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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The new neighbor, Helen Ramsey, lived on one side of the Stephenses and
the house on the other side was occupied by Tom and Darleen Jarvis.
They had been there longer and were about the same age as Caroline and
Jonathon, and it was natural that the two young couples should become
friends. Tom and Jonathon played golf and tennis together. Caroline and
Darleen went shopping together. They visited one another's home
frequently and once a week or so went out together to a show or a movie
or a nightclub. The Jarvis couple seemed to have a happy marriage and
an upwardl... Continue»
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Velvet's Fall from Grace

I gave up porn during my pregnancy and after giving birth to another baby boy, I became a housewife for about 4 months before accepting a job doing old man fetish porn in Europe. Mikey stayed in the US as I toured France, England, Germany and Russia, fucking old men that ranged in age from 65 to 85 for the next 6 months. It was the only steady porn job I could get and my addiction wouldn’t let me turn it down. I shot over 120 different films during that short period and returned home pregnant again. Many of my films were internal cream pies and my lack of condom use and oral birth control led ... Continue»
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I Take Your Ass Virginity

I subliminally receive your message as though communicated through a shared dream in my half asl**p state, but I barely hear it through how turned on I am by last night's experiences, your proximity, and the raging hard on that is pulsing between your thighs. I can feel your already moist sex on the top of my throbbing member and can smell you through the sheets and it's starting to drive me crazy. All I have to do is pull my hips back and you feel the head of my spear slide into position against your naturally lubed pussy. I pause for just one second and feel your breathing stop as I slowly s... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly Fucks Santa Claus

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

All except for Jilnar Jardaly, who had been tossing and turning in bed, restlessly, all night. It was only a minute till midnight, and till he would finally be here. She hoped he got her letter and was going to leave, under her Christmas tree, the present, she so desperately wanted. Jilnar loved Christmas and she'd been extra good all year, satisfying all her friends and colleagues most depraved, sordid and perverted sexual needs. She knew she'd been good because every single one ... Continue»
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Service with a smile- Princess Sybil

Hi Guys,

I'm sorry it's taken a while for me to write another story it's just that I have been really busy. I hope you all haven't lost interest though. This story is true and recent, I hope you enjoy.Please like it and share it. Thanks

I often found myself getting uptight and depressed from all the work as a waitress and no fun in my life but I needed to work extra to pay my debts. It was a fairly cool mid morning during one of my shifts, not too busy when I was serving a young UFT student his meal on the outer sitting area of the rest/bar i work at. A cool breeze blew over me sendi... Continue»
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All work and no play...

Traveling for work is always exciting but can also be stressful at times. It's not surprise that people in my same circumstances often wind up at the bar, trying to drink the stress of the day away. You always see the same faces at the hotel bars I frequent. Those regulars are always good for conversation and a joke or two. A couple of weeks ago, I happened into a bar that I can often be found at and found the place packed. I stood at the door a while, trying to figure out if I was just going to leave before I spotted an empty seat at a booth next to Diane.

Now let me explain who Diane is. ... Continue»
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Teenaged Gift for My Husband

After our threesome with our 17 year old neighbor boy, I knew I needed to return the favor to Jerry and try to arrange a threesome with a teenage girl for him, but I had no idea where to go to find one.

A couple of days later I had a chance to talk to Otto about our threesome with Jerry and he thought it was incredible as did Jerry and I. I explained to him that I wanted to arrange something similar with a teenage girl for my husband but wasn’t sure how to go about finding one that would be willing and trustworthy to keep it quiet.

Otto said that he might know of someone and if I was s... Continue»
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RP with SissySammi

A casual conversation turned into an RP with a Sissy
Images of actual sissy here: http://www.imagefap.com/profile/sissysammi

sissysammi: hello Master.. i hope all is well?
pr0n_Glutton: other than going back to work tommorrow night, everything's good
sissysammi: after you get off work you can have sissy meet you at the front door... on her knees. giggle
pr0n_Glutton: if only
sissysammi: yes... but its waht i dream about hehehe
pr0n_Glutton: could always use a good ass licking and cock sucking before bed
sissysammi: mmm... im your gurl... i love to be your dirty slut on my knees .. w... Continue»
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My Wife's Ex Fucking Her And I Like Whores

When I first met my soon to be wife Melissa at work I was instantly hooked on her because she was so beautiful, smart and funny. We hit if off and began talking until we both knew that we wanted to be with each other badly. One of the big things was that I was only twenty two years old and Melissa was thirty eight but she was one of the youngest looking thirty eight year old women I had ever seen. Melissa is not very tall only about five foot five, kinda chunky but but fat, blonde hair, green eyes and a pretty face. The second big thing was that she was still married to a guy named John who sh... Continue»
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Helped A Girl Get Revenge On Her Cheating BF (True

This story is based on a picture I had posted to my galleries named "I Helped Girl Get Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend". Many people asked me to share the story of how my load ended up all over that girl. So due to the amount of requests for the story here it is. It won't be a very long one I am sure you will still enjoy.

