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Young ebony slut

The other night I had this sweet young looking
African American girl re-twisting the roots on my dreadlocks.
Nikki was a fine young brown skin ebony female she stood
Around 5’4 and weighed about 125. She had the perfect ebony skin
Color that made her look like a Goddess. My wife used to make
Remarks about the way she dressed. Like most young girls during the
Summer months Nikki liked to wear those tight booty shorts, and those
Open toe Roman looking sandals. I didn’t see anything wrong with the things she
Wore, it was some good looking eye candy for my horny eyes.

Besides she was a... Continue»
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Helping him out helped me out

So I was walking to the comic book store that I have mentioned in my other stories when I noticed a neighbor a few houses down from mine was working on his back fence. (I was walking behind the houses) We said hello to each other but that was about it. He was maybe mid thirties but I didn't know for sure since we had never really talked. Anyway, I went on to the comic book store.

I did my usual up there. Shopped a bit and waited for everyone but myself and the shop owner to leave. At which point I sucked his cock and took a load as far as his cock could get up there. I liked earning ... Continue»
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Fucking my asian cousin s****r

Ayshea is my cousin s****r she lives in London with her f****y not far from me Ayshea is very attractive and has natural beauty and very fashionable she use to come over my house and chill out with me because we were cousins but since c***dhood i noticed she was changing and her body was developing you could not miss it her hips swung outwards and her breast sticked out bigger everytime she use to come to mine we would sit down in my room talking and playing playstation 3 she was cool but eventually i started getting happier every time she came over one day she came over my house with food th... Continue»
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Foursome with a new girl

It’s been a while since I’ve written about any of our adventures. Sorry about that, things had been pretty busy. Anyhow, this one is a dandy!

So this past weekend yielded a very pleasant surprise. On Sunday we had couple of friends over for supper. The couple is a guy I’ve known for years, while his girlfriend is a more recent addition to our group of friends. Amy is not exactly the smartest or most interesting girl, but she’s a tall, thin brunette with a gorgeous face. She’s also very flirty, and is one of those girls who play up being into other girls in front of guys, but I think a lot o... Continue»
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My Mom and I in London PT2

What happened next?

If you don't like i****t...this isn't the story for you! Feedback is welcome. Enjoy

Me and mom stayed at the hotel in London for another two nights. It was amazing! We walked all over the city holding hands and kissing. After all, nobody knew we are mother and son.

We went to all the shops - we even went to a lingerie shop. There was only one girl working in the shop, she thought that I was my mom's boyfriend. She led us to a bunch of little booths at the back of the store and told me to sit down on the chairs. She and Mom went back into the shop. Mom returned a ... Continue»
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My Panty Fantasy

We both got home from work at the same time. The desert heat had worn at us all day, so we immediately went to the bedroom to change out of the clothes we went to work in for something lighter. I always love to watch her undress, and today was no exception. I was already down to my underwear while she was slowly undoing the buttons of her blouse. She knew that I always glanced her way when we changed our clothes, but today she noticed my appreciation for her bulging in my underwear. Her blouse was off now and I stared at the lacy white bra with anticipation, calling from memory the lovely br... Continue»
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My Wife's Friend-Part 3

My wife’s friend – Part 3

After my encounter with Shannon at her hotel we didn’t see each other for several months. In fact, the next time I saw Shannon or Elisa was at Jessica’s wedding in the fall. It was held at a beautiful resort in the country.

My wife and I arrived early on the Saturday, eager to get away from the c***dren but I was also eager to see Elisa and Shannon. We checked in at the hotel and headed up to our room to relax. Shortly after my wife got a text from her friend Vanessa asking her to come by her room. I didn’t mind being left on my own so I set out to explore the ... Continue»
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Sexy Amy

I live in the countryside in Scotland, the cottage I stay in is secluded and my nearest neighbour is a farm a couple of miles away further up the Glen. Between us the farm has a cottage that they rent out as a holiday cottage.

A few weeks ago I noticed a car drive past packed with luggage and with two young women in it. I was outside pulling weeds out of what's supposed to be my garden, around here we wave at anybody driving past whether you know them or not. I'd only noticed it was two women at the last second, I waved with a handful of weeds in my hand, which after they'd passed, I'd kind... Continue»
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Jenny Become A Porn Star

Jenny Becomes A Porn Star
Chapter One

Nine months ago my life was that of a normal divorced ex house wife if you could call that normal. My husband had found a younger girl and he decided to get rid of me. At least he waited until our two boys had grown up and moved away. During the two years since our divorce I had moved into a second floor apartment with a balcony overlooking the ocean. Ther... Continue»
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I agreed to

My husband asked if he could do some role play using nylon clothesline rope and tied me spread eagle to the bed and my hands /arms over my head. I made the mistake of saying if he wanted to go ahead. I thought it was going to be actual love making is why. After he tied me the way he wanted he set up his web cam to webcamnow which is a site he loves. I asked him if he was going to actually make love or what and he proceeded to apply a lubricant to my pussy. "you'll see" he replied. My heart was starting to pound and I was now realizing how vulnerable and helpless I was and probably made a big m... Continue»
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Good Morning Bill

The quiet mummer of voices in the other room rouses me from my sl**p. I yawn and stretch languidly. Umm, I moan enjoying the stretch against the feel of the exquisite sheets on the bed of this gorgeous five star resort. I hear you enter the bedroom of the suite, the scent of coffee tickling my nose. As always, you are taking care of my every need, fulfilling my every whim. Keeping my eyes closed, I sense more than hear you as you place the coffee near the bed. Soon the balcony door slides open and I can feel I am alone. I smile as I realize just how well you have come to know ... Continue»
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Good Morning My Lovely Lady

We wake up in the morning spooning, you facing away from me, my left arm our you, my left hand in between your hands, which are clasped in front of you, my right arm above my head. You can feel me, my hardness, and I know you are awake.

