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(true story) My first Interracial Experience

So this is a chapter from my book, In Spades. This is a true story and you can learn more about me and the book on my profile page:

Gin and Bourbon


So this is where things really started I guess. It was the first time I cheated on David. Then things just sort of got out of control, the way they sometimes do. It seemed to me that David and I had a pretty average sex life. After the k**s, we still probably found time for sex a few times a week. David was never a bad lover and I still loved the way he smelled. He had ... Continue»
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My Wife In The Hands Of Black Men

My wife and I had been married for almost three years before it happened. Our sex life had been very standard up to that point;straight sex two or three times a week, a little oral sex if I asked for it and she was in the right mood, but nothing kinky. No anal sex, fisting or swapping, etc. Not that I hadn’t asked for it but she just wasn’t interested in anything that ‘hurt’ involved. I am 32 and my wife is 28. We have one c***d, a girl of 8,and live in a nice suburban neighborhood with a white picket fence. My wife, Shilpa, works out regularly and her body shows it.There is not an ounce of fa... Continue»
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Travis walked into the kitchen to find Jennifer, cleaning up after dinner, alone. She was humming softly to herself, with her back turned to him, and hadn't noticed his entrance. He stared at her for a moment, taking her in. Her jet black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a tight fitting purple tank top which she had jogged in, as well as a pair of black running shorts. And shorts they were-- they demonstrated her long, toned legs and showed off her shapely heart-shaped butt without leaving much left to imagination. He would occasionally get a glance at her profile as she ... Continue»
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A Great Trip To The DMV!

Had a pretty interesting day, thought I'd take a few minutes to put it down here and share with you :)

I woke up around 7am to the horrible sound of the alarm, I took the day off so I could go to the DMV. I wanted to get there as early as possible and just get it over with, but at that moment I convinced myself I had all day to do it and hit the snooze button a few times. During these short sl**ps I had the most fantastic sexual dreams, nothing elaborate but intense all the same, a solid fucking. I finally woke up fully, turning off the alarm and ready to get up, but feeling really amorous.... Continue»
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helping a friend got me laid with an older lady

I have a female friend, Kathy, who cleans houses for a living, and she is getting older (50's) and has arthritis in her hands, so she asked if I could go to a couple of houses she cleans at to help with heavy duty jobs like cleaning the baseboards and pulling weeds in the yard, moving heavy stuff, etc.. I needed the $$ as I was only working PT.

Kinda sucks as it's woman's work, lol, especially the house cleaning stuff but oh well. Oh and Kathy wears skimpy ass clothes when she's working so I get treated to a lot of titty closeups (she wears low cut shirts and no bra). I've seen her tits ... Continue»
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No Vacancy!

Back in my 20s I had the luxury of meeting several older women that frequented the local college bars (gee I wonder what they were looking for?!?!?!) I started routinely seeing one at least twice a month.

Lets just call her Samantha for now :). Samantha was 38 and beautiful. Long red hair, green eyes, LONG legs, smart, and just all around kinky in bed. Lets just say she did not mind any hole being filled at any point in time with anything. Her pussy was always shaven clean and smelled fresh. She would even flush her ass before meeting me.

It was early Sat afternoon, and she called me. We... Continue»
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Showing Amy the ropes

I had babysat Amy since she was young, a favour for a friend. Her Mum and Dad were incredibly protective, so even now they wanted someone to watch her.
Amy may have only turned 16 a few months ago but she had already blossomed into a very pretty and astonishingly sexy girl. Her 5 foot figure had been toned by dance lessons, and you couldn't help but notice her firm round breasts, especially as she was so fond of figure hugging tops.
So I came along to 'babysit'. It was a Friday night and her Mum and Dad were out for a party. Back late, so all I had to do was watch the house while Amy w... Continue»
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A True Story

I sat on the bench press after my workout. Totally gassed, drinking from my water bottle. Looking up, I saw her. Her. The woman that had been coming in every Monday/Wednesday/Friday for the last month. She was new to the gym and to be honest...I’m not sure I would have stuck with my workouts if she hadn’t kept showing up.
Without fail, she would wear short black skintight workout shorts and a neon colored sports bra. Today was no different. I always try to be subtle -- looking off into space as I recover -- but really watching her on the stair-step machin... Continue»
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45 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt5

45 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt5
Eddy and I spent the day in gentle love making after the last night I was tired and sore, though Eddy proved a wonderful cream administrator being both slow and gentle as he spread the cooling balm especially round my stiff nipples, using his fingers like lips kissing a baby.
The day passed rapidly, and we were soon in bed gently cuddling and sl**ping alternately.
The alarm breaking the spell in its noisy way at 5am, he showered and was gone by six, me dozing till first Jack called with his update, the course not going well at all,... Continue»
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Turning the Tables on an Aggressive HR Rep

By the time I got hired, Maria had risen to HR manager and developed a reputation for using her position to fuck anyone she wanted. I was being monogamous at the time and wasn't that into her, but after learning of her antics and the fact that she bet the boss she could seduce me, I decided to have a little fun.

She had been relentless about getting me to fuck her, even going so far as to reduce my 3rd month raise and deny vacation time when she knew it would be used to bang my long-distance girlfriend, so I started playing nice in an effort to turn the tables.

