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Starting to Become His Women - Bowling Buddies

Bowling Buddies – Starting to Become His Women
Don and I last experience really cemented our relationship, his sex with his wife is about zero and his visits to my house are more frequent. We now meet two times a week at our local gay bar. Everyone there knows we are a “couple” by our frequent solo visits to the back room. No anal sex is allowed at the club so everyone knows Don is getting a nice blowjob that night. When we emerge from the room and rejoin our friends at the table my lips are a little red and swollen. Don has a happy but spent look on his face.

Usually a bar blow job is sh... Continue»
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Alley Fuck

J was a kinky slut, a divorced mother of two, she loved being semi naked at every turn. She lived in flats in Pretoria and often we did it at her request in an alley between the garages which apart from the three enclosing walls was visible to anyone who walked or drove past. The chances of being caught were always there. We called it alley sex. On this particular day, I arrived in the evening as the sun was setting to visit her to find her at her flat door dressed only in a white knee high jacket with a white suspender belt, black sheer stockings and black slut sandle heals. She advised she w... Continue»
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The Deal

I was being very reserved about the whole idea. Normally, I would have been in his bed long ago, but I felt the need to prolong this one, savor the flavor of the chase. It had been a few weeks already, and I wasn’t sick of him in the least bit, which was a whole new world for me. I’m a hit ‘em and quit ‘em kind of girl. Assuming it ever even gets to that point. I’m very self-conscious, which makes me very picky. If I’m not completely comfortable with a guy, I’ll just cut off contact.
So anyway, back to the point. It was Friday and I had promised my little cousin I’d go see her play at halfti... Continue»
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Morning Sex

"Wake up, sweetheart," Nick whispered, softly caressing his boyfriend Adam’s brown hair as Adam stirred from sl**p. He stretched and yawned, squinting his eyes from the morning sunlight and wondering why Nick had waked him so much earlier than usual.
"What the fuck is going on?” Adam drawled, wiping sl**p from his eyes.
"Wake up, lazy ass," Nick said. "We rarely get the same day off work; let’s enjoy it."
It was a beautiful morning in April. The sun was shining brightly through the window of Adam Lankford and Nicolas Reeves’ bedroom, lighting their faces and kissing their skin with warmth ... Continue»
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Tapes of Me having Sex...

I was home from college and had been accosted by Bruce, yes Bruce from Daniel and Charlie. We were some what older and it had been some time since I had been back to the hood.

Bruce was living alone in a rooming house and had told me he had a film he wanted me to see. Bruce had promised that there would only be just the two of us and that i could leave when ever I wanted to. I was sure Bruce did not know that I was still sexual active with male partners.

My curiosity got the best of me, I went to his room and was p;laced at ease by the fact that there was other people in the house and... Continue»
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My mother & my girlfriend

I know it's nasty, but I had this thing for my son's girlfriend and she didn't seem to mind and well... things just sort of happened.

Up until Brad started dating Jennifer our life was pretty normal. Sure, I knew that my son was a little more attracted to me than was normal. I'd realized that he had erections when he'd seen me in various states of undress over the past few years.

But even though deep down in my darkest thoughts I had fantasized about making love to my son, I certainly would never do anything about it.

I was a firm believer that everyone had perverted thoughts from tim... Continue»
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Josephine, My First Whore.

I had some spare time in the big city after concluding my business and had usually gone to strip shows to conclude such trips. This time I wanted to see what it was like to hire a prostitute. The idea of a woman who would sell her body was intriguing to me. I knew that many of them did it not only for the money but also for the pleasure.

I saw the ad in the weekly paper. "I am Josephine and I love men. You will enjoy yourself as will I. Call this number." I called the number and asked if she was free. She laughed and said, "Well I am NEVER free, but I AM reasonable." We both laughed ... Continue»
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Extraordinary client

I'm deciding to write about the most extraordinary clients I have, those that can do the strangest things sexually. I have one client that doesn't like intercourse. He pays for a hand job where he finishes himself. The first time he wanted me to stroke him from the back, reaching around him to until he reaches full erection. Then he wants me to get on my knees and stroke him slowly but firm. I'm noticing that he's lasting a tad bit longer than normal. 20 minutes pass and i don't even see any signs of pre-cum. Right around the 25 minute mark, he ask if he can ejaculate on my face. That wasn't... Continue»
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Las Vegas Divorce party

I went to Las Vegas over a holiday weekend to spend some time with a few of my buddies I served with in Iraq. Over the course of the weekend we consumed a lot of alcohol and spent a lot of money, but this was the highlight of my weekend.

It started on Saturday afternoon. One of my friends who I was sharing a room with was still passed out. We had drank heavily until 6 in the morning, so I figured it would be a while before he woke up and wanted to go for another round. My other friends were down at the pool, but since I was still sunburned a bit from the day before I told them I’d catch up... Continue»
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Las Vegas Divorce party

I went to Las Vegas over a holiday weekend to spend some time with a few of my buddies I served with in Iraq. Over the course of the weekend we consumed a lot of alcohol and spent a lot of money, but this was the highlight of my weekend.

