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Moni used again and loves it

True story

A few years after we were married we took a road trip down to Phoenix , We were both young and carefree having been married for such a short time. We arrived in Phoenix late at night as Marc decided to not stop and get here quicker . We were both tired and also a little lost.
We drove around looking for a place to stay but couldn't find any vacancies in the area we were.
The guy at the last motel told us to try a place and gave us the address. We drove out looking for the place and had no luck. We had no idea where we were anymore and the neighbor hood looked a little run do... Continue»
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My ebony BBW coworker pt. 2

When Justine asked me this, I nearly blew a load in my pants from excitement! I said with some enthusiasm, "I would love to show you my bedroom!" She looked up at me with her bright, hazel eyes, smiled, and led me down the hall. She turned her back to me and began to remove her top, revealing her lovely chocolate skin. She had such beautiful folds on her sides, and a giant tattoo of a gothic cross down the middle of her back. As she strutted slowly, I could see she was wearing a lovely purple satin bra, which she unclasped and removed with two hands. She dropped her bra on the floor, and I cou... Continue»
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Tanya's Campout

The phone rang, picked it up, it was my s****r Teri. She called and asked if me and the hubby would be interested in camping next weekend. Told her I would ask Phil, my husband, and call her back. Phil and I discussed it and decided, why not. Called Teri back and told her we would and discussed the where's and when's.

I am Tanya, forty four years old, short with a nice build. Phil and I have been married twenty three years now. It's been a good marriage. He has a wonderful job. I stay at home. Things were great until about five years ago when the sex went to the toilet. We rarely have se... Continue»
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Underwater Cum drowning: How long you guys think,

How long you guys think, she can hold her breath? Imagine I fuck her while she is fully underwater, not able to breathe. I will not allow her to get her head above the water until I will shoot my cum into her throat! So one last breath for her then we start to test her breathhold skills! First I deepthroat her gullet, I like how she gags and chokes underwater, now and then I thrust my cock so fast and deep into her gullet that a big torrent of water is flushing down her throat too, making her choke and cough under water making her demand to breathe unbearable! She is already short of oxygen, ... Continue»
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What my wife did with a coworker

If you have read my other adventures you know my wife is a hot wife/ slut wife/ cuckoldress. She has blonde hair and blue eye and is five foot four one hundred pounds , she has thirty four b cup tits and perfect legs. In the office she works at one other lady is in a cuckold marriage and they share stories during their lunch hour. They try to out do each other.

Part of their job is meeting salesmen from outside source providers. My wife has met over thirty guys for ( dinner ) and it always ends up with her having sex and coming home with a creamypie for me to eat. But that's not what this ... Continue»
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Thanksgiving Reunion

Vince had some misgivings about going back home for Thanksgiving, but the desire to see some of the older f****y members that may not be around much longer was his prime motivation. It would be nice anyway to get back out into the country, and on the farm where he spent so much time as a c***d playing with his cousin Larry.

That was before Larry started having all his issues with booze and life in general. Vince arrived at the f****y home, and was greeted by his Aunt and Uncle along with his cousin Larry who was for all intents and purposes the black sheep of the f****y.

After all the ... Continue»
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s****r's share everything

I gave "Assmeanything" an idea for a story & he came up with this for me...THANKS!

So it all happened when I heard my fiancé and her s****r Suzie stumble in from a nightclub in the early hours of the morning.

Sometimes my fiancé brings back some of her friends to chat over that night's incidents, but as I lay in bed upstairs trying to get back to sl**p I thought I could hear male voices. I thought I must be dreaming and drifted back off to sl**p.

A little while later I woke again and heard male voices again, they seemed to be groaning and I could definitely hear a woman's voice in bet... Continue»
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A Rush of bl**d to the Head Ch. 02

Lucy is brought to her knees.

I called Mark on my way home but he didn't answer. It was only after I went through a traffic light that I realized it was red. Slowing down was difficult; I watched the speedometer tick down until I was only doing 10 above the speed-limit.

He waited for me on the couch. A baseball game was on, volume low, and he held a glass of whiskey in one hand.

Mark's eyes met my own when I locked the front door. We studied each another. His eyes traveled down my body, and swept back up to my face.

"Was yoga fun?" he asked, breaking the silence. He d... Continue»
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A Rush of bl**d to the Head Ch. 03

Lucy is backed into a corner and has a few decisions to make.

I was in the bathtub when Mark came home.

He found me there, his tie undone and his shoes off. Men looked so vulnerable to me in their socks. Naked, or still in a suit, the sight of their socked feet made me ache.

Mark leant against the door and smiled. Bubbles covered my body, making the tips of my nipples and knees seem extra pink, and his eyes devoured the sight of me. I searched his face to see if he'd received a joyous message from Patricia, or a smug voicemail from Bruce.

There was nothing in his expr... Continue»
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A Rush of bl**d to the Head Ch. 04

The conclusion.

The only place I could go was to my parents'.

I tried calling my mother on her cell but it immediately went to voicemail. I didn't bother trying my father; he never used his phone. It didn't matter because it wasn't as if they'd turn me away. At least, I didn't think they would.

They lived about two hours north of the city—maybe an hour and a half away from my house. What used to be my house.

