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The stand for taking virgin's...

Claudia heard the knock and wondered what was wrong, for only an emergency would have someone disturbing her this late. "Who is it?" she called from her bed, expecting one of her ladies to be bringing her news of some dire emergency. "It is is mistress...Celadus. I have a boon to ask of you." Celadus was undefeated in the arena, but would he be as lucky in love?
When Tim started hiking up my skirt and kissing me on my desk after everyone had left for the day, I knew we were going to have some hot office sex! He swiftly took off my panties and told me, "I've been thinking about attacking you a... Continue»
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Double Dipping

The nature of my work has given me the opportunity to travel around the continent. A short while ago, I found myself living in shared accommodation in the south of France. The weather was glorious, the food magnificent and the variety of cock was overwhelming.

I shared an apartment with 5 other girls but that was boring and laborious, all we did was talk about the cleaning duties. So I made an executive decision that I would move in with 5 men (not all gorgeous). They set me up very nicely and treated me like a French princess. I wanted for nothing, especially dick.

The days were long a... Continue»
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I was dreaming that my legs were spread and that there was someone between them I could feel his hardness rubbing against my vulva and I thought how nice that felt and I could feel myself getting wet in anticipation of having sex until it wasn't a dream and I was awake and someone was really between my legs! At first I froze I was thinking fast don't scream you might scare him and he'll hurt you then I felt him still rubbing my vulva with his really big cock well I haven't gotten laid in a really long time I broke up with my boyfriend six months ago and haven't been fucked since! It wa... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls 5/2 - Carleigh

The pain was secondary to the pleasure she felt. She fucked the plank, slid along the old wood, her juices made the trip back and forth easier as her pussy slid along. She felt a familiar tingling between her legs, but this time it was different. It wasn't her fingers aroused her but a torture device, her pussy f***ed to rub harshly up and down the edge of the plank, raw, but still brought powerful bursts of pleasure. Headmaster Michael had taken his cock out, his hand wrapped around it, stroked it up and down. It was huge, much thicker than any pictures she had ever seen. It wasn't a penis, ... Continue»
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Just another day

Liz awoke with her pussy wet and on fire for some cock. Her dreams had stirred a passion she needed to take care of today. She decided to go down to the bar where the men in uniform hung out. She always had good luck meeting a hung man there. She remembered last week when she did a three some with the two black marines. They went back to the storage room and sandwiched her naked body between them as they ravaged her body first with their hands then their huge dicks. Jim had a nice thick twelve inches and Ron was ten inches. Neither had been with a woman for several months and they licked and f... Continue»
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Husband's fun night with wife and a sub.

She knocks at the door! I'm feeling nervous and excited to have this hot Puerto Rican mami that my wife and I found off this online website add we posted. I can feel my heart beating with each step toward the door, my chest puffed up, my stare serious I am ready to dominate and take control. The energy of power and strength but yet passion and pleasure rushed thru my veins. I opened the door stood behind it as it opened wider, I said nothing but point. She is 22 her name is Rosa 5'2 with big firm tits with curvaceous hips to go with that round ass. She walks thru the hallway into the leaving ... Continue»
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"Help Me Out": A Receptionist earns extr

It was a hot Friday night in the brothel, and it was payday, so it was busy. Martha, working behind the reception desk, had already taken a lot of money and six men were waiting for someone to be ready for them. On the reception room tv, Nicole Sheridan noisily slurped her way through a succession of cocks, and the waiting punters were struggling hard not to pull themselves off too soon.

Chad, the manager, came out from behind the little curtain where he had his "office" (his work seemed to consist largely of watching th... Continue»
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sexy financer aunt

I usually sit on my bunglow always on top 5th floor.Opposite to the there was another building of finance lady sudha i would have a good rapport and joking with her so freely as her close friend but iam younger than her she is about 40+ and i of 30 but i was so fond of her sexy looks whenever she visits in balcony if iam there just i would watch her dress and coment saying ohh aunt how are you? she would reply me well as her hubby was a drinker and i was fan of her great curvy sexy body as she know very well about this but she stay quiet once as it was raining and alomost 10pm at night her hus... Continue»
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[Netzfund] Meine Frau

Ich war 18 Jahre alt und lebte zusammen mit meiner Mutter und meinem 18 Jährigen Bruder zusammen in einem kleinen Dorf in Schleswig Holstein. Wir lebten sehr einsam in einem sehr kleinen Haus, 2 Kilometer außerhalb eines kleinen Dorfes. Mein Vater der vor 2 Jahren verstarb hatte dieses kleine Haus gekauft und fertig gemacht und als sein Werk getan war wachte er eines Morgens nicht mehr auf und wir mussten sehen wie wir alleine zurecht kamen. Meine Mutter tat alles was sie konnte und arbeitete als Putzfrau bei einigen Nachbarn, aber das Geld war immer knapp, aber wir Kinder taten alles was wir ... Continue»
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Perfect finish

Finding the right pussy in your life is like finding a needle in a hay stack, for up until you cum twice in the pussy it becomes a nice hole. The best pussy have not been found yet... Ladies should throw the best piece at the right time, the first time instead of screw up every time, all the time sometimes...Short and sweet, long and pleased or studded saddle along??? Ladies have you ever, be truly real...Are there any teens or virgins saving it for me? Good stuff. You need a lesson I am more than glad and here to assist you in making that orgasm memorable... 242-533-8292 or 242-373-7741 Lil C... Continue»
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Tina the Redhead Returns

This past Friday, I closed the garage at 6pm and then entered all of the day’s work into the computer and headed home around 7pm. I went upstairs, took a shower and then headed down to the kitchen to fix a quick bite to eat. Just as I pulled out couple of pork chops to through on the grill, my doorbell rang.

