Filed for divorce? What, ... Continue»
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7 Tips To GETTING Good Head

"My girlfriend never wants to go down on me."

How many times have you heard that or even said it? "She thinks its gross." "She says it makes her sick." "She's a prude, a bitch, frigid." "That's not gonna change; it's just the way she is and she ain't never gonna change."

Not necessarily.

She might never change, that's true. But what if maybe...just maybe by following these 7 tips you could change things. You could get your girlfriend to change from being a fellatio-phobe to being a fellatio-phile. Think of it, a girlfriend who's not only willing to go down on you, but who loves it. Yo... Continue»
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10 Easy Steps to Getting Laid

10 Easy Steps To Getting Laid, or How To Get Someone To sl**p With You

Have you ever wondered just how you can get someone to sl**p with you? You know the hot guy or girl that everyone wants but you have just never been able to get with. There are a lot of magazine articles and how-to books out there, but most of them are total bullshit. The person you desire just does not desire you! Do you wonder why? Maybe it was how you presented yourself that turned them off. You are correct. Here are ten things you can do to prevent that from happening next time. This simple advice is short, to the po... Continue»
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Taken and liked it...

I was in the locker room at school, just got out of the shower when I heard footsteps...i stopped cold and listen....not a sound. My heart was racing, pounding so hard I could swear it echoed through out the locker room. I took a breath and a step...again the sound of footsteps.
Fear gripped me as I hurried to my locker...as I bent over to grab my shorts...the locker door slammed shut...I fell back over the dressing bench...my feet went up as i fell, the towel that was wrapped around my waist rose exposing my gentiles...
Struggling to see who or what slammed my locker, I saw one of the p... Continue»
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Four guys for me in the ladies room

Four guys for me in the ladies room

After completeing my exercises in the gym, I went to the ladies room and took a nice warm shower. Wrapped on a long towel, I sat down on a bench and looked for my panties inside my bag.

Suddenly I was surrounded by four huge guys; all of them Young and muscled; all wearing a towel at their waists.

“Guys, I think you are in the ladies room” I said; my voice shaking a little.

"What's your name?" One of them asked. I answered telling my name.

"Well, Ana, my name is Tommy. My friends and I watched you taking a shower. You got such a sexy beautif... Continue»
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