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Friend Of Mine Fucking Me With A Strap On

This is a true story of mine based on the time a good friend of my girlfriend Sarah and I named Lisa fucked me with a strap on, Hope you enjoy.

It was a Friday night and I was bored as hell sitting in my apartment texting my girlfriend Sarah as she was working an overnight shift. On top of that I was horny and to make it worse Sarah was sending me some naughty pictures making my cock throb in my shorts. After awhile of teasing me Sarah told me to text our friend Lisa (Pic above) who lived in the apartment complex a block do... Continue»
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Afternoon Lunch

We drive up to the mountains for an afternoon picnic. As we arrive you noticed that the place is a beautiful glen with a pond and waterfall. We get out and setup our picnic next to the pond. We take our time and enjoy our lunch. Afterwards we lye on the blanket and look up at the mid-day sky; fluffy clouds go past us as we guess which shape they resemble. After awhile I suggest going for a swim. You look at me with a face of uncertainty because we left our bathing suits behind. I grin at you and say "Don't worry, you can swim in your underwear, or go skinny dipping" with a chuckle.

You loo... Continue»
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That Night

As I come into the room I noticed it’s bathed in dimly lit candle light. Different styles of candles are s**ttered around the room. I find you in the middle of the room lying down on a bed, with candle-light flickering off your body. I slowly move towards the bed and look down at you, smiling. My hand comes down and runs quickly through your hair and lean down to kiss your lips softly. I look the full length of your body and see that you’re wearing a silk and lace teddy with thigh-high stockings. You sit up half way and take my shirt off exposing my chest to the candle light. I run my hands an... Continue»
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Amy Is Pregnant

A pregnant co-worker ends up fucking a semi-retired man who offers her a place to stay. This is a single chapter story, if others like it perhaps it can have additional chapters added.

This is a total fabrication and based on the erotic mind of a 60 something guy that simply can’t stand not writing about his fantasies.

I met Amy at work. She was just 21, pregnant and a boyfriend that had run off the minute she announced she was pregnant. Her parents wanted her to end the pregnancy and her friends were encouraging the same. She wanted to have the baby, but the minimum wage job she had... Continue»
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Wife, s****r, Husband Make A Threesome....The Fina

Once Peter had finished cumming on Sara and Marci's tits, he watched as they licked the cum from one another's breasts while getting themselves off one more time. As they relaxed Marci looked at Sara saying,

"We never made it to Saturday did we?"

Sara laughed, "No we sure didn't, but then we can always do it then too."

Peter looked at them asking, "Saturday....what's so special about Saturday?"

Sara and Marci looked at one another and began laughing saying, "Well you'll just have to wait and see won't you."

Kissing Peter and Sara, Marci wished them a good night as she went to he... Continue»
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Son Finds Mother's Panties Part Five

It was a Saturday night. Dad was in Florida at another convention. It was that night Mother told me that Dad didn't really go to conventions. She said he had another f****y in Florida and that was why he was gone so much. She thought it was great he had an outlet that let Mother and me have so much "married" time together.

We ate a fine dinner that night. Mother let me have a glass of red wine with the spaghetti. I helped her with the dishes. We were in the living room naked. Mother on the couch with her legs spread, knees bent and my face right between her legs licking her pussy w... Continue»
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The PERFECT workday

This is a true story that happened a couple of months ago.

I am 28 years old, around 190cm tall, black hair and beard and over the last couple of years i have lost some weight, by working my ass of at the gym ( litteraly ), so im around 95 Kgs and well build.

I work as a carpenter and do a lot of different types of work. That week i had to rebuild an apartment that had some water dammage, so the kitchen, 2 hallsways and a spare room had to get totally redone ( floors, doors and of cause the kitchen ). I was told there was 2 students Living there, but normally when its that bad, the ... Continue»
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Real desi 28 year old big ass and big boob bhabhi

Hello friends, My online name is DON, and I am an avid reader of various sex sites. Since I can read Hindi and English both, I have read various fantastic sex adventures stories on global websites. However, this is the first time I am writing one of my true affair I had with a married woman in Delhi. I generally travel with car to office, but sometimes to touch some nice asses (my fantasy is beautiful ass, slim tummy and big boobs), I travel with metro. So, one fine day I was returning from metro and a pulpy woman entered my boogie. She has this huge ass oozing out in her tight jeans, big boob... Continue»
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I Scared Off Dads GF So I Took Her Place

My name is Katie and I live in my dad in a small apartment in a smaller, rural town. Its been just dad and I since my mom left a couple years ago which turned my dad and I's life upside down. As the months passes as began doing better realizing mom wasn't coming back. As weird as it is to admit I took it better then dad did because he really loves her and never did anything wrong in the marriage so it was hard for him to comprehend why she left. Also I knew it had to be hard for me because I look a lot like my mom. I have her blonde hair and blue eyes, also my face does look a lot like hers an... Continue»
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Angie, Susan, Tiffany and Amy set out for the concert in the Capital City. Their favorite group finally was playing in this big city. They had traveled miles just to see this concert and hook up with some guys or at least get to a party. They decided to cruise through the town since they had arrived much earlier than they had expected.
Amy was the first to spot it. The little store on the corner lot. The red and green neon sign read “Adult Movie and Bookstore.”
“Let’s go check this place out!” Amy exclaimed.
“I don’t know about that.” Susan remarked.
“What else do we have to ... Continue»
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My group sex session

It had been about a year since Sam and I had our first gay sex experience. We had more experience now and had started to try new things. One of the new things you are about to read about is a gang bang we had.