It started on Saturday afternoon. One of my friends who I was sharing a room with was still passed out. We had drank heavily until 6 in the morning, so I figured it would be a while before he woke up and wanted to go for another round. My other friends were down at the pool, but since I was still sunburned a bit from the day before I told them I’d catch up... Continue»
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My lover while husband out of town

I was undecided what to do tonight. My mind told me not to go, but my body kept saying yes. I got a call from my lover begging me to meet with him after work, we wouldn't be out late he said. "Lets go for just a drink-anything". I agreed to meet him at a bar across town, somewhere that we had met before. As I was getting ready to leave work, fixing my hair and makeup, I felt myself getting very excited. I kept wondering what would happen when I saw him, if we would really have just a drink or end up in bed somewhere. I pulled up to the bar and he was already there waiting for me . I saw hi... Continue»
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Chillin' Sinsations (Chaprter 2 of 3)

Here is an another chapter of Kyle and Brandy. Chapter One A Taste of Brandy is available via this link; http://xhamster.com/user/beingbrash/posts/194963.html

Chapter 2: Chillin' Sinsations

Another installment of Brandy and Kyle. Chapter 1 was “A Taste of Brandy” and Chapter 2 is “Chillin’ Sinsations”. Chapter 3 is forthcoming; “Flow”.

Brandy with a broad smile on her glowing face says, “That was fantastic. You need to consult guys on how to give a girl oral gratification.”

Kyle replies, “That was amazing. You are amazingly orgasmic.”

“That was one of my best experiences... Continue»
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The Story of Dave...

A month passed since my first gangbang with John's friends, he had enlisted in the navy and was now going to do his basic training. We had arranged for a nice goodbye get together, but things didn't turn out the way we planned.

My parents were divorced and my mom lived in a town, a few hours away. It was the weekend where I had to see her. We weren't close at all, years before I had found out she had cheated on my Dad with her now boyfriend, Dave. You see, I lived in a small town, one of those towns where people seemed to know everyone and rumors of her acts had made their way through mouth... Continue»
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submissive slut

She arrived at the door with a smile. She came in an set her things down. We immediately locked lips in a feverishly kiss as I grasp her curvy ass with my hands. I then got out some shots for us as sex with her d***k was always hot. We set our glasses down and kissed again this time grabbing her beautiful large breasts with my hands. She let out a soft moan while I massaged both oh her tits. I then spun her around and began kissing her neck as I remove her shirt. It revealed she was wearing a blue leopard skin string bikini top. It felt smooth and wonderful to run my hands over her shiny tits.... Continue»
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House Party Gang Bang

So, it was back in the mid-90's, me and my k** s****r were home alone and we decided that the best thing we could possibly do was have a house party. You know the kind of thing, as much booze as a variety of older siblings and parents could be talked into buying or wouldn't miss from the cupboard, and the few of us who were old enough could go to the off licence and buy for ourselves and all our friends.
It was a friday night, and a the lads I played football with and my college mates were in the garden, barbequing stuff badly whilst trying to impress the young ladies my s****r had invited. O... Continue»
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A married female friend

A story written by female married friend after our sex

Hi, I am Neha, 24 yrs old. I have been married for last 2 yrs now. I live in a posh area of Delhi. My husband is a software engineer and keeps traveling across the globe. He has a special liking of lingerie. He keeps buying it for me from every place he visits.
This has helped me build a great collection of sexiest intimate and innerwear that you can imagine. Though we have a very loving and satisfying relationship, there are times I find my sexual urge unsatisfied due to his long periods of unavailability.

It was a sunny afternoon,... Continue»
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Party Dress

Rebecca didn't want to go to the office party. Being only one of a few women in her company she had little in common with her colleagues and she could count on one hand those she'd want to see after working hours. She already knew who would get d***k and who would argue too loudly. There would be bad chicken and a deejay playing music that she didn't like. Yet, here she was, in a hotel room, putting on a party dress.

Rebecca's husband Ben loved these events. He liked the food, the liquor, and talking with the guys from her office. He loved any chance to get out and feel sophisticated. When ... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter V


Chapter V – Fuckboys (based on True Secrets, No. 5 cover, Marvel Comics, circa Apr. 1950)

I am not a girl that likes to be hanging onto relationships. Not that I am anti-monogamy or something. It’s just I am a 20-year old woman that is not yet interested on the business of ‘settling down’ with anyone.

That’s why I came up with the concept of “fuckboys”. What it means being a “fuckboy”? Means guys that I like to fuck once in a while. All friends of mine, guys that I can trust completely and do whatever I want to do, whenever... Continue»
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I wish digital cameras, cams and sexual dating sit

It's a shame digtal cameras, cams and sexual dating sites weren't around a few years back. I missed the opportunity of making some mfm mmf homemade porn that I would hope would lead to more of the same and some mmff, fun too! Oh well, alas, perhaps it will still happen at some point.

I remember the beginning...

I have a friend I grew up wih "C". C is married to a hottie who really opened my sexual world up "J". They now have too many k**s and life has them going about their domestic way, which is good and I'm very happy for them.

A few years back though, she was a subtle flirt, and m... Continue»
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Ginger Slut Sophie

Hi this is fantasy with some truth in.

Finally it was 5pm on Friday afternoon; it had been a hard long week at work with lots of stress and problems to deal with. But now it was time to have some fun and unwind.

Me and the girls had arranged to go to his new club in town called 'LUSH'. It had been open a few weeks and we had heard it was amazing. The place to be. On the way home I sat thinking about things, as you do, what to wear, what it would be like, what sort of people would be there etc.

I snapped back to reality when my phone went, a text from the boyfriend James. He said tha... Continue»
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