The bus ride felt interminable, but the driver did make good time. It was nearing 8pm when I stepped outside, blinking back tears. A bunch of taxis were lined up ... Continue»
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How I Got Nicknamed the GooGobbler

I am 23 years old, from Manila in the Philippines. I went to an expensive private College in Manila and became a Nurse. While I was studying, I met a great guy from Los Angeles, California and after doing all the papers for my visa he finally brought me to LA. So why a sexy blog by a happily married housewife you ask? Because sometimes I’m bored with facebook and I want to share my secret life with strangers. I’m just learning how to blog so forgive my mistakes please.

I have never had anybody I could tell about some times when we did wild and crazy things. I also did not know before I got... Continue»
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Harvey's Training

Author's notes: This story contains non-con, mentions of CBT, urethral sounding, sexual slavery and anal. This is an introduction, setting up what is in store for Harvey. I intend for more to follow. Leave a comment - I'm open to criticism and suggestions. Please note: I do not condone ****. This is fiction only.

John did not consider himself to be a cruel man. If he had seen his victims as something equal to others, he might have re-considered that. He was nice and considerate to people at work, he gave way at the appropriate places in his car. Most people would consider John to be... Continue»
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Late night gangbang suprise

I was fast asl**p in bed when my phone vibrated on my bedside table. I thought about ignoring it but noticed in my half sl**p that I was the only one in the bed I share with my lovely wife.

Leaning to my phone, I saw that my clock was saying 3:05 and that it was the middle of the night.

My phone blinked ‘KRISTI MESSAGE’ and wondered a: Why my wife would be texting me so late, and b: Where on earth was she at this time of the night.

Fumbling the buttons, I opened the message and blinked to focus my eyes on the words ‘CHECK THIS OUT!!’ and noticed there was a picture attached. Scrolling... Continue»
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A New Drier

We had to buy a new drier as ours was fucked, we chose one at a well-known retailer and they said they would deliver it the following Tuesday. I was working out of town on the Tuesday so I told Donna to make sure they wired it in properly. Ten fifteen there was a knock on the door, there stood the delivery man with our new appliance.

As he unwrapped it and pulled the old one out of the space it became apparent that because we have a fitted kitchen the mains lead would have to have the plug taken off, Dave, the delivery man got out a knife and cut the plug off and then took the old drier out... Continue»
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58 sharing bruno

58 shareing bruno
My wife Kay and I were having a no holds barred session on the living room carpet when our dog `Bruno’ made his appearance and I just had to said to Kay “look at the tongue on him,” at this remark she gave me a slight slap and burst out laughing.
We sat together kissing and cuddling and I thought I would push my luck a little and so I said “what about `Bruno’ giving you a licking,” another slap and another burst of laughter but she never said no!
I started to play with her again a little fingering whilst she sucked me off, I pulled my fingers out and gave them to ... Continue»
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5 year affair with my SIL

My fiance and I were getting married in two weeks. We didn’t have a place to live yet so she stayed staying with her older s****r and I stayed in her parents’ house on the living room couch for the same two weeks. The night before our wedding, everyone in the house was down for the night and I lay down on the couch to get some sl**p. I was able to drift off to sl**p and sl**p for a bit when I woke up for some reason. I looked around the darkened room and sitting in the chair next to the couch in the light from the street light is my fiances s****r. She was just sitting there in a night s... Continue»
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Cum. Love at First Taste

I was 19 when I found an ad looking for someone to move in with a mid 40's couple to help with yard work and chores and room and board provided. I emailed the couple and setup a meeting. I really liked them and they seemed to like me the shy little community college student with no f****y in the area. Tina was a average looking lady with a few extra pounds, nice large tits and black hair. Bill was about 5'10 190 with a small belly and moslty bald reminded me of my high school principle. I moved in with them the next week and helped out around the house cutting grass, cleaning gutters, and... Continue»
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Helpful clerk (and I didn't even buy anything

I was shopping early one morning, taking in a glorious Spring afternoon at an outdoors outlet center.

There were few people about, despite the warm weather and blue skies. I'd arrived early on a Tuesday, not many people out and about as I was, as it was one of my regular days off and my work-week had concluded the day before. Lucky me.

Very lucky, as it turned out. I slipped into a store to look for some new briefs, and new socks. It was just after 10:00 A.M. and walking inside, I didn't see anyone right away. Surely someone was there, the front door being unlocked.

Oh, well. I saunte... Continue»
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Massage Dude

It was summer between semesters at college. I took a full time job at this high brow country club to cover my bills till school started back as I did not want to have to go home and lose my apartment. I had taken a course in massage so they put me in doing massage which was not so bad. Turns out massaging old white people pays pretty well.
Then one day this older white guy comes in. As I am massaging him he starts in with these questions. "How big is your cock, they say all you black guys have big cocks?" Thinking he is heading to some gay massage thing I say "Its big enough for the ladi... Continue»
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Turks are fucker guys - 6

Aslında bu hikaye serisine başlama amacım , burda ki saçma salak hikayelere bir alternatif oluşturmaktı. Daha doğrusu , burda ki diğer erotik hikaye sitelerinden çalma hikayeleri paylaşanlarla dalga geçmekti. Örneğin;Yengem Beni Travesti Yapti bu nedir ? Cidden soruyorum bu nedir lan ? Saka gibi. Herneyse , ilk 5 hikaye çok tuttu. Hatta bir kaç kişi numaramı nerden buldularsa telif hakkını filan almaya kalktıda ben satmadım. Sonuçta bu hikayeleri para kazanma kaygısıyla yazıya dökmedim. Bunları burda yetişen gençliğe rehper olsun diye döktüm. Kısaca şunu demek istiyorum , hikaye yazamıyorsan... Continue»
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