"Go upstairs and get yourself ready!" Sam ordered me "the boys will be here soon". Sam had aranged for 4 of his bi and gay mates to come over. He had aranged that I would service all 5 of their cocks together and I would do whatever they requested me to. The way he had described it to me was I would be their 'cock slut' for the evening and that they owned me. I loved the sound of thi... Continue»
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My summer at my buddys granparents farm

We were there to help his grand dad with farm chores. We would be paid at harvest and get our food and housing all summer long. I was 16 and could drive the farm equipment, but he was only 15. So I did the chores he told me and then reported back to the farm house. I usually found his gran mom there cooking or cleaning, and my buddy on the road with his gran dad. So I had nothing to do the rest of the day.
I showered and sat down to breakfast with his grandmom. She was a sweet woman who he married after his wife (my buddys real grandmom) died. The age span was pretty big but i figured it had... Continue»
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Lunch time delights outside!

We agree to meet for lunch in a bar in town.
The day is fresh, but bright and the sun feels good after a period of gloomy weather.
I arrive first and find a bench style table in one of the bay windows of the bar.
You arrive slowly after looking fantastic in your office outfit of black above the knee dress, jacket, tan hosiery and black calve length boots. Very nice indeed!!

I get up to great you and we smile as our eyes meet. I buy you a drink and we return to our table making small talk.
I cannot take my eyes of yours they are full of life and sparkle. I only avert my gaze to your legs... Continue»
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Work Buddies

We’d all been out drinking, and when the bar wouldn’t serve us anymore, a couple of the guys from work came back my place to end the night with a few more. Julia, to her credit, had matched us drink for drink while we were out; Of course, she’s half my size, so by the time I helped her through the front door, she was good and hammered. Julia is an incredibly sexual woman at any given moment, but when she’s had a few too many, her drive really gets amped up. The entire cab ride home was filled with not-so-subtle sexual innuendo, capped by a pretty blunt “I better get fucked tonight” as she stum... Continue»
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Spring Garden Encounter

Where does this story come from? A prim and proper British video on PBS showed this woman walking through an English Garden, hell old men are as horny as young men, so why not write a dirty story about it? There is nothing true about this story, no real people, no real activities, but image fucking a stranger that is begging for it!

It was early spring, the weather was warming enough to venture out to the parks without a jacket, but still cool enough to remind a person that summer had not yet arrived. I was walking though one of the parks in town, it was more of an arboretum than a garde... Continue»
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Wedding Trip

Because this site has trouble handling and displaying the longer titles, I decided to continue my story in under this title. Who knows, maybe I will go back and rename the whole series!

Originally named, "Son's wife Mallory rides with me to a wedding," this is installment 5. It is Saturday morning and the wife of my son (her name is Mallory) awake and head toward the wedding in New York....


I felt Mallory get out of bed and I looked at the clock and thought I would rest just a little longer. The next thing I knew, I heard the door to the room open and... Continue»
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The Delta Gamma girl

So as you might know Delta Gamma's are crazy and they are hot as fuck. They had a rep as sluts on my campus and I found out why one day. I was walking on campus when a DG I knew came up to me and ask if she could talk to me in private.She was blonde and wearing shots and a DG top, so I couldn't say no.

I figured it was something about class but she led me into a closet with a towel on the floor,I asked what was going on. She explained while moving closer to me and her hand on my chest, that one of the requirements for the sorority was to find a guy and then give him a blow job as quick as ... Continue»
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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 11

Chapter One

I woke up early this morning. I wanted to be prepared for our trip. I bathed and removed all of my body hair. Mistress Chloe has helped me with packing last night. I dressed as Master had instructed me to. I’m wearing a white waist cincher corset, with matching thigh high stocking and red high heels. My dress is a white form fitting, sleeve mini dress, off one shoulder. Of course, no panties or bra, and Master’s collar.

I do some light makeup and my hair is in a tight bun, I feel very sexy and hope that Master is pleased. I go down and make a simple breakfast of toast, ... Continue»
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High School Lessons Learned

Here's a story that I found on the web. I doubt that it's a true story but it's definitely a HOT one! So ENJOY!

I was a student in High School, and I was always ahead of my class in most subjects. The teachers all encouraged me, and often I went to their homes or offices for extra help for the extra special problems they gave me.

There was this beautiful black teacher, Mr. Laurence, and he was very helpful. I often went to his office after classes, and he would help me a lot with my school work. I was very attracted toward him, and as he was in his late thirties, and unmarried, I fel... Continue»
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Trying To Quietly Fuck A MILF Friend (True)

This is another true story of mine, Enjoy

I met Stacy threw a friend and her and I hit it off immediately becoming fuck buddies and what made it even hotter to me was that Stacy was my first MILF. She was thirty three at the time of this story and I was only twenty two. Stacy to me was incredibly sexy in a shy way even though she had a kinky side for sure. We usually had sex at my place but one Friday night she invited me to come to her place to watch a movie. It was weird at first because her daughter Ann was running all ove... Continue»
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