I was sitting at home on a Friday night bored out of my mind. My girlfriend Sarah had other plans so I decided to go to the bar for a couple hours. I got dressed and walked down ten or so blocks to a little b... Continue»
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The Housemaids

Machine translation. I ask some errors to apologize

Chapter 1
Anton and Inge are Both engineers and married. When Anton got an offer for a project in Qatar Both knew thatthis was just for a few years. So he left to start his new project to Doha. In the country arrived he worked his way Quickly and Quickly found friends. Among synthesis friends so a European / Asian couple with who he what, the longer he was there, spent more and more time. Thomas from Switzerland and "Suzy" Said her nickname from Japan.
As in the apartment house where his new best friends and so many other western people,... Continue»
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ostre jebanie mojej córy przez komendanta p

no moze i miał racje ten stary komendant i jego kumple ze moja cora jest boska piekna ale do dzis nie moge doisc do siebie i brac lekow na nerwy i serce po tym co widzialem co wyprawialy z nia ta banda starych oblesnych i zboczonych policjantow u mnie w moim barze nad jeziorem pod lasem zachowywali sie jak zwierzeta jebali i kurwili ja tam cala noc jak by byla zwykla tania kurwa na tych krzeslach stolikach i bilardzie myslalem ze mi go polamia niedawno go kupilem za 10000zl a te stare chuje wlazly w 4 na niego wypiely dupska jak do srania a cora im je obrabjala od spodu do dzis slysze ich te s... Continue»
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Meet 1 - The car park

Hey all,

Here's just a quick bit about me!

I'm a woman of 23 from Nottingham who enjoys the swinging lifestyle with single guys and couples. I've had lots of meets and wanted some way of sharing them so I thought this would be a good start :)

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them ;)

Anyway onto meet 1!

I'd been chatting to a local guy on and off for a few months, which is uncommon for me because things usually move a little quicker or don't happen at all. But there seemed something about this guy that I liked and I thought I'd stick with it.

we made a couple o... Continue»
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Discovering My Love of Cock Part 3

In this episode I meet the teen girl from the neighboring farm.

A few days later things got much more interesting. I was in the garden pulling weeds, hot and sweaty with my shirt off, when I heard gramps calling me from the tool shed. I was so hot I was happy to take a break. When I walked into the shed he immediately barked at me "take your pants off!".

"But I"m not done in the garden" I began to argue.

"Boy don't get smart with me, get your pants off now". I bent down to unlace my workboots and do as he said. In the meantime he went around the corner and came back carrying something... Continue»
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wife wanted strange cock all 6 of them

Some Strange Cock - All 6 of Them One After Another!! Wife is horny an willing to fuck some guy we just meet.We decide to go to the local porn store for some easy cock to find. After the store clerk finished explaining how the room worked an how the hourly rate worked.Wife follows clerk into office.About ten to fifteen minutes later wife comes out an comes over saying “we got the room for the next hour” Husband notices the freshly dumped load still dribbling down her chin.Total skank! We vheaded down a dim lite hallway with four to five ... Continue»
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Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 1

Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 1

This story involves i****t…if that offends you, Do Not read this story!

--------- Chapter 1
The Mall Food court…

Julie certainly was a cute little thing, with her flowing, honey-colored hair and sparkling mischievous blue eyes. The expression on her face was what her mother thought of as “a natural innocent sexuality” she was just born with it, some can learn to do, but for some, they try, but will never achieve it. Julie’s lips were full, moist, and velvet soft, set in a small, ch*ldish pout that gave her an a... Continue»
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Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 3)

Nick untied Monika, wanting her in a better position. He lifted her naked body up as if she didn’t weigh anything, placing her face down on the cold dining room table, Monika gasping as her nipples touched the cold wood.
“Don’t worry, I’ll warm you up soon.” He took some of the red rope, pulling her arms behind her, crossing them as he twisted the rope from her wrists all the way to her elbows.
Nick pushed the hair from her face as he turned so she could see him, as if she didn’t know what he was going to do. He was going to fuck her in the ass. She could still feel the butt plug in her eve... Continue»
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Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 1, Paul

It was great that Jack had such a good job.We lived in a very nice house,in a very nice exclusive estate.We had not one,but two cars.Although Jacks Audi TT was a company car.I hated it.We had a at least two holidays a year, in France,in Jacks folks apartment in Nice.
But I was bored.All the neighbours were stuck up bitches.And catty cows too. I tried gardening,boring !! I got a dog.The little bitch shit everywhere so I gave it to a friend and told Jack it ran away.
Jack was away more and more with work.I knew he was banging his secetary Caron.She was a friend of mine from years back and I d... Continue»
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Somebody's Slut Wife

Well I was in my mid teens when this story took place. My mom worked at a large high end hotel as the Customer Satisfaction Director which meant she oversaw the room service department and maid service. I would help her out when she was short handed which seemed to happen a lot. This Saturday night I was helping with the room service. People would call in and place an order and we would get it ready and deliver to the room and get a pretty hefty tip. It was easy and fun for me and a lot of the time I would get to see some naked ladies.
This order came in late for some chocolate covered s... Continue»
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My Roommates New Ex-Girlfriend Part 1

This is part 1 of a multiple part story. If their is a lot of interest in it after parts one and two, I might post more in the story. Not a true story I should add.

About 2 months ago, I came home after work on a Friday to find my roommate Zach and his girlfriend Mary arguing in the living room, which had become a common occurance between the two of them. Trying to ignore them, I went in my room and changed into shorts and a tshirt and proceeded in to watch them fight some more. To my dissapointment, just as I was walking in the room I heard him yell out as he was walking out the door, "Red... Continue»
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