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Captain Jack's Journal

March 17, 2037 Rogers memo

Fucked MaggieMom today. She really put on another show today. Thought Alton would make his move today, but he missed his chance. We all know she's ready, being our pussy was what we all grew up knowing would happen. We knew the existence of our f****y would someday isolate us. We were born from her with the same appetite for sex. Half b*****rs, half bastards from a horny slut.She is our idol, slut, prim and proper mom, when needed. I must prod Alton on because our little b*****r is over due. He's already in heat and may beat him to the pussy.

Alton's memo

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Though everyone working in the library referred to him as “old Saunders”, the head of the staff was really no such thing. He was in his late forties. He was strong and robust looking, with sexy grey hair speckling his temples. He looked more like a successful businessman than a head librarian, and only his wire-rimmed glasses gave him a faintly intellectual air.

He was stern, and he didn’t appear to have much of a sense of humor to those who came in contact with him. Not many people did, of course, and this probably added to his reputation. As far as Vickie had heard, he only cal... Continue»
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"I'll have my attorney make something up." He said.

I laughed then replied. "Your lawyer is good at that. Mine will eat him alive." I said not knowing what attorney I'd find to represent me but knowing women always win out in a divorce.

"Speaking of making things up I'll tell my attorney that you've been fucking your secretary for years." I quipped.

"You can't prove that." He quickly replied.

I gave him a dirty look then answered. "We just see about that."

I then turned and ran up the stairs locking the bedroom door after slamming it shut.

As I ran som... Continue»
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The morning was beautiful, bright and clear. She was the first up, and had the coffee on by the time anyone else emerged from the small group of tents. It was Gary, and together they sat and chatted and drank their black coffee in the sunshine.

She wasn’t sure when the conversation turned to sex. Maybe it was when Gary gazed at her tits in her tight T-shirt and complimented her on her figure. She didn’t know him very well, having met him only once or twice before. And she was at first embarrassed by his attention. But she was soon smiling at his talk. And she found herself encourag... Continue»
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Tammy was delirious with climaxing release. Her voice was now a series of hoarse grunts as the spasms began to swell together in a final, exhausting explosion of pleasure. Her cunt was now overflowing with hot, frothy sperm, squirting out of her pussy lips with each of his thrusts. She felt the sticky fluid ooze down, warming up her asshole and thighs. When he gave a last, grinding pump, she felt her guts press into her lungs, causing her to lose her breath.

After a few moments, he pulled away from her and lay on his back. His muscular chest was glistening with sweat, causing the ... Continue»
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Where are you going?” repeated Tim firmly.

“Out!” said Linda sharply. “I’m going to a play at the Livingston Theater. The Palo Players. You’ve probably never heard of them.”

Tim studied his wife and she met his gaze firmly. “Why are you being so uppity?” he asked. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He looked at his watch. “You can go out. It’ll be dark when you get back. What time’s it over?”

“Ten-thirty,” Linda, answered her irritation growing. She started to open the door.

“Who are you going with?” he demanded.

“I’m going alone!”

“Linda, you’ve nev... Continue»
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"Good to see you again Miss Lucia." Said the chauffeur with a smile. "Hopefully we can make tonight as good an experience for you as last time."

"It would be tough to top last time," I responded, "But its nice of you to try." I said with a wink.

The chauffeur held the limo door open for me as a climbed in, an operation made more difficult by the six-inch stiletto heels I wore to compliment my tiny black cocktail dress. I was still not quite used to the heels, and considered myself lucky that I would not have to walk around this evening. There was not much less sexy than a woman... Continue»
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Babysitting Karen -by TheCamel

My wife and I were babysitting Karen; the daughter of the
wife's b*****r. Things were pretty normal until they went
to the dogs!


Melissa, my wife and I have been married 15 years and we
have an incredible sex life and sex drive. We have tried
everything, or so I thought, until my niece came to stay
with us for a weekend.

Melissa's b*****r and wife had to go away for some
business seminar so asked my wife to baby-sit. Karen is
14 and very cute, but very tomboyish, the type that wears
jeans and loose fitting shirts all the time and likes to
play rough. She arrive... Continue»
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My Life as a Shemale Part3

The next year would become the strangest and the most turbulent of my life, I will have to write more chapters just to get it all in. What came next was my transformation, even though it was becoming more clear to Tim, Sam and I that I was transgender from the onset.

Sam came and saw me more often, I started to understand that she was an e****t that Tim had come to his house but I also learned that her and I became friends and that her visits to me were not something she usually did and didn't charge for. It was only a few weeks after her first visit with me that we were sitting in my bedro... Continue»
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hot texas summer

I lay in bed on a hot and sultry night. the air conditioner blows full blast, but it can't seem to take the the edge off the heat in the station. sl**p is denied me because, as always you are on my mind. The thought of taking you in my arms, and kissing you deeply, seems to bring desire with the already warm humidity of the room. I fantasize about holding you're sumptuous body close to me, breathing in you're very essence, The thought of you're full pouty lips against mine, making me slightly short of breath.
As sl**p dances at the edge of my mind, I hear a quiet knock at the door. I roll out... Continue»
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Annie's Bad Night

M, F, MMF, gang****, oral, anal, NC,

Annie's Bad Night

Life was good for Adam! The last year had been a tough one but it was
all over now. Final exams were finished and he had passed with flying
colours. Come September, he would be entering his final year of college.