The last thing I wanted was unexpected company. All I wanted to do was fix something eat and relax with a couple of beers out by the pool as it had been a very busy week. When I opened the door to see who it was, all I saw the flash of red hair as a woman leaped into my arms, wrapped h... Continue»
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Wife becomes submissive slut and has many adventures.


Marsha and I married when we were both in our twenties.
We lived in Chicago at the time, and were both employed
by the same company. I was a stockbroker, and Marsha
was a secretary. Marsha has dull red hair, is just
slightly overweight (10 pounds) but has a very
voluptuous body (big firm tits). Because she is 1/4
Indian, she has a very exotic look, with large
(blowjob) lips. The other thing about Marsha's looks
that drove me wild was the small freckles all over her
body. The freckles on her tits were fantasti... Continue»
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The 18 year old neighbor

It was a long day at work. As I walked in the front door, I took off my black converse sneakers and went up to my bedroom and took off my tight white spandex top and my tight orange short shorts. With only my black sports bra and black thong on, I step in front of my full body mirror looking over my 37DD-26-36. With my slightly tanned skin, I just dyed my hair blonde because I wanted to be admired more and thought It would work. Which it did, Guys at work would always stop and look at me. I loved it every time it happened. As I stood in front of the mirror, I started to think about the guys wh... Continue»
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Playing Games

I watched the girl as the guards brought her forward. Her naked body
glistened in the dungeon's warm air, but it was not the heat of the room
that made her sweat. From the look on her face, it might have been a thin
shine of fear, but I also knew about the half hour she had spent baking in
the sauna.

It pleased me to see her naked body trembling before me.

"We're going to play a game," I announced as the guards brought her
forward, holding her almost motionless despite her occasional struggles.
"Since you're such a naughty girl, I thought you might enjoy playing a game
instead ... Continue»
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Married Preachers Daughter Chapter 13 Rachelle AND

Rachelle was horrified as she thought of how she had cum over and over again with a strangers (mine) cock in her married pussy, mouth and devouring and using her body. She was ashamed and guilty, how could a married preachers daughters do this! How could she fuck me and enjoy it so, when she knew it was so wrong and why did she slut herself so. It made her feel worse she had been fucking in her s****rs house. But, Rachelle, also could not but get her sore pussy wet and her nipples would harden as she remembered everything I had done to her and how she responded. She was horrified that both I,... Continue»
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Ariel my former student, becomes my fuck toy

I was one of Ariel’s cadre at a camp when she was 16. She was a very petit redhead back then, 5’ 3” 100 lbs soaking wet. Three years later the only thing that had changed was she was now an exotic dancer, few tattoos, and piercings one being on her hood. When I called her department she instantly recognized my voice and began to text me outside of work. She began to drop hints that she wanted me to come see her dance, and possibly more.
I was in her part of town working for two weeks just talking back and forth unable to get away from work to see her. Finally on my last night in town everythi... Continue»
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my life so far! diary of a sex addict!

i first had sex when i was 14 years old, it was with a girl who was 18, in a field in Tallagh.(Dublin).
it did not last very long but i knew i was hooked. the worse thing about having sex so young is it was 2 year before i had sex again.
i was engaged at 17 to a girl 2 years older than me and at 17 i thought all my dreams had come true, i was head over heels crazy about this girl.
i had my first 3some with her a a friend of hers who did not even like me but it was such a rush. 17 years old having sex with 2 woman then seeing them licking and fingering each other was mind blowing.
short... Continue»
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Girlfriend comes home

True story here happened last weekend.

We live in Phoenix AZ me and my girl have lived together for 2 years now. During sex we talk dirty about how hot it would be for her to fuck another guy. Well last weekend she took our fantasy and made it a reality. It was Friday night and I had to be at work early the next day, my scheduled monthly Saturday to work. Her friend had invited her to a party and she wanted me to go with her. I told her I wanted to but would not be able to get up at work on time so I told her to go ahead and go. She did not want to go by herself but I told her I was o... Continue»
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His Desire

After a long marriage and four grown c***dren Jim's wife moved out with a younger guy. Jim now was going to make his dream come true with a woman that wants wild nasty sex day and night. Sex with his wife was too tame and boring and now they both were moving on to better things. Jim told the men at the club that he was hunting and when he found the right woman they would be the first to know. He wanted big tits a big round ass and could not be satisfied in bed. He wanted her wild and kinky and young. His cock got hard thinking about it. One night when he was at an all nude dirty dancing strip ... Continue»
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My date with the boss's daughter part 2

Part 2

As we walked into the lobby of the hotel, I asked her, "Lissa don't you think that this place is to much in price? Besides, they ain't going to give us a room, we ain't even 18 yet. What if they ask for id?"

She replied, "Don't worry. I wrote a note saying to let us have a room for two nights, and signed Mamma's name. We will get a room."

I could not believe it. It worked. The check-in clerk read the note and felled for it, and gave us a room. As soon as we got in the room,, that's when the fun really began.

I had taken a "stay pill" on the way to the room, so by the time... Continue»
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