Getting enough leverage to... Continue»
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first time with a milf

I was on an online dating site one day as i came across this wonderful milf named "sarat2987" as ive never been with a milf before i was excited so i soon messaged her and we arranged to meet. The drive out there seemed like it took ages and as i pulled into her apartment complex my heart beat faster. I soon got out and As I walked towards her apartmentI felt my nerves fill up, “should I turn back” I thought. I decided against it as I drove this far I might as well go the extra mile and head in and see what would happen. As I walked up the steps to her place I sent her a text saying “im here”.... Continue»
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first time with a milf

I was on an online dating site one day as i came across this wonderful milf named "sarat2987" as ive never been with a milf before i was excited so i soon messaged her and we arranged to meet. The drive out there seemed like it took ages and as i pulled into her apartment complex my heart beat faster. I soon got out and As I walked towards her apartmentI felt my nerves fill up, “should I turn back” I thought. I decided against it as I drove this far I might as well go the extra mile and head in and see what would happen. As I walked up the steps to her place I sent her a text saying “im here”.... Continue»
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My monthly review meeting with my BBC manager ;)


I wore a body contour pencil knee length skirt with a zip (Pics above) on the right side going from the bottom up to the top so u can unzip it showing as much or as little of your leg and ass as u like with a white low cut blouse and high platform peep toe heels.
Me and my manager had lunch earlier, completely innocent in the work canteen. His was sitting next to me eating ... Continue»
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'The end of the summer'

One man read 'nap time.' In a PM he told me that the way the story ended with a kitchen timer going off, reminded readers that this was a story about time. I took people back in time fifteen years. That man said it best. I took readers back to when nothing else mattered but Pokemon. It's time to set the kitchen timer for one more hour. Back to a time when I was just eighteen. The boy I wanted was nineteen. He was raging hormones. I was in a different place. A sad place. I left it all behind me when I went to work. When I got home, there was death everywhere. One thing I learned about watching ... Continue»
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Mom's Horse Hunger Final

Mom's Horse Hunger


Patti giggled. “I’m glad. I thought you might chicken out.”

“Oh, no,” Betsy moaned. Her nerves were frayed from the sexual excitement up in Patti’s bedroom and then pushed beyond the limit in the barn. Betsy was about to crack. “I want his cock so bad I can taste it.”

Patti sighed and rolled back in the hay, p--y-cum seeping from her used pussy. “It’s great not having a cherry.” To demonstrate, she jammed three of her fingers into the gooey ooze of her pussy.

Betsy gasped. She watched the three fingers disappear and heard the squishing sounds of ... Continue»
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Thailand part 5

Mid way through the morning, my office phone rang and it was my mates wife, asking directions to the apartment and if she could charge the taxi. The easiest thing to do was to go get her, I made excuses and left to arrive outside the hotel where she was 30 minutes later. Found her outside smoking looking like shit. I called her over and she slid in beside me in the back of the taxi.

Man did she smell of all things a fucking good night is made of, cigs – booze – cunt and spunk. Instead of giving me a hard time she decided to tell me all.

After creating a stir in the bar and leaving with ... Continue»
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Little Megan Takes Cuntrol - of Pops!

Imagine the scene. A father who has a wife that has gone back to college 4 years earlier has had to put up with the daughter's rebellion pretty much by himself. It has been difficult and to make matters worse the wife has turned cold. So one evening while putting up the laundry, he sees his only offspring's panties. He begins rubbing them on the shaft of his cock. He does not hear Megan return. She takes pictures of him and then locks herself in her bedroom.

Later that night, he is awakened, not by his wife's return from her trip to college, but by Megan as she puts a pair of handcu... Continue»
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Wedding Party

I had a full on man bush and was ready to stick my dick in some pussy. My Friends and I had talked about it for along time. Spied on each others moms and s****rs. Circle jerked. Looked at magazines. I was on a trip with my parents and s****r. We were staying at this fancy hotel. I would sneak out of the room and go run around the hotel in the middle of the night while everyone else slept.
This night there was a huge party downstairs, someone got married. As I walked down the hall, I could hear everyone fucking in their rooms. This made me more horny. My friends had told me that I could ta... Continue»
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My best friends (part 2)

As you know, in part 1, I was busy with my friends Tasha and Rocky when my girlfriend walked in on me with her s****r.

I smiled and looked up at her "hi Amber" I said as I instantly stopped thrusting," what the fuck bru" Rocky moaned as he felt me stop, Tasha just moaned her displeasure,non of them aware of why I stopped. Amber smiled sweetly back as she bit her lip and answered "oh baby, please. Don't stop on my account" she took her s****rs and pulled her around to my right side, making it easier to see so I didn't have to bend my neck drastically. I slowly started thrusting as I met her... Continue»
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The Bitch gets Take Out

Megan was pissed. Her room mates had gotten tickets to a concert and left her home alone. They never asked her if she wanted to go. Megan thought they were all bitches for doing it that way. They all lived together but rarely invited Megan to hang out with them. She always wondered why they were so stuck up about things.

Since there was nothing left in the house to eat, Megan decided to go pick up something. That she had to do that pissed her off even more. It was one thing to leave her home alone. It was another to do it and leave nothing to eat. Megan was not in full bitch mode.

She ... Continue»
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