The twenty-one year old was now back in his hometown for the summer. He
was living in the apartment over his parent's garage which gave him a
certain degree of independence and he was working at his uncle's car
dealership. It was good to be back home, he thought. Seeing old friends
and famili... Continue»
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Captain Jack's Journal

March 17, 2037 Stan's Memo

Unknown to Margie or the boy's, I was well aware of their activities. Her oldest son Roger, always had eyes and intentions for his mother. I have watched their relationship develop over the years. When he reached puberty, he often was caught masturbating by both of us. We both encouraged him to understand that it was normal. We became closer as we spent extra time in man talk. I impressed him with stories of my nonexistent sexual conquests. When he reached dating age, I steered him away from girls as much as possible convincing him that most were after the f****y... Continue»
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Finding out WIFE is a PROSTITUTE

My wife I met in high school and she and I had never had sex with anyone till we started dating. Finally, after several years, she gave in and I fucked her while we were at a drive-in movie!

After we graduated, we got married and both of us got jobs at the same factory in our little town in north Georgia. Nothing much happened and we were members of a local church and even did some volunteer work in and around town with civic groups, etc.

My wife had always been really shy and she even made me turn off the bedroom lights when we had sex. She gave me a couple of blow jobs over the ye
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My Rersonal Banker-Part 2

My Personal Banker-Part 2

It had been about 6 weeks since Kelsy and I got together. I went to the ATM one morning and she knocked on the window motioning me to come inside the bank. She said she was off in about a half hour and if I had the time she wanted me to meet her at her apartment. I had nothing else to do that day, but fucking her seemed to make sense.

I waited for her to get home and she had stopped for some fast food for lunch. We sat in her kitchen and ate and she said she was hoping to see me that day and she knew I likely would show up. She also said she transferred my ac... Continue»
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50 Shades of Boy

Sue was laying naked on the bed with her legs spread as her young lover stood beside the bed and stripped as she had told him. When he was naked she made him stand just so she could look at his big hard cock. She never got tired of his young hard body and the great sex they had. She remembered the first time she fucked him. It was on his 18th birthday. She invited him over to her house as she had waited almost a year for him to be a legal age. She loved fucking young men a lot. When he got there she kissed him tonguing his mouth with her tongue and then she removed his shirt and licked his nip... Continue»
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3 MILF's in 24hrs

I had just got paroled after serving 4 years for a crime I did not commit. We'll maybe I did, but fuck if I was not going to tell anyone. I took a reduce sentence for time served. It was minimum security at a federal prison outside LA. I flew back to NY to live with my folks. I was to start college courses next week at the local community college. I figured before I had to go study or look for a job I better fix the thing I missed the most in prison. PUSSY!!!!!!

No doubt I had missed pussy. I had been locked up with no visitors or women for almost 4 years. I had learn to masturbate pretty q... Continue»
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MILF vs Nerd Squad

I had started to work at a local computer store helping in customer service. I had taken a few college courses in computer design and graphics. I was pretty handy when it came to fixing computers and when a new department at the store started I transferred to the Nerd Squad. Most of the jobs for the first week were for help setting up new computers at home. Helping with customers questions and problems. I had hooked up a few computers at a college and a computer at the town hall. It was just over a week and half when I finally got a big call. The computers had crashed at the a local business a... Continue»
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Lesbian desires

She watched the gentle rise of the girl’s breasts, listened to the soft sound of her breathing as she lay on the broad sunbed beneath the verandah. Dappled sunlight played across the girl’s lithe body, caught on strands of dark hair that fell across her beautiful face. Her full lips were parted slightly and she slept fitfully.

Rebecca reclined in the hammock, long fingers gently stroking Presley’s shapely foot and calf, enjoying the unbelievably soft skin, tanned and svelte, smooth as silk beneath her fingers. Long, lean legs, narrow hips and a flat stomach, abs relaxed now, full, feminine ... Continue»
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Depression Era Survival

John Cox, 50 year old father of 7, tossed and turned trying to sl**p. No money, scr****g for food and an uncertain future, sl**p eluded him. 42 year old Connie lay next to him thinking.She had something to trade of value, she had pussy. It had gotten her everything she wanted before John and a few things after John. He had pumped her full with 7 k**s, blown it out so there would be no more.The years had passed and their sex life was seldom and boring. John had been an executive and it was a fact he spent time dipping in the secretary pool. She was already milking the Milk Man, increasing her ... Continue»
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Cheating College Girlfriend with 12 inch BBC Part

This is true story about my freshman year in college. A little background information about me. I grew up in the inner city, I was hardly ever around any white people. After high school I went to a southern college on a football scholarship. I am black, 6’7 ,weigh about 240, age 19 at the time, and very ripped. Before college I had been with a dozen girls, all of them were black. If you are into interracial cheating, college teens, and dirty talk this true story is for you.

The dorm room I was assigned to was supposed to be all for myself, no roommate. However a few days afte
... Continue»
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