My left hand takes both your hands and lifts them above your head, causing you to roll onto your back, and my right hand holds your hands above your head and now slowly moves down touching your hair, across your cheek and traces across your lips, onto your chin and down over your neck, you squirm as it tickles however my hand restrains your hands and arms ab... Continue»
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Seduced Young Wife

Seduced Young Wife

Chapter 1

A hum filled Lynn Shaffer's ears as she began to arouse herself from
her half-sl**p. She was dimly aware of a delicious warmth which
permeated her entire body, forming tiny beads of perspiration on her
forehead and letting a faint dampness invade the sheltered places
beneath her arms and down between her small, smoothly rounded thighs.
She rolled over onto her back, vaguely conscious now of the texture of
the terrycloth towel which lay beneath her, and of the sweltering sun
standing high over her in the cloudless Caribbean sky.

The... Continue»
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Our first naughty kiss

I have a cum fetish. I have looked for a proper cum slut for a long time. Well, not a long time. I was only made aware of my fetish the last few years, and it has grown. It has always been there. I have always loved 69ing with my lover while another guy fucks her doggie style, then licking her cum filled pussy before I fuck her. I have had many women in my life that I introduced to the joys of threesomes involving me and another man. I had one fun slut who enjoyed running to me as quick as she could after someone filled her with cum so I could eat her and mix my cum with his in her, but ... Continue»
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[image]NY LUST[/image]

"Let's go get some cock, Baby" said Michelle, all painted and dressed as an absolutely flaming drag queen; she flipped up her short miniskirt as she wiggled her naked ass. "Check my pussy, Honey". She bent over, legs spread wide thrusting out her ass, parting her cheeks with long red nails as she pulsed her pussy open and closed, her smooth balls glistening with her dripping pussy juice, her sissy cock dangling. Lori was at the mirror putting on even more lipstick and gloss. "Ummmm, I love it Baby, you are such a nasty bitch... Continue»
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A Stripper Story

It like strippers (most of them). Actually I like all exhibitionist women who enjoy pleasing men and get pleasure from sex without drama or hangups. I also think public or semi-public sex is very exciting, especially with someone you just met and don't expect to have any ongoing attachment with. This story is about one experience I had in a strip club.

I was visiting Houston on business. I had heard and read on some review sites, that "extras" were available in some of the strip clubs in town. I had also read that some of the dancers were incredibly hot and totally freaky for sex. I p... Continue»
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Not What I Expected

Billy and I ran to my house as fast as we could. It was Friday and school was out for the the three days. We got inside and thru our backpacks on the floor and got to the kitchen. We sat on the bar stools and I placed our prize on the counter, it was four blue pills. An older boy sold them to me for twenty dollars. He promised me that if we put one pill in a drink and give it to a girl she will have sex with us in twenty minutes. And she would not remember anything the next day. Billy and I have had hair on our balls for some time now, but we were not getting the girls probably because we we... Continue»
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Crowded Club

I was in a really loud, very crowded club. It was a great place, and the women outnumbered the men at least two to one. Most of the were probably just there for fun, but there was a sexual atmosphere that could not be denied.

I went to grab a drink, and there was no line at the bar - it was more like a mob. People were packed in like sardines, slowly moving toward the bar. I took a spot and gradually migrated into the pack.

About five minutes into this, I realized that I was virtually surrounded by women. Unfortunately, it was too loud and too crowded to hit on any of them, so I f... Continue»
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A Very Brief and Intense One-Time Encounter With a

I was getting out of my car at my apartment when a neighbor drove up. I waived hello when I saw a young woman getting out of his car with another guy. I must have looked pretty funny as my jaw dropped. She was maybe 22 years old I would guess (I was about 25 and in great shape, tan and always horny), thin, but not scrawny. She was wearing platform sandals with legs to die for, topped by a tiny pair of shorts with a low cut waist and the bottoms of her ass cheeks clearly visible in the rear. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and she was wearing a sleeveless top that was tied off s... Continue»
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The Spring

Such a lovely morning, would be a shame to waste it in doors. Putting on your jogging outfit, you head out for a nice morning run in the woods. The air is cool, but the sun is warm, you're looking forward to a nice quite few hours. Just you and the wild.

The winding dirt path quickly leads you away from civilization. You always love to run here. It's a long path, away from everyone, with a quite little natural spring when you can take a break. You can already imagine dipping your toes in the clear water, to lay back listen to the sounds of nature, and hearing the water flow down the small s... Continue»
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